"Stories 18+" Sister's Home Movies P5

Stories 18+ Sister's Home Movies P5
"Yeah, I guess," I told her. "Look, Sis, I'll do whatever you want. In fact, very willingly, but let me say one more thing." Maryanne nodded. "If someday this video were to surface somewhere, beyond yours or Mark's control, how would you explain it to your kids?" My sister just looked at me and didn't say anything for a few minutes. I wondered why the fuck I was even trying to talk her out of this.

"I wish I could get my students to think as maturely as you do," she finally supplied, nicely avoiding my question.

"Maybe you should try offering them what you're offering me." I smiled, trying to lighten things up. "Hey, have you tried masturbating for them?" I laughed as I leaned over and started tickling her ribs.

"Stop! Stop!" She was laughing and squirming all over the blanket, as I continued my assault on her ribs. I swung my leg over and straddled her, as I grabbed her wrists and held them with one hand.

"Maybe, you should have a 'bring your camcorder to school' day!" I joked, as I pulled her arms over her head and started tickling her armpits. I was practically lying on her tits and they were jiggling against my chest.

"You're going to make me pee!" she cried, laughing so hard that tears were running down her cheeks.

"Okay," I relented, taking my hand from her armpit and moving it up to help keep her arms over her head. Our faces were inches from each other and her tits were swelling against my chest, as she caught her breath. There's no doubt that she could feel my hard-on pressing into her stomach.

"I love you, Sis," I whisper, lowering my mouth to hers. When our lips met, her body relaxed and I let go of her arms, stretching my body over hers. The kiss only lasted a fraction of a second before Maryanne started tickling my sides and flipped me onto my back. Rolling with me, she maneuvered her leg over me and sat astride my body, while she continued to tickle me.

"Hey," I yelled, "that's not fair, I was distracted!" I laughed as Maryanne grabbed my wrists and held them over my head, just like I did hers. I could've easily have gotten loose, but my sister's tits were pressed against my chest again and her face was inches from mine. She smiled as she wiggled her butt around on my hard cock. Ohmygod! I really did want to fuck her!

"I love you too!" she said, planting a quick kiss on my lips. "Let's go home, Geek." She let go of my hands and stood up. Reaching down, she helped me up and we walked hand in hand back to my car. My cock was bulging profanely.

I spent the early part of the following week editing existing footage into new videos for Mark. I had a new one ready each day when Maryanne got home and I showed it to her before she made dinner. I'd gotten obviously turned on while editing the videos, but Maryanne didn't ask me to masturbate for her and neither of us brought up Mark's e-mail. I did masturbate at home though, watching the videos that I had copied to my flash drive.

By Friday, I'd used up most of the extra footage and I was reading Mark's latest e-mails. He liked what I'd done with the outtakes, especially the pussy close-up collage. That was actually a favorite of mine, too. I took every close-up of Maryanne fingering her pussy and edited them together in a three-minute video. It was awesome! I had gotten off twice while watching it the previous night.

Mark's e-mails had also become more explicit in what he wanted to see Maryanne and I do together. The latest one ended with an absurd, patriotic plea.

"I guess you're still thinking about the videos with the geek. Well think about this, hon, we're risking our lives over here for these damn people, while you and the geek play video games. I'll spare you the details of what I see every day, but if you knew what a hellhole this is, you'd know that what I'm asking you to do is nothing compared to what I'm going through.

Please, stop thinking about it and just do it!

Love you, Mark"

I shut down the computer and flipped on the TV in the living room. I was fuming that Mark would make Maryanne think it's her patriotic duty to fuck her brother and make a video of it! Fortunately, I'd calmed down by the time my sister got home.

"Hey, Geek," she greeted me, giving me a kiss on the cheek. "How you doing?"

"Pretty good, Sis," I told her, getting up and following her into the bedroom. I'd figured it had been a week and her period had to have already ended. I plopped down on her bed and watched as she changed her clothes.

"Ready to make another video?" she asked, shedding her clothes and turning towards me with a smile.

"Sure," I responded, immediately sitting up on the edge of the bed. "What did you have in mind?" I asked, unbuttoning my shirt, as I watched my sister pull down her thong. God! I never got tired of seeing her gorgeous body! My cock was already hard by the time I pulled my jeans and underwear off.

"Get the camera," she told me. "I think we should make the virtual blowjob." She smiled, staring at my erect cock. Fuck yes! I grabbed the camera and crawled up on the bed.

"I've thought about this..." I started, but she interrupted me.

"Of course you have." She smiled as I lay on my back and positioned the camera on my chest, turning the viewscreen so I could see my cock. I watched as my sister positioned herself between my legs. God! I'd dreamt about this, but seeing her kneeling there with her tits almost touching my thighs was more erotic than anything I'd ever imagined.

"I think if I shoot it like this, you can talk to Mark, like it's his cock in your mouth," I told her, unable to hide my excitement about my first blowjob. And by my sister, no less!

"Okay," she said, smiling as she looked at my cock and then the camera.

"And... action!" I directed, pushing record on the camcorder and watching my sister wrap her hand around the base of my cock.

"I wish this was you, Mark," she exclaimed, looking right at the camera, as she stuck her tongue out and flicked it against the head of my cock. Oh fuck! Running her tongue up and down the length of it, she coated my entire cock with a thin layer of saliva. Oh God! This was driving me crazy! My sister was actually licking my cock! And I was filming it!

"It's been so long since I've sucked your cock, honey," she said, swirling her tongue around my cockhead between words. I hope you enjoy this." She was smiling as she slowly fed my cock into her mouth. Wrapping her lips around my cockhead, she expertly worked her tongue on the underside of it while her hand slid up and down the length of my shaft. Fuck! I'd died and gone to heaven!

"Mmmmmm," Maryanne moaned right into the camera. "So good... so hard... " She purred as her fingers teased my balls and her tongue was all over my cock. I'd never felt anything like this. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine it would feel this good! Maryanne winked at me, or maybe at Mark, before resting her palms on my thighs and slowly gliding her lips all the way down to the base of my cock.

"Oh fuck!" I couldn't keep quiet. She's got my cock in her throat! My sister is deepthroating me! Her tongue was swirling around the base of my cock and I felt like I was going to cum any second! She held my cockhead in her throat and then slowly pulled her lips back along my shaft. Her tongue was all over the head of my cock, as she bobbed her head up and down and pumped me into her mouth. Corkscrewing her hand up and down my cock, she took a breath every so often and licked all around my cockhead.

"Fuck, Maryanne!" I moaned, closing my eyes and throwing my head back. I felt her tits hitting my thighs, as her head bounced up and down and she kept pumping my cock with her hand. I glanced down, and her eyes sparkled, as she again slid her lips all the way to the base of my cock.

"I'm cumming!" I yelled, thrusting my hips up and driving my hard cock into my sister's mouth. She pulled back, holding my cockhead in her mouth and working her tongue all around it, as she vigorously jacked her hand up and down my shaft. I didn't even try to hold back, as my balls tensed and I exploded into her warm mouth. She sucked and swallowed, as I jerkily deposited load after load of cum into her mouth. When I was completely spent, she let my cock plop from her mouth and looked toward the camera. Opening her mouth, she showed her husband her mouthful of cum and then smiled as she swallowed it.

"Hurry home!" she said, when she was done swallowing. I glanced at the viewfinder and saw it was pointing at a spot just above Maryanne's left shoulder. Fuck! I was so engrossed in the blowjob that I forgot to keep an eye on the camera.

"Uh oh! I messed up, Sis," I informed her, sheepishly. "I wasn't watching the camera."

"What do you mean?" she asked, still licking cum from her lips.

"We might have to do it over," I told her, trying my best to sound disappointed.

"How many takes do you think we might need?" she teased, lifting my spent cock and sucking it back into her mouth. Swirling her tongue around, she sucked and licked off the cum residue. Ohmygod! Her tongue was like magic! Within minutes I was hard again. My sister kissed the tip of my fully recovered cock, before sitting back on her ankles and smiling at me.

"There's no telling, Sis." I smiled. "We might need several takes before we get it right," I laughed.

"If I do this again we'll be uneven." She smiled mischievously. It took me a minute to realize what she might mean and then a big smile spread across my face.

"We don't want to be uneven!" I exclaimed, sitting up and motioning for her to take my place.

"No camera," she whispered, as she lay on her back and spread her shapely thighs. Fuck! My sister wanted me to eat her pussy! Not for the camera, not for Mark, just for her pleasure! I excitedly crawled up between her legs and positioned my face inches from her wet pussy lips. Unencumbered by a viewfinder, the sight of my sister's pussy was almost overwhelming and I couldn't wait to taste her sweet nectar again.

I'd never actually eaten pussy before and I was a little nervous. I'd watched so many porn videos and read enough "how to satisfy a woman" books that I knew what to do, but as I watched the rise and fall of her tits, I was still afraid I'll come off as an inexperienced geek.

"Come on, Geek." Maryanne urged, the nickname making me more self-conscious. "Make us even. Make us VERY even," she sighed, pulling her knees back and spreading her thighs wider. Her puffy lips were glistening with pussy juice, almost begging me to take a taste.

"No problem, Sis," I told her with more confidence than I felt. Determined to give my sister a mind-blowing orgasm, I lowered my mouth to her succulent pussy. With one long lick I ran my tongue from the bottom of her slit up along the inside of her lips and over her hooded clit. Fuck! That tasted good! Extending my tongue, I pushed it into her hot pussy.

"Ohhhh! God!" Maryanne moaned, as I lapped her tasty nectar from inside her burning snatch. I gently sucked one and then the other of her pussy lips into my mouth, as I breathed in her erotic scent. The taste, mixed with her aroma, was intoxicating and I felt like I was getting high on my sister's pussy. I ran my tongue all around the folds of her pussy lips before plunging it back into her pussy.

"Oh my god, Ronnie! It's been so long!" she moaned, pushing her ass off the bed and driving my tongue deeper into her wanton pussy. Slipping my arms behind her knees, I lifted her legs to give me better access and started pistoning my tongue in and out.

"Ohhh! Yeah!" my sister moaned as I licked all around, pushing my tongue against her inner walls. I must've been doing something right, because she was creaming like crazy. I had pussy juice all over my mouth and my cheeks as I gently rocked my head from side to side, trying to give her different sensations with my tongue.

So far, I'd just been going on instinct and responding to my sister's signals, but I remembered one of the books about cunnilingus emphasizing using your fingers and your mouth together.

"Ahhhh!" my sister sighed, as I continued to assault her pussy with my tongue. Pushing my tongue up so I was licking just inside the top of her slit, I slid two fingers inside her steamy pussy, as I lightly licked her clit.

"Ohhhhhhhh God!" Maryanne was moaning and moving her body around, humping my fingers and pushing her clit against my tongue.

"Don't stop Ronnie! Just keep doing that! Exactly that! Oh! God! Its building! Don't Stop!" As if I had any intention of stopping. I started sucking on her clit and flicking my tongue across the tip of it.

"Ohhh YES! So good! So good!" She was bucking her ass wildly in the air, as my tongue kept flicking her clit. I was pumping my fingers in and out and twisting back and forth, sloshing her hot juices all around inside her fiery pussy.

"I'm cumming!" she announced, grasping the sheet with her hands and raising her head and shoulders off the bed. Her eyes were closed, her mouth was open and she was moaning loudly, as she pushed harder against my mouth and my fingers. My face and hand were soaked with her juices, as she frantically grinded against my mouth. Abruptly, she pushed my forehead back and clamped her pussy around my fingers, her body jerking wildly. Her juices ran down my hand and soaked the sheet beneath her ass. Collapsing back on the bed, her pussy pulsated around my fingers, as I licked my lips and stared at her spasming body.

I did it! I got my sister off! My cock was rock hard as I sat back, entranced by her body shaking with post-orgasmic shivers. Leaving my fingers inside her steamy pussy, I traced kisses up her smooth torso. She was still catching her breath from her orgasm as I gently kissed her rising and falling nipples, which were sticking straight up from the center of her areolas. She didn't push me away, so I suckled at her breast, teasing her nipple with my tongue.

This was fucking unreal! My sister actually sucked my cock, I ate her pussy and now I was sucking her tits! I spotted the camera, lying on the bed next to her, and realized how much the game had changed, transitioning from videos for Mark to... what, exactly?

"Mmmmm." She sighed, cradling my head in her arm and holding me against her tits. After sucking on each of her nipples for a few minutes, I continued planting kisses up her neck and onto her face. My fingers were still trapped between her tightly closed thighs and I made no effort to remove them from her hot, quivering pussy. I loved the feeling of her pussy walls pulsating around my fingers and tried to imagine my cock in their place.

"That was very nice, Geek," Maryanne said, dreamily, as I kissed her chin and moved my mouth over hers. I'd never kissed my sister on her lips, at least not like this. I hesitated, lightly pressing my lips against hers, and then licking my tongue across her lips, to see how she would react. Opening her eyes, she stared at me for a second, and then opened her mouth and sucked my pussy-soaked tongue inside. The kiss built slowly as we alternated pushing our tongues into each other's mouths.

We were still kissing feverishly when I felt her thighs relax from around my fingers. Without breaking the kiss, I gently rocked them in and out between her slippery lips. Our tongues were still entwined inside her mouth, as she responded to the stimulation. Reaching her hand between us, she found my rock-hard cock and encircled it with her fingers, lightly massaging the entire length.

"Mmmmpph," I moaned into her mouth, as I pumped my fingers more rapidly into her pussy. Fuck! Oral sex and now we were masturbating each other! I pumped my cock between her fingers.

"We won't be even, if you keep doing that." She smiled, pushing me onto my back and disengaging my fingers from her soggy pussy.

"Are we even?" I asked, as I watched my sister massage my throbbing cock.

"Very even, Ronnie." She smiled, lowering her mouth to my cockhead and swirling her tongue around it. Fuck! My cock twitched as she sucked the head into her mouth and quickly ran her tongue along the underside of it. Letting it plop from her mouth, she kissed the tip before swinging her leg over my thigh and straddling me. Oh fuck! She was going to fuck me!

"Oh yeah!" I cried, as my sister positioned her dripping pussy over my cock head. Smiling broadly, she locked her eyes on mine and slowly lowered herself down. Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! I couldn't believe how good it felt when her steamy pussy lips enveloped the mushroomed head of my cock.

"Oh fuck!" I moaned, as she slid down, cocooning my hard cock in her hot, velvety pussy. There was no way to describe it! Nothing had ever felt like this! As good as her mouth had been, it couldn't hold a candle to her hot pussy! I tried to push my cock further up into her, but her weight kept me from moving.

"This will make us more even," Maryanne sighed, as she sat astride me with her eyes closed, not moving. Damn! My gorgeous, sexy sister was sitting on my hard cock! I had to keep telling myself that it was actually happening! Her hot, wet pussy was wrapped around my cock and her bare ass cheeks were resting against my thighs!

"Ohmygod, Sis!" I moaned, my hard cock throbbing inside of her fiery pussy.

"Are you okay with this?" she asked belatedly, obviously referring to the incestuous aspect of our actions. "Because I really need it." She sighed again.

"Okay? I keep thinking I should pinch myself to see if I'm dreaming!" I breathed, as she started slowly rocking back and forth. I watched her tits swing towards me, as she picked up her rhythm, but I didn't reach for them, afraid I would break whatever spell was causing her to fuck me. My sister reached down and severely pinched my nipples, sending a jolt of pain into my chest, along with an erotic pulse through my loins.

"Oww!" I cried, as she smiled at me.

"Are you dreaming?" she laughed, as she reached for my hands, pulling them up against her tits and pressing my palms against her hard nipples. I squeezed her flesh and teased her nipples, as she rocked faster.

"No," I answered in a throaty whisper, barely able to talk. Fuck! I'm no longer a geeky virgin! My wonderful sister is taking my fucking virginity! Taking it so damn good!

"Ohhh! Yeah! It's been so long!" she moaned, as she rode my cock. I was glad I had already come once, as I thrust up into my sister and mauled her tits with my hands. Leaning her hands on my chest, she was bouncing so high on my cock that she was almost bouncing off.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhh!" Maryanne moaned, increasing the intensity of her rhythm. Her eyes were closed and she was moving faster and faster, until I lost my grip on her tits.

Dropping my hands to her hips, I thrust my cock up to match her rhythm. Her tits developed a motion of their own, bouncing freely on her chest. Bucking my ass off the bed, I watched them dance in circles, as I felt the tension building in my cock. I was about to tell her I was going to cum, when she slammed down hard on my cock and gripped her pussy muscles around it.

"Ohhhhhhhhh! Fuuuuuuucccccck!" my sister screamed, as her orgasm ripped through her body and her pussy quivered around my cock, detonating my release. I tensed my legs and squeezed my fingers into her thighs, as my cock erupted deep inside of her. She collapsed on my chest and I wrapped my arms around her, both of us panting for breath. Her pussy was spasming around my cock, as I jerked out the last few spurts and we lay trembling in the afterquakes of our orgasms.

"Thank you, I needed that," Maryanne said once she'd caught her breath, nuzzling her cheek against my chest. She was thanking me? What a wonderful fucking world!

"No, thank you, Sis," I told her, kissing the top of her head. "That was incredible."

"My husband knows what I need," she said quietly and we both fell silent for a while. (next part 6)
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