"Stories 18+" Decent Family P3

Stories 18+ Decent Family P3
I squeezed my legs together and moaned loudly and came with him. Brad didn't even notice. I pinched my nipples hard and felt my pussy flood my hand as I watched in awe as more long streams of cum ejaculated from his cock. He finally slumped back onto the couch, his fist still wrapped around his cock. The look of pure lust and pleasure on his face was one I will never forget. "That was beautiful darling." I said as I fought to control my breathing. "It was better than any fantasy." I told him as I worked my hand up the leg of my pajamas and fingered my pussy. 

"Wheweee! That was the best mom. I've never cum that hard before," He told me as he sat there grinning foolishly. "I told you all I needed was to see your tits." 

I laughed, "Well you got a bonus since I let you watch me finger myself too." Until tonight I probably wouldn't have been able to talk so dirty with him, but all that had changed now. "I'm glad I was able to help." I laughed giddily. "But I think you could have done it without seeing my boobs." I was on to him but I didn't mind. I did it because I wanted to. "If you promise to cum like that all the time, maybe I'll have to go topless around here," I coyly suggested. I felt so wicked. I knew I would do almost anything for him from now on; including letting him play with my tits anytime he wanted. 

Brad looked sheepishly at me and admitted, "I probably could have Mom but it was a lot more fun this way." He grinned at me as he casually rubbed his spent cream into his chest and pubic area and smiled at me. "Got it all over me," He grinned and showed me his fingers. "Can't let it go to waste." He said as he licked his fingers.

"Oh Brad," I groaned as I watched him eat his own cum. My mouth opened and closed. I wanted a taste too. I fingered myself harder and came screaming! "AHHHH!"

"Wow Mom, that was awesome!" Brad shrank back as he watched me climax. "I don't suppose decent people do this kind of stuff, but I don't feel very decent right now. Jacking off for you makes me feel pretty indecent," He laughed and sucked his fingers again. 

"Ok, ok, maybe we aren't as normal as most families but you and I are still a decent, loving family. What we have is very special and I refuse to feel guilty about it and neither should you. I don't want to stop what we're doing... ever! But I can't let it go further baby." I wanted to make sure he knew there were still limits. "I've discovered so much about myself in the last year and I'm happy about us. I never new I could enjoy the kind of porn we both read or that I would be sitting here half naked with you but here we are. I love what we just did; it was beautiful. I like seeing you naked and all hot and horny." I told him and showed him how my finger was still buried in my pussy. "And I loved watching you jack off." That was about as open as I had ever been with anyone and it wasn't lost on Brad. 

Brad wasn't fazed by what I said about limitations. All he wanted to do was jack off again. "That's what I love about you Mom; you're so darn honest and open... and horny!" He grinned at me and sat up. "I bet I could cum again. Want me too?" 

I laughed, of course I did. "I was kind of hoping I would get to see your monster act at least once more tonight." I could tell Brad liked hearing me refer to his cock as monstrous. "But I really need to clean up a little first. I got kind of wet down here." I wasn't bashful about admitting that now. I ran my finger through my wet cotton shorts and told him. "If you can keep me this wet and horny I'm going to wear you out honey!" 

"I hope so Mom but for now, I need something to drink, be right back." He said as he walked naked past me to the kitchen. 

I grinned greedily, possessively, as I looked at his engorged cock as it flopped up and down when he walked by. "Hey wait for me and thanks for asking if I wanted anything," I chided him and gave his butt a playful swat.

"Hey watch that or your going to make me think you like my ass." He teased as he put his arm around my shoulders and drew me into him. His fingertips grazed the tops of my breast and I didn't discourage him from touching them as we walked into the kitchen.

"Watch it buster, those are your mother's boobs you're fooling with." I told him as he wrapped his hand around my breast and possessively squeezed it. 

"Sorry Mom won't happen again," He grinned and made me laugh. 

"Your promises aren't worth squat buster," I laughed. He held my breasts and tweaked my nipple before heading to the refrigerator. When he bent over to get a drink, I got a glorious view of his muscular legs and tight ass. I couldn't resist putting my hand between them take hold of his cock. I milked him like a bull. "Sorry. Just couldn't help myself." I giggled and scooted out of his reach. 

Brad stood up and chased me around the table, "Oh boy Mom, you're really in for it now. If you think you can just grab my cock and get away with it you're in for a big surprise!" He promised as he chased me around the kitchen table.

"No Brad, behave! Stop!" I screamed and laughed as he chased me. It was fun to laugh and fool around with him like this. He was almost the perfect lover, except I hadn't made love to him... yet. We were both laughing and enjoying ourselves and I let him catch me. His hands immediately went to my boobs and cupped them firmly from behind. "Let me go right now or you're going to be in such big trouble young man!" I twisted and squirmed but he wouldn't let me go. "No Brad, please don't. Stop," I giggled, as he held me and covered my breasts with his big hands. His wonderfully warm body felt heavenly against mine, and I loved how his cock felt as it pressed into the crease of my pajama bottoms. His touch was so gentle and loving. "Please Brad, let me go, we shouldn't do this, you're naked." That sounded so silly and it made us both laugh. 

"Naked! How did I get this way? I don't remember taking off my cloths." He laughed as he worked his cock between my legs and rubbed it over my pussy lips. 

It felt marvelous to let him play with my tits and drive my pussy crazy. I could see us doing this often. I reached around with one arm and held his hot buns with my hand. The more I wiggled the further his cock sank into the folds of my cunt. "Oh honey, that feels so nice but you should stop." My voice was barely above a whisper and he knew I didn't mean it. When he kissed my neck and blew in my ear, I melted. I pulled him harder into me. "Oh my god, you're marvelous." I mewed. 

"We don't have to stop Mom." He suggested as we practically made love standing up. "I don't think you want me to stop. Just tell me one more time and I will, promise." He challenged me as he expertly rolled my hard nipples between his thumb and forefinger and drove me crazy with desire. 

I might have been able to resist his hands but not the hard cock pressing into my pussy. I lost it. It felt like a steel rod forcing itself between my legs and into my pussy. I weakly submitted to my lust. "Ok, just this one time." I calmly said. It wasn't as if we were actually fucking. I moved my butt against his cock and let him push into me. "But you have to promise, no more." I couldn't help myself, he felt that good. I pushed back into him. "You're so damn hard. I love it!" I told him and ground my ass against him and felt his cock press deeper between the folds of my willing pussy.

"I love how wet your pussy feels." He said as he tenderly kissed my neck. "I promise never to do this again," he said and kissed my ear, "or this either," he lied as he kissed my long neck, "and I promise never ever to do this again either." He told me as he pulled me back into him and pushed his hard cock even further between into my pussy lips. Only the thin material of my shorts kept him from being inside of me. "Unless you ask me to," He hissed.

I could only mew like a kitten as my naked son held me to him from behind. "Well as long as you promise," I breathlessly said and bent at the waist and let him simulate fucking me. I was on fire and I didn't want it put out. Brad surprised me when he turned me around so I was facing him. "You didn't have to stop doing that," I seductively told him and moved my pussy against his cock and smiled. "I loved feeling your cock down there." I told him as I brought his hands up to my tits. "Touch me honey. Touch me all you want to." I lifted one leg and wrapped it around his hip and ground my cunt into his cock. "You make me feel so alive and excited. I love you so much honey." I said and closed my eyes and thought about how wonderful it would feel to have him inside of me. I wanted to tell him to fuck me but I couldn't... not yet. I was surprised and disappointed when he broke our embrace.

"If we keep doing this mom... well, you know, I'm going to cum." I don't think he knew how close I was to asking him to fuck me. The moment passed and I regained my senses.

I swallowed hard and shook my head to clear it. "Well we wouldn't want that now would we?" I sighed and reached down and gently held his cock for the first time. His circumcised head was magnificent. I ran my hand up and down it and felt how hard and warm it was. "I wouldn't want to miss seeing this monster cum again." I smiled seductively. A little voice inside of my head kept telling me I wasn't going to be able to control myself if I watched him jack off again. I ignored the voice. "I know I made you promise you wouldn't ask for more but seeing you jack off is something I'll never tell you to stop doing." I marveled at how firm and hard he was already. I could feel the pulsing vein on the underside of it as I ran my hand up and down his length. I thought about how it would stretch my pussy if I ever let him fuck me. "Are you sure you can cum again?" I couldn't wait to see him shooting off one more time. 

"Oh yeah, I could cum as many times as you want me to Mom!" He bragged as he lewdly humped my hand. "I love jacking off, especially if you're watching me."

If I only dared, I told myself, if I only dared to take that final step towards incest. I just couldn't I told myself. But we could still have fun. "Come on then my handsome son. I'm the kind of woman who makes her men keep their promises," I led Brad by the cock into the living room. I was horny and I never wanted this evening to stop. "Show me." I challenged him. "Jack off for me one more time," I begged him and laughed as he came stumbling along behind me. It was fun being dirty and sexy with him. It was wonderful to be myself. I knew our lives had forever changed and I had no regrets. What we were doing was healthy and good and right. I loved my son and he loved me and no could ever make me believe incest was bad. 

"Geez mom, I didn't realize you could be such a... ,ah... " 

I stopped and turned and stared at him. "Were you going to call me a slut? A whore?" Saying those words almost made me cum. I loved being thought of that way by him.

Brad gulped and nodded his head. "I'm sorry mom... "

I smiled and bent and kissed his cock. "Don't be. I feel slutty and from now on, I'm going to be your slut!" Just telling him that made me cum. I shook and my knees buckled and I grabbed on to him to steady myself. It took a minute to recover. "Now, let's see some action from this hot cock of yours." 

"Cool Mom." He laughed when I finally let go of his cock and let him sit. Before he even started playing with his cock, he warned me, "This may take a little longer. I mean, I just came a few minutes ago." He said as he stroked himself again. "Are you going to play with your tits again?" It wasn't a question. 

"If you want me to, honey." I told him as I licked my fingers and sat back and stimulated my nipples again. "All you have to do is tell me what you want." I enjoyed giving him control. I grinned impishly at him and asked, "I suppose you want me to play with my pussy too?" I already had a hand between my legs. 

Brad groaned. "Of course I do! I love seeing your fingers on your pussy." The words almost burst out of him. "I think a slut like you would want to do that for her son." I was surprised at how quickly he'd learned how much that turned me on.

"Yes dear." I said and batted my eyes at him. "I'm glad you like watching your slutty mother play with her pussy. I like doing it for you," I told him. "And it's ok if it takes a little longer this time, we have all night." I could watch him fist his cock forever. I pulled on my nipples and told him how horny I was. "My pussy is dripping baby. You make me so wet when you jacked off for me." My hips, as if they had a life of their own, gyrated back and forth, simulating being fucked as I watched my son play with his cock. I didn't care how I looked. I was horny and I wanted my son to know it. I pushed the material of my shorts between my cunt lips and ran my fingers along the wet crease. I immediately started moaning. "Ahhhh this is so hot!" 

Five minutes later Brad was still stroking his cock. He fisted it very quickly, up and down, and then would go into a slower version of that. A pained look came over his face. "I'm not sure if I can cum mom. I want to and it feels like I could but I don't know." He had such a disappointed look on his face. 

"It's ok honey. You're probably tired." I totally understood, but that didn't mean I didn't want him to keep trying. I wanted him to jack off if he could. I'd never been with a man who could cum four times in one night so I understood if he couldn't. "Maybe, if you played with my tits that would help?" I coyly suggested. "Or maybe we should just go to bed if you're too tired." I knew if I gave him a choice or challenged him, he would rise up to the task. I was dying to masturbate and cum but I was holding off until he came with me. 

"Geez can I Mom?" He practically knocked me over to get at my boobs. He attacked them with both hands and his mouth.

"Slow down honey. I'm not going anywhere." I said and pulled his head down to my aching tits. "Suck them for me, just like you did when you were a baby." I told him and almost came when I felt his hot lips on my nipples. Despite my willingness to let him suck and kiss my boobs, he still couldn't cum.

"I'm sorry Mom, it feels like I could cum any second but I'm not there yet." He looked crestfallen but he didn't stop licking and kissing my tits. He held one nipple in his mouth and drove me crazy. After a few minutes he sat up, even more frustrated than before. When he put his face only inches from mine, I knew something was up. I recognized that look. 

"What? No! I don't even want to hear it." I held his face with my hands and laughed. "What ever it is, the answer is, no! I told you no more and I meant it buster." I kissed his nose and pulled his face back to my tits. "Play with my boobs and be happy." I told him but still wondered what he wanted to ask. 

"It was nothing Mom." He said a few minutes later. He looked so sad. He sat back on his haunches, silently looking at me, still trying to cum for me. "I'm sorry mom; I just wanted to please you." That's when I knew he was playing on my emotions and I let him. "I won't ask." 

"Good." I sat back and folded my arms across my chest and silently contemplated him. We were having our first lover's quarrel. I silently laughed because it felt good. If all my fights with Brad's father had been so much fun I would still be married to him. I told myself that I wouldn't do more but I was still curious. After all, I did want to see him jack off. "Ok," I said, giving into my basic instincts. "No promise but, what were you going to ask?" My resolve to limit our playing was fading fast now. 

"Ok, I totally understand Mom, no promises." Brad sat up straight and gathered up his courage and asked, "I was just wondering if you'd take off your pajama bottoms so I could see you down there. I'm sure I'd cum in a minute if you did... but you don't have to if you don't think its right. I understand completely." He said almost winded from trying to say that all in one breathe. He looked so earnest and concerned. He knew he had me but he didn't dare ruin it by smiling.

I was the one who smiled because it was if he was reading my mind. I wanted to masturbate and he wanted to see my pussy. What harm could there be in that? I had come this far so why not further? But I was in a playful mood and pretended to be reluctant. "I don't know Brad," I lamented and pretended to be thinking about it. I wanted to be naked for him to lust over, just like I'd read about in the family sex magazines. The woeful and pitiful look on Brad's face was priceless. "It would be so wrong. It might give you other ideas." It took all my willpower not to giggle, since I knew I was going to get naked for him.

"I'm sorry Mom. I totally understand. I don't want you to do anything you don't think is decent." He was on to me and couldn't help smiling. "I shouldn't have asked but I was just thinking about you. I know how much it means to you to see me cum again." 

I couldn't help laugh. "I'm so glad to know you were just thinking about me." I reached down and held his cock and stroked it for him. I liked teasing him, especially since I knew I was going to give in to him. 

"Oh I was Mom, only you." Brad grinned and faced me and stroked his long thick cock. He cast his eyes down and his cock seemed to soften. "I just thought if you were really my slut, you'd want to show me your pussy." He had me. 

I screwed up my mouth, pretending again to be thinking about getting naked for him. I silently nodded my head and looked up at him. "I did promise you I was going to be your slut didn't I?" I whispered. I was absolutely dripping by now and it took every ounce of control not to reach over and grab his cock and put it in my mouth. I nodded, "And as your slut, I'll do as you ask." I stood up and touched his arm. "Promise me you won't ask again." 

"Oh, geez Mom, never. I won't ever ask again." He solemnly promised as he furiously began beating off again. "Just this once Mom, if I could see you naked, if I could see your pussy, I'm sure I would cum in no time." He huffed.

"Just this once then," I said and stood up. I felt so wickedly hot and I suggested he remove my shorts for me. "I think it would be fun, just this once, if you took them off for me." I wanted to feel his hands on my body and let him strip me naked. 

Brad jumped up immediately. "Oh yeah Mom, that would be hot." He knelt before me and placed his hands on my hips and slowly urged my shorts over my hips. He stopped when he got them just past my ass. He held each of my cheeks and gently caressed them. "Awesome Mom!" He said as he ran his hands all over my butt and looked at my pussy for the first time. His face was inches from what pubic hair I had. I could feel his warm breath moving across my wet pussy lips. I like how my pussy looks. I trim it short because I like seeing my pussy lips. I hoped Brad did too. I thought my cunt lips looked like they were begging for a nice hard cock. I stood still as my son continued to strip me. I knew he could smell my sex because I sure could. When he finally got my shorts around my feet, I kicked them to the side and nervously stood before him. I wanted him to see everything. I wanted him to like my body and desire it as much as I did his.

"Oh my gosh Mom, your pussy's awesome." Brad licked his lips nervously as he knelt before me and gazed at me.

"You make me weak all over." I told him. I had to spread my legs a little to steady myself as another orgasm shook my body. I held onto him and felt my juices run down my legs and that only made me hornier. I kept telling myself that I had just let my son disrobed me, and that made my insides turn to a mass of quivering jelly.

Brad kept rubbing my ass and mumbling to himself as he stared at my pussy. "You make me so fucking... Sorry mom, you make me so darn hard."

"Its ok honey," I laughed, understanding. "You make me so fucking horny too." I didn't mind him talking like that. I loved it. I loved having him look at me, and tell me I made him horny. "You've undressed me with your eyes often enough, I guess it's ok to finally do it with your hands... just this once." I reminded him. I knew in my heart that this wasn't going to be the last time we did this but I wanted it to be the most memorable for both of us. I wanted more than anything to tell him that he could do this anytime he wanted to. I loved knowing I affected him like this. 

"I could look at you forever mom. You're just so beautiful." He muttered as he ran his hands all over my legs and ass. I knew he was going to touch my pussy when he moved his hand between my legs and inched it upward. 

I could never hear those words often enough. "Thank you for making me feel so special and beautiful honey. I like being naked for you." I started to giggle because this was so much fun. I swayed seductively back and forth in front of him and proudly showed off my pussy to him. I thrust out my hips and asked. "So, did you like your mother's pussy?" 

"I kind of knew you shave but I didn't know it was going to look so beautiful." Brad's hand inched closer to my pussy and I didn't stop him.

I wanted to reach out and pull his face to it and have him eat me and ravish me and make love to me but I couldn't tell him that... yet. I ran my hands through his short blonde hair and made him look up at me. "Will you jack off for me now? Please! I don't know if I can stand much more of this." My voice seemed to come from some other person. 

"Wow! Heck yes!" Brad sat on the edge of the couch and slowly jerked off as he looked at me. The ruby red head of his cock was engorged with blood as he beat off. His eyes were riveted on my body but he still seemed hesitant. "Mom, ah, ah... are you going to... ah,... you know, like open your legs so I can see your pussy while I jack off?" He had absolutely no shame and I was glad he didn't. I had been waiting for him to tell me rather than ask me but he would learn. 

"Do you mean like this?" I asked shamelessly as I sat back and spread my legs for my son. It made my pussy clinch to show him my dripping cunt. I smiled at him as I exposed my wet, coral pussy lips. When I had them spread as far as I could, I looked up at him and shyly ask, "Is this how you want your slutty mother to act? Do you like me spreading my legs and showing you my pussy?" I loved how that sounded but I felt a little foolish as I exposed my 42-year-old body, as if I was some hot young girl. I'm aware of my imperfections but I could see that in my son's eyes, I had none. I'm pretty, but not beautiful, but he made me feel like a goddess and I loved it. 

"I love it Mom. I want you to act slutty all the time now." 

"I will baby, just tell me." I smiled at him and fingered my wet pussy. "Would it be better if I lay on the floor?" I suggested; acting hotter than I probably was. I licked my lips and flicked my pink tongue enticingly and blew him as kiss. "That way you can stand or kneel over me and see my cunt better while you jack off." I didn't wait for his answer. I eased myself onto the floor and lay spread eagle before him.

"Geez Mom, that's great!" He immediately got up and stood between my legs. 

He definitely liked my suggestion. I lifted both knees and exposed myself more for him. My pussy lips glistened and shone with my wetness and my secretions oozing from me and I wanted him to see that. "I'm wet for you baby. I'm wet and horny for my son and I can't wait to see you jack off again.

"Wow mom, your pussy's awesome. It's like your drooling down there! I love it! I guess you're pretty turned on too." 

I laughed. "Oh Brad, you're so funny. Of course your mother's turned on. I wouldn't be doing this if I wasn't." I couldn't help but laugh as he gazed so intently between my legs. I lifted my pelvis even higher, bringing my pussy even closer to his throbbing cock. "I'm only human after all. What woman wouldn't be turned to have such a handsome young man promising to jack off for her?" I pulled my legs up tight. "That big thing of yours is driving me crazy." I knew he could probably see my asshole too but I was long past being modest. Rivers of my own juices ran down between my legs and dampening the floor beneath me as I showed off my sex to my son. I put my finger over my clit and masturbated as he jacked off.

Brad knelt and looked even closer. "I love your cunt, Mom. I'm going to cum buckets for you," He bragged. "Honest I really am, Mom." He said as he sat back on his haunches and slowly stroked his beautifully swollen cock. "You're so hot Mom, I can't believe we're doing this!" He groaned and inched even closer. 

I closed my legs a few inches and trapped him, stopping him from getting any nearer. "Close enough buddy boy. Just hold it right there," I playfully warned him. "If you're going to jack off, you don't need to be any closer." Actually, I was thinking about where his cum was going to land. I wanted to make sure it landed all over me. 

"Aaah Mom, pretty please, can't I get a little closer, just this once?" he laughed good naturedly, knowing full well I would let him do anything he wanted. He bent his body and almost made his cock touch my pussy lips. If he had, I would have cum screaming.

"Stay right were you are, your vision's good enough to see everything you need to see." I warned him playfully. I couldn't believe I was horny enough to do what I did next but it felt so naughty that I just did him. "Here, maybe you'll like this," I said as I brought my feet up to his cock and trapped it. I wrapped them around the knob of his cock and slowly jacked him off. "Ever have a foot fuck?" I asked giggling as I held his cock by the soles of my feet and slowly moved them up and down along his slick cock. 

"Oh shit Mom, that's so hot!" he said as he rocked on his knees and let me foot fuck him. He admired how my feet held him and groaned. "I never knew Mom. I never knew you were so hot!" he exclaimed and shook all over. 

Holding his cock like that was fun but I wanted him to use his hand when he came. I let go of him and reached down between my legs and used my fingers to spread my pussy lips. "I want you to shoot at my pussy. Just aim that big monster at my pussy and cover me with your cum." A river of my own cum now covered my inner thighs. I felt like such a slut and I loved it. I was doing things I had only read and fantasized about. I knew I would never again be the kind of mother I been brought up to be. I was committing incest and I loved it. I knew decent families didn't do this but I didn't care. I was over my fear of incest and I only wanted to go further with my son. "Watch me Brad, watch me finger myself." I pushed two fingers up my snatch and fucked myself crazily as Brad beat off above me. 

"Oh, geez yes Mom you're so fucking hot!" He said as he furiously jerked off. "I'm going to cum all over your pussy! I'm going to cum so hard!" He promised. He was practically shouting as he arched his back and erupted with long spurts of hot cum from his wonderful dick. "Talk dirty to me mom. Tell me to cum on you! Tell me you love it!" He shouted.

"Cum for mommy! Cum all over me honey!" I commanded him. I literally threw my pussy up at him. His cum landed all over me. I had it on my boobs, my stomach, between my legs, and some even hit my face. I was covered with it and when I looked down and saw how much was on me, I couldn't control myself anymore. Fingering my pussy wasn't enough. I needed more. I reached under me and between my legs and stuck a finger up my ass and fucked my pussy and ass at the same time. "Oh yesssssssss, so fucking hot Brad! You make me so fucking hot!" I moaned and kept fucking myself to another powerful climax. My body slammed against the floor as another powerful orgasm exploded in me. I bucked and withered all over the floor, almost knocking over a lamp before I finally slowed down enough to control myself. 

Brad watched me in awe. I think I scared him a little when he saw me fingering my ass. "Mom, that was so beautiful, and you're so beautiful." He said as he milked the last few drops of sperm from his cock, and offered it to me. "Want to taste me?" 

"Mmmm nice, I was hoping you'd offer." I didn't want him being shy about anything sexual any more. I loved the taste of cum and figured most men did too. "I'd love to taste your cum." I opened my mouth and let him shove his finger into my waiting mouth. I sucked greedily and then scooped up a puddle from my stomach and offered it to him. We both slurped and smacking our lips loudly, showing each other how nasty we were. I opened my mouth wide and showed him. "See, all gone. I ate the whole thing!" 

"I knew you were sexy and hot, and now you're a comedian. Do you have any more surprises for me Mom?" He asked as he sat back against the couch and admired my cum covered body. "This sure is better than any of our stories. I can't believe we just did that," He huffed excitedly. He got a silly little grin on his face as he got on all fours and brought his face between my outstretched legs. "I should help you clean up." He didn't wait for my permission. He ran his tongue all over my stomach and sucked and licked up all the cum he could find. "See, I know how to clean up my messes." Brad opened his mouth wide and showed me. "And I ate the whole thing!" 

"Oh honey, now you've done it." Brad had no idea how hot I thought it was for a man to eat his own cum. I was cumming again. I put my hand over my pussy and cupped myself as hard as I could and pressed my finger against my clit and let out a primeval cry when I came. "Arrrrrrrgh!" I roared. My body gyrated up and down before I finally collapsed into a fetal position. I stayed like that for several minutes, until my orgasm let loose of me. When I could move again I got the giggles. "Wow! That one snuck up on me." I shook all over; I was so happy and so in love with my son. "My beautiful, wonderful son. I love you." I muttered, almost incoherently. 

"I love you too Mom, but geez, are you ok?" The look on Brad's face was priceless. He looked like he wanted to call 911.

I laughed so hard I was almost crying. I was so happy. "Yes baby. I'm all right. That one just took me by surprise." I told him as I looked down at the cum still covering my body. "I guess I forgot to tell you how hot I get seeing a man eat his own cum."

Brad smiled and licked another drop of cum from my chest. "I've jacked off into my mouth before Mom." 

I groaned with lust. "I want to see you do that." I told him. "Hey, you missed some, so don't be so proud of your cleaning technique just yet." I pointed out. "As usual, whenever you clean, you inevitably leave something behind for me." I chuckled and pointed to his cum that was still covering my body. I invited him back to lick up even more. "Come on, help me." I told him and held out a cum covered finger for him. 

Brad groaned hungrily. "Oh god Mom, yes!" He said as he sucked my finger dry. "I love it." He said as I pushed my finger in and out of his mouth and listened to him smack his lips. Brad wanted more. "All for me!" He laughed.

"There's some here," I pointed to my breasts. "And there's some here," I held out my chin, "And even here," I pointed out the large mass of cum that was entwined in what little pubic hair I had. "If you really loved me like you say you do, you wouldn't leave me with such a mess to clean up." I giggled like a schoolgirl.

Brad's lips found my breast, licking and slurping up cum long after it was gone. He held one breast to his mouth and suckled like a baby, making low moaning cries as he licked my nipple and drove my pussy crazy. "Mmm, I love making mommy all clean." He joked like a little boy. "And here too." He said as he licked my chin with tiny little puppy dog licks.

I brought his face to mine and looked deep into his eyes; time seemed to be stand still as I pressed my lips to his and shared his cum. I ran my tongue all over his lips and then gently slipped it between them and licked his teeth before he finally opened his mouth and kissed me back. We kissed softly at first and then hard, so hard my teeth hurt when we finally broke our first lovers kiss. "I love you Brad Hunt and I don't want us ever to stop doing this." It was a promise I would never break.

"I love you too Mom and I always will. I don't want us to ever stop doing this either. I love incest, it's so hot and dirty and intimate and that's how I want it to be with us." He hugged me tight and we rolled around the floor as we kissed and touched each other. I gently guided his face between my legs.

"I think there's one more spot that needs your expert tongue." I smiled and nodded my head as he looked questioning at me, to make sure he understood me. "Go ahead baby, go down there too." I sighed and lay back and let my son eat me. "I want you to." How many times had I dreamt about having his mouth on my pussy? 

I was amazed that Brad was such an expert at eating pussy. He buried his face between my legs and licked his cum from my tiny patch of pubic hair before he went after my clitty and my pussy. I was going to guide him and show him how much pressure I enjoyed but he instinctively knew what to do. His tongue found my clit and made wide, soft, circles around it before he zeroed in on my little nub. When he knew I couldn't take any more, he went after my pussy. His tongue was deep inside of me one moment and then replaced by his fingers as his tongue went after my clit again. I felt myself cumming again and held his face tightly to my pussy and exploded in his face. It seemed like I came forever. I couldn't get enough of our forbidden love. When my pussy couldn't take anymore, I begged him to stop. "Enough Brad, enough, I can't take anymore. I'm so tender down there I don't think I could even pee right now without cumming." I giggled happily and pulled his wet face up to mine. "That was sooooo good baby," I laughed and kissed his face, licking his lips and savoring my own juices. We finally collapsed together on the floor and lay like that for several minutes. "Whew! I hope you liked that because I sure did!" 

"Like it! Mom, I loved eating your pussy!" Brad rubbed his pussy-covered face all over my stomach before he came up and kissed me. He planted little kisses all over my neck and face and we shared our fluids. I licked his face, as if I was finishing the last crumb of cake. "I love you so much Mom. It's just so crazy. I didn't think it was possible but I love you even more now." He licked hungrily at both of my nipples and his cock found its way between my legs and was at the entrance to my pussy. He wasn't hard, so he didn't enter me, but I would have let him if he had been.

It was that instant that I knew I was going to fuck my son. I wanted him inside of me, filling my pussy with his marvelous cock and filling me with his hot cream. This would complete our journey towards incest. It might not be tonight but it would be soon. Tonight I wanted him to appreciate what we had done and how far we had come. I wanted it very special when we fucked for the first time. I had already cum more times tonight than I had in the last year and I was exhausted to the point of collapse. I was drunk on sex and needed to sober up. I stroked his hair as he licked and sucked my nipples and I told him how much I loved him and how much I needed him but that I was too tired to go on. "So good honey, that feels so nice. Mommy needs her big handsome son to make love to her just like that." 

Brad gave each breast a final, long kiss before he sat up and kissed me tenderly on the lips. "I love you so much Mom and I understand... but... " He looked down at his cock and grinned sheepishly. It was almost hard again. Amazing!

"Brad, can you really do it again?" I reached out and took him in my hand and milked him until he was hard as a rock again. I got a delicious idea. "If you want to baby, you can cum on me again." I giggled as I sat up and leaned forward. "All over my face this time," I wickedly suggested. I wanted it that way. I wanted to show him how much I loved him and how much of a slut I could be for him. He had to know he could jack off on my face anytime he wanted to. "Want to give your mother a goodnight facial?"

Brad shook his head in amazement. "Heck yes mom. I thought you'd never ask." He grinned and pulled on his ridged cock. I watched him become fully engorged. I recognized his guttural moaning and knew he was close. His first blast of sperm hit my face. I quickly opened my mouth and he filled it with three long spurts and I gulped it down and let the rest land all over my face. I couldn't believe he could have so much spunk left. One heavy gob covered one eye and made it impossible to see. The rest splashed against my cheeks and covered my nose. I licked the sides of my mouth as fast I could, trying to get it all before it dripped to my lap. "Fucking A mom! You're a cum slut!" He said as he staggered back and admired his work. "Now that's how a decent mother should look!" Brad came to me and licked my face. We kissed and shared his cum, tongue to tongue. We ended up rolling around the floor, kissing and hugging and grinding our naked bodies together. We were talking silly and making promises to each other and telling each other how hot the other made us. I rolled on top of Brad and fit his limp cock between my pussy lips and challenged him.

"So, you think your mothers a slut do you?" I loved hearing him call me that. "Tell you what. If you can get it hard in 30 seconds, you can fuck your slut mother." I would have too.

"Ah come on Mom, that's not fair," Brad moaned underneath me. "I've already cum five times tonight." He tried his best to get another hard-on going but it wasn't going to happen. He played with my tits and fingered me, as he moved his cock back and forth against my pussy but he couldn't get hard enough to fuck me. I thought he was going to cry; he was so upset with himself. 

"My poor baby," I cooed lovingly to him. "Don't worry, I'm going to let you fuck me honey. How could I ever refuse us that pleasure?" I kissed him long and slow and ground my cunt against him and actually felt him stiffen a little. "I'm a terrible tease aren't I baby. I probably deserve to be punished for being so mean." I told him, giving him a hint of another side of me. Brad didn't catch my meaning but that was ok, he would. Next time I wouldn't be so subtle. "Come on honey, let's get to bed. I for one am dead tired." 

"We're really going to do it mom? You're going to let me fuck you?" He was as excited as I've ever seen him.

"Yes baby. I'm going to let you fuck me. I can't wait to feel you inside of me. I want that just as much as you do." We kissed long and hard. I knelt over him and took his cock in my mouth and sucked him. He was soft but that didn't make it any less exciting. "I love this cock and can't wait to feel it stretching my pussy." My voice was husky and sultry as I promised my son that we would soon be fucking. 

"How am I ever going to be able to sleep knowing we're going to make love? I'll be thinking about you all night." He said and thrust his hips out and pushed more cock into my mouth. "Tell me one more time mom. Tell me what we're going to do." 

I kept sucking him and running my tongue over his cock head and lavished it with lewd licks and kisses before I took him out and lay on top of him. I plastered my naked body to his and whispered into his ear, "I'm your mother and I'm going to be your slut and let you fuck my brains out! You're my son and I want you to fill my cunt with your cock! Is that graphic enough honey?" I laughed lustily and kissed him quickly and then got up and left him. I walked to my room and shut the door behind me. The last thing I saw before I closed my door was Brad lying right where I left him, his semi-hard cock in his hand and a silly, dazed look on his face. I slept fitfully and didn't get up until well past ten in the morning. (next part 4)
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