"Stories 18+" Too Big To Resist C1

Stories 18+ Too Big To Resist C1
I am 39 years old and live with my son Jake, who is 18, my husband and I divorced five years ago and I now live a comfortable life with my son. 

The story I am going to relate to you has changed my life forever and made me happier and more satisfied than I have ever been before. 

I had been married for 21 years, when my husband cheated on me and left with a younger woman. He was always a good provider and had a good job but I can honestly say he never fully satisfied me sexually. You see since I first discovered sex I have had a love of men with really big cocks. The first man I had sex with had a nice, long, hard 9" dick and after him, everyone else seemed small. My husband was an average 6" and too be quite honest never did very much for me.

I never cheated on my husband during our marriage but I often wished that I could find a man just to have sex with who could satisfy my craving for a big cock. I would often lie in bed at night, while my husband snored next to me, wishing I had a man laying there with a giant cock that I could just pounce on and fuck my hungry pussy with. 

I have always had a high sex drive and could quite easily be fucked three or four times a day, but my husband could never manage that. When we first got together, we would have sex maybe once a day, but as the years went by that went down to twice a week and by the end, hardly ever. This meant that I was nearly always horny and had to frequently play with myself to get off, always thinking about some large, hard cock.

Now my son Jake is a very good looking boy. He works out and plays much sport, which has left him with a well muscled and toned body. He has a tight young ass and a rippling six pack. He always attracted the best looking girls around and I must confess that watching him grow up into this strapping 18 year old, I had sometimes looked at him and felt a tingling feeling in my pussy. I quickly suppressed this however; after all he was my son.

After my husband left, I guess I did start to notice Jake even more. He would often walk around the house in just a pair of shorts, his hard young body on view to me. Being the only man really in my life, I think that I was unnaturally drawn to my hunky son because of his boyish good looks and that amazing body, but mainly I guess at first, because I was very horny.

My name is Julia and this is my story.........


It all began early one Saturday morning in the early summer. I had just spent another lonely night sleeping by myself, feeling horny and frustrated. Since my husband left I had not had sex at all, I fingered myself almost nightly, rubbing and stroking my pussy, making myself wet and ending up even more hungry for a big hard cock. 

That morning I got up and threw on my big white towelling robe. Heading downstairs, I made breakfast and switched on the television. After a while I went back upstairs to get dressed. It was just after 9am and I knew my son Jake always liked to be up early on Saturday's so he could get to the gym early.

My son Jake, loved to work out. He spent many hours at the gym, toning and sculpting his body. He was a very fine and good looking young stud, a real favourite with the local girls. He played lots of sports and stayed in fine shape. I could not help but notice Jake had grown into a real man. 

Since my divorce, Jake had taken over as the man of the house. He did all the odd jobs around the home and took over many of the duties that my husband once did, like mowing the lawn and painting the house. It was during this that I had first felt some kind of sexual feeling towards my son. 

Some weeks ago, Jake had been outside cleaning the windows of the house. I went out and offered him something to drink. He was at the top of the ladder, cleaning the windows to my bedroom. He was wearing just a pair of shorts that clung to his tight ass. He had no top on and his muscles bulged. As I watched him stretch to reach the top of the window, I found myself admiring his chiselled frame, his hard abs and his well defined leg muscles. 

I felt a sudden sexual urge and a fluttering in my chest, was I just proud of my fine specimen son or was I getting horny for him?

Over the next few days, I found myself thinking more and more about my son. We had always been close and even more so since my husband left. Jake had always been affectionate with me, giving me hugs and kisses. Now we lived alone, he seemed to take more time over me, making sure I was ok and telling me that I deserved better than his dad anyway.

A couple of days after seeing him up the ladder, I was lying in bed late at night in my usual horny state. I had the covers kicked back and my short little nightdress hiked up over my stomach. I slid my hands between my legs and began to play with my pussy. Quite unintentionally, an image of my son entered my mind, an image of him with his shirt off and those tight, hard muscles flexing. 

I unconsciously began to rub my clit harder and my pussy grew much wetter. I knew it was wrong to think about my son in this way, but I could not help it, I could not get the sight of him out of my mind. 

I had not seen my son's cock since he was little but I suddenly imagined him with a nice large cock and that sent me over the edge. 

I began to furiously finger my now dripping wet gash. I allowed a few low deep groans to expel from my mouth. I writhed and squirmed around on the bed, gripping my legs together as I buried my fingers deep in my pussy. With my free hand I took a firm grip on my large breast and pinched hard on my nipples.

I felt my pussy convulse and tighten, a huge wave of sexual ecstasy washed over me and I flung my head back, arched my back off of the bed and rode out the biggest orgasm I had ever given to myself. 

"FUCCCKKKKKK" I moaned out as my pussy juices dripped from my hot, wet cunt. 

It took me several minutes to regain my composure as I came down from my orgasm. The thoughts of my son's body still raced through my mind as my breathing began to slow and my heart rate returned to normal. 

As I lay awake, trying to fall asleep that night, I considered what I had just done. What kind of perverted mother was I, Bringing myself to orgasm thinking about my own son? 

For the first time, I began to think of my son as a sexual being. I knew he had sex with his girlfriends but I never considered what it might be like if I was to have sex with him. Again I allowed my hands to wander over my large 36dd boobs and slowly down to my wet pussy lips. 


Ever since that night, I had been trying to put thoughts of my son out of my mind but I was finding it more and more difficult. These images just kept entering my head, thoughts of him naked, his hard young frame, lying on top of me, giving his own mother a good hard fuck!

That Saturday morning, as I walked back up the stairs, I wasn't thinking about my son in a sexual way, only that he was late getting up and would probably want me to wake him, so he could get to the gym.

I got to the top of the stairs and walked over to his door, which was shut. I gently tapped on it and said "Jake are you awake". No Reply.

Again I tapped on the door and waited for an answer, again nothing.

I pushed down the handle and slowly opened the door inwards. The sun shone brightly through the window and onto my face. I had to close my eyes half shut to shield the sunlight. I looked across the room to where my son's bed was. The sun was making it hard to see clearly. I brought my hand across my forehead to block the light from my eyes.

As my eyes focused more clearly, I could see Jake laid out on his bed. His face looked so peaceful and his eyes were shut tight. He was laid flat on his back with his arm across his chest and his other one down by his side. 

Then I saw it.

My eyes were immediately drawn down his body to his crotch. The bed covers had been completely kicked back and Jake was totally naked.

My eyes widened and my mouth dropped. I took an involuntary sharp intake of breath and my whole body jerked backwards. 

I was staring straight at the biggest, largest, hardest cock I had ever seen. I stood transfixed as my eyes glued onto my son's gigantic length. 

His cock was laying heavily on his stomach, slightly arched upwards, his large bulbous cock head pointing straight towards his face.

It was raging hard and even from the distance away that I was, about 10 feet, I could clearly see the thick veins that ran the whole length of this monster shaft. 

"Holy Fuck" I muttered as I stood completely transfixed on my son's hard cock. I had never seen a prick this big, It was easily twice the size of my ex-husbands and looked to be much, much thicker. 

I finally managed to tear my eyes away and look at my son's face. He had not stirred and still slept soundly, despite my audible gasp of shock. 

Returning my eyes to his dick, I stepped forward and further into the room, the sunlight moved from my eyes and as I got closer to his bed, the full magnificent sight of this hard, young cock was oh so clear.

I now stood just a few feet from the bed, looking down onto my son and the epic sight of his huge morning wood. His whole body looked sculptured like some ancient Greek god, a modern day Adonis. The sunlight lit his whole figure and caused a dark shadow across his stomach, caused of course by his glorious hard-on.

I fixed my gaze intently on his cock, my eyes still wide and my mouth practically drooling. Every inch of his giant pole looked shiny and perfect. Every vein looked ready to burst out from under the tight firm skin. His large fat cock-head stood proudly just a few inches from his stomach, as he breathed it raised and fell ever so slightly. It was the most amazing sight I had ever witnessed. 

I stood with my hand drawn across my mouth trying to prevent any sounds of shock or excitement from escaping. My breathing had grown heavy and my heart pounded against my chest. My boobs heaved under my robe and I felt an intense but immense feeling deep inside me. My pussy suddenly felt hot and wet, almost willing me to put my fingers down there.

I continued to move my eyes along my son's naked frame, admiring the six pack of his stomach, his hard chest muscles and his handsome young sleeping face, but all the time being drawn back to his massive hard-on. 

Images flashed across my mind, how amazing it must feel to have that huge thing going inside a pussy. I felt intense jealousy towards all the girls that knew Jake, especially the ones I knew he had sex with. My god I bet that giant thing could just rip a pussy apart.

I noticed his big balls too, hanging below his legs and resting gently on the bed. They looked like two golf balls; perfectly rounded and formed, full of potent young spunk.

I felt my pussy get wetter as his massive stick twitched, my breathing grew heavier and I had to press my hand to my mouth even tighter to try to hold it in.

No mother should look at her son the way I did that morning, but the sight of that cock protruding from my boy was too much too walk away from. No mother should stand watching her son sleep naked while the biggest, fattest cock she has ever seen rests before her eyes, but that morning I was glued to the spot. 

I must have stood looking at him for over ten minutes but it seemed longer. I just could not pull myself away from this god before me. The sun beat down on his whole body through the window, creating a perfect glean on his frame. 

My whole body shook with intense excitement and at the same time intense nervousness. What would I say if he woke up and caught me staring at his huge cock, His own mother admiring that giant love pole?

Finally I began to step back, ever so quietly towards the door. My eyes remained transfixed on his body but especially on that prick. 

I managed to get back through the door and gently pull it back shut; as I did I finally removed my hand from my mouth and leaped away from the door. 

I ran the short distance down the hall and into my own bedroom, closing the door behind me. I darted across the room and tugged at the cord around my dressing gown. I threw them open and tossed the robe over my shoulders. My huge tits leaped forwards as I threw myself down onto my bed and onto my back. 

Now naked, I spread my legs wide and slapped my hand between my legs, clawing my fingers along my pussy lips. My heavy breathing caused my tits to fall and rise across my chest and my whole body shook with excitement. I had never been this turned on in the whole of my life.

"OH FUCK!" I groaned out loud as I shoved three fingers deep into my wet cunt, grabbing my boobs with my other hand.

I pumped my hand against my wet cunt and dug my fingers in deep. I could feel my pussy muscles tighten and clench around my fingers, my whole insides felt on fire.

The sight of that huge cock just burned into my thoughts as I picked up the pace of my deep finger fucking. I could hear the wet squelching sounds get louder as I forced a fourth finger up myself. 

"Oh my god that cock is soooo fucking big," I moaned as I imaged it sliding up my wet pussy.

The thought of fucking my son now consumed my mind as I felt myself ready to explode at any moment. My heartbeat raced and my breathing grew very loud as I kept slamming my fist towards my insides, slapping my knuckles against my clit each time I drove my fingers in. 

Bringing my other hand down I threw my legs high and wide and gave my clit button a hard slap with the tips of my fingers, then began to furiously strum my clit with all my strength.

"OH FUCK YESSSSSSS," I now screamed.

My moans of intense pleasure grew louder and I didn't care who heard me. I could feel my pussy oozing all over my invading fingers and coating them in my thick hot juices. 

I arched my back and lifted my ample ass from the bed as my pussy clenched and fluxed, then erupted in a huge messy orgasm. My whole body shook violently from head to toe. I clenched my teeth tightly, held my eyes closed as my legs involuntarily slapped together and I gripped my thighs around my fist and forearm. 

I rode the orgasmic wave of intense lust that overtook my whole body and soul. I was in sexual heaven.


When I had finally composed myself, I just lay still on my bed, my eyes still rolling in my head. All I could think about was my son, that hard young body laying there, so vulnerable and taboo, but yet so free and tempting. The images of that massive young cock just filled my mind; I had never suspected that my son was so fantastically well hung. 

His father had been so average and ordinary that I could not even imagine where he had got such a magnificent gene from. I mean it was easily double the size of my husbands and so much thicker. It was perfect in every way.

As I lay there contemplating what it must feel like to take inside, there was a loud knock at my bedroom door. Jake called out, "Mom I am off to the gym, see you later on."

"OK" I called out as I threw my bed covers over my naked body, fearing he may open the door.

I listened as he ran down the stairs and a few seconds later I heard the door close. 

I threw the covers off of me again and got up from the bed. I noticed a large wet patch on the mattress where I had been laying. I could smell the unmistakable odour of sex in the room.

Getting dressed I headed downstairs and cleaned up the kitchen, but the sight of my son, I just could not get from my mind.

That mighty large cock filled my every thought and my pussy was now constantly wet.

Later that day I needed to go shopping.

As I walked along the street, my mind was constantly wandering away from my surroundings. I blocked out all of the noise around me and although my eyes were open; my mind was just filled with thoughts and images of my son.

"Hey watch where you're going," a man shouted at me as I collided into him. 

"I'm very sorry," I said as he looked at me with distain. 

This was crazy; I had to get my mind straight. Seeing my son naked and that amazing finger fuck I had given myself had put me into some sort of shock. But I took a deep breath and carried on along the street.

About half an hour later, having done most of my shopping, I noticed I was just walking past an adult shop. I had walked past many times but had never gone inside. I had often wanted to but what was the point? It sold stuff like naughty underwear and outfits, sex toys and.......

"Sex toys...I wonder," I muttered to myself.

My ex-husband had never been interested in seeing me dress sexy for him so I never bothered, but I could use a sex toy now he's gone.

I walked swiftly into the store, hoping not to be seen by anyone who knew me.

Inside, I was shocked by the stuff they had. Walking around seeing crotch less panties and hot little see-through baby doll nighties, really naughty outfits of school girls and nurses, whips, handcuffs and full body leather kits. Shit this was making me hot.

Then as I walked past a display of wedding night underwear I saw the whole wall beyond covered in dildo's and vibrators.

Walking over to them, I felt my pussy getting hot just seeing the size and shape of some of these things. There were big black ones and pink ones. Some long, some short, some thick, some thin. The vibrators had little bits sticking out of them and one that really got me horny had two ends on it, one for the pussy and one for the ass.

Then near the top of the shelves I noticed one that took my breath away.

It was in a box with a plastic window on the front. The box read, 'Big Bully'. 

"Fuck that looks like Jake's," I said. Turning round I made sure nobody had heard me, before moving my gaze back to the box. 

I reached up and took it from the rack. As I brought it closer to me, the images of my son's cock again filled my mind. This huge big bully dildo looked just like what I had seen laying on my son's bed this morning.

It was just as long and thick and could almost have been moulded from Jake's own cock. 

I felt my pussy getting wet and I had to squeeze my legs together to contain my sexual urges. I imagined lying on my bed shoving this huge toy inside my hot cunt, banging away at my pussy while I thought of my son. If I could not have his real 'big bully' cock, then at least I could have something that looked very much like it.

I felt very naughty and embarrassed as I paid for the huge toy. The lady behind the counter seemed to give a little smile when she saw me walk up with it.

As I walked home, I thought back to the days of my dull marriage. I have always been a good looking woman. My tits have always been these epic 36dd, they stick out from whatever top I wear and my nipples always seem to be hard. I always kept in shape and always turned heads. My husband used to appreciate all this when we were first together and loved nothing more than to suck on my mounds while we fucked. But as the years went by he grew less interested to the point where he ran off with that younger woman.

I have always considered myself to be pretty good in the bedroom. I do get pretty wild and love to talk dirty but my husband never really liked it. I longed to be with someone that I could truly open myself up to and get really wild with.

I thought about that huge monster toy in my bag and how hard I was going to fuck myself with it, especially after seeing how much it resembled my son's giant dick. Again I got horny thinking about that super looking young cock and Jake's fine body. I started to walk quicker, I needed to fuck myself.

When I arrived back home, I swiftly placed down my shopping and removed the 'big bully' box from my bag. Looking down at the mighty tool in its plastic confines I said.


With that I leaped out of the kitchen and towards the stairs, I was wet already and could think of nothing else but shoving this huge, Jake cock lookalike, up my hot hungry pussy. 

I got into my bedroom and ripped open the box. Pulling the plastic out, I was then able to free the huge rubber cock. 

Taking it in my hands I could hardly contain my excitement. It looked so real and so much like the one I had seen that morning. The veins bulged from the sides, just like Jake's did. The big head looked ready to pop off the end and the thick shaft was almost identical in size to Jake's massive dick. 

Closing my fingers around the shaft I thought of my son. How much I would love to have closed my fist around that huge morning wood of his.

I was getting very hot and horny, running my hand along this big toy. I scrapped my fingernails along the mighty girth and jacked it off, the same as I would a real cock.

I could feel my pussy tightening and contracting, a deep sensation in my cunt. I placed the dildo down on the bed and began to remove my clothes. I lifted my thin t-shirt over my head and threw it to the floor. Reaching round I unclasped my lacy black bra and slid the straps down my shoulders. My huge round tits fell heavy on my chest before bouncing back up, my nipples hard and erect. 

I undid the buttons on my tight jeans and eased them down over my hips. My thong covered ass shook as I lowered them down to the floor. 

I took the waist band of my panties between my finger tips and yanked them down over my big bubble butt. 

Now naked, I threw myself on the bed and grabbed hold of the mighty dildo. Feeling extremely horny I took the cock between my hands and again began to slide my fist over its full foot long length. 

It felt amazing to have something this big in my hand, my mind fixated on my son and the magnificent site I had seen this morning. God the things I would do to that cock of his.

Running my eyes as well as my hand all over the fat shaft I began to talk to my new friend.

"So big boy, what are you gonna do to my hot wet pussy. Are you gonna spread my cunt open and go right up inside me?"

I was turning myself on so much, playing with this huge toy.

I thought again of Jake and wished that this cock was his.

"Oh god baby, your cock is so fucking big.....mommy wants it."

Hearing myself say that made my pussy burn with heat and I could stand it no longer. I threw myself onto my back and spread my legs high in the air. Bringing the dildo down between my legs I gently slapped the big head against my wet lips.

"OHHHH Yeah baby," I said as I held the cock in one hand and divided my cunt with the other. 

My tits heaved on my chest as my breathing grew heavy and my heart raced. I had never taken anything this big inside me before but thinking of my son I was desperate to try it now.

"TIME TO FUCK YOUR DIRTY MOM," I cried as I directed the giant wand towards my wet wide open pussy. 

"OOOOOOOOHHHHHHH" I screamed out as the big thick head entered me. I felt my cunt muscles clench around the vast invading shaft as I plunged it deeper in.

I grabbed hold of the rubber dick and squeezed it tight pushing more and more of it inside me. 

"OOOHHH FUCK YES," I growled as I tried to throw my legs even wider apart. The huge thick girth drilled in me ever deeper and my cunt oozed with hot wet juices. 

My insides gripped and then contracted around the vast shaft. I held it at the base of the 12 inches and rammed it home as hard as I could.


I screamed out so loud I should think the neighbours could hear me. I felt the large head hit the very hilt of my insides and I looked down to see nearly the whole cock was in me.


I began to really fuck myself with the dildo, in and out I slammed it, pulling nearly the whole thing out of me then in one screaming, cunt ripping motion, I fucked it right back in again.

"YES FUCK....OH FUCK THAT HUGE MONSTER IS RIPPING ME APART." I could not contain my yells of pleasure. I was breathing hard and my huge boobs raised and fell on my chest. My nipples were on stalks and wished I had a man to suck on them right there and then.

I thought of my son the whole time I was fucking the huge cock up my pussy. I knew already that Jake's cock was just as big as this. Just as capable of ripping me open with every thrust. The thought of having my legs spread open like some filthy fuck hungry slut, while my son bangs his giant cock in me just sent my mind into an orgasmic whirl. 

I held my eyes firmly shut as I continued to fuck myself senseless with the huge toy. My pussy was so wet that I could hear the squelching sounds every time I pushed the dildo in. 

With my legs spread open like a whore, I just imagined it was Jake, fucking his mother hard with that massive big prick of his.


I took a huge intake of breath and arched my back up from the bed. My tits quivered and shook as I felt my pussy ready to erupt all over the massive dildo. 

"OHHHHHHHHHH FUCK." I screamed at the top of my voice as a huge orgasm shot through my whole body. My insides tightened and clung onto the 12inch fuck stick that I continued to pump up me. My pussy gushed and fired large amounts of my juices out onto the bed. I held tightly to the base of the cock and rammed it in again to the very depths of my cunt, as I rode out the hardest orgasm I had ever had.

It continued for what seemed like minutes. Gush after gush shot from my pussy, the whole big, fat toy was dripping wet as it slid like a knife through hot butter in and out of my well expanded cunt.

My breathing and heart rate remained off the scale as my whole body was again overcome with another huge wave of sexual ecstasy. My son and his young, big cock just filled my every thought.

After a good 10 minutes I finally pulled the dildo from my sopping wet pussy. The sounds were obscene, loud wet pops and squelches as the fat dick withdrew inch by inch from my well fucked pussy. The head finally fell from me and landed on the bed, in a puddle of my cum.

I brought my fingers to my hole and scooped up a copious amount of my juices. It felt hot and thick and stuck to my fingers like glue. Bringing it up to my huge tits, I gently rubbed it into my nipples, circling around my sensitive big boobs. There I was laying on my bed, in a pool of my own fuck juices, my legs still wide open and my cunt dripping. That huge monster toy laying in between my legs, all shiny and wet. 

"Oh fuck," I said to myself. "Mommy just got fucked really good."

I lay there for nearly an hour, still reeling from the fucking I had given myself. My insides felt empty without the foot long length up me and my cunt still oozed.

As I lay coming down from my high, all I could think of was Jake. His hard young body and of course that massive cock of his, those large heavy cum filled balls and that gorgeous handsome face. 

Despite the hard fucking I had just given myself, I was again getting really horny. Jake was my son, I could never really have sex with him, but at least I could pretend to. Reaching between my legs I again lifted up the huge toy and edged it back towards my hungry wet pussy.

Chapter Two

'Let the Games Begin'

Several days went by and I continued to fuck myself senseless with my Jake lookalike dildo whenever I got the chance.

I had never felt so completely aroused. My normally high sex drive had gone into overdrive and my new toy was the cause. The best times were when Jake was out of the house. I could rip my clothes off and fuck myself silly, screaming as loud as I wanted. 

My real issue though was Jake of course. I had tried to catch sight of my son's cock again by opening his door early in the mornings, but he either had the covers over him or he woke up when I went in. It was getting really frustrating. Although I had my huge dildo and I thought about him every time I fucked myself, I was desperate to see that giant fuck stick again.

The summer began to heat up and Jake was wearing less and less around the house. In the garden he would sit in just a pair of shorts that clung to his muscled figure. His ass looked tight and firm, his six pack abs gleamed in the sunshine. He was perfect.

From the kitchen window I stood gazing out at him. My pussy got wet just seeing him in this half naked state. My eyes travelled the length of his body and fixed on the front of his shorts, where I knew underneath that monster lay.

I had to control myself from just running out and jumping on him, ripping his shorts down and engulfing that immense thing in my mouth. I closed my eyes and imagined opening my lips and feeling that hot, hard cock sliding into my mouth, lowering my head down, taking my beautiful son's length as deep into my throat as I could. God I would suck my boy like a vacuum given the chance.

My dirty thoughts and the sight of Jake in the garden had made me fucking horny and gagging for a hard banging. Running to my room, I slammed my door and took my huge dildo out from its hiding place under my bed. 

I got down on my knees and bent over the side of the bed. Holding the fake cock at its base I stood it up in front of me. Then leaning forward, I opened my mouth wide and shoved it in. For the next twenty minutes I deep throated the mighty toy, wishing it was my son lying before me.

I got very dirty with that thing, spitting on it and letting it dribble down the fat length before engulfing my mouth back around and down it.

A puddle of my saliva formed at the base of the toy and my hand became soaked as I flung my tightly gripped fist up and down the shaft.

With my other hand I felt under my short skirt and pulled my little thong aside, then plunged three fingers up myself.

It must have looked a filthy sight. There I was bent over the edge of the bed, with my fat ass sticking out like I was waiting to be fucked up the butt. My fist between my legs fingering my wet pussy, my mouth wrapped around a 12inch rubber cock, pumping it in and out with fury and purpose, my hand jacking it off like a whore. 

My mind was in a frenzy of lust and naughty thoughts about my son Jake. My cunt, hot and dripping wet, as my fingers jerked around inside me. 

When I had finally brought myself to another raging climax and calmed myself down, I cleaned up and headed back downstairs.

Jake was in the kitchen when I got there.

"Hey Mom, I'm going to pick up Sarah in a moment," he said.

He stood with his back to me against the sink. His broad shoulders and strong back gave way to the magnificent sight of that ass in those tight shorts. My mind again whirled.

"Mom, did you hear me?" he said again.

"What...Oh yes, sorry baby...yeah that's ok" I replied, finally coming to my senses.

"We are gonna come here and watch a movie in my room...is that ok?" he asked, crossing the kitchen and sitting at the table.

I had never been totally sure what Jake's relationship with Sarah was. At times they seemed just friends; at others I thought maybe they were more. I was sure they were booty call buddies.

As Jake sat eating lunch, I walked over to the refrigerator to get some milk for my coffee.

"Mom are you alright?" he asked.

"Yes Baby, I'm fine," I replied, walking across to sit with him at the table. "Why do you ask that," looking at him as he ate.

"It's just you seem a bit weird the last few days...kinda quite!"

I thought about the continual fucking's I had been giving myself...had he heard me banging that huge dildo up me?...did he know I wanted to fuck him?...no how could he know that?

"No baby, I'm ok really...just a bit lonely maybe," I said.

As Jake looked at me with an inquisitive glance, I thought to myself, "Why did I just say that?"

"Lonely mom...why are you lonely...I'm here?" he said.

Without thinking about what I was saying I blurted out,

"No I mean... bedroom lonely!"

"Oh...yeah...sure.....got it," he replied. Before turning his attention back to his lunch.

At first I could not believe I had said that out loud, but then I thought, so what, he is a man now; he must know I have needs?

After a few moments he looked at me across the table and said,

"You know mom, there is no reason why you should be lonely...you are really hot...You should get out and meet someone."

My eyes widened hearing my son call me really hot. Did he really think that?

"Oh thank you baby...but I don't think I am hot!"

"Sure you are mom," he said firmly, "All the guys round here think so... and so do I." 

All I could think to do was let out a little giggle and smile at him.

Just then he stood up from his chair and walked towards the door, but as he went he said,

"And you got a great rack too...see you later."

He turned his head and gave me a little wink as he left the room, having just told me I had great tits!

I had to take a deep relaxing breath after he walked out the front door. My son Jake, who I had seen with a massive erection a few days before and who had caused me to be more horny than I had ever been in my whole life, just told me he thought I was hot and had great boobs.

While I was shocked to discover that he thought that about me I was also over the moon to hear him say it. I didn't think he ever took any notice of me, but clearly he did.


Later that night, I was sitting in the living room when I heard the front door open and Jake walked in with Sarah.

Sarah is a good looking girl, the same age as Jake. They went to high school together and she lives around the corner. She is about 5ft 7" tall with a slender frame. Long flowing blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes. She looked a typical American girl next door, a real cheerleader type. Through her t-shirt I could see her nipples poking out. Her tits looked about average size but nothing special.

"Hey Julia, How you doing?" she asked me as they walked in.

"Hello Sarah, I'm fine thanks honey," I replied.

"Mom, Sarah and I are gonna watch a movie in my room, is that ok?" Jake asked.

"Yeah of course baby...have fun."

Watching them go towards the stairs, I could not help feeling jealous of Sarah. For the next few hours she was gonna get to cuddle up next to that hot young body of my son's, where I was desperate to be.

I sat watching t.v until just after 11pm when I decided to head for bed. I was feeling in my usual horny state and felt like a quick play with my pussy before going to sleep.

I headed up stairs and into my bedroom. I removed my clothes and reached for my red nightdress. It was my summer one, pretty thin and short but managed to keep my large assets contained.

As I pulled it over my head, I caught a glimpse of my naked body in the mirror behind the door. Taking a moment to look I thought that maybe Jake was right. I mean I did have a great rack...in fact I had a fucking awesome rack. My large tits were still firm and well rounded, my nipples as hard as steel. My stomach was flat and in good shape and my shaved pussy looked fine.

But what good did it do me? I was still about to get into bed, horny and alone, nobody was gonna be playing with my big mommy melons tonight.

Just then I heard a noise from outside the door. Slowly opening it I then crossed the landing to the top of the stairs and looked down into the darkness. Was there someone in the house?

Then I heard something again, sounded like a thud against the wall...but it did not come from downstairs...it came from behind me.

Turning round I noticed the light coming from the crack around the edges of Jake's bedroom door. I crept across the landing and stood silently outside. Turning my head I bought my left ear close to the door and listened. 

At first I heard nothing, but then a few seconds later an unmistakable groan. I knew that sound all too well; I had been doing enough of them myself over the last few days. Again a few seconds later the groan sound from within my son's room.

I listened more intently now. I could hear heavy breathing and a gentle tap of something on the wall.

A few quite moments went by, then I heard Sarah in a low deep moaning voice say, "Oh fuck eat meeeeee."

I took a step back from the door and felt my heart jump a beat. They were fucking...I knew it.

Creeping back against the door, but being careful not to press against it and alert them that I was there. I listened again.

Sarah continued to breathe so loud that I could hear every intake and exhale. Her groans of pleasure grew louder and more frequent. 

"Eat me Jake."

I pictured the scene behind this door. My son with his face buried between that young girls legs, his mouth and tongue lapping at her 18 year old cunt, probing deep inside it. Sarah lying there with her legs open, looking down at my son as he sucked and licked her.

"Oh Jake yeah...that's so good," she again groaned out.

This went on for several minutes. The moans getting louder and the sounds of breathing even deeper.

"Shove your fingers in me Jake."

I felt a huge rush of excitement shoot through my whole body as I listened to Sarah telling my son what she wanted, then, "OOOOHHHHHHH." It was the kind of groan that only someone in the midst of sex would make, a deep hard satisfying sound.

Standing there in just my flimsy nightdress, I let my hands wander over my breasts and start to pinch on my nipples. My pussy was getting wet and I was getting turned on listening to this.

After several moments of listening to Sarah being pleasured by my son's clearly talented fingers and tongue, I again heard her voice, breathless and low, but clear and unmistakable.


My eyes widened and without thinking about it, I cupped both my hands around my boobs and squashed them together. I listened intently as the creaking of the bed and noise of them moving around wafted from the room.

"You want it hard baby?" 

"Yeah Jake, fuck my little pussy hard"

"Oh yeah...I will babe"

"Yeah do it good, fill me up with your big cock."


I just stood there listening to the pair of them as she took Jake inside her. Within seconds her groans had turned to muffled screams. Clearly either she or Jake had their hands over her mouth, muffling the cries of pleasure.


"Oh yeah baby...take my cock," Jake moaned out.

My mind went crazy listening to the sounds from behind that door. My son was right now between that girls legs, pushing that huge cock inside her, filling her young pussy with his enormous fucker.

My pussy was on fire and I had to reach my hands under my nightdress and start playing with my wet meaty cunt.

The sounds from within the room grew louder and harder. I could hear their young bodies slapping together, the sound of the bed knocking rhythmically against the wall. Sarah clearly had her mouth still covered but the screams of pleasure just grew more intense. 

Occasionally I would hear Jake quietly say something to her like.

"Oh fuck your pussy is so tight baby," Or "Take my cock deep."

The loud slapping noises just grew louder and the pace of their fucking was clearly intense. The knocking of the bed on the wall got quicker as my son fucked her harder.

Outside the closed door I was becoming a wreck. I was half bent over with my hand probing deep up my now sopping wet pussy. I had to hold my other hand over my mouth to try to stop any noises from escaping. My heart beat raced and my breathing had become very irregular. I felt light headed, as though I was floating along on a cloud. In my mind I was imagining what was happening in that room. Jake banging his whole cock inside that girl's pussy, giving her the damn good fucking that I was desperate for.

"Gonna cum baby." 

I heard my son groan out, coupled with the sounds of the furious slapping of bodies.

"ohhhhhhhhh fuccccckkkkk."

I pounded my fingers up my cunt, hard and fast, as I listened to my son moaning in ecstasy, shooting his load from those big heavy young balls. I wondered if he had just fired his spunk over Sarah or if he had blown his nuts inside her...oh my god, imagine that, all his hot thick cum shooting deep inside a wet, well fucked pussy.

I felt my legs get very weak and could feel my pussy contracting around my fingers. My insides filled with my juices and I practically gushed a puddle onto the floor. Inside the room the sounds of heavy breathing continued and I could still make out Sarah's muffled groans.


I finally and quietly made my way back into my own room and flung myself onto my bed. I felt exhausted. I had been stood outside my son's door for about fifteen minutes, listening to them fucking. I had worked myself up into a frenzy, pumping my fingers into my wet hot pussy, imagining myself lying in that room with him fucking that immense, long dick into me.

For the next hour I lay awake thinking about my son. Nearly a week had gone by since I had seen his giant cock as he lay sleeping. 

I had brought and used a dildo that looked just like his love length, bringing myself to some of the most intense orgasms of my life. Then there were those things he said to me earlier today, about me being hot and having a great rack. Now I had heard him fucking and it sounded like she was in heaven....and I wanted some of that.

As I lay there with my wet pussy still oozing, I made a decision. I didn't care that he was my son. I didn't care that it was wrong. I was fucking horny and only my son's massive cock could help me.

From tomorrow morning I was launching operation 'fuck my son.'


The next day I woke up more determined than ever, I wanted Jake.

The question was though how was I going to get him. Seducing my son was not something I had thought about before. Then I thought back to what he had said yesterday in the kitchen. He had obviously noticed my large assets, but then who hadn't? So maybe my tits would be a good starting point. 

I had never dressed slutty or revealing. My husband always said, "Keep those things under wraps." But maybe it was time that I started to flaunt my big double d's. Let my son really see what a great rack I had.

I went shopping again that day and brought some tight, low cut tops and shorter skirts. They would allow my cleavage to be more fully accentuated. Trying them on in the shop changing room, I looked in the mirror to see my tits practically spilling out over the top. The material clung around them and pushed them together. With the short skirt above my knee, I looked like a hooker.

When I returned home, I went to my bedroom and prepared for Jake's return. I knew he would be home from the gym soon. Squeezing my boobs into my new revealing shirt, I could not wait to see my son's face when he saw these babies on display.

I heard his car pull into the driveway and I rushed downstairs and into the kitchen. I wanted this to look casual, like I wasn't doing anything different. The door opened and he called out "Mom, I'm home."

"In the kitchen baby," I called back to him. My heart beat raced and my knees trembled with anticipation. 

"Hey mom....wow I'm shattered, that was a long workout."

I stood with my back to him as he sat at the table. Then trying not to giggle I turned around to face him. 

"Aww my poor boy, would you like something to drink."

"Yeah that would be great," he said. Then he looked up from the table and straight at me.

I had my ass pressed back against the cupboard and I stood there just a few feet from the table, looking over and down onto my son. 

His eyes darted straight to my boobs, being squashed by the tight material of the thin t-shirt. I looked at him as his eyes almost popped out of his head and his mouth dropped open. He looked like he had just seen a ghost. 

"Wow mom, like the new shirt....you look... fab."

Trying to be nonchalant about it, I gazed down at my heaving breasts, spilling out around the top and sides of the shirt. My eyes crossed from one tit to the other as I said,

"Thanks... I brought it today...do you think it shows a little too much off?"

Jake sat there practically mesmerised by my tits. His eyes had not left my chest. I noticed that he was still sweating from his workout at the gym. He wore a white t-shirt that clung to his tight muscled pecs.

After a few seconds of being transfixed on my enclosed melons, he came to his senses and blinked his eyes before looking me in the face.

"Errr no mom...it looks great really...never seen you... looking like that before."

Feeling brave and with some kind of almost hypnotic power over my son, I raised my arms and placed my hands on either side of my chest. Gently, I pushed my boobs together, causing a deep dark crack in the middle. Looking down I could only see my tit flesh piling under my chin. To my son, sat in front of me, it must have looked like they were going to erupt over the top of the shirt.

"I think my boobs look too big in this though...want do you think?" I asked in a low voice.

"Errr..Errr....no mom, they look great.....told you, you have a great rack."

My heart jumped and my legs almost gave way as he said that. There I was stood just feet from my son, squashing my big tits together, just being restrained by the thin material. 

"Mom...I need...to go shower," Jake said, his eyes again transfixed on my large spilling jugs. 

"Ok baby," I replied as I slowly removed my hands from around my breasts, allowing them to fall back apart.

I watched closely as Jake got up from the table and swiftly walked from the room. My eyes travelled the length of his back as he walked away. The t-shirt, wet with sweat, clung to his shoulder and back muscles. His running shorts encased his young, firm ass and those hard defined legs; it sent a shiver right through me.

I heard him run up the stairs and the bathroom door close. I let out a schoolgirl giggle and cupped my hand to my mouth. 

My whole body trembled with excitement. My own son, that gorgeous young stud, packing a giant cock, had just sat there and been totally hooked on the sight of my big tits. 

He had been hardly able to tear his eyes away from my bulging double dd's. I had never seen him so lost for words. I bet he was up there right now thinking about them.

I imagined him in the bathroom, taking his massive cock in hand and starting to jack it off, thinking about my jugs, maybe wishing that he could shoot his big load all over them. 

I was getting horny and wet just thinking about it. The really good thing was though that I had, with only minimal effort and a tight t-shirt, been able to reduce my son to a wide eyed, open mouthed, tit admiring, lost for words, wreck that had to run from the room.

Phase one of operation Fuck my son, was definitely underway.


Later that night I called Jake down for dinner, he had been in his room for the last few hours.

Sitting opposite each other at the table, I kept catching him looking at my cleavage, still wrapped in my low cut top. The conversation was normal until in a low, almost nervous voice Jake said,

"Mom..I think you look really awesome today."

I felt my heart skip a beat as I looked at my son, again admiring my boobs.

"Thanks, you are very sweet...I'm glad you like THEM!"

Jake's eyes shot from my chest and he looked me in the face, with a rather embarrassed grin.

"Sorry," he said, "It's hard not to look at them."

"It's ok baby, it's been a long time since a man took that much notice of my boobs."

We both exchanged a smile to each other and my pussy began to get wet. I felt a new found bravery in talking to my son, in my gagging desperation to get him naked, I was willing to say things to him that I would never have said before.

"You know, you should show off that body of yours a little more baby...you are very good looking young man you know."

Jake looked across at me and smiled.

"Thanks mom, I didn't think you noticed?"

Raising my eyebrows, I replied, "Of course I do...you're a hunk baby. I'm so proud of you, you are a fine figure of a man....it's no wonder the girls all swarm around you."

I could instantly see the surprise in his eyes as we continued to eat.

Feeling emboldened I continued, "And what's more...if you weren't my son, I would be all over you!"

I took a deep breath, had I gone too far? 

Jake swallowed hard, before again bringing his eyes up, glancing at my tits then looking straight at me. He paused a moment, gazing deep into my eyes then replied with an almost arrogant grin.

"Don't let that stop you mom."

I felt my mouth become as dry as a desert and a strange tingle in my stomach. What did he just say...had I heard him right?

He again sunk his eyes down to my boobs and said, "I wouldn't mind THEM all over me!"

He then looked back up and winked at me.

Jake had never lacked confidence and had always been quite forward, but never with me and never so blatant.

The rest of dinner went by and the conversation returned to more general things, but my mind was in daze.

All I could think of was what we had said to each other, and especially what he had said. Was he actually telling me that he wanted me or was I just reading it wrong...was he just flirting? Or in my horny, sex obsessed, mind, was I just trying too hard.

After dinner we both went into the living room and watched t.v. I sat next to him on the sofa and could not help moving my eyes down to his crotch, remembering the magnificent sight I had seen there that morning while he slept. 

As we sat there I tried to think of my next move. I was getting hornier by the minute and had to control my urge to just jump on him and plunge my tongue into his mouth. My short skirt had not so far seemed to have much of an effect on him, he had been far more interested in my bulging breasts. 

I had tried to squirm on the sofa, trying to get it to ride up but it wasn't working. My next tactic was to try and snuggle up towards him. 

I gave out a fake yawn and stretched my arms wide, then bringing them back down I landed my left arm onto Jake's leg and left it there. Then I fell sideways and brought my head to rest on his shoulder.

"Mmmm, that's better." I said as I opened my hand out flat on his thigh. I sunk myself deeper into his side and nuzzled my face against his neck.

I tried to press my boobs against his arm and ended up with my tits practically wrapped around his strong biceps.

Jake said nothing as I kept pressing myself against him. "Time to ramp this up a bit," I thought.

I could feel my pussy getting wet and my heart racing, I had not been this close to my son in such a long time, but the difference now was that I was as horny as fuck and I wanted him.

Trying not to make it obvious, I gently began to move my fingers on his leg. Without moving my hand I danced my fingers around, slowly scratching my nails on his muscular thigh. 

I returned my eyes to the t.v, with my head resting on his shoulder, I could not see where his eyes were but I could hear his breathing becoming quite heavy. I pressed my jugs harder into his arm and began to make little circles on his leg with my fingers.

This continued for about five minutes, when I looked down and saw it. A slight tent was appearing in the front of his shorts. He was getting a hard-on.

I bit my lip and held my whole body rigid trying not to show any signs that I had seen it. 

I kept my eyes glued on his lap, watching as the outline of his growing cock was becoming visible. The material of his shorts seemed to cling around the shaft and as it hardened it began to stretch across his lap, covered under the shorts.

My hand resting on his leg was just a few inches away from where the fat shaft now was. I was so close to grabbing hold of that dick.

Just then Jake leaned forward and said, "I think I better get up."

"Why? I replied, already knowing full well. 

"I got a hard-on," he said almost proudly, lifting himself up from the sofa.

As he stood the massive cock towered in his shorts, causing a tent like effect. It jutted out about eight inches in front of him and the amazing sight caused me to take a sharp intake of breath.

"Oh wow...did I do that?" I asked, trying to tear my eyes up from his crotch to his face.

"Yeah mom...I'm sorry."

"Oh don't be silly baby...I've seen a hard-on before...come and sit back down." I told him, as a tapped my hand on the sofa next to me.

He returned to the seat and I again snuggled back into him.

"Mind you...I've not seen one that big before baby," I said, feeling daring and brave. 

I looked into my son's eyes and gave him a naughty sideways smile. He returned the gesture and said,

"Thanks mom...I'm glad you like it."

I nuzzled my boobs back against his arm and rested my head back on his shoulder. My eyes though were firmly looking down.

The massive erection was now tented under his shorts. The waistband had actually lifted from him. I felt an uncontrollable rush of excitement run through me.

What would he say if I just placed my hand on it, gave it a squeeze and felt its huge girth? 

No, it was too early for that, I had to control my urges, although that giant pole was just inches from my grasp.

I instead placed my hand across his stomach and could instantly feel his hard muscled abs, His thin t-shirt barely covering the chiselled frame below. 

As we sat watching t.v, I tried to think how I could take this forward. It needed to be gradual. But then again my son seemed quite comfortable sitting next to me with a full on erection in his shorts, so maybe it wasn't going to be too hard to take the next step. 

My pussy was so wet as I sat there, the sight of that cock, so big and hard, but sadly covered, was driving me insane. I knew that I would need to give myself a good fucking with my huge dildo again tonight.

Then I had an idea, I had got so hot listening to Jake fucking Sarah, maybe I could get him hot for me if he heard me fucking myself, or even better than that, if he actually saw me.

A plan formulated in my mind. I could go up to bed and fuck myself but make lots of noise to get Jake's attention. Accidentally on purpose, forget to fully close my door and see if he would come and spy on me. 

Just thinking about it was turning me on so much, as if I wasn't enough already. Actually letting my son see me with my legs wide open taking a massive dildo up myself, fuck I was horny.

I again fixed my eyes on his lap and the monster pressing up from beneath his shorts. Fuck I wanted that cock.

Lifting myself off of him, I said boldly,

"I'm off to bed baby...I need to lie down after seeing that... thing." I nodded my head down at his crotch as I stood up, my huge tits straining my shirt.

He looked up at me and smiled, then said,

"You should see it without the shorts!" then he winked at me.

Widening my eyes at my son's boldness I took a moment, then replied with a slight smile, "Promises, promises."

I turned and walked out of the door, glancing back over my shoulder. Jake was staring at my ass as I walked.

"Night Baby" I said, flinging my head back around and tossing my hair over my shoulder.

"Night Mom," he called back.

I raced upstairs and into my bedroom. I pulled my tight t-shirt over my head and ripped down my little black bra. My tits fell heavy against my chest and crashed together as I leaned forward to peal down my skirt. 

I whipped down my thong and stood naked. The moonlight shone through the window and I walked over to draw the curtains. I didn't want anyone but Jake to see this show. 

I turned on my bedroom light and shut the door. I eased it closed until about a three inch gap was left between the door and the frame.

"That's enough," I said to myself.

I walked over to the bed and removed the 'big bully' from his hiding place and climbed onto the bed.

I was so excited, I could hardly contain myself. My pussy was already soaking wet from watching that cock grow in his shorts. I wrapped my hand around the fake cock and thought back to a few moments ago when I was so close to Jake. I ran my hand along the shaft and imagined it was my son's giant cock in my hand.

I finally threw myself back on the bed. My big tits slapped and collided around, as I got myself comfortable. Then I lowered my arms between my legs, spreading them open, and brought the big toy to my clit.

A sharp shudder shot through me as it touched the sensitive wet area. My clit button seemed to swell as I began to move the head of the dildo around.

I was gagging to just slam this whole fat length inside me, but tonight was about getting Jake's attention.

I began to make some deep groans as I slapped the big bully against my wet pussy. Little droplets of sweat and cunt juice splashed on to my hand.

Then, I took it by the base and aimed the giant head straight at my gaping hole. I threw my legs into the air and relaxed my pussy muscles ready for the invasion.

I nudged the fat cock head past my lips, which spread open with ease. I pushed it in further and let out a loud hard moan as it slid deep up my hot pussy. 


I began to pump the long hard shaft in and out of my cunt. My muscles contracted around it as I bumped the end inside me.

Unsure if Jake could hear me or not, I started to moan and groan louder.


I writhed my body around on the bed, making my huge tits fall from side to side. I clung onto the end of the battering ram toy and continued to shove it deep up myself. 


I flung my legs as high and wide as I could, my open cunt, filled with this fat dildo, pointing straight at the slightly open door. If Jake was there he would see everything.

I tried to hold off cumming but I was too worked up. The day's events had made me so horny and wet I could only last a few moments.

I screamed in ecstasy as I felt my pussy flood with a hard orgasm.


I kept pounding my fist forward, driving the mighty shaft inside me, coating it in my hot juices.


I rode it out, screaming out so that Jake could not have failed to hear me. I breathed hard and deep, my tits falling and rising from my chest. 

I felt another gush building inside and I slammed the whole length deep up me, before pulling the 12 inch fucker right out. 


My pussy erupted again, this time firing a gush of my juices from my soaking wet cunt hole. My whole body shook violently, stretched out on the bed. I threw my left arm up to my breasts and grabbed them hard, locking my fingertips around the hard erect nipple of my right tit.


I tried to calm myself down and reduce my breathing. My whole body seemed frozen as I felt my pussy continue to spasm and ooze.

I brought my hand to my clit and began to rub myself up and down the wet dripping gash. Everytime I touched my clit button, it felt like I was being electrocuted, waves of intense pleasure ran through me.

I thought of Jake, he must have heard me. I had only made that kind of noise when he was out of the house. My screams of orgasm must have reverberated around the house. The question was, had he come upstairs?

There really was no way to tell, so I decided the show must go on. 

After a few moments recovery time, I reached down between my legs and picked up the dildo and brought it up to my chest. I stood it up by the base and rested it between my tits. Just then I heard a noise. It sounded like the stairs...Jake!! (next Chap 2)
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