"Stories 18+" Sister's Home Movies P6

Stories 18+ Sister's Home Movies P6
"Do you really think the videos could get compromised?" she asked, apparently rethinking her husband's requests.

"Everything can be compromised," I answered truthfully, wondering where she was going with this. "War makes for intense friendships; he could be tempted to share with his buddies," I informed her, wondering if he already had. Silence again ensued, until my sister extricated herself from my spent cock and kissed my cheek before getting off the bed.

"Erase the video," she said firmly, as she left the bedroom, apparently heading for her office.

"What are you doing?" I asked, as I grabbed the camera and followed her. She was sitting naked in front of the computer.

"Sending Mark an e-mail, telling him that you were uncomfortable having sex with your sister," she answered, smiling at me. "You did seem a little uncomfortable there for a while," she added with a wink.

"You're right, I was," I told her, as I worked the buttons on the camcorder, deleting our blowjob video and wondering what my sister was thinking. I couldn't get the image of her riding my cock out of my brain and I was starting to recover again. My sister noticed my cock stirring and shook her head.

"Good thing you recover fast," she smiled, as she started typing another e-mail. "I've got a year of pent up frustration to work through," she laughed.

"What are you doing now?" I asked.

"Sending Mom and Dad an e-mail, telling them how nice it's been having you visit me regularly and asking them to try to convince you to move in with me until Mark gets home." She smiled as she hit send. "Don't appear overanxious when you talk to them," she instructed, staring at my fully recovered cock as she stood up.

"I'll try not to, Sis," I replied, taking her into my arms. "The video is gone," I told her, while I brushed several strands of hair from her face so I could lower my mouth to hers.

"Good," she replied, turning her face to mine. "No evidence." I pulled her body tightly against mine, mashing my hard cock against her flat stomach, as I plunged my tongue into her mouth. She responded, wrapping her arms around my neck and sucking my tongue in deeper. Our tongues explored each other's mouths, as we ground our naked bodies together.

"We'll still make our daily videos for Mark," she said, breaking the kiss.

"Of course," I agreed, squeezing her ass cheeks.

"Ron," my sister said quietly. "You realize this is just until Mark gets home, right?" She had tilted her head back so she was looking me in the eyes. "I'm just using you." She smiled.

"What's in it for me?" I asked facetiously, a broad grin on my face.

"Well..." she said, over-dramatically placing a finger on her chin. "This morning you were a virgin." Apparently, it was more obvious than I thought. "There is a lot more to sex than what we've done today, so you're still a virgin in a variety of ways," she intoned, matter-of-factly. "But I'm going to pop your cherry in every one of them," she informed enthusiastically, taking my hand and leading me out of her office.

My sister had just described the basis of my most erotic fantasies: sex school with her as the teacher and me as the pupil. My cock was aching for more instruction already. She stopped and turned towards me, taking my hard cock in her hand.

"Ronnie," she said, lightly running her fingers up the length of my cock, causing it to twitch in her hand. "I will unravel the mysteries and the mystique of the fairer sex for you." Her eyes were locked on mine as she swirled her thumb over my cockhead. "Under my tutelage, you will become an extraordinarily talented lover, able to satisfy a woman in a wide variety of ways." She smiled, giving my cock a quick squeeze before continuing down the hall towards her bedroom. "And that's what's in it for me... I don't know about you," she kidded, almost doubling over from laughter.

"That's not funny," I told her, but it really was and I was laughing right along with her.

"Seriously, I will teach you a lot, Ronnie." She was leading me down the hall by my cock. "We'll set it up like you're sleeping in the guest room," she pointed to the second bedroom as we walked past, "but you'll actually sleep in my bedroom with me."

"You're going to let me sleep?" I inquired, as we entered her bedroom.

"We'll see," she smiled, crawling up on the bed and re-positioning herself on all fours with her firm, round ass cheeks pointed in my direction. "Right now, I'm ready for your hard cock again." She was looking over her shoulder and wiggling her ass invitingly. Fuck yes! Her legs were slightly apart and her splayed open pussy lips were glistening with her juices. "Are you ready for your first lesson?"

"Geeks are always ready to learn!" I supplied, as I crawled onto the bed and knelt behind her. The End
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