"Stories 18+" Rock Chick P3

Stories 18+ Rock Chick P3
"Harder! Fuck me harder!!"

I thrust into her as hard as I could, now more aware of fighting against bouncing back up from the mattress in order to be able to push hard back into her again than of the feel of her pussy around my cock. It felt a little like trying to fuck on a trampoline and I briefly considered suggesting we move to the floor before deciding that there was no way I wanted something that felt this good to stop, even for something that might feel better.

Instead I lowered my weight so my belly clapped against hers with each thrust, pinning her to the bed with my weight. Her legs crossed behind my back, pulling me into her with her heels. Braced better now, I could fuck her harder. My cock felt so hard I thought the skin might split and as I pumped in and out her pussy squitted and squelched, drenched now with her juices. Making a hungry noise, her lipstick smudged lips clamped on mine and we french-kissed, breathing hard through our noses. While kissing I could feel more sensation as her pussy tightly gripped my length. I was thrusting in balls deep and withdrawing almost entirely so I could ram my full length into her each time. The bed creaked repeatedly. Each thrust almost carried the sensation of first penetration and I enjoyed the confidence of being able to fuck her without worrying about cumming too soon. My balls were all but drained by Lydia's earlier attentions. 

Lydia broke her lips away from mine and they pulled back in a snarl from her gritted teeth as legs lowered, eyebrows drawn together and fingernails digging into my buttocks, her hands pulled me against her crotch. I continued to thrust, my range of motion now limited. Lydia winced, panted through her nose three times and then hissed urgently through her teeth


Hands clutched at me as Lydia forcefully pulled me into her. I thrust as deeply as I could, penetrating with my full length as Lydia's orgasm seized her. Her hips trembled and she hissed again, more quietly

"Yes. Yyeesss."

Her whole body tensed; trembling and shaking for a few seconds more. Her thighs didn't clamp together and I was surprised at how quietly Lydia came. As her muscles relaxed, Lydia's eyebrows unknitted and her lips came forward into an 'o' as she puffed out a long breath. I stayed inside her and kissed her pouting lips, looking at her dark eyelids and long lashes. Those wonderful eyes stayed shut as Lydia wriggled under me one way and then another. Her head moved slowly as if drawing a small circle with her chin, before shaking side to side twice as if to clear it. She opened her eyes to look at me and breathed

"Don't pull out. Fuck me again. I love to fuck."

To emphasis her words, she slowly started to gyrate her hips. Her pussy made smacking sounds as it moved around my cock. I matched Lydia's slow pace, circling my hips in the opposite direction to hers and enjoying the slow, luxurious feeling of being engulfed by her. We moved together in this slow dance for what seemed like a long time, accompanied by the creak of the bed, 'm'mmms' from Lydia and the fleshy noises of our union. I still felt really hard and thought at this rate I'd be good to go for most of the night. Hell, this girl was so hot it would be a crime not to shag her senseless! 

Initial lust at least partially quenched, our next fuck was a slightly more civilised affair. I withdrew my cock entirely from her body. Lydia moaned unhappily and then again in pleasure as I slipped back into her. I did this three times, (I love that feeling of penetration, you feel like you've become a part of someone else's body. -that you're joined together. And watching as a gaping pussy swallows you whole, lips contracting as you slide inside. What a turn on!) Lydia planted her feet on the bed, so she could push firmly back against my thrusts. Remaining inside her now, we found our rhythm once more. The pace was more leisurely, less breakneck at about a thrust per second. We'd been at it for a couple of minutes when Lydia whispered

"Bite me."

I made a dumb sounding questioning noise.

"Bite me. It turns me on."

Now this was something new. I'd never had a girl want me to bite her before. I'd no problem with it but wondered how hard and far to go? I decided to err on the side of caution and gently nipped her shoulder. Lydia murmured happily and said


Fuck me harder, bite me harder – Lydia seemed to like things to the max! I obliged and spent the next minute experimenting until I was biting her as hard as she wanted. Which was very! I'd catch a roll of skin and flesh between my teeth and then suck hard at it, suck even harder and bite down hard at the same time. I managed to not draw blood but could see angry red marks and bruising where I had worked.

All this turned Lydia on, all right. She moaned and panted, wincing in pleasure (pain? both?!) and muttering

"Oh, fuck! Yeah!" And "Do me, baby, do me." over and over. 

Her pussy was still lubricating nicely and I slid in and out of her easily as I bit and sucked. Lydia's next orgasm hit her shortly after as I lifted myself up, arms straightening to work my muscles loose a little. I licked at her nipple as I rose and she groaned urgently. Encouraged, I gently bit at her breast. Lydia spluttered and her nails raked down my back almost painfully. I returned to her breast, licking and nipping as her breathing became quicker and quicker. Resisting the urge to break into a fast, hard pace again I moved in and out of her slowly and deliberately, so Lydia could feel every inch of me filling her up and pulling back, massaging the walls of her pussy and rubbing against her swollen labia. Her nails raked down my back each time I rocked into her, making it feel sore. Lydia suddenly sucked in a deep breath, her face looked to wrinkle in pain and she paused at the edge of ecstasy making an inarticulate 

"Hnnnnghh!" sound which turned into a noise I can only capture as "Grrooarghhh!"

She dug her nails into my shoulders and her pussy fluttered around my cock, hips shaking again as she came. 

We would screw again and again that night. My erection would die down every once in a while, so we'd rest and cuddle, then Lydia would get me hard again; going down on me, rubbing my cock between her hands like she was trying to make a sausage shape out of a lump of plasticine; and at one point lying at the end of the bed, facing me with her knees in the air and masturbating herself to orgasm to turn me on. She would smile (boom) and purr

"You've kept it up!"

admiringly before we would fall on each other and rut again. What a girl! I finally came as Lydia was on top, riding me slowly and deliberately, head tilted back and breasts thudding up and down. When she realised I was about to cum she flicked her head back (in a motion that made me think she was used to having longer hair at some point) smiled that kaboom smile and maintained her steady rhythm. 

"Come on, baby. Cum for me. Cum for me."

I came clutching at her thighs and bum, crying out her name. We never shared a mutual orgasm that night but I can't count on one hand the number of orgasms we had between us.

"I came as Lydia was on top..."

The sun was coming up as we finally exhausted our passions, had a token clean up in the bathroom and settled down to sleep. I was not cast out to the far reaches of the settee and we slept under the black satin sheets (smeared in places where my cum had dried or I'd wiped Lydia's juices off my fingers) arms wrapped around each other with her head on my shoulder. Lydia was supposed to work that Sunday, but said she'd phone in sick before the shop opened. Fulfilled and with a sore back from Lydia's clawing in her heights of passion (a friend at the gym would point at my back three days later in the changing rooms and loudly ask "Bloody hell, have you been shagging Catwoman?") I drifted off to sleep.

I woke as Lydia's alarm went off at 9.30 in the morning and she stumbled out of bed to phone in 'sick'. Warm sunlight was filtering in through the curtains and I could hear birds twittering and singing in the park across the road. After determining that I didn't have a monster hangover, I waited until Lydia had dialed the work number and then snuck out of bed and up behind her. She explained to her staff that she wouldn't be in today with my fingers slipping into her pussy and pinching at her nipples! Perhaps her faltering breathing made her seem more convincing? Either way, we put my morning glory to good use as (after a mad scramble to get a condom and put it on!) I took Lydia doggy style on the floor of her kitchenette.

We shared a shower after that and soaped each other down. This (of course!) led to more sex. (If the 'Five Metre Condom Dash were an Olympic sport, I'd have a damn good chance at Gold!)This time I took her standing up and from behind. Lydia clasped the edge of the sink basin as I thrust hard in and out of her, my groin slapping against her buttocks. Turned on from the hot water, steam, running our hands over each other's slippery bodies and watching ourselves in the large mirror (it looked a little bit like a dream sequence in a movie, y'know?– all soft focus fluffiness around the edges of the 'screen') we both came, almost together. Lydia gripped the taps so hard she twisted on the hot water tap as she came, pushing her bum out at me and shouting something incoherent. All that turned me on so much that I shot my load only seconds later as she'd recovered just enough to turn the tap off. 

Minutes later I was sat on the settee with a dry bath towel wrapped around my waist while Lydia put the kettle on. She was naked under a short, black satin dressing gown that clung to her curves and shimmered in the sunlight as her breasts jiggled when she walked. I had another boner and really wanted to fuck her again (hey, we hadn't explored the 'spare' room yet!) but we were out of condoms. Over a pot of tea with buttered toast we chatted for half an hour and I suddenly realised what it was that looked so different about her this morning. 

The red colour in her hair had gone, washed away in the shower. Her short dark brown hair wasn't all teased up into spikes now and lay forward and flat. Her heavy makeup was removed, although her eyes (they were hazel) still sparkled wickedly. I guess they were like that all the time. Looking into her eyes it suddenly struck me that her eyebrow and lip piercings were gone. Lydia laughed and explained head office didn't like her to have dyed hair and too many piercings, so she used clip-ons for her eyebrow and lip and only applied one-wash colour to her hair when she went for a night out. Work guidelines would allow her nose piercing (she had several discreet, studs to choose from) and she only had three rings through each ear, no bars or other bits of shrapnel. 

I admitted to Lydia I'd been curious about how she looked dressed for work. Asking if I'd like to see (which I did) she smiled and walked over to the 'spare' room, pausing at the door to slip out of her dressing gown and shake her boobs at me with a laugh. She then went in and the door closed behind her. There was something I was curious about and unable to resist; I got up and quickly checked her black bra from the night before. On a wash-faded label I discovered Lydia was a 36D. I know, I know; sad. But it seemed too obvious to ask' Oh and by then way, just how big are those titties I've been fondling and sucking on all night?'

I marveled at how lucky I thought myself to be - Lydia was a girl of contrasts. Although I guess I should say woman. She was twenty-two and had a great blend of maturity and playfulness. Her confidence was obvious and although she had what some might see as rough edges (drinking from a pint, tucking into a takeaway before swearing like a trooper during sex) I just found that this made her all the more attractive. She was smart, well spoken and pleasant mannered. I hadn't heard her swear or curse other than when we'd been fucking in the early hours of this morning and she otherwise talked softly and intelligently.

And if fucking seems like a hard word to use, well that's what it was. It wasn't 'making love' I think that's something else more tender and caring; It wasn't just 'sex' it was far too lusting and wild for that, with biting, scratching, swearing and the hard and fast way we took each other. No we fucked each other's brains out, that's how I see it. So knowing that Lydia could be, well it sounds lame; but nice (she was happy for me to stay the night, snuggled up to me so tightly, had made me tea and breakfast in the morning and talked brightly and pleasantly) and could also be forward, demanding and sexually aggressive when the mood took her just made her more and more fascinating to me. 

The door opened again a few minutes later and I started as somebody else walked in from the spare room. No, hang on. It was Lydia. She'd brushed her hair, applied conservative amounts of eyeliner and blusher and was wearing glasses. This gave more colour and almost a different shape to her face. A complete change from the contrast between pale skin and dark makeup from the night before. She had a fine chain necklace on underneath a white blouse, with only the top button undone and no cleavage on display. A Light grey matching knee length skirt and jacket, barely black tights (they didn't look shiny enough to be stockings) and low heeled court shoes. I must have been gaping because Lydia laughed as she walked over and sat alongside me, saying

"Kinda different, huh?"

I doubted if even one of her work colleagues would have recognised her at Dante's last night. She tapped the golden metal frame of her glasses.

"These seem to make the most difference to folk. I only wear them to work for squinting at the monitors on the tills and the stock control displays."

I chuckled and agreed that it was quite a transformation. Lydia told me she only looked "so much of a townie" for work, preferring to dress more like last night the rest of the time, but not quite as extreme. 

"I like to save the clip on piercings, wild tights and boots for nights out." she laughed. 

I smiled, looking down at her sexy legs (dark mesh, whether it's tights or stockings, has always turned me on) and glancing up to her chest. Sat to Lydia's left, I could see inside her blouse, between the buttons, where her ample chest was restrained by a white, lacy, bra. I betted many a customer and staff member had caught the same view, and wondered what those breasts would be like naked and to the touch. Fortunately, I gloated to myself, I knew first hand. Although I did wonder what it would be like rub them with baby oil, squeeze them together and slip my cock between them. 

Realising I was ogling her again and looking up; I saw Lydia was looking down at the towel I wore, which was rising where my cock was stiffening again. 

"Hell, have you got it up again?" she asked.

I shrugged and 'apologised' with a grin. Lydia's eyes sparkled behind her glasses.

"I guess we need to go shopping then. There's a corner shop down the road. I'll be five minutes." She pointed at the bulge under the towel.

"Make sure that doesn't go anywhere!"

Grabbing her keys and her money pouch from the night before, she winked at me and dashed out of the flat, letting the door close to behind her. 

Five minutes later, she was back. I'd taken the dirty sheets off the bed and was now lying on it naked, with my carefully nursed erection still present and correct. Lydia had a carrier bag in one hand that obviously had more than just a packet of condoms in it. Those she produced form her jacket pocket, tossing them in an arc over to me. I caught the packet in my right hand as Lydia looked at my cock, actually licked her lips and said

"Get one of those on!"

I opened the packet and removed a foil wrapper as Lydia set down the carrier bag and stooped to remove something from it – a squeezy bottle of chocolate sauce and a loop of that plastic coated washing line, pinched together at the middle by a ring of cardboard. Taking off her glasses and putting them on the worktop, she undid the buttons on her blouse and tossing her head back a little, pulled it apart, revealing her lacy bra and magnificent cleavage. Kicking off her shoes she picked up her shopping and advanced towards the bed, head down and with a wicked grin. Like I said back at the start. Attitude. A bit of mystery. Rock chicks do it for me. End
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