"Stories 18+" A Beloved Mom P2

Stories 18+ A Beloved Mom P2
Mom opened her eyes and smiled a Jill, and seemed finally, to sense me. She looked over and saw me in the chair. "Garth!" was all that she could say, at first, turning away from me. "Were you watching?" She was hoping I only watched. "No, Mom, that was me in your pussy; Jill could not see me, behind her."

"No! My God. You're lying." Mom looked uncertain. "See," I said, rising and showing her my wet hand. She looked scared and so I stroked her face, reassuringly. "Mom I love you." Jill moved to comfort her, but Mom, looking rather unsettled, sat up, grabbed her clothing and scooted off to her bedroom.

The next day, I pretended nothing had happened. Jill and I agreed it was best to let a little time pass, but Jill did once speak with Mom. "Listen, it's between us. I don't know how Garth managed to creep up."

"But he knows," said Mom, with some distress. "I would predict that now he's had his adventure, he's not going to take it anywhere. After all, it's not as if he had the hots for you."

"Are you sure?" said Mom, wanting to believe it would all go away. "I'm sure," said Jill. "Remember he loves you as much as I do," which was the one true thing Jill said, but Mom missed the real meaning.

Jill and I agreed that she would continue caressing Mom for the next couple weeks, letting her become more active, and I would make myself scarce at those times and pretend nothing had happened. But finally we came up with a plan. "I don't like the part where I suck your dick," said Jill. "It's only for a few seconds. Remember our goal" 

"Yes, sacrifice for my country. ...OK, I will do it provided you, right now, keep your word." 


"Remember when I said I would be requiring something of you?" 


"You are serious about transgression?" 


Jill dropped her pants, pulled down her panties. She put one foot up on the chair to spread herself. 'You like this cunt?" She grabbed a glass and pissed loudly into it, till the golden liquid almost overflowed. Scared, I glimpsed her intent. " Drink it; honor the cunt; toast our final transgression." 

I tasted, felt sick, and then the thought, "This is piss from my sister's cunt" hardened my cock. I began gulping down the warm, peculiarly bitter liquid. 

"You may take it to your room; whack yourself thinking of our success; and my taking you there. And yes, now I'm sure you're worth a quick suck."


I sat in the kitchen, with my pants down. Jill had my erect cock in her hand, slowly jerking it. The thought of what was to come next--if I may put it that way--had me stiff as a post. When we heard Mom's key in the door, Jill quickly applied her mouth; she was sucking like our old Hoover when Mom entered and almost dropped her groceries. Mom was utterly bewildered for a few seconds; in that time Jill jumped to her feet, and ran towards her. Mom's arms instinctively reached open, and her face settled as Jill's sobs burst out. Mom stroked her head, "Mom, it was awful!! He made me do it," said Jill, crying like a kid. 

"What happened?"

"He says he's going to fuck me. That you got him excited about my pussy! "

"You'd rape your sister? What a rat! " Mom said, glaring at me."There, there" she said to Jill. "You will pay for this, Garth; it's sexual assault." 

"I don't think I'm going to 'pay.' It was, after all, you who assaulted Jill a couple weeks ago." 


"'Fuck my tongue, Baby!'" She was jolted. "Your tongue. Your face buried in her pussy. Some motherly protection!" Mom was aghast. 

Jill said "Mom, I never pictured this was going to happen. I love you."

We waited while Mom's thoughts turned to her part in making it all happen.

I made the link obvious. "Mom, you helped yourself to Jill's pussy; your scene made me crazy. I 'll have some cunt." That was the opening.

"Jill, honey." Mom said, protecting her in her arms. "I was not here for you for so long; now I am." Jill hugged her. All three of us were silent. To tip the balance, Jill finally added, "I know you are here for me; I know you would do anything for me."

Mom paused. Finally, she said to me very flatly, "If I will fuck you, will you leave my daughter alone?" Jill buried herself in Mom's arms, and I heard, "Mom, don't do it!" Mom looked at me, inquiringly.

"Well, that's a thought," I said matter-of-factly. 

Jill screamed, "You will fuck Mom?! You can't! You monster!" She appeared outraged.

"Yes, and since you're so insulting, you won't get off easy. Here's what will happen. Jill, you will go at it with Mom; then I will join; Mom, I'll fuck you instead; I'll touch Jill, but her precious little cunt will be safe."

"You bastard," said Mom. "I'll go ahead, if Jill can stand your touch; just promise you'll not lay a hand on her pussy." 

"I'll leave her pussy that is, but I'll have her tits. That's how it will be." Jill said, with less resolve, "Mom, you shouldn't have to do this." 

"I will," said Mom, "and I understand you have no choice." Jill looked at me meaningfully. I directed them to take off their clothes; then for Jill to begin caressing Mom.

I sat in the chair, cock wooden, as Jill stroked the nipples drawing her hands up and down Mom's body. I almost chuckled at the pained look she managed to have as Mom's eyes searched her face. I could tell she was as excited as I and couldn't wait to see the action. She kissed Mom and ran her hand down on the inside of her thighs, which opened. It took a few minutes, but Mom finally went with the gentle stroking, and she became visibly damp. "I'm so sorry Mom, I love you," Jill kept saying, "Just pay attention to me," so gently, and Mom stroked Jill's cheek and kept her eyes closed. "Honey, I love you," said Mom. I signaled to Jill to intensify, and Jill went to work on Mom's pussy with both hands, one shoved inside with four fingers, the other strumming her clit. Mom's body began to writhe in pleasure. Her breasts seemed to swell and the brown nipples stood erect. Her face was intent and deep moans came from her mouth. Then Jill proceeded as planned.

She got up and knelt over Mom's face, but facing Mom's feet. She was thus able to face me and play with Mom's tits at the same time. Her breasts would be accessible to me, crouching between Mom's legs. Jill began grinding her cunt on Mom's face as I positioned myself. Mom's tongue must have been at work, for Jill's body kept jerking, she was watching me intently. As much as I, she wanted to see the final transgression: my cock sliding into Mom's inflamed hole. I placed the head between Mom's labia and looked again at Jill; her eyes kept rolling back; but occasionally she focused on the sight of me penetrating that cunt, which now seemed eagerly to impale itself on my cock.

I reached up and took those oranges in my hands. We hadn't agreed on it, but I figured she'd go for it. I caressed them as she bore down on Mom, and I slowly went up to the hilt, in Mom's hole. Jill's face was glowing in ecstasy. I smelled Mom's musk, watched Jill's contortions as I rolled Jill's nipples in my fingers; Mom's body, accustomed to Jill's caress was writhing toward unplanned orgasm; I heard her cries, 'yes, yes,' and she didn't sound like any kind of victim to me. Her flooded pussy squeezed my cock as tight as any of my college dates. Slick juices ran down her inner thighs. Her cunt enveloped me and its spasms, as she came, drew me toward a burst of light, my explosion of jism into Mom's dark belly. With each thrust, images tore through my mind. Mother's getting fucked by the rich and famous in those ten years. Mother on a birthing table, bearing down to expel baby Jill; a grossly distended vulva, opening to Jill's bloody crown, stretched thin almost to tearing. I saw, again, the glimpses I'd had of Mom golden bush, from the furtive ones at four, to the sneaky or accidental ones of the last few years. Looking down at the lips clinging to my cock, I imaged Dad on top, fucking her, bringing her to conceive me. 

Jill could see me at the edge; she had some of the same images, and pictured our Dad's cock driving in, just the way she saw me now. In and out, my thrusting became fevered, rapid. Every time I banged against Mom, Jill's eyes rolled back and she felt as it she herself were receiving me. We'd made the ultimate bond; Jill took my face into her hands , kissed, and jammed her tongue down my throat. I shuddered and went stiff and sucked it like a starving infant as I ejaculated into the womb we'd both come from. End
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