"Erotic Stories" A Long Hard Ride P3

Erotic Stories A Long Hard Ride P3
"For T-bone?" Alex asked.

"Yes," I nodded, "a big thick T-bone." Again my husband was oblivious to the naughty sexual innuendo. Cory wasn't, though, as he bucked his hips up and his cock went deeper up me.

I yelped, like I had the first time his cock filled me.

"You okay?" Alex asked, becoming a common question.

"Oh, just keep getting poked," I said, which was true, as Cory slyly moved his ass up and down.

"We will try and reorganize tomorrow morning," Alex promised.

"Good idea," I nodded, as I tried not to moan.

"There must be a way to make it work," he said.

Cory added, "I'm okay, Dad. I've gotten very used to having Mom on top of me."

'OMG' I thought to myself. His words were so blunt. Yet, of course, Alex didn't catch on... nor should he. Why would he think his son would be fucking his wife right behind him? He wouldn't.

"Oh, I love this song," I said, when Starship's 'We Built This City' came on, wanting the music turned up, wanting a distraction from the sounds I was about to make.

My husband obliged my request and began singing as well.

I leaned up onto the car and began singing with him as I offered my pussy to my son.

Thankfully, my son didn't need to be instructed, as he began slowly fucking me.

Alex kept looking at me, enjoying this moment of 1980s duet singing as he sang the Mickey Thomas parts and I the Grace Slick parts, completely unaware his flesh and blood was fucking his wife.

And I... which made me not only a bad Mom for allowing my son to fuck her, but a bad wife as I somehow got even more turned on knowing I was doing it with him right there.

My orgasm was rising as the song was nearing its end and I screamed, "Oh fuck," when my son surprised me by sliding a finger in my ass.

"What's wrong?" Alex asked, slowing down.

"Leg cramp," I lied, falling back onto his cock completely, as his finger pulled out as quickly as it entered.

"Should I stop?" Alex asked.

"No, no," I said, as I began bouncing up and down on Cory's cock, "I will just stretch it out."

"Poor Cory," Alex said, seeing me move up and down, unaware of what I was really doing.

"I'm okay," Cory said, as his hands went to my hips.

"I'm not hurting you?" I asked, trying to play along.

He laughed, "No, it's all good."

"Let me know if you need me to pull over for a few," Alex offered.

"Will do," I nodded, when oddly enough I really got a leg cramp... fucking irony.

I reluctantly moved right and up, Cory's cock sliding out of me, and I said, "Actually, we need to pull over."

"Okay," Alex said, slowing down.

"Sorry, Cory, I really need to get out and stretch my leg," I apologized, wanting him to know I did indeed have a leg cramp.

"I could use a stretch too," he added, putting his throbbing cock away, as his cum and my wetness leaked out of me.

I wondered if I smelled of sex and I grabbed my purse and pulled out some wet naps. As soon as the car stopped, I got out and stretched my leg, which was still cramping.

The men got out and stretched too.

"Under an hour," Alex said.

"I know," I nodded, "I'm all good, just got to get this cramp out."

"No hurry," Alex nodded, before he added, "I'm going to take a quick piss."

As soon as he went around the other side of the car, I quickly began wiping my legs, even under my skirt, not worrying about the one car that drove by. I needed to get rid of the scent of sex.

Cory coughed, which was a warning cough, and I quickly tossed away the wet naps.

Alex said, "Shit, it really is hot today."

"Burning hot," Cory agreed.

I added, glancing to Cory, "The heat is stifling."

"Ready?" my oblivious husband asked.

"Definitely," I nodded, keeping my gaze on my son, implying that I indeed was looking forward to resuming what we were just doing.

"All right, next stop will be for the night," Alex announced.

"Sounds good," I said, as Cory got back in the car.

Once in and back on the road, I fished out Cory's cock as Alex asked, "Maybe we can find a hotel with a hot tub."

"Definitely," I agreed, my body definitely sore from the long day of confined space and, of course, confined fucking. I got Cory's cock, which was still hard, out and positioned it back at my wanton cunt.

Cory held my hips to keep me balanced as I lowered myself back on my son's cock.

Once he was all in, I just again sat on his cock, enjoying feeling full. Then I began slowly grinding him again, needing to get my pussy revved up again.

I just closed my eyes and enjoyed the slow build as, ironically, Billy Joel's 'We Didn't Start the Fire' played.

As my orgasm began building and I needed more, I decided to try a new position, I leaned to my right as far as I could go, lifted my ass up which had his cock slide out of me and pointed to Cory.

Cory realized what I wanted. For him to move onto his side and fuck me that way.

He repositioned himself, my head now leaning on the boxes and in plain view of my husband if he turned to his right and looked over his shoulder... which he did.

I smiled, "New position."

"I see," he nodded.

"Oh," I moaned, ever so softly, as Cory's cock slid back into me and then covering myself pointed, "Horses."

"Yep," Alex nodded, as he tried to sing along with Billy Joel.

Meanwhile, my fire was flaming hot now as Cody slowly slid his cock in and out of me.

I needed to reach orgasm and I needed to soon. The starts and stops had driven me crazy and made me more desperate than ever to get off.

I wiggled my ass slightly, implying I wanted it faster.

Cory, thankfully, understood and began pumping in and out of me as a new song began, again an ironic one, Duran Duran's 'Hungry like the Wolf'.

And I was indeed hungry.

"Didn't you see Duran Duran live when you were a teenager?" Alex asked, looking back at me.

"I did," I nodded, as I tried to hide the feeling of pleasure that my face was likely showing.

"You okay?" he asked again.

"Oh, yes, I'm feeling great," I said, "just can't find the perfect position." Again, my words having two meanings.

"I imagine there is no perfect spot back there," Alex said.

"That is very true," I nodded, "I can get comfortable and feel good for a while, but eventually I need a new position."

Cory's finger teased my ass as Alex said, "Maybe Cory can drive for the last twenty minutes."

I wanted to say, "'He's driving me right now', but instead, with just the slightest whimper, my orgasm building, I again said something with two meanings, "We are almost there."

And I was.

I just needed a few deep hard strokes.

I again wiggled my ass.

This time though Cory took that as permission to finger my ass as it slid rather easily inside.

I winced slightly, the lack of lube giving me a slight burn. I loved anal sex, but usually that included a lot of lube.

But my son's cock fucking my cunt, and his finger fucking my ass had me close to eruption, as the thrill of doing something so naughty with my husband literally inches away somehow enhanced my desire.

I closed my eyes, bit my lip and allowed the pleasure to build. Thankfully, Alex didn't talk to me and I was able to just enjoy the double fucking and finally my orgasm hit.

Somehow I was able to keep the scream inside, even though every part of me wanted to scream out loud, as my cum flooded out of me and onto my son's cock.

Cory kept pumping in and out of me throughout my orgasm until I slapped his hand imploring him to stop and moved up so his cock slid out of me, even as my wetness leaked out of me too. I pointed to my purse and he thankfully knew exactly what I was implying. He pulled out some wet naps and wiped my legs and pussy.

Alex turned back and said, "Ten minutes,"

"Thank God," I replied, now needing to get out of here before the scent of my sin enveloped the car.

"Your cheeks are really red, Sarah," Alex said, looking at me worriedly.

"It's really hot in here, I guess," I replied, a viable excuse on this hot summer day.

Once Cory was done cleaning up his Mommy, I moved back onto his lap and leaned back on him utterly exhausted.

He whispered in my ear, "I love you, Mommy."

I wiggled my ass in response, too tired to speak.

Eventually we were in the town and we found a hotel with a pool pretty easily. Alex booked two rooms and after dinner, we all went for a dip in the pool.

While Alex went to hit the sauna, Cory said, "So, once Dad is asleep I want you to come to my room."

"Really?" I asked, acting coy.

"And I expect you in thigh highs," he added, acting strong and firm, which was fucking sexy.

"How do you even know I own thigh highs?" I asked.

"You wear them all the time," he pointed out, before adding, "and often your skirts are short enough I got glimpses of your lace tops."

"You like nylons?" I asked, something that his father loved.

"How couldn't I?" he asked, "you wear them every day... I have stared at them every day."

"Really?" I asked, surprised by this information.

"I made Karen wear them for me," he added.

"You're just like your father," I said.

"He likes them too?" he asked.

"Especially foot jobs in nylons," I revealed.

"That I have never had done to me," Cory said.

"Mmmmmmm," I purred, my foot going to his cock.

"I can't wait to fuck you on a bed," he said bluntly.

"Me too," I nodded, "but I'm not sure I can sneak out of the hotel room."

"Once he is snoring nothing is waking him up," Cory pointed out, which was true.

"But still," I said.

"I wasn't asking, Mom," he said, "I am telling you."

"You are, are you?" I questioned coyly.

"I am, Mother," he nodded, "tonight you are mine."

"Your what?" I asked, as I continued putting pressure on his stiff cock.

"My Mommy-slut," he answered.

"Fuck that's hot," I moaned, turned on by such words.

Alex came out and said, "I'm going upstairs."

"We'll be there soon," I nodded, thinking maybe we could have some fun in the empty pool.

"Okay," Alex nodded, leaving us alone.

As soon as he was gone, I asked, "So, ever fucked in a pool?"

"Actually I have," he answered.

"Slut," I joked.

He shrugged, "Never did it in a waterslide though."

"Hmmmmmmmm," I purred. "We would be pretty isolated up there."

"Let's go," he nodded, getting out of the hot tub.

I followed him up the stairs.

Once at the waterslide, he said, "On your knees, Mommy."

I obeyed, moving inside the waterslide tunnel. He stood directly in front of me and I immediately pulled his trunks down just enough to get at his big meat and took it in my mouth.

"So good, Mommy," he groaned, as I hungrily bobbed on his cock. I had no idea how long we would have alone in there so I focused on speed... even though I would have liked to give him a lengthy blow job.

I sucked him for a couple of minutes, even deep throating him a couple of times, enjoying the moans from my son.

Suddenly, the door opened downstairs.

Cory sighed, "Shit, now you definitely have to come to my room tonight."

"You really want to come down Mommy's throat?" I asked.

"And on your face and on your tits and on your ass and in your ass," he listed.

"Now that would be impressive," I smiled.

"Kids are on their way up," Cory said.

"Then you'd better put your dick away," I responded, as I slid down the waterslide.

We headed back to our hotel rooms with Cory saying one more time, "My room as soon as you can."

I smiled, "You really are insatiable."

I returned to my room and Alex was on the bed and clearly already on his way to snooze-ville.

I went and took a bath to wash off the chlorine. It was a long bath and gave me lots of time to replay this crazy day. Which gave me time to get horny again.

I got out of the tub, dried off and returned to the room.

As expected, Alex was already snoring away.

I went to my suitcase and grabbed a pair of black thigh highs. I put them on in the bathroom, put on a hotel robe, grabbed a hotel key and snuck out of my room and into my son's. I saw he had left the door slightly opened and I walked in... closing the door.

He was on the bed watching sports highlights completely naked.

He smiled, "Black, my favourite colour."

"Big, my favourite size," I purred, looking at his flaccid cock.

"Like those tits you have been hiding all day," he countered.

"What?" I asked, dropping the robe, "These?"

My son was speechless as he stared at my still very firm, very big, tits.

"Like?" I asked.

"I used to suck on those?" he asked.

"Every day," I nodded, moving to the bed, before asking, "Do you want to relive your youth?"

"God, yes," he nodded, as he knelt up and cupped my breasts with both hands.

"Mmmmmmm," I moaned. "Now suck Mommy's nipples."

He did, swirling his tongue around my stiff nipple.

"That's it, baby, Mommy loves her nipples played with," I moaned.

He surprised me a moment later as he grabbed me and tossed me on the bed. He surprised me again when he spread my legs and buried his face between them.

I moaned loudly on touch. It had been so long since a tongue touched my pussy that I was instantly in heaven. "Your Dad won't do this," I revealed a couple of minutes into the tongue lashing.

"Are you kidding me?" Cory asked. "This is fine dining."

"Then get back to dinner," I moaned, pulling his head back into my fiery pussy.

He licked me for a couple more minutes until my breathing was increasing and I knew my orgasm was close.

"I'm a flooder," I warned.

He responded by taking my clit in his mouth and I erupted. "Oh God, yes, baby."

He hungrily lapped up my cum until I said, "Time for me to finish what I started earlier. Stand up."

He did.

I moved my stocking-clad feet to his cock and began stroking his cock.

"Oh, this is nice," he groaned.

"I only buy pure silk nylons," I explained.

"So I feel," he nodded, taking my feet and beginning to masturbate himself.

"Don't be wasting that cum," I purred.

"Does Mommy swallow?" he asked.

"Are my nylons silk?" I responded.

"And does Mommy take facials too?" he asked.

"Yes, but I'd rather swallow every drop of your cum," I responded, before adding, "as you fuck my face like the dirty Mommy-slut you have made me."

"Mmmmmmm," he groaned, as I moved my feet away, dropped to my knees and took his cock in my mouth.

"Fuck, I love your mouth, Mommy," he groaned.

"And Mommy loves your cock," I replied, before bobbing more.

"Oh God, Mom, I've fantasized about this forever," he revealed.

I instantly wondered how long forever was.

I kept bobbing and in no time at all I felt his legs tense and he declared, "I'm going to come."

I bobbed faster and seconds later I was finally rewarded with a full load of cum... three times a charm finally.

I kept sucking until every drop of his cum was extracted and he said, "God, that was even better than I could have imagined."

"Do you imagine getting hard again and fucking your Mommy the old fashioned way?" I asked, before clarifying, "On the bed."

"Maybe," he said.

"My question was rhetorical," I smiled, standing up and kissing him on the lips. I had fucked him twice, sucked him three times and even allowed him to finger my ass, but the kiss was intimate. Our tongues explored each other's mouths and we fell onto the bed.

For an eternity we made out; our hands roamed.

We were not mother and son; we were two lustful adults exploring each other's bodies.

Eventually, we ended up in a 69, a positon I had only done once, and that was with a girl. I bobbed on his cock, he licked my pussy and then, without words, he moved me onto my back, spread my legs and slid his cock in me while holding onto my nylon-clad ankles.

"Oh God, son," I moaned, staring into his eyes, "I love you so much."

"I love you too," he replied back, as he began fucking me.

"God, I wish I knew this when you still lived at home," I moaned, his cock slamming into me.

"Me too," he nodded. "I never thought fantasy would become reality."

"And I never knew you had such a big dick," I replied, bucking my ass up to meet his forward thrusts.

"I still can't believe I'm fucking you, Mom," he said, the look in his eyes one of lust and love.

"Well, we better make every second count," I replied.

And we did.

He fucked me on my side.

He fucked me doggy style.

I sucked his cock again and then fucked him reverse cowboy.

And we ended the night back in the missionary position.

I came first and he followed shortly after, this time by my stocking-clad feet as I gave him a foot job.

He came on my feet and I, still very flexible form my cheerleader days, moved my foot to my mouth and licked off his cum.

He groaned, "Now that was hot."

"Everything today was hot," I countered, as I scooped some more cum off the bed from the first rocket that shot in the air.

"I do love you, Mom," he said. "This was way more than sex."

"I know, Cory," I nodded. "I know."

"So..." he began, suddenly nervous.

"I probably should get back," I said, "he will eventually wake up."

"I hope I never do," he replied.

"An incest romantic," I joked.

"And a very horny teenager," he countered.

"We still have one more day in the car," I said.

"Maybe two if we can make him stop more," he countered.

"Mmmmmmm," I purred. "You still have my tits to cum on."

"And your face," he added.

"Facials are such a waste," I pointed out.

"But I bet you would look fucking hot with a load of cum," he said.

"Such a romantic," I joked again, as I took my nylons off. "A souvenir."

"Of a night I'll never forget," he said, taking them and putting them to his face.

"The first of many," I smiled, "the first of many you mother fucker."

"Those are the hottest words I have ever heard," he said.

"And once a mother fucker, always a mother fucker," I smiled, moving to him.

"Well, then I guess we will have to fuck every chance we get," he smiled.

I kissed him once more, put my robe back on and snuck out of his room and into mine.

And as I joined my husband in bed, my head was spinning with the strangest, most surreal day in my life.

I had sucked and fucked my son.

And I had no regrets.

And I couldn't wait to do it again tomorrow. (End)
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