"Stories 18+" Over the Sink

Stories 18+ Over the Sink
Matt had recently graduated from high school after turning 18 and was spending his summer off just being lazy. Sure, he worked out a few times a week and hung out with his friends when he could, but when they go together they didn't do much because they all had the same idea to just relax for as long as they could until they all had to go off to school again in the fall. The friends he had with jobs were even more lazy when they had time off, so it worked out well for all of them when the decision was to just be lazy and hang around in one of their rec-rooms. It was usually over at Matt's house tough. His mother Julie, older sister Jennifer, and even older sister Sally were all attractive in their own ways, and everyone wanted to get a peek at them as often as possible, including Matt.

39 year-old Julie was average height and a little less than average weight. She had the wide hips and large 36C breasts of a woman who had mothered three children, but she had the stomach and butt of a teen. Her breasts although large, were also still quite taught. She had her children young, right out of high school (she conceived Sally in a maintenance closet during an assembly, and birthed her a week after graduation at the tender age of 17), and did her best to stay in shape for her husband, even if he wasn't always around. Steve had always been a hard worker, but when he was home he knew how to take care of his woman and had always treated her right. He never cheated on his wife, and had given her the best sex of her life, year after year.

Sally, the oldest of the children at 22 years old, was a little short, and had a body similar to her mothers, only without having had children yet. She was more athletic than the other women in her family, which made her legs were a little thick, and her waist wasn't as slim as it could be, but her skin was tight, her breasts were large at 36D, and she got as many looks as any woman could hope for. She worked at a bank, so she didn't work long days, and got home quite early most afternoons. She spent most of her time working out between her getting out of work and her friends getting out of work.

At 20 years old Jennifer was the best looking of the bunch. She was tall, slender, with a set of full 34B breasts on her chest that were almost but not quite a C cup, and an ass that wouldn't quit. She looked more like the women on her father's side of the family than her sisters did which was the model type. Two of her aunts were prominent models in the catalogue scene, and Jennifer was planning on joining them after graduating college in another year. She was very popular on campus with both the students and faculty. And would be missed by everyone when she leaves.

As Matt lounged around the house all day, he felt like his sisters were constantly teasing about something or another. It didn't bother him so much, because they were always nice and non-malicious about it, but some of the time the teasing just seemed a little off. It also seemed like they were wearing a lot less clothing around the house the last year or two. The touching had also increased. It was just harmless little touches of the hand, or the leg, but they seemed to linger just a little too long, or be just a little too close to his private areas. He knew it couldn't be true, but sometimes it seemed like they were coming on to him. The other night he had made a lude and sexist comment about what he wanted to do to some actress on the TV which he thought would get an argument from his sisters, but instead Jennifer just slapped him on the ass in passing on her way to the kitchen, and called him a sexy beast. His mother was also acting strange around him. She would iron her blouse in just her bra, or stole leisurely back to her room in just her underwear after throwing her work clothes into the laundry, when she used to be so modest and composed around her children before.

"Maybe it's just the heat getting to all of us", Matt thought to himself as he went to bed one night after seeing Jen pull off her top with her back to her open door as he walked by her room. It had been especially hot that summer, to the point of being near draught conditions. The sun had been beating down on them for weeks on end, and it was barely July. He was convinced that was the reason they were all acting so weird.

From that night on Matt had troubled dreams. At first it was just dreams of him catching his sisters in various states of undress, but soon it deteriorated into full out sexual fantasies with both of them and his mother. Things weren't that much better during the daytime. He caught Sally on her way to her room in just a towel, that wasn't actually hanging down passed her butt. His mother started unbuttoning her blouse to iron it one morning but had neglected to wear a bra, nearly exposing both her breasts, but he only glimpsed one before she turned around and ironed facing away from him, still topless. And Jen was constantly bouncing around the house in a thong and a tank top. She also seemed to be touching herself even more than she touched him, and that had escalated as well. She outright grabbed his crotch one night while sitting next to him on the couch watching a movie. A bulge had developed in his pants during a sex scene, and she just reached over and grabbed it for a second to give it a good jostle before getting up to put her desert bowl in the kitchen. Matt's dreams were that of a full out orgy that night.

When he awoke at 7:00 am the next Monday morning, Matt could hear the shower running as Sally prepared herself for work. He didn't get up right away though. He just lay there on his bed waiting until he couldn't stand to be in his room anymore. When he finally did get up an hour or so later, he threw on a T-shirt and boxer shorts before leaving his room. As he opened the door he could hear Jen humming to herself as she brushed her teeth with the bathroom door open. He stopped in his tracks as he looked through the doorway at her with her back to him, as she swayed her hips while brushing. He absentmindedly rubbed his member through his shorts when she bent over to spit and rinse her mouth out. She was only in a long and loose T-shirt herself, and he wasn't sure if she was wearing any panties underneath it. He got quite hard staring at her like that. After she was done with her brushing and flossing, she began to brush her hair, and he was openly stroking himself through the thin layer of cotton hiding his erection from the world.

"Are you just going to stare at me like that from the shadows all morning?" she asked after taking a few tentative brushes, and glimpsing him in the mirror.

"I hadn't planned on it, no." he said as he continued rubbing himself openly.

"Well do something else. You're making me anxious standing there like a letch." She said as she went back to brushing her hair.

Matt just continued rubbing himself from over by his doorway, oblivious to everything but her. He was in a trance of sorts. All that he saw was her butt swaying under that shirt, and all that he could think about was bending her over and sticking it to her. She leaned over a bit as she brushed, and the shirt bunched up a little at her waist. When she was finished brushing her hair she started to scratch her eye up by the bridge of her nose, and then her shoulder as well with her other hand. She leaned down even more, which pulled the hem of her shirt right up, and Matt realized right then that she wasn't wearing panties, and her butt was completely exposed to him. He himself absentmindedly took things another step further, pulled his dick out of his shorts, and stroked himself right there as he watched his sister in the bathroom.

"Matt? What are you doing?" She saw right away what had happened as she was watching for his reaction to her nakedness through the mirror. She was teasing him, but she didn't expect him to ever do that. "Put it away before someone sees us like this. Matt? Are you listening to me?" she whispered as she straightened up a little, but didn't adjust her shirt. She had slipped up before when she had said he was making her anxious. She had meant to say "nervous", but the truth of the matter was that she was getting turned on by all of this playing around. She took a better look at his dick in the mirror, and while it wasn't the biggest in the world at 7", it was enough to make her heart race just that much faster, with thoughts of what it would be like to have him inside her as she gazed upon it.

Matt caught that lingering look, and slowed down his strokes as he stepped toward her. Before either of them knew what they were doing, or could even think of stopping it, Matt had a hold of Jen's hips, and was slowly grinding himself up and down her naked and exposed crack, and she was enjoying it. She gasped every time he thrust himself up to her. As he thrust he moved his hands up her sides until he felt the swell of her tits, and gave them each a grope as he continued to push his member against her butt.

"Mom is gonna kill us if she sees this..." she moaned as she felt his strokes get longer and lower. His hands felt great up against her tits. He was just palming them, but the taboo of the situation was playing tricks with her mind and body. Her nipples felt hard, her center felt hot, and it was all that she could do to keep from crying out when his hands went back to her hips and he thrust his dick up into her cunt. "Oh god..." she gasped as he slowly thrust into her again and again.

"Oh god... Oh god we have to be quiet... or mom will catch us for sure..." she cried almost silently and out of breath as she tried to hold in her screams. Her brother was poking her from behind as her bent her over the bathroom sink with the door open to anyone who should pass it. As he pushed her down farther she grabbed the sides of the sink to support herself. She could feel his strong hands on her hips pulling her back into him, and she wished that they were back up on her tits, under her shirt, pinching her nipples.

Matt was in heaven as he pumped his dick into his sister's quim. He wasn't even thinking about her as he fucked her over the bathroom sink. He was only thinking about fucking, and how great it felt to be back inside a cunt again. He wasn't a virgin, but for some reason he felt like he was doing something that he had never done before as he repeatedly jabbed at his sister's slick opening. He slid his hands up her bare flesh under her shirt as it hung away from her body, and fulfilled her silent wish as her grabbed onto her tits again. This time it was skin against skin, and he used a little more finesse than last time as he pinched her nipples, and leaned over her to kiss the side of her neck.

"Oh god this feels so good" she groaned as they fucked each other as best they could in this position. Caution was forgotten as everything they did grew louder the longer they continued. Their mother was blissfully asleep on the other side of the house, but Julie was the farthest thing from their minds as he rammed his dick as hard as he could. Their flesh slapped together audibly as his hips collided with her ass cheeks. With all of the sensations attacking her at once, Jen yelled out something Matt never expected to hear her say. "Pull my hair," she called out, as she looked him in the eyes through the mirror. "Pull it Matt... Pull my hair..."

He did as he was told. He let go of her right tit, pulled his hand out from under her shirt and grabbed her hair as he continued to thrust into her. His thrusts became more of a jerking motion, with slam after slam against her rump. He was bucking into her with all of his might when he did something that neither of them saw coming. He let go of her other tit and smacked her ass with a loud "THWACK!" After jabbing her a few more times he smacked her ass cheek again. "TWACK!" As they found their new rhythm, they picked up the pace, and so did his smacks. Every other thrust into each other he smacked her ass again with another loud "THWACK!"

"Oh my god I love this..." she cried out loud as she fucked back into her brother. Her left ass cheek was feeling red and swollen, but it felt so good every time he laid his hand into her.


"More..." she called out to him.


"Oh god yes..."


"MORE!..." she cried again.


He was now hitting her every time as he stabbed her from behind with his cock. They were quickly approaching their orgasms and Jen was being more and more vocal about it. Their mother would be waking soon and Jen's cries and screams and moans would be the cause of it. They didn't care. They were intent on finishing what they had started, and finishing each other off.

"Oh yeah... oh yeah... oh yeah..." she cried as she reached her peak. "Ohh... FUCK! Shit! Oh..."

Matt let out a groan as well as he released his seed inside his sister's womb. They waited a few long moments as they gasped for air to fill their emptied lungs before separating. Jen pulled down her shirt as Matt pushed his dick back into his shorts.

"I think need another shower," she said as her brother started to exit the room. "It's a good thing I woke up early today, or I would be late for class. We'll have to do this again sometime, when I'm a little more prepared." With that she turned on the shower and closed the door to her again staring brother.

Matt went back into his room and changed his clothes so that the stink of sex on him wouldn't be so powerful. After loading himself up with deodorant he went down to the kitchen to make himself some breakfast. He saw his mom standing over by the fridge with her robe hanging wide open, so he went to the cabinet to get himself some cereal. We he opened the cabinet he heard his mother jump and yelp in surprise, which caused him to jump as well. When he looked at his mother he caught just a glimpse of both breasts as she pulled her robe mostly closed, but leaving one breast still mostly showing. He also noticed that she wasn't wearing panties as his mother pushed the material against her skin to make sure nothing was showing.

"I'm sorry Matt, I didn't hear you come down." She said she continued to compose herself, and finally covered up her other boob.

"Sorry I scared you, Mom." He said with a smile as he moved over toward the fridge. He felt her crotch brush up against his own as the two passed, switching places with each other.

"Did you hear your sister screaming this morning? It sounded like she broke her leg." Julie said as she sipped her coffee.

Matt nearly fell over when he heard her ask that. His legs went to jelly, and his gut tensed up and nearly hurled. If he had eaten he might have. But he was looking in the fridge at the time, and just simply went with the story his mother already made up. "Yeah, I did. Why do you think I'm awake so early during my vacation? She must have stubbed her toe." He let out a sigh of relief when his mother appeared to buy his story. Later in the morning when Jen finally came down on her way out to school, she validated his story by saying she stubbed her toe, without even checking with him first.

The next few days went by fairly normally, all things considered. Matt and Jen were constantly touching each other, but nothing all that serious really happened between them. Someone was always around the house to keep the two from going further. They would make out, grope and masturbate each other a little when they were alone, just to get them turned on, but neither of them ever got to finish the job. When they were out in the public areas of the house they would cool it a little, but there would still be the ass-slaps, and the light stroking of one body part or another incognito.

On Thursday morning, Matt woke up to what he thought would be a change in routine from all of the playing it safe that they were doing. He could feel a mouth around his dick, sucking him as hard as it had ever been sucked. When his eyes opened, he looked down towards his lap where all he could see was his sister's eyes staring right back into his own. It felt wonderful to wake up to a blowjob like this. He had been sucked off, but he had never had anyone there when he woke up like this before.

He motioned for Jen to turn around, but to continue sucking him as she was. When she got her legs up by his head he spread her knees apart and slipped two fingers into her already moist cavity, which made her scream into his dick, which thankfully muffled it. As she bobbed her head up and down on his cock, he pushed his fingers in and out of her tunnel at the same pace. The faster she bobbed her head the faster he fingered her. She started to moan and groan around his member and the vibrations were driving him wild. As amazing as that was, her tongue was pushing him over the edge. It was all over the place as it swirled around his head and shaft.

Matt ducked his head between her legs and stuck his tongue into her folds as his fingers held her lips open. He liked all around her pussy and probed around for her G-spot now. He thought he saw his bedroom door move out of the corner of his eye, but it was still closed like it was before so he didn't let that slow him down much. He went right back to licking around her opening trying to suck up every bit of nectar to come out of her, eliciting louder and more enthusiastic moans out of his sister as he went along. When he moved his mouth onto her clit and started sucking it her moans turned to screams around his cock, which triggered his own orgasm. He shot his load down her mouth and she swallowed as much of it as she could. He was cumming so hard he had to pause for a moment before he could go on. As he let off of her clit he heard some movement downstairs, and groaned as he fell back onto his pillow.

"Sounds like Mom is up." He said as Jen licked up the last of his ejaculate from her face and lips. "You had better take a shower too. Did you cum at all?"

"I sure as hell did. Twice," she sighed as she crawled up his body. "I was building to an orgasm, fingering myself when you woke up. You slipped your fingers into me and it was all over." She straddled his lower body and ground her slit down onto his softening member as she leaned down to hiss his lips. He knew he had just cum in her mouth, but that didn't matter. What they were doing was already so taboo, something like that was hardly in his mind after 69ing with his sister. He kissed her back and loved every second of it.

"You has better stop that, Jenny," he groaned as he broke the kiss. "Mom is up downstairs, and you're a screamer. Go take a shower."

He grabbed her hips and helped her up off of his lap and sitting next to him as he himself got up out of bed. She did as he suggested and showered as he went down and started what was to be a normal day of teasing from all of his female family members from then on out. His mother was ironing in just a slip and panties when he went for breakfast. When sally got home from work she stripped off her blouse as she ran up the stairs giving him a great view of her knockers confined in a lacy white bra. Later that night he made out a little with Jen in her room, but they didn't go any farther.

Their next chance for some real action came on Saturday night though. Sally was out with friends, and Steve was taking Julie out for dinner and dancing to celebrate being home from another long business trip. The moment their parents were out the door the two of them were tickling each other, and chasing around the house. Jen decided that now was as good a time as any to play hard to get, and Matt went along with it because it was a nice bit of fun having to work for his prize. When Matt finally did catch up to her they were in the powder room over by the kitchen. He had her pinned up against the sink by his hips, with him holding her arms folded up against her chest.

"Remember this position?" he whispered into her ear as he held her squirming body. "This is how we first met."

He emphasized "met" with a pelvic thrust up against her ass through their jeans. He rubbed up against her a few times like this before she turned and kissed him. Letting go of her arms, he moved his hands down her torso, over her mounds on the outside of her jeans, and then up under her tight t-shirt. He mauled her breasts over her bra barbarically for a few moments before pulling it down and giving her nipples a good tweak, his hips still pressing her hard up against the sink with long and slow thrusts. She fumbled to undo her jeans, and pushed them down with her thong as far as she could while being pinned in the way she was. Matt let go of her tits for just a moment to do the same with his jeans. After slipping his own pants down enough to expose himself, he pushed hers down just a little farther, and returned his hands to her mammaries as he thrust up against her crack, flesh on flesh this time.

"Oh god Matt, that feels so good..." she cooed as he pulled her nipples out as far as they would go. "Fuck me damn it... Just fuck me..." Not one to ignore such a fun request, he bent his knees a little more and pushed the head of his cock up into her dripping hole. "Yeah, bro... Fuck me! Fuck me hard..."

He did just that. Right away he started pounding her as hard as he could. He drove his cock into her against and again with powerful and rapid strokes. She felt like he was using a heated dildo attached to a jackhammer on her twat. His hips were slapping up against her ass so hard and fast that she immediately needed to brace her hands up against the wall behind the sink to hold herself up to his vaginal assault.

"Oh yeah... Fuck that's so good..." She cried out, just taking what he was giving her without adding much back to the experience yet. "Fuck! Matt... that's so fucking good..."

"You like that... don't you Jen... You like the way... your little brother... pounds your pussy... You like the way I stick it to you..." he said to her as he grabbed her hair without her asking this time. He just figured it was something that she liked. Make me run... and chase you... To give you what you wanted anyway... You're a bad girl Jenny... You need to be punished..."

"Oh yeah Matt... I've been baaaad... Spank me Matt... Spank me while you fuck me..." she was shoving her ass back at him now, trying to get his cock deeper with each thrust.

"THWACK!" He smacked the side of her ass hard.

"Oh yeah Matt... Spank me..."


"Punish me for teasing you... Spank me for running from you..." she cried, out of breathe and sweating now.

He spanked the left ass cheek a couple more times, and then he did what he should have done earlier in the week. He switched hands and spanked her right cheek while pulling her hair with his left hand all the while they fucked into each other with reckless abandon. After a minute or two of this though, his hands started to hurt nearly as much as her ass cheeks, and so he decided to cool them off by groping her soft cool tits again. He eventually grew tired of this position though, as much as he loved it. He pulled her up by her breasts, turned her around, and pressed her back up against the wall as he entered her face to face and kissed her.

"Oh yeah..." she cooed with a pleased tone in her voice. "Do me slow like this Matt... A slow screw against the wall..."

This position was giving both of them a chance to catch their breathe, as well as holding off Matt's orgasm which had been rapidly approaching before he paused to turn them around. Jen didn't really care which way she was facing or which way he came at her from. She loved the taboo of having his cock in her, almost as much as she loved him as a brother for all the years before they started having sex. But this wasn't love right now. This was raw animal lust, and she was getting the most out of it. She had already cum several times while bent over the sink, and he was preparing her for another one here against the wall.

"Fuck, Jenny... Your pussy feels so good... So wet and so tight..." he said in a hushed voice as he continued his slow and steady strokes. "Your little brother loves your tight and wet hole..."

"Bro... There is nothing little about you... and you can fuck me all day... any time you want to..." she said to him before kissing him again.

They stayed like that for another few minutes, just slowly grinding themselves against each other up against the wall for another few minutes before the urge to go faster again overcame them. She motioned for him to lay down on the floor where she quickly followed him and straddled his cock like she had the other day.

"We never did finish this the other morning, did we?" she said with a smile as she grabbed his rod gently, stroked him a couple of times, and eased herself down on him.

"No, we didn't. This is about where we left off," he said. Well rested and ready for me, he wanted his sister's body more than ever.

"Fuck, bro, I love the way you fill me up..." She shifted around on his cock for a few moments before pulling up off his cock so that as little of him was inside her without actually letting him pop out. "Your cock feels so good, I just want to plunge it into me again and again." She sank back down on him, which elicited a groan from the both of them. "I'm going to fuck you like this until you cum, Matt. I want you to cum inside me Matt. I want you to fill me up like you did last week."

She pulled up off of him again, and slammed herself down a little faster than before. She repeated this a few more times, gaining speed each time she dropped herself on his cock until he started to thrust back up at her, until they were fucking each other. They built up their rhythm to a maddening pace of hot and wild fucking before Matt couldn't take it anymore. When he announced to his sister that he was going to come she started fucking him even faster than before until she finally felt him squirt inside her. She then slowed down but kept fucking him until he started to soften up, and she felt him fall out of her.

"That was the best fuck ever Bro. You are the best fuck ever." She said as she lay down on top of him on the powder room floor, with their legs out in the hallway. "I thought that first time was as good as it gets, but you proved me wrong Matt. You proved me so wrong."

They kissed and made out until they regained their strength, and then they grabbed their clothes, got dressed and watched TV until their parents got home. They thought they had themselves a wonderful and private fuck session in their big empty house. What they didn't know was that their oldest sister Sally had come home to grab a change of clothes for her night out, and that she not only heard, but saw her two younger siblings going at it in the powder room by the kitchen. She didn't catch the whole thing, she came in as he was spanking her, and had to leave shortly after he pressed her up against the wall, but Sally could see from what little she was there for to know what was going on in the house, and that deep down inside she wanted some too. End