"Stories 18+" Dangerous Assignment P1

Stories 18+ Dangerous Assignment P1
Macarthy Winslow awoke gradually from his sensual dream. In the recesses of his sleep-fogged brain, he could see a pretty woman sucking his pulsing penis. As the cobwebs began to clear and he opened his eyes, he realized that it wasn’t a dream. Without lifting his head, he reached his hand down to the soft hair of the woman lying on the bed sucking him. He heard a moan as his hand began to encourage her movements. Slowly, his memory came back to him.

It had been an otherwise slow night at Jeffrey’s Bar when the sexy woman walked in. Mac noticed her immediately, his radar honed from years of practice. She walked with a confidence that was surprising for a single woman entering a strange bar. However, Mac could tell that it was put on confidence. He could read people well. It was how he had survived in his job. 

It took Mac about thirty seconds to offer her a drink after she sat several seats away from him. Several minutes after that, Mac was sitting beside her in conversation.

It was a little unusual for Mac to come on quite this strong with a stranger but tonight he needed someone. Every year at this time it was the same. It was the anniversary of the death of his wife and their unborn child. Although it had been ten years since Sally’s death, Mac relived it often enough that it seemed like yesterday. The image of the exploding car was etched in his brain forever. 

Mac took a drink of his rum and coke as he talked to the sexy woman. She had on a red velvet dress that was cut so low in front that it barely covered her nipples. When he gazed down past her soft and gently heaving chest, he could see a large expanse of bare thigh, because her skirt had slipped almost to her crotch. He liked what he saw. 

It had been a few months since Mac had a woman, but not because he didn’t want one. No, it seemed that at 38 years old, his desire for sex was in overdrive. However, business was so good that he unfortunately had little time for himself lately. Still, he didn’t like one-night stands. But, he knew that he might have to make an exception tonight because none of his “regulars” were available. 

He looked at the woman’s well-manicured fingers and saw the indications that a wedding ring had recently been there. Probably hastily pulled off and pushed into her purse. She appeared to be in her mid twenties—too young to be discouraged with a marriage, he thought. It didn’t bother him anymore that she was obviously married. He couldn’t have cared less tonight. That was someone else’s problem. He guessed that she was out for revenge, and he would be happy to help. 

Mac smiled across his raised glass at his new companion. She smiled back, appearing to be slightly nervous but still with obvious lust in her eyes. Mac discovered that her name was Jennifer but she wouldn’t tell him much more than that. Her reluctance to talk about herself made him certain that he had been right about her motivation. 

Within a few minutes, Mac had the lady on the dance floor. As he pulled her to his strong chest, she tensed and pulled away slightly. He smiled and opened his jacket to reveal the 9-millimeter pistol in the holster. When her eyes opened wide in surprise at the sight of the large pistol, he whispered, “Private security firm.” While the woman looked skeptical, she nonetheless melted back into his arms and he felt her shiver in excitement. Mac could have that affect on women. 

As Mac guided the woman slowly around the floor, his hands inched down her back until they were at the tops of her buttocks. He hesitated for only an instant before slipping them lower until he was cupping her firm ass cheeks. He felt her tense again but then she let out a sigh and relaxed. With that, his hand began to roam freely, cupping and kneading the soft cheeks. When he didn’t feel any panties, his penis began to harden. Probably lying on top of the ring in her purse, he thought with a smile. He pressed his now pulsing erection into the young woman. She moaned quietly and returned the pressure. Now he knew he wouldn’t be lonely tonight.

Fifteen minutes later, Mac was in the front seat of his car on the parking lot, locked in a passionate embrace with the pretty woman. The passion in her kisses told him that, like him, it had been a long time since she had been intimate with someone. Her tongue was wild in his mouth and her breasts heaved as they pressed to his chest. A little moan escaped her as his hand found its way to her soft breast. Slowly, it moved down and under the low cut top. Now, it was Mac’s turn to moan as he felt her warm flesh in his hand. He tweaked and pulled the nipple as his tongue pushed hers back into her mouth. A low-pitched wail escaped from the woman’s throat and she shuddered as if she had just had a small climax. 

Soon, Mac’s hand was pushing the woman’s legs apart. She opened them willingly, forcing her skirt high on her thighs. Slowly, his hand worked up the silk of her nylons until he reached warm bare skin. When he felt her legs open a little wider, he moved higher. Just as he thought, she wasn’t wearing panties. His finger found the swollen sex lips under the soft down of wet and sticky pubic hair. She moaned as his finger moved slowly into her willing hole. Within seconds, the woman was a raging tiger, squirming on the seat and moaning in excitement. Mac’s hand was inundated in her juice as she suddenly climaxed again.

“Oh God,” the woman moaned when her climax waned. When her body relaxed, her head turned away from him in embarrassment. 

Mac was surprised at the woman’s quick reaction to his fingers. However, he figured that she had been neglected for some time. She probably caught her husband with another woman, he concluded. Now that she had climaxed, Mac thought that the night might be over. 

However, Jennifer turned back to him, her face showing indecision. She bit her lip and then whispered, “Can we go somewhere?” Her face turned a darker shade of red.

Mac felt his penis jump in excitement. “Sure. I only live a few blocks from here.”

“Okay,” she whispered and sat back on the seat, pulling her impossibly short skirt demurely toward her knees.

Mac smiled at her as she stared out the front window in silence. He could see a steely determination in her face as her chest heaved up and down in renewed excitement. The lights of the parking lot shimmered off the exposed flesh of her breasts above her dress. Suddenly, he realized that he was staring and he turned and started the car.

A few minutes later, Mac led the nervous lady up the steps of the old brownstone house where he had an apartment. Before his wife’s death, they had planned on buying such a house and fixing it up. Maybe that was the reason he had rented the apartment not long after the tragedy. He knew that he couldn’t live in their apartment any longer. There were far too many memories.

Mac lived on the third floor of a four-storied apartment house. Unfortunately, there wasn’t an elevator in the building. However, for the first time that seemed like a benefit—he got to watch the woman’s sexy buttocks as they swayed in front of his eyes as he followed close behind her. When Mac reached his door, he stopped and pulled her to him, kissing her passionately. She responded with a moan of pleasure and melted into his arms. Mac almost sighed when he realized that she wasn’t going to change her mind. 

As soon as the door was locked behind them, Mac pulled Jennifer into an embrace again. Slowly, he pushed the shoulder straps of her dress down her arms, letting it fall at her feet, leaving her in just a pair of thigh high nylons. He felt her shiver as her now naked body pressed to his. Then he lifted her and carried her up the spiral steps leading to the loft where a freshly made bed awaited them. She felt like a feather in his strong arms. Mac, who was six-foot two and almost two hundred pounds, outweighed her by ninety pounds at least. 

After he sat her on the edge of the bed, he stood back and began to undress. He could feel her eyes on the pistol in his holster as he removed his sports coat. He smiled at her and pulled the holster off, placing the weapon inside a dresser drawer and out of sight. 

Jennifer almost sighed in relief when the gun was safely in the drawer. She didn’t like guns. However, the fact that the handsome man carried one made her adventure seem that much more exciting, even dangerous. The scar on his cheek added to his mystique and it complemented his rough good looks. Wouldn’t her husband be surprised if he could see his timid wife with such a dangerous person? she thought as a little tremor ran through her. It served him right for what he had done to her she fumed and steeled her resolve to punish him. 

Jennifer smiled self-consciously as Mac walked back over and began to remove his clothes in front of her. She watched as he pulled his turtleneck shirt over his head to reveal a strong and hairless chest. She noticed the circular scar on the side of his stomach and wondered what it was from. However, she knew it was not the time to ask as she watched with fascination as he unbuckled his belt and dropped his pants. A little moan escaped her lips when she saw the tent in his underwear. It looked quite large to her. She felt her heart rate increase. Her husband wasn’t very big but that never mattered to her. However, she never really had anything to compare it too until now. 

Slowly Mac pulled the underwear down his legs, letting his throbbing erection spring out. 

“Oh my!” Jennifer gasped and her eyes opened wide in amazement. She began to tremble in excitement.

Mac could see excitement and a little fear in Jennifer's eyes as she stared at his long, hard penis. He stood in front of her for a minute, letting her look at his body as he did the same to her. Her body was perfect, showing no signs of ever having a baby. Not that having a baby was a problem. No, Mac thought pregnant women and mothers were very sexy. He loved the maturity that came with motherhood, both mentally and physically. He and Sally had wanted ten kids if they could have them. It was always a joke with them that he would keep her barefoot and pregnant for the rest of their married life. 

Jennifer’s breasts were large and firm, with pretty pink nipples. Her stomach was flat and smooth with just a hint of very light blond fuzz, leading downward to her blond and sparsely haired pubic mound. He could see that she was a natural blond. 

Now, Mac was the one staring. He could see a glint of clear liquid trickling from between the swollen inner lips of her vagina. 

Mac went slowly to his knees in front of Jennifer. He saw a look of surprise on her face as he bent his head and began to kiss the inside of her knee and then up her silk covered thighs. He heard her moan in excitement as he pushed her knees apart, kissing higher and across the warm flesh of her inner thigh. He loved the smooth skin high on a woman’s thighs. There was something special about the feel of the protected soft flesh between the nylons and panties. It was a secret place, so warm and inviting to his tongue. 

“What… what are… are you doing?” Jennifer whispered breathlessly.

Mac looked up in surprise. “I’m going to eat you,” he said.

“Oh God. Ralph… my hus… never… uh… I’ve never had that done to me,” she stuttered.

At first Mac thought that she was kidding. He couldn’t imagine a young woman now days that didn’t give and receive oral sex. It suddenly dawned on him that this young girl was almost a virgin; something he hadn’t counted on. A smile crossed his lips and he said, “Well, I’m going to do it now.” Then he pushed her legs further apart and lifted them, forcing Jennifer back onto the bed. 

It was Mac’s turn to groan as he looked down at Jennifer’s swollen sex. Almost a virgin! he thought as he began to kiss down her thighs again. His eyes stared at Jennifer’s spread sex as his lips worked gently on one thigh and then the other. Now, he could clearly see her sex juice as it bubbled from between the swollen inner lips. Mac could even smell her excitement. She smelled so sweet that Mac’s mouth began to water.

With an animal moan, Mac dropped his head and brought his mouth to Jennifer’s pulsing sex lips.

“Ahhhhhh! Oh my God!” Jennifer screamed as she felt Mac’s lips and tongue on her sex. She had always wanted Ralph to do this but he refused. Sure, he wanted her to do him but he would never return the favor. Now she knew what she had been missing. 

Suddenly, it felt like Mac’s mouth was everywhere at once. When his tongue penetrated her hole, fireworks began to go off in her head. Jennifer wanted to make the oral treatment last but it felt too good and almost immediately, her body began to tremble as her legs wrapped around Mac’s neck and her hands grasped his head. “Oh yes! Oh yes!” she moaned as waves of electric shocks rocketed up her thighs and across her trembling body. “Ohhhhhh!” she hissed as a kaleidoscope of colors exploded behind her tightly closed eyes.

Mac’s face was deluged with fluid as Jennifer began to climax for the third time that night. He was shocked again at the speed and intensity of her climaxes. Still, he hung on and kept sucking as she bucked and screamed in pleasure. Even when Jennifer began to settle down, Mac didn’t stop. He was relentless in his oral ministrations and he loved to please a woman this way. Sometimes he thought he could do this all night, forsaking his own pleasure.

Jennifer kept moaning as her body responded to him with climax after climax. When she finally began to come down from her long climax, Mac pushed her until she was lying in the middle of the bed. Then he crawled between her legs and brought his dripping mouth to her sex again.

“Oh Jesus,” Jennifer screamed as Mac began to suck her with renewed vigor.

Twenty minutes later, Jennifer had to push Mac’s head away or risk expiring. She had lost count of her climaxes after the first four or five. Having multiple climaxes surprised Jennifer. She typically experienced one climax during sex. This night was turning out to be a real education for her. 

Mac smiled up at her, his chin dripping with her juice. He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand and then he got up from the bed and went over to the nightstand. He removed something from the drawer. 

For an instant Jennifer felt panic; that’s where he put the pistol. 

When he turned around, he held up a condom and looked at Jennifer with a question on his face. Mac saw relief and a moment of indecision in her eyes before she slowly shook her head no. With a smile, Mac threw the condom back into the draw and crawled onto the bed, taking her into his arms.

Jennifer moaned as Mac kissed her lips gently. She trembled, as she tasted herself for the first time in her young life. She moaned and sucked his wet lips between her own and felt the now familiar throbbing between her legs again. 

When their lips finally parted, Mac moved downward until he was sucking her hard nipples. He worked on one and then moved to the other, sucking like a baby and leaving his saliva shining on the swollen tip. He spent a long time working on her soft mounds of flesh. When he was done, they were heaving and blotched with red from his late evening whisker growth. He squeezed them in his strong hands, enjoying molding the soft flesh. 

Finally, Mac could take no more—he had to have her. He pulled back and looked down at the pretty woman again. She was almost shaking with need. Her legs were spread showing that her well-eaten vagina was ready for more. Then he crawled between her legs. He knelt there with his penis throbbing with need. Slowly, he lifted her legs and placed them on his shoulders. He slid forward, bringing the swollen head of his penis to the entrance of her vagina. When he touched the sensitive lips, he felt Jennifer hunch downward, trying to get him inside. He pulled back, teasing her until he couldn’t take anymore himself. Holding her legs up, he moved forward. As the head of his penis slipped slowly inside, Jennifer moaned and closed her eyes in pleasure. Mac watched as his hard flesh was eaten up by the pretty woman’s warm and tight vagina. Then, it was his turn to moan when he saw that all but two inches of his penis was inside her. However, he knew better than to force himself into her. Some women could take all of him and some couldn’t.

Slowly, Mac began to pull himself out, watching the pink lips try to hold him inside. Then he pushed back in as Jennifer groaned in excitement. With each thrust, his penis went in a little deeper until finally, his pubic hair was touching hers. She had taken all of him and was gasping for breath. Mac waited, letting her adjust. Gradually, he began to move until he was sliding in and out at a slow but steady pace. 

Jennifer reached up and pulled Mac down until he was lying on top of her. She kissed his lips passionately, almost eating him. Then her hips began to push up into him. She couldn’t believe how good it felt. It was so wrong but felt so right. This was the first man she had been with since she got married five years ago. Before that she had only had one other lover. Based on how she felt right now, this wouldn’t be the last. 

Mac began to move in and out slowly at first, building speed. Soon he began to pound into her. He felt her arms tighten around his neck and her legs wrap around his waist. With each push his balls slapped her ass cheeks, creating an echo around the room and splattering her copious juice on their thighs. A smile came to his lips as he worked the married lady to a sexual frenzy.

Finally, Jennifer lost it. “Oh God, fuck me!” she screamed. “Fuck me! Fuck me!” Her hips moved up to meet every downward plunge. She felt incredibly full and stretched. Jennifer knew how large he was, however she wasn’t aware of how much of him she had taken inside until she felt his balls on her ass cheeks. Her body began to tremble as she raced toward another climax.

“Oh God baby,” Mac moaned, “I can’t take much more.”

“Yes, cum… cum in meeee!!!” Jennifer screamed as another climax rushed through her. 

Mac felt his testicles tighten as his climax neared. “Ahhhhhh!!!” he groaned as his pent up sperm rushed down the shaft. With great force, his scalding semen shot into her willing hole, splattering against the warm walls and filling her to overflow. 

Jennifer felt as if she might pass out when she felt another man’s sperm pour into her hole. The feeling of such forbidden pleasure was too much for her as she swooned into unconsciousness.

Chapter 2

It had been a long time since Mac had been to bed with a woman that was as sex starved as Jennifer seemed to be. When he finished climaxing, he fell to the bed and then realized that she had lost consciousness. He debated waking her up in case she had to get home. However, he decided to let her sleep and gently pulled the sheet over the two of them.

Now, it was morning and Mac was wide-awake and watching her suck his penis. She did it as if she truly enjoyed it. In fact, it was almost as if he didn’t exist, he thought as he watched her lick his large shaft. 

Jennifer was lost in her own world as she enjoyed licking the swollen flesh in her fist. She felt a little guilty about how many times she had climaxed last night when he had only had one. However, if she admitted the truth, she was still being selfish. She loved giving oral sex! It was such a thrill for her to feel a penis pulsing in her mouth. She had probably done it for her husband a hundred times. It was so incredibly exciting to work him up to a frenzy and then feel his balls tighten a second before he sent his juice hurtling up the shaft and into her waiting mouth. Now, she was almost trembling at the thought of swallowing the contents of this stranger's balls. 

When Jennifer felt Mac move, she looked up and saw that his eyes were open and that there was a contented smile on his face. She moaned in response and continued to suck him, using her hand to work up and down the shaft. Soon, she felt his balls begin to tighten under her hand and knew that he was close to a climax. She squeezed her thighs together in excitement as she prepared for his sperm.

Mac wanted to warn Jennifer of his impending climax. However, when he tried to pull her head up, she pushed his hands away, moaning deep in her throat. “Oh God baby, I’m getting close,” Mac moaned.

Jennifer doubled her efforts, her lips sucking hard and her hand moving up and down the shaft rapidly. Now she was in a frenzy to have his juice. She found herself wondering what he tasted like. Her husband's sperm was sometimes bitter but she loved it nonetheless. She didn’t have to wait long to find out what Mac’s tasted like. 

Mac lifted his hips off the bed and bellowed as his sperm began to rush from the shaft and pour into her mouth. 

Jennifer swallowed quickly and then pumped his shaft, sucking for more. She was rewarded as Mac squirted several huge volleys of cum into her mouth. Some of it escaped her lips and ran down the shaft under her pumping fist. Each contraction forced another large gob of sperm into her mouth and she swallowed it greedily. It was strong and thick but far from unpleasant. She almost giggled when she realized that she was eating him for breakfast. Not bad, she concluded and lots of protein too. 

Mac moaned as Jennifer tried to suck more out of him. But, he was drained. 

When Jennifer could get no more juice from his balls, she contentedly sucked him until his shaft shriveled and she let it slip from her mouth. Then, she ran her tongue into his pubic hair, searching for what had escaped her mouth. 

Mac saw an almost embarrassed look on Jennifer’s face when she raised her head and wiped her mouth with the back of her cum wet hand. He smiled and pulled her to him, bringing her reluctant lips to his and forcing his tongue into her mouth. 

Jennifer was amazed. Her husband would never kiss her after oral sex. He would always make her go to the bathroom and brush her teeth. She trembled in excitement as the kiss went on and on. 

Finally when their lips parted, Mac looked at Jennifer and whispered, “Thank you! That was incredible.”

Again Jennifer looked embarrassed as her face turned red and she dropped her head to his shoulder, lying quietly by his side.

As Mac lay there in the afterglow, Jennifer reached down and idly traced the path of a long scar on his leg. “Your body is very busy,” she giggled. “Where did all the scars come from?” 

“A lot of different places,” he answered. “That one came from a errant artillery round in the deserts of the Middle East. Friendly fire they call it.”

Mac had been in the Army Special Operations and to every hot spot in the world before he joined the police force in Chicago.

Jennifer moved her finger up his leg, gently circling his flaccid penis before moving on to the large round scar on his otherwise smooth and rippled stomach.

Mac didn’t wait for the question. “An alley in Chicago. A drug deal gone bad,” Mac said almost humorously referring to a serious situation when he had almost died. “I was a cop in Chicago for a few years.”

Finally, Jennifer turned to him and touched his face. “And this one?” she asked as she gently touched his cheek, turning his face to her.

“A bar in Morocco,” Mac answered as the memory of the drunken brawl with some locals came rushing back to him. 

“My, your body is like a map of the world,” she said in youthful innocence.

She said it so seriously that Mac laughed loudly. “I guess I never thought of it that way.”

Jennifer glanced around the sparsely furnished room. While it wasn’t exactly barren, it certainly lacked a woman’s touch. “No wife? I don’t see any pictures around,” Jennifer said but then saw an extremely pained look on Mac’s face. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have asked.”

“No… no it’s okay. I was married but she was killed. It’s a long story.”

“I’m sorry,” Jennifer said again and fell silent. A few minutes later she sat up and said, “I guess I had better get going.”

“Husband expecting you,” Mac said.

Jennifer turned to him with a surprised look.

“It wasn’t hard to tell,” Mac said lifting her hand to show the white area where her ring had been. “Catch him with another woman? A little revenge maybe?”

Again, Jennifer looked surprised. Then she sighed and said, “I guess I’m pretty obvious huh?”

“Well, it’s my job to know people.”

“I’m sorry I took advantage of you,” Jennifer said suddenly, almost in tears.

Mac laughed loudly. “Lady, you can take advantage of me any time you want.” Then he pulled her back to him, kissing her gently. 

Jennifer pulled away and whispered, “Thank you!”

“For what?”

“For being gentle with me and… I don’t know… I guess I could have gotten myself into a lot of trouble.”

“That’s true. Jeffery’s is not a place that we generally see unescorted women. But I’m certainly glad I was there when you came by. I was getting pretty lonely.” Mac paused and then said, “I would say from the look on your face when you entered that you were lonely and angry about what happened. So, are you going to leave him?”

“No… probably not,” she answered thoughtfully. “The fact is, I still love him.” She sniffled and wiped a tear from her cheek. “As much as I hate to admit it, it was partially my fault. I… I haven’t exactly been a sexual dynamo with him. I guess we just began to take each other for granted. What we… we did last night made me realize that I haven’t been doing my part… uh you know, sexually.”

“Well, it always takes two to make a marriage work. Where does he think you are now?”

“I told him that I was staying with a girlfriend, but I didn’t tell him who.”

“Well, don’t worry, I’ll never reveal our secret.” Mac sat up. “I have an appointment this morning so I need to get a shower and get going too.” Then he smiled at her and said, “How about we save water and shower together.”

Jennifer smiled as Mac pulled her off the bed and toward the bathroom.

“Oh my,” she gasped as she felt the remains of Mac’s cum run down her sticky thighs as she followed behind him. 

As soon as they stepped into the shower, Mac pulled Jennifer to him. As they kissed passionately he reached for the soap and began to work up a lather on her back. Then he moved to the front. A moan escaped both of them as he covered her breasts and worked down to her pubic mound. 

Jennifer could feel that Mac was already excited. She grasped his penis and used the suds from her body to lather him. Then she turned around in his arms and pushed her ass back at him. She was ready again. 

Mac looked down at her sexy ass and sighed excitedly. Then, he leaned over her and whispered, “Have you ever had it in your ass?”

“Oh God,” she gasped. Then, her voice dropped to a whisper and she said, “No! But I wanted my… my husband to… do it.”

“Can I do it?” Mac asked, fully expecting a no.

“Oh… uh… uh… Oh God…” Jennifer hissed and hesitated, biting her lip with indecision. He’s so big, she thought. Still, she wanted it. After a long pause, she finally said, “Please be gentle.” Her legs almost collapsed under her at her words.

Mac’s own legs felt weak as he moved his penis between her legs. He reached down and opened her cheeks with one hand and he guided his penis toward the tiny hole with the other. He watched the soapy head touch the pulsing star of her anus. For a second he worried that the large head would never fit. 

“Oh God, oh God,” Jennifer gasped as she felt the head of Mac’s penis touch her little hole. Then suddenly, she had to have it. She bent further forward and pushed back, her chest sliding down the glass door. “Ohhhhhhh!!!" she moaned as the head stretched her tight hole. There was a moment of intense pain before it slipped inside and her tight sphincter muscle snapped shut.

Mac moaned as the warmth of Jennifer’s ass surrounded him. It was an incredibly tight fit but he pressed forward. When he had two or three inches inside, he paused, waiting for her to adjust.

“Oh Jesus,” Jennifer moaned, “Fuck meeeee!!!”

With a bellow, Mac pushed forward, sinking his long tool deep into her tight hole. A second later, both of them were moaning and thrashing around in the cramped confines of the shower stall. The glass door rattled and the room quickly filled with grunts of pleasure as the two lovers rushed toward their climaxes.

Jennifer felt like she was going to explode, as shock waves of pleasure rushed from her ass through her vagina and up her body. Her legs trembled and her body shook as a strong climax rushed through her. 

The contractions deep inside Jennifer’s ass were too much for Mac. As much as he wanted it to last, he couldn’t wait. “Oh Goddddd!!!” he moaned as his balls pulled tight and forced his load of cum into the convulsing woman’s ass.

Eventually, the two lovers staggered apart, gasping for breath. Mac took Jennifer’s still trembling body into his arms and kissed her. “You are incredible! Any man would be crazy to let you out of his sight,” he said sincerely.

“Thank you,” she whispered in response, pressing her wet body to his strong chest.


Mac drove Jennifer to her car, which she had left at Jeffrey’s Bar last night. 

As Jennifer started to get out, she turned back to him and there were tears in her eyes. “Thank you!” she said again and leaned in to kiss him one last time. When their lips parted, she looked into his eyes and hesitated. “Uh… if I wanted to… to be… to be a bad girl again…” she said and stopped.

“I was hoping you would ask. Here,” he said and handed her his business card. “Call me anytime, day or night. Or, stop in at Jeffrey’s. I’m there a lot.” 

“Thanks, I might just do that,” she said and then rushed to her car.

Mac sighed and shook his head. Her husband must be a real jerk he concluded as he watched her get into her car. 

What a night, he thought as he drove away.

Chapter 3

The traffic was bumper to bumper as Mac headed out of town. He hoped that he wouldn’t be late for his appointment with Judge Rhinehold. He knew that the Judge put a priority on promptness. 

A smile came to Mac’s face as he thought of his friend and mentor.

Jason Rhinehold was a federal judge. Mac and he had met when he took a summer job with his father after high school. Mac’s father was an assistant prosecutor and worked along side Jason. 

Jason had taught Mac a great deal that summer, not only about the law but also about life. In fact, it was Judge Rhinehold that had convinced Mac to become a policeman in the first place. 

After a restless summer, Mac had joined the Army. When he got out after his three-year obligation, he had little business knowledge and no college education. However, his stint with Special Operations had taught him skills that were sought after by most police departments. He knew how to use every weapon known to man and he could subdue or kill just about any human, no matter what their size. 

While Mac’s father had not tried to dissuade him from joining the police department, he wasn’t entirely happy about it. He wanted him to go to college and go into law like he had. However, he knew better than anybody that Mac would never be happy with a desk job.

As Mac neared the Rhinehold estate, he thought of his long time friend and how he had helped him when Sally had died. Mac’s father had passed away a few years before, so the Judge was about the only one he could lean on. He helped him deal with the Sally’s death but just as importantly, he applied pressure in the right places to insure that the perpetrators were captured and convicted. Beyond that, when Mac’s guilt forced him to resign from the police department, Judge Rhinehold had helped him set up his own security business. He used his connections and even loaned him money. Then, he wouldn’t accept the money back. Mac owed the Judge big time but figured that he would never be able to repay him.

Judge Rhinehold’s wife had died almost twenty years ago. Several years later, he got married again to a much younger woman. She was thirty years his junior and gorgeous. The Judge had been almost fifty and she was barely 19 and pregnant to boot. The rumor was that she was a wild girl that had been sent to the Judge’s court. However, he obviously saw something in her that no one else did. In the beginning, Mac didn’t have an opinion one way or the other. He figured it was the Judge’s business anyway. 

Angela, the Judge’s new wife, had always been nice to Mac. However, initially, Mac figured that she was a gold digger and after the Judge’s money. Over the years, Mac concluded that she was sincere and even grew to like her. She was outgoing and sexy, with just a hint of sassiness, and she didn’t take any crap from anyone. Mac liked that. He learned that she had come from a broken home and that she was on her own from the time she was sixteen. It was amazing that she didn’t seem to be hardened by what must have been difficult years. 

Now, it had been three years since Mac had seen Angela or her daughter Tess. He felt bad about that. However, after what happened, he had found it impossible to face her again. It had been difficult enough to face the Judge. Although, the Judge certainly didn’t know what had happened. 

Mac stopped at the large iron gates and reached out to press the button on the speaker. A young woman’s voice came over the intercom. He identified himself and the giant gates slowly opened. Mac drove up the long driveway in his old Ford Crown Victoria—a holdover from his days as a cop. It was the same car he had three years ago when he last saw Angela. Suddenly, Angela’s pretty face popped into his head and he could remember the last time he had seen her like it was yesterday… 

Judge Rhinehold had asked Mac to substitute for him at a formal dinner because he had been called out of town unexpectedly. The Judge knew that Angela had been looking forward to the party for a long time. She had bought a new dress, shoes and she had even gotten a new hairstyle. The Judge didn’t want to disappoint her after all her preparations.

At first, Mac declined but the Judge could be very persuasive when he wanted to be. Mac’s refusal wasn’t because he didn’t want to be with Angela. In fact, it was just the opposite. Mac had found himself becoming very attracted to Angela over time. The feeling appeared to be mutual and Mac knew that that combination could be very dangerous. Still, while they had flirted, nothing had happened up to that point. However, Mac knew that if he was with her too much, things could change. He didn’t trust himself around her anymore. 

Mac had reluctantly agreed to escort Angela after some friendly arm-twisting. 

The evening of the party, Mac arrived early and was uncharacteristically nervous. He brought a stuffed animal for Tess as he had done almost every time he visited since she was very small. Mac liked Tess. She was a smart and rambunctious kid, almost a tomboy. She had a lot of traits of her mother, including her good looks and sassiness. Over the years, he had spent a lot of time with her and had, in fact, babysat on many occasions.

Tess and he were in the living room when he saw Angela coming down the stairs. Immediately Mac knew that he was in trouble. Angela was wearing a blue sequenced gown that was form fitting and cut almost to her navel in the front. He didn’t have to stare very hard to see the inside swells of her creamy breasts. From his position, he could see her silky thighs below the short hem as she walked slowly down the steps in her high-heeled shoes. 

Mac didn’t realize that he was staring as she walked toward them, her breasts swaying freely under the gown, her nipples already hard. 

“Sorry. Have you been waiting long?” Angela whispered as she walked up to Mac and kissed him gently on the cheek. 

Suddenly Mac was surrounded by her sweet smell. He could feel his face turning hot as if he were embarrassed. “No… uh… uh… you look… wow!” he stuttered.

“Thank you! So you like it?” she asked as she spun around. 

Mac almost gasped. The back of the dress was open, almost all the way to her buttocks. In fact, Mac got a glimpse of the crack of her ass as he looked down—she wasn’t wearing underwear. Suddenly, he was quite flustered.

“You look quite dashing too in that tuxedo,” Angela observed as she scanned Mac. Then she frowned when she saw the bulge from his weapon. “Do you have to carry that?”

“It’s a habit. I’ll leave it in the car.”

“Thank you! Shall we go?” Angela said as she took Mac’s arm. “Tess, when Jane gets here, tell her that her mom said she had to get to bed by midnight. That means you too.”

“All right Mom,” Tess said indulgently. “Bye Uncle Mac,” Tess said and kissed Mac on the cheek and ran off with her stuffed animal.

The party might have been very boring except that Mac was with Angela. He had a very difficult time not staring at her all night. He was caught several times with his eyes on her cleavage. His face would color when he saw her eyes on his and a smile would cross her lips. 

After the dinner, when the band started, the two of them danced almost every dance. The closeness of the sexy woman, her perfume and soft body had an impact on Mac. He tried to be a gentleman but when he wrapped his arms around her, there was no place to put his hands except on the soft skin of her bare back. He also tried to keep his body a safe distance from her but she insisted that he dance close. The feel of her soft breasts pressed to him was driving him mad. Several times, he had to excuse himself, and sit down when he felt himself getting excited. He made the excuse that he needed to rest. That was an obvious lie. Mac was in the best shape of his life and had participated in several Iron Man Triathlons in just the last year. 

Neither of them paid too much attention to the amount of liquor they were drinking until they walked outside to leave. The cool air made them both feel a bit woozy. 

When they arrived home, Angela invited Mac inside for a nightcap. If he hadn’t drunk so much, he probably would have refused. However, between the alcohol and the sexy woman, Mac was lost. 

The trouble started when he and Angela were sitting comfortably on the sofa. There was soft music on the stereo and a roaring fire in the fireplace. They were talking quietly one moment and then the next thing Mac knew, their lips were pressed together.

Almost without a conscious thought, Mac’s hand went to Angela’s breast. God, how he had longed to touch them all night, he thought. Angela moaned in response and shifted slightly, letting his hand slip inside her top. It was Mac’s turn to moan as his hand covered the soft breasts that he had been staring at all evening. Within seconds, Mac felt Angela’s hand on his thigh. As their passion increased, the hand moved upward. 

“Angela,” Mac hissed as the hand reached the tent in his pants. Mac was powerless to stop her when she reached for his zipper and pulled it down. A second later, her hand was searching inside his underwear for his throbbing penis.

“Oh God,” Angela moaned when her hand circled his large shaft. Angela was breathing heavily as she caressed Mac’s substantial penis. It felt huge in her small hand. Suddenly, she had to see it. She struggled a bit but soon she had his pulsing shaft out of his pants. “Oh my God,” Angela moaned as she held his penis in the glow of the firelight. The head was swollen, the skin stretched so tight that it was almost purple. She marveled at the helmet shaped crown. Then, her hand began moving slowly up and down the shaft until there was a sparkle of clear juice bubbling from the head. Angela used her thumb to spread it across the stretched skin. She thought his penis was beautiful, although she didn’t have much to compare it to. 

Mac was paralyzed with excitement and fear. He knew this was very wrong. The Judge was his friend. Still, he could not stop what was happening.

Like a moth to a flame, Angela’s head dropped toward Mac’s penis. She could smell his excitement as her lips neared the swollen head. Her tongue came out and she licked the clear juice bubbling from the slit. She heard Mac moan. Then her mouth opened and she took the large plumb inside. Now they both moaned as she began to suck. (next part 2)
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