"Stories 18+" Taken By Two Boys P2

Stories 18+ Taken By Two Boys P2
"All right." He began. He was even more confident and in control now. "Take off that lame costume." 

Billy could not believe what was happening. She couldn't find any rope so duct tape would have to do. Tim tied Billy up in the corner of the room, in plain view of the couch as Jeff fondled his mom's tits as she undressed. She got down to her bra and panties, hoping they'd want nothing more than a quick feel, but she knew this probably wasn't true. She was too terrified of them not to comply. She would at least try not to be fully nude for the pleasure of these two boys. 

"That'll do for now." Jeff said, savouring every moment and sitting down and leaning back on the couch. "Come over here."

"Oh god." Billy thought, as he saw his mom stand there in nothing but her bra and panties. It's really happening. 

Her bra and panties were soft and silky, purple in colour and shone brightly in the room's lighting. Jeff's cocked jumped through his underwear at the sight of them. In the back of his mind, he still couldn't believe he'd gotten this far. 

"Who gets first dibs?" Tim asked. Amy was still afraid and confused at the way these boys were talking about her. The sudden change of situation and these teenage intruders in her home was still something she hadn't fully comprehended. Somewhere in the back of her mind she kept telling herself that this was for everyone's best interest, as much as she hated it.

"I do." Jeff replied. Tim, being a hormonal and horny teenage boy like Jeff, frowned at this. But then, Jeff had done most of the leg work so far, so he deserved first dibs. 

"Wait a second." Jeff said sternly, trying not to let his voice crack. 

"Where the fuck are your panties?" Her eyes widened, she was hoping they were just mocking her. "Go get them you dumb slut." 

Billy moaned in despair through the duct tape covering his mouth as they verbally and physically abused his mother. He knew what was coming and did not want to see her tied up in her own panties, especially at the hands of these two. She hurried off up the stairs to get them as Jeff and Tim watched her ass jiggle with every step. 

After a moment she returned shamefully with a handful of underwear. Still sitting back on the couch, he tied her hands up with a frilly white bra strap as he admired her body. He leaned forward over her right shoulder with a pair of her maroon panties in his right hand. He fondled her breasts with his left hand and sniffed her panties audibly in front of her. She just faced forward, doing her best to hold back tears and just wanting this whole ordeal to be over. 

Jeff's young exploring hands traced down over her stomach and to her crotch. She tried to close her legs but that just made him grab rougher. He stuffed the pair of panties in her mouth just because he liked the way it looked. Soon he traced his fingers over her pussy slit. 

"You seem quite tight." She squealed as he traced a singer over her clit. 

"Doesn't that dickweasel of a husband fuck you much? I wouldn't be surprised if all you had to show for it was that loser over there." Tim and Jeff both laughed. 

"Maybe you're so tight..." Jeff said, sticking his hand down her panties and into her cunt. "...because your husband's got such a tiny dick?" They laughed even harder. 

"Dude she is actually fucking wet..." Jeff said, rubbing up against her and taking a huge whiff of his fingers. 

Tim still had his cock out and was enjoying himself with Amy's underwear to get himself horny enough for when it was his turn. 

"All right. Fuck. I'm ready to shoot such a thick load." Jeff said, thrusting against her ass. 

"Get up, turn around, get on your knees and get my cock out." He knew exactly what he wanted. 

She slowly got on her knees in front of him. Billy watched on in horror as she lowered her head to his crotch. 

"Oh fuck." He said, unable to wait. "Get your face here. He pulled her down to the bulge erupting from his underwear. "Suck on it." 

"Oh my god..." She said as she slowly leaned down and wrapped her mouth around the bulge. She hated it. 

"That's it, breathe on it..." Jeff was loving the feel of her mouth and the warm breath over his cock. He pulled the back of her head tightly into his crotch as he experienced this wonderful sensation. Amy could feel all the little cotton fibers on her tongue as well as the smell and feel of his cock. 

"Now give me a blowjob." He said finally. "I've always wanted to fuck your pretty face. Shit. I forgot. Your hands are tied. Them them down with your teeth." He said, looking down at her and smiling devilishly. She still couldn't believe this was happening. How did this 18 year old get the better of her? She tried in vain to pull his underwear down with her teeth but couldn't quite get a hold. It was more like a sloppy kiss on the top of his crotch which just ending up turning him on even more. 

Billy could see the back of her, on her knees in nothing but her bra and panties, hands tied behind her back with her lacey underwear and her wonderfully bubbly ass jiggling as her head was rubbing around his crotch. After a while Jeff couldn't take it anymore and just pulled his underwear down. His cock sprung out finally and hit her in the face. She couldn't hide her surprise at the sheer size of it, much to Jeff's pleasure. He grabbed the back of her head and pulled her mouth onto it, gagging her. 

"That's it. Just suck on that cock." For the next few minutes, Billy sat and watched as his mother bobbed her head up and down the cock of the boy who bullied him at school. Jeff thrust his hips and cock into her face as he leaned back on the couch. The feel of her mouth slobbering up and down his cock was incredible. Even if she didn't realize it she was doing a wonderful job sucking his cock until her cheeks went and inward and massaged his shaft with her tongue. 

"Ohhhh yeahhhh..." He said, eyes closed and leaning back. He slid his fingers into her hair and grabbed her head, pushing it further down onto his cock. Soon he pulled out and smacked his dick on her lips as she looked up and scowled at him. He smiled and lifted up his cock.

"Suck on my balls."

"That's disgusting!" She said in nervous surprise.

"You want me to beat the shit out of your kid in front of you?"

He immediately pushed her face over his balls and was about ready to blow as she complied. Taking his balls into his mouth and she made smacking noises so loud even Billy could hear.

"She's doing a great job sucking my nuts, Billy!" Jeff shouted as he gave her a condescending pat on the head.

"Suck that shit!" He said as he pushed her head back down onto his cock, until she gagged. Her nose was pushed right up against his pubic hair, forcing her to take in his smells. He decided to let her do all the work as he leaned back with his arms behind his head and enjoyed the sensations of her mouth as she continually bobbed her head up and down in steady rhythm. He even took another sip of her husband's beer.

"The night's just gonna get better from here..."

She bobbed her head up and down in steady rhythm along his 7 inch shaft perfectly under his control, as he gripped the side of her head and cupped her ears, pumping into her face enthusiastically.

"Awwww, Tim. You would not believe how soft and warm this little slut's mouth is." Jeff said, now lifting his hips from the sofa to fuck her face harder.

Tim moaned under his breath as he used the dirty panties she got for him earlier to masturbate with. "Fuck dude, hurry up with the slut..." 

All the while, Billy was watching this whole ordeal as he was tied up to the corner of his room as he heard his mom slurp, gag and basically provide herself as an object against her will for the two kids who bullied him mercilessly at school.

Jeff had always been a perverted teenager and his cock at this moment had never been so hard in his entire life. Here he was, in another's man's house, fucking his wife in the face against her will as their son watched. The stupid bastard wasn't even home right now, Jeff wondered if the poor sap knew that at this moment in time his wife was gagging on the cock of some punk kid who beat his son's ass daily.

This thought got Jeff so hard his cock swelled even huger, gagging Amy's throat more and more by the second. He used this opportunity to move his left hand to her soft throat, and his right hand to the back of her head, gripping her sensual hair and securing her head even harder.

Amy felt as she was being lowered all the way to the base of his cock, her nose was being pushed right into his pubes and being forced to take in his sweaty teenage smells. He held her their for what seemed like an eternity and lifted his hips up from the couch and just rocked against her face, slowly gagging her. He held her tightly by the head and swirled his hips around.

"Ulk! Gughghulkh! Ummmmmmmgulk!!!" were all the sounds that Amy could make as Billy did his best to drown them out.

"Holy shit." Tim said, still holding a pair of her soft, sweet smelling shiny maroon panties and massaging his cock with them, masturbating enough to keep aroused but not to come too quick. He still had his turn with Billy's mom coming. 

This is so fuckin' hot, dude." he said as he sat back, reclined and continued to massage his cock. He glanced over at Billy who had tears in his eyes and this turned him on even more.

"You enjoying the show, Billy?" Tim said. "Check out the effort your mom's going through to suck Jeff's cock." Billy squealed as the truth hit him hard.

"Ughhhhk! Ugghhmmmmmmmmmmm! Ughhhlk!" Amy continued, as she kneeled there in front of the sofa and this boy, her hands tied behind her back in her own lacy bra strap, her ass jiggling along with her shiny purple laced panties that Jeff allowed her to keep on... for now.

Jeff was in pure ecstacy as his entire length was now in this woman's mouth. To think, this teenager was getting more action from an older woman than most adults would get from a strip club.

"All right, bitch." Jeff said, trying to keep his commanding tone up despite his young voice. "Stick your tongue out, I can feel it at the bottom of my dick in your mouth. Stick your tongue out and lick my balls."


As Amy stuck her tongue out with his cock still in her mouth, Jeff moaned in pleasure as she lapped over his balls. He pulled on her head and thrust his grip on her even deeper as sticking out her tongue forced his cock deeper down her throat and gagged her even more.

Jeff helped position and ordered her to tongue his balls as best she could. Jeff had no master plan on how he was going to torture or degrade her, all he knew was he liked the feeling. He was still just a horny teenager getting what he wanted, so far all he was really doing was using her face and mouth as a fuckhole and going deeper and deeper. Soon he realized that with every effort she made to tongue his balls caused her throat muscles to tighten, massaging his cock. The sensation was unbelievable.

Amy nostrils flared as her eyes widened and watered as she struggled for air. She knew Jeff was almost done though as his balls tightened and his cock grew stiffer, before she knew it he was shooting thick hot spurts of come all down her throat.

"Awwwwwwwwwwwww shit, dude..." was all he could say as he gripped her head and blew his loads into her. He had never come so much in his entire life.

She coughed and gagged onto his cock but he just enjoyed the sensations of warm air all over his cock and balls as he carried on shooting more loads into the mother of his bully victim, he had never cum so hard or so much in his life. Soon he pulled out and shot more loads onto her face and smacked his cock against her lips.

"Hey dude, wait a sec!" Tim said. "I still want head from her. Don't ruin her face yet."

"Oh." Jeff said. "My bad." A smile came over his face as he rubbed his cock all over her face where he came. "I know how I can get rid of this." He collected all the cum deposits off her face with the head of his cock and his shaft, then looking at her smiling, he said "Clean the cum off my cock."

With her soft, round adorable face. She complied.

"Hurry up dude." Tim said, now getting impatient. He stood up and made his way over behind her, and threw her maroon panties at her son, who was still tied up in the corner. They landed right in front of him.

"Wait your turn, Tim." Jeff said seriously as Tim made his way over, his cock fully erect and twitching. Amy felt helpess, still on her knees in nothing but her panties as Jeff molested her tits as she was cleaning his cock.

Just then, a key turned in the door, and to everyone's surprise, Amy's husband stood with a complete look of shock on his face.

"What the hell is going on in here!?" He shouted more out of surprise than anger. Truth be told, his heart sank and he was actually terrified of these two intruders in his home, molesting his wife and tying up his son. What surprised him even more was with how much gusto his wife was pleasuring the boy even though she was in such a submissive position. Everyone was shocked, and Jeff knew he had to act fast. He was glad he came, Tim was frustrated he hadn't blown his load yet.

With Jeff's clear head, Tim followed his lead toward her husband and restrained him. 

"No! Leave George alone!" Amy cried. Tim and Jeff both laughed. 

"If you guys leave... we won't call the cops! I promise!" George said, his voice breaking. It was exactly what Jeff wanted to hear. This guy was too much a pussy to do anything. Billy lost all hope there might have been for his Dad to save the day.

"Tim..." Jeff began, "I've finished with her, for now. You can get your dibs while I tie this fucker up." 

Tim devilshily smiled and as he walked over to Amy. She was still tied up in her own bra and panties, as Tim stood over her with his cock throbbing.

"You don't have to do this!" George said, as the teen forced him to his knees. Jeff began to unwrap some tape and restrained him in the same manner he did his son.

"Just look at what a huge pussy your husband is," Tim began, slowly thrusting in and out of Amy's mouth. "Just letting two kids bang his wife... what a loser." He made her look him square in the eyes as he mocked her. 

"Suck it properly, I ain't George over there." 

The boys both laughed, but to Amy's and everyone surprise, she did find her self sucking harder. Jeff was a little jealous that he had to give a face-fucking rather than get a proper blowjob, but they still had all the time in the world and what he had planned for her would more than make up for it.

"Awwwwwwwwww, man...!" Tim said as she lathered up and down his cock, bobbing in fast rhythm, hoping to get it over with. 

George could do nothing but helplessly watch as this boy face fucked his wife. Worse still, he could see she was going along with it and still sucking him, she even gagged less now. The room was filled with smacking noises. In the back of his mind, as his stomach tied in knots he realized she never put in nearly as much effort on the rare occasion she gave him head. 

Tim then slowed her rhythm to enjoy it, then stopped altogether and shoved his cock deep down into her, his hands still clutched around her head, with her nose and face pushed up against his stomach. He loved the sensation of air that he felt as she struggled to breathe through her nose.

Finally, giving a last few thrusts and grabbing her huge tits, he blew his load in her.

Breathing heavily, Tim collapsed onto the sofa, his flaccid cock still in her mouth as he held her head in place. Her huge tits squashed against his thighs which started to make him hard again. 

"Dude, we are definitely spending the night here."

Those words hit George like a hammer and he felt that same dull, aching fear in his stomach he got whenever anyone talked shit to him. He couldn't believe these two teenagers could make him feel this fear. Jeff, seeing this, decided to get more kicks. Seeing Amy slumped on the floor, naked save for her silky panties and with her arms tied behind her back, Jeff got hard again.

"Hey, Billy's mom. Get here and suck me off some more."

Jeff was standing no more than a few inches from her wimpy husband who was still securely tied up. Amy was almost mad at George for not being able to protect her or his son, and in a small way almost wanted to suck Jeff's cock to spite him. Before she knew it, there she was sucking his teenage cock right in front of George. He closed his eyes, but then Jeff ordered her to suck so hard she made slurping sounds. Degrading as it was, she had no choice but to comply.

"Fuck dude, even though this bitch has got a hot mouth and sucks a mean cock..." Jeff said, removing her bra and letting her mouth slide up and down his cock while he played with her naked tits. "I wanna fuck her now... I think I'm ready..."

Tim was sat on George's couch drinking his beer and watching his wife get molested by Jeff. He was enjoying the show with her used panties and bra in his hand, enjoying her womanly smells and feeding his panty fetish. He'd only just shot his load and he'd be held over until Jeff had his turn.

"It's not too late for you guys to stop this... Please... stop." George begged.

"Shut the fuck up, I'm gonna bang your wife so hard she screams." Jeff stood her up and played her ass and tits. "I still can't believe hot how she is..." he said, grabbing and stroking her soft, curvy body and especially her plump round ass. Through her panties it felt amazing.

"Holy shit! She's so wet!" Jeff said, putting his hand down her panties, she tried to close her legs but with both hands tied and little balance all she could do was try and bend out of the way. Jeff put his finger near George's face so he could smell for himself.

"Hehe... you don't even get to watch..." He said mockingly to George. "Go upstairs to the bedroom, bitch." George watched in silent fear as his wife walked slowly up the stairs closely followed by the bully of his son. Tim walked over and taped George's mouth shut.

"Can't have you ruining our fun with your yelling." He said, plopping back onto the couch and taking another swig of beer.

Upstairs Jeff threw her onto the bed and climbed on top of her she stared at him, eyes wide with fear. After alternating between sucking her tits and playing with her nipples, he realized how much watching all that porn paid off. He continued this as he groped her for a while and pretty much just followed what he had seen in porn, as well as with his own perverted compulsions. 

He rubbed his dick and balls all over her tits and face. He made her titfuck him and he laid back and enjoyed the view. Soon he dry humped against her ass just because he liked the sensation, and every time she resisted he would remind her that this was to end the bullying of her son. With all the molesting, she couldn't help moaning, which was audbile to everyone downstairs.

"Heh... like that pussy tied up downstairs right now even deserves you..." He said, thrusting into her. He had long since ripped off her wet panties and stuffed them into her mouth as he plunged deep into her.

His thrusts were so deep and hard that the bed hit the wall continuosly, which no doubt George could hear downstairs. The worst part was she found herself hating that she agreed with what Jeff was saying. She was getting fucked harder than she'd ever been.

"Turn around. I want to do you from behind." Amy reluctantly complied.

Finally, Jeff entered her from behind. As he slid his cock into her hot, wet pussy he was surprised.

"Holy shit you're tight... your husband really does have a pretty tiny dick, huh?"

She couldn't help but moan as he pinned her face down into the pillow. His thighs slapped against her soft, plump ass and felt amazing. He even spanked her to degrade her more and also so everyone downstairs could hear, followed by her yelps with every smack. As he thrusted in and out of her, her soft ass was cushioning his thighs and groin, fucking her was absolutely incredible.

He picked up the pace to the point they were making loud smacking noises. He roughly turned her around and threw her down onto the bed, he was fucking her deep now and started sucking her tits. He lifted her legs up and rested them on his shoulders just to plunge in as deep as he could. Her feet were almost behind her head and her vagina tightly wrapped itself around his hardening cock. She was barely even fighting it anymore, and Jeff suddenly started to roughly kiss her, frenching her deeply and making loud smacking noises as she moaned.

"Looks like they're having, fun..." Tim said mockingly. "I think I just might just go in and join in on the fun..." He said as he took out his phone and set up the recording function. End
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