"Erotic Stories" Extra Credit Club P7

Erotic Stories Extra Credit Club P7
I groaned and groggily got up. Tessa shushed me and warned me to be careful about jostling the bed. Quinn was still sound asleep, curled up in a fetal ball, her beautiful red hair tousled around her head. She looked like such a sweet thing, so unlike the controlling vixen she was when awake.

I got off the bed and the two of us tiptoed to the next room. Tessa showed me the "Gear Closet" as she called it.

"What the fuck!" I breathed, surveying the huge collection of bondage paraphernalia, some hanging in the closet, some piled in marked boxes. I picked up a strapped black leathery thing that, I guess, somehow fit on a person. "What the hell is this for?"

Tessa just blushed and looked away. Okay. I suppose that's a question for another time, then. Well, we had more important things to worry about.

I grabbed hold of a box marked "Ropes-n-Stuff" and hauled it into the other room. Quinn was still sound asleep, thankfully. So, theoretically, we still had a chance of pulling this off before she woke up.

Tessa rummaged through the box, quickly finding the articles she wanted. I let Tessa do her thing. She'd apparently had more than enough practice with all this gear, so she was able to put it on Quinn without much fuss.

It was the usual setup. Bondage cuffs on ankles and wrists, locked against cords that tied to the bed posts. Quinn had used other equipment the night before, which was why Tessa and I had needed to get the regular stuff out of the Gear Closet. I shuddered at the thought of last night. Yeah, it had been fun, but damn was this girl weird.

Tessa was so light that she hardly jostled the bed at all as she climbed over and around Quinn, getting her ready for the morning to come. Once the straps were on, I helped her maneuver Quinn into position. We fixed her with her arms over her head, legs over the side and spread wide. Tessa bound her arms and I handled the legs.

I have to admit, I got a certain kick out of roping Quinn up for the sex to come. And Quinn was one sound sleeper. Oh, she muttered and fidgeted a few times, but considering how we were manipulating her body, she should have woken straight up.

And then, before I knew it, the deed was done. Quinn was all tied up and it was time to put on the final touches. I handed Tessa the blindfold and the gag. For someone who had taken our venture this far, she seemed strangely hesitant at this last moment. I did whatever I could to reassure her, silently of course. I nodded encouragingly, patted her on the shoulder, and bobbed my head towards Quinn's sleeping form.

Tessa climbed back onto the bed and placed the blindfold around Quinn. For whatever reason, this finally cause her to stir from her reverie.

"Wha . . ." she muttered, starting to wake up.

And Tessa moved fast, so fast that it surprised me. She jammed the gag into Quinn's mouth just as the older girl opened it, then clasped it behind her neck.

Quinn's first reaction was a natural and expected one. She struggled. She struggled hard against the restraints, as if she had any hope of breaking or loosening them. Tessa and I had had one hell of a teacher and Quinn was quite securely bound. She wasn't going anywhere.

Tessa gave me a look: a kind of look that asked if we'd gone too far. But I shook my head and held up a finger. Give her a minute or two, I asked silently, and Tessa obliged me. To be honest, I wasn't all that sure myself. I watched Quinn thrash about, almost in a panic, and I thought maybe we'd gone too far. Maybe Quinn just couldn't handle something like this.

But Tessa surprised the both of us. She leaned over, her mouth next to Quinn's ear, and began to whisper something. I couldn't hear what she was saying, but Quinn reacted almost immediately. She calmed down, stopped thrashing, and became almost docile.

Tessa kept talking and whispering, interspersing her statements with kisses and licks and caresses with her hands. After a few minutes of this, she motioned me to help.

I got on the bed and lied down opposite Tessa, and the two of us began to give Quinn's body a solid working over. We started with her breasts, each of us taking on and kissing and licking and fondling it for some time. Quinn started to moan appreciably through her gag as we worked.

We moved up and down her body. I spent most of my time massaging Quinn's shapely breasts as Tessa moved south, showering Quinn's body with kisses every inch of the way. Tessa eventually reached Quinn's pussy. She leaned in, pried it open with her fingers, and began to lap at her lover's pussy.

Quinn's appreciative moans escalated as Tessa's skilled tongue and mouth worked her over. I continued working Quinn's upper body, kneading her breasts and leaning in, kissing her face and neck. Her head tossed to one side and then the other as Tessa's tongue explored her womanhood.

Man, I was so frickin' hard, but this was Tessa's show. I was just here to help out. If I got off, well, Bonus! But this was all about the reversal of roles, Tessa taking and Quinn giving; it was about showing Quinn that there was nothing wrong with not being in control and that the two of them could express their love this way as well.

And it seemed to be working so far. Besides those first few minutes, Quinn had stopped her struggling entirely and was now enjoying my hands and Tessa's tongue. Suddenly, Quinn's moans picked up in volume, and I glanced back to see what all the excitement was about.

Tessa was pushing fingers into Quinn, two into her pussy, one up her ass, and was fiercely licking her clitoris. Quinn's body shuddered and trembled as Tessa worked her over, and I sucked on her large breasts, adding to her overall stimulation.

Tessa kept it up and, eventually, Quinn climaxed, groaning through the gag and shaking and convulsing. Quinn came down from her orgasm, her chest heaving from post-coital bliss, moans escaping through her gag.

Tessa got up and stepped off the bed. She picked up a familiar object from off the floor. It was Quinn's impressively large double-sided strap-on. Tessa fitted it in, squealing a bit as she pushed the large end into her cunt. All this foreplay with Quinn must have really turned her on, because after a moment of resistance, she was able to slide the whole thing in.

Tessa finished strapping the fake cock on and said "Would you . . . would you please take her gag off."

I gave her a disappointed look.

She seemed a little shy, but then finally got into the act. She put her hands on her hips, assuming a commanding pose, and spoke in a commanding voice. "Take her gag off, Dave!" she said, a little too loud and theatrical, but it had the right effect.

I smiled. What a girl.

I leaned over and unclasped the band holding the gag snug. With a wet plop, it came out of Quinn's mouth and she gasped a few times and coughed, but besides that, she didn't do anything.

Tessa, still striking her pose, said some surprising stuff next. "You know what I'm going to do to you, Quinn?!?"

Quinn's breaths were fast pants, her chest rising and falling with anticipation and excitement. "No," she said, and I thought I could detect fear in her voice, but also desire. "What are you going to do?"

"I'm going to fuck you!" Tessa blurted out, grabbing her fake cock and shaking it back and forth from the base. Apparently, the girl had only three modes: Normal, Submissive, and Over-The-Top. I kind of liked this Over-The-Top one . . . though not if I were in Quinn's position.

I rubbed my hands over Quinn's stomach and breasts and felt her tremor.

"So!" Tessa continued. "Are you going to ask me to stop?!?"

Quinn shook her head back. "No. I won't."

"Then you'd better ask me to start!"

Damn. Talk about role reverse. Tessa was really getting into this! No wonder she agreed to my plan. She'd probably been waiting years to do this!

"I can't hear you!"

I had trouble not laughing at that one, but did manage to contain myself.

"I . . ." It was the first time I'd ever seen Quinn unsure of herself. But that kind of hardened self-confidence was difficult for mere bondage to suppress and her next words were far more confident. "I want you to fuck me, Tessa. Please fuck me! Fuck me hard!"

"Very well!" Tessa exclaimed, and stepped up between Quinn's legs. She pressed the cockhead against Quinn's pussy lips and pushed in. Quinn groaned as the fake cock penetrated her excited cunt. Tessa fed her the entire cock in one slow, deliberate stroke.

And then Tessa began to fuck her lesbian lover, stroking her cunt from this position of strength and power, and I could tell that Tessa loved giving it and that Quinn loved receiving it. Of course, I was rock hard and had no lovely wet holes to penetrate, but oh well. Nothing's perfect.

"Dave! Get your cock busy and fuck my ass!" Tessa shouted at me.

"Uhh . . ."


"Okay! Okay!" I replied, acting before I even thought. I hurried off the bed and looked at Tessa. She seemed embarrassed by the words she'd just blurted out, but also excited by the responses she was getting. I went over to the night stand, lubed up, and stepped in behind her.

Tessa slowed down, impaling Quinn all the way to the hilt and stopping. I got in behind her and ran my cockhead down the crack of her ass. Tessa reached around, bent forward, and spread her ass for me. Damn, this girl was something else.

"And put some spirit into it this time!" she challenged, blushing fiercely as she said it.

Oh ho! Now those were fighting words!

I pressed in, without preamble or pretext, and fed her my entire cock. She squealed delightfully as I forced her down and used my bodyweight to help invade her rectum. She thrashed and screamed and buried her face in Quinn's breasts, but she'd asked for it and I gave it to her.

I was all the way in and her muscles trembled as she gripped Quinn's bound body tightly. Slowly, I pulled out, then pushed my way back in. Her ass relaxed and opened up as I stroked her, her gasps and groans and squeals only turning me on even more. Finally, I was able to smoothly fuck her ass and we were ready to resume.

Tessa set the pace, with me concentrating on keeping this from becoming awkward. As Tessa would pull out of Quinn, I'd push in and fill her ass. And as she fucked into Quinn, I would pull back, emptying her. We fucked like this for some time, and I could tell Tessa loved it, squealing each time I filled her ass balls deep. On the bed, Quinn began to get into it again, her hips lifting up, meeting Tessa's thrusts excitedly.

I reached around, grabbing hold of Tessa's breasts, fondling them and kissing the nape of her neck as I continued to fuck her ass. As before, it was incredibly tight and hot and smooth and just such an incredible turn on. And Tessa loved it, and her pleasure at my penetration added to mine. I wasn't hurting her or merely taking pleasure from a painful entrance. No, I was sharing pleasure with her and that sharing made it all the more exciting.

Tessa got really worked up and started to really pound into Quinn, and I followed along as best I could. With one last deep thrust, she convulsed and I knew she was cumming. I pounded her ass as it clenched around me, driving me to my own orgasm. Finally, the churning in my balls cut loose and I climaxed within Tessa's sweet rectum.

The both of us collapsed on top of Quinn and I slid out of Tessa first, hearing her sigh contently as I came sloppily loose.

"We're not done with you yet," Tessa muttered to Quinn as she pulled out. "But before we go on, someone needs to get Dave hard again."

Oooh . . . I liked that idea.

Tessa unlocked Quinn's ankles, but kept her arms bound so that she could be rotated onto her stomach. I crawled onto the bed next to her so that we could sixty-nine. Tessa guided Quinn on top of me and soon I felt the full length of Quinn's hot sculpted body pressed against mine.

I reached up and pealed her cunt open and began to orally pleasure her. I felt her mouth fumble around my crotch. Her arms were still bound, but she still managed to excite me. Her tongue caresses the underside of my cock and she licked and sucked until I was semi-hard, and then took me into her mouth.

She wasn't as good as Tessa, but just having her pleasuring me like this, still bound and freshly fucked, was such an incredible turn on that it didn't really matter. She sucked at me vigorously, enthusiastically, and I began to harden for round two.

I worked on her cunt and Tessa came up behind and licked at her asshole. We had to be careful, otherwise we'd bump our heads together. But the position seemed to work well, with Tessa licking at her from above and me from below. Quinn moaned, her mouth full of cock, as we worked her two entrances over with our tongues and fingers.

Tessa started to get more aggressive and started fucking Quinn's ass with her fingers. I could tell Quinn hadn't had anything in her ass for a while . . . and I silently wondered if she'd ever received anal since her rape. But whatever experience she had, Tessa kept up an aggressive pace, fingering and licking and stretching her for the pounding to come.

Soon, I was rock hard again, and Quinn's mouth was gliding across my shaft from tip to base. She had trouble going as deep as Tessa, but it seemed as if she couldn't stand being outdone, and forced herself to take my entire length. Every so often, she would pull away completely, coughing and gasping, then finding my cockhead and again deep-throating my cock.

"You hard?" Tessa asked.

To be honest, I wanted to cum in Quinn's mouth. After she'd gone down on me a few times and had gotten used to my length, the things she was doing with her tongue really felt good. But, Tessa was in charge for this one, so I pulled out from under Quinn.

"Yeah. I'm ready," I said, turning around and getting back underneath Quinn. I was face to face with her as I felt Tessa's hands guide my cock into Quinn's cunt. She was so unbelievable hot and wet and I slid right in. Quinn grunted and gasped at the sudden penetration, but soon leaned forward towards my face, hungry and wanting.

We shared a deep kiss. I really didn't care where her mouth had been and I enjoyed her tongue exploring my mouth, and my tongue hers.

Tessa got in behind us and positioned her strap-on for entry into Quinn's ass. I could feel Quinn get nervous and tense. It must have been an awfully long time since she'd had anything in her ass.

"Don't worry. Relax," I reassured her, and for whatever reason, she seemed to do just that. Tessa's penetration of her ass was a slow, gradual affair. A few times, she winced in pain, and Tessa would stop and pull out a bit. I could feel Quinn open up to the onslaught, my cock and Tessa's strap-on separated by only a thin membrane within Quinn's body.

I kept still throughout Tessa's work, even though I really wanted to stroke her cunt. The stimulation from feeling Tessa's fake cock at work and the spasmodic clasping of Quinn's hole were really taking a toll on me.

Finally, Tessa proclaimed. "There! All the way in! How's it feel?"

"Full," Quinn uttered. "So very full."

"Does it hurt?"

"A little . . ."

"Do you want me to stop?"

Quinn shook her head. "No. Don't stop."

Tessa pulled out and Quinn sucked in a breath. I started to move as well and the two of us build up a slow, steady rhythm. Quinn began to moan loudly as the two of us stroked her ass and cunt in unison. She shivered and convulsed and leaned down to kiss me. And I kissed her back and played with her breasts as I fucked her tight cunt.

And Tessa kept drilling her ass, slowly as first, but picking up more and more speed as time went on. And Quinn really started to get into it, bucking and grunting and thrashing about as the two of us stroked her. She climaxed again, this time screaming, and then collapsing on top of me, exhausted and spent.

Tessa and I kept at it, though, and I felt the juice boil up within my balls and I cut loose inside of Quinn just as Tessa let out her own squeal of delight. The two of us came, thrusting into Quinn a few more times before finally pulling out.

Tessa unclipped the strap-on and pulled it wetly loose with some effort. She shuddered as the giant thing came out of her cunt. "Ah . . . wow . . ." she muttered to no one.

I slid out from under Quinn and glanced over at Tessa. She'd climbed onto the bed and was busy unfastening Quinn.

And here was the moment I had silently dreaded. I had these visions in my head of Quinn laying me out with a punch or something. Stupid, I know. I mean, she certainly seemed to like it. But then . . . this was Quinn. Hopefully we hadn't gone too far. I really wouldn't want someone like her gunning after me.

When Quinn's arms came free, she sat up in the bed and pulled off her blindfold. She looked at me, then at Tessa, who only responded with this meek look, as if she'd just done something horribly wrong. Which might not have been too far from the truth.

"Who's idea was this?" Quinn demanded firmly.

Without a moment's hesitation, Tessa's arm sprang up and a finger pointed straight at me. Gee, yeah. Thanks, Tessa. Thanks, a lot.

Quinn turned and looked at me and bored into my skull with those intense eyes of hers. I really really thought she was going to lay me out now. But then, something happened that I hadn't expected. Something softened within her and she smiled, actually smiled. And she took my head in her hands and leaned in and kissed me passionately.

It was a long deep kiss, and when she finally finished I had to gasp for air.

"Tessa was right about you," was all she said before kissing me again. Tessa came in close and the two girls shared a kiss all their own, and Quinn said "That was wonderful. We'll have to do that again, sometime."

"You're not upset with me?" Tessa asked, their foreheads together.

"Never. I love you. And . . . I think . . . I love you both."

We snuggled some more, then decided to go back to sleep. It was the weekend, after all. No reason to get up early or anything. (End)
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