"Stories 18+" Decent Family P4

Stories 18+ Decent Family P4
I opened my bedroom door and listen for any sign that Brad was up. The house was dead quite. Even though I had showered the night before, I took another quick one. I had masturbated twice after I went to bed. The first, right after I had gotten into bed. I'd used my fingers and I came quickly and gloriously. I woke hours later, tossing and turning, not able to sleep. I was still so darn horny and knew I wouldn't get back to sleep if I didn't masturbate a second time. I got my long, black vibrator from my nightstand and buzzed myself to sleep after a second long and thunderous orgasm.

"What to wear?" I asked myself as I stood in front of my closet and tried to decide what to put on. I wanted it to be something special but nothing looked right. I didn't have to be anywhere until late afternoon so on impulse I decided to just throw on an old, oversized T-shirt. It fell about midway over my curvy ass and I liked what I saw in the mirror. I knew I should loose 10 pounds, and I'd work on that but for now, I thought I looked pretty good. I was still missing something though. Shoes! I slipped on a pair of three-inch heels and checked myself out in the mirror. The heels really made my legs look long and supple and hopefully sexy for my son. What Brad and I did last night was how I wanted us to live from now on. I wanted our relationship to mirror the hot love stories we both read and loved. I'd promised him that we were going to fuck, so why bother pretending it wasn't going to happen. I knew what we were doing was incest and that just made it all the more exciting. 

The thought of fucking him excited me beyond belief. It was the ultimate taboo, and that made it exciting and forbidden. I went out to the kitchen and put a pot of coffee on and made myself breakfast. About a half hour later I heard noises coming from Brad's room and then heard his shower running. My heart was pounding as I thought about what I would do or say when he came into the kitchen. When I heard him coming, I pretended to be looking out the back window and not aware that he was there. I stood up on my toes and leaned over the sink, exposing my bare ass and waited for him.

"Mmm morning mom... wow!" He said as he caught sight of my naked ass. "Nice mom." He said as he came up behind me and wrapped his arms around me and hugged me. "You smell nice; sexy and nice." He whispered as he pushed his already hard cock between my legs and nestled it against my pussy lips.

I giggled and wormed my butt back at him. "Hi handsome," I said as I snuggled into his big, strong arms and felt my pussy moisten. "Sleep well?" I mewed as my horny son nuzzled my hair and planted little kisses on my neck. "You're giving me goose bumps." I shivered; both from the chill his kisses were giving me and from the sexual thrill of finally being able to acknowledge that we were lovers.

"You're giving me more than goose bumps." He told me as he slowly pushed his cock through the wet folds of my pussy lips. He was wearing boxers and his long cock stuck through the opening and sought the wet opening to my sex. "You were so hot last night mom. I still can't believe you let me jack off on you." He moaned softly as he moved his hands up under my shirt and cupped my tits. "I kept seeing your face covered with cum." His breathing became labored as he worked his cock across my open pussy lips. "Your already excited mom, I can tell." He laughed softly as he rolled my hard nipples between his fingers. Brad dropped to his knees and planted dozens of tiny kisses all over my ass cheeks. I gasped as he parted them and probed my ass with his hot tongue. "Mmm, so tasty mom." He said as he shoved his tongue past my pink button and into my puckered ass.

I gasped. "Brad Hunt! Where did you ever learn to do that?" I hoarsely groaned and tried to relax so his tongue could slide in further. "Who ever it was, she did a great job, don't stop." He was pushing his tongue in and out of my ass, as if he owned it. I had to brace myself against the counter or I would have fallen. I reached down and played with my clit as my son tongue fucked my ass. This was the kind of sex I have always wanted from my lover and now I had finally found it with my son. "I hope you realize you can't just lick my ass and not get me all horny!" I laughed as his tongue invaded me. I reached down for his hand and brought his fingers to my pussy and let him finger me as he ate my ass. 

"I was kind of hoping you'd like that," He said as he stood up and played with my tits again. "I want you Mom and I know you want me too." He said as he bent his knees and pushed his cock up towards my waiting pussy. He found my wet opening and the head slide easily between my waiting lips. He held it there, just the head trapped by my pussy lips. "I want to fuck you Mom and I know you want me to." He slowly moved his cock back and forth; in and out the head of his cock entered me. He dared me to tell him I didn't want him to fuck me. 

I was breathless as he teased my pussy. "I won't tell you that baby. I want it too." I moaned crazily. "But here? Now?" I asked hoping to maybe change his mind. I had our first time together all planned out in my head. I had it planned right down to what I was going to wear; in my bedroom, candles, soft music, maybe wine and all night to show him how much I lusted for him. 

Brad thrust up at me again and kissed my neck. "Yes mom, here, right now!" he said as he turned me around and kissed me. He may not have been thinking as romantically as I was but we both wanted the same thing. Brad pulled his boxers off and fit his cock back between my cunt lips. "You're so tight Mom." 

"I think it's because you're so big" I smiled. "Do you really want to fuck me right here?" I couldn't help myself. I leaped into his arms. I threw my legs around his waist and locked my pussy against his cock and kissed him back. My pussy was his now and I let him know it. "Yes baby, fuck me. Fuck your mother right now!" I cried. So much for a romantic evening, I sighed.

Brad held me up in the air and somehow managed to get his cock back to the opening of my pussy. He staggered; almost tripped before he regained his balance. And then he was in me. "Ahhh, yes, mom! I'm in you!" He roared. I was so lubricated that he was easily able to get his long, thick cock into me. He slid deep up inside of me with his first thrust. We stumbled again but his cock didn't come out, thank goodness. 

"You are baby, you're inside me. Your cock's inside of your mother and we're really doing it. We're fucking!" I shouted at the top of my lungs. "I love my son and I love fucking him!" We laughed and kissed and danced around the kitchen, all the while Brad held me in his strong arms and fucked me passionately. "I've waited so long for this Brad honey, and I can't believe I refused to give in to this for so long. Can you ever forgive me?" I asked him and planted little kisses all over his face. I felt so foolish for denying us this pleasure. "Forgive me honey. I should have let you do this long ago." I really was sorry now to have wasted so many months. At the time, I thought my reasons were sound but they seemed so silly now. 

"Mom, you're crazy. We're doing it now because that's the way it was supposed to be. I've wanted this for years but I wanted it to happen just like it has. We both needed to find this place at the same time." He sounded wiser beyond his years and I loved him for that.

"You're right honey but I'm going to make it up to you now," I told him as I hugged him to me and wildly fucked him as he held me in his arms.

"You're darn right you're going to make it up to me," He said and carried me toward the kitchen table.

When I realized where he was heading, I yelled. "My tea cup!" It was my favorite English teacup and I didn't want it broken. While still holding me with one arm, Brad managed to pick it up and move it to the counter and then as if we were in a scene from a movie, he swept the table clean of dishes. The crash of broken glass followed by the clanking of silverware made us both laugh. Brad gently laid me on the kitchen table and then drove his cock deep up inside of me. "Thank you for saving my teacup." Brad stood between my legs and held me by the hips and fucked me royally.

Brad laughed. "You're welcome," He said and fucked me harder. "I wouldn't want you distracted."

"Stop all this talking and concentrate on what you're doing." I kidded him. "Your mother needs you to fuck her with this fabulous cock of yours." I told him. I caressed his face and smiled. "Less joking and more fucking." I giggled. We ended up on the living room floor with me on top, my favorite position. I liked seeing what was going on and it also let me play with my clit while we fucked. Brad seemed to like it too. He could play with my tits as well as use his hands to pick me up and control the pace of our lovemaking. It was such a relief that he wasn't threatened by my need to stimulate my clit. Brad's father used to get so upset when I masturbated myself as he fucked me. At times, a woman needed more than a hard cock.

"Do you always get your way mom?" Brad grinned from under me.

"No I don't, and that because I don't always want my own way. You and I have a lot to learn about each other, and I want you to know what turns me on as well as me learning what turns you on." Even though we were in the middle of our first illicit fuck, it was time to get a little serious. "There's going to be more to this relationship than just fucking," I warned him. "I want you to learn how to fuck my mind as well as my pussy. If you fuck my mind, you automatically fuck my cunt (I loved being able to talk like that with him). But it doesn't always work the other way around." I didn't know how complex my son was yet but I knew myself well enough to know I wanted more than just his cock. Incest was our foundation but we needed more than that to sustain us.

"I want to learn everything about you mom. Don't hold anything back," He said as he bit my nipple hard enough to make it hurt. "Is that ok?" he asked when he let it loose.

I groaned loud and long and tossed my head back and forth as the pain turned into pleasure. "Yessss! Yesss! Do that." I told him as I growled madly. He had to know about me. "I enjoy some pain honey; you'll have to find my limits." I challenged him. "And I enjoy being spanked! How about that?" I grinned at him and dared him to find out.

"Far out! I'd love to turn the tables on you mom." He said as he pulled out of me and set me across his lap. "You're a bad little girl and you need your little butt spanked." He laid several sharp slaps on both cheeks. "If you continue to be bad, I'll have to spank you even harder." He threatened as he put his hand between my legs and finger fucked me. He continued spanking me and playing with my pussy and I loved it. When he had laid at least twenty firm and stinging spanks to each of my cheeks he stopped and asked me. "Are you going to be a good girl or do I have to keep punishing you?"

I sucked my thumb and acted like a little girl. "I'll try to be good." I was in heaven. It had been years since a lover had spanked me and I missed being controlled and punished. It always made my juices flow after a good hard spanking. 

"I hope so or you'll get more of the same, little girl." 

Brad, somehow, knew just what to say to me to turn me on, and keep me excited. I sat up and sucked my thumb and pretended to pout. "I'll be good." I lied and giggled as I rubbed my sore butt.

Brad wanted to fuck my ass and of course I let him. I hadn't done that in years and it quickly became a favorite way to make love with us. I loved it when he would tongue my ass and then spear me with that wicked thick cock of his. I even learned how to tongue fuck his ass. 

Over the next few months we fucked many times a day and learned more and more about each other. One evening we had been out shopping and Brad asked me to give him a blowjob as he drove; he knew I loved doing crazy stuff like that for him, especially in public. I had him unzipped and in my mouth in a matter of seconds. I was having a great time sucking him off when I felt the car slow down and come to a stop. I started to pull off of him but Brad held my head down. 

"Just stay where you are mom." I did but was very curious about where we were. I heard the car window go down and immediately knew where we were, and I struggled to sit up. "Trust me mom, just keep sucking." His voice was full of mischief.

"Hi, how can I help you?" A young male voice asked.

Brad had pulled up to the drive through window of a fast food restaurant and was ordering. A young boy leaned out the window to take his order. "Hi, I'd like a small fry and I think my Mom's going to need a drink after I cum in her mouth." Brad told him. I lay over his lap and sucked his cock and tried not to laugh. 

There was no way the young boy at the window could miss what I was doing. I slowly came up off of Brad's cock and held him in my hand and smiled at the clerk. "Hi, yes, just a coke. I'm going to need it in a minute." I giggled and went right back down on Brad's cock and sucked away.

"So that's one small fry and one cola for my mother." I heard Brad say nonchalantly. Brad told me later that the kid's jaw was hanging down to his chest as he watched me suck him off.

We didn't make it to the end of the drive before Brad was filling my mouth with his delicious cum. I made sure I swallowed every drop before I sat up. Brad was laughing so hard he could hardly drive. "You're so bad Brad Hunt, and you owe me big time for that buster." I shook my finger at him, pretending to be mad. 

"I'm sorry mom, but that was so hot, I couldn't resist." 

One afternoon, on a whim, I stopped at a tattoo shop and got my pussy pierced. I had a ½" loop inserted in the hood of my clit. I also bought a larger one for special occasions. Brad loved it when I showed it to him. I bought a long thin chain and Brad loved leading me around by my pussy. I even wore the chain when we went clubbing. The thin chain came up from under my skirt and Brad held it and led me around by my pussy or simply hooked it to my belt. More than one woman noticed and gave me smiling signs of approval. 

Chapter 2

I was actually relieved when Brad started dating again. It had been over six months since our first fuck and I was beginning to worry he would become so fixated on our relationship that he wouldn't meet any girls his age. I shouldn't have worried. He told me he wanted to meet a girl that not only understood our relationship but wanted to be involved in incest too. Neither of us ever wanted to hide our relationship again, but we knew it would take a special person to understand how important incest was for us. I knew if I ever became serious with another man, he would have to be ok with me fucking my son. 

Brad dated several girls but only one seemed to have outlasted the others. I had only met Penny once. I ran into the two of them when I was on a date at the same restaurant. She was a beautiful, petite blonde, full of energy and blessed with a radiant smile as well as being very well endowed. I could see why Brad was attracted to her. He did love girls with big boobs and Penny looked to be at least a 34 C. I instantly liked and immediately felt very close to her, even though we had just met. My date and I invited them to join us and the four of us had a great time. By the end of dinner, I felt like I had known her for years. I couldn't put my finger on why I felt so close to her but it was fun how we just clicked. Brad said she was a younger version of me and I took that as a compliment. We joked about Penny's last name, Buldoc, since it was my maiden name. In this part of French New Hampshire, Buldoc was as common as Smith. 

Brad and I enjoyed being naked at home so it wasn't often we had guests over without telling the other one first. I was a little surprised when I came home hours before I was expected and walked in on Brad and Penny. I heard their voices before I found the two of them on the back deck. I was happy that Brad was still seeing her. What made it even a more pleasant was that I found them naked and making love. The two of them were fucking on the chaise lounge and they hadn't heard me come in. Brad was on top and the two of them were in the middle of what looked to be a wild and pleasant fuck. Penny was even better looking naked than she was dressed. Her soft pink breasts looked so firm and kissable and it made me wet to watch Brad kiss them as he fucked her. As I watched, I thought about how long it had been since I had been with another woman and ideally wondered if Penny was bisexual.

I didn't want to disturb their lovemaking by barging in on them so I just watched for a little longer. After a few minutes, I went to my room and took off my clothes and got comfortable. It was my house after all, so I did what I would normally do when I got home. I went back to the window and watch the two of them fuck a little longer. Penny had her tongue buried in Brad's ass and she was milking his cock with the other. It didn't look like the first time she had done that either, she was going at it with too much gusto. I couldn't resist fingering myself as I enjoyed the show. I fantasized about how fun and exciting it would be to have Penny as a lover. Having such a young pussy such as hers to fall in love with would be fun. I'd have my face between her legs and helping her cum as often as I could. 

I busied myself in the kitchen by throwing together a pasta salad and then made myself a cup of tea and sat down and waited for them to finish. I was so horny that I had to peak at them again. I was thrilled to see Penny giving Brad a blowjob. She certainly had no trouble taking all of his long cock down her throat. I gasped excitedly when I watched her pull Brad's cock from her mouth and let him shoot off all over her pretty face. Good girl, I thought. She looked radiant with his cum dripping from her face. Brad seemed surprised and upset at having cum all over her pretty face. He did his best to lick her clean but she had so much covering her hair and face that he pulled her up and led her to the kitchen. I almost got caught watching them. I just managed to get back to the table before they caught me. I sat innocently drinking my tea when they entered the kitchen. 

They were laughing and joking as they entered the kitchen; Penny was leading Brad in by his cock. Brad was all apologetic. "I'm so sorry baby. I didn't know you were going to do that." 

"It's ok. I did it on purpose. I love it when you shoot all over me like that. It makes me feel so nasty," Penny giggled but choked back her laugh when she saw me sitting at the table. "Oh shit," She softly said and quickly let go of Brad's cock. "Hi Mrs. H." The guilty look on her face was precious. Brad's cum clung to her face and hair. 

"Mom!" Brad exclaimed, just as surprised as Penny was. "I didn't know you were home." He gave me a knowing smile and I returned it. He guessed correctly that I had been watching the two of them fuck. Not surprising, his cock was still pretty hard.

"Hi you two. How are you Penny?" I asked as I stood up and stuck out my hand for her to shake. I wanted to put her at ease as quickly as possible. I pretended not to notice or care that we were all naked or that Penny had cum drying on her pretty face. I could see why Brad was so taken by her. Any girl that loved facials was a girl Brad would worship. I couldn't help be admire her breasts; they were perfectly conical and stood out, as if defying gravity. My eyes sought out her pussy. Her pubic hair was trimmed into a perfectly formed V, about one inch wide at the top and narrowed down to nothing just above her pussy lips. She took my breath away. Her red and puffy pussy lips told their own story. It was pretty obvious that the two of them had been fucking for some time and knowing Brad, the fuck I saw probably wasn't the first one of the day for them. 

"I'm fine Mrs. H.," Penny shyly greeted me as she tried to hide behind Brad. She looked a little uncomfortable at being nude in front of me. She stared at my hand for a few awkward moments before her good manners took over and she stepped out from behind Brad and took it. When I let it go, she immediately retreated behind Brad's naked body again. For a moment I thought that she might bolt for the door. 

Brad helped calm Penny by coming to me and wrapping his arms around me and giving me a hug. "Been here long?" He whispered.

"Long enough," I whispered back. I had to suppress a moan as I felt Brad's cock rise up against me. I resisted the urge to move my pussy against him. "Better behave or you're going to scare Penny." I reluctantly moved from Brad's arms and without saying a word, took Penny's hand and brought her to the sink.

"It's so good to see you again," I told her and winked. "I can see why Brad's so taken by you," I breezily commented as I wet a cloth and dabbed at her cheeks and hair. As I wiped cum from her face and hair, my arm came in contact with her ripe breasts. That sent little shivers through my body. It was exciting to see how Penny's nipples immediately hardened. "But I don't know how you put up with him. He's always making such a mess." I said with a straight face as I cleaned the last of my son's cum from her hair. Penny didn't quite know what to say until she realized I was trying to suppress a smile. She blushed and returned my smile with one of her own. 

"Thanks Mrs. H. but it wasn't Brad's fault. I kind of made him do it." She proudly admitted. The girl certainly wasn't shy about being caught having sex. I liked that. When I finished with her hair, she thanked me and stood beside Brad and held his hand, as if to say, "I love your son and I love it when he jacks off on my face." She didn't seem nearly as uncomfortable being naked now. 

"He should have had something handy, he knows better." I scolded. "I brought him up better than that." I wasn't sure if Penny picked that up or not. Part of me wanted her to know that he and I had a special relationship. For some reason I thought she wouldn't mind. 

Brad looked right at me and said, "I can't win around here. No matter what I do, cum in you or cum on you, I get in trouble!" That brought hard laughs from all of us. 

Penny hugged Brad's arm and reassuringly told him, "Don't you worry honey, just as long as you cum, that's all that counts, right Mrs. H?" Penny quipped and we all burst out laughing again. 

"You bet it is Penny." I couldn't resist adding my two cents. "What else do we need them for?" Penny and I laughed but Brad didn't seem to think we were all that funny. "Brad's gotten a lot better about cleaning up his messes," I held up the wash cloth, "but he's just like most men, he's 'clutter-blind.' He still misses the obvious things." Penny giggled and poor Brad knew exactly what I was talking about. When I regained my composer, I invited Penny to stay for lunch. "I have a pitcher of iced tea and I've made a salad, would you like to stay and eat me Penny... Oh my! What did I just say?" That was a Freudian slip. "I of course mean eat with me?" 

There was a playful twinkle in Penny's eyes when I misspoke and I wondered if she had been thinking the same thing. Penny's eyes slowly drifted down to my pussy. I looked down and saw a shimmer of love juices oozing from between my pussy lips. It made me squirm excitedly to see her looking so raptly at me. "Penny?" I said to break her out of her trance.

"Huh? Oh nice. Huh? Oh no thank you Mrs. H.," She said when she was finally able to tear her eyes from my pussy. "I really should get going." She said and tugged at Brad's arm so he would bend down. I couldn't help but hear her ask, "Where are my clothes?"

Neither one of them had a clue where they had abandoned their clothes earlier. Fucking will do that. "Ah, yeah, just a second." Brad's head swiveled all about him as he tried to remember where he had put their clothes. 

I gave them a hint. "By the back door honey," I waved my hand and smiled when he finally saw where I was pointing. Penny saw the mirth in my eyes and smiled back and we connected in a female way.

I watched them dress, such as it was. Brad put on a pair of shorts and Penny was bra-less and didn't seem to have any underwear either as she pulled on a tight pair of shorts over her cute ass. She didn't seem terribly embarrassed or shy about dressing in front of me. "Will you be back for dinner Brad?" I asked to break the silence.

"Probably not mom, I'll call you if I am." He said as he led Penny by the hand around me.

I wasn't going to let him get away that easy. "Aren't you going to give me a kiss goodbye?" I stood with my hands on my hips and blocked his way. With me being the only one not dressed, it made the situation very intimate.

"Of course mom." Brad instinctively did just what I hoped he would do; he wrapped his arms around me and grabbed my ass and pulled me to him and kissed me passionately on the lips. "Love you mom." He said as he brought his hands up between us and toyed with my nipples. "See you tonight beautiful." He said softly and kissed my lips again. It was an unspoken promise that told me he wanted to fuck me tonight. 

I cupped his ass with both hands and pressed my pussy against him and smiled inwardly when I saw the smile on Penny's face. "Better be careful honey, we don't want to make Penny jealous." I looked over at her and was pleased to see a mixture of awe and approval on her face. My female intuition told me she didn't see anything terribly wrong with the way we were hugging and kissing. 

"I'm not jealous Mrs. H.; I think it's sweet that you and Brad are so close." It was interesting to watch her body language. She seemed agitated. She couldn't keep her hands still. She repeatedly rubbed them on her hips, as if she wanted to put them somewhere else.

"I think he's sweet too and I can't help it if I love him so much." I smiled knowingly at her, letting her decide what that really meant. I don't know what made me want her to know how close Brad and I were, but I sensed it might turn her on. "So nice to see you again Penny. I hope you come back soon." I stepped forward and hugged her. Our bodies melded into each other. I felt the warmth coming from her body and loved how my naked breasts mashed into hers "Don't be a stranger," I told her and brushed my lips against hers. Penny's tongue shot out a second too late to catch my lips. I think she was expecting a longer kiss. She looked disappointed when she didn't get one but she recovered quickly. 

"It was really nice seeing you too Mrs. H." She said breathlessly as I held her to me. "And I guess that depends on Brad," She said as she moved seductively against me. She seemed comfortable in my arms and made no effort to pull away from me. I let one hand slide down her back and I let it rest easily on her firm little ass. After a few more exciting seconds of being pressed so firmly against each other I let her go. When I stepped back, she looked at Brad with her cute little puppy dog eyes and smiled. "I really love your house Mrs. H. and thanks for... " She looked at the washrag on the counter and smiled, "for being so understanding." She took Brad's hand and let him lead her out the door. 

Brad came home around eight o'clock that night and I was more than ready for him. I had been reading about a whole families fucking and had masturbated twice thinking about a threesome with Penny. I wondered if she had ever been in one. It was strange how I felt like I had known her for years. If I were ever to have another bisexual affair, I hoped it would be with someone as hot and fun as Penny. Her cute little body exuded sex. 

"Hi honey." I greeted him as he threw off his shirt and dropped his shorts before he got to the living room.

"You are so bad mom." He tried to look serious but he couldn't carry it, especially when he went right for my pussy and started giving it a good tongue licking. 

"Me?" I asked innocently. I laid back and enjoyed my pussy lapping.

"Yes you. You know darn well what I'm talking about." He said as he licked my wet pussy and stuck a finger up inside of me and lovingly finger fucked me as he ate me. "You really deserve a good spanking," He laughed and nibbled on my clitty. His voice was muffled against my pussy and it tickled me.

Mmmm, now that sounded fun I thought. "I didn't embarrass you did I? You know I would never do that intentionally," I told him in between laughs. "Ahhhh! I've been waiting for that all night." I moaned as he hit a tender spot.

"For some reason, Penny really likes you, and you didn't embarrass her." He conceded. "She thinks you're cool, and I have to admit, when you did that thing with the washcloth and then hugged her, so did I." Brad sat up and gave me a serious look.

"Hey, were you going? You're not through here yet." I loved what he was doing down there and tried to pull his head back down but he wouldn't let me. "Well I like her too but there's something else on your mind. What is it?" 

"I don't know; it's just that you two are so alike. She's so open and understanding and likes to talk about sex all the time, just like you. You know, asking me what feels good, being so vocal about things she wants to try, things she wants me to do to her... " Brad got a silly look on his face and grinned from ear to ear.

"What? Tell me," I demanded. 

Brad laughed. "She likes to be spanked too. She likes it when I tell her she's been a bad girl and I take her over my knee and spank her, just like you do mom. Weird huh?" He was still grinning. "Oh yeah, big on anal too!" He laughed.

"Well good for her," I laughed. "I knew I liked that girl." I said and wondered if there was more to all this than I could see. "You didn't mention how much she enjoys being jacked off on," I giggled and held Brad's cock. "I know she did that intentionally and I thought it was so sweet." I got down and sucked Brad's cock for a few minutes before adding, "Not all women enjoy that so I hope you appreciated it." 

"I do, I really do mom. She thought you were so cool when you didn't say anything about my jizz all over her face," Brad grunted as he shoved his cock back in my mouth and pumped away, face fucking me. 

"You really like her don't you?" I said as I held his cock on my tongue and licked his fat head. I got a little taste of cum on my tongue and now I was dying to feel him inside of me. 

"Yeah I do mom but it's strange. She gets off on kinky sex as much as I do and you saw how cool she was when you kissed her, but there's more. I haven't figured it all out yet but I know she's pretty open about sex with her dad. The trouble is, she just won't talk about her relationship with him. It's frustrating."

"Keep talking." I said and kissed him. "Tell me while I do this for you." I put off getting fucked for a moment and coaxed him back in my mouth. I held his cock and licked the underside of his balls and managed to lick his asshole before going back to his cock and swallowing him down my throat and listened to what was on his mind.

Brad let me suck him for a few minute and then suddenly stood. He held my head to his cock and fucked my mouth as he told me about what he had seen at Penny's house. "Maybe it's nothing but I caught Penny kissing her father on the lips when I came out of the bathroom. He had his hands on her butt, just like you and I do. They broke off the kiss as soon as they heard me but it sure looked hot to me. Penny just blew it off when I asked her about it. She said it was just a little hello kiss to her dad."

Not surprisingly, Brad got harder as he told his story. "I better take care of this," I teased as I tightened my lips around his cock and got down to business. His cock was dripping sweet cum onto my tongue and I hoped he was close. "Just keep talking honey, your mother wants everything you have," I told him and licked his balls and mouthed his hard cock.

"They have incest magazines too Mom. The same one's we buy. I found one in the bathroom." He told me as he fed me his cock. 

"When I asked Penny about them she just laughed it off and told me her dad bought and read them. She said she never read them but she looked a little guilty to me." 

"That's pretty interesting Brad. I don't think there are many families that just have "Family Frolics" sitting around the house." It was starting to make sense now. I remembered how Penny had looked at Brad and me when we were kissing and hugging earlier today. It was definitely a look of approval, not of shock or disgust.

Brad wagged his cock at my lips and smiled, "Will you get back to this? You have no idea how horny I am talking about this Mom. Please." He teased my lips, hoping that would codify my feelings. It worked. "It would be so cool if Penny and her dad were into incest like we are." He thoughtfully said as I sucked him off.

"Yes of course dear, just keep talking," My son was definitely excited about that possibility. I wrapped my lips around his cock and bobbed my head up and down on his boner and waited for him to cum.

"Yup, pretty neat isn't it mom. Maybe that's why Penny didn't freak when you smooched me today." 

I pulled off of him and licked his cock head as I thought about that. "Maybe, but I have a hunch there's more going on here than we see." I had to think this through. I was missing something. I knew Brad was excited about the possibilities but it just seemed as if there was more to the story than either of us understood. 

"I tried to ask her about her relationship with her dad, but every time I bring it up, she shuts down and gets real moody so I drop it."

"Well, I, for one, am curious too." It would be so fun to know another family that was involved in incest. "I really like Penny, so don't do anything dumb Brad. I'll be very angry at you if you scare her off." I tried to sound light hearted but I knew Penny was good for Brad and I didn't want him to screw up this relationship by pushing her too hard for answers. 

"I like her a lot too mom. We have a ball together and ah... well you saw, we have great sex." He gave me a silly little grin and laughed. "Now will you get back to this?" He chuckled and shoved his cock back between my lips. "More sucking and less talking." In a few short minutes, Brad rewarded me with a mouthful of cum. I swallowed every drop.

Brad brought Penny to the house that next afternoon. I was of course naked when the two of them came in and Penny was just so funny when she saw me. "Oh good, Mrs. H., you're nude, I hoped you'd be. Do you mind if I take off my clothes too? I think it's just so cool how you and Brad go naked at home." Without waiting for a reply, she pulled off her top and shimmied out of her shorts. Brad raced her and in seconds both kids were standing naked in front of me. I didn't miss how red and puffy Penny's cunt lips looked. 

I couldn't help smile at her openness and told her I certainly didn't mind if she got naked with me. "Just be yourself Penny. I'm so glad it doesn't offend you." Brad's cock came to life and stood out hard and proud. Penny and I both looked admiring at it. "Why don't you put Penny's things in your room honey?" Penny's beautiful nipples were as hard as Brad's cock. Lucky girl. She was going to get Brad's cock first. 

"Thanks Mrs. H., and I'm definitely not offended. I love hanging out nude." She almost grabbed Brad by his cock but stopped at the last second and instead took his hand. A half hour went by and they still hadn't emerged. I eventually walked half way down the hall and called them. "Brad, I'm serving lunch soon. Penny will you join us?" I was tempted to stick my head in Brad's room but resisted. It was another five minutes before the two of them came into the kitchen; their naked bodies were flushed and sweaty. For once, Brad's cock was almost soft and it didn't take a genius to figure out why. Penny must have fucked his brains out. Good for her I thought. "Penny dear, would you like to take a shower before we eat? You have about 15 minutes." I offered her, hoping I would have few minutes alone with Brad before dinner.

"That would be wonderful Mrs. H. I guess I could use one," She laughed lightly and held onto Brad's arm. I couldn't help but notice the little bite marks on the sides of her breast and a white sheen of cum around her cunt lips. 

"Brad honey, show Penny where the towels are and I'll get my shampoo." 

"That's so nice of you Mrs. H.," She said as Brad led her back down the hall. I went to my bathroom and grabbed my shampoo and rinse and brought them back to the other bathroom. "Here we go Penn... Ooops. Sorry." I had walked in on my two lovebirds. Penny was on her knees and giving Brad a blowjob. I watched as her tight lips furiously milked him. Penny's hands were wrapped tightly around Brad's ass, and she was pulling him deep down her throat. I thought it was so sweet when Brad brushed a stray hair out of her eyes. 

"Hold that thought hon." Brad pulled Penny up and kissed her. "Thanks sweetie," He ran his hand over her breasts and thumbed her nipples. "Thanks mom," He said and took the bottles from me and handed them to Penny. "Call me if you need help." Penny couldn't take her eyes off of Brad's cock. She definitely had plans for it. 

"Come on Brad. Give the poor girl a chance to clean up," I said as I tugged him out of the bathroom. I'm sure if I hadn't been there the two of them would have been screwing again. I wondered why Brad wasn't showering with her.

"Thanks mom, that was really nice of you." He threw his arm around me and cupped my boob playfully as we walked back to the kitchen. "I really wanted to talk to you for minute, without Penny hearing." He was practically walking on air as he guided me into the kitchen.

I sighed as Brad tweaked my nipples. "Brad, you just got done screwing and having your cock sucked, behave yourself for at least a minute." I told him good naturedly as I spun and faced him. "So what's gotten you in such a good mood honey?" I reached down and fit his cock between my waiting pussy lips. He made me feel all warm and squishy between my legs. I'd really grown accustomed to having my son's cock in me. 

"That was nice of you to offer Penny our shower. I guess I should have thought of it first." He told me as he rocked his hips back and forth against me. I felt his cock stiffen and grow as he easily slipped inside of me. 

I told him that I was surprised he wasn't showering with her. "But I'm sure you would have if you had wanted to. So what's up... besides this?" I giggled and reached down between us and touched his cock shaft as he fucked me. It was marvelous fucking standing up. It was meant for people in a hurry. I wrapped one leg around his thigh and let him fuck me deeper. I figured we had at least ten minutes of good fucking before Penny was through showering.

"Mmmm, wow, nice mom." He said as he worked a few more inches of cock in me. "It's Penny's dad, he caught her blowing me and he was just so cool about it. He even complimented her for swallowing. It was weird but fun. Penny wasn't embarrassed or freaked that he caught her sucking me off. Is that far out or what? " He marveled as he slowly fucked me. 

"That is pretty interesting." I said as I wrapped my other leg around him and let him hold me up so he could fuck me deeper. "How about her father? Was he doing anything while he watched the two of you? He wasn't masturbating or anything was he?" I ask as I motioned for Brad to put me down so I could clean of a spot off on the table for us to fuck. I sat on the edge and motioned Brad back to my pussy. "Fuck me honey. We only have a few minutes." 

"No, nothing like that but I'm pretty sure he was hard." Brad said as he fingered me. "Penny says she has no problem doing stuff like that in front of him. She says that he's very cool about her having sex since she's of age. I think that's pretty cool of him. I mean I didn't mind him watching," Brad grinned. "I've never minded an audience." I was holding Brads' cock and was about to pull him into my cunt when we heard a gasp.  (next part 5)
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