"Stories 18+" Sister's Home Movies P3

Stories 18+ Sister's Home Movies P3
"I'm just trying to figure out the video, Sis," I told her. "I mean, when you do it alone, and it's for real, how long does it usually take you to climax?" I asked, still calculating the different shots I was going to need.

"I don't know, Ron. I've never timed it... ten minutes, I guess? It depends," she said, blushing some more.

"On what?" I ask, sincerely curious.

"On who's watching." She smiled. "In fact, I think you should be naked when we do it."

"What?" I exclaimed, as I was about to put my shirt on.

"Take your clothes back off," she instructed, smiling. "I need to see your... um, reaction... you know, while I masturbate." I just stared at her for a minute. Okay, why not? I pulled my jeans and jockey shorts down together and left them in a heap on the floor. My cock was standing at attention.

"Okay, about ten minutes." I thought some more. "We can send about three minutes of video through e-mail," I told her, trying to sound like I knew what I was doing. "We can send multiple parts, but I think it's better if I edit each video down to three minutes." Maryanne nodded her agreement, her eyes never leaving my cock.

"You're really getting into this," she said, excitedly. "Let's get started."

"Okay." I took the camera from the tripod and explained my ideas to her, as I checked the settings. She agreed and lay on her back, while I knelt next to her on the bed. This was so weird!

"We'll start with a close-up of your face and you can say something directly to Mark, like, 'I hope you enjoy the video, Honey' or something like that," I explained, zooming in on her face.

"Hi Honey," Maryanne started, looking directly into the camera. "I hope you like the video. I've got a new cameraman, so let me know what you think," she added, winking at the camera.

"Okay, I'm going to get a close-up of your tits now," I told her, as I stood up on the bed and put one foot on either side of her waist.

"I think I like this view," Maryanne offered, looking up at my balls hanging below my rigid cock, as I aimed the camera down at her tits.

"You can start playing with your nipples," I told her, as I filled the screen with her scrumptious tits and tried to sound more nonchalant than I felt. Or you can start playing with my cock!

"Won't your talking be on the video?" Maryanne asked.

"Not after I extract the audio and delete anything we don't want," I answered. "Now talk to Mark as you play with your nipples," I directed. Her hands entered the frame, caressing the sides of her tits and squeezing them before she slid her fingers across her erect nipples.

"Oh, Mark," Maryanne cooed, "I wish you were here to touch my breasts and suck on them." She rolled her taut nipples between her thumb and her index finger. "I miss the way you nibble on my tits and take my nipples between your teeth, stretching them out." As she said this, Maryanne stretched her nipples out from her tits. The camera caught it all and my cock was rock solid. "Oh Mark! I miss you so much!"

I kept the camera focused on her tits, watching her twist and pinch her nipples and squeeze her fleshy globes.

"Okay." I press paused and took a deep breath. Fuck! Stepping back so my feet were on either side of her thighs, I positioned the camera for the next shot.

"I'm going to pan down to your pussy. Keep your legs together until I tell you." As the camera slowly panned down her stomach, I pressed the zoom so her blonde bush filled the screen. I let the camera linger over her pussy mound for a few seconds and then pressed paused.

"Great!" I moved towards her feet and knelt on either side of her ankles. "When I say three, I want you to very slowly pull your legs up and spread your thighs apart." I aimed the camera at the blonde convergence of her thighs and pressed record. "Okay. One, two and three." She pulled her feet from between my knees and very slowly spread her thighs.

"Talk to Mark, as your thighs open," I instructed her, my cock throbbing in anticipation of this close look at my sister's pussy. "Tell him what you want him to do, Sis." I couldn't wait to see her pussy and hear what she said. Please God, stop my hands from shaking!

"Mark, my pussy is aching for your tongue," Maryanne said, as she continued to spread her thighs. At first, all I could see was blonde hair, but as she opened her legs wider, I could make out her pussy lips buried in her blonde bush. "Your tongue would feel so good right now," Maryanne cooed. "I know how you love to lick my pussy and suck out my juices." Oh God! It was like she was talking right to me. If she hadn't been saying her husband's name... maybe I would edit that out for my personal copy.

"Wider, Sis," I told her, as her moist pussy lips came into full view. Her thighs were wide open and my cock was throbbing as I knelt between my sister's legs and zoomed in on her succulent pussy. I'd seen lots of close-up pictures of pussies, but the real thing, with tufts of blonde hair surrounding the glistening folds of her pussy lips, put them all to shame.

"That's it," I tell her, catching my breath. "Now, continue talking to Mark as you slowly slide your fingers down through your pubic hair and into your pussy."

"I wish this was your cock, instead of my fingers, Mark." Maryanne breathed each word, as her fingers touched her pussy lips and gently eased them open. Fuck! I wanted to jack off so badly, as I watched my sister work two fingers into her wet pussy. Maryanne kept murmuring to Mark as I tried to control my breathing and hold the camera steady. I leaned to the side, so the camera got a great view of her fingers moving in and out of her aroused pussy.

I glanced at Maryanne's face and saw that she was staring hungrily at my hard cock as she pumped her fingers in and out of her wet pussy. The only sound in the room was her fingers churning the juices inside her sloshy hole.

"Let me know when you're getting close," I told her. "I want to get some close-ups of your face during your orgasm." Maryanne was staring at me intently and nodding, as she rocked her pussy against her fingers. "When you're done, leave your fingers in your pussy until I tell you to take them out, okay? We need an extreme close up of you removing your fingers."

"Jesus, Ron," Maryanne exclaimed. "Shut the fuck up! You're making me self-conscious!" she panted, as she continued finger fucking herself. I moved in to get some shots of her face. I alternated the camera between her face and her pussy, getting plenty of shots of both.

"Ohhhhhh!" Maryanne moaned, as she pressed her other hand to her clit, using her middle and ring fingers to rub it in a circular motion. "Ohhhhhhh! I'm getting close," she advised me. I kept shooting her pussy for a few more seconds and then moved up to get a close-up of her face contorted in ecstasy.

"Oh! God! Oh! God! I'm cumming!" she cried, rapidly pumping her fingers in and out, as she vigorously rubbed her clit. I moved the camera back to her pussy and zoomed in nice and tight. The squishy sounds of her fingers were competing with her low guttural moans as the soundtrack to her orgasm.

"Oh Fuuuucck!" she screamed, closing her legs tightly around her fingers. I zoomed out to capture the full impact of her body shaking and trembling through her intense orgasm. Her eyes were closed and her chest was heaving, as several smaller tremors rolled through her body.

"Wow," I whispered, staring in wonder at my sister's shivering body and realizing how fake those porn video orgasms are in comparison. I kept the camera rolling until she finally started to relax.

"Whenever you're ready, Sis, spread your legs wide apart and then very slowly remove your fingers." I zoomed in on the back of her hand, squeezed into the triangle formed by the junction of her thighs.

"I'm ready," she breathed after a couple of minutes. I zoomed in tighter as she slowly moved her knees up and spread her legs apart. In slow motion she extracted her fingers from her soggy pussy. I watched in awe as the camera captured her juices, oozing around her fingers and running down her ass cheeks. Fuck! I could smell her sexy aroma and I just wanted to bury my face in her dripping cunt!

"When I say so, slowly move your fingers up towards your mouth," I told her, wondering if she had ever tasted herself before. "I'm going to follow your fingers with the camera and watch you suck your juices off of them." I watched for my sister's reaction. She just smiled and I stood up, putting my feet almost under her ass.

"Okay, do it." I zoomed in on her fingers and panned the camera with them as they moved up her body, across her tits and touched her lips.

"I love you, Mark," she said, as she tantalizingly licked her fingers. "I hope you liked the video." And with that she sucked her fingers into her mouth, almost simulating a blowjob. "Mmmmmm. I wish you could taste this." I wish I could!

"Cut!" I smiled at my sister. "Wow! You're amazing!" I told her, as I climbed off the bed and started towards the office to download the video.

"You are the amazing one, little brother," she replied. "Who knew you were a closet porn director?" She laughed. "But now you owe me one again," she said, matter-of-factly. I stopped at the door and turned around, my hard cock pointing directly at my naked sister.

"What?" I ask, incredulously.

"You've seen me masturbate again, and now it's your turn." She smiled, swinging her legs over the edge of the bed and sitting up. Holy shit! I really did need to jerk my aching cock.

"Okay," I told her. "Give me a second and I'll do it while the video is transferring."

"I can wait." She stretched her arms over her head. "That was very erotic. I really got off! I think Mark is going to be really pleased." Fuck Mark! I was really pleased at that moment. Her nipples were even more pronounced when her tits tightened up against her chest, as she stretched.

"Wait until I get it all edited," I informed her, going to her office, connecting the camera and starting the video transfer.

"Is this okay?" I asked, returning to the bedroom and positioning myself a few feet from the bed.

"Yeah, I like it like this," Maryanne whispered, leaning forward to get a better look at my cock. For the second time that day I grabbed some tissues and jacked off, with my sister watching me.

The lustful look on her face as she stared at my swollen cock encouraged me to give her a show like she just gave me. I was already dripping precum, even before I touched my cock. I watched my sister lick her lips and I stepped even closer to her as I slowly stroked my hand up and down my hard shaft. With my cock about a foot from her face, I handed her the tissues and used my free hand to cup my balls. Her mouth was open and I fantasized about sliding my cock between her moist lips as I pumped faster.

"Wow!" My sister whispered, as I stroked my fingers across my balls and vigorously yanked on my cock. My hard-on had been throbbing for the past half hour and I was more than ready to shoot.

"Here it comes, Sis!" I groaned, as I felt the tension in my balls release. "Hand me the tissues!" I yelled. She held out her hand and I grabbed the tissues just in time to catch the spurt of cum, blasting from my cockhead. I jerked the rest of my load into the tissues and smiled at my sister, whose face was beaming with delight.

"That was awesome!" she shrieked, like the cheerleader she once was. Her tits jiggled on her chest as she jumped to her feet.

"Get dressed and edit my video," she said playfully. "I'm going to take a shower."

Before she left, she kissed my cheek and her right tit brushed my arm. Fuck, it was like an electric jolt went through my body. I watched her bare ass cheeks sway back and forth, as she walked into the bathroom. Wow! Now, I get to watch her again as I edit the video! I discarded the cum-filled tissue in the other bathroom and hurried into the office.

It took me about an hour to edit the video and adjust the audio so the whole thing ran about three minutes. Maryanne came in about halfway through, drying her hair from her shower. She was wearing tan shorts and a red tank top without a bra, her nipples making prominent bumps on the thin material. She got bored after a few minutes and went into the kitchen to make us some dinner.

"Hey Sis, come see this!" I yelled down the hallway when the editing was complete. Maryanne came into the office and pulled up a chair next to mine. I clicked play on Windows Media Player and Maryanne's face filled the screen. The video basically followed the same sequence as the filming, starting with her tits and panning down to her pussy. As her fingers sped up, I interspersed shots of her face, to show how turned on she was, and finally capturing her moans as she came.

I watched Maryanne as much as I watched the video and it was obvious she liked what she saw. When it ended with her licking her fingers, she sat back in her chair staring at me.

"My god, Ron!" she breathed. "That was so hot! Mark is going to love it! Is it ready to send?"

"All set," I told her, showing her where I saved it, so she could attach it to an e-mail.

"Come on, dinner's ready," she said, standing up. "I'll send it to Mark after we eat." I shut down the media player and followed her to the kitchen.

"I can't imagine what you must be thinking," Maryanne blurted, as we sat across from each other, eating spaghetti with meatballs.

"I'm thinking that our next video should be in the shower," I replied, trying to avoid the serious discussion that she was obviously trying to start.

"You really are a geek!" She laughed and I watched her tits jiggle provocatively beneath her thin tank top.

"Does your shower have one of those detachable shower heads with a hose?" I asked.

"Yes," she said, smiling at me. "Both bathrooms do. Why?" She set down her fork and stared at me. "What do you want me to do with it?" she teased.

"Have you ever used it to get yourself off, Sis?" I asked, forking another meatball and popping it into my mouth whole. My imagination was starting to run wild with all the possibilities.

"That would make a great video, wouldn't it?" she asked rhetorically, looking up at me and smiling. "Tomorrow?" I just nodded because my mouth was full.

It was after midnight and I was still awake, long after falling into my bed. Who would have thought I'd be making erotic videos of my big sister? My head was filled with visual ideas, camera angles and settings, and most of all, Maryanne's sexy body. I finally fell asleep with my hard cock in my hand and my mind filled with salacious images of my sister's naked body.

Over the next week, we made a series of extremely erotic videos. Starting with the shower video, we then shot several days of various poses on the bed, including one with her ass towards the camera while she fingered her pussy. I also shot her nude sunbathing in her secluded backyard. Being around my naked sister everyday was entrancing, but living out my fantasy of directing her in my own personal videos was beyond my wildest dreams. Okay, maybe they weren't my own personal videos, but they might as well have been; I had copies of everything on my computer.

Every day, when we were done shooting, Maryanne ensured that we "stayed even" by insisting that I jack off for her. Starting with the shower video, she encouraged me to use the same props that we used for her videos.

For her shower scene, I started with various close ups, as she seductively lathered soap on her tits, ass and pussy. Then leaning against the tile wall, with soapsuds dripping from her tits, she used the detachable showerhead to stimulate her clit. Lying on the floor, I got an amazing upward-angle shot of the water streaming right at her engorged clit. When she climaxed, you could see her milky juices mixing with the beads of water running from her swollen pussy lips. I thought it was one of my best shots ever.

Following my direction, she slowly slid down the tile wall until she was sitting in the tub with her thighs spread wide apart. She told Mark she loved him and then the video faded to black. When she finished showering and drying off, she told me it was my turn with the showerhead. Having never done anything like that, I was surprised at how stimulating it was. Pointing it at the sensitive underside of my cock, I was soon bucking my hips into the spray and shooting big loads of cum onto the tiled shower floor. Maryanne, sitting naked on the floor and watching me made it doubly erotic.

The nude sunbathing was Maryanne's idea. I didn't know that she frequently sunned herself on the secluded patio in her backyard. I should have noticed that she had no tan lines. With her lying naked on a chaise lounge, I shot her rubbing baby oil all over her body. Since part of the video included her standing up and turning around for the camera, she wanted her back covered with oil as well. That was my job, she informed me, and I jumped into it enthusiastically.

For the first time ever, I got to touch my sister's naked body. We'd been naked around each other for several days, shooting video and masturbating for each other, but there was almost zero physical contact... until then. Even if it was just her back, my cock sprang to life, as I rubbed baby oil into her smooth skin. She was lying on her stomach when I poured the oil onto my hands and massaged it into her shoulders and her back. My eyes kept straying to the twin round globes of her sexy ass cheeks.

"Mmmmm," she murmured. "That feels nice." I wholeheartedly agreed. Her skin was warm to the touch and my cock was rock hard, as I sat next to her on the lounge chair and gently massaged the small of her back.

"Do my ass too," she commanded, turning her head to look at me. Without hesitation, I was sliding my hands lower, squeezing my sister's firm, round cheeks and massaging the oil into the crevice between them. She kept her legs tightly together, discouraging me from exploring very far, but her ass felt so good, I almost came just from touching it. My hands lingered on her cheeks, touching and caressing every inch, until my sister abruptly turned over.

"Thanks," she said, smiling at the rigidity of my cock, as she leaned back and spread her legs. "Let's make a movie, Ronnie." I wiped my hands on a towel and reached for the camera.

When we were done, Maryanne handed me the baby oil and told me it was my turn. While she relaxed on the chaise lounge, I poured oil onto my hands and started stroking my cock, another first for me. I enjoyed the slipperiness as I vigorously worked my hands all over my cock and balls. Maryanne lay spread-eagle on her lounge chair watching me. It was extremely arousing, staring at her wet pussy and oil-soaked body, not to mention jacking off outside, which, by the way, was yet another first for me.

I continued to read my sister's e-mails before she got home and the feedback from Mark was off the charts. As I read his latest one, I get an idea for a virtual fuck video.

"That little geek really knows his stuff! I haven't stopped cumming for days! Are you sure he's never done this before? lol

Keep the movies cumming (pun intended!)

Love, Mark"

"Do you have a vibrator?" I asked my sister, when she got home from work.

"Yes," she admitted hesitantly. "What's going on in that warped brain of yours now?" She casually undressed while I lay on her bed watching her. Damn! We had really gotten comfortable around each other. A couple of weeks ago I was dying for a peek at my sister's naked body, and now she was shedding her clothes in front of me like it was the most natural thing in the world.

"I have this idea for a 'virtual fuck video'." I explained while she was taking off her bra and bending down to peel her thong off her legs. My cocked jump in my jeans, as I watched my sister's tits hang from her chest while she bent over. Fuck! I wished I was able to touch, kiss, suck or in some way devour her luscious tits. (next part 4)
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