"Stories 18+" Roommates or More? C3

Stories 18+ Roommates or More? C3
Megan laughed. "So, you're not angry?"

"No, horny, but not angry."

"Even with how we acted in front of you?"

"Jesus, I was so excited. When she rubbed your pussy and licked her finger I almost exploded. The whole thing turned me on so bad I jerked off in about ten seconds. I'm doing everything I can to avoid asking you what it was like having sex with her."

Megan said, "That's a relief. I thought you'd be pissed. And, for that other thing...I won't go into details, but I can say Gina can eat pussy like no other person on earth."

As that image bounced through my imagination, a tent arose in the sheets.

Megan noticed and said, "Now, that's the Jake I love and admire."

She slipped her hand on me and began working her magic. Within minutes I enjoyed the second orgasm of the day.

Labor Day was a few days away and the weather was as hot and humid as the rest of the summer. We both remarked that our nude-in-the house rule made things a lot more bearable. 

Sitting on our little porch one night, looking at the park, Megan said Sally would like to come for the long weekend. I told her it was fine with me. Inwardly I groaned since it would mean wearing clothes again. We even sat naked on the porch at night, enjoying the slightly cooler air move over our bodies.

"I thought she might be a little put off after last time. I am still sorry about that incident."

"Actually," Megan said, "she surprised me."

"How, by asking to come back?"

"No, by saying that she would be cool with us being the way we want to be."

"You mean she wouldn't mind if we stayed nude?"

"That's right. As a matter of fact, I had the feeling she hoped we would. Would you feel uncomfortable being naked in front of her?"

I thought about it. Admittedly, it was exciting, but I figured I shouldn't say that to Megan.

"I guess, if you didn't mind."

"Well, she's seen it all, so no big deal."

We sat in silence for a few minutes, listening to the cars go by and watching the boarders go up and down the sidewalks in the park.

"What about Sally?" I finally asked.

"What about her," Megan said coyly.

"You know, Meg. Will she be...what's she going to do?"

"You mean will she be naked too?"

I nodded.

"Don't know. I told you she is a lot more shy than I am. But, she talks about you being nude and what it must be like to just be that free. And, to be honest, she has told me like a thousand times that you have a great cock and it looked so, in her words, "fuckin' awesome" when it was hard. So, maybe she will join in. We'll see."

In spite of my best efforts, I was rock hard.

Megan noticed and asked, "So, what you have the hots for my baby sister? Can't wait to see her naked?"

I couldn't tell if she were pissed or kidding, so I opted to go with kidding.

"No, I have the hots for you. But, since that will lead to nothing, I am enjoying the prospect of seeing two incredible bodies prancing around in the apartment."

Megan slipped her hand on my erection and said, "Let's go inside and I'll remind you of the talents of the soon-to-be-naked Anderson sisters. And, maybe you should prepare to show her this 'fuckin' awesome' cock again."

We picked Sally up at Logan and drove back to the apartment on Friday evening. We decided to immediately go to the bar for supper.

We had burgers, fries and way too many beers. As we stood to leave, all of us laughed at how far gone we were.

Walking back to the apartment, I slid my hand around Megan's waist. Sally noticed and pulled my arm around her and they each laced their arms around my back.

Maybe it was the beer, the hot evening, having two beautiful women on my arms, but I slipped one hand on Megan's ass as we walked. She turned toward me and smiled. 

This was the first time I had ever held her ass. I was at full mast inside my shorts. We walked a little further and Sally noticed where my hand was.

"What's the matter with my ass, Jake?"

I couldn't come up with an answer, so I put my hand on her ass. It was almost as enticing as Megan's. 

Megan was wearing light running shorts, that showed off her long legs. I moved my hand to the elastic band and slid two fingers inside it. She made no move to warn me off. Emboldened, I slowly slid my hand inside, under the band of her panties and rested my hand on her naked flesh. The feel of her skin, the shifting of the muscles as she walked and the knowledge that I was touching the ass I had admired all summer was almost too much. I was working myself into an orgasm, when fortunately, we reached the entrance to the apartment. I retracted my hands from each globe, one naked and one lightly covered, and opened the door.

Entering the dimly lit living room, Megan proclaimed she needed a shower. Sally said she did too and Meg could go first. 

I got out three beers. Sally and I stood in the kitchen and toasted.

"You look a little different from the last time we were standing here," she said and sipped her beer.

"Yeah, sorry about that."

"Nothing to be sorry about. As a matter of fact, I'm cool with it if you want to be that way again."



She drank and let her eyes travel up and down my body. She paused looking at the obvious bulge in my pants.

"Hey, is that one for me?" came a voice from the hall.

"I was hoping it was for me," replied Sally, pointing at my crotch.

I looked over to see Megan standing near, drying herself with a towel. Her various body parts flashed as she patted different sections. She looked at where Sally was pointing, and sighed, "See what I have to put up with, Sis."

I handed her the beer.

"So, what were you guys talking about?"

"Uh..." I stammered

"I was telling Jake that I would not be offended if he wanted to be naked," answered Sally.

"There you go, Jake," said Megan. "What more encouragement do you need."

I smiled and set my beer on the counter. I pulled my polo shirt off, undid my shorts and slid them to the floor.

"Fair warning, ladies," I said. 

Sally and Megan nodded. They had moved next to each other. Sally in her tank top and jeans, Megan, naked, except for a towel wrapped around her hair.

I eased my boxers over my erection and removed them. Both women stared at the male sign of arousal in front of them.

"Now, I need a shower," announced Sally. She turned and headed to the bath taking her travel bag with her.

"Too much?" I asked.

"Never," said Megan as she kissed me and ran her hand up and down my hard-on. She then pulled me into her. For the first time, we hugged while naked. I felt her hard nipples push into my chest and my erection trapped between us. I could feel the short trimmed pubic hair brushing my shaft. slipped my hands on her ass and pulled her close. She cupped my butt and pulled me to her. I kissed her. She kissed back and then broke away. I

We finished our beers and pulled out some new ones as Sally reappeared, not hiding her attempt to see if I still had a hard-on. She had on a cream sports bra and bikini bottoms. I figured this was her concession to our nudity. I gave her a beer and we decided to watch TV.

We were watching the hopelessly inane Sex and the City 2 movie. The girls were remarking on the various outfits of the stars.

Feeling little pain, I said, "Speaking of clothes, Megan, I think one of us might have too much clothing."

"Really," she played along. "Too much?"

"Oh yeah, way too much."

"Should we help her out of her problem, so to speak?"

"Splendid idea,"

Sally screamed, "No way." She jumped up followed by Megan and me. We chased her around the living room, grabbed her and started tugging at her tank top. She screamed in laughter again, and broke free, dashing into my bedroom. She slammed the door, but we rushed in. I turned on the overhead, and we saw her shrinking in the corner.

She tried to get by us, but we caught her and tossed her on the bed. Megan and I started tickling her. She cried for relief and squirmed back and forth. With Sally being incapacitated by our tickling, we once again tugged at her top. She fought back, but soon lost the battle. We slipped it over her head and we all sank back, exhausted from the effort.

Sally was between Megan and me. She held her hands over her breasts. Megan reached over and pried one hand away exposing her left breast. I eased her right hand off, leaving her chest uncovered. Her breasts were much like Megan's only slightly larger. They both had tiny areoles with nipples covering almost the entire area. Like Megan's, Sally's nipples were dark and engorged with blood.

"Do you like Sally's tits?" asked Megan.

"Second best I've ever seen, I answered looking her in the eyes and then at her exposed breasts. She blushed and blew me a kiss.

"Well, I hope you two pervs are happy now," pouted Sally.

"Are you happy, Jake?" asked Megan.

I shook my head.

"Still too much clothing?"

I nodded.

"Well, get to work," she urged. 

Sally squeezed her legs tightly together, but I sensed this was token resistance. I took her ankles and gently moved them apart. Her legs opened. Sitting next to her, I eased my fingers under the band of her undies. I began sliding them down. She lifted her hips to allow me to remove them.

I looked at her shaved pussy. Like Megan, her lips were smooth and tight. She had a prominent mons that made her sex that much more attractive. Unable to stop myself, I let my fingers feather across her pubic area, marveling at the smoothness and sensing the heat coming from her lips. 

"God, so smooth," I uttered.

"Waxing," she breathed and opened her legs an inch. I let my hand move between her thighs and my finger slide along her slit. At the top, I could feel the hard nub of her clit. I also sensed moisture.

I wondered if Megan's sex would feel the same or if she was as wet as her sister.

"You're beautiful, Sally," I proclaimed.

She smiled and rolled on to her tummy. 

"Now, you can rub my ass like you were doing to Megan walking home."

Megan and I looked at each other and said simultaneously, "Busted."

The three of us laughed, and I massaged Sally's wonderful butt and let my hands travel the length of her naked back and legs.

I was so hard I thought I might explode. I said, "I don't know about you guys, but I need another beer."

The girls agreed and I went to the kitchen, Returning I saw a naked back and awesome ass exiting Megan's room and darting back into my room. I marveled that I could not determine if it were Megan or Sally. I then realized it didn't make any difference, it was fantastic.

The girls sat propped up on pillows. I saw that one of them must have gotten extras from Megan's room. They left room in the middle for me. I handed them the beers and crawled in.

We sipped in silence for a bit.

"Love the hard-on," said Sally.

"Definitely a beauty," confirmed Megan.

"Might need attention, tho."

"Think you're right, Sis," said Megan.

The girls set their beers on the night stand and shifted position so their heads were even with my crotch. 

"I like how his head gets all big and dark," said Sally tracing her finger along the top of my dick.

"I like this big vein that starts underneath and ends up on top of his shaft," commented Megan as she ran her finger along it.

"Balls are nice," Sally said as she cupped them.

"Definitely a well made set," agreed Megan has her hand joined her sister's.

As Sally continued to fondle my balls, Megan wrapped her hand around my shaft and began stroking me. She caught some pre-cum and moistened my hard-on and kept stroking as I moaned with pleasure. 

Sally removed her hand and looking Megan in the eye said, "I love you, Meg."

"Love you two, Sal."

"If we didn't love each other, I couldn't do this," said Sally.

Sally moved forward, opened her mouth, stuck out her tongue and licked my head, sampling the clear liquid gathering there. I groaned and moved my hips.

She took me into her mouth and began moving up and down. Using suction and her tongue she moved me to a new level.

Breaking free with a thin trail of saliva linking my cock and her lips, she pointed the head toward Megan.

Megan shook her head and whispered, "I can't."

"You can and you want to," said Sally. She held my cock toward Megan and rested her other hand on her sister's cheek. "Go ahead."

Megan looked at me. I could not move. She kissed her sister and then opened her mouth to receive me.

I could not believe I had Megan's mouth on my cock. All my senses were on overdrive. She showed great skill and a wonderful sensitivity as she moved me closer to the edge. I next felt Sally taking a ball into her mouth and sucking it. I was all but incoherent.

I barely had enough strength to say, "I'm coming."

Megan sucked one last time and I exploded into her mouth. She took it and then pulled off only to be replaced by Sally who took my next three shots. Sally pumped me and I reached the end with two sets of women's lips and tongues licking the remains of my orgasm.

The women crawled into my arms, their legs crossing over my body and each other.

"I don't know what to say," I began.

"No words are necessary, Jake," said Megan. She kissed my cheek.

"Yeah,' said Sally and kissed my other cheek.

We lay together in comfortable silence. Sally spoke up. "And now, round two."

She reached under her pillow and extracted the pink vibrator. I figured she got it when she retrieved the pillows.

"Jake you and I are going to send Megan on a trip of a lifetime."

She switched it on and the humming seemed to fill the entire room. Megan looked at me and smiled. I kissed her and she kissed back. I rolled over her and she was now in the middle.

Sally started on Megan's breasts, teasing the nipples. She handed me the vibe and I repeated her actions. Megan squirmed under our touch. Sally took it back and moved it down to the trimmed patch of red. 

"Jake, kiss Meg's tits."

Again checking for a sign, I only saw the closed eyes of my beautiful roommate.

I gently took her left breast in my mouth, savoring the feel and texture of it. I licked it and then the nipples. I sucked hard on her nipple, making her groan. I pulled it with my teeth and then licked it some more.

All the while Sally was working below. Gliding the vibrator back and forth over her pubic area, she asked me, "Tell me if she is wet yet?'

I looked at her puzzled.

"We have a deal. We use the vibe, but we don't use our fingers or tongues. We don't touch each other's tits, don't stick our fingers in each other's pussies, and don't lick each other's clits. Usually Meg tells me, but I think she's beyond speaking coherently. So, you can check out to see if she's wet."

I looked at Megan for a sign, but her eyes remained closed and her tongue was running around her lips.

I put my finger at her slit, feeling the vibrations her sister was causing a few inches away.

I eased my finger inside her, reaching not only her warm and moist inner self, but the fulfillment of my fantasy. Sometimes fantasies fall short, this one did not.

Megan spread her legs at my touch, and I inserted another finger and began moving them in and out. Sally now placed the vibe on top of Megan's clit and this caused her hips to rise off the bed. I fingered her harder.

Suddenly Megan grabbed my wrist and pulled my hand out. Sally immediately moved the vibrator to her sister's opening and pushed it in. She adjusted the setting to high and the pitch increased. Megan bucked fiercely and then screamed as her orgasm broke in waves through her body. She screamed twice more and settled back into the bed. Sally removed the vibrator and turned it off.

Overcome with the sight of her exposed sex, dripping with juices, I leaned in and kissed her most private areas. I ran my tongue along her slit, tasting the rich liquid, and finished by taking her still swollen clit in my mouth and tonguing it. Megan mumbled and laced her fingers in my hair, pulling me away. I moved back up and kissed her. She kissed back strongly and for the first time opened her mouth to me. I thrust my tongue in and received hers in return. We broke and fell back on our pillows.

"Shit, that was fuckin' intensive. Thank you both."

Sally and I smiled at each other. Sally moved across her sister's body to kiss me. We kissed and she used her tongue to clean me of any remnants of her sister's juices on my upper lip. We next used our tongues to explore each other's mouths.

Megan said, "Slow down, the night's not over."

We sat back in our places, "What's next?" I asked.

Megan rolled on top of me, stretching her length along mine. I felt my still soft cock against her hot crotch and her breasts pushing into my chest. I put my hands on her ass and she ground into me, causing my dick to stir.

She kissed me and then said, "This is good, Jake, but it's as far as it goes."

She opened the drawer in the nightstand and extracted a condom. I assumed she must have snooped at some point.

She kissed me again and rolled off. She and Sally regarded my re-energized dick that stood straight up. 

She gave the condom to Sally and kissed her lightly on the lips. 

"I love you, Sal."

"Ditto, Big Sis."

Megan picked up her vibrator, pillows and walked out of the room, closing the door behind her.

"Jake, you don't have to do this, honest. But, I've wanted you since that day in the kitchen. When I heard more about you from Meg, I knew you would be a good and generous lover. So, if you're up for it—and it seems you are—I say let's have some fun."

In a split second I wondered if I would be screwing Sally as some sort of avatar of Megan. I think Sally thought the same.

"Jake, it's me. It's not Megan. I can't figure you guys out. If I ever saw two people in love, it's you and Meg. But, you both say you're not going to be lovers. I hafta' say it was pretty hot what you each did to each other tonight, but it wasn't screwing. I, however, do not have those hang-ups. I want to screw and know we will have lots of fun."

I kissed her and said, "Hell, yes, we will. But, you will not need this right now."

I removed the condom from her hand.

"Jake, sorry, I can't do it unprotected."

"Sal, I will put the condom on, but first I am going to see what it's like to eat a waxed pussy."

"Ah," she said, "thought you'd never ask."

I loved the smooth pussy, bringing her to two small orgasms with my tongue while my fingers explored her tight, hot and wet interior. I found the g-spot and moving my tongue and fingers in consort, brought a growl from deep inside Sally. I enjoyed feasting on her breasts and finally, with condom firmly in place, slid inside her wrapped in the hot embrace of her interior walls and eventually brought both of us to a series of over the top orgasms. And, after a bit of rest, and a new condom in place, we worked our way through various new positions. We realized we must be having fun, when Megan banged on the wall and yelled, "Give me a fuckin' break. That must be the tenth time. Besides, I must have killed the batteries in this thing." 

We laughed and I slipped inside Sally as she lifted one leg behind her head. God bless yoga, I thought.

We slept til noon, when finally Megan appeared carrying a tray with Bloody Mary's and fresh croissants from the corner bakery.

She pulled the covers off us. "Just checking to see if it's still there," she teased. "I thought it might have broken off inside."

I toasted her with the Bloody Mary and replied.

"Still, there but a bit sore. Let me add, sore but ecstatically happy."

"Oh, that happy," said Megan with a wicked grin. "Well, this will help." She lowered her frosted glass onto my balls causing a most unmanly shriek to escape my lips.

We howled, drank and ate the flaky treats with gusto. We hung out inside for the rest of the day, naked, dozing and reading. Dinner was in Cambridge at a great Indian restaurant, with each woman's hand under the table fondling me from time to time and a couple times doing it together. 

We returned home and Megan said she was tired and going to bed. Sally and I were in my room, naked and screwing in five minutes. I also spent a lot more time enjoying the smooth pussy. I wondered if I should convince Megan to go all the way with her grooming. Then I thought, what for, so Gina could have an easier time eating the hell out of her.

Sally's mouth on my dick brought me out of my reverie and removed all thoughts except "more of that" from my mind.

Sunday we decided to go up to Rockport and poke around the shops and stores. We stopped for seafood on the way home.

Back in the apartment, Megan once again feigned fatigue. Sally stopped her.

"Sleep with us tonight."

"Not into spectator sports," said Megan.

"Won't be anything to watch," assured Sally. "We are both a little worn out. Besides, Jake and I discussed it and we miss you. We want you with us."

Megan searched each of our faces for any sign of doubt. Seeing none, she pulled her shirt over her head and said, "Last one in bed is a toad sucker."

We snuggled together, breaking only when one of us had to pee. I got up once and returned with three snifters of expensive brandy I received as a gift. We laid back enjoying the moment and the aromatic drink. 

Sally slipped her hand on my dick evincing a slight grimace.

Megan also touched me and said, "It's really that sore?"

I nodded, "Guess I'm not the stud I think I am."

"From what I heard through the walls, you are a stud and then some," said Megan as she softly caressed my limp member.

"Amen." was all Sally said, "and talk about being sore, I could tell you a thing or two."

"Sal," said Megan, "what would our mom do when we had a hurt?"

Sally smiled from ear to ear, "Kiss it?"

Megan smiled and nodded.

The two women leaned in and placed tiny caresses on my head, shaft and balls. Sally dribbled a small amount of the cognac and licked it off, taking me in her mouth for a moment. Megan did the same, and pushed her tongue into the opening on the head of my penis. Even with all this attention, the best I achieved was a semi.

The girls sat up and Megan said, "I think you've ruined him for life."

"I hope not. He was such a trooper. Always standing up for what's right, or at least for what's wet"

The sisters laughed at the joke, but still no more response from my trooper.

We finished our drinks and snuggled. Soon we were breathing deeply as we slept as three.

Meg and I took Sally to the airport around noon. We decided to hit a beach on the North Shore. After an afternoon in the sun, we headed home.

We both voiced a need for a shower.

Megan said, "We can share."

Naked together for the first time under the warm water, we took turns washing every inch of each other. I admit to spending an inordinate amount of time making sure each breast was clean, and buffing the butt I loved until it shown. Megan was happily pleased to see that I was not permanently broken as her ministrations to my cock produced a rapid and hard response. 

We watched some stupid TV and knowing work awaited both of us, we headed to bed around 10.

I used the bathroom and was surprised to find Megan in my bed.

She smiled and said, "Jake, I can't say what's going on, but I did like sleeping with you and finding myself in your arms in the morning. So, no promises, but let's drop our guard a bit."

"What about ruining our friendship?"

"I'm not going to let you screw me, and I don't think I'll be giving you another blow job—well not regularly. But, I want to take some baby steps and let us see if there is something more than being friends. Can you deal with that?"

"If it means I get to hold you, then absolutely."

We fell together and I marveled at how well she fit into my arms. 

"What about Gina?"

"Oh, Jake, Gina is just a fuck-buddy. So was that doc I told you about. They mean nothing emotionally. I find I am getting all my emotional fulfillment from you. So, I will not be going with Gina any more. I will not be fucking Dr. Big Cock. I will be here with you."

"Sounds like the start of a perfect relationship," I said.

"Yeah, and who knows it might actually lead to you know what."

"What?" I said in mock ignorance.

Megan lay on top of my, my erection pushing against her pussy, my hands on her ass.

"Oh, it will come to you," she said as she moved up and down my body, rubbing her warm lips against my cock.

I am praying it finally will. End
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