"Stories 18+" Decent Family P1

Stories 18+ Decent Family P1
Isn't it funny how one little incident can change your life forever? Sometimes you don't recognize it, and you just go on about your busy life without noticing that your universe has been knocked out of its orbit. When I found the hoard of pornography hidden behind my son, Brad's desk, I was surprised only because I wasn't expecting to find it. A little part of me was disappointed in him of course but I quickly got over that. He's 18, I told myself, and I'm not so naïve that I don't know that young men looked at porn. It was just the nature of the pornography that really threw me. All the magazines contained only stories about incest!

I've been divorced from Brad's father for four years and they have not been the easiest of times for the two of us. I have absolutely no contact with anyone on my Ex-husbands side of the family and my parents were divorced when I was five. My mother died years ago and I haven't seen my father since I was 14. I was told he had remarried and lived on the west coast. Brad of course has never even met his grandfather so he has missed the support that an extended family could bring when times were tough. My fears that Brad would not cope well with our divorce pretty much came true. He was acting up and acted out for years before our divorce was finalized and it didn't get any better after his father and I separated. He was constantly getting into trouble at school. If it wasn't drinking, it was drugs or girls or other mischief. 

We had both been to counseling and that helped. Over the last half year or so, since Brad graduated from high school this past June, I had seen my son gradually change from an angry young boy to the well-behaved and responsible young man that any mother would be proud of. Despite his problems at school, he had graduated, but just barley and had been forced to take summer courses to get his grades up so he could at least apply to the local community college this fall. When I saw how hard he worked at his summer school classes I figured our life together had changed for the best. Finding his stash of these disturbing incest magazines brought those good feelings to a screeching halt.

During counseling, we had both learned how to effectively communicate with each other without yelling or judging each other. I struggled to remember those skills as I looked at what I had found in his room. I thought maybe I had become too much of a friend and not enough of a mother to him. I worried I had failed him in some way; why else would he have this type of porn? What was going through his head, I wondered, when it came to his obvious interest in incest. I might have accepted mainstream porn, men's magazines with pictures of women and such and accepted that as a fact of life that all boys enjoy looking at naked women. I don't approve of that but I wouldn't have been so surprised or confused by his choice of pornography. 

What drew my son to incest, I wondered. I'm no prude. I have my own brand of erotica that I enjoy reading. I read summer love novels and fantasize about the male hunks that all women love to dream about. At 43, I consider myself to have a normal and healthy appreciation for sex and considerer masturbation normal and healthy. I've dated little since my divorce and when I have, I've chosen my partners carefully. I put raising my son above my own needs. Now I was worried that I had failed him in some way. 

I knew I needed to talk to him about what I found. Doing nothing or worse, condemning him for his interest in incest would only pull us apart again. I was determined to use the tools I had learned in counseling. I was going to sit him down and talk to him about it. I left all but one of his incest magazines on top of his desk. The other one I took with me to the kitchen and sat down and looked through it to see if I could understand his fascination with this subject. There were very few pictures and only a few dirty cartoons scattered thought out the magazine. The bulk of the magazine consisted of stories about families having sex together. As I thumbed through the pages I thought about what incest was; having sex with a family member. It had such a dirty and forbidden connotation in our society, and certainly nothing my son had ever been exposed to. I had kissed a few male cousins, had adolescent crushes that really seemed to be more fun than incest. 

The magazine was divided up into different sections, each one involving family sex. There were chapters on siblings having sex together, aunts and uncles with nephews and niece's, cousins, grandparents (that was really weird), whole families and parents fucking sons and daughters. I had no idea if my son was more interested in one group of stories over another, except for one dog-eared page in the parent/children's section. This section told about son's having sex with their mother's, and daughters having sex with their fathers, and seemed to have been read been more thoroughly than the others. It made me wonder if my son had thoughts about having sex with me. I couldn't recall one instance of inappropriate behavior on his part towards me but I knew I would have to reexamine our home life.

I was determined to find out what the fascination was for my son about incest so I read all six stories in the chapter about parents having sex with their children. Sometimes the children were quite young but most of the time they were teenagers. They weren't very well written but I had to admit they were stimulating. Rough and coarse words such as cunt, fuck, pussy, tits, cock and dick seemed to be favorite ways to describe male and female body parts and love making. Even so, I found myself more than a little flushed and excited by the time I had finished the last story. I continued to read more from the other chapters. Other than the stories about whole families having sex together, I wasn't particularly interested in reading more. I tried to imagine Brad reading about a mother and son having sex and getting turned on by that. I wondered again if he thought about me that way or was it just harmless fantasy. It made me a little uncomfortable because I felt I should feel disgusted by such an idea... but disturbingly I wasn't. 

It was still almost an hour before Brad was due home so I got another magazine from his collection and read that one too. I like getting turned on, what woman doesn't? But I surprised myself by how turned on I got as I read. With more than a fair amount of guilt, I unzipped my slacks and slipped my hand over my panties and masturbated as I read. I wasn't reading with my son in mind, it's just that the stories were beginning to excite me in their own dirty little way. I justified these feelings and my masturbating as normal carnal desires. I was definitely enjoying myself by the time I finished the second book. I had started out just rubbing my pussy over my underwear but by the end of the second book, my slacks and my panties were down around my ankles. I was enjoying myself as I lightly touched my clit and fingering myself as I read about a father and daughter fucking. The son and mother eventually became involved and the story ended with the parent's having sex with both children. I had one fantastic orgasm and was working on a second one when I heard Brad at the front door. 

"Hi mom, I've got the mail," I heard my son call out as he came in. 

"I'm in the kitchen honey," I told him as I quickly withdrew my hand from my pussy and scrambled to pull my slacks up. I just barely made it. I slipped the magazine onto the chair beside me. I knew my face was probably flushed from masturbating and I consciously tried to get my heart to slow down before Brad saw me. "Would you come in here honey?" I didn't want him going to his room and seeing his collection of magazines on his desk until I had talked to him.

"Hi mom," my son greeted me with a kiss on the cheek before he threw the mail onto the table; he didn't seem to notice how agitated I was. "Looks like that one's from dad's attorney," he said, pointing to a letter. He didn't try to hide the contempt in his voice. "Probably wants more money," He commented sarcastically.

I subtly checked my zipper and the buttons on my blouse to make sure everything was in place. "Honey, I thought we agreed you wouldn't talk that way about your father. He loves you and my problems with him have nothing to do with you." I reminded him, careful not to feed his anger for his father. "Your dad loves you very much," I said by rote. It had been almost six months since his father had even called.

"He's a jerk mom and you know it. Go ahead and open it. I bet I'm right. He wants more money from you." He said as he went to the refrigerator and got himself a soda.

"Shit," I said under my breath as I read the letter. Brad was right; it was from my ex's attorney. In lawyer speak, it was always addressed to me by my full name, Mrs. Angela Hunt and it went on to say that my ex-husband was requesting a hearing so he could get more money from me. I still kick myself for not having the prenuptial agreement my lawyer suggested before I married. I was the one with the successful business and my ex was trying to bleed me dry. I hated it as much as Brad did but I promised Brad's father that I wouldn't badmouth him in front of his son.

"Was I right? Dad wants more money for his cheap girlfriends, doesn't he? He's such a looser mom." Brad said as he slumped in the chair across from me. "Don't give him another dime." Brad was wearing silk jogging shorts and a well-worn t-shirt. His muscular arms and chest heaved as he stewed about his father. 

He was right but he and I had other things to talk about. "Honey, we have more important things to talk about than your dad." I put the letter back in the envelope and worked up the courage to talk about his incest magazines. 

"Important? What Mom?" Brad fumed, his anger still focused on his father's letter. 

"This honey." I picked up the magazine from the chair beside me and slide it across the table to him. "I was cleaning in your room and accidentally came across your collection." I tried not to make it sound like I was being judgmental. His interest in incest was what I wanted to talk to him about. I wanted him to know I knew about them and that as his mother and friend, we needed to talk about them.

"Oh shit," he said muttered, embarrassed, as he stared at the front cover of the magazine. The title, "Family Fun, stories of loving families," stared up at him. An innocent looking young girl was being screwed by an older man was on the cover to the magazine. The look of joy on the girls face told its own story. 

I stifled my laugh at his reaction. "Yes, oh shit is probably what I would have said too," I said and covered my face so he wouldn't see me trying to suppress a smile. His reaction really was funny and I actually felt sorry for him. "I'm sorry honey, I wasn't snooping," I told him when I was able to be serious again. "I accidentally knocked some things off the back of your desk and when I moved it to retrieve them, I found your magazines." I wasn't apologizing for finding them but I wanted him to know I knew about them and wanted to talk about them.

Brad looked crushed as he sat across from me. "I'm sorry mom... I, ah I won't... " He left his words hanging in the air.

"Honey, you're18 almost grown up and you really don't need to apologize to me for what you read. It's not as if these are illegal... " I reached over and turned the magazine so it was facing me. "I know boys... young men your age," and women my age I silently thought, "look at adult magazines and pictures and read lots of different things." I started to loose track of what I wanted to say as my mind drifted back to the story of the mother and son I had just been masturbating over. I was having difficulty focusing, especially since my pussy had been denied its second orgasm. "I'm not saying it's wrong, I... I, well I just wonder if I should be concerned about the content and that you have so many of these magazines."

"I don't have that many," he defensively said.

"Honey, you have a dozen or so and they are all about the same subject; incest." I corrected him. "I think that qualifies as a lot." 

Brad got more defensive. "So what? I like reading porn," He bluntly stated but averted my eyes.

To break the ice before this got out of hand, I chuckled lightly. "I kind of figured that out." I didn't want him thinking he had to defend himself but I wanted him to tell me about his interest. "This isn't just porn honey," I held up the magazine. "It's incest." I looked at the cover and smiled inwardly as I recalled reading it only a few minutes ago.

Brad looked sheepishly up at me, hoping it was ok if he smiled since I had made a little joke. "I'm sorry mom." 

"I know you are baby, but you don't have to be and I think what you really mean is that you're sorry I found them." I couldn't help but smirk at my own humor. "Well I did find them, and now I think we need to talk about them. 

"What's there to talk about mom? I like this kind of stuff and I read it. What more do you want me to say?" He was getting defensive again and refused to look at me. I didn't want him to shut down on me.

"Brad honey, I know talking about sex with your mother isn't the easiest thing in the world but it isn't easy for me either. I'm just wondering, since it's out in the open now, if you want to talk about it with me. All those months in therapy together gave us the tools to use when we need to talk, let's use them, ok?" I was throwing him a lifeline and hoped he took it.

Slowly Brad opened up to me. "It's not really a big deal mom. I just like reading about that kind of stuff." He started. "It excites me." Redness crept up his neck.

"By stuff you, of course, mean incest." I was going to insist he call it what it was.

Brad let out a big sigh and nodded. "Ok, yes mom, I like reading and thinking about incest." This time he looked up and met my eyes. "I get turned on by reading it," he told me. 

I couldn't help but notice how flushed his neck and face were, and as charming as I found that, I wasn't going to let him stop talking about his interest in incest yet. "Now that wasn't so difficult was it," I smiled and playfully kicked him under the table. A perverse pleasure swept over me at hearing him tell me how it turned him on. It turned me on too. The dampness between my legs was proof enough that I also found reading incest exciting. 

"Yes it was." He said a little sarcastically, but he still managed a little grin. He was feeling a little better now that he knew I wasn't mad or disgusted with him.

I laughed and so did he. "I guess it was." I smiled and touched his hand. "Honey, it's just that incest is so... well it's not like other pornography where you look at pictures of women or read stories about things and then think about them and... masturbate." I knew referring to masturbation wouldn't embarrass him since we'd talked about how normal it was for anyone to do. "But this is about family members having sex together and I guess I need to know if... if you just enjoyed reading about it or if there was more... " The air in the kitchen grew heavy as I waited for Brad to answer. I had to know if he thought about having sex with me.

Brad took his time answering and when he finally did, he ignored my pointed question but at least kept talking. "I guess that's why I like reading about it mom, because it is family and it's so totally wrong but at the same time its exciting and... and I like jerking off when I read it." 

I couldn't help but laugh. ""Thank you for being so graphic. Well we really have come a long way for you to admit mastur... jerking off, as you call it. You know I think that's healthy... to talk about it." I almost laughed again. I really wanted to know if he thought about me when he jerked off. I hesitantly asked. "Do you think about... me when you ah... when you jerk off?" 

Brad's eyes were fixed on the table when he answered. "Yes." 

A sexual rush gripped my pussy when he admitted that. "I see," I said as I tried to control my emotions. Why did that excite me so much? "Well, I guess I should be flattered." I said and brushed my long brown hair out of my eyes. "I actually took the time to read a few of the stories to get an idea what they were all about." I wanted him to know I had read what he masturbated to. 

"And?" Brad said looking slyly at me.

"And what?" I asked, suddenly feeling the tables were being turned on me a little.

"And did you like them?" He asked smugly. 

"I wish now that I hadn't reminded you about your coping skills," I said and felt myself blush. I had enjoyed them but I knew I couldn't tell him that. 

"You're not answering the question Mom. You're avoiding. Did you like them?" He asked seriously. He was enjoying the fact that he had deflected some of the heat from himself and sent it back to me.

"This isn't about what I like or don't like. We're talking about you. I read them to see what they were about and what about them turned you on... " I tried my best not to think about him thinking about me and masturbating as he read them.

"And did you find out mom?"

"Stop it. I'm the one that's asking the questions," I covered my mouth so he wouldn't see me stifling a smile but he was too perceptive. Mischief danced in his eyes. 

"You're avoiding the question again Mom," Brad pointed out as he pushed me more than I was comfortable with.

"I'm not answering that because this is about you and your interest in incest... " I stared him down and was pleased when I made him break eye contact with me. "But I will tell you what I thought about them if you want," I squeezed my legs together to control the rush surging through my pussy. "They aren't very well written but I can understand why the stories,... why you like them." I admitted. I sat there with a straight face. I was determined not to smile or laugh. 

"See, now that wasn't so difficult was it?" He laughed; knowing he had backed me into a corner. He got me to admit I enjoyed them. When Brad stood, I couldn't help but notice how his shorts had crept up around his crotch. He had what looked like the start of a hard-on and seeing it made my mouth dry.

He was exasperating but I loved him for being himself. "Look honey," I said when I felt I had gained my composure again. "You can read them all you want. I won't tell you you can't, that would be silly," I admitted. "And now that I know you have them, it would be silly of you to have to hide them." I hadn't expected this conversation to go this way but since it had I decided to press on. For reasons of its own, my pussy was starting to tingle and it was getting impossible to ignore. Something in me loved knowing he fantasized about me when he read them. "Since you said you think about us having sex, I guess you like the chapters on parents and children?" I had to press my legs even tighter together and as I tried to suppress another bolt of sexual excitement. I wanted to hear him tell me again how he thought of me when he masturbated. 

Brad tilted his head back and finished his soda and delayed answering for a moment. When he did, it was all I could do not to reach between my legs and touch myself. "I like the ones about mother's and sons and whole families." He fidgeted with the magazine, nervously spinning it on the table in front of us. "I like thinking about you and me doing it mom. Does that upset you?" He suddenly seemed very confident of himself.

"Oh," I said softly under my breath. "Yes... I mean no, it doesn't upset me or... worry me as much as it did a few minutes ago." My voice trailed off as I thought about that. I wasn't upset; on the contrary, I actually felt very excited. I watched him play with the magazine and I lost myself in thought as I reminded myself why I was so damp between my legs. I hadn't had time to dry myself off after masturbating and I could feel my secretions soaking through my panties. I turned my head so I wouldn't have to look him in the eyes when I mentioned that text books had been written about this subject, "They say it's normal for sons to think about making love to their mothers." I didn't know much more than that but I felt it was important to mention. My pussy contracted and it took all my will power to hold myself still as I visualized making love with my son... committing incest with him. 

A big smile covered Brad's face. "I guess I'm pretty normal then, Mom. I think about making love to you, a lot." His frank statement shocked and thrilled me. "I guess you think I'm a pervert or something."

I had to clinch my pussy muscles and I noticeably shook and worried that Brad would realize what was happening to me. I had to work to control my shaky voice when I stood and went to him. I touched his cheek and told him. "I don't think you're a pervert. You're my son and I love you." I was aware of how close our bodies were when Brad stood up. "I guess I should feel flattered that you think that way about me." I was speaking to his chest, not daring to look into his eyes. I could feel the heat from his body and it made me nervous. "I just never imagined you felt that way about me." I wanted to feel repulsed by the idea but deep down I was actually enjoying the idea that he had fantasies about me. It made me feel young and wanted again. 

"You should feel flattered mom. You're just so beautiful and I can't help it if I think about you that way." Brad said honestly. He touched my hair and softly told me. "I don't feel this way about anyone else." 

I could feel myself blushing. Was this all my fault? Have I been too permissive? Maybe it was how I dressed at home. I often left my bedroom door open when I changed and frequently only wore bra and panties when I was rushing about in the morning. Was I unintentionally fueling his fires? Was I the cause of all this? "It's my fault." I blurted out. I wanted there to be a reason for his feelings towards me. I had a need to fix this problem. I sat down and tried to blame myself for his feelings. 

Brad came around the table and hugged me from behind. "No mom, it isn't your fault. It's me. I'm the sicko. You've never done anything wrong. I'm in love with who you are." He said as he wrapped his arms lovingly around me and hugged me tightly. He had my arms lightly pinned as he cajoled me "You're perfect mom, it's me. I'm sorry if I've upset you." Brad kissed my hair and sighed. "You can't help it if you're so beautiful and you have such a sicko for a son."

His arms felt wonderful and I sensed the tension of the moment passing. I was relieved we had gotten through this crisis. "You haven't upset me honey and you know I'm not perfect, far from it and I certainly don't think you're a sicko." I smiled inwardly and put my hands over his strong arms and ran them over them, enjoying how muscular he felt. Not surprisingly, the burning sensation between my legs came back. I closed my eyes and pictured him jerking off while he thought about making love to me; his mother and I became wetter. "Any other woman would love to have such a handsome young man fantasizing about her. Honey, if I wasn't your mother, I might just make you back up all that flattery." We were back being our playful selves again but I didn't recognize that this was far from being over.

Brad sighed and hugged me tighter, "But if it wasn't you Mom, I wouldn't be interested. I know that sounds weird but that's why they call it incest. That's why it turns me on so much, making love to my own mother." He whispered and softly nuzzled my neck. 

How could I have forgotten? It was more than just having a crush on me. It was also about how forbidden incest was. And then, as if awakening from a sleep, I became aware of the electrically charged air and how intimate the two of us were right now. Brad's warm breath on my neck and his arms around me weren't a son's touch anymore. I almost panicked. "Brad honey, you have to stop that, or... " I laughed nervously and moved my neck away from his warm lips, trying to distance myself from them. I instinctively moved to free myself from his arms, but only managed to push them down around my waist. I was definitely not in control anymore. I don't know how this had turned so intimate but it had and I grew alarmed when I realized how my body was responding to my son's lips and touch. 

"Or what mom? Brad asked as he tightened his arms around my waist and kissed my neck again. His lips sent shivers through my body. His kisses grew longer and more sensuous. I felt his tongue as he trailed it over my neck. It was a lover's kiss. "I love you so much Mom." He murmured into my ear.

His kisses and words made me shiver. "Or nothing!" I exasperatedly gasped as a hot rush flowed down my neck and went directly to my pussy. What was happening to me? I shouldn't be letting him touch me like this. "You have to stop that right this minute or you're going to be in so much trouble mister." I was trying to sound serious but I don't think I was succeeding. 

"I will Mom, but I just want to show you how much I love you and how beautiful I think you are." His open palms pressed against the flat of my stomach and I sensed how close his fingers were to the underside of my breasts. "I'll stop anytime you tell me to, Mom." He said as he nibbling behind my ear. I shook all over. His voice dropped an octave and became husky and sensual. "You taste delicious Mom." 

I laughed nervously as he sent shivers through me. "Then stop now!" I said with more feeling than I actually felt. I was confused and upset with myself when I didn't make him stop. The warmth and pressure from his hands so near my breasts was incredibly erotic. I was wearing a bra and wished I wasn't. I knew what was happening was wrong but I couldn't help myself. It was as if a switch had been turned off to my brain and another one turned on to my pussy. I took Brad's hands in mine and held them, knowing that what I wanted was wrong. I had the ability to stop this but not the willpower. I held his hands just below my breasts and moved them over the flat of my stomach. "Please honey, you should stop," I was practically purring when his lips found the tender area right behind my ear and his hands brushed the underside of my bra and breasts. 

"How come I don't think you want me to stop Mom?" Brad asked as he inched his hands upward until he was cupping the underside of my breasts. "Do you really want me to stop Mom? Tell me and I will." He held his hands still but the pressure and warmth from them was still incredibly delicious. When I didn't push them away he only grew bolder. He lifted my breasts and felt their fullness. He was driving me crazy. "I've always wanted to do this Mom?" His hands covered my breasts as he explored them.

I wanted to tell him to stop but couldn't. The heat coming from his hands felt incredible and I gasped as he curled his fingers over each of my breasts and possessively massaged them through my bra. "No, no, Brad, you shouldn't do that," I moaned coarsely and arched my back; exposing even more of my neck for his hot lips. I wanted him to stop but it was as if my will to think straight was gone. I brought my hands up and covered his and half-heartedly tried to pull them away. "No Brady, this is so wrong. I... I... ah... I don't want you to do this. Please honey, you have to stop." My words were devoid of conviction as I held my hands over his. I let him touch me, and it felt wonderful... it felt right. My heart was pounding; it was difficult to sit still as my pussy contracted with spasms of desire for him. "Brad honey, you have to stop." I weakly moaned as he passionately kissed my neck and ears. 

"I will mom, as soon as I know you really want me to stop." He nuzzled my neck again and kissed me with his hot lips; his hot tongue found my ear lobe and washed it. "You're so beautiful and you make me so horny Mom." He felt my body react to his words and hands and he took my silence to continue. He used his thumbs to find my hard nipples and electrified them every so lightly until each were rock hard. He cupped each breast and massaged them. "And these are so beautiful Mom." He kept kissing my neck and ears and I melted when he told me, "I think about them all the time, Mom. I think about how big they are and how full and firm they feel right now. I jack-off thinking about them Mom. Does that upset you?" He asked innocently.

"Ahhh," I moaned. "No, no, no... it doesn't upset me." I purred as I thought about his cock. I let him touch me for several long seconds before I tried to come to my senses. I knew it was wrong but it felt so right and I didn't want it to stop. "Stop Brad. I'm your mother, this is all so wrong." I feebly said, and tried to push his hands from my breasts. I realized that reminding him I was his mother only fueled his thoughts of incest for me. I couldn't help myself when I said it again. Brad held my breasts even harder when I told him, "I'm your mother." I said it again and felt my first orgasm slam through my body. "I can't let you do this. I'm your mother and it's so wrong!" Each time I reminded him and myself that I was his mother; I came again. "We have to stop," I gasped when he pinched my nipples. "Ahhhh," I moaned louder. I couldn't keep my legs still; they were opening and closing as if they had a mind of their own. Each time they closed, a thunderclap shook my pussy. "No honey, please you... we can't do this. I'm your mother." I moaned one more time and literally collapsed in his arms. 

Brad only fueled the fire between my legs. "Mom," He said and moaned with me. "They feel so wonderful Mom, you're so beautiful." He repeated and squeezed each one. "Can I touch them Mom? Can I see them? Just once? I won't ever ask again. Please Mom, let me look at your breasts and touch them just once. Please." The anguish in his voice matched the throbbing in my body.

"Brad, you're crazy. I won't, I can't. It's wrong and you shouldn't even ask. All those stories about mothers and son's aren't real, they're just fantasies. I read them too so I understand how you feel, but I can't." I told him but still did nothing to make him stop playing with my tits. "Just enjoy this moment." I told him as I moved my hands over his.

"Please Mom, no one will know. It's just you and me, and I love you so much, won't you please just let me see them once?" His hands were moving all over me and I really didn't want him to stop. My body stiffened and I moaned out loud. I had my second,... no, my third orgasm. I couldn't keep track anymore. I was so moist; I thought I might have wet myself. As much as I wanted to give into his desires, I knew I couldn't disrobe for him. That would be too much but I wanted something. I compromised with him and myself. 

"If I let you touch them just this once, will you promise never to ask again?" I wanted him to see them, to touch them and know them. I wanted this one moment of pure lust and incest to continue.

"I promise mom, just once and I'll never ask again!" He reached down and tried to pull my sweater over my head. 

"NO! Stop Brad!" I pushed his hands away, stopping him. "I'll let you see them but I won't let you undress me." I pulled my sweater back down and pulled my arms inside and reached around and managed to unhook my bra and worked my arms through the straps. I pulled it out a sleeve and threw it on the table. It stared back at me, my crushed cups telling their own sordid story. I was braless and I felt wickedly free and excited. "Just this once and I never want you to ask again." I pulled my son around in front of me. I parted my legs and I pulled him between them. I saw how hard he was and it made me shake all over. Before I could change my mind, I placed his hands under my sweater and let him touch my breasts. I was committing my first act of incest and it was wonderful.

Brad moved his hands all over them. "They're awesome Mom!" He breathed heavily as he found my nipples. "They're so beautiful! I love them." He croaked. "I can't believe how firm and full they are and I love you for letting me touch them. You wouldn't believe how many times I've jacked off thinking about doing this." He easily told me as he played with each nipple, rolling them between his fingers and made them even harder. He was so engrossed with my boobs that he didn't realize I had another orgasm. 

"Just this once," I wheezed as my climax tore through me. "Just this once Brad honey. Please don't ask again." I squeezed my legs around him, hoping to find his cock. I was disappointed when I couldn't find it.

"I won't Mom." He said as he pushed my sweater over my breasts and up around my shoulders. "So beautiful mom, they're just so big and perfect." He said as he gazed at them and kneaded them tenderly. "I could look at them forever," He muttered happily and shocked me when he moved his mouth to them and kissed them. He licked and sucked both of my nipples and I shook uncontrollably. "You like me doing this don't you mom? I can tell." He said as he made love to each breast.

I held his mouth to my breasts and moaned. "Huh, mmmm." I moaned. He was right; I loved everything he was doing to me. I was surprised at how gentle he was. I would have expected him to be clumsier, cruder. He was worshipping them as no lover had ever done before. I couldn't look at him when I admitted. "Yes honey, I like what you're doing." I jumped when I felt his cock move against the inside of my thigh and it thrilled and scared me when I realized how big and how hard it was. I knew I had to stop him before this went any further. "That's enough Brad, no more." I breathlessly told him and pulled my sweater back down and moved his hands away from my breasts. I stood up and picked up my bra and numbly looked at it while my body continued to quiver and shake. "Honey, you have to promise me you won't ask again." My voice had no resolve and I feared what would happen if I let him touch me again.

Brad stood before me and grinned happily. He had no remorse or regrets. "I won't, I promise, and I'm not sorry Mom." His hard cock tented the front of his shorts and reminded me of a huge wave cresting a beach. 

I wasn't sorry either but I didn't dare tell him that. He came towards me and I dropped my bra and held up my hands. "No." I whimpered. I didn't trust myself to let him touch me. I shouldn't have let this go past the first few moments but I had... willingly. Now looking into his eyes and seeing his misguided love for me, I melted inside again. I reached out and took his hands and brought them under my sweater again and let him touch me, one last time, or so I told myself. "I love you too honey. I understand your feelings but we're a decent family and we can't do this. Read your magazines, that's fine. I don't have a problem with that, just don't ask or expect me to fulfill your fantasies." I let him move his hands over my breast and felt exhilarated and daring and depraved. I felt even more decadent when I involuntarily moved my hips against him and felt his cock. I came immediately. "Oh my... !" I moaned. I pressed my body against him as my wonderful orgasm ran through my body. It took all my willpower to break the spell that surrounded us. I finally pulled his hands away and moved my hips from his. I didn't trust myself anymore. 

Brad stood in awe of what had just happened, but understood it was over... for now. "I love you mom. You're wonderful." I tried not to look but my eyes were drawn to his crotch. The outline of his hard-on was there. He was huge. It made me smile and shake inside knowing I made him that way. Without another word between us, Brad picked up his incest magazine and went to his room. 

"I love you too baby." I called out silently to his back. I stood there and shook uncontrollably as I watched him walk away. I wanted to cry out to him to come back, but I didn't. I couldn't count the number of times I had cum and hated myself for my weakness. They were orgasms like I had never experienced before. They were illicit orgasms, ones you could only have when the love was forbidden. The seed had been planted when I read his magazines and now I only wanted more. It was wrong, I told myself, but my argument was without commitment or conviction. I knew descent people didn't do what I had just done. Descent people didn't commit incest I told myself, but that didn't make how I felt any less wonderful. I was flattered and excited by my son's feelings. His interest in incest was focused on me and that thrilled me. I'm not the worst woman to look at but I do look my age. I wish I didn't weigh 140 lbs but I do. The two things that Mother Nature had given me were long legs and big boobs. I'm 5' 8" so I carry my weight well and with 36-C cup breast, I get more than my share of admiring looks from men. I stood at the back window and reached up and touched my breast. I could still feel the heat from my son's hands and I came again when I pinched my nipples.

There were no awkward moments between us after that afternoon. Our lives moved on seamlessly but we both knew we were forever changed. I briefly considered being more modest about how I dressed but that didn't seem like any fun. It was fun too to flirt and dress provocatively for my son. I made a point to wear only bra and panties when we shared coffee in the morning. I liked how his eyes undressed me and I was very aware he got hard from looking at me. I enjoyed our little teasing games and knew he did too. We didn't talk about incest again but it was always there. 

Having given my permission, Brad openly read his incest magazines, showing none of the shame or embarrassment of the first day. I would find them in the bathroom, the living room and even in the kitchen. He had no compunction about reading them in front of me either and that excited me. I would sneak glances at the front of his pants to see if he was hard and he usually was. It was exciting to catch him as he tried to discreetly adjust himself when he got hard. I hoped he was thinking about me as he read. I usually got so excited that I would sneak off to my room and masturbate. When he wasn't around, I would read them from cover to cover. I can't even begin to describe how thrilling it was the first time I let Brad find me reading one of them. It took weeks for me to work up the courage to just sit there with his nasty little magazine in front of me when he walked in the kitchen one afternoon. 

"Hey, look at you." He smiled as he saw what I was reading. "Find something interesting?" He asked as he pretended to be looking for something behind me. I know he was looking over my shoulder to see which section I was reading.

I tired not to blush but I knew I did. "Well, you leave them everywhere." I heard myself weakly explain. I had almost read the whole magazine and was extremely turned. Of course I was reading about parents and children having sex and if he hadn't come in just then, I would have had my hand under my dress and been masturbating. 

"That's a good story isn't it?" Brad said as he leaned over my shoulder and pointed to the story I was reading. "She reminds me of you Mom." He not so subtly suggested. His hands rested lightly on my shoulders and he was massaging my neck. His warm hands felt wonderful.

I knew what he meant about the mother in the story but I wanted to hear him tell me why she reminded him of me. I tried to sound innocent when I asked. "What do you mean?"

"Big boobs Mom." Brad laughed as he massaged my shoulders. He bent down and kissed my neck several times before adding, "She has big boobs and she loves letting her son touch them." 

"Brad Hunt, you're awful." I blushed at the compliment and subtle suggestion. 

"Just telling the truth Mom." His hands moved down over my shoulders, inching closer to the tops of my breasts.

"That's far enough young man." I said and placed mine on top of his and stopped them from going lower. Brad reluctantly took his hands away and kissed my cheek.

"Not far enough Mom, but I'll behave." He handed me back my magazine. "Enjoy." He said as he walked off smiling. 

I loved it that he knew I read his incest stories. I knew by reading them, I was keeping the incest door open between us, but I didn't care. I read them from cover to cover but would always go to the sections about parents fucking their children first. I often found myself identifying with the mothers in the stories and masturbated when I found one that really turned me on or struck close to home. Brad began book-marking stories that he thought would turn me on, knowing I would be curious and read it. It wasn't long before we were sitting and reading together, trading magazines when we finished one.  (next part 2)
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