"Erotic Stories" Thank You Jeannie P3

Erotic Stories Thank You Jeannie P3
Grabbing the remote, I turned the volume down low. Yep, I heard our folks heading up the stairs. Checking the clock, I knew they'd go to bed now. Church in the morning and all. My hand slid into Sue's blouse so I could rest my palm atop her soft flesh. I stayed like that, kissing her face and neck until Sue felt like speaking again.

When Sue rejoined the living, I told her we could relax a bit more now, Mom and Dad and gone to bed. They didn't force us to go to bed at a certain time Saturday nights, but we knew, come 9AM we'd be out of bed to get ready for 10AM service.

I was about to wish for her to be naked so I could see all of her body. Before I could, Sue, as promised, explained why she'd asked me to not reach inside her panties.

Sue was at the very end of her period. There was something inside her and a little string. She didn't want me seeing anything but her the first time I saw her pussy. Her simple statement, making it clear she expected me to see her pussy sometime soon, was enough to make my dick jump. She smiled so sweetly when she felt my physical reaction to her words. She hadn't been trying to do anything sexy, yet Sue understood instantly that my body was reacting strongly to the prospect of seeing hers. She liked that. I know, because she told me so as her heretofore limp hand resumed its loving fondling.

Fully aroused now, I made an official wish. I asked Sue to stand so I could undress her, agreeing she could keep her panties on. Sue wanted to see me buck naked as well, so we took turns removing an article of clothing. It didn't take long. We stood admiring each other for a time, but soon our hands were exploring exposed flesh. I'd only been able to touch her right breast until that moment. I now fondled both tits, making each nipple rise. Sue used both hands on me, one rolling my balls, the others pumping my shaft.

All too soon we were both panting lustily, desperate for more intense play. Sue said she had an idea for something we both might like. She laid on her back, raised her knees, then beckoned me to lay on top of her. Eagerly I moved between her legs. I lowered myself. We groaned together as our bare flesh pressed together. It was a powerful experience, we kissed like long lost lovers. Our kisses were so intense that I stopped feeling anything but our tongues and lips for a time.

The kissing was too good to last, it aroused us so much that our hips were soon writhing. I again became very aware of the breasts mashed against my chest, of the unique softness pressing against my erection. Sue reached between us, I lifted my hips to give her access to my needy erection. She arranged my shaft so it lay directly atop her clit. She wrapped her legs around my waist, preventing me from straying from her upper slit.

Our deep kissing resumed, our hips naturally fell into the motions of intercourse. My thrusting shaft rubbed Sue's clit with every back and forth thrust I made. The clear seminal fluid I profusely drooled made her silky smooth panty material so slick we could almost believe our genitals were actually touching. Sue's hips made the small circular motions of a pussy begging an invading penis for insemination.

"Give it to me. Give to me!" Sue's body silently shouted to mine. Our frenzy increased. Moans filled our joined mouths. My head fell beside hers, my hips hit a fevered pace, I groaned into Sue's ear. I came. I came and I came and I came. My warm sperm bathed her groin, my penis rubbed plenty directly onto Sue's clit. Sue came. Her vulva pressed harder against my shaft. We humped and came and came and humped. By far this was the best sex either of us had ever known. There was no guilt, no pain, nor fear, just wave after wave of soul satisfying joy.

I reluctantly rolled off Sue. We were both sweaty, and I was too spent to keep my weight from crushing her. She was still on her back, I was on my side. I sat up also so my eyes could explore her 'down there'. Between sweat and sexual fluids, the thin, silky panties were almost a second skin. Her lips were still puffy, my penis had pushed the material between her vaginal lips deep enough that an image of her pussy was unmistakable. I couldn't resist running my finger tips all over her magical swollen area. Sue purred as I lightly stroked her.

As much as we never wanted to stop, unspoken, we geared our intimacy for parting. We'd shared many firsts, were both sexually satisfied, and it was getting late. I lay beside Sue a while longer. We held each other, exchanged affectionate kisses while whispering words of appreciation.

Even though my self-confidence had soared from these two 'dates', I still had to know one thing. "Sue, do I still have any wishes left? I won't sleep tonight unless I know this isn't our last date. I adore your body, I want more wishes. I've never felt this happy before, making out with you has been better than any fantasy I've ever had."

"You have lot's and lot's of wishes. As long as I have wishes, so do you." It was several minutes before I spoke again. It's hard to speak with 2 tongues in your mouth.

Chapter 3 - A Walk in the Park

Sunday's are pretty busy days at our house. Church in the morning, followed by a huge family dinner. Every Sunday without fail. I suspect if I died on a Saturday, I'd still be expected at both events the next day. Church is OK, we have a good preacher who mostly gives his flock a good weekly message. Our last minister seemed far more interested in preaching at us, telling us what we 'should be' doing, while this guy offered inspirational ideas for being a better person.

Sunday dinner is always a mini-Thanksgiving. Lots of good home cooked foods, needing plenty of preparation and clean up. Our Sundays are a nice family tradition, but it left me little time to talk to Sue. I also had some school work to finish up since I hadn't been able to concentrate worth a damn since Friday night.

After our bellies were stuffed, and the kitchen was clean, I was able to drag Sue out to the porch swing. I couldn't do what I wanted to do, so I sat like a gentleman. During the day there wasn't a lot of privacy around the house, so I contented myself with surreptitious finger mingling. Having gotten a taste of sex with a real female, I dreaded having to wait until Friday to make out with Sue. To make things worse, we were discouraged from spending much time in the Rec. Room during the week.

Apparently Sue was as frustrated as I was about a lengthy interlude. She allowed me to speak first. We agreed we had to be very careful around the house. Not getting caught was paramount, but not acting like we were anything more than siblings was also critical. Looking very proud of herself, Sue informed me she 'wished' to go to the park for a little exercise tomorrow. It was suggested I wear sweats, be ready around 5..."If I wanted to see her bare butt."

Since it just so happened that I was dying to finally get a solid look at Sue's naked tush, 5PM Monday found me ready to go in more than one way. Lord be praised, the weatherman was dead on, it was a lovely Spring afternoon. I like to be truthful whenever possible, yet still have a life. We told Mom we were going to walk in the park, and we did. We walked up a little used Nature Trail. It had several short trails branching off to individual picnic sites that no one would be likely to use on a Monday.

The moment we seemed to be alone, our arms were around each other's waist. We both knew this trail well. Basilone Park was only a block from home. There were several trails, we were on the longest one. It'd be busy on weekends, but deserted during the week because most joggers went for the shorter trails before dinner time. I knew the perfect branch to take, I'd explored them all many times. We headed up the third branch on the left, it had a couple of short, worked logs that served as benches, plus a single picnic table.

Spotting a broken branch, I moved a bunch of dried leaves onto the trail behind us at the top of the path leading to our secluded spot. If anyone walked onto this side path, we'd at least have fair warning. The moment we stepped into the cleared area, we were in each other's arms. Our first kiss went straight to passionate. Our tongues were eager to make up for 48 hours separation. Before our kiss broke, my hands went under her sweat top, under her bra cups, until each held a warm, pliant breast. Sue ran her hands under my top, they roamed my chest, tummy and back.

How long did we stand there making out? Five minutes, fifteen? Not sure. I only know when we came up for air, our motors were running flat out.

"Oooooh, that was worth waiting for Sweetie. If it's Ok with you, I'll lead this dance. You were so clever Friday night, I want to surprise you with my brainstorm."

"I'm in your hands, Sue. Soon I hope." I said with my best 'I want you' expression.

"For starters, I do believe my brother wants to see what's inside my pants?" 

"Oh, God yes!!"

Adopting the most sultry smile I'd ever seen from Sue, she stepped to the picnic table. Turning her back to me Sue's hips began a dance-like circular motion. Her hands cupped her breasts, then slid at a teasing snail's pace to her pant's waistband. I had no idea it could ever take so long to lower a pair of pants. Just a hint of her cheeks finally showed, then enough that her crack was identifiable. She hadn't worn panties, my racing heart beat faster still. Slowly, slowly, slowly a magnificent female ass was revealed, the first my eyes had ever feasted on. I reached into my pants, seeking some relief.

"Lewis, wait. I have something special for you soon." I suspect I wore a sheepish expression as I withdrew my hand. "Enjoying the show?" I rolled my eyes, but they quickly returned to Sue's athletic bubble butt. "I hope you're enjoying yourself, 'cause it's your turn next. I've wondered about your buns more than once, I know you're in good shape. You've got a very nice body little brother."

I was hoping Sue would bend over, I was dying for my first look at her pussy. I had to wait, she stayed too vertical for me to see much. Her buns were too full and firm to spot her anus, but I could glimpse wisps of pubic hair peeking out below her cheeks at times. I made a mental note to 'wish' her to walk ahead of me on the way out with hers pants down. I had to see her ass rolling unencumbered, as God made her, it had to be an inspiring sight. I'd seen Sue in shorts or a swimsuit that hinted at the beauty I beheld, but I never suspected she had such an incredible derriere!

With a giggle, Sue jerked her sweats up. "OK, Buster, my turn. I want you to lean over the table and drop 'em. Don't even think about hikin' 'em up 'til I say so either!" My jaw flapped a couple times, but I couldn't think of a thing to say. So, I took Sue's place at the table.

Clenching my cheeks, I looked over my shoulder so I could watch her face. Slowly, but steadily, my bottoms went South. Only my briefs remained. I pulled the front of my briefs over my boner, parking it below my balls. Now I was able to slowly lower the back of my underwear until it fell down into my half off sweats. I was gratified by the lust and admiration I saw on Sue's face. "Lewis, you have the butt I've always dreamed of. God it's sexy. Please bend over the table, I want to see your balls hanging in the air. That's been a fantasy of mine, like forever."

Sue stepped in close behind me. Her hands came to rest on my lower back. Pressed flat, they slowly moved lower, kneading my flesh until she'd felt up my buns from top to bottom several times. "Uuuummmm, Lewis you feel so nice."

I'd sounded a number of low moans as she massaged my butt. What she did next made me groan long and loud. While running just her fingertips all over my tush, she slid a flattened palm down my crack, over my balls, down my erection, then pumped my shaft from behind, right between my spread legs. It felt incredible.

When my hips began humping the air, Sue slowed to a stop. She explained she had something special planned, so she didn't want me to come yet. Turning to face her as she asked, Sue gripped my shaft again. On tip toes, she kissed me. Her tongue wormed into my mouth, she pumped my cock, but just barely. Just enough to keep me fully aroused.

Using her free hand, Sue placed my right hand on top of her left breast. I fondled her through her top and sports bra, her nipple soon rose to meet my fingertips. She'd kept her hand atop mine, it now urged my hand lower, down the curve of her breast, over the flat of her belly. Sue broke our kiss, then stood flat-footed again. Looking deeply into my eyes, "I believe we're about to both have a wish come true. The hand on my cock moved to her waistband. She pulled it out, then guided my hand down her abdomen until my fingertips felt the tickling of pubic hair.

"Touch anywhere you want Sweetie, just don't go inside me for now. OK?" I nodded dumbly. Our eyes remained locked as my fingers sank lower. As I reached the top of her folds, I began massaging the hot, humid flesh as I discovered it. Sue resumed almost imperceptibly stroking my drooling penis. I slipped a finger between her folds, sliding over every bit of warm, slippery, hidden flesh. My fingertip discovered the entrance to her vagina. I swirled my fingertip around the opening, but respected her wish to not penetrate her.

I'm sure the facial contortions I observed, as bolts of ecstasy hit Sue, were mirrored on my face. Seeing her pleasure heightened my own. It was heady stuff knowing I could make Sue feel intense joy and pleasure. Our mounting excitement fed off of each other.

I'd never felt anything as wonderful as pussy. Everything about it was astounding. I was overwhelmed by the texture, softness, her natural lubrication, the humidity, everything! I'd never touched a pussy before, yet when I cupped her puffy lips, it felt as familiar as if I'd touched Sue a thousand times.

The hand on my cock warned Sue I was getting very excited. She covered my hand from outside her sweats, stopping my movements. "Ready to see what you're touching, Sweetie?" I suspect if Sue hadn't released my erection that very second, I'd have ejaculated.

"Oh, God Sue yes. Please." She took my hand out of her pants. Looking me in the eye again, she licked my palm. I felt my knees weaken. I reached to pull up my pants, Sue stopped me with "No, leave 'em down. I want to look at your penis, just like you want to see between my legs."

Sue asked me to kneel at the end of the picnic table, then close my eyes. When she said open them, I was staring at her beautiful pussy. Her sweats were around her ankles, she'd spread hers legs wide, and leaned back on her elbows. I saw everything. Her slit was parted enough for me to see pink flesh between her lips. Her butt crack and some cheek showed below her vagina. A light covering of brown fur surrounded her engorged folds, a sexy triangle of it adorned her mound and above.

I leaned towards her. I caught hints of her scent, which set my cock to bobbing. "Sue, I've heard guys talk about eating pussy. Now I know why, you look delicious. I want to eat you Sue."

Sue groaned at length as I spoke. "Lewis, love, not now. I am dying to feel your mouth down there, but not now. I have something special for us to try. I think we're more than ready now." She hiked her pants up just enough to walk a couple feet to a flat square stone that was part of a fire pit. Standing on it raised her about 3". She released her pants, then beckoned me. I duck-walked to her with my pants at my knees.

Sue adjusted me until I was very close, facing her, yet not quite touching. She spread her folds, then closed her legs until only a little gap below her pussy remained. Her breathing was labored, as was mine. Both our bodies were at a fever pitch.

"Lewis, push your penis into this little open space." Sue looked down with me as we watched my erection disappear straight ahead between her legs. Hissing air, I moaned as my crown rubbed along the slick inner flesh of her slit. When she took her hands away, the folds closed around my shaft a bit like a bun around a hot dog.

Placing my hands on her rump, Sue grabbed one of my buns in each hand. As her face got closer to mine, her mouth was opening for a tongue kiss.

"Lewis, I'm betting it feels like you're inside me."

My eyelids drooped. Nodding once slowly, I watched her mouth move ever closer. 

"Then make love to me, come between my legs. Rub my clit with that beautiful hard cock."

Sue's tongue slid into my mouth, my cock pulled back a couple inches. Her tongue pulled back, my penis plunged ahead.

I tightened my lips into a circle, Sue fucked my mouth as I fucked her gap. We moved very deliberately for the first dozen strokes, but eventually my body demanded that I speed up. Already my entire groin felt as if an electric current was running through it.

Sue had guessed correctly, my virginal body swore my penis was inside a pussy for the first time. The way her tongue was spearing my lips, I was feeling as if I was being screwed by her as well. Our love making was far more than my immature system could cope with.

After only a few more strokes I was pumping sperm between my sister's legs. Every part of her pussy and thighs was soon coated with my slippery semen. As my penis continued to swell, her gap became slicker, warmer, tighter. Her squirming simulated a convulsing vagina, my dick was literally in heaven.

Sue was writhing right along with me as my shaft and glans gave her protruding clit tremendous stimulation. Once my warm fluids were added to the other stimulation caused by my penis rubbing along her slit, Sue experienced a series of major to minor orgasms over the next few minutes.

Understand that I hadn't come since Saturday night. At that moment, I'd never been so turned on in my life. Presumably that's why I pumped sperm for quite a while. Assuredly, most of it shot out during the first 5 or 6 spurts, but small pearls continued forming for many, many strokes. Even when I ceased ejaculation, I remained hard and swollen for many minutes. Never wanting that soul-searing orgasm to stop, I humped into Sue until I became so hyper-sensitive that my knees would buckle from the aftershocks.

At some point we had fallen into French kissing. Even after I stopped moving, we still fondled our partner's butt. Looking back, I was so absorbed by the sensations from my penis actually rubbing against Sue's pussy, that I hadn't had enough brain function left to appreciate feeling up her sexy ass for the first time. However, as our orgasms progressed, mine was heightened all the more as I became aware of the muscles in her cheeks flexing sensuously. Her body begged my body a hundred ways to produce sperm; my body had responded completely.

Apparently we both loved feeling each other's butts. Considerable time elapsed while we stood soul kissing, kneading away longer than we should have. At last Sue reminded me to check the time. DAMN! We had to go.

Despite feeling thoroughly drained, I still had Sue walk ahead of me going back, for as long as it was safe, with her bare ass exposed. Each sexy twitch of her buns made my heart race. That night I saw her tight, toned, tush waggling in my dreams.

Chapter 4 - Wednesday Night Bingo

During most weeks, Sue and I both were committed to several school related activities, so it was common for one or both of us to get home just before dinner time. Thus we hadn't been able to see each other alone for more than a few minutes since our 'walk' in the woods two nights earlier. Tonight we planned on getting together in Sue's room at 9 sharp.

Every Wednesday, from 9 until 10, our folks watched a program on a local religious channel in the Living Room, they NEVER missed it. Knowing for 60 minutes we'd be undisturbed, Sue and I planned on trying out a few things from our wish lists. (next part 4)
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