"Stories 18+" Outsourcing C2

Stories 18+ Outsourcing C2
Her answer was always the same and she gave it to me now, "You're already married silly. You love Merry," she giggled.

But then she nibbled her lower lip and gave me better smoky-sexy eyes than a teenager should able to pull off, "It's nice that she's willing to share you with me, though. I'd have boinked you awhile ago if I knew she'd be this cool about it. So how much more of you is there left out there?"

I glanced down to where my shaft was wedged between her round little buns. I pulled them apart gently and saw her tiny ring struggling around my girth.

"About another four inches."

"Mmmm, give me half of that."

I sank further into her. It was getting hotter the deeper I got. Dylan ass was an inferno.

"Jesus, this is hitting the spot," she moaned while I sank my way in, "Is anal as good as you remember, stud?"

"Better. It's all I can do not to blow my load right now."

"Do the best you can. If you can't last, you can make me happy next round."

Next round? Oh god, she was a treasure. "Dylan, I love you. Run away with me." That time, I was only half-joking.

"Awww, I love you too. And I love having your giant dick buried in my butt. Speaking of which, I'll take the rest now, please."

I ground myself home into her ass. The gorgeous blonde adolescent shuddered hard enough that it shook the table a little.

"Whoa," she gasped, "Hold on. I didn't expect... I've never... jesus, you're a big boy. I need you to keep still and let my body rearrange a little, okay lover?"

"Yep." Who was I to argue?

We stood there in the kitchen together waiting for her miniature body to adjust to my ridiculous intrusion. She took deep breaths and let them out slow. I rubbed her buns gently.

That's when my wife came back.

"Dylan, do you use sheets or fabric softener with... holy crap honey! The whole thing on the first try? I hope you know what you're doing."

"Oh, trust me, I know what I'm doing," she gritted out through clenched teeth.

"Doesn't it, you know, hurt?"

"A little, but in a really good way," she was taking her deep breaths again.

Merry looked at me seriously, "Be gentle with her, sweetie. It's been over a year since she's done this and those were just high schoolers. You're probably bigger than they were."

"Oooh yeah, he's bigger," Dylan giggled nervously into the table, "Longer and thicker. No wonder you won't let him do this to you. His cock is not for a beginner's ass."

"Okay, Tom," Dylan fidgeted under me finally, "I think I'm ready. Start poking fella, but go slow for me in the beginning. You going to stick around and watch us Merry?"

"No," my wife answered, but it was a small 'no' and there was no conviction in it. She didn't move to leave either.

I pulled back and felt the long glorious friction of a young ass gripping me as I withdrew almost completely. Dylan's knees shook and she moaned as I dragged at her tender insides on the way out.

I paused and then slowly started working myself back inside the little teen. She smartly arched herself up towards me to help. Inch by inch, I slid into her absurdly tiny butt again. Her ring collapsed inward, following my shaft as I drove into her carefully.

"Holy hell, Merry," Dylan grunted at about the three-quarter mark, "he's fucking my damn liver."

"Awww, does my hubbie have too much cock for you honey?" she teased.

"Uh uh, this is awesome. It's never..." she gasped as I pulled out and sank into her again, "it's never felt this fricking good before."

She looked back at me through slitted eyelids, "Tom, remember when I said it would be okay if you came early and that you could catch me on the next round? I lied. You've got me seriously worked up already and I need to cum. If you blow before I do, I'll twist your nuts off."

I stopped fucking. It was the only way to keep from boiling over in her ass.

"No!" Dylan mewled, "Keep going."

"You want me to keep fucking you and not cum? Dylan, I don't think that's possible."

Dylan's hand reached around and she circled my shaft with a few fingers partway down. She squeezed me tightly.

"Go," she pleaded.

I plunged into her again up to her fingers. But with her short reach and her fingers in the way I could only get halfway inside her.

"Aaah, I want the whole thing." Dylan brushed some stray hair from her face again and looked at my wife. "Merry, come here for a sec? I need your help. I need you to wrap your thumb and your first finger around Tom's dick. All the way at the bottom. And squeeze. He won't be able to cum and he can get me off before he loses it."

What's hotter than fucking the ass of the gorgeous teenage girl who grew up next door? Having your wife help you do it.

Merry was shaking her head as she came over, but she did as Dylan asked, strangling my stiffy with her small soft fingers. Together we fucked Dylan, pumping my gigantic erection in and out of the little coed's incredible butt as she moaned and grunted into our kitchen table. Dylan's blonde ponytail bobbed insanely with our rocking.

At first, Merry was wincing each time I sank into Dylan. She looked worried about our little friend. But the girl was clearly enjoying herself.

When Merry realized Dylan was okay, she looked up at me and pulled me down for some very nice kissing. While we fucked Dylan's ass. Wow, that was hot.

Even hotter was when she spanked one of Dylan's buns a few times for good measure. That's when we both learned that Dylan likes to be spanked. It got the bent-over teen so excited it pushed her right over.

"Aaah, aaah," Dylan moaned and whimpered as her orgasm crushed down on her.

"...let go... Merry..." she gasped out as her knees collapsed and the kitchen table squeeked slightly under her weight. Her rectum fluttered and quivered along my entire length and then her asshole locked down like vice.

I fought its grip to keep fucking her through her peak, right up until my wife released me. It was like a dam bursting. Instant orgasm. My first spurt was gigantic and planted deep into Dylan's spasming bowels. Then came another giant spurt. And another. I kept jetting cum into the little blonde teen as she herked and jerked beneath me, finishing her own orgasm.

"So much cum," Dylan cooed as I continued to gush semen into her tiny hole. It was getting ridiculous. My nuts started to hurt. I watched dizzily as some of my cum leaked out of her and ran down her slender leg a little ways before dripping onto the floor.

When we were finished, Dylan and I were both panting like we'd run a marathon.

"Okay, I have to admit," my wife looked back and forth between us, "That was pretty hot."

"Giving you second thoughts about trying it?" I asked hopefully.

"Hell no," she patted Dylan's back gently, "that's what I've got her for."

Dylan giggled weakly into the kitchen table. She winced and whimpered as I slowly pulled myself from her ass.

Merry rubbed her back soothingly, "Take her upstairs, Tom. The big bathtub is already filled. She looks like she needs a relaxing soak."

I lifted Dylan's little body into my arms and she wrapped her arms limply around my neck.

"Thanks Merry," she said softly, her head lolling on my shoulder, "Leave the rest of the laundry? I'll finish it tomorrow."

I carried Dylan upstairs and helped her into the tub. She pulled off her t-shirt. She was naked underneath and she smiled weakly when I stared at her round, pert little breasts with their perfect little pink nipples.

"Like 'em?" she swayed her chest at me and grinned.

"Love them. But then I've always thought you were pretty Dylan."

"Thanks, Tommie," she sighed as she slipped into the hot water.

I parked myself on the floor next to her and rested my chin on the tub's edge.

"Sure you're okay, kiddo?" I worried.

My question came just as a few bubbles drifted up through the bath water.

Dylan looked at me and blushed, "You... uh... pushed some air up in there. Sorry."

"So nothing's broken?"

"Nah, I'm fine. Just a little wiped out for a minute there. I feel better already. That was intense. I forgot how much I loved the feeling of a guy shooting his stuff in my butt. We can totally go again later tonight if you want. Even if I'm asleep. Just come over to my room and wake me up. I'll roll right over and let you do me. I love sleepy booty loving."

She patted my cheek and smiled. Then she dipped her head underwater. When she came back up, her hair was darker and wetter and sexier.

"Stand up for me, fella? I never got a good look at the thing you just crammed up my butt. I should say hello."

When I stood, she rose to her knees in the tub and pulled my cock head into her mouth. She sucked and licked my tip tenderly at first. Then she smiled and grew more eager when she felt it responding. She pulled more of my shaft into her mouth as I thickened, lengthened and firmed until I was hard again.

She bobbed up and down skillfully and twirled her tongue while twisting a hand at my base. She looked up at me with renewed hunger. She wanted more. I did too.

"You know what, Tom? Screw later. Get in here and do me again. I have a year of anal to catch up on."

I crawled into the tub and she straddled me. I watched her eyes squeeze shut and her mouth fall open a little as she centered me on her freshly-fucked backdoor and sank down to sheath me in the still slippery chute of her ass.

I'd never met a girl who enjoyed anal sex as much as I did. Funny that she grew up right next door.

It was like that the entire weekend. She lounged around our house, reading, typing on her laptop, doing laundry, watching TV, or helping Merry cook. Having a horny teenager hanging around does sick things to a man's libido. I spent half of Saturday with my face in her ass.

By Saturday afternoon, her promise not to wear pants became 'aww fuck it, I'm going completely naked.' When Dylan pulled off her little tanktop and starting moving around so casually naked, so utterly comfortable in her own skin, I had to borrow her from Merry while they were fixing a late lunch.

"Excuse us," I tugged Dylan into the living room and helped her sit up on the cushioned bay window.

She smiled and cooed as I worked myself into her ass again and we fucked like bunnies.

"I love your cock," she sighed as I sawed in and out of her tiny tush. She pulled me down to kiss her as we humped and dragged my hands up to roll and tug on her hard little nipples.

I didn't last long. I came inside her and she twitched her nose and squeezed her ass with each of my spurts. It was like being milked, she sucked the cum out of me with her talented sphincter.

I did as she asked when she said not to move afterwards. I watched as she masturbated with my shaft still buried between her tight buns. Her fingers blurred over her little clit and she nibbled her lip in concentration. In seconds, I felt the frantic clutching of her ass when she came, red-cheeked and moaning over and over.

"That was nice," she nuzzled my nose tenderly when she finished. We caught our breath and she stood up and went right back to the kitchen to help Merry with lunch.

It wasn't just me starting things up either. Dylan was just as bad. Our last and longest session began when she pulled off my shorts while I was sitting on the couch and watching a football game. She climbed up onto my lap and impaled herself on me without a word. She quietly rode me facing the TV so she could watch too.

She stretched it out by only fucking me during the commercials. In the meantime, she held still, sitting in my lap with my cock buried in her ass. During the game, she just squeezed herself around me every few minutes. It was the first time in my life I was begging for the next commercial. 

At each break, she would lean her back against me and start riding, working her tiny asshole up and down my length. She made herself cum three times that way, rubbing her clit until she moaned and shivered her release. Her fit young body was covered in a light sheen of sweat after her first cum.

For her last orgasm while we watched the game, she managed to wriggle two fingers into her pussy too. It made her ass even tighter around me.

"Wish I'd brought the dildo Merry sent me," she muttered as she stroked us both from the inside.

I made circles ather nipples while she skewered herself up and down on me and she sawed her fingers in and out of herself at the same time. She had the largest orgasm of the weekend, collapsing in my lap limply.

A few minutes later, she stirred and pulled my hands under her ass. She told me to push her hips up a little. As I lifted her slightly off me, she rested her head on my shoulder and licked my earlobe.

"Ream me, Tommie? No fooling, I want you to seriously fuck my little butt. I want to feel it tomorrow when I'm sitting in class. I want to remember this perfect weekend, you beautiful, rump-loving man."

She didn't have to ask twice. I drilled up into her tiny body so hard we made rude smacking noises as we collided. Her ponytail slid free and her golden hair flew all over the place.

Dylan had to clutch her tits because they were bobbing up and down crazily.

"Ugh, fuck, ugh," she wailed as I pumped in and out of her, "Yeah, fuck me.... that's it, sweetie... I won't break.... give it to your little butt slut..."

When she felt me start cumming, she knocked my supporting hands away and fell into my lap, burying me completely in her ass. She rocked and ground her hips down on me, twirling her rectum around my cock for a spectacular finale. It emptied my testicles completely. The last few ejaculations were dry ones – a wicked mix of pleasure and pain.

She finished by kissing my cheek then licking away a few droplets of sweat that had rolled down over the past half hour.

"Not bad, stud," she sighed and twisted to hug me, sitting sideways in my lap. She cuddled in and fell asleep like that, with my cock still sheathed up her ass and her head resting on my shoulder. She even snored a little. It was incredibly cute.

By the time Dylan packed up to leave after dinner on Sunday, the two of us could barely walk.

Merry was chuckling as she gave the poor girl a soft cushion to put under her abused butt for the almost two hour ride back to school.

Dylan hugged us both before she left. She held me tight for a long time and buried her nose in my neck.

"I had a wonderful time, Tommie. Thank you," she kissed me and hugged me closer. "Now go ahead," she whispered, "Squeeze it. You know you want to."

I did want to. I can't help it. I'm a butt guy.

I let one hand skid down to her tush and I palmed it easily with just the one. I gave it a good firm squeeze goodbye.

"Good boy. Rest up and eat your vegetables. I'll be back," she pecked me on the lips then got in her car and drove off.

"She'll be back?" I looked at my wife.

"She's a college student, silly. Why do you think I got the new laundry machines? Don't you remember being in school? College students always have laundry in giant heaps. Dylan will be back once a month to do it. And you."

I blinked in disbelief.

My wife smiled up at me and tiptoed to kiss my nose, "What? You didn't think I'd give you this once and then just take it away, did you? That would be cruel. What kind of woman does that to the man she loves? Nope, your birthday present was a monthly subscription to that little girl's ass."

Merry was looking quite proud of herself as she pulled me back inside the house, "Now go shower the various teenybopper fluids off yourself and take me to bed, stud. You're already way behind on your thank-me sex."

Dammit I love my wife. End
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