"Erotic Stories" Extra Credit Club P6

Erotic Stories Extra Credit Club P6
Quinn didn't ask. She just walked up and put the blindfold on me. And I didn't resist. I felt pathetic and weak and like such a wimp. I was plenty stronger than her. Nothing could stop me from pushing her away, taking the blindfold off, and just leaving.

But I didn't. She guided me to the bathroom and gave me an enema. I didn't take the blindfold off the whole time, just fumbled around, guided by her sure hands. God, I was so pathetic.

She guided me to the bedroom and I followed, obediently, expectant and horny. God, I was so hard and I wanted her to fuck my ass again, I really wanted it.

She bound my wrists together and put those cuffs on my ankles again, just like the first time, and maneuvered me into position. I stretched out onto the bed, had my wrists bound to something else on the other side, had my ankles spread wide and clipped to cords on the bedposts.

I couldn't move and I felt so horny. Was I just as twisted as Tessa to like this?

I could hear Quinn rummaging, then heard her sigh and grunt as she fit the other end of the strap-on into her cunt.

"You like it in the ass, don't you?" she asked.

"I refuse to answer that question," I replied ridiculously.

Quinn found this funny, and really, if I were in her position I'd probably think it was funny too. But then, I most certainly was not in her position. "You're spirited. I like that in a partner. Sometimes Tessa can be too passive."

Quinn bent down close to my ass and spread me with her hands, her actions confident and aggressive. Her tongue touched my crinkled hole and I twitched as she began to lap at me hungrily. She was far more aggressive than Tessa, but no less erotic. Her tongue swirled about and attacked my ass, thrusting in suddenly, then rimming around my hole. She worked me over like that for several minutes, softening me up for the assault to come.

I sighed and grunted a few times as she worked my ass with her tongue. She had a really long tongue too, and she alternated between fast and slow with skillful results. I shivered as she penetrated me with her tongue, stroking it in and out of my ass quickly, then going slow and long, her face tightly up against my ass for maximum penetration.

Quinn eventually tired of this and pulled away. She applied some lubricant to my ass and began working it with her finger. Again, her actions were more aggressive than the Tessa's gentleness, but I found myself loving it just as much, perhaps more so since I wasn't as afraid as last time.

"Tessa really likes you, you know," Quinn said, her long finger bottoming out for the first time. She started to stroke my ass with her finger. "And I know you share those feelings. I'm a very good judge of people. But you and I aren't close. Not yet."

"What about this?" I asked, squirming as she sped up her finger fucking. It felt really good, especially when she went in all the way and circled her finger around, widening me.

"This? This is just physical gratification," Quinn said. "What I'm talking about is a sharing of mind, body, and soul. You interested?"

"Oh, sure. Why not?" I replied stupidly, my voice oozing with sarcasm. As if I had a choice in the matter.

"That's a good stud," she said, pushing a second finger into me, loosening me up, fucking my ass good and deep with her exquisite fingers. She leaned over me, her hair and breasts resting on my back as she drove her fingers in and out of my ass. I couldn't help but moan as she reamed me out, twirling and twisting her fingers so skillfully.

But Quinn eventually bored of this too, and she pushed off the bed and got in behind me. I felt the head of her fake cock rest against my asshole, and I concentrated on staying loose.

"It helps if you push out as I push in," she said, and began.

I pushed out and Quinn was right. The head of the cock popped in much easier this time, feeling just as enormous as before. Quinn started rocking back and forth, small motions as she gained ground and filled my ass with more of her strap-on cock.

She went about this much slower than before and began to talk as she opened me up. "I wasn't always like this, you know," she said, and I almost thought I heard an apologetic hint to her tone. "Events made me what I am today."

"Same with everyone, I guess," I muttered, just trying to concentrate on staying loose.

"You want to hear the story?"

"Oh sure," I replied sarcastically. "I love a good story when I'm getting ass fucked."

"Hmmm, what an amusing partner you are . . . I think you could say it started when I was sixteen," Quinn began, and then started to pour out her soul. She told me about what life was like for her, all high class and privileged, and glamorous. She was spoiled and rambunctious and adventurous, but definitely not abnormal, definitely not the dominatrix fucking my ass right now.

She told me about her parents, about their divorce, and about her step-mother and step-brother. She didn't like her new mother and, from her descriptions, I really couldn't blame her. But then, I suppose it'd be just like a daughter to see her father stolen away by some sleazy tramp. Her step-brother, however, was a different story.

Quinn kept a slow, steady pace of fucking my ass as she told her story. "He was dark and muscular and dashing. A total hunk, really, and I think I was kind of excited by it all. The way he looked at me, the teasing ways I'd look back at him. It was fun in a strange, decadent way, and I liked it."

"You sure you need to tell your story like this?" I asked, my ass getting used to her slow steady thrusting.

"Of course, stud," Quinn said, entirely dismissive. She explained how the two of them had gotten along great, her and the step-brother, how the two of them seemed to have so much in common. But then her father and step-mother went on some extended two-month honeymoon and everything fell apart.

"The first night was the worst," Quinn said. "He got me drunk, and I can see now he had it all planned out. Our great home was empty, all the servants gone after hours, just the two of us alone together, and he got me drunk and then he raped me.

"That bastard took my virginity and he didn't even have the dignity to do it gently. I was just another tight hole for him to get off with. In fact, I think he liked my pain, got off on it."

"That's horrible . . ." I muttered, my brain split between the conversation and Quinn's slow fucking of my ass. Man, I really needed to get off.

"No. That was cruel. What followed was horrible," Quinn said and went on, describing the next month in painful detail. She spent the entire time in terror, because he'd threatened her, and what was she? Just some young stupid naïve girl in over her head. He raped her every night, sometimes just straight up. Then later as the weeks of horror wore on he'd fuck her ass hard, and her screams of pain had only spurred him on.

And Quinn had endured an entire month of this, helpless within her own home, at the sadistic mercy of her own step-brother. It got even worse, because he'd call his friends over and he'd share her with them, sometimes joining in, sometimes just watching. And she'd play along, because the one time she resisted he'd hurt her, really hurt her.

And after he'd finished beating her, he'd put a gun to her head, a huge nickel-plated hand cannon, and he'd forced the barrel down her throat, cocked the hammer and released the safety.

"And he said 'Don't even resist me again, bitch. You're mine.' And I went along with it after that," Quinn said, her voice becoming suddenly sad. She was alone and frightened and he was so much stronger than her, but she was not defenseless. Even at such a young age, she had her wits, for Quinn was smart and she used her mind to find some way out of her unceasing nightmare.

"Why didn't you call the cops?" I asked dumbly.

"Hmm, that might have worked," she cooed, leaning over and whispering into my ear. "But have you ever thought about how my family became wealthy?"

Holy shit! No wonder her fucked-up step-brother carried around a gun! Quinn came from a fucking crime syndicate!

Quinn continued, explaining how, even alone and afraid, she still had her mind, and she plotted a way out. She knew about her father's drugs. Quinn never touched them herself, but she knew enough and a few searches on the internet filled in the rest. Which ones were accelerants. Which were depressants. Which could be mixed with food or drink and would be difficult to detect. Quinn studied and plotted and, in the end, she managed to drug her brother with her own father's stash.

Oh, yeah. Quinn came from one fucked up family. Holy shit!

"I got my step-brother into the bedroom and I bound and gagged him in place," Quinn said, her voice distant and pained and angry. "It was easy. My father and natural mother liked it wild and they had quite a collection of bondage gear. I used that to tie him down."

Quinn explained how she had everything planned, how she was going to humiliate him, totally, utterly, and completely. She set up a digital camera and even found and retrieved her step-brother's gun.

"When he awoke, I stood over him, naked and wearing one of my mother's strap-ons," Quinn said. "And I had his gun. I chambered a round and put the gun to his head and explained to him exactly what I was going to do to him.

"I had never seen him so helpless, so completely scared out of his mind, and it thrilled me. I was in control! I was the one with the power, and I reveled in it! I fucked him raw, without lube or anything, fucked him so hard and long that his ass bled from it, and I recorded the whole thing.

"It was a contest. I didn't just want to hurt him. I wanted to debase him, to break him, to sully him. I wanted him to feel just as dirty as I had felt as he'd raped me and shared me. And I did it. I didn't really know anything about technique back then, but I kept at it, pounding away for what must have been a whole hour. It seemed like a competition, back then. Who would give up first? Would I tire, or would he give in and sully himself even more.

"And I won. I made him cum by just fucking his ass and I had the whole thing on record. I made him weep and grovel and I loved it. He whimpered and cried like a little girl and I loved that even more. But I wasn't through yet. I left him there, bound and gagged and fucked and exposed. I left him there all night long.

"I didn't sleep at all. Instead, I saved those files on my e-mail accounts. I still have them, though I've never once watched them after that night," Quinn said, now picking up the pace and really socking it to my ass. "No one would be able to find and destroy them all.

"And I took his gun and I went to explain thing to him. He'd been there, all night and all morning, alone and with his thoughts. I knew he was terrified and I let the terror stew within him. When I returned, I found a broken man. He wept again when he saw me, all resistance and defiance completely shattered.

"But I went further. I put the gun to his head and I explained what was going to happen once again. I told him how he'd taken so much from me that I didn't care what happened to me anymore. But if I was going down, I promised I'd take him with me. Death? Jail? It didn't matter. I swore there, with him tied and gagged and me with the gun to his head, that if I ever saw him again just once, that I would kill him.

"And he wept and swore to never be anywhere near me again, and I knew I'd broken him. I could tell. He really believed that I would kill him and he was right," Quinn said, stroking my ass with her strap-on, getting off on the remembered power of that event. "I kept his gun, but I really didn't need it. I've kept track of him. He's in France now, of all places, and has no intentions of setting foot in the United States ever again."

Man, this girl was scary!

Quinn brought her story to its conclusion. She told me how the events had scarred her and how she'd met Tessa and how the two had become close friends. With Tessa, she was able to finally share what had happened to her and in Tessa she found what she thought was a soul mate.

Tessa had helped heal Quinn, mentally and spiritually. The two of them had grown close, had become lovers, and it was then that Quinn realized what a twisted person she had become. She admitted how much she enjoyed the power, the thrill of domination. It didn't matter that Tessa was this sweet innocent flower of a girl and her step-brother had been an evil bastard to end all bastards. She still enjoyed the domination of another, got off on it, enjoyed it, and Tessa became a willing participant in her perversions.

Quinn picked up the pace finally, really drilling my ass will all her might. I felt numb, not from her fucking, but from the outpouring of revelations. Quinn was such a twisted, wounded human being that, despite all intentions, I couldn't help but feel sorry for her.

Quinn grunted and slammed the strap-on deep inside me, and she shuddered as an orgasm wracked her body. She stayed there in my ass for a few moments before slipping it out.

I found my ankles freed and Quinn slid in next to me and rolled me on top of her so that my erection aimed skyward. Her hands pushed my hips up and I felt the fake cockhead seek out my ass once again. Quinn eased me down and once again I was fully penetrated. I could feel her underneath me, her breasts compressed against my back, her breath hot and hungry at my ear.

"Come on, stud," she ordered into my ear, and I followed. I found some leverage with my legs and I joined her thrusts, the two of us pulling apart and then back together, her rising hips slapping against my descending ass. It felt so good, and yet I couldn't get off.

But Quinn knew this, and as twisted as her perversions were, she did not ignore the needs of her partner. A hot confident hand wrapped tightly around my shaft, and began to stroke me, even as the fake cock stroked in and out of my ass.

Quinn must have smeared her hand with lube, because it glided smoothly up and down my rock hard shaft. Her hand it stroked from base to tip, gripping me tightly, and twisting around, making my head swim from just that alone. And I felt my orgasm build up within my balls until I grunted and sent my cum flying into the air. It splattered over my stomach and chest.

Quinn's hands rubbed across my chest as she continued to fuck my ass, smearing my jizz around and roughly clawing and gripping me. Finally, I heard her grunt from beneath me and knew that her own second orgasm had struck full force. She slammed the strap-on in a few last times, then finally rested, letting out a long luxurious sigh of relief and release.

I rested on top of her, still fully impaled. I didn't mind. Even as swore as I was, the fullness still felt good. Quinn's mouth was on the side of my face, kissing my cheek and neck and nibbling at my ear.

"I like you, stud," she cooed into my ear, her hands messily exploring my body. "I like you a lot."

"I'm . . ." what could I possibly say after a story and an experience like that? "I'm sorry about . . ."

But I could feel Quinn shaking her head next to me. "Don't give me your pity or your apologies." She reached down and gripped my cock, squeezing its semi-flaccid form. "Give me and Tessa your love and that will be enough."

* * *

"You tricked me," I said the following Monday when I saw Tessa at the Food Court.

Tessa looked up from her books and her salad, looking so completely beautiful and sexy and . . . impossibly normal. She had a black ensemble on with an underlay of white that just somehow looked sexy and smart and all those things all at once. Not at all like a submissive bi-sexual sex toy.

How could anyone like her look so innocent and normal and yet be so . . . so . . .

"You tricked me," I repeated.

She nodded her head at me happily. "Of course," she said. "But you went along with it, right?"

Damn. She had me there. I sat down next to her, unable to stay angry or frustrated or anything. These two were just so impossible to manage. A guy like me didn't stand a chance against their combined wiles.

"Was that your idea . . . or hers?" I asked, though I suppose I should have asked a little nicer.

"Quinn's," Tessa said, then resumed daintily eating her salad.

"Of course."

"Yeah, of course," she agreed.

I thought on this. In fact, I'd been thinking about these two since the weekend. It was hard not to, given what I'd experienced with them. An idea had started to form in my head, bouncing around temptingly. I decided to bounce it off Tessa.

"Have you ever wondered," I began slowly, tentatively. "That Quinn might be the way she is because she's afraid?"

"Huh?" Tessa gave me a confused look. "What are you talking about?"

"Have you ever thought that maybe Quinn's afraid of not being in control? You know, like she was when . . . when all that nastiness took place."

"Well, of course she would be," Tessa replied as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. "I mean, it's scary just thinking about it."

I nodded. "Right. Right. Of course. But, what if there were a way to help her get over that fear?"

Tessa stared at me and I could practically see her thoughts through those lovely eyes of hers. She was trying to figure out where I was going with this.

"I don't understand what you're getting at," she finally said.

"Well, what if there was something you and I could do that would help Quinn get over that fear, assuming she has it for the moment. Wouldn't that be a worthwhile thing to do?"

"Well . . . yeah, I guess so . . . I mean . . . I don't know. What are you talking about?"

My eyes glanced to either side, as if we were part of a conspiracy, and I leaned closer and whispered my thoughts to her. Tessa's first reaction was to blush. Then she got mad and yelled at me a bit. Then she calmed down and thought about it and got all bashful again.

"You . . . you really think that would help?"

I shrugged. Who could tell with someone like Quinn? "I don't know. But look at it this way. Right now, she's the taker in the relationship and you're the giver and it's really one-sided. That's not healthy. Not if you mean you love her like you keep saying."

"Well . . ." Tessa blushed fiercely. "It's just that . . ."

"Think about it. Huh? How's that sound? Just give it some thought."

"Okay . . . I'll do that . . ."

But I could already tell I'd gotten through to her. As much as she like the way Quinn treated her, it really was such a lopsided relationship. Tessa was smart enough to see that and knew she really truly, deep down, didn't like it quite all the way. Tessa wanted to be an equal with Quinn, for the two of them to share their love at the same level. She didn't want Quinn taking and taking and taking all the time, not really . . .

Even though she got off on getting pushed around and hurt . . .

So the week wore on and Tessa thought about it and at the end of the week she decided she wanted to go along with my plan. To be honest, I hadn't really expected her to say yes. I thought she'd wimp out at the end, but Tessa proved me wrong. Surface appearances could be awfully deceiving with her.

We went club-hopping that Saturday night, the three of us. Tessa and I let Quinn go through her normal paces that night, both at the clubs and in the apartment afterwards. We let her dominate us and arouse us and use us as she and we both liked. Our turn would come in the following morning.

We all slept together, the first time the three of us had shared the whole night in bed. Tessa was the first one awake (at the ridiculously early hour of 5!) and kept poking me until I woke up. (next part 7)
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