"Erotic Stories" Indian Airhostess Sister P2

Erotic Stories Indian Airhostess Sister P2
"Before that you have to learn how to lick a lady." She said.

I got up. I pushed her down on the bed. She willingly lied down on the bed. I took off her panty, and she lifted her butts to help me take them off. Her neatly shaved pussy was open now. I pushed my hand below her back and was fiddling with her bra hooks. She lifted her back and took it off herself freeing her boobs. I came down to her feel and from what all I learnt from the porno books - started kissing her from her toe up. I kissed her feet, kissed her calves and kissed my way up slowly and reached her thigh. I did the same to both her legs and stopped just before I reached her pussy. When I reached near her pussy, she spread her legs wide, and lifted her legs folding her knees, thus exposing her pussy.

I planted a kiss on her pussy first. And then like a dog, licked along the length of her pussy. Her pussy was already dripping her juice and I started licking it. She opened her pussy lips and her pink entrance to heaven was open. I buried my face and pushed my tongue in. I pushed my tongue in and started licking all around her pussy canal. 

"There is my clit, on top of my pussy" she brought her hand and showed me. "Lick it and mildly chew it. IT will drive any woman wild.

Like a very obedient student, I obeyed what she said. I took her little knob and started licking, biting and sucking it.

"That is it, you are doing great. Do not tell me you never touched a woman... you are doing perfect. Keep sucking, now, push your fingers in my pussy gently, and move them inside. Keep sucking... ooohh aa ... hh hhh mmm ... yee...ee...ssssss... that is it... Do it... Suck harder..." And she went bananas as she started rocking herself, pushing her pussy to my face and I went on sucking her as hard as I could. I fingered her and licked her clit as I knew she was climaxing.

Her breathing was getting heavier, and her breasts going up and down as she breathed hard. Her hips were jerking up, her legs were tight and her pussy muscles tensed up... And then she collapsed for a brief moment. Soon, she got back from her stupor and said,"that was great, it was a wonderful blow-job. You are quite good at cunnilingus. I am sure with a little practice you can drive anyone out of her mind. Now, you are ready for a sixty nine... Come on top of me my lovely brother..." she said.

I went and positioned myself over her. She guided me to place my knees on each side of her shoulder, and as I brought my pelvis down, my cock was right there and she took it in her mouth. She widened her legs and I knew now what to do and I started licking her like before. This time, I concentrated on her clit.

She started sucking me, and this time hard - not like when she started. She took my balls in her hand and started squeezing them as she sucked my cock. Quite instinctively, I started pushing my cock into her mouth. 

"No, not now and not so hard... go slow..." she said taking off her mouth form my cock,"Be patient."

I waited for her to take my cock in her mouth again. And as she sucked me for w while, she herself started moving her head up and down. I reciprocated by moving my pelvis, and then I was fucking my sisters mouth. With her increasing pressure on my cock, I could not hold on for long. I also increased my suction on her clit. With one hand I fingered her pussy and with the other, I started playing with her asshole. As I started poking my finger in her asshole, as three fingers were now busy fucking her pussy and my mouth was working on her clit, she started convulsing again. And I also started coming. I increased my tempo if sucking and fucking her mouth as I started coming in her sweet mouth. I came and came and came. As I came she gave a firm squeeze to my balls making sure it emptied itself. She gave an animal-like grunt as her mouth was filled right up to her throat with my long cock. She also started jerking her pelvis up as I sucked her.

I came ... and I wanted to keep coming for ever as the pleasure was out of the world, and beyond description. I never knew it can be so thrilling. And that too, it was the first time I came in a woman's body, that too my elder sister's mouth.

I got up and lied by her side. She kissed me passionately on my lips, and soon we were French kissing, our tongues entwined with each other. My hands went to her firm boobs, and I caressed them. I got up and started kissing her all over. From her forehead, to her armpits, and on her breasts and then worked on her nipples as I sucked on them alternatively. I licked her whole body from top to bottom now. She turned on her side and I went behind her to kiss her butts and pussy from the back as she folded her knees. I licked the crack of her ass and bit her butts. Now, she lifted one leg wit the other one straight, thus exposing her pussy. My cock had gained its strength by then. I was trying to push it in her pussy but remained unsuccessful in gaining access. I was losing patience to enter the most forbidden taboo place as I was about to invade the pussy of my elder sister with my cock.

She turned again, and lied flat on her back spreading her legs. I knew what to do, and I knelt between her legs, I took one breast in my hand and the other in my hand, as she caught my cock and positioned it on the entrance to her womanhood. Like a man possessed, I gave a mighty thrust. I was there. My heart was filled with joy unspoken and my mind had a sense of achievement that I am in bed with my beautiful sister having sex with her, or making love with her. Having a complete relationship - full of passion, love, understanding and affection.

She responded by lifting her ass and meeting my thrust with her thrusts. We soon after picked up a rhythm in unison and kept on fucking each others mind out. We went on like this, me, entering her and then coming out only to enter her again. It continued, and I wanted it to last for ever. I wanted this feeling to go with me to my grave. I wanted to feel like this always. 

After a few minutes, I found her legs coming around my waist and pushing my butts forward so that my cock gets fully buried in her.

"Harder and harder... go fast ... keep fucking .. fuck hard and fast... fuck me... Fuck your sister Rocky ... Fuck me... my pussy is all wet and inviting... It is ready to take your sperms... yes, do it... and do it... Fuck me... Harder and faster... still harder ... Still f...a...s..t..e...r... yes... yes... There I am... I am seeing the stars ... Do it...fuck me as hard as you can ... Push your cock deep ... deeper... yes..." she went on blabbering like this. Her pussy was very tight, and fitted me like nothing before. It completely engulfed my cock, and was squeezing it as if it is some massaging instrument. It started twitching and getting into spasms as I could feel her pussy tightening its grip on my cock.

"I am com...i...ng..." she announced as she dug her fingernails into my back. I did not what came into my mind, but as soon as she said, I kissed her on her lips and then it was time for me to come. I emptied my balls yet again and kissed her mouth as we started sucking each other. With every spurt that came out, I gave deep thrusts, and her pussy was tightening with each spurt of my hot semen ejaculated in her cunt.

We lied down in each others arms.

"That was great Nina" I said, "It was the best moment of my life and I shall be ever grateful to you. I never knew you are so good in fucking. You drove me to heaven and I wish we can do it again, whenever possible. It was the greatest moment of my life.." I was fondling her breasts as I said so.

"We will. We shall do it whenever we get a chance. And to be honest I also enjoyed making love to a virgin. I never made love to a virgin. My boy friend had screwed some one else before he took my cherry. I am happy that in my life I got a virgin cock and know how it is..." she said as she was running her fingers in my hair.

"And you taught me well in the process, and hope I can satisfy you better in future." I said.

Se turned on her side, with her backside facing me. She was folding her knees protruding her ass, and my limp cock was resting in between her ass cheeks. I was tenderly fondling her breasts. Suddenly she pressed her butts harder and my cock was rubbing against her butts. It was hard soon. I left caressing her breasts and went down to her butts. I started kissing her anus. I did not feel it dirty. I do not know what took me over, I started sucking her asshole... it is so nice... The brown puckered hole was small, and the skin around her tight asshole was brown, and the hole was closed tight. I licked on it, sucked it and tingled it with my tongue.

She started whimpering and yelling... ah... it is incredible... it feels so good, it is so fucking goooood...

I pushed my tongue in ... and she started rubbing her own clit. Taking a cue from this, I started rubbing her clit as I sucked her asshole. Soon it was sloppy with my saliva and soaking wet. It was dripping of my saliva. 

Just give me a second. She got up nude, and walked to her bag. As she walked nude, I could see her nude ass swaying from side to side and then she bent protruding her ass, and giving me a fantastic view to fish out something from it. She came back with a pink vibrator, which looked like as if made from jelly. It was transparent, and of the size and shape of a huge cock. She jumped back to the bed and slept in the same position as before. On her side, with one leg folded and the other straight, thus exposing her asshole to me. 

I took the vibrator from her and saw it has lots of small nud like projections all around, and there was a switch and I curiously switched it on. The battery operated vibrator started vibrating vigorously and the forward half was even moving back and forth. 

"It is an imported vibrator. One captain presented me. " She continued, " it gives you a fantastic sensation when you push it into pussy. The small bud like projections tickle every corner of ones vagina, and then as you switch on it starts moving forward and backward along with vibrations. It gives complete pleasure to pussy. I am in love with this, and I use it everyday before I sleep." She chuckled and then finished saying, "even at home I use it every day before I sleep..."

I reached for her pussy holding the vibrator. She caught my hand and took the vibrator to her mouth and licked it. It looked so erotic, seeing my elder sister sucking and licking a vibrator. She did it to lubricate it possibly. I then brought it to her pussy and pushed it in. It was thick and fat, and though her pussy is tight, its elasticity helped to engulf the vibrator. The vibrator went in half way. I switched it on. She started undulating her ass as the vibrator made its own movements.

I now positioned myself properly behind her aiming my prick at her bunghole. I did not hae any difficulty in locating her asshole. I positioned my cockhead and slowly eased myself in. She lifted and folded one leg and with one hand helped me by spreading her ass cheeks. That eased it for me, and she was very experienced to relax her anal opening. 

Slow... yes, enter me... enter my ass .. enter my asshole,... slow... go slow... - as she uttered these, my cock was in the tightest asshole or the tightest passage and I started fucking her asshole from behind. I was rubbing her clit and at times massaging her breast.

My cock was now fully in her asshole, right to its base. My cock could feel the presence of the vibrator. I was imagining when she gets double fucked in her pussy and asshole, she must be having similar pleasure.

Then she went berserk. She went crazy. She started shouting, yelling and her ass started getting into convulsions. I started ramming my cock as fast and as hard as I could. Her experienced asshole was very receptive to my whole cock. My cock was deeply buried in her ass now. I started moving faster and I knew I will come soon. She also started throwing her head and arms. She was rotating her sexy hips. I was fucking her pussy with the vibrator as my cock pounded her ass. The pleasure from my cock spread all over my body, and drowned me completely. It felt wonderful, as the feelings - both physical and emotional - filled me with love for my sister.

"It is great. I love this. I wish there was someone else shoving his cock down my throat as well. I feel so full, so much filled, two of my tight holes filled. Fuck me brother, fuck me hard... aa hhhh ... Harder ... Fuck with the vibrator ... harder still harder. Push in your cock deep into my ass. Yes, keep doing... I am coming ... I am coming... I am coming... hhh mmm aaa hhh ahhhhhhh mmmmmmmm..." with animal like grunts, she came.

I was high from the realization of the fact that my cock was in my sisters asshole. This was a feeling which excited me to no end. And as I started fucking her she also started cooperating by pushing her ass back.

And soon later, I ejaculated one last time for that night. 

My cock got limp after ejaculating semen and popped out of her pussy. 

"My darling brother is no more a virgin..." She said as she snuggled into my arms. I took out the vibrator from her pussy and saw it was dripping with her juice. I cleaned it with my tongue.

We both slept in each others arms, peacefully and happily... 

The next morning, I woke up to a blow job and then fucked again. She did not object, rather posed for few snaps on my mobile phone camera, which I said will keep me happy in her absence. She had to leave and I also went for my interview and I qualified.

Now, my sister comes to Calcutta frequently on her flights and whenever she is staying overnight, we join up for passionate love and sex. I still have not taken part in her orgies, and she says she will take me there sometimes in future... (End)
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