"Stories 18+" Dangerous Assignment P2

Stories 18+ Dangerous Assignment P2
Neither Mac nor Angela heard the giggles from Tess and Jane as they stood in the shadows watching the two on the sofa. Tess and her friend thought that they knew all about sex. However, the sight on the sofa was burned into Tess's mind forever. She couldn’t believe that her mother was sucking on her Uncle Mac’s penis. It was so nasty but oh so exciting. She resolved that one day she would do that to Mac.

It didn’t take very long for Mac to feel like he was nearing a climax. The booze, the warmth from the crackling fire and the mouth of the sexy woman had all conspired to bring him to a peak very quickly. Mac reached for Angela’s head to pull her away. He knew that he had to stop her. However, when he tried, Angela ignored him and sucked harder, moving her hand up and down the shaft with even greater speed. “Jesus Angela,” Mac groaned as he felt his balls begin to tighten. “Oh Gooooddddd!!!” he hissed as his hips lifted from the sofa.

Angela moaned excitedly as a long string of Mac’s juice squirted into her mouth. It had been a long, long time since she had tasted or felt a man’s cum in her mouth. Jason was good to her but he was not much of a sexual partner. Angela had loved oral sex from the time she gave her first blow job. However, when she got married, Jason had discouraged it. He preferred straight sex in the missionary position. 

Mac felt like he was going to pass out as his penis throbbed repeatedly and sent his cum hurling deep into the beautiful woman’s mouth and down her throat. There was nothing he could do to stop it now. 

Angela couldn’t believe how much sperm Mac was producing. It poured into her mouth like a fire hose and she struggled to drink it all down. Juice from Angela’s vagina was pouring from between her sex lips as quickly as Mac was pumping his into her mouth. She squeezed her legs together tightly, squishing her swollen lips between her thighs. Before the last shot from Mac’s penis entered her mouth, Angela had her own little climax. 

Ten minutes later Mac was rushing out of the house embarrassed and mortified at what he had let happen. That was the last time had seen Angela until today…


Judge Rhinehold’s estate was magnificent. He had inherited it from his grandfather. The grounds were always beautifully manicured and the main house kept in perfect shape. It hadn’t changed a bit in three years. Mac knew that the Judge couldn’t afford the estate on his civil servant salary. The Judge had inherited a great deal of money from his wealthy parents. However, Mac also knew that the Judge was smart enough to enhance whatever money he had inherited. He figured the Judge was worth fifty million or so. However, while the Judge had plenty of money, one wouldn’t know it from the way they lived beyond the large house. They didn’t drive around in fancy cars with chauffeurs and they only had one servant. She was an old woman who had worked for the Judge’s family for years. She cleaned the house and kept it orderly but was rarely seen by anyone but the family. She stayed in a small out-building remodeled as an apartment.

As Mac stood nervously at the large doors of the mansion holding a stuffed animal in his hand, he wondered why the Judge wanted to see him. While they hadn’t been close in the last couple of years, they always kept in touch and had lunch every couple of months. However, the relationship from Mac’s perspective was strained. The Judge often asked Mac to come to his house and couldn’t understand his refusals. This time however, the request was more like an order and somehow seemed urgent. 

Suddenly, the large door opened and Mac saw a pretty young girl staring at him. Mac stared back at her as if he didn’t know who she was.

“Well, are you going to stand there all day or come in,” Tess said with a big smile.

“Tess?” Mac asked as he looked at the pretty girl. She looked like a younger version of Angela.

“Yes!” she answered and suddenly jumped into his arms, squealing in excitement. “Where have you been?” she practically screamed.

Mac stood dumfounded as the young girl hung on his neck. Finally he wrapped his arms around her and squeezed her to him. “Wow… you’ve grown up,” Mac said as she pulled away. 

“I’m going on nineteen now.” Tess was just past her eighteenth birthday but nineteen seemed so much older to her.

“Wow,” was all that Mac could say.

“Is that for me?” Tess asked as she looked at the stuffed animal that Mac held in his hand. 

“Uh… yes… uh I guess,” he answered, feeling foolish now bringing a grown girl a little bear. For Mac, it had been like time had stood still. Tess was still a little girl in his mind and he could still see the two of them playing board games on the living room rug. 

“Thank you,” Tess bubbled and hugged Mac again. 

This time Mac was very much aware of the large and soft breasts pressing to his chest as he hugged Tess back. 

“Well, look what the cat drug in,” Angela said as she walked up behind the two.

Mac reluctantly pushed Tess back. “Hi Angela,” he said sheepishly as he looked over Tess’s shoulder at the pretty woman.

“Don’t I get a hug too?” she said and stepped toward him as Tess moved to the side.

Mac hugged Angela, feeling her soft body press to his. Now, he was surrounded by the sweet smell of the two women. Suddenly, he regretted waiting so long to visit. It had been foolish and childish. He and Angela were both adults and could have dealt with what happened in a mature way, he thought. 

“It’s been too long Mac,” Angela whispered as they embraced. Then she pulled away as if to appraise him. “You haven’t changed much,” she smiled. “Come on in the living room and tell us what you’ve been up to. Jason will be down in a minute.” Angela and Tess took his hands and pulled him toward the massive living room.

Mac sat on the sofa and the two women sat across from him. To Mac, Angela didn’t look like she had aged a day since he saw her last. She still had a beautiful face with short blond hair and pretty blue eyes. Today, she had on a low cut white cotton V-neck top that showed the soft swells of her breasts, which still looked firm. Mac wondered if she had had them enhanced. Suddenly, Mac realized that he had been staring and looked up to see Angela watching him just like the night three years ago. When he looked into her eyes, he almost became hypnotized. God, she is gorgeous, he thought. 

“So, where have you been?” Angela asked, a little smile playing at the corners of her mouth.

“Busy with lots of work.” Mac said, averting his eyes and looking at Tess. She was a spitting image of her mother. However, she had brown hair now. Mac guessed that she colored it to be different. She was wearing a tight pull over sweater and her own firm breasts stood high on her chest. Mac could see her hard nipples pressing through the thin material. She definitely wasn’t a little girl anymore.

“Oh Uncle Mac, let me show you my high school yearbook,” Tess said with excitement.

“Tess, Mac has business with your father.”

Mac smiled at the young girl’s enthusiasm. “That’s okay Angela, I’ll make some time after the Judge and I are done.”

Tess smiled brightly and stood up. “Let me go and get it out of my closet,” Tess said and rushed off to her room.

Suddenly, the room was very quiet as the two looked at each other nervously.



They both started to talk at the same time then stopped and laughed.

“Angela, I’ve been a fool,” Mac said. “After… after what happened… I… I was so embarrassed.”

“I know. So was I,” Angela said. “Sometimes things just happen Mac. It wasn’t your fault.”

“God Angela, Jason has been like a father to me and I felt so bad but I wasn’t man enough to face you. I made it worse by acting stupid.”

“That was a long time ago Mac. There is no harm done.”

“No harm done about what?” a loud voice said from the doorway.

Mac turned to see Judge Rhinehold in the doorway. “I was just apologizing to Angela for not visiting sooner.”

“She deserves an apology,” Jason said as he walked over to Mac, holding out his hand.

Mac stood up and shook his hand and then the two men embraced warmly.

“Angela, if you will excuse us, Mac and I have some business and then he’s all yours.”

“Certainly,” Angela said and then added, “You’re staying for lunch right?” 

“Well, I hadn’t planned on it.”

“I insist,” Jason said as he led Mac to his study.

As Mac and Jason entered the study, Tess was searching through her closet for her yearbook. Her room was the typical teenager’s. The walls were covered with posters of rock and movie stars, clothes were lying around the room, and the bed was unmade. However, there was one neat spot. That was where Tess had neatly placed all the stuffed animals that Mac had brought her over the years. As she was rummaging through her closet, she came across a photo album. Inside were the photos that had been taken of her and Mac. They started when she was an infant and stopped when she was almost fifteen. Tess felt a little chill run down her spine as she picked up the album and thought of Mac. Now he was back.

Tess pulled the album out and took it to her bed. She lay down and began to thumb through the old photos. When she got to the page where she and Mac were in their bathing suits at the pool, she stopped. She loved those photos, although she looked so skinny in her little red bikini. However, that wasn’t what fascinated her about the photos. It was Mac in his tight swim trunks that she liked. She could see the distinctive bulge in his shorts. In fact, she could see the ridge below the crown of his penis and his large testicles. Another chill went though her. 

Tess lay back on the bed and closed her eyes. A fantasy jumped into her mind. It was one that she had used to masturbate a hundred times…

In her fantasy she could see herself kneeling at his feet. Her shaking hands would reach up and pull his tight swim trunks down, letting his already hard penis spring out.

Tess opened the snap on her shorts and slid her hand down her stomach and across her soft pubic hair. Her breath caught in her throat when her fingers touched her wet and swollen vagina.

A moan escaped Mac’s lips as she opened her mouth and took the swollen head inside. He tasted so sweet. She sucked him gently, her hand cupping his large testicles. She could feel them squirming in her hand. Inside were millions of little sperm, waiting to travel up the long shaft and into her mouth. She looked up with dove like eyes and saw Mac staring down at her with pleasure on his face. His hips began to move back and forth, forcing the large stick deep into her mouth.

Again Tess moaned as a finger slipped between the lips and into her waiting hole. Slowly she began to move it in and out. She could hear the squishing sound as her finger became coated with her thick juice. Her other hand slipped under her top to grasp her breast. The nipple was already rock hard.

Her hands reached out and grasped Mac’s strong buttocks, helping him to plunge his penis in and out of her willing mouth. She felt him reach down and pull her tiny bikini top off before grasping her breasts. His hands were strong, almost harsh as they kneaded her soft flesh. She could feel her juice soaking through the crotch of her bikini bottom.

“Oh yes, fuck my mouth,” Tess mumbled aloud as her finger continued to work in and out of her hole. “That’s it! That’s it! Give me all that hard cock.” Tess felt her body beginning to tense as she neared her climax.

Slowly Tess pushed her head down, forcing Mac’s penis to the back of her throat. She took a deep breath as she pulled him forward. A loud moan came from above as Mac’s penis slid all the way down her throat until his balls slapped her chin. Suddenly, she heard Mac moan that he was going to cum. She pulled his penis from her throat. She didn’t want his cum to go down her throat without her tasting it. Letting the head rest in her mouth she continued to jerk on him. Another moan came from his lips as his penis pulsed and sent his sperm pouring into her waiting mouth. God, it was so sweet she thought as she swallowed time and again.

Tess bucked her hips from the bed. She spread her legs wide, bracing herself. A loud moan escaped her as her body began to convulse in climax. Her hole pulsed and squeezed around her probing finger as she shook in pleasure.

It was always the same fantasy for Tess. The fantasy worked quickly and every time. Within seconds she collapsed onto the bed in exhaustion. God, she wondered what the real thing would be like as she pulled her drenched hand from between her legs. She was going to have to change her shorts before she went back downstairs. 

Chapter 4

“Thanks for coming on short notice Mac. Can I get you something to drink?” Judge Rhinehold asked as he walked over to his well stocked bar.

“Yes, a scotch on the rocks please,” Mac said as he took a seat on the large leather sofa. Mac looked around the room as the Judge made them drinks. It had been a long time since he had been here, but not much had changed. The room still smelled of cigar smoke and aged leather. It was neat but in a male sort of way. There were law books piled on desks and the shelves were filled from floor to ceiling. It was definitely a man’s room. Mac doubted that Angela or Tess came in here very often.

The Judge walked over and took a seat in his favorite chair. “It’s been a while Mac. I’m glad you could make it.”

“It’s great to see Angela and I can’t believe how Tess has grown.”

“She certainly has. She gets like her mother more everyday; stubborn and a little wild I’m afraid,” the Judge said with a worried smile like a nervous father. “Listen Mac, I’ll get right to the point. I need your help.”

“Sure Judge, anything,” Mac said sincerely. Suddenly, he was very concerned. This seemed serious, he thought, as he took a sip of his drink. He stared at his long time friend and could see that he seemed tense. Mac knew the Judge took pride in not showing what he was thinking. It helped to keep a poker face when you were a federal judge. He also noticed that he looked much older than the last time he had seen him. He looked pale, even frail. It was somewhat of a shock. The Judge had always been a big, strong man and he was rarely sick. Mac could see his hand tremble slightly as he took a drink. He suddenly realized that the Judge looked ill. 

“Mac, I’m sitting on a big case that involves the RICO Act and racketeering. There are some big names involved here; very powerful people with mob connections.” The Judge suddenly looked uneasy, taking a quick drink.

Mac knew that the Judge always had the toughest cases and, in fact, he seemed to revel in them. This one must be something really big for him to be asking for help, he thought, as he waited for the Judge to continue.

“There is a rumor that they—these guys—are going to put a contract out on me or my family.” Again, the Judge paused to let what he had said sink in.

Mac’s police trained mind jumped into action. A million thoughts went through his head. However, he knew that he had to think clearly and act calmly. The situation seemed identical to his, almost ten years ago. “Why don’t you have police protection already?” Mac said immediately. He hadn’t seen any patrol cars or men in uniform around outside.

“I’m getting to that. I said that it is a rumor so far. However, I can’t afford to take a chance. One of the problems is that the bench wants to sequester me for the duration of the trial. I’m okay with that but I know Angela and Tess will rebel. They would never stand for being cooped up for an extended period of time—maybe weeks. Besides, there isn’t much time…” the Judge said and hesitated. “Preliminary arguments start tomorrow.”

“Well, Tess and Angela don’t have much choice,” Mac said firmly.

“Ah, spoken like a man that hasn’t lived with two women for years. I told you they were stubborn. That’s where you come in. I want you to protect them!”

“Me! Why not just have the police do it?” Mac said, his voice raised.

“Because I trust you Mac,” the Judge responded calmly.

“Judge, I don’t deserve that trust. Remember, I was the one that couldn’t even protect my own wife.” Beside, Mac thought, I can’t be trusted to be alone with your wife.

“I knew you would say that Mac. You know we have discussed that a thousand times. There was no way you could have known that those guys were going to try a hit on you. You did everything the right way. How could you have known that your family was a target? I have an advantage—I know about it.”

Mac sat silent, his memories almost overwhelming him. It all came rushing back… the tragedy, the situation with Angela. 

“Listen Mac, you’re the best there is at what you do. And, most importantly, you’re a good friend. That’s why I want you to move in here while I’m gone.”

Move in! Mac thought. He obviously doesn’t know what he is saying. Yeah, I’m a good friend that had oral sex with your wife! Mac’s mind screamed with self-loathing in his heart. Suddenly Mac was very concerned. There was no way he could live under the same roof with Angela. He stood up and walked over to the bar and poured himself a scotch. Suddenly, his was shaking when he took a drink. “Judge, that’s not a good idea. I’ll help but I don’t think I should stay here.”

“Why not? Mac, I need you close by. Angela and Tess… well, they can be a handful and I don’t think you can do it on a part-time basis. Additionally, I want you to upgrade my security system and make sure the house is secure.”

Mac took another gulp of his drink. “It’s just not a good idea.”

“Listen Mac, I’ve never asked anything from you. Now I need your help. If anything happened to Angela or Tess…” the Judge said and paused. 

Suddenly, Mac saw tears in the Judge’s eyes. He had never seen him emotional like this before. Mac decided to take one more shot. “I can have several of my guys stay here. That way I will be free to investigate on my own.”

“I don’t want your ‘guys’ Mac. I want you.” Now the Judge got up and walked over to the large window looking out toward the woods of his estate. The room was silent for a long time. Finally the Judge turned around and said, “Mac, I know what happened with you and Angela.”

Mac almost choked on his drink. He stared wide-eyed at the Judge. “What? She… she told you what happened?” he gasped.

“Come on Mac, let’s not pretend anymore. Angela told me a couple of years ago. And, I know that’s why you have avoided coming here. I didn’t want to press it, but now I need your help.”

“Oh Jesus!” Mac moaned and sat down heavily in a chair, rubbing his face with his hand. 

“It’s okay Mac. I was angry at first—at you, at Angela and even at me. But then I realized that it was my fault—well maybe nobody’s fault. Things just happen.”

Mac looked up. Those were Angela’s words he thought.

“Mac, I’ve been a judge too long to not know all about human frailties. We all make mistakes. When I got over being angry, I realized something very important; Angela didn’t have to tell me. The truth is, I don’t believe that she would have told me if she didn’t love me.” The Judge went over to get himself another drink. Then, he walked back over and sat across from Mac again. “It’s strange Mac, but somehow I was glad it was you.” The Judge paused looking at Mac’s worried face. “It’s okay Mac.”

Mac looked up at the Judge like he was crazy. What the hell does he mean, “It’s okay…” he thought and almost said it aloud.

“Listen, I’m almost seventy years old Mac. My sexual prime has long passed. You know as well as anyone that I am a realist. My whole life is built around logic and reason. I did some serious soul searching after Angela and I had our talk. Angela is still a young woman. In fact, you’re going to think this is crazy, but I told her that she could have an affair if she wanted. I admit that it was at a weak moment, but I didn’t want to lose her. Now, I’m worried about what happens to her and Tess after I’m… I’m dead.”

Mac opened his mouth but nothing came out. What does he mean, “After I’m dead”? Mac thought.

“Crazy huh? The truth is that it’s been a long time since I could please Angela. I would have done anything to keep her. It seemed logical to me at the time and in fact still does. However, she would have none of it. She blew up at me. Women! I’ll never understand them.” The Judge sat back in his chair; his head back and his eyes closed, suddenly looking very tired.

The room was deadly silent. “I don’t know what to say,” Mac finally said.

The Judge looked up and smiled. “Say you’ll be a true friend and help me out! Mac, listen to me. Angela and I love each other and we are very close. When she settled down and we had a chance to talk, we came to an understanding about sex. She is still a vibrant woman and an independent person. Do you understand what I’m saying?”

Mac looked at him and slowly shook his head no.

The Judge sighed in exasperation as if he were talking to a child. “Well, you will. However, right now I need you to help me out. Will you do it?”

Mac got up and walked over to the window this time. He realized that he didn’t really have a choice. “All right,” he answered. He wanted to say more but he couldn’t speak. There were a million questions in his mind though. Like, what was the Judge saying about “an understanding about sex,” and all that independent person stuff? Mac wasn’t naive but he couldn’t believe that he was saying that Angela could do whatever she wanted sexually. He knew that he had misunderstood him. 

“Good! How soon can you move in?” the Judge said with a broad smile. He was never one to dally. He made decisions and stuck by them.

“As soon as I can get some things packed.” 

Just then the intercom buzzer sounded. It was Angela telling them that lunch was ready.

“Perfect timing. Come on,” Judge Rhinehold said starting to walk toward the door. “And Mac, there is one more thing I should tell you.”

What else could he possibly have to say? Mac thought as he joined the Judge. He doubted that he could be surprised anymore today. He was wrong!

The Judge put his hand on Mac’s shoulder as he lead him out of the study. “I’ve been having a lot of medical tests lately and the test are pretty conclusive. Mac, I have about a year left and probably a lot less. Cancer.”

Mac stopped in his tracks. “Jesus Christ!” Mac gasped. “What are you saying? You’re going to… to die?”

“Everybody’s going to die, Mac! Very few people get out of this world alive.”

Mac ignored his attempt at humor and said, “Do Angela and Tess know?”

“Yes. That’s what makes this sequester thing so much worse. However, I have to do it. Angela can fill you in about everything later. Let’s not be late to lunch or I’ll hear about it.” 

Chapter 5

Lunch for Mac was a blur. His head was spinning with the things that the Judge had told him. Several times Angela, Tess or Jason spoke to him and he didn’t hear them. Finally, when lunch was over, Angela asked Mac to join her for a walk in the gardens. Tess was a bit miffed but Mac promised to stay longer to see her yearbook. 

It was a wonderfully warm late September afternoon. Angela led Mac outside and down a flower lined path, her arm in his. They walked silently for a while and then sat on a bench overlooking the spacious gardens. The trees were swaying with the gentle breeze and there was a strong smell of sweet flowers in the air. Angela sat close to Mac, their thighs touching.

“I love it out here. It’s so peaceful. Everything seems so clear,” she said as she leaned into Mac. “Jason told you that he has cancer didn’t he?”

“Yes. I had no idea. How long have you known?”

“A couple of months.”

“Angela… he… he also told me that you told him what happened between us. God Angela, was that necessary?”

“Yes, I think it was. Jason and I have a relationship built on honesty. From the very beginning we have always been honest about our needs and desires. It is the thing that has kept our marriage good. I couldn’t live with that kind of secret. Listen Mac, I always knew that when I married an older man there was a possibility that… that sexually there could be problems eventually. I also knew that I would be a relatively young widow. Somehow that didn’t seem to matter when you love someone. And, I do love Jason… more than ever.” Angela turned to Mac and took his hand. She had tears in her eyes. “I need to stay strong for him. All this stuff with the trial and maybe a contract on him makes it that much harder to take.” She looked away again and then said, “Mac, I’m sorry he brought you into this on one level. However on a personal level, I’m glad he did. It’s been too long.”

“I’m glad he thought enough of me to ask for help,” Mac responded. “I acted like a kid after… after… well you know. Maybe it’s time to start over and forget about the past. I’m glad he doesn’t hate me for what happened. I have to make it up to him.”

“He doesn’t hate you. We talked for a long time about that. He understands,” Angela said and paused again, looking meaningfully at Mac and squeezed his hand. “He really understands,” she said again when she saw a strange look on Mac’s face. “Mac… Jason and I… well… oh damn, this is hard. Our… our sexual relationship has been non-existent for years. It’s not because he doesn’t want to do anything. He has had medical problems in the past and now the cancer…” Angela said and her voice began to crack with her emotions.

“Angela, you don’t…” Mac started to say when Angela touched his lips with her fingers.

“I know I don’t have to tell you this. But, I want to.” She turned and looked away. “I know that sex isn’t everything. But the desire is there and I can’t deny it. It’s why what happened between us happened. I’m only human. But, I’ve never done anything with anyone else,” she added. She placed her hand on Mac’s thigh. “Even though Jason said I could. It was always too much of a risk.”

Mac could feel the heat from her hand on his thin summer slacks and felt unwanted excitement. He couldn’t believe that this woman could have such an effect on him. It was as if their three-year separation never happened. 

Angela turned and looked at Mac and like three years ago, their lips drew together like magnets. However, this time they weren’t drunk. It was as if time had stood still. 

Angela’s body relaxed into his and a moan escaped her throat. 

It spite of Mac’s resolve, his mouth opened to accept her tongue. He could feel himself getting erect. A soft breeze caressed their cheeks as the kiss went on and on. He pulled her tightly to him and could feel her soft breasts moving up and down with her now rapid breathing. 

When their lips parted Angela whispered, “I’ve missed you.” Then she looked down at Mac’s pants and smiled. 

Mac was totally shocked when her hand slid from his thigh to grasp his growing erection. 

“I guess you missed me too, huh?” she said as she squeezed him.

“Angela,” Mac groaned as she gently moved her hand over his slacks, bringing his penis to full erection. 

“God, it’s so big,” Angela said as she absentmindedly watched her hand move up and down the long shaft. “I can still remember.”

“Angela, please,” Mac pleaded like he was powerless to stop the movement of her hand. She continued to caress him, ignoring his protest. “You’re going to help aren’t you?” she asked calmly, moving her hand slowly now, almost idly, as if she did this everyday.

Mac could feel his penis begin to pulse inside his pants. It was becoming difficult to talk. “You… you know the Judge can be very persuasive. I… I don’t think I have much choice.” Mac almost moaned and then said, “Angela God.” He put his hand on her wrist to stop the movement for fear that he might cum in his pants like some horny teenager. He sighed in relief when her hand stopped moving. Then to his great surprise she reached for his hand and brought it up and placed it on her soft breast. Then she pressed her lips to his again.

Mac moaned in helpless frustration and his hand began to move on the soft orb. Finally, he found the strength to pull away. When he could catch his breath, he said, “Angela, this is why I shouldn’t stay here.”

Then Angela reached for his throbbing penis again. “Just let me see it,” she hissed, ignoring his comment and reaching for his zipper.

“Angela, I… we have to get… get back,” Mac gasped, his penis pulsing so much that he again feared that he might climax.

With quick fingers, Angela had his zipper down and was reaching into his pants.

Mac looked over his shoulder at the house in panic. He heard a gasp and he looked back and found Angela holding his stiff rod in her hand. It even looked big to Mac in Angela’s small hand. “Angela… please!” he pleaded again.

“It’s even bigger than I remembered,” she said as she stared at the crimson head. 

“Angela, there’s someone coming!” Mac lied. He was desperate to stop her for fear that he would shoot his load all over his pants.

“Oh alright, but you’re going to come stay with us, right?” she said as she squeezed him one last time before struggling to get the long shaft back into his pants.

“Yes. But you have to promise to behave,” he said as gently as he knew how.

“I’m afraid I can’t promise that,” she said with a little laugh and purposely licked the juice off her wet fingers. Then she got up and said, “Tess is waiting for you.” Then she turned and left.

Mac sat in stunned silence as he watched her leave. Her gorgeous butt was outlined in her tight shorts and it was swinging back and forth as she walked. When she was out of sight, he sat there for a long time. His brain was having a hard time absorbing all that had transpired in the last several hours. He thought of the Judge and his problems, Angela and his attraction to her and yes, Tess. It was impossible for him to accept the obvious. Suddenly, he knew that this was going to be a very “dangerous assignment”. 

Chapter 6

When Mac finally made it back to the house, his erection was gone but not forgotten. His normal logic had left him as a result of the events of the past few hours. If he had been thinking clearly, he would have surmised that something was going on that was beyond the Judge’s need for him to protect his family.

Mac walked into the house and saw Tess coming down the stairs with her yearbook. He noticed that she had on a different pair of shorts. These were bright yellow and clung to her lower half like a second skin. He almost gasped when his eyes dropped to her crotch and he could see the shape of her sex lips separated by the seam. 

“There you are. I was looking all over for you,” Tess said with a mock pout. “Then I looked out the back window and saw you still down in the garden with Mom,” she added with a strange smile.

Mac could feel his face turning red. Did she see anything? he thought with panic. “Uh… uh… your Mom and I had some things… to talk about.”

“I’m sure,” she said almost sarcastically. “Come on into the living room,” she said and grabbed his hand, pulling him behind her. She set the yearbook on the coffee table and went to her knees on the floor between the table and sofa. Mac sat on the sofa.

“Are you going to college?” Mac asked, trying to act calm as she opened the book in front of him. From his vantage point on the sofa, Mac had an unwanted view down the front of Tess’s top. His eyes naturally went to the open jersey. God, he could practically see her nipples he thought as he forced his eyes back to the yearbook.

“Yes. I’m going to a local college for now. With my dad… my dad being sick, I didn’t want to go away,” Tess said with thinly veiled emotions. She sniffled, wiped her nose and then Tess proceeded to show Mac various pictures of her and her friends. 

Finally Mac’s heartbeat began to return to normal and he relaxed. As he looked at the yearbook, he observed that Tess seemed to be on almost every page. She was either in some club or on a sports team. She was even on the cheerleading squad. “Is this the school's yearbook or yours?” Mac asked and laughed. 

“I was very active in high school,” Tess answered smiling up at Mac. She saw his eyes and leaned a little further over, insuring that he had a good view down her top. She could feel her nipples getting hard as excitement began to course though her. Her eyes drifted to the crotch of his pants. There was a noticeable bulge and it seemed to be getting bigger. It was pretty obvious that the trip to the garden with her Mom had accomplished the objective. 

Mac didn’t miss Tess’s movement or the hardening nipples. He could feel himself becoming excited again so he tried to focus his eyes on the yearbook. 

When they finished looking at the yearbook, Tess jumped up and pulled Mac to his feet. “Let me show you my room. It’s changed a lot since you were here last.”

“Uh… Tess, I really have to get going.”

“Please, please, please,” she whined like a little girl.

Mac sighed and said, “Alright, but then I have to get moving. I have a lot of things to do if I’m going to move in here.”

“You’re moving in?” Tess squealed and jumped into Mac’s arms, grasping him in a bear hug. When she pulled away, she grabbed his hand to take him upstairs.

Mac let her lead the way. He lagged a bit behind, watching the young girl’s butt as she moved up the steps. Damn, she moves just like her mother, Mac thought as he watched her firm ass sway. The shorts were incredibly tight on her butt. He felt his penis begin to grow again as he saw the shorts pull upward between the cheeks to reveal the lower globes of her buttocks. 

Tess could feel Mac’s eyes on her ass and her vagina throbbed. Suddenly, the crotch of her shorts felt very tight on her swollen lips. 

Tess had hastily cleaned up her room. She led Mac inside and said, “Sit down a minute, let me show you some pictures.” Then she walked over to the closet and bent over.

Mac tried to look elsewhere but his eyes were drawn back to her butt. As she bent over with her legs straight, the seam of the tight shorts pulled between the cheeks again, separating and emphasizing the firm orbs. The elastic around the legs pulled upward, exposing most of her lower cheeks. It seemed that she was taking an inordinately long time to find the album. 

Tess could feel his eyes on her ass and a little trickle of girl juice dripped from her swollen lips. She hoped that Mac couldn’t see that. Then, she stretched lower, the seam slicing between her swollen lips until it rubbed her clit. 

A little moan escaped Mac’s throat when he saw the shorts all but disappear between the young girl’s cheeks. He could actually see the fat outer lips between her stretched thighs and there appeared to be a tiny stain forming.

Suddenly, Tess turned around abruptly with a photo album in her hand. She saw that Mac’s eyes were staring at her. Then she saw his face turn red when she caught him. A smile played at the corners of her mouth as she walked back over to the bed. She could feel her wet lips squishing between her thighs now. She sat next to Mac and opened the album to show him pictures of her and him over the years.

Mac tried to get his composure and focus on the album. As she flipped the pages, he was surprised to see that she had kept a comprehensive record of his visits. He had also noticed the little shrine she had set up with all the stuffed animals he had brought her over the years. It didn’t take police training for him to see that this young lady was infatuated with him. On one hand, it stroked his ego, however, on the other, he knew that it was very dangerous.

After a few minutes of looking at the photos, Tess flopped back on the bed and lay on her back. Her top pulled up to bare her stomach. 

Mac saw a silver belly button ring. “Does you mother know you have that?” he asked, looking at the ring.

“Yep. But, she doesn’t know about my tattoo,” she lied with a giggle.

“A tattoo?” Mac exclaimed with great surprise.

“It’s just a little one. Let me show you,” Tess said and her hands went quickly to the snap on her shorts. Before Mac could stop her, she had opened the waist and pulled the zipper all the way down. Then she bent the side of her shorts down slowly.

Mac almost gasped as more and more of her stomach was bared. He was worried that she was going to pull it all the way down. He let out a sigh of relief when he saw a little red rose come into view. It was no more than an inch from the top of her pubic mound and slightly to the side. The skin around the little rose was soft and white without a trace of hair. She must trim it back for her bikini, Mac thought. He could feel tightness in his pants.

“You like it?” Tess asked, holding her shorts open. “I wanted them to put it closer to my… you know,” she giggled and pulled the corner of the shorts over until the swell of one of her outer lips could be seen.

Mac’s eyes got a big as saucers. He was suddenly tongue-tied. “Uh… yes. It’s… it’s very pretty. Won’t your mother be mad when she finds out?”

“She won’t find out unless you tell her,” Tess giggled. “You won’t tell on me will you?” Her face held a pretty pout as her fingers kept the shorts open. 

“Uh… no.” What was he going to say anyway, he thought, “Your daughter has a tattoo right next to her pussy and, I know because she showed it to me along with her pussy lip.” Yea, right! 

Finally, Mac stood up and said, “I really have to get going sweetie.” He walked to the door. Tess followed him with her shorts still unzipped. Before he could step out, Tess grabbed his hand and pulled him back. She moved close to him and he backed up until his back hit the open door. 

Tess stepped closer, her breasts just touching his chest. Mac stood tensely, almost in fear, as the young girl looked up at him.

“I’m glad you’re coming to stay with us,” she said and leaned into him, pressing her soft breasts to him and laying her cheek on his chest. 

Mac hesitantly wrapped his arms around her and held her gently. The contact of the young girl’s body was having an effect of him again and he felt his penis start to harden. Subtly, almost imperceptibly, he felt Tess pressing her groin to his. He heard a little whimper come from her lips. Suddenly, Mac realized that he was rock hard and holding the daughter of his best friend. His penis throbbed between them. He knew that she could feel it. Abruptly, almost harshly, Mac pushed Tess away. “Uh… I uh… have to get going,” he stuttered. As he started to move away, he felt a subtle brush of her hand across the tented crotch of his pants. He caught the smile on Tess's face before he turned and hurried down the stairs. 

Chapter 7

Mac arrived at the mansion early the next morning with his bags. The Judge had to leave for court early. When he was ready to go, Mac walked him out to the car. 

“Take good care of them Mac,” the Judge told him, patting him on the shoulder like a father.

“I will,” Mac responded and held out his hand. The Judge shook it and got into the police cruiser. Then Mac stood on the white marble steps and watched the police car disappear down the long driveway. He felt a mixture of emotions rushing through him. He felt good that the judge thought enough of him to have him stay with his family. However, he also felt excitement and dread. His brief encounters with Angela and Tess yesterday had confirmed his reservations about staying alone with the two women. 

By that afternoon Mac had moved everything he needed into the Rhinehold household. He was given a room on the second floor, one door from Tess and two down from Angela’s. The room in between would be used to set up his surveillance equipment. It wasn’t the ideal location but it would have to do. He had brought some of his best security equipment and purchased a few more items. 

Inside the house Mac set up several cameras. They were situated in positions that by panning them around, he could see most of the downstairs or at least the rooms and halls that had windows or doors to the outside. On the outside, he set up another battery of cameras as well as heat and laser sensors that would feed into the main control room and to a beeper he kept on his belt. Now, from the control room, he could see almost every possible entrance to the house. He had not set up any camera in the upstairs part of the house for obvious reasons. However, the outside cameras could handle the upstairs windows. The last thing he had to do was to check the connections to the current alarm system. There seemed to be a short in a wire somewhere in the house. He would start checking with Angela’s bedroom. (Next part 3)
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