"Stories 18+" Office Submission C2

Stories 18+ Office Submission C2
"Ready for your first dictation?" he asked, unbuckling his belt.

I hoped sucking cock was like riding a bike, even after not doing it for a long time you don't ever completely lose the ability. Alan loved having his cock sucked more than fucking and thus I usually received at least one daily dose of cum, often more. Yet, I hadn't sucked cock or swallowed a sweet load of jizz in over five years and my appetite was ferocious. Although I didn't miss it when I went without, the potential load waiting to be deposited in me had me craving cum like I used to. 

"Ready and willing," I replied, eager to see his cock, praying it was as impressive as I was already imagining in my head. I watched intently and seeing my eagerness, he took his time. 

Finally, he pulled out his fully erect and ready to go cock out of his pants. I stared hungrily at it. It was not super big, seven inches, two inches smaller than Alan's was, yet it was the thickest cock I had ever seen. My mouth literally watered in eager anticipation of what I was about to do.

"By the look in your eyes and your open mouth, I assume you approve of the tool you will be using regularly for dictation?" he smugly smiled, his cock an erect missile ready for launch.

"It is very impressive, indeed," I replied, resisting the temptation to reach for it and feel it's warmth. "I think I have the perfect thing for it," I added.

"What would that be?" he questioned.

"My mouth sir," I replied, eagerly.

"What about your cunt?" he questioned.

"That is available too," I smiled demurely, making it clear I was completely at his sexual disposal.

"And your ass?" he added. "Is your sweet ass at my disposal too?"

I hadn't been ass fucked in years, long before Alan's death, and although I didn't love it and it never got me off, the feeling of utter submission, giving your body freely and entirely to a man was exhilarating. Again, I responded as any obedient submissive would, "Yes, sir, my tight ass is at your disposal too."

A soft chuckle left his lips. "Let's start with those sexy cock-sucking lips."

Taking that as an order, I lifted myself up a bit, legs leaned forward and took his big thick cock in my mouth. I started slow, continually looking up at him, worshipping his cock. I used my tongue to swirl around his wide mushroom top before deep- throating his beautiful cock. His manly sweat, tangy and salty, only added fuel to the fire as I drowned in the aroma of a man. I was like a woman lost in a desert near death after being in the pounding heat for an eternity and finally seeing water; I was famished after my own eternity of thirst and I was going to fill myself up. 

His moans of approval also enhanced my desire to please and after a few minutes of steady slow burn teasing, I went for the sexual jugular. Using a technique I perfected after many years of swallowing load after load of Alan's addictive sweet stuff, I had him getting animated.

"That's it Amanda, keep sucking like a good little slut," he moaned.

I obeyed, creating a whirlpool of saliva in my mouth, a sensation I knew from experience usually led to a quick trigger from the man. 

"I'm going to come, my slut, swallow every last drop. Don't you dare waste any of my cum," he warned.

I bobbed up and down, back and forth like a porn star until he inevitable grunted; followed instantly by the splash of his cum hitting the back of my throat. I continued the furious pace as a second and third stream sprayed in my mouth. I swallowed every drop as expected and as I so desperately craved. I knew the moment his salty seed entered my mouth I was hooked and would, as I had already promised, do anything and everything he asked. Job or no job, I was his; if he would take me. 

I slowed down, but didn't stop, for a couple more minutes, as I felt his cock slowly shrink in my mouth.

Finally, he ordered, "Well, you passed the first test."

"Thank you, sir," I replied, still on my knees subserviently at his feet, looking forward to the second test.

"I need time to recover before we go to test two," he announced, before instructing me, "go crawl to the front of my desk and wait for further instructions."

Although slightly humiliated, by being treated like a dog, I obeyed, crawling around his desk and sitting, half naked on the floor. The humiliation though only seemed to enhance the awakening of my long dormant arousal.

A couple of minutes later, as my mind pondered the full breadth of the situation I had just agreed to, and the act I had just committed, I heard him on the phone. "Yes, add a second first class ticket for tomorrow's flight." 

I listened intently, was he booking me a ticket and if so where? Wasn't that a little presumptuous considering he hadn't officially hired me nor did he confirm my availability. Yet, in retrospect I had already confirmed my availability earlier in the interview.

My first question was answered by his next words. "Put the ticket under the name Amanda Winston."

Apparently I was going on a trip. Tomorrow. 

"Yes, have the car here to pick us up by four-thirty," he confirmed before hanging up.

A few more minutes ticked by as the only sound was the sound of his fingers pecking away at his keyboard. My pussy burned with anticipation that seemed a long time away as I sat obediently on the floor.

Finally, he spoke but not me. "Carolyn, please bring in the Elderton file."

"Of course, Mr. Jackson," the secretary relied over the intercom.

Suddenly, I was mortified. It was one thing to submit to a man, or even men potentially as was foreshadowed by his earlier admissions, but being seen on the floor in such a condition was utterly humiliating.

Time seemed to stand still as I waited for the humiliation that was about to follow. Although Alan would take me out in very revealing outfits, have me blow him under the table at a restaurant on a few occasions and even fucked me in the private balcony at Phantom of the Opera, where I was leaning over the balcony, all the patrons oblivious to the pounding I was taking, I had never been publicly humiliated like I was about to me (except the time we were in Florida on our honeymoon; after coming on my face in the car, he made me go into 7-11 with my face coated in cum and get him a Slurpee. That humiliation had me so hot, that as soon as we got to the hotel, I devoured him whole).

The inevitable finally happened when the very pretty, much younger than me and incredibly pregnant Carolyn came into the office. As she walked in, she looked down at me on the floor and smiled.

"I see she has passed the first test?" Carolyn said, casually like she was talking about the weather.

"Yes, she is a very good cocksucker, you could probably learn a thing or two from her," he replied, his tone flat.

The pregnant woman looked down at me with daggers even as I felt the thrill of his words. 

"Is there anything else, sir?" she asked.

"Not now," he said.

I watched her walk away and as she reached the door, she turned back to me one last time with a glare that told me we were not friends and she was threatened by me, which made me smile. I liked being a threat sexually. 

Another fifteen minutes went by as he sat at his computer, and he chatted briefly on the phone.

Finally, my cunt begging for attention, my mind having an eternity for me to replay the day and ponder if I should get up and leave before I fell deep into a web of sexual submission, he stood up and ordered, "Stand up, Amanda."

I stood eagerly, thankful to be off the floor and hopeful for a good fucking which I longed for. The thought of my long neglected pussy being spread open by his thick cock had me in a dizzy. 

"Bend over my desk, Amanda."

I again wordlessly obeyed, anticipation of being fucked from behind, my favorite submissive position. I was surprised by how cold the desk was and was thankful I was still kind of wearing clothing.

"You have been a very bad girl, Amanda," he said, his hand caressing my ass.

"Sorry sir," I replied coyly, "I don't know what got into me."

"Oh, I know what you want inside of you, but I am not sure you have earned that privilege," he said and before I had time to react I felt the cold hard smack of his hand meeting my ass. I let out a surprised yelp, not remotely expecting to be spanked.

Humiliation seared through me as my pussy instantly leaked at the firm hard slap. "Do you promise to obey at all times, Amanda?"

"Yes, sir," I quickly answered, trying to ignore the burn on my ass.

A second smack echoed through his office as his hand made contact with my other ass cheek. 

"I expect complete obedience, no questions ask, no hesitation at all, is that understood?"

"Yes, sir," I replied, the burn on my ass a crazy mixture of pleasure and pain.

"Stand up and take off your blouse," he ordered, backing up a bit to watch me.

I turned around to face him. My hands trembled with what I assumed was perceived as nervousness, but truthfully was excitement; I had a growing lust and a desperation to please him unconditionally. 

I took my blouse off and tossed it on the floor, standing now in only my bra.

He surveyed my body in silence. "You have kept your body in great shape Amanda."

"Thank you," I replied, before explaining, "I work out every morning." Getting a compliment from a stern man like Mr. Jackson was the ultimate form of flattery and I couldn't help but feel a glow warm my cheeks.

"Keep it up, I expect my employees to stay in great shape," he instructed.

"Of course, sir," I agreed.

Content with my answer he ordered, "And now the bra."

I again obeyed; freeing my breasts and my body from the last piece of clothing that protected me from complete vulnerability. Releasing my breasts, which I always wished were a size bigger, always made me self-conscious. 

"Pose for me," he ordered.

Although awkward and unsure what to do, I put my hand behind my head while leaning on the desk. Suddenly I felt insecure about my body posing in such a vulnerable position.

As if sensing my insecurity, he complimented me, "Amanda, you really are a beautiful woman."

"Thank you," I blushed, suddenly relaxed and thrilled by a compliment from a man that I assumed didn't give such moments of flattery often.

"Ready for the test two of our interview?" he asked.

I considering making a joke about this only being test two after the blue job, the sitting on the floor, the spanking and standing in front of him butt naked, but I refrained. Instead, I replied, "I am here to fulfill whatever need you currently have."

He began pulling off his pants as he ordered, "Bend over the desk, Amanda."

"Yes, sir," I a bit too eagerly replied, quickly turning back to his desk and returning to my helpless, completely at his whim, bent over position. My nipples against the cold desk instantly perked stiff as diamonds. 

"You want me to fuck you, don't you?" he asked, as I felt his hands again on my ass.

There was no hesitation, no need to lie. "Yes, sir, I badly want you."

A quick slap on my ass. "Is that really the best you can do?" he asked, his tone implying disappointment.

Always being a people pleaser, I hated disappointing anyone. I quickly replied throwing out any last propriety I may have had left, "Yes sir, I am dying to feel that big thick cock of yours inside my hungry cunt."

"That's better," he said, his tone shifting instantly back to calm and in control.

I felt his cock head between my ass cheeks and briefly tightened instinctively thinking maybe he was considering fucking my ass. He noticed my slight tension and laughed, "We will save that for another day." 

I let out my breath realizing I had been holding it. I have taken a cock in my ass before, often when Alan was still alive, but Mr. Jackson's girth had me terrified of the pain that would come with a back door pounding.

"Fuck your cunt is soaking wet," he accurately announced. "You really are a hungry slut, aren't you?"

A finger slid deep in me and I moaned in agreement. "Yes, sir, I want to be your hungry eager slut."

He knew how to play a woman. His finger found my g-spot and he tapped it softly. "Of course, you understand that besides being my full-service secretary, you are also under my sexual supervision."

"Kkkkkk," I moaned, completely unaware of what I was agreeing to and at this moment willing to agree to any fucking thing.

"You are so compliant. Such a good little slut. From now on you will only come with my permission, is that clear?" he explained and asked, his finger driving me crazy.

I again agreed, reverting back completely to the sexual control I was under for so many years. A control I had long since craved to have taken away from me again. Only through complete submission had I ever found complete orgasmic bliss. "Yes, Master," I replied, so immersed in the sexual submission that I used the term I had only used with Alan. I immediately tensed realizing my slip of the tongue. 

He chuckled. A knowing chuckle. "Master, hey. You really are going to be a perfect replacement for that dumb bitch out there. She is hot indeed and a great fuck, but her lack of intelligence was a real hindrance in her training and her actual job. But you have been trained already, haven't you?"

A second finger slid into my cunt preparing me slowly for his width, and causing me to be completely distracted and utterly hanging on his every word. "Yes, my deceased husband trained me."

"Trained you to be what?" he asked.

I pondered the proper wording, yet answered as he wanted me, no expected me, too. "He trained me to be his sex slave."

"Mmmmmmm," he moaned. "And you want to be my sex slave do you?"

He pulled his amazing fingers out of my wanton cunt and I moaned out of frustration, but answered out of obedience, "Yes, sir, I want to be your sex slave, your slut."

"Sir, not Master," he asked, his tone playful, yet firm.

"Whatever you want me to call you, Sir, Master, Dom, Daddy," I replied covering my bases, plus adding my own kink with the word 'Daddy'.

"Daddy?" he chuckled, before asking, "Does Amanda have Daddy issues?"

I didn't answer at first, before adding, "I don't know. I just love older men who know how to please a woman."

"I am not that much older than you," he chuckled, before returning to his authoritative personality. "When we are alone it is Master and when in public sir," he clarified, his cock again poking my ass cheeks.

"Understood, Master, I am yours to use as you see fiiiiiiiiiit," I replied, giving myself completely and moaning loud as his wide cock slid inside my cunt in one hard forward thrust. 

My body quivered with euphoria as every feeling of sexual submission came flooding back with a rush. 

"Fuck, your cunt is tight for such a slut," he grunted, his cock lodged deep in me and not moving.

I whimpered, wanting him to fuck me hard and fast, wanting to appease him, "It's your cunt, Master."

"And you want to feel my cum coat your cunt walls?" he asked, beginning to slowly move in and out of me.

"Come wherever you want Master. Come in my cunt, on my ass, on my tits, on my face or l," I thought, adding another idea based on the thought that he had a foot fetish, "on my stocking-clad feet."

"Fuck, you are going to be a good slave," he grunted, I sensed him smiling. He was now thrusting into me hard and deep, his body colliding into mine with each forward thrust. 

My moans increased exponentially as the fucking became harder and more furious. Minutes flew by as he pounded away in me, my orgasm bubbling at the surface, desperate to explode, but waiting for permission.

My whimpers, moans and heavy breathing were echoing in the room, and I wasn't sure how much longer I could hold back. Finally, I begged, "May I come, Maaaaster?"

"My slut thinks she deserves to come?" he asked, not slowing down.

"I will do anything?" I moaned, my arms being held behind my back firmly.

"Anything?" he questioned.

"Yeeeeeees, anything," I moaned.

"I will allow your undeserving cunt to come if you submit to Bella for a day next weekend," he revealed.

His response was so out of nowhere; I didn't know how to respond. Bella had never been more than an acquaintance and had never even implied she was a dyke. Even through all my experiences as a submissive, I had never been with another woman. 

He laughed, clearly able to read me so well. "You have never been with a woman have you?"

"No, sir, I mean Master," I admitted.

"Well, that is going to change," he foreshadowed. "You will eat cunt for me, won't you slave?"

Although hard to fathom being with another woman, I was so hungry to obey, to please and to come I didn't care about the future consequences or expectations. I agreed, "Of course, Master, if it pleases you."

"So what will it be?" he asked, no longer fucking me hard, but leisurely moving in and out of my fiery cunt. 

Although the thought of submitting to Bella was shocking, suddenly I could envision it clearly and I was so far gone, so desperate to come, so eager to obey, that my answer revealed a new side of me. "Yes, Master, I will be Bella's slut for you." I added the 'for you' to highlight that I was doing it for him.

"You can come when I count down to one," he announced, resuming fucking me recklessly, my body instantly starting to quiver.

"Thank you, Master," I moaned, excitedly.

"Ten," he began, adding a firm warning and establishing a clear Domme-submissive relationship, "when you come on my cock you become my property."

"Yes, Master, own meeee," I agreed without hesitation as he let go off my arms and I grabbed the edge of the desk for support, my orgasm on the brink and knowing I would have to do everything in my power to resist the growing tide of pleasure rising inside me from crashing down before the countdown hits one.

"Nine," he said, pulling my hair roughly. "Aaaaah," I screamed, surprised and turned on by the roughness.

"Eight, tell me what you are," he ordered.

"Your slut, your slave, your fuckatary," I declared, happy with my wit, thinking this was the longest countdown in the history of time. (next Chap 3)
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