"Stories 18+" Dangerous Assignment P3

Stories 18+ Dangerous Assignment P3
When he came out of the security equipment room, he saw Tess. “Where’s your Mom?” he asked. “I need to check her bedroom for a short in the security wire.”

“She’s in the kitchen, I think,” Tess answered with a smile. “You can check my bedroom if you want.”

“I’ll do that later,” Mac answered nervously and hurried toward the master bedroom. He stepped inside and scanned the room. It was a large bedroom with several sofas and a king-sized, canopied bed. The room took up an entire corner of the house. There were two sets of sliding doors that led to a balcony on different sides of the house. Mac walked toward the windows to check the security connections around the doors. Just as he passed the bathroom, he stopped. A gasp escaped his lips.

Angela had walked out of the bathroom with a short robe on. However, the robe was not belted at the waist, which left it hanging open. She was using a large towel to dry her hair and didn’t see Mac. When she almost ran into him, she stopped abruptly. She squealed but then smiled when she saw it was Mac. “Goodness, you scared me,” Angela said, as she stood with her robe carelessly open.

Mac was frozen in his position. His eyes scanned down her body. The robe barely covered her breasts, leaving most of the center swells on display. Below, the robe covered none of her pubic area or legs. Mac was surprised to see that there was not a trace of pubic hair on her mound. He could see just a hint of her fat pink inner lips protruding from the smooth outer ones. 

“Oh, I’m sorry,” Angela said as she looked down and saw that her robe was open. At first, she made no move to close the robe as her eyes looked back up at Mac. Then, she slowly wrapped it around her and tied the belt, taking her time in the process. 

“I… I’m sorry Angela. Tess said you were downstairs. I was just checking the security connections. I’ll come back,” Mac said and started to make his retreat. 

“No, go ahead, I don’t mind,” Angela said as she started to dry her hair again. 

“If you’re sure,” Mac said. He really needed to find the short before it got dark.

“Absolutely. I’m just going to touch up my toenails. Don’t mind me.” Angela turned and left Mac flustered. She got some polish from the dresser and walked over and sat on a divan near the windows. She lifted one foot, placed it on a towel and opened the bottle of polish.

Mac hurried over and began to check the frame of the sliding door. He ran his fingers down the frame, following it to the floor. Then he got on his hands and knees and followed the wire across the floor section of the frame, looking for a break in the wire. 

“So, are you settled in okay?”

Angela’s voice startled Mac. He was intent on checking the wire and had not paid attention to what Angela was doing. When he looked up, he got another surprise. From his position on the floor, he could see under Angela’s lifted leg and directly to her bare crotch. The late afternoon sun give him a perfect view of her smoothly shaven vagina. The outer lips were baby smooth and between them hung the fat inner lips. They seemed to be glistening in the sunlight but that was probably from the shower, Mac thought. “Uh… what did you say?” Mac said, unable to tear his eyes from her exposed crotch. 

Angela looked up at Mac for a second and then looked back at her foot. If she noticed where Mac was looking, she didn’t show it. She continued to paint her toenails without looking up again and said, “I asked if you were settled in okay?”

“Uh… uh… yes, everything is quite satisfactory.” 

“I need to go out to the beauty shop to get my toes done but Jason said I had to wait for you to tell me it was okay,” Angela said and stopped to look at Mac again. This time, she smiled when she saw where he was looking. 

Mac finally tore his eyes away and looked up. His face turned bright red when he realized that Angela knew where his eyes had been. Quickly he turned his head and began to check the wire again. “Sorry. I told the Judge that I wanted to make sure you and Tess were escorted whenever you go out. I can call Henry now if you need me to.”

“No, my toenail polish is a mess, but I think I can fix my little problem without going out today,” Angela said. Then she placed the cap back on the bottle and lifted her leg, pointing it at Mac. “So what do you think,” she said, holding her foot toward him.

Again Mac looked up. He looked at the pretty foot with red polished toenails. Then his eyes moved higher up her smooth calf. His heart began to beat rapidly as he saw her exposed thigh. He couldn’t see her vagina yet but could see most of her leg. Then she moved her leg slightly to the side, giving Mac another view, this time directly between her thighs. He gulped. “It’s beautiful,” he said, his eyes staring directly between her open legs.

“No, I mean my toes, silly,” Angela said with a big smile.

Mac realized that he had to get out of there. “Uh… Angela, I have a lot to do yet tonight. I… I need… to check… uh… the outside cameras.” With that Mac quickly got up and left the room. His penis was throbbing painfully in his pants. He thought he heard a giggle behind him as he left.

Chapter 8

Mac went outside and checked some of the wiring, finding the short in a connection leading to the front door. At least that problem is out of the way, he thought as he went back inside. 

“Uncle Mac,” Tess said as she came walking down the long spiral staircase. “Can I have my boyfriend Randy come over tonight?”

“Tess, I would rather you not do that.”

“Why not? I can’t stay cooped up in this house for weeks without some diversion. Besides, he’s going to bring over my school work so I don’t get too far behind.” She stood with her arms crossed and one foot out, tapping on the floor like a petulant child.

Mac couldn’t really think of a good reason why Tess couldn’t have her boyfriend over. “Alright, but he has to be out of here by midnight.”

“One,” Tess returned with a smile.

“Okay, one o’clock but no later.”

“Thank you,” Tess said and rushed up to Mac and hugged him.

The hug lasted a lot longer than it should have. Mac finally had to pry her hands from him. “Uh… Tess, I have to get to work.” He felt like he had said those words a hundred times in the last two days.

“Oh, all right,” Tess said begrudgingly. 

Mac shook his head and went upstairs to the equipment room again. It was now filled with wires and computer terminals. He checked all the equipment to make sure it was working properly and then went to his room. He put on his jogging shorts, sleeveless shirt, running shoes, his holster and pistol and went out for an afternoon jog. It gave him a chance to get some fresh air and exercise. It also gave him a chance to check out the property before the sun went down. More importantly, it provided him some relief from the two sexy women. 

It was nearly five miles around the property. There were other large houses in the area but mostly woods and open fields. It didn’t take long for Mac to work up a sweat. Running on the grassy hills turned into a good work out. 

Mac worried about the remoteness of the house—there were just too many good places for an ambush. It would have been far easier, Mac thought, if the Judge lived closer to town and the police department. 

When Mac returned to the house, he went directly to his room. He wanted to clean his pistol before he took a shower. He took his pistol out of the holster and laid it on a towel on the bed. Then he got his cleaning equipment and sat down. He was running the cleaning rod through the barrel when his eye caught something in the doorway. When he looked up, he saw Tess leaning against the doorframe in a bathrobe with a towel wrapped around her head.

“Hi Uncle Mac, whatcha doing, cleaning your ‘gun’,” she said with a smile, emphasizing the word “gun”. She walked over to the bed.

“It’s a weapon, not a gun,” Mac said remembering a time in basic training when he had referred to his weapon as a gun. The drill sergeant made him stand on the barracks steps and hold his crotch in one hand and the rifle in the other. He had to repeat over and over, “This is my weapon and this is my gun. This is for fighting and this is for fun.” It was a lesson he never forgot.

“Can I see your big ‘gun’?” Tess said intentionally ignoring his correction and looking at his crotch as she sat on the bed.

Mac felt a little irritation at her innuendo. Years of jabs between salty cops gave Mac a quick wit when challenged. Before he thought of what he was saying he blurted, “Little girls shouldn’t play with big guns.” Suddenly, he saw fire in Tess's eyes and she immediately stood up. Mac’s chin dropped and his eyes opened in shock when Tess opened her robe, revealing her naked body.

“Does this look like a little girl?” she almost hissed.

Mac stared in complete shock. However, he wasn’t too shocked to notice that Tess had gorgeous breasts, an incredibly flat stomach and a totally bald pubic mound like her mother. And, there was that little rose, an inch from the lips of her vagina. “Tess!” he almost screamed. However, not before he got his eyes filled with her soft flesh. His attempt at acting like the indignant adult failed when he felt his penis reacting and begin to slowly crawl down his leg.

Tess didn’t miss his reaction. Her eyes stared at his pulsing crotch and she smiled when she realized the effect she was having on him. She closed her robe and sat back down on the bed and said, “Sorry Uncle Mac, it’s that wild streak I get from Mom.” Then she lay on her side with her hand holding her head up like nothing had happened. 

Mac didn’t say anything; he couldn’t. Nervously, and with trembling fingers, he began to break the weapon down to clean the trigger mechanism, trying desperately to will his penis down. However, Mac was all thumbs and it took him twice as long as normal to get the mechanism apart. His head was almost spinning as the smell of lilac soap and hair shampoo almost overcame the smell of gun oil. 

Tess silently watched Mac for a long time. Then she asked, “Uncle Mac, have you ever killed anyone?” 


“What’s it feel like?”


Tess fell silent again, watching Mac work on the metal parts. Finally, she got up enough nerve to ask the question. “Why did you stop coming to see me and my Mom?” she asked.

That was the question Mac had been dreading. “It’s a long story Tess, and personal.”

“You know, I thought I had done something wrong. I cried myself to sleep almost every night for a long time.”

Mac looked up and saw tears in her eyes. “Oh God no Tess, you didn’t do anything wrong.” Now Mac felt even worse about his childish behavior. Quickly, he moved the parts of his pistol to the side of the bed and pulled Tess into his arms. Somehow, he ended up lying on his back with Tess in his arms, her head on his chest. Then he felt even worse when he heard the young girl begin to sob. “I was such a fool Tess. I’m so sorry,” he said as he stroked her back and held her to him. 

The two of them stayed like that for a long time. Finally, Tess lifted her head. She looked into Mac’s worried face and then pulled back further. She reached up and removed the towel around her head, letting her wet hair fall to her shoulders, her eyes staring into Mac’s.

Mac was frozen as he watched Tess's lips move toward his. A moan escaped his lips when her lips touched his. He knew that he should force her away but suddenly he had no strength in his arms. I’ve hurt her enough already, he reasoned. 

Tess moaned as her tongue entered his mouth. His lips were as sweet as she had dreamed they would be. Her hand moved quickly until it touched Mac’s naked thigh. She felt him quiver. Without hesitation, her hand slipped upward and until it covered his thinly covered penis. 

Mac’s body tensed but he didn’t move to stop her. He just moaned as her tongue searched his mouth.

When Tess's hand found his half-hard penis and wrapped around it she almost climaxed. It was huge, even without being fully erect. She could feel her vagina throbbing as juice began to stream out.

For a minute, Mac was lost in a sensuous fog. He couldn’t sort out right from wrong. All he knew was the sweet tongue in his mouth and the warm hand caressing him. Just as he felt Tess's hand slip down to his bare thigh to pull his penis from the leg of his jogging shorts, the cell phone clipped to his shorts rang.

Both of them jumped.

Mac pushed Tess away and grabbed the phone. “Hello,” he said, turning away from Tess. 

Tess got up from the bed and picked up her towel. She knew that the spell had been broken. When she looked back, she smiled at Mac as he tried to cross his legs to hide his erection. 

On the telephone was one of Mac’s men, Henry. He wanted to know when Mac would need him.

“Uh… uh… I’ll probably need you tomorrow,” he said breathlessly.

“Is everything okay Mac,” Henry asked when he heard his labored breathing.

“Yes, everything’s fine. I just got back from my jog. I’ll talk to you tomorrow morning.”

“Okay boss. Bye.”

“Okay Henry. Bye.” Mac hung up the phone and fell back on the bed letting out a deep breath. 


It was almost 9 P.M. when Mac finally sat down to dinner. Angela had fixed Mac’s favorite meal: roast beef and potatoes. Tess declined to eat with them and instead went down to the clubroom to “study” with Randy. That suited Angela fine.

They had a quiet dinner, with candlelight. Angela had worn a soft silk dress that was cut low on her chest and clung to her body. She couldn’t wear any underwear because it would definitely show through. Besides, she loved the way the silky material clung to every curve of her otherwise naked body. 

When dinner was done, Mac helped Angela with the dishes and then they took a glass of wine into the living room. 

Mac sat on the sofa. Angela sat close to him on the end of the sofa and curled her legs up under her, exposing a good portion of her thighs in the process.

Angela noticed that Mac seemed very nervous. She surmised that it was because of her and she smiled to herself. 

The two of them made small talk for sometime. Eventually, Angela was feeling comfortably warm after drinking half the bottle of wine. 

However, Mac became uncomfortable when Angela looked at him and then took his glass of wine and sat it on the table with hers. “Do I scare you Mac?” she asked as she dropped a hand to his thigh.

“Yes.” he answered truthfully. 

Angela laughed. “Didn’t you win a couple of metals in the Army and citations for valor in the police department?”

“Uh… yes,” he said wondering how she knew that. 

“My, my, a war hero and cop scared by a 110 pound woman?” she said with an incredulous smile as she moved closer to him.

“Angela, this is crazy. The Judge is my friend and he asked me here to take care of you and Tess.”

“I know. So why aren’t you taking care of me?” she said as her hand slowly moved up his leg. Her smile changed as her hand found the tent in his pants.

Mac looked at her hand as if there was nothing he could do to stop her. “That’s not what he meant.”

“Are you sure?” she asked, squeezing his now pulsing shaft.

Suddenly, Mac was speechless. No he wasn’t sure. He wasn’t sure of anything anymore. Then, before he knew what was happening, Angela’s lips were pressed to his. Suddenly, he was lying on his back with Angela practically on top of him, her lips pressed hard to his open mouth. 

Mac squirmed beneath Angela. He could feel his hard penis pressing to her stomach as her breasts mashed against his chest. While he wanted desperately to resist, he was only human. With a moan, his hands touched the soft silk material covering Angela’s buttocks. He squeezed and heard her moan into his mouth. Slowly his hands slid down until they reached the hem. It was Mac’s turn to moan as his strong hands found the back of her soft thighs and began to move upward, taking the silky material with them. Mac’s penis lurched in his pants when his fingers confirmed that Angela wasn’t wearing panties. Suddenly, his hands were filled with the soft flesh of her bare ass.

When Angela broke the kiss and came up for air, Mac gasped, “God, Angela!” He looked into her eyes and could see that they were burning with lust. I have to stop this, he thought but yet he still opened his mouth when her lips pressed to his again. 

Tess stood in the doorway to the living room, watching the two on the sofa. She had a perfect view of her mother lying on Mac, her dress over her bare buttocks and Mac’s hands squeezing her soft flesh. Her own dripping vagina began to pulse. Finally she said, “Hummmmm!” When there was no response, she did it louder. “Hummmmmmmm!” 

Mac heard the sound the second time and practically threw Angela from his body. He sat up, his face red and his breath coming in gasps. “We were… we were,” Mac started to say but then he was at a loss for words. He looked to Angela for help. Angela sat beside him slightly flustered, trying to pull her dress over her almost naked lower half. Still, she was nowhere near as upset as Mac thought she should be. 

Tess smiled and said, “Mom, where is the tape of our trip to Europe? Randy wants to see it.”

Angela was a bit perturbed at Tess's interruption but she knew that she shouldn’t have taken it so far in the middle of the living room anyway. She sighed and said, “It’s in your father’s study, on his desk.”

“Thanks,” Tess said with a smile, then turned and left the frustrated couple. She couldn’t suppress a little giggle as she walked away.

“Uh… Angela, I have a few things to do then I’m going to bed. It’s been a very busy day,” Mac said, relieved by Tess's interruption.

“Fine,” Angela said, with a tinge of anger in her voice. Angela was beginning to get frustrated. She was using all her womanly wiles on Mac but so far, he was resisting nobly. “Goodnight,” she said and walked out of the room, leaving Mac sitting on the sofa breathing heavily. Then a little smile crossed her lips as she walked up the stairs. She would pay Tess back for being a smart aleck. Maybe she had lost a battle, but certainly not the war. 

Mac sat on the sofa for a long time, thinking. It was obvious that both women were doing everything they could to seduce him. If the situation was different and he was working for someone that he didn’t know, he would have already had both women in bed. However, this was the wife and daughter of a man who was a father figure to him. A man to whom he owed his life. The Judge had helped him to get into business and loaned him money. Yet, he had left him here to fend for himself. Does he know what was going on? Mac asked himself. Was this some crazy conspiracy? He shook his head in disbelief and got up slowly from the sofa. I’ll just check the cameras and go to bed. Tomorrow everything will be clearer, he thought wishfully. 

Chapter 9

It was after midnight when Mac entered his control room. The room was glowing with the light from the computer terminals. Mac sat down and keyed commands into the keyboard. He checked each camera on the perimeter, scanning the area for any suspicious movement. When he saw nothing, he checked the sensors and found no unusual readings. Finally, he switched to the cameras inside the house, more as a system check than concern that he would see something. He was about to shut the camera down, his finger on the ‘enter’ button, when he saw some movement in the foyer. He was relieved to see Tess and her boyfriend. Again, he started to shut the camera down when he saw Tess push Randy against the wall and kiss him passionately, pressing her body to his. His finger was still on the ‘enter’ button when he saw Tess move her hand between them. Mac’s heart began to race. He knew that he shouldn’t be spying but the activity on the sofa with Angela had left him very excited.

Mac watched as Randy’s hands reached around and grasped the cheeks of Tess's ass. He squeezed and then his hands slipped under the tight leg band of her cotton shorts. Suddenly, his hands were under the material on her bare flesh. Mac knew what that felt like as he remembered his hands caressing Angela in the same way just a short time before.

Tess glanced at the camera at the top of the stairs. She saw a little red light blinking and smiled to herself. She turned back to Randy and pressed her hand to his already hard penis. They had been making out on the sofa for a long time. However, Tess had resisted all of his advances, giving him only a quick feel of her here and there. She wanted to save the best for last. 

“God Tess, you’re driving me crazy. What’s with you tonight?” Randy hissed, his fingers slipping between her legs until he could feel the beginnings of her swollen sex. Tess isn’t normally a “prick tease,” Randy thought. Generally she was good for a little finger action and maybe a blow job. However, for some unknown reason, she had resisted him all night. 

“Nothing’s wrong with me that a little suck on this wouldn’t cure,” Tess said, squeezing Randy’s penis. “Ohhhh!” she gasped as one of Randy’s fingers found her wet hole. She spread her legs, letting him move his finger into her. Her hips began to move as the finger wormed its way deep into her warm hole. But then, she suddenly pushed his fingers away and quickly reached between them to pull his zipper down.

“Tess, we’re in the hallway! Your mom’s just upstairs,” Randy whispered in a panicked voice. However, he didn’t protest too hard. He had been dating Tess for a couple of months and while they hadn’t had intercourse, they had done almost everything else. Still, Randy wanted more and knew that it was just a matter of time. But Tess had been a tough one for him. She didn’t just roll over because of his good looks. It was a sweet challenge for him if not totally frustrating.

“Shhhhh,” Tess whispered as she pulled the zipper all the way down and reached inside to grasp his hard penis. Slowly, Tess began to slide down his body.

Randy looked up the stairs and saw that it was dark. He figured Tess's mother had probably gone to bed. However, he didn’t know about that Mac guy. He could be anywhere. Then, all of his concerns were forgotten. “Oh God,” Randy moaned as Tess took the head of his penis into her warm mouth. He reached for her soft hair and pulled her head toward his crotch.

Angela had just walked to the top of the stairs when she saw Tess and Randy in the foyer. She moved back into the shadows and watched. A smile crossed her face as she watched her daughter suck her young boyfriend. It wasn’t the first time she had spied on her.

Mac’s eyes were opened wide as he watched the two in the foyer. He was already convinced that Tess was sexually active, however, he never expected to see her sucking her boyfriend in the middle of the foyer. 

His finger twitched on the ‘enter’ key, knowing he should shut the camera down. However, he couldn’t bring himself to exert the little bit of force necessary. He watched transfixed as the teenager licked and sucked her boyfriend with surprising skill. 

When Mac’s finger finally moved, it was to zoom the camera closer and turn up the microphone. Now he had a very close view of Tess's lips circling the head of Randy’s penis. His excitement increased as he watched her pull it from her mouth and lick it like a lollipop.

Tess moaned and made a show of licking Randy. Occasionally, she would glance at the camera to make sure the light was still blinking. She also saw the shadow at the top of the stairs and knew that Mac wasn’t the only person watching. Her heart raced as she began to put on a show for her audience. 

Then, as Mac watched in total amazement, Tess pushed her head down, forcing Randy’s penis all the way down her throat until her lips were buried in his pubic hair. 

“Oh God baby, you’re going to make me cum,” Randy gasped, unable to resist Tess when she took him all the way into her throat. She was the only girl that he knew who could do that. He bet that she would be just as good when he finally went all the way.

Tess let his penis stay deep in her throat until she felt like she was going to gag and then she pulled back. As the saliva-coated penis slipped from her mouth, she used her hand to jerk the shaft rapidly. She looked up and smiled at him before covering the head with her lips again. When she felt Randy tense, she pulled his penis from her mouth again. She smiled at the expression of pleasure on his face as her hand continuing to move on the shaft. Then she opened her mouth wide, holding the penis close but not inside. 

Randy looked down and gasped. She was jerking him off into her open mouth! he thought. That vision was all it took. “Ohhhhhh,” he moaned and bucked his hips. He could feel his load rushing up the shaft.

Suddenly, Tess squealed as the head of Randy’s penis pulsed and a huge gob of his cum shot out, catching her in the forehead. Quickly she aimed the head lower, catching the second shot in her open mouth. She barely had time to swallow before another one filled her mouth. Damn, she thought, the teasing must have really worked him up. She swallowed and her mouth filled again. Finally, when the force of Randy’s climax began to lessen, Tess took the head into her mouth and sucked. 

“God, that was incredible,” Randy gasped as he smiled down at Tess. He could see his cum beginning to run down her forehead. “Sorry,” he said sheepishly.

“No problem… I loved it,” Tess said and scooped some of the white juice from her forehead and stuck it into her mouth.

Angela took one last look and rushed back to her room, her crotch pulsing with need. 

Mac was practically shaking with excitement as he watched the scene on the screen in front of him. It was one of the most exciting things he had ever witnessed. He almost climaxed in his pants when he saw Tess take the cum-covered finger into her mouth. Was she looking at the camera when she did that? he wondered. Could she have known that the camera was on? Finally, he hit the enter key to shut the terminal down and the screen went dark. Then he got slowly up and walked out into the hallway toward the bathroom. He heard a whimper, almost a moan from the direction of Angela’s room. Suddenly, he was concerned that someone had gotten into the house as he was watching Tess. At least that was what his sexually fogged brain told him.

Angela was lying on the bed with the covers pushed down. She had her nightgown pulled up and her legs spread. Her hand was moving a large vibrator between the swollen lips of her vagina. “Oh yes, oh yes, ahhhhh!” she moaned as she moved the large object in and out. Suddenly, she could see the light in the hallway and a shadow. Instinctively, her legs moved a little wider and her hips lifted up.

When Mac peeked into the room, he gasped. He had a perfect view from the foot of the bed, directly between Angela’s legs. He watched for some time, trying to pull himself away. Then he heard her moan again and gasp, “Fuck me Mac. Oh God, fuck me hard.” Mac gasped as he heard his name. His already hard penis throbbed in his pants. 

Angela worked the large dildo into her stretched hole rapidly, her hips lifting off the bed. It was doubly exciting knowing that Mac was watching her. That, combined with watching the scene in the foyer, brought her climax on very quickly. Finally, Angela moaned and squeezed her legs together as her long-awaited climax rushed through her.

Mac watched as Angela writhed on the bed in pleasure. Then, he backed away and slipped into the bathroom. He was almost shaking as he took a quick shower, fighting the urge to masturbate. He hadn’t done that since he was a kid. Yet, the events of this day were bringing him to the brink. 

Tess kissed Randy goodbye and hurried back into the house. She went to her room and stripped. Then she looked into her dresser for something to wear. She put on a white corset that her mother had given her. It was tight on her waist and the bra cups were under-wired to push her already large breasts upward. She added a pair of white nylons and clipped them to the attached garter straps. Finally, she covered it with a see through robe. When she stuck her head out of her bedroom, she saw that the bathroom door across from Mac’s room was closed, so she waited and listened. 

Mac left the bathroom quietly. He noticed that Angela’s door was now closed and thought that was strange. He shook his head and went into his room. He stripped off his clothes and crawled naked into his bed, his penis still throbbing. It hadn’t diminished a bit in the shower. His mind kept wandering back to the scene in the foyer and what he had witnessed in Angela’s bedroom. Suddenly, he moaned and reached down and grasped his penis. He couldn’t take it anymore. His hand began to move up and down on the shaft rapidly as visions of Tess and Angela swirled in his head. He knew that it wouldn’t take long to climax. A few seconds later, he was about to climax when the door to his room suddenly opened. Mac jumped in surprise, almost ready to dive for his pistol. Then, he saw Tess standing in the doorway with a stuffed animal in her hand. The light from the hallway silhouetted her body under the thin gown.

Tess smiled when she saw the obvious bulge under the blanket. Slowly she walked over to the bed and looked down at Mac.

“Tess… what are… you doing here?” Mac gasped in embarrassment. He saw her eyes move down to the tent in his blanket. Although Tess couldn’t see his hand, he quickly pulled it from his hard penis like he was a little boy that had been caught masturbating. He wasn’t a little boy but he certainly had been caught masturbating.

“I was scared. I thought I heard something,” Tess said like a small child. “You don’t mind if I snuggle up with you, like we used to do,” Tess said.

“Tess… no, it’s not…” Mac tried to protest. However, before he could stop her, she had slipped her top off.

Mac gasped as he saw the young girl in her corset and nylons. She didn’t look so young anymore. His eyes scanned her firm breasts and then drifted to her swollen vagina. He moaned when he saw a trickle of her juice run down her thigh.

Tess let him look for a while before she quickly slipped under the blanket and into his bed. “Ohhhhh, you sleep naked,” she said as she pushed her body next to him. 

Mac was frozen with panic. He was about ready to push her out of his bed when she pressed her almost naked breasts to his side and snuggled close to him. She placed her hand on his chest as her head lay on his shoulder. Slowly, her hand began to move downward. Still, Mac couldn’t move as it crossed his stomach and to his pubic hair. He felt like he was going to climax as her hand wrapped around his pulsing rod. “Jesus,” Mac moaned as her warm hand circled him.

“Oh my,” Tess said when she felt his bare penis for the first time in her young life. It felt big when she had caressed it through his jogging shorts but now it felt positively huge. “God, you’re big,” she said with amazement in her voice, no longer acting like a little girl. 

“Tess… you have… have to get… out of heeeeerrreee!” Mac struggled to say but Tess's working hand made him catch his breath.

“I’ve got to see it,” Tess said and sat up abruptly and pushed the blanket off their bodies. “Oh my God,” she gasped when she saw the long pole pulsing in her hand. “It’s gorgeous,” she said almost to herself as she began to move her body.

“Oh Tess,” Mac moaned helplessly. He knew that he was lost as he felt Tess's soft hair sliding down his chest and her warm breath on his skin. Then her tongue came out and began to lick down his body. 

Tess tickled his skin, stopping to circle his navel. She could feel his penis pulsing and leaking juice across her fingers. She turned her head to look at his penis now inches from her face. Tess's eyes grew as big as saucers as she drew closer to the leaking shaft in her hand. When she was close enough, she stuck out her tongue and licked a clear drop of liquid as it bubbled from the slit and began to roll down the shaft. “Mmmmm,” she moaned in excitement when she tasted his sweet juice for the first time. Then she opened her mouth and covered the head.

“Ohhhhh!!!” Mac moaned in surrender, as the young girl took the head of his swollen penis into her wet mouth. His hands went to the back of her head and began to gently push her down. 

Tess would have smiled but her mouth was full. She let Mac push her downward until the large head was at the breach of her throat. She gasped and gagged, pulling away slightly. However, she immediately moved back down, taking more of the shaft into her throat. Tess took pride in her oral abilities. She had honed them over the last several years. The boys in high school would line up to go out with her. During her high school days, she had sucked off plenty of boys but none had been this large or wide. 

“Tess, Tess, Tess,” Mac groaned over and over. His head began to move back and forth as if he was trying to say “no”. However, his hips moved up as if he were saying “yes.” He knew this was so wrong, however, he was helpless to stop it. He couldn’t believe the incredible feeling of having his penis sliding down her throat. It was a first for him.

Tess pushed her head down again, taking several more inches into her throat. However, again she gagged and had to pull back. Suddenly, it had become a challenge to her. There had never been one she couldn’t take and she wasn’t about to fail now. She took a deep breath and tried to relax her throat. She pushed again.

“Oh Jesus, oh God,” Mac moaned when he felt his penis slide into her throat and her lips touch his balls.

Tess felt a thrill of pride and satisfaction as her lips touched Mac’s pubic hair. She held him there, letting her throat get used to the large shaft. She could feel him pulsing in excitement. Slowly, she pulled back, letting the now wet shaft slip out of her throat and then her mouth. She turned and gave Mac a smile; her lips dripping saliva with strings still attached to his penis. Quickly, before he could protest, she moved around until she was kneeling between his legs. She held the long penis straight up and placed both hands around the shaft. There was plenty of room left for a third hand. The look on her face was one of worship. She moved her hands up the shaft, squeezing as she went. A large bubble of pre-cum juice squeezed from the slit. A whimper came from her throat as she bent and licked it off. Then, she opened her mouth and took his penis inside again. 

Now Mac looked down and had a perfect view of the pretty girl sucking him. Her lips were stretched impossibly wide and there was saliva dripping from the corners. He watched in fascination as she slowly took the shaft deeper and deeper. His eyes closed momentarily in pleasure as his entire penis disappeared. Then, his hips began to move as Tess began to work her mouth up and down. 

Occasionally, Tess would take the shaft out of her throat, leaving only the head in her mouth. Then she would move slowly back down, looking at Mac as the entire shaft disappeared. Her eyes would close in pleasure and satisfaction each time the large head would slip down her throat. 

Within minutes, Mac thought he was going to explode. However, each time he felt that he was going to climax, Tess would stop her movements and take the head out, holding it inches from her open mouth. Then she would smile and take him deep again.

Finally, Mac was almost mad with the need to climax. He grabbed Tess's head and pulled her down to his penis, almost harshly. When his penis was in her throat to the hilt, he lifted his head and let out a moan. “Oh God,” he hissed as he looked at the top of Tess's head and felt her throat muscles working on him. The room began to spin around him. 

Tess was lost in a sea of delight. This was something she had dreamed about for many years. It was hard for her to believe that she actually had Mac’s penis in her mouth and he was about to cum. Then, she felt Mac’s balls tighten and his sperm begin to move up the shaft. However, like in her fantasy, she wanted to taste him and wrenched her head back until just the head was in her mouth. 

“Oh God, Tessssss!!!” Mac moaned as his penis throbbed and began to squirt his sperm into her waiting mouth. 

Another moan escaped her lips as her mouth quickly filled with his thick cream. She swallowed quickly and sucked for more. His penis pulsed and squirted over and over, until she couldn’t contain it all. His sperm ran from her lips and down the shaft, pooling in his pubic hair. Finally, the stream slowed until she felt that he was done. However, when she let the head slip from her mouth, it pulsed again, shooting a string of juice into her face. She giggled and covered the head with her lips, squeezing the shaft in a milking fashion. 

Mac finally opened his eyes and watched the pretty teenager sucking his rapidly wilting penis. Then, she pulled her mouth from him, looked up and licked cum from her lips. Mac thought for a second about letting her suck him hard again however, before that happened, she got off the bed, smiled at him, and walked out of the room.

Mac watched the sexy cheeks of her bare ass sway back and forth. When she looked over her shoulder and smiled at him, he felt his penis twitch with life again. Then, she was gone. 

Suddenly, the room was quiet. There was just the hint of the smell of her left. Mac wondered if it was all a dream. Maybe my fantasies are getting out of hand, he thought. He almost hoped that was what had happened. Then, he saw the stuffed animal that Tess had left on the bed and a little moan of remorse escaped his lips.

Chapter 10

When Mac came down to breakfast the following morning, Angela was cooking eggs and sausage and Tess was sitting at the table wearing a long tee shirt as her nightgown. He felt his face flush with embarrassment as he looked at Tess. 

“Good morning Mac,” Angela said turning around to look at him. “Have a seat, I’ll have some more sausages and eggs ready in a second. Tess has been eating like she hasn’t had food in a week,” she laughed. “How did you sleep?”

“Uh… very well thank you,” he answered looking at Tess again.

Tess sat quietly, smiling. When Angela wasn’t looking she picked up a link sausage on her fork and put the end into her mouth, moving it in and out sensuously. Then, she pushed it almost all the way down her throat. 

Mac’s face turned red as he saw the obscene gesture. When he felt a twinge in his groin, he knew that he had to get out of the house for the day. He turned to Angela and said, “I’m going to have one of my guys come over and stay with the two of you today. I have some things that I need to check on. I’ll be out most of the day. Do either of you need to go out today?” Mac asked as Angela served him a large helping of scrambled eggs and sausages.

“I just need some things from the store. I’ll give you a list,” Angela said sitting down at the table.

Tess smiled and said, “Randy’s bringing over some school work so I’ll be in the clubroom with him most of the day.” Then Tess got up and said, “I’m going to get dressed. Bye Mom. Bye Uncle Mac.” She bent over and kissed Mac’s cheek and hurried off.

After Tess left, Mac finished eating and then sat quietly drinking coffee and secretly watching Angela as she ate. She is beautiful, even in the morning without makeup, he thought. Her soft blond hair hung to her shoulders and the morning sunlight made it almost shine. There were a few fine wrinkles around her eyes but otherwise she looked ten years younger than her age. She had on a peach colored silk kimono robe that hung slightly open at the chest and came to her knees. He felt his heart flutter as he continued to stare at her. (next part 4)
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