"Erotic Stories" Thank You Jeannie P5

Erotic Stories Thank You Jeannie P5
"Want to see what you did to your sister?"

The moment I rolled over onto my side, Sue wriggled up so we shared my pillow. Streaks and spots of semen covered her chest and flat belly. After rubbing most of it into her skin, she licked her fingers clean, reminding me of a contented cat preening.

"I meant to say something to you before, Lewis. You do taste really good to me. I enjoy having you come in my mouth, I like it a lot. Just wanted you to always feel free to enjoy yourself when I'm sucking you, Sweetie."

I thanked her with a series of kisses. I had wondered. Lord I was relieved to know she wasn't just being polite. We rested a few minutes longer. With my brain not preoccupied with sex for the first time in a little while, I recalled an earlier comment of hers.

"Sue, if that sexy strip show wasn't my surprise, was is?"

"Well, since you enjoyed eating my pussy. I've decided to let you shave me. Do you 'wish' to shave me, to see my pussy bald, Oh Master?" She leered at me. 

Guess my eyes rolling back into my head answered her.

Sue assured me she'd do whichever I preferred. Naturally I could eat her so much better without fur in the way. Making my best pervert face, I made a big show of licking my lips. When Sue busted a gut laughing, I was purely delighted.

Correctly I might add, Sue had assumed I'd want to see her shave her bush. Minutes later, she was laying on my pillow with her legs wide apart, having placed a towel under her gorgeous butt.

On my knees, inches away from her crotch, I had the shaving crème, scissors, a new triple track razor, wash cloth, and the bowl of warm water, all of which she'd fetched in a flash.

"Now don't enjoy this so much your hands shake." Sue was teasing me, but also praying I didn't injure her I'm sure.

Carefully I clipped as much hair as possible with the scissors. Soon nothing but stubble remained. Working the lather into her beaver was thoroughly enjoyable for us both. While waiting for the remaining hair to soften, I ran a fingertip slowly up and down her slit for a couple minutes.

When her aroused body began to ooze, washing away the foam, I realized I couldn't delay my barbering any longer. Razor in hand, I gingerly shaved her until she looked like an eleven-year old. After happily feeling around for any missed stubble, I wiped away the remaing shaving crème.

Acting thoughtfully, Sue was patient, lying still while I studied her sexy looking pussy. One little spot looked a tad red, but she was fine, no nicks. Knowing one careless move might cost me an evening of making out with Sue, be assured I'd been VERY careful. Though my task was finished, I couldn't tear my eyes away; I opened her bald gash until all inside was revealed. While absorbing every erotic detail of her sex, my mouth was unconsciously moving closer to Sue's inviting gash.

"Hey, horn dog. I'm afraid if you start eating me, I'll never get to have any dinner. Think you could save that for dessert?"

Chuckling, "Well, I guess I do want you to have plenty of energy tonight. But I have a wish, that we dine in the buff. Not only will it be sexier, but faster too!"

Still naked as Jaybirds, we headed to the kitchen. Walking there with a hand on each other's rump made for a pleasant trip. Feeling the muscles move beneath her baby soft skin was sheer delight.

Chapter 6 - Dinner and Dessert

Dinner was fast and easy, Mom had left us plates of food that only needed nuking. Four minutes in the microwave later, our 4-cource meals were ready. Sitting opposite each other at the table, I made Sue shriek when she was taking her first mouthful; my big toe found her clit. For some 'strange' reason dinner took longer to eat than it should of; we had a ball turning each other on with our feet. By the time our plates were clean, I was hard and Sue was wet.

Even cleaning our few dirty dishes got interesting. Just fooling around, I pressed against Sue from behind. She felt so good that I simply had to wiggle my recent erection against her butt. Becoming more turned on, I reached around so I could fondle her breasts, my other hand snuck down to my sister's aroused pussy. Soon we were hotter than the dishwater. By bending my knees, I was able to guide my shaft up and down Sue's sexy buns. Damn that felt incredible.

"Sue, don't move a muscle!! I'll be right back."

Hurriedly I grabbed a small wooden box Mom used for a stool. Once I'd coaxed Sue to stand on it, her butt was 4" higher. Grabbing the lemony dish soap, I dripped a generous amount at the top of her crack, then spread it between her cheeks. Laying my erection along her crack, I pressed hard against her pliant warmth. This may not have been screwing, but sex just had to feel a whole lot like the sensations rocketing around my groin I told myself.

"Oooohhh God, Sue. Your ass feels amazing. Please don't stop me. Oh! I'm gonna come pretty quick. Ooouunnng!"

While kissing Sue's neck, I squeezed her breasts, running a hand from one to the other. My other hand went all over Sue's pussy; I was feeling her up, yet pressing her back into me to increase the pressure. Soon Sue took over the job of pressing back, plus she added a tiny amount of motion that was absolutely perfect. At that point I purely assaulted her clit.

A hand covered mine, guiding me down her slit. Sue's middle finger guided mine to her opening. Understanding her signal, my fingertip ran around and around the opening.

"Lewis, I'm almost there too. I'm ready for this, put your finger inside me."

Needing no further encouragement, I slid into her pussy up to the second knuckle, as far as I could reach while standing behind her. The warmth and texture I experienced jolted me as hard as if I'd dipped into a light socket. Over the next minute, constant sounds of passion poured from us.

Deliriously I probed each spot I could reach inside of Sue. Displaying a primal frenzy, my sister's hips humped into me, betraying an approaching climax.

With little warning, I came. Sperm flooded her crevasse; with each spurt her crack grew warmer, more slippery. Sue's taut buns simply felt like a place where my body should drain itself, so drain I did. My glans was teasing the hell out of Sue's rectum. The warm sperm bath, the sounds of our coupling, plus feeling a finger inside her pussy for the first time drove Sue to a glorious orgasm.

To my utter delight, it took a long time for us to finish. My sperm bath and rubbing was exciting Sue; the more excited Sue got, the more excited I got. Our emotional ping pong kept us writhing together long after our climaxes faded.

Eventually Sue became so sensitive that she had to ask me to stop moving my finger, yet she continued holding me inside her. For much of this time I felt her vaginal muscles squeezing me, that was so amazing. This whole time, I kissed Sue's neck and shoulders until my lips nearly went numb.

Finally we had to move on. Using a warm paper towel, I lovingly cleaned up the mess I'd made on her butt. The yellow soap, mixed with my white sperm made an interesting mess. After her butt, I wiped her legs, the box and the floor. Amazing how far a little liquid can spread.

While I finished cleaning us, Sue dried the dishes and put them away. Finally done with the dishes, we held each other close. A number of gentle kisses were shared, but mostly we basked in the intimacy of holding a warm, sexy, naked body close.

When I suggested we go downstairs, Sue nodded her agreement. Together we made a couple giant drinks to sip on. Taking Sue's hand, I led us down the narrow stairway to the basement. When I first got home, I'd snuck down to set the thermostat up high enough so it would be toasty warm because it stayed pretty cool in our basement until mid-Summer.

Since Sue hadn't seen my Forbidden Planet tape, I loaded it into the VCR. Being a classic, I couldn't watch it too many times. Thought it was made in '56, the script is timeless, and the special effects were decades ahead of their time; in fact they still look outstanding today.

Cuddling up, partially facing, we intently watched the movie, yet our hands managed to go exploring. A few soft kisses were exchanged, then a few more. Not forgetting how exciting it felt when I put my finger into Sue's pussy, I wanted to grope inside her again. Gradually my hand worked its way towards its goal. 

"Sue, I want to feel inside your pussy, right now. May I, please?"

For a fleeting instant, Sue was tempted to tease her brother. Then her own cravings got the better of her. Flashing a pearly smile, Sue dashed to the basement's half-bath.

Returning, she sat on the crummy old towel we used when we'd been working in the little shop area around the corner. Spreading her legs wide, my sister shot me a sly grin.

Nice thing about a VCR...it has a stop button. While French kissing, my hand felt up her pussy until both Sue and my fingers were wet and slippery. As I wormed my middle finger into her, Sue slunk down, adjusting herself for maximum penetration. What I felt took my breath away.

Sue's mysterious depths were somehow...perfect. Words came to mind: heat, slippery, tight, smooth, soft, exciting. That was it...exciting. There was a world of sensations, but this place was exciting. Totally exciting. Having my finger inside my sister was exciting beyond expectation, beyond comprehension. My finger was finally in the very place I'd long dreamed of my penis being; inside a warm, young female. My penis was dancing like crazy, yet Sue hadn't even touched me for a while.

"Sue, why haven't I done this before. It is utterly incredible inside your pussy."

"At first it was my period, but...part of me has wondered how far I wanted to go with...us. Everything has been great, but...ooooh, that feels so good...but somehow sucking, rubbing, even making out still left some lines I hadn't crossed. Just between us Lewis, I never wanted to be a virgin bride; sorry Mom, but blaaahhh! So I guess I needed time to make sure I was OK with finally letting a boy go inside me at all. Hope you understand, but you can only do things for the first time once, ya know."

"Yeah...yeah. Sue, I think I understand. Ever since I started getting boners, there were many nights I'd fantasize about having sex. A bunch of those nights it was you I'd dream about, especially after I'd seen some skin or rubbed against your body at some point during that day."

Sue thought it was kind of cute that her brother suddenly blushed from sharing his thoughts, even though he'd been feeling up her naked body for some time. The gaze that had been on her chest, lifted to her eyes. A resolute expression was faintly discernible as Lewis resumed speaking.

"This week when we've been apart, all I could think about was how it would feel to slide my penis inside you. Picturing my cock disappearing into your wonderful body is the most exciting fantasy I've ever had. But maybe doing it with you also scares me, maybe I'm afraid I'll ruin something I love. Over and over I tried to figure out, was I wanting to make love to you, or just hot to screw you. It's hard to be honest with yourself when you're horny I guess."

"Oh, Sweetie. First, put another finger inside me. Yeah. Yeah. Ooooooohhhhh. I think I could learn to like this. Lewis, I've learned...oooooohhh, yeah...a ton about you the past week. If you...ooooooohhh...only wanted to get your rocks off, you'd never have said a word. You've had chances to try getting into me, instead you've been wonderful, someone I can trust and...more. Oooooohhh, damn!! Sweetie, I want you to run up to the kitchen and grab the can of whipped cream. I'm going to teach you how I'd like you to use your mouth on me. I don't want to come yet, and I am soooo freakin' close."

I must have looked ridiculous climbing the stairs 3 at time with a hard on flopping every which way, but I got upstairs and back in a flash. My panting wasn't from the running either, my sister had me panting for more of anything she'd allow me to do.

To pace ourselves, we switched to some gentle kissing until we both cooled off just a bit.

Picking up the aerosol can, Sue did the suggested 'Shake Well Before Using'. The way her violent shaking made her tits wobble and bounce made my dick do a delirious dance.

Once the whipped cream was no doubt as agitated as I was, Sue assured me everything we'd done so far had been terrific; what was about to happen was simply because she'd gotten a wish into her head. Explaining that she too had fantasies, Sue admitted that one of hers had been for a lover to lick and kiss her a certain way until she practically came. So our new game was for her to put a dab of whipped cream where she wanted to be nibbled, licked, or whatever...that would be up to me. But I was expected to clean her thoroughly! The last instruction was accompanied by a very wicked grin.

Laying back, Sue asked for me to kneel on the floor by her head. The first shot from the can filled her mouth.

My tongue competed with hers. We pushed the cool, sweet fluff back and forth between our mouths until it was gone. Sue assured me some was still on her lips, so I licked her laughing mouth until I heard a 'ssssssppzt'. A trail of white had mysteriously appeared along her neck.

Carefully I scrubbed my sister's throat, then her upper chest from shoulder to shoulder, followed by her cleavage. 'ssssssppzt' 'ssssssppzt' A circle just above the base of each breast awaited me. My heart raced. I had eaten Sue, I'd fondled her breasts, but I had yet to suckle them, and I had been wanting to very, very badly. It was only timing and lack of experience that had kept me from tasting her. Now I was about too.

Over the next couple minutes, I cleaned the closest tit fully, then cupped it as I leaned farther to lick the other one until spotless.

When the next 'ssssssppzt' 'ssssssppzt' covered her puffy areolas, I felt my testicles tighten. Damn she looked hot. Sue had focused my assault on her nipples. A blind person could see I loved her breasts. True to her word, she lovingly taught me what excited her the most. Before long I knew exactly how she liked my tongue to lick around her nipples, how to suck just her nipple with my lips, when to devour the entire puffy end, then flick the nipple with the tip of my tongue.

The way her hands went through my hair assured me when my mouth was pleasing her greatly. 

'ssssssppzt' I followed a new trail down the curve of her breast all the way to her navel. Sue had been making purring sounds all along. The groans I heard when I drilled into her belly button taught me where another of her erogenous zones was. Her tummy was undulating as a new 'ssssssppzt' directed me to her pubic mound.

Then she fooled me; a spot appeared on her left thigh just above the knee...the next 3 spritzes led me ever closer to her pussy. 'ssssssppzt' The sequence was repeated on her right leg. When I finished, inches from her sex; Sue's arousal filled my nostrils, inflaming my desire to mount her.

'ssssssppzt' 'ssssssppzt' I swabbed the very outer edges of her engorged vaginal lips. 'ssssssppzt' Her pussy now looked like a pastry. Opening wide, I dove in. Sue had been great to eat before, but now I could really eat and suck her pussy. Like a starving man at a buffet, I avidly ate my sister. 

Steadily rolling hips made it clear; Sue was extremely aroused. Her breathy voice confirmed it. "Please, get over me in, a 69 position."

Though careful not to hurt my sister, I sped into place. My dripping erection swung above her face. Sue still held the can close by her pussy, so I stayed on all fours, a foot above her slit, wondering what my next dessert item might be. 

When I saw the nozzle slip inside her pussy, I almost lost it. 'ssssssppzt' The message was clear enough. I ate out my sister. I ate her like a madman.

Tilting her head back, my sister guided my erection into her mouth. Yet I was only thinking about the soft, sweet flesh my tongue was delving into as I scooped out the sweetness inside. My hips were running on auto-pilot. The textures, the warmth, the laving, together they coaxed my hips into a primal humping motion.

After pulling me down so my shaft went entirely into her mouth, Sue pushed me up until I was swinging free over the face again.

"Lover, lay on top of me, I want to kiss you." Even though I was all set to go after her clit, I was far too turned on to say no to anything Sue wanted. Gingerly I did a 180 turn. As I lowered myself, she raised her knees, centering me between her athletic legs. Sue reached between us; I felt her lay my shaft along her slit, then a hand on my buns pressed our bodies tightly together. Her hips rocked gently, we slid or sex organs against each other. Displaying a sense of urgency, Sue drove her tongue into my mouth.

After a minute of tongue play that left my head spinning, Sue broke the kiss. 

"Lewis, I want to rub you around my pussy. Lift yourself up so you can watch." 

Barely able to breathe because I was so excited, I locked my elbows, lowering my head until I was seeing back along our bodies. I saw Sue's fingers close around my cock. Unblinking, I stared as she pulled me down until the red tip dipped into her vulva. Sue moved my engorged glans up and down her slit several times before teasing her clit with my hot knob. Speaking as she continued our sex-play, she was somewhat hard to understand because her breathing was so labored.

"Lewis, Sweetie, the way you licked my body before. It was perfect. Just like in my fantasy. In my fantasy...keep watching...in my fantasy, the next thing my lover did...was take my virginity. He...he made love to me, I felt him come inside me...I felt his warm sperm coat my insides."

As I watched, Sue moved my glans to her vagina, she raised hips until just a tiny bit of the tip disappeared into her. Like a punctured tire, I hissed as I first sank into her.

Several more times her hips rose, meeting my steely erection; with each push I sank deeper into Sue. My hips were dropping imperceptibly lower each time her hips lifted. Over and over I fought the urge to drop my weight; I wanted to plunge into the tight warmth beneath me, yet I held back.

Dear Lord, I was definitely getting well inside her pussy! When she dropped her hips, the knob no longer showed.

Soon I was humping a tiny bit; pulling up, pushing ahead, each stroke went a tiny bit deeper into her virgin body. With every stroke, the distance between our groins grew a little bit less. When only 3" of my shaft still showed, Sue grabbed my butt.

"Do it."

Giving in to my lust, I pushed in to the hilt. Wrapping her legs around me, Sue twisted until I was as deep as I could possibly go into her womb.

Ecstasy flooded my senses. Suddenly I was afraid to move, it was more luck than skill that I hadn't come yet. Slowly I lowered myself until her breasts molded against my chest. We French kissed until our hips moved of their own accord. Relaxing her steely grip, Sue partially unwrapped her legs until we had a decent rhythm going. All too soon my penis began to swell, Sue sensed it.

"Lewis, I'm ready. Come inside me. I want to feel you pumping your sperm into my pussy. I feel you, I feel you getting bigger, I feel your cock moving inside my pussy, I'm gonna come, I'm gonna come, I'm gonna come. Oh God, I love you."

"I love you to. Oooohhh!"

Arcing my back, I drove in deep, then held that position as the first spurt shot from my body into hers. I withdrew...plunged...sent another stream flying into my lover. Sue's muscles milked my shaft, powerful messages hit my brain; fill her, fill her pussy. The tingling in my groin seemed to subtly shift to new places. A huge sense of well-being washed over me. After each pulse of semen passed through my cock, I slowly withdrew, then hammered back into her depths. (next part 6)
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