"Stories 18+" Sister's Home Movies P4

Stories 18+ Sister's Home Movies P4
"A virtual fuck?" she asked, turning towards me, completely naked.

"Yeah!" I said, jumping off the bed and grabbing the camera from the dresser. "Get your vibrator and I'll describe what I mean."

"Yes, Sir." She snapped to attention, shaking her tits from side to side, and gave me a mock salute. I smiled as she bent over and opened the bottom drawer of her nightstand. Mmm! My sister really had a great ass!

Turning around, she blushed, as she held up a florescent pink vibrator. Crawling up on the bed, she lay down with her head on her pillow.

"Now what?" she asked.

"Now, we shoot what a lover would see, if he were fucking that juicy pussy of yours," I told her, before I realized what I'd said. She didn't react to my faux pas, so I must not have sounded as desperately excited about her pussy as I thought I did.

"Raise your legs up and grab your ankles," I instructed her, taking the vibrator from her and laying it next to her hip. She complied and spread her legs at the same time. I knelt between her legs and aimed the camera right at her splayed-open pussy, making sure her tits and her face were in focus in the background. Her pussy was already glistening with arousal.

"Now talk to Mark and tell him you're ready to be fucked," I directed, positioning the camera so I could see her face. "Invite him to slide right in and get his first virtual fuck." She smiled at me, as I zoomed in on her face.

"Hi Mark, Honey," she said, smiling at the camera. "I am so ready to be fucked right now!" She moaned. "Look at my pussy. See how wet it is! I need your hard cock to quench the burning fire inside of it. Will you fuck me, Mark? Will you jam your hard cock into me? Please?"

As she was talking, I positioned the vibrator between her pussy lips and when she said the word "please," I pushed it up inside her slick hole. The camera was positioned to shoot from her pubic mound up, never showing the vibrator. So it looked like the person watching was fucking her.

"Oh yeah!" she cried, as I turned the vibrator on low. "You feel so good! So fucking good!" She moaned, as I increased the speed and she started pinching and pulling on her nipples.

Gradually increasing the speed, I zoomed in on her face to catch her building arousal. I tried to keep the camera on her as she thrashed around, twisting her head from side to side.

"Oh God!" she screamed. "Harder, fuck me harder!" I cranked up the speed and pushed the vibrator back into her pussy. I kept pushing on the vibrator, trying to keep it in her pussy while I struggled to keep the camera steady, but I couldn't see what I was doing. Before I knew it, the entire vibrator was up inside her pussy and my hand was resting against her wet pussy lips.

"Oh fuck! Ronnie! That feels so good!" I should've corrected her, but I was too engrossed with the feeling of her pussy juice running down my fingers. I figured I would just edit it later, at least for Mark's copy.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Maryanne was bucking her hips off the bed while I held the vibrator in place. Pressing my hand against her slick pussy, I smeared her juices all around.

"I'm cumming! Ohhhhhhhhhhhh! God! I'm cuuuuummmmmminnnng!" she screamed, shaking and shivering, as I attempted to turn off the vibrator with one hand. Once it was off, she continued to tremble, and I slowly extracted it from her soggy hole, panning the camera down to show her freshly-fucked pussy. Zooming in on her swollen lips and her dripping juices, I slowly panned up to her face and told her to thank Mark for a wonderful fuck.

"Thank... you... Mark," she panted, smiling at the camera. "That was wonderful!" Her eyes drifted to my hard cock, as the camera faded to black.

"And... cut!" I exclaimed, leaning back and smiling at my sister. I nonchalantly brought my fingers to my lips and licked off my sister's juices. Goddamn! My first taste of pussy juice! My sister's pussy juice! Scrumptious! If Maryanne noticed what I was doing, she didn't let on.

"Your turn," she immediately pointed out, looking at my hard cock. Watching my sister get off with the vibrator and tasting her pussy juice had made my cock as hard as nails.

"Give me the camera," she demanded, and I handed it to her. "Jack off right where you are," she instructed, seductively, pointing the camera at me, "using the vibrator."

"What?" I ask. "What do you mean?" I didn't want that vibrator anywhere inside me, despite where it had just been. Maryanne just laughed.

"Hold the vibrator against the underside of your cock, Geek!" she laughed. "You'll see." She spread her legs and pulled her knees up so I got an amazing view of her dripping pussy while I jacked off. Kneeling between her legs, I turned on the vibrator and pushed it against my hard cock. Holding it just under my cockhead, it vibrated my whole cock, sending pleasure signals like I'd never felt before.

"Oh fuck, Sis!" I exclaimed. "That's incredible!" With my cock in one hand and pressing the vibrator against it with my other hand, I was soon humping against it, as the tension in my balls increased. In record time, I was ready to cum. Fuck! I pulled the vibrator from my cock and looked around for some tissues.

"Don't stop!" Maryanne demanded, still filming.

"But... I'm ready..." I panted, vigorously jacking my cock.

"Just cum!" she encouraged. "Cum on my stomach!" she yelled. And I did. My cock just exploded, shooting an arc of cum just under my sister's tits. Another spurt hit her pubic mound and the rest dribbled down over my hand. Releasing my cock, I moved from between my sister's legs and collapsed on the bed beside her.

"Jesus, Maryanne!" I sighed, "that was intense!" I didn't say anything about the small pools of cum lying on her bare skin.

"Yeah!" she said excitedly, smiling at me, as she dipped her finger into the cum, resting just beneath her tits. I watched her bring her finger to her lips and suck my cum off of it. Damn!

"We're even now," she explained. "You tasted me, and now I've tasted you." Apparently my prior activity did not go unnoticed. I just shook my head and watched as she scooped up more of my cum and tantalizingly put it into her mouth. I'd have given anything for her to taste it directly from the source.

"Do you want to rest a minute before you start editing?" she asked. I just nodded and she put her arm around my shoulder and pulled me against her. I lay cuddled up to my sister's side, savoring the bare skin contact, as my cock quickly recovered and pushed against her thigh. Fuck! I just came all over my sister!

The next day, I checked Maryanne's e-mail before she got home. Mark was ecstatic about the virtual fuck video. He just went on and on about how hard he came while he was watching it.

"You and your geeky brother are doing amazing things with video. I loved the virtual fuck - why not a virtual blowjob? You guys need to take this to the next level! If you don't know what that is, ask the geek, I'm sure he'll know.

Love you,


"What do you think he means?" Maryanne asked, showing me the e-mail when she got home. Of course I read it earlier and already reacted to the way he kept referring to me as the geek. Why is it so endearing when my sister calls me that, and so condescending when Mark does?

"I don't know, Sis," I answered hesitantly, "what do you think?" I'm pretty sure I knew what Mark meant and it re-surfaced all the misgivings that I'd been too selfish to admit to myself. Caught up in the excitement of making erotic movies with my sister, I'd never bothered to ask the fundamental question of why her husband would sanction this. He was basically turning her into a porn star for his own pleasure... and I was helping him!

"How would we even do a virtual blowjob?" Maryanne asked, puzzling over the e-mail. "And what is 'the next level'?" She was looking at me expectantly.

"Well..." I started, choosing my words carefully. "I'm not sure about the 'virtual blowjob', but if you've seen full length porn videos, they usually progress from voyeurism, like we've been doing, to actual sex acts with another person; a blowjob, pussy eating, fucking... that kind of thing."

I stopped, wondering if my brother-in-law actually wanted Maryanne and me to film ourselves having sex. Not that I hadn't thought about sex with my sister... obviously, I had thought about quite it a lot! Hell, we'd been masturbating for each other with every video. Of course, I'm pretty sure Mark didn't know all of that.

"Do you think that's what he means?" my sister asked me. We were in the office and I was standing next to her chair, reading the e-mail over her shoulder. We were both fully dressed for once. As soon as she got home, Maryanne let me know that we would have to suspend shooting for a few days because she had her period. I was already thinking about how I could use some of the outtakes to make a couple of additional videos.

"Ask him," I suggested, my cock stiffening at the idea of my sister giving me a blowjob. The growth in the front of my jeans was right next to Maryanne's elbow and she wasn't shy about mentioning it.

"Mmmm," she murmured, looking at my hard bulge, as she typed the e-mail. "You like the idea, huh?" she asked with a smile.

"Did you think I wouldn't?" I asked blatantly. "You watch me get hard every day just from looking at you. How do you feel about it, Sis?" I inquired, wondering if she had felt any of the same misgivings that I had.

"I don't know," she replied, clicking send and turning her eyes back to my cock, which was seriously straining against the denim material. "I haven't touched a cock in over a year." She got quiet. "I really miss it." She tentatively rested her fingers on my cock, like she was taking its pulse, through my jeans. It twitched slightly from her touch and she put her thumb on the other side to hold it still.

"You have a beautiful cock, Bro," she said softly, moving her thumb and fingers back and forth, almost imperceptibly. "I love watching you masturbate." She took her hand away from my throbbing cock and looked up at my face. "How do you feel about us making a video together?"

Good question! How did I feel? Thrilled, of course, for the opportunity to fuck my sister, but a little unnerved at the idea of capturing it on video too.

"I don't know, Sis," I told her honestly. "Sending your husband videos of you masturbating is one thing. If somehow it got compromised, everyone would understand that you only intended it for him. But do you really want to send out a video of you having sex with your brother? That could really come back and haunt you one day." In the midst of my jabbering, the computer had sounded to indicate a new e-mail had popped up.

"We've got a response," she informed me, turning back to the computer.

"What does it say?" I asked, not even certain of what I wanted it to say. Of course I wanted to fuck my sister, I just wasn't sure I wanted it to be because her husband wanted to see a video of it. Then again, I guess I should never look a gift horse in the mouth.

"He says he knew you'd get it. He's so horny and he figures I must be, too. He'd rather be here himself, but since that's impossible, he wants you to be his surrogate. He says he can't think of anyone he'd rather have keep me warm for him than you," she sighed, not looking at me. Neither of us talked for a few minutes and then my sister broke the silence.

"I think this war has changed so many things that we used to believe were wrong," she sobbed, tears streaming down her cheeks. "He's only doing this for me. He can see how horny I am in the videos." She smiled as she wiped her cheeks.

"Anyway," I interrupted, clearing my throat, "we don't have to decide tonight." I tried lightening the mood. "It's Friday night, let's do something fun," I added, trying to conjure up some enthusiasm. "We can't make any more videos while you're... you know... so let's forget about it for a while and give this thing some space. What would you like to do?"

"No movies!" she laughed. "How about we call for a pizza and play video games? I bet I can still kick your ass!"

"You are so going to regret that comment!" I informed her, as she grabbed her phone and called the pizza place.

Maryanne and I used to play video games all the time when she lived at home. Being four years older was a distinct advantage and she usually beat me. Of course, I play a lot more than she does now, so I didn't think that was going to happen tonight.

As we set up the game and waited for the pizza delivery, I found myself reflecting on our last few days together. Maryanne kept surprising me by how excited she got watching me masturbate. I know I'm living out a fantasy and the bubble could pop at any minute, but I couldn't help imagining what it would be like to actually fuck her.

We had a great evening, eating pizza and playing video games. Maryanne even let me have a couple of beers after she called mom and told her I was spending the night. We were pretty evenly matched, and at midnight we decided to call it a night with four wins each.

"Thanks, Ronnie," Maryanne said, hugging me tightly against her. "That's the best evening I've had in a long time." She didn't seem to want to let me go and I certainly wasn't complaining.

"Better than masturbating for the camera?" I joked, smiling to let her know I was kidding.

"You're the best brother in the world," she said, "but I'm exhausted." We walked down the hallway, arm-in-arm towards the bedrooms. At the door to the guest room, I kissed her on the forehead and told her I loved her.

"I love you, too," she replied. "What do you want to do tomorrow?"

"I've been meaning to mow your lawn and wash your car," I told her casually, "but I can be talked out of it if you have something else in mind."

"No!" she exclaimed. "That would be wonderful. Maybe in the afternoon we could take a picnic to the lake. It'll be like old times." My sister and I had spent a lot of time feeding the ducks and riding the paddleboats on the lake.

"It's a date!" I told her, kissing her cheek. "Goodnight, Sis."

"Goodnight, Geek," she said, pulling her top over her head as she walked into her bedroom. We'd been naked together so much lately that you'd think my cock wouldn't react to that. You'd be wrong!

It took me forever for to get to sleep. I couldn't seem to get my mind around my brother-in-law's request. He wanted a video of me and Maryanne fucking! My cock got hard as I envisioned myself lying on their bed, holding the camera, while Maryanne gave me a blowjob.

I don't know how long I'd been asleep when I felt the covers being lifted off of me. I was lying on my side and the movement was coming from behind me.

"Move over, Ronnie," I heard my sister's voice say. I slid over to give her room in the double bed and she crawled in behind me. I was naked under the covers.

"I couldn't sleep," she told me while snuggling up to me. I could feel her bare tits against my back, but for obvious reasons I assumed she was wearing panties. Sliding her arm over my side and resting her hand on my stomach, she kissed the back of my head and wished me goodnight.

"Goodnight, Sis," I replied, my cock reaching up towards her hand. I lay awake, wondering what to make of my sister's behavior. On the one hand, she picked a time when she knew we couldn't do anything, but on the other hand, we'd never slept in the same bed together before. I pondered that, as I hear her rhythmic breathing, indicating she'd already fallen asleep.

When I woke up, Maryanne was gone and I almost wondered if it had been a dream. Getting out of bed, I reached for my clothes, but they were gone too! My jeans, shirt, underwear and even my socks were missing. All I had left were my shoes.

"Good morning, sleepyhead, how did you sleep?" Maryanne inquired, coming right up to me and giving me a kiss on the cheek. My morning hard-on standing at attention caught a glance from her, but she didn't mention it. She was dressed in shorts and a spaghetti strap camisole top and I was standing there naked, while she smiled from ear to ear.

"I slept fine. Where are my clothes?" I asked, as Maryanne turned towards the door.

"In the washer. I thought you might want clean clothes for after you mow the lawn. You can borrow some of Mark's clothes to work outside. Hungry? I made some bacon and I can scramble up some eggs."

"Sounds great!" I told her, wondering if I dreamt her coming into my bed last night. We ate breakfast and Maryanne cleaned the house while I mowed her lawn and washed her car. It took most of the morning, and when I was done, I was sweating like a pig. I headed into the house to take a shower.

"Can I watch you shower?" Maryanne asked, as I walked into the house with my shirt off.

"Sure," I answered, wondering if she was ready to talk about Mark's e-mail yet.

Leaving the shower curtain open, I self-consciously lathered soap all over my body while Maryanne sat on the toilet seat watching me. My cock was rock hard and pointing right at her, as I washed my arms.

"I wouldn't mind watching you take care of that." She nodded towards my hard cock as I rinsed off.

"What's in it for me?" I smiled, as I turned towards her and started stroking my hard cock. "We won't be even," I pointed out, as I worked my hand up and down the length of my shaft.

"No, we won't." She smiled, raising her eyebrows. I couldn't tell what she was thinking as she sat there intently watching me jack off in the shower. When I felt myself getting close, I turned and shot my load against the tile wall. Maryanne watched me rinse off and then handed me a towel before silently leaving the bathroom. I wondered what that was all about.

As promised, Maryanne had a picnic packed and we drove to the park, spreading a blanket on a grassy hill overlooking the lake. It was a warm day, with enough breeze to make it comfortable. We sat next to each other on the blanket and dug into the sandwiches.

"So..." Maryanne started, finishing her lunch and stretching out on the blanket. "What do you think about Mark's idea?" She looked at me, as I tried to decide what to say. "Just be honest, Ron. Whatever you're thinking, please just be totally honest."

"Okay," I told her, moving the picnic basket and stretching out next to her. "I have mixed feelings, Sis. There are a lot of conflicting thoughts going through my head." She nodded knowingly, like I was describing her feelings too. "First, the possibility of sex with you, in any form, is so exciting that I just keep trying to ignore all of the other things." I watched a smile spread across her face.

"That's nice, Ronnie," she said, taking my hand. "I feel like that, too, but it might just be that after a year, I'm incredibly horny." She laughed nervously. "What are the conflicting things?" she inquired, continuing to hold my hand.

"Well..." I leaned up, so I could more easily look into her eyes. Doing so also gave me a great view of her tits, but I tried to keep my eyes on her face, not the front of her camisole top. "It bothered me that your husband wants you to have sex with your brother so he can watch it on video. I guess it's always bothered me that your videos could be compromised over there. How do you know that other soldiers aren't seeing your videos?" I asked.

"Mark assured me that he has password-protected every file and that he's the only one who watches them," she said, squeezing my hand. "I'm glad you're concerned for me, though."

I tried to think of what else to say, without giving away that I had read all of her e-mails.

"Okay, assume they are protected. Isn't it kind of sick for him to want to watch a video of you giving me a blowjob, or of us having sex? Isn't it kind of demeaning... to you, I mean?" Maryanne looked at me, but didn't answer right away.

"Not sick," she finally replied, "but definitely weird. Mark and I have always had an adventurous sex life. We role-play all sorts of things to increase the eroticism when we have sex. To me, this is just a long distance extension of our role playing." She looked at me questioningly. "Does that make sense?" (next part 5)
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