"Stories 18+" Rock Chick P2

Stories 18+ Rock Chick P2
Without a word, I obliged. I was surprised by how fast things were moving but just decided to go with the flow, which looked to be taking me exactly where I had been hoping to go for the past couple of hours. My boots and socks came off first. I smiled up at Lydia, who now had her right thigh resting flat on the bed, left leg still pointing up towards the ceiling, swinging side to side like a red and black pendulum, counting down time to mutual pleasure. I had a good view of the delights awaiting me between Lydia's thighs. Her pussy seemed completely devoid of any pubic hair, a narrow pink slit dividing the swell of her mound. I was kind of surprised not to see any piercing down there. My t-shirt and jeans were soon in a pile, leaving just my pants. My cock was hard and straining against my pants. Lydia looked me up and down and said approvingly

"M'mmm. Not bad."

I got my cock out, pulling down my pants and tensing so that it sprang free, energetically. 

I'm no John Holmes but past girlfriends have commented approvingly on my cock. Sarah, the girl I lost my virginity to; was a couple of years older than me and had lost her virginity several partners ago. As I penetrated her for the first time, relishing the surprising tightness and heat of her body, she had knitted her eyebrows together and breathed in sharply. Concerned, I'd asked if she was alright, to which she replied 

"I'd be fine... if your cock wasn't so big."

That's good for your self confidence when you're starting out. Sarah had come to a gasping orgasm while I couldn't reach one, my cock not having yet adjusted to the sensation of a woman's body (it's different from your own hand; no matter how good your imagination is you can't improve on that feeling of slipping into a tight, wet pussy). Ironic that. When you first start getting laid, you can't cum in a woman. It's not that it doesn't feel good, it just feels so different at first that your cock doesn't seem to know what's hit it and tells you 'yeah, it feels good, but I don't know if it's as exciting as what I'm used to'. Just as you start to get the knack of what you're doing (and used to the fact you're actually doing it!) – hello; premature ejaculation!

Anyway, I digress. As I stood naked before her, Lydia stroked her left index finger up her pussy, smiling. That finger proceeded up her belly, stomach and between her boobs, fingernail rasping against skin and leaving a faint pink line where it passed. Its journey ended by it dipping into her mouth, where her dark lips sucked briefly at it, before it emerged into the air and beckoned me over. I approached, my heart pounding in my chest and pulse throbbing at my temple and in my cock. I sat on the end of the bed and rolled up and on to my side, lying to Lydia's left between her and the wall. We kissed again and as our tongues circled noisily, Lydia's soft hand slipped down to where it needed to be and encircled my cock. She squeezed experimentally and traced a fingernail up and down its sensitive underbelly, making me twitch in pleasure. She moved down to cup my balls and gently began to squeeze and knead them, more and more firmly. I had been running my fingers through her spiky hair and fondling her soft, large breasts. I stiffened a little, my excitement briefly replaced by concern at her grip on my balls as one of her rings pinched slightly at my skin. 

Lydia noticed my tension and opened her hand, gently rubbing with the flat of her hand where she had previously taken hold. With a leisurely kiss, she opened her eyes to look into mine.

"Don't worry. I won't pop 'em. But they feel pretty full to me. Think they need emptying before we really get down to business?"

I told her I was sure that they did. Laughing lightly and looking into my eyes so she could enjoy my reaction, Lydia began to wank me, very slowly. I winced in pleasure and stirred on the smooth, satin sheets, closing my eyes and lying back. I heard the bed creak as Lydia sat up, her hand pausing for a moment. Then she was sat on my chest, facing away from me and pinning my arms with her legs. I looked up at her smooth bum and noticed the skull and crossbones tattoo on her lower back. Then both her hands took hold of me and worked up and down slowly five times, followed by five rapid strokes. I gasped and writhed as this was repeated. Five very slow, five quickly. And repeated. And repeated. 

"You like that, huh?" Lydia chuckled. "You'll be begging to cum soon."

She wasn't wrong. After less than a minute of this exquisite torture I was gasping and writhing, unable to move my arms and instead thrusting and jerking my groin and legs. I wanted her to speed up, to slow down, to be inside her body instead, to cum, to last longer; all at the same time. I was flooded with pleasure and couldn't think straight at all. Her soft hands contrasted with the feel of the hard metal of her rings against my skin. The low tingle of my orgasm began to build after another minute or so, cutting through the turmoil in my mind with a promise of certainty. God, this was going to be huge. I tried to arch my back and found I couldn't move much because of her weight on my chest. The tingle grew. Lost in the moment I writhed and moaned, begging her not to stop. Which was exactly what Lydia did! 

Just as I felt that I was about to explode, her hands stopped dead. My muscles locked and I thought I was going to cum anyway, but the tingle began to fade, not quite blossoming into the fire of ecstasy. As I dumped my head back onto the pillows and gasped, disappointed, Lydia hopped off the bed, her boots thumping on the floor. My balls felt as though they were about to burst; a dull ache growing deep inside them. Lydia shot over to the fridge and opened it. I looked up to see her momentarily bathed in the light from the fridge's interior, her erect pink nipples almost silhouetted in profile. She grabbed something from inside it before quickly slamming the door shut and standing, reaching the bed again with quick, long strides, her breasts jiggling wildly. The question I was about to ask faded from my mind. Lydia had a wicked grin on her face and can of Diet Coke in her hand. 

Pulling open the can ('plink-fssshhhh') with one black painted fingernail, she briefly held it against her left breast, pushing it there and gasping aloud at the feel of cold metal against her skin, before smiling down at me.

"You'll never have felt anything like this." 

With that, she rasped her tongue over the underbelly of my cock, lapping at its head. Then her tongue was gone. Lydia quickly took a swig from the can, plonked it onto the floor and lent forwards, taking hold of my cock. Suddenly I was inside her mouth, cold fizzy coke bubbling against my cock as her tongue tickled it and her cheeks hollowed as she sucked and swilled. It was only later I'd think 'how the hell did she do that?' Go down on me with a mouthful of coke without spilling any of it? To this day, I don't know. But Lydia did manage it and she was right; I had never felt anything like this before. With her head rocking back and forth and her hand squeezing my balls and shaft, I was soon moaning and gasping again. After a short while, the coke had become warm and lost most of its fizz. Lydia swallowed and slipped my cock out of her mouth. Her hand continued to work my shaft, smearing the leaking precum over the bulbous head of my cock with her thumb to oil her grip, while she reached down to the can and took another mouthful.

The cold liquid. Bubbles exploding and fizzing against my cock, her hot tongue circling around and flicking at it. The teeth grazing gently, catching and dragging. Her squeezing, rubbing hand, caressing my shaft and balls, coaxing and kneading. The liquid, sloshing sounds and enthusiastic noises from deep in Lydia's throat. It all became too much. I started to pant as the tingle returned. I silently prayed she wouldn't stop again and forced my eyes to open so I could watch myself cum in her mouth. But with a slurp, Lydia stopped giving me a blow job. I watched her swallow the coke as her hand immediately went into overdrive instead, pulling and pushing down on my cock so it pointed away from me and towards her, working back and forth quickly and firmly. No, this time she wasn't going to stop. Oh, thank you Lydia, thank you-

"You'll never have felt anything like this..."

I cried out as my hips jerked up off the bed and a jet of cum shot from the tip of my cock, splattering onto Lydia's chest, just below her collarbone. Her hand stopped moving, its grip relaxing so the cum could fire its way out where she wanted it to go. Her eyes were closed, mouth open and panting in lust. The next gout flew and landed lower, on her left breast, sliding down its curvature like rain off a waterproofed coat. Another hit her breast again. A third and fourth hit her stomach, sliding down towards her crotch. A final pearly blob landed on her forearm, standing out against the cobweb pattern gloves. I'd snarled in primal pleasure as this huge orgasm had taken me and now laid back on the bed, momentarily overcome, the dull ache in my balls fading. As my orgasm passed, her hand slowly moved again, milking the cum from me. When enough had splurged onto her fingers to start to run off them and onto the sheets, she lifted her hands to her stomach, where cum was dribbling down her in viscous streams. Lydia smeared my cum up to her breasts and started massaging it into her skin with circular motion.

"God, cum's so hot when it hits your skin." she moaned, squeezing her breasts together into an impressive cleavage. Lydia was obviously enjoying herself, and moved slowly and sensuously, her hands running from her neck down to her belly, pausing to squeeze her breasts (I noticed they were too large for her small hands to fully cup) and pinch and pull her nipples. Her skin shone and glistened in the light from the lamps. Finally wiping her hands down her ribs, to her hips and onto her thighs she paused to thoughtfully remove the rings from her fingers. Each ring was carefully placed in a pile just under the bed, and as each finger and thumb was stripped, Lydia licked at each one, tasting me on her. With all ten rings finally removed, she looked down at me.

"She moaned, squeezing her breasts together into an impressive cleavage..."

"Thought I was gonna be washed off the bed there for a moment." 

I puffed out something in response, still a little breathless from having cum what felt like bucketfuls and then watching Lydia's little display. Lydia laughed lightly as she noticed my cum on her glove and the traces of it smeared into the fabric at her wrists. She took them off too, letting them both fall to the floor alongside her rings. Lydia breathed in deeply through her nose, running her hands up to her breasts again and exhaling with a drawn out "H'aaaahhh" before pushing her shoulders back and stretching her arms out behind her. Then she lay down on top of me with her knees between mine, legs bent back and feet pointing towards the ceiling. Her breasts and stomach felt sticky against my skin. 

Smiling at me, she breathed in deeply the pollen aroma now coming from her skin, closing her eyes to exhale and then looking into mine again. My hands found the swell of her bum and taking a soft buttock in each hand I squeezed and smiled back. I rubbed her bum, squeezing and circling her buttocks and tracing my fingers over her tattoo before lifting my hands to her shoulders and gently raking my nails down her back. Lydia closed her eyes and shivered a little, pressing against me. Cushioned against my chest, her breasts swelled out under the pressure impressively. I moved one hand up to the back of her head and pulled her face down to mine, kissing her moist lips. With my right hand I tickled and scratched at her bum, running along the crease of her buttocks where they met the tops of her thighs. Probing gently between her legs, the flesh there felt hot and damp. Kissing her hungrily I did my best to arouse Lydia without steaming straight for her pussy or boobs. I lightly ran my fingernails down the sides of her neck and the insides of her arms. Teased her ribs and the backs of her thighs, all the time keeping her pressed tightly against me, either holding the back of her head or pulling her bum to me. 

After I felt I'd teased the back of Lydia's body enough, I wrapped an arm around her shoulders, clasped her bum to me and rolled over to my right. Lydia surprised me by emitting a high pitched, girly squeak. Then I was on top of her. As she giggled I kissed her forehead and temple, planting a kiss on the end of her cute nose and then kissing her neck and shoulder. The giggling stopped as I licked around her nipples, tweaking them with my teeth. Her nipples were very round and small; given the size of her bust. There was a slightly bitter taste which I did my best to ignore. Shuffling backwards I kissed and licked my way down to her pierced belly button, sticking my tongue into it briefly. Lydia's stomach twitched as I worked lower, her skin becoming increasingly sensitive. Kneeling upright, I lifted up her right foot and undid the fastenings to remove the heavy boot. As the second one clumped to the floor I told her it was her turn to get naked. Reaching forward to her thighs, I tugged her stockings down one at a time and threw them over the edge of the bed, tracing my fingers over the impressions left in the soft flesh where the hold ups had gripped them. Bar her black ribbon and pewter choker; Lydia was now naked too.

I lay down at the edge of the bed to her right, and we kissed again. The dark purple, almost black lipstick was now more than a little smudged (reminds me of Brodie Dahl from 'The Distillers' when I think about it now). Lydia's hands played with the back of my head and shoulders, and then one stole down my chest, walking down on index and second finger. Those fingers rasped briefly in my pubic hair and then wrapped around my cock, which had hardly begun to stiffen again. With a couple of squeezes it had hardened a little more, but I bemoaned aloud the fact I wasn't hard enough to do anything more yet (I started to worry that my body would let me down at this late stage!). In response, Lydia propped herself up on one elbow, breasts resting heavily on my arm and started kissing and sucking my left nipple, pushing my cock down towards the foot of the bed and tugging the foreskin to and fro. This girl knew what she was doing, for as I relaxed and my chest became wet with her saliva I felt my cock stiffen in Lydia's grip, my heart pounding blood down to it. After a few more seconds Lydia admonished

"Don't tell me that's not hard enough."

My cock sprang back erect as she released it. Reaching over she picked up the packet of condoms and opened the flap. My heart pounded even harder. This was it. I was going to find out what it was like to be inside her! Lydia took out a foil wrapped package and the folded sheet of instructions and whispered

"I like reading these, they turn me on."

With that she lay back, placed the condom on her belly and unfolded the sheet of paper, studying it intently! I waited for a few seconds but Lydia still pretended to be engrossed. I couldn't quite believe it. What an unbelievable tease! I took the packet from her belly and tore open the foil, squeezing out the condom between my finger and thumb. Dropping the empty packet I positioned the transparent pink cap over the head of my throbbing cock, paused to check I had the damn thing the right way up and then rolled it down my shaft. Thankfully it went on easily. Snapping it into position and squeezing the teat at the end I was ready to go. There was no way I was going to let what she had created go to waste. Lydia was still 'reading' the instructions. I placed my right fingertips onto her bare mound and lightly doodled them around in small circles and figures of eight to get her attention. She still studied the piece of paper. I stopped moving my fingers and looked at her, smiling patiently.

"Aw. That felt nice." She said petulantly.

Her eyes didn't leave the sheet of paper as she turned it over to look at the other side. I decided to play her game for a little while longer and then to get her attention. I ran my index finger over her mound for another thirty seconds or so. She was incredibly smooth, with no stubble down there at all. I didn't know if she waxed or shaved, but Lydia was smooth as a snooker ball, even around the folds of her labia. I watched her breasts rise and fall as she lay back, 'reading' and made small circles at the top of her pussy, watching the pink flesh crease and stretch. Leaning forwards I planted a kiss on her pussy, just brushing its lips with my own. Then I traced down her labia with my fingers, pressing slightly to open up that tight ravine. Her pussy lips parted a little and my fingers ran down a wet, pink trench. When I reached the bottom I tickled the sensitive skin between her pussy and anus and then ran two fingers side by side back up its length - with a moist noise, her lips parted. Moisture shone in the low light. Lydia was really wet; despite her current aloofness there was now no hiding the fact she felt turned on! 

Hearing Lydia sigh, I located the nub of her clitoris and teased the skin around that area, carefully avoiding actually making contact with it. Two could play at being a tease! Moving back down I nudged my first and second fingers against her lips, finding her entrance and feeling the wetness drooling from it. Circling around quickly to open her up just a little more I pushed my forefingers into her soft, hot embrace. They squelched as they circled rapidly in her ribbed tunnel, first in one direction, then in another. I pushed forwards and turned my wrist, curling my fingers so they ran over the bump of her g-spot (whatever you want to call that bump inside a woman, and I haven't been able to quite locate it in every one I've had sex with, I've found if you touch it, you get one hell of a reaction!), the tip of my second finger was just able to circle over it repeatedly. Lydia's hips jerked and she dropped the instructions, eyes closed in pleasure, hips pushing forwards against me. I slipped my fingers from her body and waited for her reaction. Her eyes snapped open looking straight into mine

"Fuck me!"

I was eager to oblige and rolling on top of her, settled between her thighs. My cock was just where it needed to be and with no need for any awkward lining up I rammed it deep into her, gasping as I felt her body surround me. All pretence of play was now gone. There was only the lust and sex.

"I rammed it deep inside her..."
I broke into a fast, hard pace, glad to fulfill my aspirations to experience Lydia's body. Her slick pussy felt to grasp me at all times, the sensation was constant and strong. (Under other circumstances I think I would have cum in her really quickly.) Lydia's breasts jiggled up and down hard, bouncing back and forth as her body was rocked by my thrusts. Lydia groaned and lifted up her knees, grabbing one in each hand and pulling them as far up towards her as she could. I adjusted my balance for this new position and as I slapped even deeper into her, Lydia lost her grip on one knee, quickly snatching back at it and pulling it up even further. Eyes closed, her head sank back into the pillow as she moaned. (next part 3)
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