"Erotic Stories" Thank You Jeannie P2

Erotic Stories Thank You Jeannie P2
When her lips withdrew, she almost whispered "Everything is so nice, let's finish the movie just like this." I was too drained to speak. Nodding, I continued feeling up her heavenly right breast, Sue steadily fondled my still firm penis or testicles. 

There wasn't much of the movie left. I only half watched it as I recovered. Thought I'd deflated considerably after my orgasm, I never went fully soft.

Gradually I was learning how to please Sue. A couple times she gently guided my hand, teaching me how to best fondle her. The more she responded to her nipple being teased, the more my erection returned. By the time Earth had beaten the alien bugs, I was hard, hot, and praying Sue wouldn't stop.

"Lewis, our folks could get home any time now. I'm guessing you'd like to get off again before we have to go upstairs."

Nodding, I groaned out a "Oh, yeah, please!"

"Then close your eyes, lay your head back, and relax. I think I know how to help you get where you want to go."

Sue had my erection in a golf grip, her whole arm moved as she stroked me. My sensitive knob would rub her wrist on the down-stroke, then pull across her palm on the upstroke. H baby, I was close, but just short of the finish line. Shutting out the rest of the world, I felt nothing but my sister's hand, and the intense pleasure it was giving me.

For the briefest instant, Sue's hand slid between my hand and her breast, moving from left to right. When her hand slid from under my fingers, my palm settled onto her now bare breast. As badly as I wanted to see her bare breast, there was no time. I was too busy pumping sperm to look.

Sue kissed for me the entire time I came. My mouth hung somewhat open as I fought for air. Achieving orgasm via her hand was far too powerful an experience for me to respond to anything. Though barely conscious, I tried to kiss her back, but mostly Sue just trailed soft kisses around my wet, parted lips.

Until long after I went limp, Sue didn't release me. Truth be told, I might've passed out if she hadn't stayed to ensure I didn't. By the time I was with it enough to want to see the tit she'd exposed, Sue had buttoned up again. In fact, she'd zipped me up and fastened my pants.

"We'd better go upstairs before they get back. I DO NOT want them catching me without a bra, and you need to hide your ' naughty' tape.

"Wow! My God, I came twice. Sue, what about you? Are you OK, is there something I should do for you? I don't want to be selfish!"

As she stood, Sue moved into my arms, head on my chest. "Thank you, Sweetie. I like it a lot that you're being so thoughtful. But we're out of time. Plus, I got what I wished for. Your penis felt ten times nicer than I thought one would. In case you're wondering, I loved how your hand felt on my breast. No, I'm absolutely fine for now...but I'm wishing for another date tomorrow night. I think we could both have a few more wishes come true, even with our folks at home. What do you say Oh Genie of the Lamp?"

"Granted, Master Sue!"

Chapter 2 - Our Second Date

I slept like a log. When I awoke, I felt amazingly terrific. Seconds later it hit me that having had a soft, female hand jerk me off twice just before bedtime might've had something to do with it. "Wow!"

Eagerly I got out of bed. I needed to find Sue. I had to assure myself last night really happened, that it wasn't simply the best dream ever. It was almost 9AM. Grabbing my robe, I donned it as I headed to the bathroom for my morning routine. No signs of life were to be seen on the second floor where all our bedrooms were. Sounds from the kitchen drifted up the stairwell though.

Minutes later I was freshened, dressed, and walking into the kitchen. "You were close to cold cereal for breakfast. Lewis." Mom teased. "Your Dad and Sue ate a half hour ago. They're already out running errands."

Mom fell into a lengthy, familiar a monologue. She always had to tell me about the super bargains she'd scored at the market, any new gossip, all the chores she expected that day, etc. There was seldom much beyond a "ugh huh" for me to say, plus I was eating. Today I was distracted as well.

Now I was awake enough to know last night was real. Best of all I had another date tonight with a girl who'd allowed me to fondle her wonderful breast the night before. My groin tingled already. Last night had...happened.

During the next hour I grew nervous because our next date was a planned event. Is there something I should do, or not do, so I didn't blow this incredible opportunity to hopefully go a bit farther with my sister? I was honest enough to know how little I actually knew about being with a girl. Since I had planned a nice surprise for Sue for our first 'date', should I do something spectacular for tonight.

Christmas! I wished Sue was there so I could talk to her. 'Hot damn', I thought. How much had I changed in 24-hours? I actually wanted to open up and tell Sue about my desires and fears. I wanted to share my thoughts with someone, wanted her to know how scared, yet excited I was. This epiphany allowed me to put everything out of my mind for a bit.

As a degree of emotional calm returned, I decided to knock out all the piddling little things I had to do that day. When evening came, I didn't want my folks to have any reason to be looking for me, or Sue for that matter. I did all my chores, and all of Sue's that I could think of. I did my best to make sure Mom didn't have anything left on her To Do List without making her suspicious.

Our folks rarely went down to the Rec room. When they wanted us, they'd just holler down the stairwell. Unless of course, Sue or I had company. In that case, they'd find 20 reasons to be up and down the stairs, making sure everything was proper.

I had a large collection of movies that'd I'd taped off the dish. I picked out a few that were so bad they were funny. The kind if you didn't want to watch because you had something better to do, that you wouldn't mind missing at all.

Unable to think of another thing I could do, I took a nice long shower. Having no idea what the evening might bring, I still knew looking and feeling my best couldn't hurt. So I showered and primped until I couldn't think of another thing to spiff up.

It was still early afternoon when I stepped out of the bathroom. Sue almost ran into me. I was only wearing towel, Sue was still in her grunge clothes. [How dressed up do you get to haul junk to the Recycling Center?]

We smiled at each other, but both felt a bit awkward at first. It was great how quickly we relaxed with each other. I updated her about the chores I'd finished off, and how I'd subtly probed Mom so she wasn't likely to have any late surprises. "Do you still want to have another Drive In date tonight?" I asked. I was terrified she'd changed her mind.

We could hear our parents talking downstairs. Sue rose up on her toes, I got a short, but soft, sweet kiss full on my mouth. A sly, sexy smile crept over Sue's face. "As for this evening, Sir. I have every intention of 'seeing you' later. As Sue said 'seeing you' her hand briefly cupped my groin. My knees almost buckled. Sue scampered away into her room. Once I was fairly certain I could walk, and I'd rearranged my towel so my boner wasn't too obvious, I followed her.

I stood in her doorway grinning like a fool. "Sue, I'm changing now for tonight. If you don't have anything else you have to do, maybe we could talk a while when you're ready."

"Sure, gimme a half hour."

True to her word, 35 minutes later we were sitting on the front porch swing. I told Sue about the crazy thoughts I'd had that morning, about the movies I'd picked and why. In fact I told her more about what going on in my head than I probably had my whole life.

"Lewis, I'm so glad you trusted me enough to tell me all that." After a pause, Sue laughed. "The movies you picked sound perfect. You've mentioned 'Plan 9 From Outer Space', but I've never seen it. Best of all, none of those titles will tempt Mom or Dad to join us, thank God. By the way, I know exactly what you meant about not knowing what I should do, or not do. Your idea about going to the 'Drive In' was so cool, I've been feeling pressure all day to think up a cleaver surprise for you. Sweetie, just the fact that you took the trouble to worry about how I'd feel, or how you could make me happy, is about the nicest thing you could've ever done."

Sue's expression changed from loving, to a slightly naughty look as she continued. "Don't give it another thought. I'll bring the popcorn and drinks. You just bring the movies, I hope tonight can be a double feature." She winked and squeezed my hand. After a little more discussion, we went in to help Mom so we could have an early Dinner. We did.

We also got the kitchen cleaned in record time. Sue zapped some popcorn, she even melted butter to drip over it. I carried the drinks, she brought the bowl and tapes. By 6:30 we were settled on the sofa with a movie running. I'd undone the speaker deal from last night. With our parents home, I wanted the regular TV speakers going to drown out our conversion.

Before I could worry about what I should do, Sue spun around so she was laying on her back across my lap; her arms went around my neck, her eyes locked onto mine. "Oh Mighty Genie, I wish my brother to know how very much he touched me today by giving him a soul kiss good enough to curl his toes."

The distance between our faces slowly decreased to zero. Just before my eyes closed, I realized her lips were parting. Reflexively my mouth opened a tiny bit. Sue's warm lips found mine. The tip of her tongue slowly circled the oval my lips had formed. I had French kissed a few times, but I'd always felt awkward doing it. Mere seconds later, it felt like the most natural thing in the world. My tongue chased after Sue's. We took turns playing in each other's mouth. Our tongues would meet, entwine, caress, and tease. We became lost in a sensual paradise.

I broke away. I stroked Sue's hair and cheek as I smiled. My eyes moved to the buttons at her cleavage, my hands followed my gaze. I only undid 2 buttons, I saw the clasp for her bra. It opened on my second try, Sue caressed my cheek with her palm all the while I undid those barriers. I'd undone just enough so I could slide my hand under a cup and onto a bare breast. We both audibly exhaled as my palm covered Sue's pliant tit.

We stared into each others eye's for several minutes while I massaged her mound. "You may look at my breasts if you wish." Sue whispered in a breathy voice.

"I want to look more than I can tell you, but I'm going to torture myself a little longer."

"Same here. Ever since I first touched you last night, in my mind I've been dreaming about how you must look, uuummmh. I'm going to get off you, I 'wish' you'd lay down so I can lay along side you. My fingers want to perform a little more research."

Reluctantly I released her breast. Sue stood. I laid down on my left side, my back against the rear of the sofa. Sue slithered against my body like a giant sexy snake. Trailing light kisses over my face, her hands undid a couple buttons on my shirt much as I had done to her blouse. Her hand slid in, cupping my chest, playing with my nipple much the same way I'd been playing with her breast. My hand slipped inside her blouse, surrounded her breast, then resumed fondling.

Our mouths soon found each other, our tongues resumed their erotic dance. Sue pressed her groin into mine. I groaned into Sue's mouth as she ground her pelvis against my erection. It must have been a quarter hour or more that we made out that way before Sue withdrew her hand. Sue could easily sense my mounting excitement as her hands moved between us to open my pants. I had to stop kissing just to breathe when a hand reached into my shorts. I'd worn boxers tonight so she'd have better access if our date went as I'd been hoping.

Fingers played all over my erection. She spread my clear lubricant, covering the head and shaft. For the first time she explored my balls. Just once she was a bit too rough. A tiny "Ouch!" I made was all it took for Sue to adjust her pressure. Her fingers and their warmth felt wondrous.

I'd been close to going off when her hand had coated my shaft. When she gripped my penis again I moaned. "Ooooh Sue, I'm almost there."

Sue sat up suddenly, her hand withdrew. "Lewis, tell the Genie I wish I could see you now. I wish to see your sperm shoot out." I sat up, co-operating fully when she swung my legs ahead. I raised my butt so she could remove my pants. Sue moved into position between my legs. Eyes fixed on my bulge, her hands reached for the waistband of my shorts. Sue lower my boxers, my drooling erection waved in the air before her eyes. Her deep inhalation was clearly audible. "I'm going to watch you come, watch you go soft, study your beautiful penis, then make you ejaculate again baby brother."

Exposing myself to Sue was the most erotic thing I'd ever experienced, I was very ready to go off. I warned her. Her fist went around me. At first she pumped me slowly, but like a train leaving the station, she went faster with every stroke. My hips were thrusting, each breath was labored, even a novice could see I'd erupt any second. Thank God a noisy scene was playing, because the 'OOOOoooooohhhh!" I made, as the first rope of white sperm shot high into the air, was so loud I winced. As much as Sue was expecting me to come, my geyser surprised her enough that her head popped back reflexively. Thankfully her hand never missed a beat.

I was well rested, had been primed all day, now I launched bolt after bolt for her viewing pleasure. Each new gob caused me to take a short, noisy breath. Exercising great self control, I kept my vocalizations to a level that wouldn't attract unwanted attention. As my flow gradually subsided, as my glans became unbearably tender, I guided her hand, showing Sue how I wanted to be fondled.

True to her word, her eyes took in every detail of my genitals. She moved in close as I softened, her warm breath felt divine. Sue lifted my balls, peered at my penis from all sides and angles. Once I'd recovered enough to think, I took a couple tissues from the box on the end table to wipe up a few gobs that'd landed about. Happily this old sofa had been here for years. We'd grown up playing on it, so it already had every kind of stain imaginable. Or at least now it did. I reached to wipe my groin, but Sue waved me off. She rubbed any puddles into my skin, my entire groin got massaged, teased, and probed.

Looking between my legs, watching a girl play with me like a cat with a mouse soon had me aroused again. My penis began to inflate in her hand. I loved the way she beamed as my dick came back to life. While one hand stroked my sex, her other slid everywhere she could reach on my body, face, chest, or legs. It felt marvelous. What my eyes beheld was so erotic that my brain became engaged in my growing arousal. A real female was entranced by my body, enthralled as she set about bringing me to orgasm for her own pleasure.

I wanted the girl before me. I wanted this young woman who was between my legs. My hips began to move with a sexual rhythm as I envisioned the girl beneath the clothing. Sue asked me to warn her just before I came. I was glad she told me, my climax wasn't far off. I was getting there far faster than I'd expected. I alerted Sue. She asked me to close my eyes. I laid my head back on the sofa while she brought me closer my peak. Her hand left my cock. It mercifully returned moments later; I'd reached the agonizing 'don't stop now' stage.

"Lewis, open your eyes." As if they had radar, my eyes went straight to Sue's bare breasts. I was just able to think how amazingly beautiful they were before I lost it. Sue correctly guessed the impact of me seeing her tits for the first time. Her right hand furiously pumped my shaft as her left formed a cup over my knob. Immediately I began to come against her palm. She twisted her cupped hand all around my glans, bathing it in the heat of my own fluids. The warmth and double stimulation short-circuited my brain. I stared numbly at each jiggling breast as my body expelled it's life-giving liquid into Sue's fist.

The pleasure washing over me became so intense I couldn't even sit. I slumped onto my side, but never lost sight of her seductive nipples. Sue milked me until I went dry, then massaged me until I went limp. I may have slept/passed out for a bit, I'm not sure. All I definitely knew was my system was flooded with pleasure, I tingled from head to toe. I felt immortal, like I'd slept for 2 days having nothing but great dreams. I understood the word bliss.

When I was finally able to speak, I thanked Sue profusely. I did my best to answer her quiet questions about what I'd experienced. I couldn't find words to describe much of what I'd felt, but I tried. I assured Sue her instincts had been spot on for making me feel incredible.

She had me get back into my clothes just in case our folks got nosy. Sue put her blouse on sooner than I preferred, but I was too wiped to protest. She snuggled against me. We stretched out so our groins could press together as we kissed.

Finally I thought to ask. "Sue, you've helped me come 4 times. Can't I do something for you?" My question earned me a very sexy soul kiss. Apparently Sue was very much in need of relief. We kept kissing, our tongues became very active. She took my hand from where it was laying on her hip. Sue guided me through the flap of her wraparound skirt, over her panties, down until my 3 middle fingers covered her clitoris. Her fingers showed mine how to make the perfect small circular massage she needed to achieve her long overdue orgasm.

We ate each other's face ferociously. Who was more excited by my hand discovering Sue's pussy is hard to say. I felt the soft, humid warmth of swollen vaginal lips for the first time. Sue felt fingers on her sex for the first time that weren't her own. "I want to touch you, Sue." My words were whispered into her wide open mouth.

"Not tonight, Sweetie. I'll explain later. Just don't stop. I'm so close. Hold your boxers open so I can feel your cock.

With effort My other hand was just able to pull the waistband open enough. Her hand slid inside, her fingers curled around me. Ooooohh, you're penis is so hot. Oh, Lewis, Lewis, I'm...I'm...Don't stop...a little faster, that's it. I'mmmmm cominnnggg oooooooooohhhh!"

Her hand clamped hard around my penis, she drove her tongue deep into my mouth, her pussy jammed my hand into my thigh as she ground her clit against my fingers. I had a weak orgasm, Sue's excitement was enough to cause me to pump a small amount of semen into her hand. It seemed like a very long time before her hips slowed. Suddenly her hips were rotating again. Sue had a second, milder orgasm. "Softer, yes, a little slower now...I'm becoming very sensitive. Ahhhh. Just gently pinch the lips together, then move them slowly. Yes, that's it, don't touch in the middle. Oooohhh, that's so nice."

Her hand fell open in my shorts, my semi-erection lay unmoving on her palm. I kissed Sue's face and lips as she basked in her post-orgasmic ecstasy. After her hips finally stopped, I still gave her lips a little squeeze and tug every so often. Her smile and breathing made it clear she was a very, very happy girl. That made me a very happy guy. I loved getting off, but I never wanted it to be a one-way street. Especially now that I'd just learned how good it made me feel to help Sue climax. I couldn't wait to get her off again.

I toyed with her long hair. Sue could be a bit of a Tomboy, but her long, brown hair was totally feminine. As I studied it, I realized it was super soft. The sheen was beautiful. I ran the back of my fingers over her cheeks, Sue purred. I was in heaven. (next part 3)
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