"Stories 18+" Decent Family P5

Stories 18+ Decent Family P5
"Brad?... Oh!" Penny stood naked at the kitchen door with a look of shock and surprise on her face "I... I, ah, I was going to ask for a brush... " Her voice trailed off as she stared at the two of us. "I hope I didn't interrupt anything." Her eyes were glued to my hand, which was wrapped around Brad's cock. "I just wanted to borrow a brush and a hair dryer, but it can wait." She said as she gave both of us a curious look before she turned and walked back to the bathroom. "I'll just wait." She said as she waved at us over her shoulder, as if to say, 'you two finish what you were doing, no hurry.'" There was no doubt she saw my hand around Brad's cock and how I had him positioned at my pussy. It's good she hadn't shown up a minute later, or we would have been fucking. 

"Shit." Brad said as he stood up. "Penny, wait up." He totally forgot about me and I almost fell off the table. 

"Wait Brad." I stopped him. "It'll be alright, trust me. Just give her a moment to think about what she thought she saw. At least we weren't in the middle of the table, fucking and knocking things all over the floor." It was my fault for being so horny I told myself. After what Brad told me about her father, I was convinced that if Penny had seen us fucking, she wouldn't have been all that upset or shocked. The look she gave us wasn't one of disgust. That was a 'How interesting,' look. "If she asks," I had to think about this for a moment. "Just tell her I was lonely and horny and that you were helping me. I know that sounds simple and crazy but trust me on this one honey. Don't lie to her." 

Brad looked at me like I was crazy but agreed. "Ok, mom, if that's your story, I'll go along with it."

The two of them came back about five minutes later and Penny seemed fine, but I knew I had to say something. "Penny, about what you saw... "

"It's ok Mrs. H., Brad explained. I totally understand. I knew you two were close, just not that closes." She giggled and gave me a warm and understanding smile. "I'm sorry we made you so horny." Her infectious giggle got all three of us laughing. 

I picked up on Brad's little lie. "I need to date more often or stop watching the two of you making love. I apologize if I upset you dear. It's just that masturbating with Brad watching... well, it just really gets me off." That wasn't the whole truth but at least it was the truth and Penny had empathy with my plight. "Well I still apologize for surprising you like that. I know how it must have looked. I should have just used my vibrator." I told her. 

"You don't have to apologize to me Mrs. H., I totally understand. I can't keep my hands off of him either." She rubbed his butt and moved her excited breasts against his arm and smiled at me.

"You'd better stop or Brad's going to get a big head." I chided her.

"Big!" Penny screamed. "It's already huge Mrs. H.! Look!" She said and reached down and held Brad's cock up by his balls. She held him in her small hand and wagged him at me and laughed. "If he was any bigger, we wouldn't be able to get him in us," She laughed mischievously as she unabashedly played with his cock, seemingly unaware that she had just insinuated that I also fucked Brad. Brad and I quickly looked at each other and neither of us I corrected her.

"Hey, I'm here you two. I can hear you." Brad said and pretended his feelings were hurt. He definitely enjoyed having Penny playing with his cock in front of me.

"You hush now." I told my son. I gave Penny a knowing smile and boldly took Brad's cock from her and led him to the table. "Let me help you Penny. I have a little experience at this. Sit down and eat Brad. You need your strength if you're going to take care of this pretty young lady." Penny just broke up as she watched me lead Brad to the table by his hard cock. 

"Mrs. H., you're wild." She said and hugged me and then Brad. "Poor baby, he needs us to lead him everywhere." 

"It's good he's got such a big handle to lead him by!" I shrieked. Even Brad couldn't help laughing.

We had a lovely dinner and afterwards, Penny took me up on my offer to stay and watch a movie. Brad started to protest but Penny cut him off. "Brad, I want to stay. It'll be fun, just the three of us and besides I haven't seen the movie your mom rented." Penny stood in front of him and held his cock in her hand to get his attention. "We have plenty of time for this later on." She cooed and kissed him and gently led him into the living room... by his cock and settled in with him on the couch. "There, this isn't so awful is it?" She asked as she lovingly stroked him and appeased him. She knew how to get and keep him horny.

Brad looked a little bemused by Penny's sudden boldness and how audacious she was behaving but he certainly wasn't complaining. He knew I had no problem with what either of them was doing. "We'd better be careful Penny, you saw how horny mom is." he nodded in my direction and smirked. 

"Brad Hunt! Don't you dare make fun of your mother," Penny said, coming to my defense. "She can't help if she gets horny around you. You're so darn handsome and sexy," She giggled and stuck out her tongue at him. "Mrs. H, sit with us. I'll make sure Brad behaves." She said and pointed to the spot on the couch next to them. "I think there's enough of him for both of us." 

I laughed. "I'm not sure I want him to behave Penny." I giggled. "And you can be sure; I will get horny if I sit too close to him." That got us all laughing again. I really did want to join them but I thought Penny was just being polite. 

My candidness made Penny laugh. "Two horny women. Now that should make Brad happy!" Penny gave me a conspiratorial smile as she waved me down. "You'd like that wouldn't you honey?" She said as she seductively held his cock and made him harder. She batted her pretty blue eyes up at him knowingly. "You'd like your mother to sit with us wouldn't you Brad honey?" 

Brad couldn't resist her smile or her eyes, much less the hand she had wrapped around his cock. "Come on Mom, sit," he blushed, and patted the couch beside him. He looked a little sheepish, what with Penny so openly fisting his cock but he was all for me sitting next to him. He shrugged his shoulders and smiled at me as if to ask, 'What am I suppose to do now?' He was having a ball being the center of attention. 

It was difficult watching the movie while sneaking peeks at what Penny was doing to Brad. She certainly was doing her darndest to make him cum, no doubt about it. I watched her lick her hand several times to lubricate it so it moved smoother over his cock. I silently urged him to cum. I was beyond flustered and horny. If she was really going to jack him off, there was no way I wouldn't have my own orgasm too. I desperately wanted to reach between my legs and finger myself as I watched her. My legs opened and closed involuntarily, squeezing and massaging my pussy. "Maybe I should leave you two love birds alone." I offered and started to get up so I could go and masturbate. "I can hear my vibrator calling." 

"Don't go Mrs. H, please, stay. It's my fault. I'm making you horny." She gave me a big wink. "I just can't keep my hands off of him," She leaned over Brad and planted a big kiss on the head of his cock. "Or my mouth either. I'm sure you have the same problem." She laughed sweetly. It was as if she was encouraging me to do something with Brad in front of her. 

My heart beat faster as I thought about how we had almost been caught fucking earlier. "If you keep doing that, I'm going to have to take care of myself." I smiled and stared at her. She understood what I was talking about. 

Penny nodded and whispered, as if Brad wasn't there, "I'd understand if you wanted Brad to kind of help you Mrs. H.," Penny pursed her lips and gave me the most innocent smile. "If you're as horny as I am right now, maybe we can convince Brad to help both of us." She slyly suggested. "Besides, I owe you one for interrupting you earlier... " 

"Penny!" Brad gulped.

"Don't Penny me Brad Hunt. I don't see any reason why you shouldn't help your mother." She looked past him and winked at me. "She has needs too." Brad still wasn't sure what to do and I for one was prepared to just sit back and let Penny orchestrate this little love fest. Penny took his hand and placed it between my legs. "Don't act so innocent. You know darn well how to satisfy a woman this way. Just pretend it's me." 

I was just as surprised as Brad was. "Penny... I... ah, I... ah don't want you to think we do this... " I squirmed as I felt Brad's fingers on my pussy. 

"I don't think anything Mrs. H. I just don't see any reason why two horny women shouldn't be able to get a little satisfaction. I think your relationship with Brad is really cool. Besides, it's just the three of us, who will know?" She asked as she took Brad's other hand and deftly put it between her legs. "Let's see how well Brad can multitask." She giggled.

"Oh I like your ideas Penny." I squeezed my legs together, trapping my son's hand against my pussy. "I think Brad does too."

That was the green light for Brad. He started finger fucking both of us. "So, you don't think I can do two things at once?" He asked as he worked our pussies. "We'll see about that." His cock was standing straight up and away from his body as he fingered the two of us. Penny and I both stared at it; we both wanted it. I almost reached over and held him. "How am I doing Mom? Penny?" he asked as he pushed a finger up both of our pussies and finger fucked the two women in his life.

Penny slumped further down on the couch and practically cried. "Oh honey... do that, just like that." She said as she held her legs wide open for him. "And don't forget your mother." She panted. "Finger her too!" She moaned. 

"He's not forgetting me Penny. He's fingering me and it's wonderful." I moaned. I had my legs spread and was moving my pussy back and forth against his invading fingers. I was practically falling off the couch when I came. "Oh OH OH!" I shouted a little self-consciously. I squeezed my legs together and came on Brad's hand. A few minutes later Penny let out a loud low moan and started to cum. 

"Faster... harder! Oh my god yes!" She screamed as she thrashed about the couch. The two of us each had a terrific orgasm with Brad's help. Neither of us moved for several long minutes as we regained control. "Oh boy did I ever need that." Penny said and stretched her naked young body before snuggling into Brad. "But look at poor Brad Mrs. H." She said as she licked the palm of her hand and fisted his hard cock again. "My baby's so hard and excited. He was so good; I think he deserves a reward. Don't you think so Mrs. H?" Penny looked over at me and I could read the lust in her eyes. "I think I should help him!" She said as she crawled over Brad's lap and took his hard cock in her mouth and began giving him a blowjob.

"Ah geez honey!" Brad moaned lustily, his body coming off of the couch. He pushed his thick cock deep into her mouth. He looked at me, pleading with me not to be jealous. I wasn't.

Penny came back up and smiled at me again. "Feel him Mrs. H. He's so hard and hot." When I didn't immediately react, she reached over and took my willing hand and wrapped it around my son's cock. She moved my hand up and down over the length of Brad's cock and laughed. "He has such a marvelous cock!" Penny looked at me and smiled. "You're so lucky Mrs. H."

I was light headed as I openly masturbated my son in front of Penny. I managed to smile weakly and admit to her, "It is wonderful Penny." The last thing I wanted to do was let go of him but I did. "But I think you should be the one to make him cum." I sat back and put my hand between my legs and made sure Penny could see that I was fingering myself. "I'll just watch and have fun here." 

"Ok, my turn this time." Penny said and eagerly threw her mouth onto his cock. Brad put both of his hands on top of her head, not pushing, just touching her hair to show her how much he liked what she was doing. He eventually stopped moving his hips and let Penny use her head and mouth to fuck him. In a matter of minutes he was cumming and filling her mouth full of his hot cum. "Oh geez yes!" He said as he arched his back and thrust his cock deeper down her throat. "Suck it Penny, take it all!" he urged her as she milked the last of his sperm from him. Brad leaned over to me and we kissed long and hard, his hands were all over my breasts as his girl friend sucked his cock. I kept right on fingering myself as we kissed. When Penny felt Brad finally softening, she tightened her lips around the head of his cock and slowly withdrew, smacking her lips, as she savored the last of his cum. She saw us kissing and just smiled at us. 

"Ohhh, that was yummy!" She giggled. She obviously had no problems with giving blowjobs in front of me or seeing her boyfriend and his mother making out. She was just giving Brad's cock one last lick when she gasped. She had spotted my clit ring. "Mrs. H., your pussy's pierced!?" She said, as she stared hard between my legs.

"Yes, do you like it?" I held my pussy lips apart and showed off my clit ring. I just assumed she had seen it earlier. I'd never made a secret about being pierced but it was usually hidden between the folds of my pussy. I thought it was charming that she had noticed it and asked. "Brad says I jingle when I walk." I added. It made my juices run showing her my pussy and clit ring. I couldn't help myself when I laid back and lightly fingered my clitty. "I can cum just touching it sometimes." 

Penny looked at Brad and smiled knowingly. "And I bet it gets touched a lot," Penny and I traded knowing smiles. "Can I look? I just think they're so hot," she said as she slid off the couch and knelt in front of me.

I laughed, "Of course you can. I don't get to show it off much, do I Brad?" I said and gave him a quick little smile.

Penny either didn't hear me or chose to ignore my inference. She slid off the couch and got between my legs and admired my ring and its placement. "It's so beautiful. I've always wanted one but I just never dared. I'd put mine right above my clit too. That's so hot Mrs. H.," Penny reached out and then stopped herself. "May I?" she asked, surprisingly timid now.

"Only if you stop calling me Mrs. H. It seems to me that if you're going to touch my pussy you should start calling me Angela." I spread my legs further and exposed myself for her. 

Penny liked that, "Ok Angela." She said as she reached for my pussy and ring. Her face was only inches from my cunt and I noticed a little drop of cum stuck to the corner of her mouth. I used my finger to wipe it off and offered it to her. "Thanks." She said as she seductively sucked my finger clean. "Almost as good as getting it right from the source."

"Almost." I grinned and licked my finger. I almost made myself cum. I was panting when I told her, "Look as close as you want." I pushed my butt closer to the edge of the couch and offered up my pussy to her. I tried to will her tongue and lips to my pussy. Having her face so close to my cunt was almost more than I could take.

Penny reached out and gently parted my lips and held my clit ring. "I love the size; it's so dainty and delicate." She looked thoughtfully as she held my wet lips apart and examined my ring. Her middle finger somehow found its way inside my pussy. 

I gasped and involuntarily pushed my pussy back at her finger and felt another inch of her slim finger moving around inside of me. "I have a larger one I wear for... special occasions." I panted as I moved my hips back and forth and fucked myself on Penny's finger. I wanted to tell her how Brad used a chain to lead me around by my pussy. "I wear a larger one when I have a really hot date or when I've been really bad, don't I Brad." I moaned lustily. "It gives my guy something big to hang onto." I grinned at Brad over Penny's shoulders and blew him a kiss. I was flowing a river from my pussy as Penny held my cunt lips apart and fingered me. Her fingers were soaked and I gasped as she nonchalantly licked them dry and then patted my pussy and sat back up.

"I should really just do it." She said as she sat back down and wrapped her wet fingers around Brad's cock again. She seemed very content to be able to hold him again. "You wouldn't mind if I got pierced would you Brad?" She innocently asked as she parted her pussy lips. "Right here." She indicated the hood of her clit. "I should get a chain too, just like your mother's. I think it would be hot to be led around by my pussy... just like your mother. You could drag me around when I've been bad and you wanted to punish me." 

Brad groaned with lust. "I'd love it if you did. I just love seeing mom being led by her clit ring. You'd look just as hot," He told her. I had to quickly close my legs to stifle an orgasm while I watched Brad casually put his hand between Penny's legs and finger her tight little pussy. 

I plunged two fingers inside my pussy and fucked myself as Brad fingered Penny. "I could go with you if you want," I managed to say. "I went by myself and wished I had had someone to hold my hand." I playfully rubbed my clit and played with my ring." You'll just love how a hard cock feels against it the first time." I told Penny as I flicked my little ring with my finger. "I almost fainted, didn't I Brad honey." The kids were going at it so hot and heavy that they didn't hear me. I think they forgot I was there. 

After watching them touch and kiss and grope each other for a few minutes Penny remembered she had been talking to me. "Oh that would be wonderful Angela!" She thanked me as she squirmed and clamped her legs around Brad's fingers as he brought her off one more again. I watched raptly as she rocked back and forth and played with her nipples before she slumped back into the couch as her orgasm crashed through her young body. When she opened her eye again, she continued right where she left off, just as if nothing had happened. "Can we go this week?" I loved it that she felt so free and open about having sex in front of me. She understood perfectly well that I enjoyed watching the two of them. We made a date for next week. 

I got up to clean myself up and when I came back a few minutes later, Penny was on Brad's lap and the two of them were fucking. Penny's young body was slowly moving up and down on his thick cock, her eyes were closed as she arched her back and rode him. Brad was lifting her up and down, holding her by her white globes as he drove his cock in and out of her. I wanted to sit and watch but resisted the temptation. Instead I leaned down and kissed Brad's cheek. "You two have fun." I said. I put my hand to Penny's cheek to caress it. She surprised me when she pulled me to her and kissed me hard on the lips. Her tongue found mine and mine found hers. We kissed long and hard, as two lovers would. "Wooow! Penny!" I softly gasped as she ran her tongue over my lips. 

"Thanks for the great evening Angela, and especially for sharing Brad with me." She kissed my lips lightly and smiled.

"You're more than welcome Penny." I said as I ran my tongue over her soft lips. "I like sharing him with you." I said and let my fingers trail over her pink nipples. Penny reached up and held them to her breasts and gave me a final kiss. I left the kids to finish their fuck in private. I hurried to my room and my vibrators and got what I really needed. 

When I came back, they were both dressed and both of them were still feeling very playful. "Bye Mrs... oops, bye Angela," she laughed distractedly. Brad was behind her and had her peasant blouse pulled up to her neck as he played with her tits. "I'll see you Tuesday. Thanks again for dinner and... " She smiled as she reached down and caressed Brad's cock through his pants. "Well, you know. That was fun." She said. She surprised me again by coming to me and embracing me. We kissed tenderly, romantically. Her tongue flicked out and met mine. "I like kissing you Angela." She pressed her young breasts against mine and smiled, "Especially when we're naked." She gave me a little wave and left with Brad.

I picked her up on Tuesday and it was certainly more fun this time. Penny is so free and unencumbered and had no problem being so intimately exposed to a stranger when she got pierced. I watched the young girl doing the piercing move her fingers over Penny's pussy as she examined her. She casually slid her fingers inside Penny and fingered her as they chat. Neither girl seemed embarrassed or inhibited by my presence. I looked on, fascinated and turned on by how open young girls were these days. I wished it were my fingers up Penny's pussy. Penny picked out a lovely gold ring and had it attached to the hood of her clit as well as a long thick chain. Afterwards I took her to lunch and took advantage of the time alone to have our much-needed talk. 

"You're not going to be able to have sex for a few days." I reminded her. "She told you that didn't she?" I asked as we drove. It was a couple of days before I felt comfortable fucking again. Brad and I came up with at least a dozen ways to bring each other off without actually fucking and I was sure he and Penny would be just as creative.

"I'll hate that," She laughed, "I just don't know if Brad will survive though." She giggled and blushed. "You might have to help him Angela." She slyly suggested without looking at me. She had her short skirt pulled up around her waist as she admired her new ring. "I promise I won't get jealous." She said as she carefully touched her tender little snatch. I wondered if she was going to masturbate in front of me. "I could never be jealous of you and Brad, Angela."

"I'm his mother, not his wife but I'll help anyway I can." We smiled knowingly at each other. 

"Thanks Angela. Most mothers aren't as cool as you are." She sat quietly and I couldn't help but notice the sweet smile on her face. 

"Most young girls aren't as cool as you are. But you were thinking. What? Tell." I asked as I fought to keep my eyes on the road while still looking at her slick blonde pussy and what she was doing with her fingers.

"I was just thinking about Brad. He's such a good lover. He just makes me so happy and I'd do anything to please him... anything," and she laughed again. "He's so willing to go along with anything I ask." She said wistfully and then gave me a very serious look. "I liked watching him finger you Angela. Not many mothers would do that for their son's. I'm glad you let him. I'm glad Brad did it." 

"I'm glad I did too and I especially liked it that you were there watching and ok with it." I whispered. "It really made it special for both of us." I wasn't ready to tell her I had fucked Brad later that night but I saw my opening to inject some motherly advice. "Penny, the thing you and Brad need to do to make your relationship work is to be open and honest with each other. You need to tell Brad about you, so he will be able to love you the way you need to be loved." I let that hang in the air before I added, "And don't get pregnant! I don't want to be a grandmother... yet." 

Penny laughed. "You won't be, don't worry about that." She seemed to be thinking about something and finally said, "I know what you're talking about being open Angela,... but I made someone a promise." She bit her lip and seemed about to start crying. "I just can't." she said into her hands.

"Penny, it's time for you to grow up. You're 18, you're a young woman and it's time for you to decide if you're ready for the type of relationship Brad is offering you." I was being hard on her but I knew I was right. She needed to be up-front with Brad about her relationship with her father. I knew how much he wanted to tell her about our relationship, but her reluctance to talk about her father was holding him back. I knew if she didn't open up to him soon, he would be disappointed enough to walk away from the one girl who could make him happy. I hoped she took my advice since I strangely felt closer to her then I did with most women my own age. The bond we had formed was unique, one I'd never had with another woman. I sensed Penny felt the same way. 

We rode in silence until I got to Penny's home. "Angela, you're just so understanding. You're like the big sister I never had." She said as she threw her arms around me and hugged me. "Thank you for what you said. I want to tell Brad everything... but I can't... yet." I hugged her back and rubbed her back. I couldn't resist letting my hand drift down past her short skirt and up and underneath it. I caressed her bare bottom and pulled her to me. That produced long soft moans. "You touch me as nice as Brad does." She sighed and melted into me.

I used both hands to pull her closer to me. "I don't want you to loose Brad and I don't want to loose you either. I like you a lot Penny." I almost said 'I love you.' "Think about what I said. It's time to make your own decisions." It was advice I hoped she took. I brought her face up to mine and kissed her full on her young lips. I moaned softly when she put her hand between my legs and caressed my inner thighs. I automatically spread my legs and allowed her to move her hand anywhere she wanted to. "I like how you touch me too." I told her and kissed her eyelids, the corners of her mouth and then her lips.

"If I could pick a big sister, she'd be just like you Angela," She said breathlessly as she moved her fingers over my pussy and touched my clit. "Thanks for going with me today. I could never have done it without you there." She told me as she moved her finger in and out of my wet pussy. "I can't wait to show it to Brad." She sighed as she worked my pussy to a fever pitch. "I hope he likes mine as much he likes yours." She said as she masturbated me. "You're so lucky to have him all the time."

I gasped as her fingers fucked me. "He'll love it Penny." I promised her as I pushed my pussy back at her fingers. I marveled at how she had taken over the role as the aggressor. I looked into her eyes and let her kiss me. Our tongues moved lightly over each other's lips before we held them together and kissed deeply. Penny's fingers were driving me crazy. "I am lucky. I have both of you." I told her and gripped her hand and fucked myself on her fingers until I came. When I could finally speak again I told Penny how I felt about her. "I love you and I love how you make me cum." 

We kissed passionately. Penny looked lovingly into my eyes and asked me to help her cum. "Touch me Angela, please," she pulled my hand between her legs and put my finger between her pussy lips. "I want you to make me cum," I touched her new ring and easily slid past it and fucked her as she had fucked me. We embraced and kissed again and ground our bodies together. "I've wanted you to do that since the first time I met you." She huskily told me as she ground her cunt onto my fingers. "I'm pretty sure I know who taught Brad to be such a wonderful lover." Penny whispered into my ear. "I'm glad he's had such a good teacher and I'm glad you're the first one to touch my new ring." She gave me a dreamy little smile and seemed to float out of the car and into her house. 

I sat there stunned and terribly turned on by what had just happened. My craving to make love to Penny was off the scale. My lips still burned from her kiss and I looked at my wet fingers, the ones that had just been buried in her pussy. I smiled, shook my head and drove home in a daze. I was an emotional and sexually wreck when I realized Bard wasn't home yet. If ever I needed my son's cock it was right then. I ran for my vibrators and masturbated myself to sleep. 

When I got up, I found Brad in the kitchen on the phone. I silently waved to him and sat down next to him. It was obvious he was talking to Penny. His cock was hard and he was slowly stroking himself as he talked. "Penny?" I mouthed. Brad nodded his head yes.

I took advantage of the situation and knelt before him and took his cock and put it in my mouth. "It sounds beautiful honey. I can't wait to see it. Yeah, I'm jerking off right now thinking about it. "Ouch!" Brad yelled when I bit the head of his cock. 

"Oh nothing hon. Just banged my toe. Yes, Mom just got up." He nervously said as I bobbed my head over his thick cock. "No, I'm ok, nothings wrong, honest." He told her as he pushed my head down further onto his cock. "Ahhhh geezzzzz," he moaned softly.

On the other end of the phone Penny heard this and worried. "Brad, are you sure you're ok?" 

"Of course I'm ok. I'm fine... Mom just, ah... she just... !" Brad held his hand over the receiver and laughed. "Mom, you're killing me." He pushed his hips up and fed more cock into my mouth.

"Brad, what's going on? Are you ok? Is your mother ok?" Penny asked concerned that something was wrong with him.

"I'm fine Penny and so is Mom. Believe me, I'm really ok and so is Mom." He said as he thrust his cock between my lips. 

I held Brad's cock and licked his long shaft. "Brad," I said in a hushed voice, "Tell her what I'm doing. Tell her I'm giving you a blowjob. Tell her I'm sucking your cock and you're going to fuck me as soon as you hang up." I just had a feeling about this. 

"Are you crazy Mom?" He asked in a hushed voice. 

"Tell her Brad. Trust me." I told him in a tone that told him not to argue. "Tell her I'm sucking your cock and that you're going to fuck your mother when you get off the phone. Do it Brad. You have to trust me on this one." It was woman's intuition and I just knew it was the right time to come out and tell her about us.

"Braaad! Talk to me! Tell me what's going on. Is your mother ok?" Penny's voice was frantic. 

"Penny... ah... everything's ok here. It's just that mom... I... we... " Brad looked down at me again; the question on his face was comically painful.

"Tell her Brad." I bite the head of his cock. 


"What was that? Brad Hunt, I'm coming over there if you don't tell what's going on!" Penny was almost crying now. 

"Honey... everything's... ok,... honestly... Everything's... ok because... because... because" And he took a deep breath and told her, "Everything's ok honey because... mom... because my mom is... giving me," and I could hear the catch in his throat... "A blowjob!" The silence was deafening. I could hear a gasp from the other end of the phone. 

I seemed like forever before Penny spoke again. "Brad Hunt if you're teasing me, if you're lying to me, I'll never speak to you again!" 

I couldn't hear what she said after that but I could tell Brad needed more help. "Tell her again honey. Tell her the truth, she needs to hear it." I put his cock back in my mouth and licked his pee hole and waited. 

"It's true Penny. Mom and I have been lovers... fucking each other for over a year now. She's sucking my cock right now. She sucks my cock all the time and when I get off the phone I'm going to fuck her." Brad held his breath while he listened. 

"What's she saying?" I couldn't stand it. Brad was nodding his head up and down as he listened.

"You are? Ah huh, Yes, I understand what you're telling me and no I'm not upset. I love you too. Yes, I think that's hot baby." Brad was smiling from ear to ear. 

"Tell me, what is she saying?" I sat up and got right in my son's face. 

"Hold on baby." He put his hand over the phone and looked at me like I was some kind of mystic. "How did you know?" he asked me, he was beaming from ear to ear.

I just gave him my best, "Mother knows best" smile, and waited impatiently for him to tell me what Penny had said. "Well! What did she say?" 

"Penny, she's fucking her father right now. She said he is usually fucking her when we talk on the phone! She's sitting on his lap right now and he's fucking her! Is that wild or what mom! She says she's been fucking him for years! How did you know? Did she tell you?"

"Never mind that. I want you to invite Penny and her father over for dinner this Saturday." I gave Brad a smug little smile and went back to his dick. 

"Yeah, ok mom," he laughed and made the invitation. "She's sucking me off again but I'm not going to cum. I want to save it for later, when we're fucking." Brad was beside himself now. He couldn't have been happier if he had won the lottery. "Does your dad cum in you?... Oh god, that is so hot Penny. I want to taste you right after he fucks you?... I have?" Brad chuckled louder. "Cool." He said as he held my head down on his cock. 

Brad's answer to Penny's next question made me smile. "Of course I eat her after I fuck her baby. Don't I do that with you?" He was beside himself now. "I've got to go honey or I'll be cumming in mom's mouth and I really want to fuck her and then eat her, just like you and your dad are going to do. Ok, I'll call you later... Yes after I've fucked her." Brad was barely able to contain himself as he and Penny exchanged new information. "Yes, I want you to tell me all about how your dad fucks you. I want to hear everything. I want to hear how he eats that hot pussy of yours after he's cum in you." Brad stood up and I almost lost his cock. 

"Have to go baby. Mom needs my cock. Love you." 

Brad hung up and held my head and fucked my face hard. I thought he was going to cum for sure but somehow he held off. "It's just incredible mom. Penny and her dad are into incest too! I don't know how you knew but I'm glad you did. This is so perfect mom. You have no idea how much I lover her." 

"I think I do honey. I love her too," I told him as I remembered kissing and touching her earlier today. Brad and I spent the next hour fucking with renewed passion. It was if we needed to fuck each other's mind as well as our bodies. I was so relieved that he wasn't jealous of Penny's father. It was just the opposite; it turned him on! 

I called Penny the next day and we planned out our evening. It was fun having someone as young and vibrant as she was to conspire with. We came up with a few great ideas for making the weekend a special evening for all of us. The two of us went shopping together and we both bought outfits that we knew the men in our lives would love.

I refused to have sex with Brad all day Saturday and Penny did the same with her dad. It made Brad cranky and irritable. When I called Penny, she said her dad was the same way. Penny even refused calls from Brad. We wanted the guys as horny as possible.

"You look terrific mom!" Brad said when he saw how I was dressed. I had a very short floral patterned skirt on and opened toed sandals on my feet. It was my blouse that elicited my son's compliments. It was an off the shoulder, sheer black top that did nothing to hide my ample breasts. About an hour before the Buldoc's showed up I let Brad fool around a little with me but I made sure we didn't get too carried away. My pussy was dripping and primed for an exciting evening after I let Brad licked my asshole and pussy. He begged me to suck him off but I adamantly refused and I made him promise he wouldn't jack off. I wanted to make sure we were both on the edge of explosion when our guests arrived. I busied myself by cleaning things that had already been cleaned three times already and waited for the doorbell to ring. Even though I was expecting the doorbell, I jumped when it finally chimed.

The two of us went to the door. Brad was wearing a polo shirt and deck shorts, casual but still dressy enough for a summer dinner party. My nipples were hard with excitement and showed through my sheer top. I put my hand on Brad's crotch and cupped his balls and cock to make sure he was hard, and then unzipped him and freed his beautiful cock. "You open the door." I instructed him as I knelt and swallowed his cock. I held him by his ass and bobbed my head back and forth and watched out of the corner of my eyes as he opened the door. When he did, he found Penny in the exact same position I was in. She was on her knees and sucking her father's cock. 

"Holy smokes!" Brad exclaimed as he looked at the two of us. This was to be the first of many surprises Penny and I had planed for Brad and her father. Little did we know the biggest surprise of the evening was unplanned. Brad sheepishly smiled and stuck his hand out to Mr. Buldoc. "Hello sir," He said as he thrust his cock deeper into my mouth and proudly grinned. "Nice to see you Mr. Buldoc." 

Bill Buldoc shook Brads hand and laughed. "Hi Brad. It looks like our ladies have an interesting evening planned for all of us." He was holding Penny's head as she sucked his long thick cock down her throat and seemed as comfortable as Brad was to be having his dick sucked.

Penny stood up first and pulled me up with here. We hugged me and giggled like two kids. We were so proud of our little joke. "Angela, I want you meet my dad." She had a hold of his cock as she introduced him to me. "Daddy, I want you to meet Brad's mother, Angela."

I finally turned and faced him, a big smile on my face. Hello Mr... It took me only a moment to recognize him. "DADDY!?" I shouted.

It took my father even less time to recognize his oldest daughter. "Angela!"

"Daddy?" Penny mouthed. "I don't understand!"

"Oh my gosh, Angela honey!" My father and I looked at each other as if we were both seeing a ghost. Dad's mouth was agape as the shock of seeing his oldest daughter sunk in. He held out his arms and I came to him. He wrapped them around me and hugged me. "Oh honey, I can't believe I've found you. I had no idea you were Brad's mother." 

Brad looked at me, and then Penny's father. It was just sinking in what to what was going on. "Dad? What's going on mom? This is your dad? Grandpa?"

Penny stood next to Brad and looked as confused as he was. She had let loose of her father's cock and it stood proudly at attention. It was still wet from Penny's mouth. "What's Angela talking about daddy?" She looked like she was about to cry.

"Maybe I should put this away," Bill Buldoc, said as he attempted to tuck his hard-on back into his pants.

"Don't you dare daddy," both Penny and I chimed in at the same time. We all burst out laughing.

"Leave it out daddy," I said as I ushered everyone into the house and closed the door. Despite this incredible turn of events, I didn't think it should change our evening one bit. I was determined to make the best of this family reunion. "You're just fine daddy." I smiled down at his cock and grinned. "I can see why Penny's so happy to let you fuck her." He was built as big as Brad was and it only made me wetter to look at my own father's cock. 

My dad, ever the gentleman, hugged me and told me how beautiful I looked. "My youngest daughter loves my cock. I just hope my older daughter does too." He said softly. "I can't believe I'm standing here in front of my beautiful and sexy daughter." Daddy winked at me and took the liberty to reach up and cup my breast and play with my nipples. "I hope this won't change what seemed to be the start of a very exciting evening." Daddy moved his hand up under my dress and slid it between my legs and check out my pussy. "Good, just as wet as your step-sisters." He grinned at his brazenness. His fingers found my cunt slit and he slowly fucked me as we stood together. "I already have one daughter letting me do this and now I have a second. How lucky can one man get?" He grinned as he worked my pussy into a lather. 

I hadn't seen my father in over 25 years and my emotions were in turmoil but I didn't see why that should change the evening Penny and I had planned. We were all here to celebrate incest and this surprise only made it better. I looked at Penny to judge how she was taking all of this. I shouldn't have worried. Her glazed eyes of approval told me all I needed to know. I leaned over and kissed her as daddy finger fucked me. "I think Penny and I both like how this has turned out. We've both found a sister and that makes this all so great!" It felt weird but exciting to have my father finger fucking me. My pussy was quivering as he aroused me sexually. "I think we're all lucky tonight." I said as I led everyone into the house.

It took us a couple of hours and several drinks before the excitement and shock finally settled in. We all laughed and talked over each other and got everything straightened out. "So Penny and you are half sisters and Penny is Brad's aunt!" Daddy said and shook his head. I was sitting on his lap with his cock buried up my cunt and Penny was facing me as she fucked her nephew. We were all pleased at how this all worked out. I certainly hadn't made the connection after learning Penny's last name. My father is 60 and Brad had only mentioned that he was middle aged and only little older than he would have expected Penny's father to be. Dad married Penny's mother and divorced her when Penny was 12. She had chosen to live with him in Seattle until two years ago when he moved his business to Portsmouth, New Hampshire, where coincidentally, I had settled after moving from Minnesota, over ten years ago. 

The evening was exciting for all of us and really hasn't ended. Brad and his aunt Penny are engaged and dad and I are buying a house big enough for all four of us. Penny and I will be wife, sister, mother, and daughter to both of our men. We all couldn't be happier to finally be living like a decent family. End
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