"Stories 18+" Dangerous Assignment P4

Stories 18+ Dangerous Assignment P4
“What?” Angela said when she saw Mac staring.

Mac was startled. He had been lost in his assessment of the pretty woman. “Uh… nothing. I was just looking at you,” Mac answered, embarrassed at being caught. 

“Why, do I have food on my face?” she asked with a smile.

“No… no… you look beautiful!” he blurted.

“Thank you,” she said quietly.

The two fell silent again until Angela looked troubled.

“What’s the matter?” Mac asked.

“Oh, I don’t know, it’s just all that has happened recently. Do you really think someone will try to hurt us?”

Mac hesitated, considering his answer. He didn’t want to scare her; yet, he also didn’t want her to take chances. “I hope not Angela. However, we can’t take the chance. There is really no downside to being cautious.”

“I guess you’re right. But, I’m more worried about Jason.”

“Don’t be. The police will take good care of him. I’m sure he’ll be fine,” Mac assured her and then he stood up. “Well, I have to get going.”

Angela got up as well. As Mac passed her, she grabbed his arm and then stepped toward him for a hug. She pulled him close and placed her head on his chest. “Mac, please be careful.”

“I will,” Mac said, clearly nervous at the closeness.

“And Mac… thank you!” Angela said as she looked up at him. There were tears in her eyes.

Mac felt his lips being drawn to hers, his heart now pounding in his chest. “You’re welcome,” he said abruptly and pulled away. “Uh… you have my cell phone number. Call me if anything comes up.” Then, he turned and left Angela standing in the kitchen.


Mac spent the day following leads. He knew all the right people on the street and with a little cash he got some valuable information. It seemed that the Judge was right and the rumors were true. There was a contract out and some out-of-town mobsters had picked it up. As soon as he got that information, he knew he had to get back to the house immediately. He tried not to break too many speed limit laws as he sped back to the house.

When he pulled up to the gates of the estate, he was relieved to see that everything looked normal. However, just in case, he parked the car and made a search around the perimeter of the fence. Nothing seemed to be out of order so he went up to the house. As he walked up the steps, Randy came out. He had a big smile on his face. Mac had a pretty good idea why. He had been in the basement all day with Tess. He acknowledged the young man with a brief word of hello and then entered the house. He saw Henry sitting in the foyer and said hi. 

Henry was his best security man. Besides being a military veteran, he was intimidating, standing six foot four with two hundred and fifty pounds of sheer muscle. The fact that he was black and shaved his head made him look positively frightening. 

“Is everything okay?” Mac asked.

“Everything’s cool boss.” 

Mac sighed with relief. 

“Do you need me anymore?” the large black man asked. 

“No. Thanks Henry. Be here tonight to pick up Angela.” 

“Anytime boss. I’ll be here by eight,” Henry said with a smile and then left.

Angela was in the living room playing the piano when he came in. She was absorbed in her play so he quietly took a seat. He watched her long fingers and soft hands move sensuously over the keyboard. He was impressed with her talent as he listened to her expertise on the piano. When the song ended, he clapped his hands.

“Oh,” Angela said, startled. “I didn’t know that you were home. How long have you been sitting there?” 

“Long enough to know that you play wonderfully.”

“Thank you!” 

Just then, Tess came walking into the room. She had on a blue cheerleader’s outfit. The skirt was short with blue and white pleats. On top, she had a matching sweater with the school’s letters. In her hands she had two pom-poms.

“Oh Uncle Mac, I’m glad you’re home. I can show you some of my cheerleading moves.”

“Tess, I have a lot to do,” Mac said, not wanting to have to watch the sexy teenager bounce around the room.

“Oh please… please, it will only take a minute.”

“Well, I’ve seen all her moves already,” Angela said with an indulgent smile. “I’ll go get supper started.” 

Mac watched Angela leave and a sudden dread came over him. The last thing he needed was to look at Tess in her skimpy cheerleader’s outfit. However, he was trapped. 

“Now sit still for a minute,” Tess said with a smile. “You know, cheerleading is more gymnastics than anything else in college nowadays. We have to practice all kinds of moves that require a lot of dexterity. Watch,” Tess said and proceeded to do a split, holding her pom-poms pressed to her hips.

It almost hurt Mac to watch her slide her legs apart as her body slowly descended to the floor. When she was as far down as she could go, her legs were stretched out from her body and her small dress barely covered her thighs. Then she flexed her muscles and, without using her hands, came back to a standing position.

Mac was impressed. That took quite a bit of strength. He applauded lightly and smiled. Then he watched as she went through a few other moves, each time stopping to get his approval. This isn’t so bad, Mac thought. However, no sooner had that thought crossed his mind then Tess turned away from him. She spread her legs and bent over, touching her toes. Mac gasped as he was staring at her bare vagina and ass cheeks. “Tess!” he almost screamed, trying to keep his voice under control.

Tess straightened up and looked at Mac across her shoulder. “Oh goodness, I must have forgotten to put my panties back on. Oh well, that doesn’t hurt anything.” With that, Tess turned and went to her knees in front of Mac and then bent backward. When her shoulders were on the floor behind her, the little dress pulled up until her crotch was revealed again.

Mac stared with his mouth open.

Then Tess pushed her hips up, placing her weight on her hands behind her head and lifting her torso until only her feet and hands touched the ground. The skirt no longer hid anything. 

The young girl’s smoothly shaved vagina was displayed almost obscenely to Mac. In spite of his reluctance to stare, he couldn’t pull his eyes from the wanton display. The position that she was in forced her pubic mount up and out, displaying her inner lips. They were already swollen and very wet. Mac sucked in his breath and his penis throbbed in his pants.

After several long moments, Tess began to do a walk over, almost bending her back double, until she flipped over and was on her feet again.

When she saw Mac still staring with his mouth open she smiled and said, “Well, what do you think?”

“Uh… uh…” Mac muttered.

“Watch,” she said without waiting for an answer and began to do cartwheels, her skirt flying above her bare crotch and ass. 

Mac sat in stunned silence. . 

“See how flexible I am?” Tess said and then put one leg up on his chair bending her head to her ankle. 

Now Mac had an even closer view of her bare vagina. It was obvious that she had been sexually excited recently. She must have been having sex in the clubroom! he thought.

“Dinner’s ready,” Angela called from the kitchen.

Mac practically jumped up in relief. Then, he rushed toward the kitchen. 

Tess smiled and followed him.

Dinner was wonderful, as usual. Angela was an expert cook. She had the money to have maids and cooks but she preferred to do it herself. It was her way of never forgetting where she came from. 

Tonight, Angela wasn’t eating though. She reminded Mac that she has a charity function to attend. She belonged to a woman’s organization that supported abused women and she was getting an award for her service. Mac had arranged for Henry to accompany her. Now, when he realized that he would be home with Tess alone, he regretted not taking her himself.

After dinner, Angela dressed and left. Mac tried to make himself scarce. He spent time outside checking the security system and took his evening jog. When he came back inside, he didn’t see Tess. He was relieved and hurried to his room. Then he went in and to take a hot shower. As soon as he stepped into the bathroom he saw it. 

Lying on the counter was a slip of blue material. He walked over and looked down. His hand was trembling as he picked up the silky material. Embroidered on the panties was ‘Tess’ in red letters. At first he thought they were the missing panties from her cheerleader's outfit, but he realized that they were far to small for her to wear under her short skirt. Then he gasped when his fingers felt something wet. He turned the material over and saw that the crotch was soaked and realized that Tess must have had these on very recently. He also knew that she had obviously left them there for him to find. With a moan he brought the wet material to his nose and took a deep breath. Then like some adolescent boy, he sucked the material into his mouth, tasting her sweet juices. His hands were trembling as he brought the panties to his raging erection and wrapped them around it, a moan escaping his lips. When he looked in the mirror, he got a shock. He saw a mature man getting ready to masturbate with a teenaged girl’s panty. He groaned, mentally chastising himself and pulled the panties from his penis. 

Mac shook his head in disgust before he wrapped a towel around him and opened the bathroom door. Then, he looked both ways down the hall for Tess. Seeing that it was clear, he hurried to his room, backing inside with a sigh of relief, still holding the panties in his hand. However, his relief was short lived. When he turned around, he almost gasped. Tess was sitting on the bed. She still had her cheerleader’s outfit on and was leaning back with her legs spread, forcing her little skirt high on her legs, her still bare vagina peeked from between her thighs. 

Tess smiled at Mac and slowly pulled her sweater up until both breasts were bare. “I can see that you like my panties but you never told me if you liked my outfit,” Tess said with a pout.

“Tess, for God’s sake,” Mac moaned as he looked at the half naked teen. “This is crazy.”

“I know. I’m crazy about you,” Tess said as she looked at the growing bulge in Mac’s towel and the panties in his hand. “And, I think you feel the same way about me.”

Mac could feel anger rising inside. She had teased him unmercifully since he had been in the house. She knew what she was doing to him and how wrong it was. He was at the breaking point. 

All right you little bitch, if that’s what you want! Mac thought, his anger raging. Slowly, he began to move toward Tess. When he was a couple of feet from her, he reached down and ripped the towel off and threw it in the corner, standing naked before her. Have a good look, he thought as he stood with his legs spread and his hips pressed forward, his penis bobbing and pulsing with his rapid heartbeat.

Tess gasped as she looked at his now fully erect penis. It looked even larger than the other night. Slowly, her eyes scanned his hard body, taking her time and noting every curve. She looked at him like men often look at women, like her eyes were mentally raping him. She loved his strong chest and rippled stomach. However, what stuck out in front was his best feature. She watched transfixed as he moved closer to her. 

Mac wrapped the panties around his penis. As if it was in slow motion, his penis bobbed up and down and from side to side, a large drop of clear liquid beginning to trickle from the slit. By the time he was standing in front of her, there was a long string of clear juice hanging from the tip. 

Mac stood with his hands on his hips. “Is this what you wanted,” he hissed as he moved the silky panties slowly up and down the shaft. Then, he waited for a reaction from Tess. When she looked up at him, he thought he saw a little fear in her eyes. Good! he thought and figured she was about to run out of the room screaming. When she didn’t he said, “Suck it you little prick tease!” That should do it, he thought. 

Tess's eyes were wide as she stared at the throbbing shaft in front of her face. Slowly, her head moved forward and her mouth opened. When her lips closed around the large head, she moaned deep in her throat. 

The teenager had called Mac’s bluff. He gasped as he watched her take his penis into her mouth, the panties hanging uselessly from the shaft now. He knew he should push her away but it felt too good. Instead, he placed his hands on the back of her head, pulling her forward. He watched, as she took more and more of the shaft into her mouth until the head was at the breach of her throat. Mac moaned. 

With a deep intake of breath through her nose, Tess pushed forward, relaxing her throat and letting the large shaft disappear. 

Without thinking, Mac pushed his hips forward and groaned in pleasure as he felt the young girl’s throat caress his shaft. He held Tess's head still for a second or two before he let her pull back to breathe. However, he quickly pulled her forward again, pressing his hips toward her mouth until her lips touched his churning balls. At this point, Mac was on the verge of losing control. He held her hair tightly, pulling her head forward and pumped his hips, literally “fucking” her mouth. He could hear her choking occasionally. However, instead of stopping him, it incensed him and he moved his hips faster.

Suddenly, Tess was having second thoughts about her attempt at seduction. For the first time she thought that she might have gone too far. She wasn’t sure she could control him anymore.

Mac pumped into her mouth until he felt a climax coming on. However, he wasn’t going to let her get away that easy. It took a lot of will power, but he pulled his penis from Tess's surprised mouth, leaving long strings of her saliva hanging from her lips and her gasping for breath. Her eyes were wide with fright. He looked down on her with almost uncontrolled lust in his eyes and then shoved her back on the bed. He quickly grabbed her legs and lifted them. 

Tess squealed as her legs lifted high in the air, her heart pounding in her chest

For just a moment, Mac was ready to plunge into her as he looked at her swollen vagina.

And, Tess thought that he was going to do it. She began to tremble as she looked at the giant penis that was throbbing before her. It looked incredibly swollen and angry. She took a deep breath and then whimpered in surrender. Her legs opened submissively and her eyes closed, waiting for the inevitable. 

Mac hesitated, suddenly coming to his senses. He couldn’t do it. It was too much like he was forcing himself on the young girl, too much like rape. Yet, he needed to teach her a lesson about teasing. Instead of plunging into her, he stepped back and knelt at her feet.

When Tess felt his movement, she opened her eyes and saw him kneeling between her legs. Her eyes opened wide again. She was suddenly relieved and disappointed at the same time. What is he going to do? she wondered as she watched him begin to kiss her thighs. She watched as his lips worked slowly up her thighs. It only took her a second to figure it out as his mouth neared her vagina. Her head began to spin in excitement. Neither Randy, nor any of her other boyfriends, had done this to her. Sure, she acted like she was experienced but in truth she had only dreamed of such a thing. Her breath started to come in great gasps. She could feel her crotch tingling and her juice literally pouring out as his mouth neared. Then his warm breath was on her swollen sex. She waited for what seemed like an eternity. “Ahhhhhheeeeee!!!" she screamed as Mac’s mouth found the wet lips of her sex.

Suddenly, Mac was surrounded in sensual delight. His mouth and nose were buried in the sweet flesh of this young girl and her warm thighs caressed his cheeks. He sucked the swollen lips into his mouth, savoring the cries of pleasure from above. His tongue pressed forward and slid deep into her willing hole. Juice was pouring from the excited young girl now. He held her thighs up so that he could have complete access to her swollen flesh. She tasted sweeter than any girl or woman he had ever eaten. The juice was like an aphrodisiac to him, stimulating his senses and making his penis pulse with excitement. Each time he pulled his tongue out, he pulled more of her sweet juice into his mouth. Then, he would suck and gently chew the tender inner lips.

Suddenly, Tess was going mad with pleasure. She had never felt anything so exciting. While she loved sucking him, it couldn’t compare to the pleasure she was feeling now. It felt like her soul was being pulled into Mac’s sucking mouth. “Ohhhh!!! Ahhhhh!!!” she hissed, unable to bring any words to her lips.

Mac took his time, using all his skill on the young girl. When he felt that she was getting close to climax, he would pull away. Then he would use his fingers to separate the fat inner lips as he licked his tongue up and down the slick skin. He smiled when he felt Tess grab his head and pull him tightly to her pulsing hole. Then suddenly, her legs clamped around his head, almost smothering him in her wet flesh.

“Oh God, oh God, eat me,” she moaned, suddenly finding her voice. “I’m going to… I’m going to… oh yesssss… Ohhhhhhhh!!!” Tess's body tensed and she lifted her hips from the bed. Her body began to shake as a tremendous climax ripped through her. It was like nothing she had ever experienced. Her eyes were closed tightly as her body shook with pleasure. She gasped for breath as one climax followed another and she thought the waves of pleasure were never going to stop.

Mac was surprised at the intensity of the young girl’s climax. Randy must not be that good at eating her, he thought as he continued to suck her until her body lay limp and quivering. 

Finally, when Tess's hands and thighs fell from his head, he pulled back and stood up. His penis was almost bursting with need. One more lesson little girl, he said to himself. Before Tess could recover, he crawled up onto the bed, straddling her stomach, just below her still-exposed breasts. 

Tess opened her eyes as she felt Mac move above her and place his hands on her breasts, squeezing them together. She smiled weakly as she watched him cover his shaft with the flesh of her breasts. The panties were still hanging from his shaft. As she watched, he began to move back and forth, the head of his penis sliding between her breasts and across her raised sweater toward her lips. When his balls touched the underside of her breasts, the head of his penis was a fraction of an inch from her lips. Without hesitation, she lifted her head and took him into her mouth. She sucked until he pulled back. However, his penis was soon back at her lips.

Mac watched his penis slide in and out of her breasts and then in and out of her mouth. When the pleasure got too much for him, he closed his eyes and moaned. As he pulled his penis through the warm flesh of her breasts, he suddenly felt his balls tighten. He wasn’t ready to climax yet but then he felt his sperm begin to rush up the shaft. He wanted it to last longer but the excitement of eating her and still tasting her juice on his lips was too much for him. Suddenly, before he could get the head back to her mouth, it pulsed and began to shoot his cum. Mac moaned half in frustration, as his cum splattered on Tess's surprised face. Then, a perverse thrill went through him as he watched string after string of his thick juice shoot from the head of his penis, covering the surprised girl’s nose, cheeks, mouth and chin. 

Tess squealed in excitement and opened her lips, trying desperately to get the spitting head back into her mouth. Finally, she closed her lips around it, letting the remainder of his warm and thick sperm pool in her mouth. She swallowed and moaned as his cream slid down her throat. Now she knew that she could never get enough of his sweet juice.

As Mac’s penis started to shrink, the guilt began to grow. He watched his soft member slip from her mouth, leaving a dribble of sperm on her already covered chin. Mac slipped to the side and fell on the bed with his eyes closed. Somehow he couldn’t face the young girl and he chastised himself for losing control. His eyes remained closed when he felt the bed move and Tess get up. 

Tess stood up and looked at Mac. When Mac opened his eyes, she reached down and pulled her panties from his soft penis. She smiled as she used the crotch to wipe his dripping sperm from her face. 

Mac gasped when he saw her step into the panties and pull them up her legs. When they were tight to her crotch, she ran her finger up the slit, pressing the sperm covered material between her lips. 

“I guess you liked my cheerleading outfit then,” Tess said with a smile and then left the room.

Mac’s moaned as he watched the sexy girl leave his room. 

Chapter 11

The morning sun broke through the curtains and onto Mac’s sleeping face. Gradually his eyes opened. Suddenly, he realized that it was after eight A.M. He never slept this late. He jumped out of bed, put a robe on and hurried to the bathroom. When he looked in the mirror, it appeared that he had a hang over. His eyes were red and he looked haggard. He concluded that it was from the guilt and embarrassment he felt from losing control last night. Still, he could feel a twitch in his penis when he thought of Tess. He shook his head and then washed his face in cold water and took another shower. Then, he quickly dressed and slipped the shoulder strap of his holstered weapon over his head and fit it snuggly under his arm. It was funny but the pistol so close to his body always made him feel better. Almost like he was in control again. Then he thought about last night and he shook his head in dismay. These two women aren’t the enemy, he thought. They were two strong willed and incredibly sexy, but tiny women. How could he let things get so out of control? 

When Mac walked into the kitchen, Tess and Angela were already eating breakfast.

“Well, it’s about time sleepyhead,” Angela said with a laugh.

“Sorry,” Mac said sheepishly. “I’m not sure why that happened. I’m always up before dawn.”

Tess took a bite of food to keep from smiling. Her eyes caught Mac’s with a knowing glance.

Angela asked, “So, what’s on the agenda for your prisoners today?” 

“I’m sorry to keep you ladies cooped up but you can never be too careful.” Mac didn’t want to scare them with what he had learned yesterday. However, he felt that they were taking the situation too lightly.

“Come on Uncle Mac, can’t we go out somewhere and have some fun?” 

Angela got up from the table and started to clear the dishes.

“Tess we’ve been over this…” Mac said and stopped in mid-sentence. As he stared through the large window, he saw a glint of reflecting light coming from the woods outside the fence. Suddenly he was on his feet and diving toward Angela. One second after he hit her, the glass in the breakfast room shattered and then a large mirror cracked behind them. 

Tess screamed as she was splattered with flying glass.

“Get down,” Mac screamed to Tess. She fell out of the chair onto the floor as other things in the room began to explode. “Stay on the floor,” Mac ordered as he crawled across the floor until he reached the kitchen door. He turned and slid his cell phone across the floor to Angela. “Call 911. They’ll know what to do.” With that, Mac dove through the door to the outside deck as a silent round shattered the window in the door behind him. With a swiftness that came from years of experience, Mac rolled across the deck until he could dive off the edge and behind a row of hedges. In his planning, Mac had outlined a route for just such a contingency.

Angel and Tess huddled on the kitchen floor in each other’s arms, sobbing. The police said to stay put and they would be there in a few minutes.

Mac knew that he had to work fast or whoever was out there would get into the house. His mind worked quickly as he ran from the hedges to the woods. He figured that there were at least two shooters, one in back and one in front, but probably more. Now in the safety of the woods, he ran swiftly, his weapon in his hand. There was no fear in his actions. Experience had taken over and he was on automatic pilot. 

He circled around the route he figured someone would take if they were trying to sneak up on the house. As he came out of the woods, he saw an SUV sitting off the road and hidden behind some bushes. He quickly noted that the vehicle could hold five people so he figured that was the maximum number he was dealing with. He approached the car carefully, looking around him then at the dirt on the ground. There were two sets of footprints on one side of the vehicle and two on the other. Four of them, he thought as he pulled a knife from his ankle sheath and slashed two of the tires. 

Quickly, Mac moved to follow the footprints of two of the occupants of the car. He stopped suddenly when he saw a man with an automatic weapon standing with his back to him. He had apparently been left to guard the Jeep. As Mac approached quietly, he saw that the man was relieving himself. He unceremoniously hit him in the back of the head with the butt of his gun. He fell to the ground with a thud. Mac picked up the weapon. It was an AR 16, a weapon Mac was very familiar with. Mac holstered his pistol and looked down at the guy. He didn’t like it, but he had to leave the guy there. He hastily tied his hands behind his back with his belt. However, he knew that it wouldn’t hold him long.

Further into the woods, two men huddled together. “Did… gasp… did you… gasp… see where he went?” the brawny guy said to his partner as he gasped for breath.

“No, he disappeared into the woods. We better get Nick and get out of here. The cops will crawling all over this place any minute.”

“I think Nick was heading for the house.” 

Mac crouched behind a tree, watching the two criminals talk. He couldn’t quite make out what they were saying. He picked up a large stick and threw it into the woods behind them. 

Both men turned toward the sound at the same time and opened fire. The two weapons spit lead into the bushes, tearing limbs from trees and destroying the foliage. The silencers on the two weapons made a thud instead of a bang. 

“Drop your weapons!” Mac yelled.

Both men turned toward Mac at the same time.

For Mac, it was like everything was happening in slow motion. He was as calm as he had ever been. The calmness was a result of years of training and discipline. It was why he had been a good cop and soldier. He watched with crystal clarity as both men raised their weapons. It only took Mac two shots with the AR 16 and both men were down with bullets in their chests. 

From a distance, Mac heard the sirens and knew the cops would be there in a minute or two. However, he couldn’t wait. He figured that there was one criminal left and he could be in the house. Mac pulled his handgun from his holster and then smashed the rifle against a tree, rendering it useless. Then, he rushed back toward the house. He could see several police cars heading for the gate as he ran full speed through the woods and into the opening. While he knew that it was dangerous to be out in the open, he had no choice; it was the quickest route to the house. He ran with lightening speed across the grass, up the steps and into the house, hitting the button to open the security gate for the cops as he went. Mac turned the corner to the living room and looked through the door to the kitchen. He saw Tess and Angela still huddled on the floor and he sighed with relief. However, as he turned back toward the hall, he saw something out of the corner of his eye. He heard the thud and felt the hot lead as it grazed his cheek. In the same instant, he fired his handgun, catching the guy in the stomach and throwing him against the spiral staircase and then to the floor.

At the same moment, two cops burst through the front door with weapons drawn. Instantly, they saw the guy on the floor and Mac walking toward them with his weapon drawn. Fortunately, they knew Mac.

Mac looked at them and said in a calm voice, “Hi sarge!”

“What the hell is going on here?” the sergeant asked breathlessly.

“I think we found our contract killers. They took a shot at Mrs. Rhinehold and her daughter. They’re both okay,” he said nodding to the kitchen behind him. 

Just then, Angela and Tess came up behind Mac. 

“How many are there?” the sergeant asked still wary of the situation.

“There are two in the woods that are probably dead, one still unconscious, I think, near the car and this one here. I believe that’s all. But I can’t be sure.” 

The sergeant used his radio to let the other officers know the situation. They radioed back that they had found the two dead guys and caught the other one trying to get away in the car with two flat tires.

“Roger that… thanks,” the sergeant said and then turned to Mac. “We’ll have them fan out around the place and check for anymore bodies.” A smile crossed his lips as he looked at his old friend. “You’ve still got it I guess.” 

“I’m not sure sarge. I think I’ve lost a little in my reflexes,” Mac said as he reached for his bloody cheek. “If he had been a better shot…”

“Maybe so,” the sergeant said and both men laughed in relief. 

The cops turned the victim on the floor onto his back. He was still breathing but losing a lot of blood. They radioed for a medavac. 

Mac turned to Angela and Tess and smiled. Both of them looked frazzled and there was a look of shock on their faces. 

“Your face,” Angela cried. 

The long scrape on Mac’s cheek was dripping blood. He reached up and touched it again. “It’s nothing. I’ve had worse in bar fights.”

“Hurry, get me a wet towel,” Angela told Tess. Then she led Mac over to a chair and sat him down, using her dress to catch the blood dripping from his chin. Tess was back in a second with a wet towel. Angela used it to clean the blood from Mac’s cheek and neck. Fortunately, once the blood was gone, she could see that it was just a graze and wouldn’t require stitches. “We need to get a bandage on this. Come with me to the bathroom,” Angela said, pulling Mac from the chair and toward the upstairs bathroom. 

“Angela, it’s nothing,” Mac complained. “I have to help check out the house.”

“The cops are here. They can take care of things now,” she said, dragging him up the stairs. “We need to get something on that.” 

Mac sighed and said, “I’ll just add it to my collection of scars. Gives me character you know.”

“Well, it’s still bleeding and it’ll get infected if we don’t do something,” Angela said as she took Mac into the bathroom and had him sit in front of the vanity. Then, she knelt and quickly cleaned the wound, putting some antiseptic on it before covering it with a bandage. When she was done, she stayed at Mac’s feet and looked up at him as she took his hand in hers. There were tears in her eyes and she was trembling. “Mac, how can I ever thank you? You saved both of our lives.”

“It was my job,” Mac said, uncomfortable with the compliment. Suddenly, he felt like Roy Rodgers in a hokey western. “Ah shucks ma’am, weren’t nothing!” he said in an attempt at humor. 

Angela brought his hand up and pressed it to her cheek, ignoring his humor. “Tess and I thought this was all a big joke. We never believed that anyone would really try to harm us. Thank God you took it seriously. No more games Mac. I’m so sorry.”

Mac was about to ask her what she meant by “No more games.” However, before he could ask, the sergeant came into the bathroom.

“Mac, we need you. We have a shit load… sorry ma’am… a lot of paper work to do with you.”

“All right, I’ll come down to the station with you. You’ll leave a few guys here?” 

“How about ten. That should equal one of you,” the sergeant laughed.


At police headquarters, Mac filled out all the forms, identified the perpetrators and told his story ten times. While it was a lot of work, it felt like old times at the station. Old friends came from everywhere to say hello and get the scoop, laughing and sharing their own war stories. Finally, the Captain pried him away from the crowd and arranged for him to go see the Judge. 

Judge Rhinehold was gravely concerned when he had heard about the attempt on Angela and Tess's life. He had called Angela right away, hoping to settle her down. He was surprised to find her very calm. Her calmness actually helped to settle his nerves. However, when he thought of what could have happened… well, he didn’t really want to think about it. He knew that Angela or Tess might not have been alive if he hadn’t convinced Mac to watch over them. 

When Mac walked into the room and saw Judge Rhinehold, he became concerned. He looked paler then the last time he saw him and he seemed to have lost weight in just the past few days. 

The two men embraced and then the Judge ordered drinks for them as they sat in the living room. “How’s the cheek?” the Judge asked.

“It’s nothing.”

“I knew I was right about you all along,” the Judge said as they smoked a cigar and drank their brandies.

“I just got lucky,” Mac said, trying to make light of the situation.

“It was more than luck and you know it. Listen Mac,” the Judge said and stopped as he broke into a fit of coughing. 

Mac got up quickly and started to pat him on the back.

“I’m alright. It’s these damned cigars. The doctor told me to quit smoking them.”

Mac started to say, “Why don’t you quit” but then he thought of the Judge’s admission of his shortened life span and stopped.

The Judge smiled at him and said, “It’s about the only thing I have left.” He sat back and looked at Mac. “I hope this trial doesn’t go much longer.” 

The unspoken implication of that comment seemed to be that the Judge thought he might not make it to the end. Mac grew even more concerned. 

Then the Judge continued. “I think after what happened today that they may cop a plea. Which I will accept but I want the district attorney to press for attempted murder. I think the DA’s got these guys now.”

The two men fell silent, drinking their brandy and smoking. 

Quite a few brandies later, Mac said he had to get back. The Judge said he understood and led him to the door.

“Thanks again Mac. I owe you big time.”

“You don’t owe me anything Judge.”

They shook hands warmly and Mac walked out the door. He waved as he rode away in the squad car. 

When he arrived home, it was after midnight and there were still four squad cars outside. The house was like a fortress now. Mac said hello to the cops outside, stopping to talk for a few minutes and then he went into the house. He was somewhat relieved to see that the upstairs was dark and the house was quiet. He went to his room and undressed and crawled into bed. However, when he tried to sleep, it was impossible; too much had happened and his mind was racing with the events of the day.

Mac was lying on his back with the covers down to his waist, his hands behind his head and his eyes closed when he heard the bedroom door open. He didn’t open his eyes because he knew it was Tess. While he dreaded it, he was also somehow relieved. He really didn’t want to be alone tonight. 

He felt the blankets being raised and her naked body slip in the bed next to him. Then, he felt her breasts and warm body pressing to his side as she snuggled into his arm. Mac sighed and moaned “Tess,” as he felt her hand on his chest, slowly sliding down his body. However, his hands remained behind his head as if he were unable to move them. By the time her hand reached his penis, it was already hard. A sigh escaped his lips as she squeezed him. When he started to protest again, her lips pressed to his.

Suddenly, he opened his eyes and pushed her back. Something was very different about the kiss. “Angela,” he hissed in total surprise.

“Shhhh!” she said as her hand came up to caress his bandaged cheek. Then she drew his lips to hers again, pressing her tongue into his surprised mouth. When she pulled away, she whispered, “God Mac, I need you tonight.”

“Angela…” he moaned.

“No more games Mac. I need you to fuck me. Please fuck me,” she whispered, her hand pulling his face toward her again. “God, I’ve dreamed about this for three years,” she said and pressed her lips to his. Her hand moved back to his now throbbing penis. “I need this in me,” she said squeezing him for emphasis. “You know, it’s been almost three years since I’ve been fucked. And even then it wasn’t satisfying.”

“Angela,” Mac protested again but let her push him back again. Slowly, she began to kiss down his body. Mac reached for her head but he no longer tried to stop her, he simply held her head as it moved lower. “Ohhhh!” he moaned when her lips circled the swollen head of his penis. He could feel her tongue laving the head as her warm mouth enveloped him. Without a conscious thought, his hips began to push upward and his hands pushed her head downward. 

Angela took as much as she could inside her mouth and then pulled back when she began to gag. “I can’t take you all the way in but I do other things pretty well,” she whispered, looking up at him.

A crazy thought went through Mac’s head. Could she be referring to Tess's ability to take him all the way? However, the thought was quickly gone as Angela began to lick him, running her tongue up and down the shaft. When her tongue reached the sensitive area just below the crown, she paused, flicking just the tip of her tongue against the stretched skin. It was such a light touch that it almost felt like he was imagining it. However, it continued until his legs began to twitch with pleasure. Then she abruptly stopped and moved down to his testicles. She opened her mouth and took one inside, gently sucking it as her tongue covered the wrinkled surface. 

Mac was going mad with desire as she teased him.

She sucked the other large orb into her mouth before letting it slide out. Then she took one inside again. When both balls were dripping with her saliva, her tongue slid down and under to touch the skin just below. 

Mac squirmed as she tickled the sensitive area and he twitched again in pleasure. “God Angela,” Mac moaned as he felt his twin sacks began to tighten. He felt like he was close to climax and she wasn’t even touching his penis. Then, Mac tensed as he felt her finger slowly begin to slide into his anal passage.

Angela smiled as she felt Mac tense. She pulled his penis to her mouth and sucked as the finger began to move in and out. 

Now, Mac was gasping for breath as her finger massaged his swollen prostate. He was certain he was going to spill his seed when she abruptly pulled her finger from his clinching hole.

Angela moved back up his body, stopping to kiss the hot skin of his stomach and chest. When she was over him and her naked body pressed to his, she lifted one large, soft breast and brought it to his mouth. Now it was her turn to moan as Mac began to suck the hard nipple inside. When Angela felt she couldn’t take any more she removed that breast and fed him the other. Soon, she was squirming in need as she laid top of him. “Oh Jesus, fuck me! Fuck me now!” Angela gasped and flipped over onto her back, pulling Mac with her. 

A second later, Mac was over Angela and her legs were spread wide. He bent his head to her and kissed her passionately, no longer able to pretend that he didn’t want it as badly as she did. He could feel her soft and warm flesh quivering under him. His penis lay throbbing on her stomach. 

Finally, Mac lifted his hips until his penis slipped down and was barely touching her swollen vagina.

Angela reached down and grasped the large tool. She had never had anything so big in her before. That, plus the fact that it had been years since she had had a real penis, made her shiver with excitement and just a touch of fear. Then she had a moment of doubt as the swollen tip slipped between the fat outer lips of her already wet vagina. She spread her legs wider, letting Mac center his penis on her hole.  (next part 5)
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