"Erotic Stories" Thank You Jeannie P4

Erotic Stories Thank You Jeannie P4
Between 8 and 9 Sue and I each took our evening showers. After drying off, I donned PJ's and my robe. Sue wore her robe with nothing underneath. As a precaution, she laid out the extra-long school T-shirt she sometimes wore to bed. At least Sue could always claim she was just changing for bed if she had to.

My PJ bottoms were fastened with 2 snaps, 'pop' 'pop' and my goodies would be hanging free. Our folks always walked slowly up the stairs, so if we heard them coming, with Sue's door closed, we'd have to have at least 20 seconds to get 'dressed'. More than enough time for me to stand, redo my bottoms, then close a robe.

We even rehearsed a real story about someone we both knew from school. In a pinch we could say we'd been discussing him privately, should we ever have to explain why I was in Sue's room with the door closed. While it seemed unlikely we'd ever need to cover our asses, literally, good planning usually pays off.

Now you know why at 8:58 I slipped into Sue's room with lust in my heart. The moment the door closed, my sexy sister was in my arms. By 8:59 my tongue was in Sue's mouth, my hands each held a soft, warm breast, and Sue had a hand through my fly, stroking my already rising erection. At 9 sharp, I waltzed Sue to her bed.

"God help me Lewis, only 2 days, but I'm horny like I never thought I could be."

Breathing hard already, I confessed I'd been getting hourly boner's since Tuesday morning. 

"Sweetie, Monday night you said you wanted to eat me. Do you still feel that way. Do you still wish you could eat my pussy?"

Making a begging puppy dog face answered her question, and made her laugh. 

"Fantastic, 'cause I want you to eat me tonight. I'm dying to feel your mouth between my legs, plus I have another reason. I'll explain Friday night. I also have a surprise for right now."

Sue moved into a reclining position on her bed. Laying on her side, she opened her robe, then raised a knee, which gave me a heart stopping view of her totally naked body, especially her pussy. To my untrained eyes she appeared pretty aroused already. She looked wet, her slit was open, plenty of pink flesh was showing. My dick began bouncing, which made her grin; Sue flashed a very naughty smirk I might add.

Just as I made a move towards her, Sue's voice paused me.

"Sweetie, I also have a wish for tonight. I want to feel your penis in my mouth. I want to suck you till you come, I want you to shoot it into my mouth."

My expression must've been a Kodak moment.

"Lewis, I've heard enough about 69 that I want to try it. Maybe I won't like swallowing your sperm, but some girls like it, so I want try it for myself. Besides, I want this to be perfect for you as well; you won't have to worry about anything but eating me, simply come whenever you feel like it. Now get over here and lay down, big sister wants your dick."

Guess how fast I got onto my side, with my cock pointing as Sue's face, and my eyes boring into her bush! God, just inches away from heaven!

'Pop' 'pop', Sue had my PJ's wide open. For a couple minutes, we teased and caressed each other's genitals. On instinct, I opened her wide: I was fascinated by how intricate her sex actually was. Her pussy was amazing, pure and simple. Because I had a couple old Penthouse and Playboys [from before they got into silicone boobs, which I despise], I'd seen a few good bush shots, but I had no idea what a pussy really looked like. Wow! Eagerly I poked and probed until I was sure I'd seen everything in her little wonderland.

Finally I found a position, that was comfortable, where I could use both hands to hold her furry slit open. Resting my head on Sue's warm left thigh, my tongue slid into her slippery slit. My penis went crazy the instant I first tasted her. Jeez I loved eating her pussy. My tongue ran up one side of her slit, then back down the other, repeating the circuit several times, then I froze.

Without warning me, Sue had just taken my cock into her mouth. Abruptly her pursed lips had slid down, engulfing my shaft as if it was sinking into the oh so warm vagina I'd been avidly licking. My brain was being fried; I had no idea I could experience such pleasure.

The idea of my penis being in my sister's mouth had excited me many times during masturbatory fantasies, but the reality was the difference between a grain of sand and a beach. Groaning like I never had before, my body went limp. Though I fought to not move, my hips defied me by gently thrusting at Sue's face. Thank God I managed not to choke her, but it required a major effort to prevent my hips from thrusting.

A wave of gratitude closely followed the flood of bliss. Instinctively I sought to repay my rapture by returning my attention to the delicious feast before me. Redoubling my efforts, I used my tongue and lips every way I could imagine to excite Sue. I sucked on her clit, I licked everywhere I could. Responding to my probing tongue, Sue's hole soon opened up for me. Finally it dawned on me that I could use my tongue like a small penis. Following a couple test dips, I began probing her hole with my tongue stiffened.

Though I barely realized it, our hips were actually moving to the rhythm of sex; gently to be sure, but steadily, insistent. Boy was I grateful for what Sue had told me earlier. In the back of my mind, I understood that the contents of my testicles was about to travel through my penis, then into Sue's sweet mouth. Part of my mind focused on the pleasure growing in my groin, part remained intent on trying to help Sue have a magnificent orgasm.

The most intense orgasm of my life was building to release. My hips were unrelenting. We both felt my cock swell to it's max. Sue had a hand on my steel hard butt, the other fondled my sac.

Spurt, spurt, spurt, spurt; I emptied my store of semen into my sister's body for the first time. As profound as the pleasure was, the realization that my sperm was going inside a real female body, doubled the intensity level.

Sue moved her mouth so just my knob was being sucked as her first orgasm hit. Her hips writhed around my tongue; I simply pushed it deep into her hole, then did my best to keep it inside her while her hips jerked. Meanwhile, my hips locked into a forward thrust, only jerking an inch or so as my flow continued, but tapered off.

Gradually my cock softened to half it's angry size. Sue took all of me back into her mouth, that felt soooooo damned good.

Her relaxed hips informed me when her orgasm had subsided. While her big 'O' had indeed finally tapered off, when I sucked her clit into my mouth to beat it with my tongue, her "mmmmfff" sounds and renewed pelvic rhythms assured me she was coming once again, stronger than before.

The hand on my butt moved to the back of my head, Sue held me where she needed me as I rode out her second sexual storm.

After Sue had come, her already tasty treat seemed all the sweeter to me. Sucking up every drop of her that I could find, I steadily searched for more. Still munching away at her muff, my penis managed to regain it's former glory. My glans once again sought Sue's warm depths. My talented sister was soon taking me into her throat, her chin would touch my sac when I pushed at her face.

The tingling returned. I felt all the signals that I'd soon be enjoying another glorious ejaculation. Happily, Sue's aroused slit was staying fairly wide open on its own, so I sent my right hand around to play with her buns. Unintentionally, my middle finger discovered her anus. I massaged it, mostly to satisfy my curiosity, but that contact drew a strong reaction from Sue. Orgasm was quickly approaching for both Sue and I, we were definitely feeding off each other's excitement again.

Mimicking me, Sue's finger located my anus, then swirled around the tiny pucker. We made good lovers, Sue and I both got excited by finding new ways to arouse our partner. Within seconds of discovering a new erogenous zone, we were coming against each others face. Judging by her writhing, Sue experienced her best climax yet; mine was almost as strong as the first.

To avoid getting lost in our lust, Sue had changed the weekend alarm setting on her clock-radio for 9:50PM. Since it hadn't gone off yet, we took our time. Leisurely we sucked or licked each other to ease our way down from the pleasurable heights we'd just reached.

As soon as the moment seemed right, I swung around so we could kiss. While moving, I checked the clock; only 40 minutes had elapsed. Before we forgot, we performed a quick inspection; as planned, our robes had caught any dampness, so her bed was OK...no telltale leakage.

So we could enjoy some after-sex type kissing, I laid next to Sue. Our hands gently caressed here and there while our tongues slow-danced. Already we were looking forward to Friday and our next date. Despite bugging her for more information about her planned surprise, Sue held fast.

The radio quietly came to life, the Associations 'Cherish' came on mid-tune, bringing a knowing smile to our faces. Slowly we stood, fixed our robes, then checked each other for any especially noticeable stains.

Standing on her toes, she gave me a last sexy kiss, then sent me back to my room with a half pat, half fondle of my butt.

Chapter 5 - A Close Shave

Friday at last, yeahhhhh! Somewhere tonight between 6 and 6:30 our parents should leave the house. By prying I learned they had a Buy One, Get One dinner coupon for a nice restaurant. That meant a long dinner, extra travel time, plus their usual church event, grocery shopping, plus their weekly errands would keep them out until midnight easy, more likely 1AM. Thank God for 24 hour shopping. They got to avoid crowds, we got to avoid being caught naked together.

Around 5PM I spotted Sue coming out of the bathroom in her robe as I was walking upstairs. She waited near her bedroom door for me.

"Where are the folks?" She looked so innocent asking. When I replied that they were downstairs, she flashed me an evil grin, then her entire naked front. I caught a quick glimpse of boobs and bush before the robe snapped closed.

"There should be plenty of hot water left, unless you need a cold shower, little brother. You may want to be squeaky clean pretty soon, hint, hint." Following a coy batting of her eyelashes, Sue added, "If you want your surprise, come to my room when the folks leave."

Already feeling sticky due to a late afternoon classroom that had been way too hot, I did hit the shower the moment Sue headed into her room.

After changing into jeans and a T-shirt, I made sure Mom saw me take out the garbage, walk the dog, and every other routine chore that might tempt her to delay their departure to insure I wasn't goofing off. Of late, Sue and I had behaved like 'perfect kids' so they'd tune us out. Certainly we didn't want our folks watching us too closely. Mercifully our plan seemed to be working.

At 6:18 they left for their usual night out. At 6:18:15 I was knocking on Sue's door. "They're gone!"

In a flash Sue's door flew open, then Sue flew into my embrace. We actually held hands as we walked into our parent's room. From the nearest window we could see a great distance, far enough down the road to be sure Mom hadn't forgotten something and made Dad turn around. A mutual "Yes!!" could be heard as their SUV drove out of sight.

Reaching for Sue, I got a sharp "NO!". "If you want to have any chance for fun tonight, go straight to your room, undress, sit on your bed, and wait for me. Or ELSE." That said, she abruptly turned, heading for her room.

For sure I was stunned, but upon a moment's reflection I was sure I hadn't done anything to tick her off. So mentally I shrugged my shoulders, then went about following her instructions; once stripped, I sat on the edge of my bed awaiting her arrival.

Each second seemed an eternity, but actually I didn't to wait have very long. Moments later Sue strolled in. Unsure of my role, I waited for her to speak. 

"Thank you, Lewis. You look sexy as hell little brother. Sorry if I rattled you, but I wanted to see you naked without a hard on. As a reward, I'm going to do a strip for you; I wanted to be able to watch your limp dick come to life. Forgive me?"

The warm, sexy smile Sue flashed would have melted a snowman. Grinning, I spread my legs, then leaned back on my elbows, eager for her show.

To silent music that I could almost hear, Sue performed a slinky, seductive dance in place. Button by button, she opened her blouse. Once exposed from her chin to her sexy navel, she pulled the shirt tales out of her skirt, but kept the opened blouse on.

While she swayed to the music in her mind, I caught glimpses of one cup then the other. My sister had a very sexy 'inny' navel; her tight, flat tummy showed it off nicely. The zipper on the side of her skirt was lowered at a snail's pace. Hips swaying, she completed two full circles before the button above the zipper was undone. Allowing her skirt to fall, Sue kicked it to me.

Red silky looking panties drew my eyes like a moth to a flame. Yummmm! Undoing the center clasp of her bra forced my gaze higher. Using serpentine motions, her hands slithered behind her head; feet stationary, her hips swung sensuously side to side. Though the cups still hung in front of her breasts, I was treated to peeks of the cleavage-side skin on both breasts. Sue has cone shaped tits, they're so firm they kept even the loosened cups pretty well in place.

Man I adore her breasts. Sue has mid-sized mammary glands, which to my taste, are magnificent. Unlike the plastic looking Barbie Doll fake boobs that ruin so many nice bodies, Sue's had a magic Jello-like sway to them that make my knees weak. They're capped with mouth-watering puffy areolas. Realizing I'd never had the chance to nurse on her, suckling my sister became my number one wish for the night. Her nipples appeared average sized, but I'd noticed they got very fat and juicy looking when aroused.

Turning, she watched my face over her shoulder as she dropped her panties around her ankles. Her shirt kept her buns hidden until she crossed her arms, then bent forward from the waist. Thank God she stood straight up fairly soon, I think my heart was stopped as the electrifying image of her cheeks, crack and puckered vaginal lips was seared into my horny male brain.

Momentarily I felt puzzled by Sue's funny grin. Eventually it struck me; Sue was proud of her role in my penis pointing skyward like a flagpole. As I mentioned early on, Sue was not the prettiest girl, but her body was unbelievably sexy. I've never gotten tired of seeing her nude. Guess I grew up a little about then. I finally understood why some guys went so crazy over girls that I barely noticed, a pretty face is great, but a great brain and hot body can make life worth living.

Keeping her back to me, Sue finally took off the blouse, but tied it sideways around her waist in such a way that I'd be able to see a lot of one leg, but her bush and butt were hidden. The bra was unclasped, and the straps were off her shoulders, but when she turned around, Sue dangled it on high like a trophy, while still covering her chest using her other arm.

Walking over to me, Sue stepped between my legs. Leaning forward seductively, she slowly revealed her tits. Once they hung before my eyes, she make them shake side to side, eliciting a long, low moan from me. When my cock began seriously bouncing, Sue espied it.

"Guess you like what you see!"

Nearly giving me cardiac arrest, Sue suddenly bent far enough forward to clamp her hanging breasts around the top of my upright erection. Slowly she stood until my cock flopped out of the hot pocket she'd made around my drooling erection.

Doing an about face, Sue dropped her shirt, then bent over until her butt and pussy were almost in my face. While swishing her backside in a side to side half-circle, I grabbed her buns. Slowing her swaying to a crawl, she allowed me to feel up everything in sight. As I slid my middle finger up her slit towards her clit I discovered she was extremely slippery. Ah ha I thought, my boner wasn't the only sign of arousal in the room.

As my fingertip diddled her slit, Sue sighed long and loud. Yet after a few moments she stood, turned, then stepped ahead until her bush was right in my face.

"Sweetie, you ate me so nicely the other night, but I never asked. Do you like eating my pussy? Please be honest."

Raising my hands, I grasped her butt, then pulled Sue forward so I could wiggle my tongue into her slick slit. Sue was soon moaning steadily.

Running her hands ran through my hair, she moaned, "Guess that answers my question."

When her knees buckled, I caught Sue, spinning her onto my bed. Once on her back, I moved so I could eat her out while my hands parted her muff. With all her tender, pink inner flesh fully exposed, I used everything I'd learned Wednesday night to see how fast I could make her come.

Pushing her to orgasm took longer than I expected, considering how wet she was. But when she came, it was a big one. Her hips bounced off the bed, her head flopped from side to side, a long string of nearly incoherent "Oh God's", "OOOhh's", and "Yes's" spewed forth. Finally she lay still.

Sliding up her body, I lay atop my sister. We kissed tenderly while she caught her breath. When she seemed more with it, I thanked her for my surprise.

"That wasn't your surprise, Sweetie. I told ya, I wanted to see your dick limp, then watch it get hard. Call that my wish, naturally I hoped you'd enjoy the show. Shifting slightly, her hand groped between us; I raised my hips, allowing her hand to encircle my primed real estate.

"You ate me so well, Sweetie. Now I want to do something nice for you now. Get on your hands and knees."

Not knowing what she had in mind, yet eager to find out, I clambered off her. While Sue rose off the bed, I moved into position as requested. Kneeling beside the bed for a moment, my horny sister explained that she just wanted to see what I'd look like with my dick hanging under me.

"Oh, that is so sexy!"

Guess she enjoyed the view.

Crawling across the bed on her knees, Sue moved behind me. Heavenly best describes the feeling as her hands roamed all over my back, buns, legs and belly. For a while she leaned over me, kissing my back. reaching around me, one hand fondled my balls, while the other stroked my shaft. Once she began pumping me, Sue rubbed her groin against my tush; apparently she liked the feel of my cheeks pressing into her pelvis. Her pubic hairs kept tickling my butt crack, sending tingles throughout my genitals.

Releasing my tingling penis, Sue rose, then shifted a bit. A hand, palm up, slid between my legs. My balls slid over her palm. Moment later she gripped my shaft, pumping me from behind. Sue resumed kneading my buns, began kissing them, even gave me love bites.

Tapping my right leg, Sue asked me to lift it. Hurriedly she rolled under me, her face was below my chest. To my great relief, my cock was soon being pumped again. Using a husky voice, Sue said she wanted me go ahead and shoot all over her. Apparently she wanted to "...see my stuff come out from this view!. In addition to stroking my shaft, her free hand wrapped around the tip, grinding my oozing clear fluid all around the sensitive knob.

Already being near the edge, I warned Sue, since she'd said she wanted to see my sperm come flying out. Of their own accord, my hips had began rocking. Seeing that, plus feeling my penis swell, and scrotum pull up tight, Sue wrapped both hands around my cock so I could slide through her now slippery palms.

Whatever she was doing felt good enough to rapidly get me off. Following a major grunt, puddles of sperm soon rained down upon my sister's soft skin. Bless her heart, Sue pumped my cock until I went soft. (next part 5)
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