"Stories 18+" Too Big To Resist C4

Stories 18+ Too Big To Resist C4
After the boring speeches and cutting the cake, the music started and people began to meander onto the dance floor. 

My sister was one of the first one's up there, shaking her ample assets and that Kim Kardashian-like ass around. Before long she had grabbed me and we were both doing our 'groove thing.'

Susan loved the fact that all the men in the room had focused their eyes upon our two, well stacked bodies. 

"ALL THE MEN WANNA FUCK US." She yelled to me, over the loud music blasting out from the band on the stage.

I nodded to her as we danced, then looked around to find my son. Through the fast flashing strobe lights, I could just see Jake sat at a table talking to his cousin, Tyler. The two teenagers had their eyes firmly fixed on us, no doubt taking the piss out of their mom's dancing.

I kept my eyes on Jake for some minutes, picturing that hot young body that was under his suit and of course, that amazing big cock, hidden from view in his pants. 

I was lost in my own lustful thoughts and forgot that my sister was dancing just in front of me. 

"HEY," she said with a tug on my arm.


I snapped my head back around and met her eyes.

"WHAT," I called back at her.

"ARE YOU OK?" She asked again.

"YEAH FINE," I replied with a nod of my head and a smile.

Susan again gave me that look. It was the unmistakable smirk that always told me when Susan did not believe something I had said. 

I realized that I had been gazing at Jake for far too long and of course, Susan must have noticed. I just hoped she had not seen the lust in my eyes.

We continued dancing for a little while longer before I could take no more. I had forgotten how much dancing to pop music took it out of you.


Susan laughed and replied, "YOU LITTLE QUITTER." 

I turned and headed for the table where we had left our bags. I noticed Jake and Tyler had moved away. I looked around the room as I walked across to the table and saw the boys over near the stage talking to one of the guys from the band that had a guitar flung across his chest.

Over the loud noise in the room, I heard Susan behind me say, "You are getting too old for all that." 

"Yeah too right I am." I replied as I sat myself down on one of the chairs and Susan sat down beside me. 

We were both out of breath and soon reaching for the champagne glasses that we had left half empty on the table before we had gone to dance.

"So..tell me about this guy Jake then...What does he do for work?" Susan asked.

I again had to think quickly on my feet. "Oh he works in Advertising." 

"Oh Right...and how long have you know him?" She asked.

"Oh a long time...but we only started sleeping together recently." I replied with raised eyebrows.

I could see Susan doubted if this guy really existed or if I was just making him up.

"So.." She said after a moment's thought, "What's he like..in bed!"

Told you she only ever had one thing on her mind..I guess it runs in the family!!

"Yeah..He is really very good." I replied with a smirk.

"Well Hung!" Susan asked as she held her hands out and positioned them about 2 feet apart.

"Well he isn't quite that big!" I replied as I took hold of her hands and closed them nearer each other. 

"How old is he?" She continued her line of questioning.

"Oh...well...errrm...about my age." I replied, sounding totally unconvincing. 

Susan laughed and with a sarcastic tone replied, "Right...OK then!"

She looked around and set her eyes upon the Bride. Matter-of-factly, Susan said, "She looks fat in that dress." 

I burst into laughter, my sister had never been one to mince her words.

"Well she does...It looks two sizes too small." Susan rearticulated. 

We spent the next few minutes doing what most women do at weddings, gossiping and bitching about how the other women in the room looked. We both agreed that we were the best looking Milf's at that wedding without a doubt. 

My gaze had again found Jake. He was still stood down by the stage, although Tyler had headed off to the buffet table. I felt my heart skip a little beat and my pussy twitch as I looked longingly at my son, day-dreaming about tonight when I would again get him to myself and be able to ride up and down on his thick dick. It had been many hours since last night when I had last had my well-fucked pussy filed with his donkey sized cock. Over the last few weeks I had gotten used to having it off with my boy whenever I wanted and getting my hungry cunt and ass-hole banged senseless. Our long and loving sex sessions had filled my days and nights and this was the longest time period that I had gone without having Jake fucking me. My body was craving his, desperate to be close to my boy again. I was like a smoker being denied cigarettes or an alcoholic without a bottle. I so desperately needed to fuck my son again.

While I had been staring at my son and thinking about getting him naked again, I had taken my mind off of Susan. All the while, she had been watching me, lost in my own little dream world and silently gazing at my son, until finally she broke the silence between us.


I returned my gaze to meet hers and said, "Yeah"

Susan looked me up and down a little and then stared deep into my eyes. She said nothing for a moment as she tried to read my soul. I could see her working things through in her mind, her sisterly instinct working overtime to come to a conclusion. 

She then looked across the room and fixed her eyes on my son, held it for a few seconds and then looked back at me. 

I had been staring at him for too long. Had I given the game away? Had my all-knowing, all-telling sister worked it out? Had my inadvertent slips about the names and ages of the mystery man made her suspicious? I found it so hard to ever keep a secret from her, she always saw through my lies.

I said nothing as her facial expression changed. Her eyes slowly widened and her lips parted. I waited for her to speak but nothing came. Her face morphed from that look of contemplation and thought into one of shock and surprise. Her mouth now fell wide open and her head dipped down slightly. Her eyes burned into mine and I could not help looking guilty. 

She hesitated as though the breath had been sucked from her lungs, but then, finally and firmly, uttered the one word that I dreaded she would say,


Her left hand and forefinger pointed in the direction of my son across the crowded and noisy room as she said his name. Her right hand instinctively came up to cover her mouth, in that way that people subconsciously do when they are shocked about something.

I said nothing and did nothing. I guess my face and expression had already given my secret away. 

My sister took a second or two and then said again,


It was said more as a statement of fact rather than a question. Susan knew the truth of what she was thinking long before I slightly nodded my head and confirmed her suspicions. 


I guess instinct would be to deny it or try and look disgusted at the suggestion but this was my sister. We told each other everything, trying to keep secrets was a fool's game and I had lost very badly. Susan had worked it out in the space of a few short hours and as we sat there, looking at each other, I could only wonder and indeed worry about how she was going to react. A rather scared and apprehensive look must have come over my face as I waited for my sister to speak, having absorbed the shock of her discovery. 


Susan said it without any telling expression on her face, but then slowly a smile crept across her lips and she looked at me, seemingly entirely delighted with her discovery.


Susan now burst into a full on laugh, her hands cupped around her face as she looked, wide eyed at me.

"Oh Susan...Its so bad isn't it?" I said, "But he's just so....you know?"

Susan composed herself and replied,

"Oh darling, I get it believe me..he is a very good looking boy...how did it happen though?"

I retold the entire story to Susan, the morning when I had first walked in on him asleep, buying the look-alike dildo, hearing him fucking his girlfriend and then my plot to get him in my bed. Susan sat there mesmerised, her eyes and mouth growing ever wider in surprise and shock, as I explained everything. I told you we always told each other all our secrets...well this was the biggest one I had ever told her!

Finally, after listening so intently, she said, "OH MY GOD...You dirty fucking bitch...WOW...That is INCREDIBLE....HAHA...SHIT...YOU AND JAKE...OH MY GOD..."

Susan shifted and wriggled around in her seat, her wide smile and her giggling laugh took me back to when we were teenagers, this was just how she would be when I told her about some boy I had fucked. She always used to get horny as I gave her the dirty details.

"SO...he has a got a really big cock has he?" She asked.

Sensing that Susan was more than ok hearing about my incestuous sex, I felt able to talk freely.

"OH YES...A VERY, VERY BIG ONE!" I said, over the loud music, which prevented anyone else nearby from hearing us. 

Susan again laughed loudly and shifted herself on the seat again. 

"OH MY GOD...YOU LUCKY FUCKING BITCH." She replied with a big smile.

I nodded my head and laughed along with my sister. 

"WELL," Susan said, looking across the ballroom to where Jake was standing, "I certainly can't blame you babes...young hunk like that to play with." She again laughed, turning her gaze back on me. 

"It was just seeing that massive big cock that got me..I just couldn't stop thinking about it...and when I finally got him...well...never looked back since." I said with a gleeful and proud smirk. 

"Hmmmm..Wouldn't mind getting my hands on that either!" She said with another glance over to my son. 

I could tell that Susan was getting very turned on at this point and was not too subtly, picturing my son naked, as I watched her eyes looking Jake up and down. 

"Exactly how big is he?" She asked without taking her eyes off of him.

"12.3 inches." I replied, proudly

Her head immediately snapped back around and her wide-eyes locked on me. 

"FUCKING HELL," She yelled loudly. "YOU'VE MEASURED IT?"

"Yes." I replied with a nod.

"JESUS CHRIST...THAT IS ABSOLUTELY HUGE...12 INCHES!" She said, seemingly more shocked at this revelation than before. 


I laughed and nodded my head in conformation of that fact.

We continued talking until sometime later when we saw Jake approaching the table. He looked so handsome and manly in his suit and I again felt that wonderful tingling sensation deep inside my hungry cunt.

"HEY," He said as he sat himself down in a chair next to Susan.

Susan looked at me with a knowing smirk as I saw her hand disappear under the table. 

Jake looked at me and then down to his knee where her hand had come to rest. Susan eyed him and smiled before saying, without a hint of embarrassment or thought of what his reaction might be, 

"So I hear you have taken over as the man of the house?"

Jake looked back at me and saw the 'its fine' expression on my face. He looked back to his Aunt and replied,

"Oh...yeah...I guess I have."

Susan giggled and said, "Good boys look after their mother's!" 

Later that night, when the wedding party was coming to it's end. Susan asked me "So..will you two have some fun when you get upstairs tonight?"

"Hopefully," I replied expectantly.

"Maybe one day, you would let me borrow him for a while?" She said with a wink.

It's just like when we were younger. Susan always wanted to have sex with the same boys I did, she always said it brought us closer together. Although personally, I think she was just a sex mad slut, who wanted to fuck as many boys as she could.

"Susan...that's my son, not some random guy to be passed around!" 

"Oh come off it Julia...I just wanna find out if he is as good as you say he is..and that huge cock...well!"

As sisters I think we shared this big cock fetish. Susan was always on the look-out for bigger and better!!

"Well...we'll see!" I replied, after a moment's thought. 

Then my dirty incest-loving mind sprung up a thought which I quickly put into words.

"Anyway, if your that horny, you have a very nice and hunky young man in your room tonight, don't you?" 

Susan realized what I was saying.

"You mean...Tyler?" She responded with a frown.

I simply nodded then said, "If it's good enough for me!"

Susan said nothing at first and I could see she was mulling it over in her mind. If she thought Jake was a strapping and good looking young stud and clearly the thought of Incest didn't disgust her, then I couldn't really see why she had never considered it before. I mean, like us there was only her and her son at home and knowing my dirty minded sister I couldn't imagine she had not thought about Tyler before...But she said nothing.

Having rounded up the boys we headed for the elevators. We wished each other good night, with Susan giving me a knowing wink. Then we all went to our rooms. 

"Why did you tell her we were fucking Mom?" Jake asked as we got inside and shut the door behind us.

"Well she guessed it actually...your auntie has always been able to tell when I was smitten with a boy." 

I wrapped my arms around Jake's neck and brought my lips to his. Our mouths parted and our tongues intertwined. We kissed deeply and passionately for some time. Jake's strong hands roaming down my back and taking a firm grip on my ass.

Sloppily our mouths broke apart and Jake said, "Are you really smitten with me Mom?"

I felt a warmth within my whole body, locked within his arms and a slight feeling of butterflies in my stomach.

"Baby," I said after a few seconds, "I am totally and completely head over heels in love with you..Watching you today, looking so damn sexy in your suit, I could hardly take my eyes off you!" 

We kissed again as I felt Jake's hand move up my back and take the zipper of my dress between his fingers. 

The next few moments were spent frantically undressing each other. Having slid my dress to the floor, Jake ripped down my underwear and tore off my bra, my big boobs almost slapping him in the face. I too, swiftly unhooked his jacket over his shoulders and unbuttoned his shirt. Soon all of our clothes were strewn across the floor, leaving a trail between the door and the bed. 

Falling into each other's arms, we dropped on the bed, my big tits smacking and then crushing against his hard muscled chest. His big dick was already getting hard, trapped against my stomach. Our mouths and tongues continued to dance together. 

There is something about having sex in a hotel room that has always got me hot and to be doing it with my own, horse hung, son was making me dripping wet. 

That night, Jake fucked me to five orgasms, banging and slamming my horny cunt for all he was worth. Bending me over across the bed he spanked me hard while he wrecked my ass with his massive cock, before he finally pumped his spunk deep inside my pussy, then we collapsed onto the bed in a sweating and panting heap. 

As we lay there cuddled together, I looked over at the bedside clock, it was just after 3am and I thought of my sister in the room down the hall. Laying there in bed, her pussy wet from hearing the tales of incest that I had told her earlier and with that hunk Tyler, laying beside her. 

I wondered if she was thinking about Jake and I fucking, wishing she could have come to bed with us and shared this giant 12 incher, now pressing into my ass as we spooned. I wondered too what she had thought when I had suggested about her being with Tyler. She had not replied to me but she had an unmistakable twinkle in her eye. As I closed my eyes and started to fall asleep, I wondered what was happening in the room down the hall!


Chapter Six

'It's Infectious'

Susan was in the bathroom, having got back to her room with her son Jake. Susan stood and looked at herself in the mirror. She was pretty fucking hot for her age, if she did say so herself. She had slipped her dress off and it now lay in a heap around her ankles. Her big tits were barely contained in the lacy black bra, flesh spilling out from all sides. Susan cupped her boobs in her hands, giving them just a little extra rise. She gazed longingly into the mirror admiring her awesome rack.

She thought about Julia and Jake. She had never met anyone that had fucked their own son before and for it to be her own sister and nephew! As she thought about what that young hunk was probably doing to his big breasted mother right now, just down the hall, Susan's hands slid from her tits and down across her stomach. She gripped the waistband of her panties between the thumb and forefinger of her left hand and plunged her right hand under the material. Her fingers brushed through the thin strip of well trimmed hair and down in-between her legs. She had got pretty wet down there when Julia was telling of her incestuous love affair. She felt the sticky, wetness of her pussy coat her fingertips as she slowly worked them up and down her clit. She began to instinctively grind her cunt onto her fingers, rubbing and massaging the puffy lips.

"MMMMMM." She groaned out, forgetting that her teenage son was sitting in the room outside. She thought about her sister being pounded by her nephew, mother and son going at it, fucking and fucking like rabbits. 

Susan felt a need to penetrate her fingers up inside her pussy. She probed upwards and felt her lips parting around her sticky fingers. Bringing her other hand under her panties, she used it to stimulate her clit while she shoved her fingers up herself. 

"MMMMMM OHHHHHH!" She moaned out as she felt her body begin to contract. Within seconds, the horny mother, had jacking off her pussy to orgasm. Her fingers, buried up her hot fuck-hole, coated in her cunt juices, gushing out and making her panties wet. 

She leaned against the sink unit and gazed at her reflection in the mirror. Her whole body shook with the much needed relief. She had been 'on edge' ever since Julia had told her about fucking her son. She felt a burning sensation deep inside her as she continued to batter her cunt with her fingers. 

Taking only a moment's rest, Susan removed her hands from between her legs and ripped her panties down. Then she reached behind her back and unhooked her bra, pulling it swiftly away from her. Her big tits swung free, her nipples hard and erect, pointed straight at the mirror. Now naked, Susan returned her hands between her legs, sticking three fingers of her right hand back inside her. She used her free left hand to find her clit and again started flicking it with two fingers. 

She was so horny now. Her mind filled with the lusty images of Jake pile driving his mother into the bed, that young stud lying between her sisters's spread legs, slamming his boy-meat deep inside her. 


The groans of self induced pleasure where echoing off the white tiled walls of the hotel bathroom. Susan was lost in orgasmic ecstasy and completely forgot her own son was just outside in the room. Susan frigged and fucked her wet pussy to another hard cum, her legs turning to jelly. She had to stop playing with her clit and use her hand to steady herself against the wash basin. Wildly she pumped her fingers inside, now trying to shove her whole right fist up her cunt. She was almost into the knuckles but could not quite stretch it open wide enough, from her standing position, to force the whole hand in. 

Dribbles of her cum fell to the floor, being suctioned out by the plunger-like effect of her fist.

Susan bit down on her lower lip, trying to contain her audible lust. Her big boobs beat a steady rhythm against her chest as they bounced back and forth, moving in motion to the gyrating of her body. She beat her knees forwards and tried to get into a crouching position, opening her cunt wider and allowing her to ram even deeper. Inside her pussy, the muscles clung hard to the fingers which were fast moving around. Susan flapped them back and forth with all the power she had in her hand. Her free hand clung to the sink for support as she felt another raging orgasm building inside her. 

She held her lips closed as tightly as she could but an irresistible force was building up, until the point where she could contain it no longer. As her cunt again flooded with her own juices, Susan's mouth opened and a loud, deep, yelling groan rose into the air as she tipped her head back, sending her orgasmic cry's to the heavens. 


Outside the bathroom door, Tyler stood with his hand squeezing his cock through his suit trousers. He could hear the unmistakable sounds of his mother getting herself off. The occasional echoes of the moaning and groaning from behind the door were familiar sounds to Tyler. Many nights he spent standing outside his Mom's bedroom door, trying not to shuffle his feet on the creaky floorboard, listening to her masturbating in her bedroom. He had always known his Mom was a very sexual person. When he was younger he had listened carefully to the slapping noises of skin against skin and the squeaking of his Mom and Dad's bed, as he listened to them having sex. Since their divorce, Tyler had seen his Mom start to wear less and less when she was going out on a date. Sometimes he would watch, with a hard erection in his pants, as she pinned out the washing on the line in the garden, seeing flashes of her bubble butt as she bent down to pick up another item of clothing, or when she leaned down to wipe the table after dinner, exposing her massive cleavage to his gaze. The best times though had been at night when she had changed into her sleepwear. That low cut black silky thing that she wore to bed. It bulged around the lacy top, straining to contain her big jugs and reached to slightly above her knee, leaving Tyler to wonder if she had any underwear on underneath there or not?

Normally he would have to excuse himself from his Mom's presence as his large cock began to harden. He could not let her see him with a tent in his trousers.

His Mom had become prime jerk-off material for Tyler. He pictured her fat tits bouncing around on top of him as he fucked her pussy with his big cock. He tried to imagine what she looked like totally naked, for he had never once been able to glimpse her nude. For years, Tyler had fantasised about having sex with his Mom, but knew it would never happen. 

Now, outside the bathroom door, Tyler cursed to himself as a large group of people passed by the hotel room door. They made so much noise that Tyler momentarily could hear the sounds from within the bathroom. 

It sounded as though his mom was really going at it. He could hear her groans clearly and a sound that could have been mistaken for someone trying to unblock a sink. That suction noise made by the air being compressed. Tyler could only wonder what his Mom was shoving up her pussy in there, maybe the bar of soap or a tube of toothpaste?

Tyler felt that uneasy knot in his stomach, that same fear feeling that he always had when his listened to his Mom like this, that fear that he would get caught and she would scream at him for being a little pervert. But it was that feeling that got Tyler so hard, the excitement of the situation but also the fear of being caught. It was like an adrenaline rush to his groin, a sudden shot of blood that made his cock so big and stiff in seconds.

Just then a loud cry from behind the door, the same cry that he had listened too many times before, normally right before it all went quiet and he quickly crept back down the hall to his bedroom. Those loud, deep groans that his mother yelled out as she reached orgasm, hidden away from his sight, behind those closed doors.

Tyler knew it was time to move. In the hotel room, she could emerge out of the bathroom at any second, seeing the guilty look on Tyler's face and the large tent in his trousers, before he had time to move away from the door. He suddenly panicked as he saw the situation all of a sudden. Tonight, he was having to share a double bed with his Mom, he had no place to hide until his erection went down. He had been worrying for weeks about this. Tyler knew he always got a hard-on when he went to bed and always woke up with one in the morning. Sleeping so close to his mother, how was he going to stop her from seeing it...or worse still, him rolling over in the night and actually smacking it against her body....and if she came to bed wearing that same night dress thing, Tyler could not imagine how he could contain himself as she climbed into bed with him. 

Now, the situation was a reality. In just a moment, his mother would come walking out of that bathroom door, wearing whatever and there he was with a huge obscene bulge in his pants and nowhere to hide away from her. Tyler sat on the edge of the bed but that was no good, his erection stuck up from his lap like he had shoved a coke bottle down there. He looked around the room, where could he hide? He stood up and in a panic jumped up and down, trying to drain the blood from his cock. It wasn't working...he still had a giant hard-on and he could hear his mother moving around in the bathroom again. She was about to come out, he knew it and there was nothing he could do to stop it!!


Meanwhile, Susan had regained her composure inside the bathroom. She had cleaned up the tell-tale drops of gooey cream from the floor and scooped up her dress and underwear, placing them in a crumpled heap beside the bathtub. She had wiped her wet pussy and taken her black silky nightdress in her hands. She stepped into it and pulled it up her legs, she held it at her hips as it clung around her fat juicy ass and then took hold of the two black straps that came onto the shoulders. She looked in the mirror as the silk material expanded outwards as her large breasts were covered up. She pulled her arms though the straps and hooked it to her shoulders. She adjusted her tits under the material and pulled the lacy hem down as far as it would stretch. 

Susan had packed her usual lingerie that she always slept in, forgetting that she was having to share a room and indeed a bed with her 19 year old son. She had only remembered this little detail when she had been unpacking her bag earlier on. Tyler had seen her wearing it many times before so she didn't really suppose it mattered. 

But now, as she stood looking at herself in the mirror, a naughty thought entered her mind. She suddenly thought about her son out there in the hotel room, maybe he was still out there dressed in his suit...or maybe he had stripped down to his boxer shorts and was now laying in bed, waiting for her to come and climb in with him?. She thought too about her sister down the hallway, getting a good seeing too from her hunky son. Susan suddenly thought about fucking Tyler. It was an instantaneous picture that entered her mind, a dirty incestuous picture of his naked body thrusting between her legs. She felt a surge deep within her well fingered pussy, that feeling she always got when she was turned on and horny. 

She had never considered sex with her own son, even today when she listened to her sister telling her about her fuck sessions with Jake, even then Susan had never considered doing the same with her own son. 

With a mixture of guilt and sexual hunger overtaking her thoughts, Susan stared at her reflection in the mirror and smiled to herself. 

Tyler was outside that door right now, in that room right now! Her strapping son was just out there, she could have him. She could walk out there right now, wearing this naughty little number and climb into bed with her son and have her wicked way with him. She thought about what his reaction would be, what would Tyler say, or do for that matter, if she asked him to have sex with her? Would he react as Jake had to Julia? Would Tyler wanna fuck his Mommy? 

Susan thought for a moment, she thought about how wrong it would be and how their relationship would never be the same again....but then she thought about that ripe young male body...her sister getting drilled by her own son and the horny sensations that were building deep inside her pussy, as she stood before the mirror. 

Susan looked to the closed door of the bathroom and inhaled the musky scent that still lingered in the air. She turned her face back towards the mirror and looked herself up and down. Her bulging tits would look very good shoved against her son's face while she rode his cock with her wet and very hungry pussy. She imagined herself bouncing up and down on top of Tyler, his wide eyes and shocked look, staring back up at her. 

Susan smiled again and allowed the shear lust to overtake her soul. He looked back towards the door and headed over to it, reaching out to grab hold of the handle.

"Mommy's coming!" She mumbled under her breath as she pulled the door open.


Tyler was standing near the window when he heard the bathroom door click. His eyes shot to the door just as his mom emerged. 

He placed his hands in front of him, trying to hide the, still very obvious, erection. He felt his heart skip several beats and his breath abandon him momentarily, as he saw what she was wearing. He tried to avoid eye contact with her as she walked across the carpeted floor towards the bed.

"Oh you are still in your suit." She remarked as he shot cursory glances at her barely covered tits. 

"Yeah!" He replied, mesmerised by the amazing sight before him.

Susan had instantly noticed the large tent in the front of his trousers that he was obviously trying to conceal. She said nothing but smiled slightly to herself. She had caught Tyler with a hard-on in his pants many times before. Just last week, she had come into the living room and seen the big bulge underneath his well placed hands. 

Tyler watched, almost frozen to the spot by the window, as she placed her hands on the bed and then crawled forwards, getting onto her hands and knees as she moved up towards the pillows. His eyes flew wide open as she stuck her ass out in the air and he could see the contours of her ample butt, just hidden under the silky material. The hem of the negligee now rode up to just below her ass, but just enough to prevent Tyler seeing what glories lay underneath. If only he had of been standing right behind her at that moment, what a sight it would have been!

"Are you going to get changed?" Susan said, breaking Tyler's mesmerised stare. 

"What...errr..oh yeah...course!" He replied with an uneasy quiver in his voice. 

She lay back on the bed, pulling the duvet up to her chest, and then looked intently at her son. Tyler seemed unsure what to do, he could not just remove his clothes and get down to his boxer shorts, not with his cock still hard and his mother looking on.

Trying to act nonchalantly, Susan grabbed the television remote and turned on the set, an old re-run of Miami Vice flickered onto the screen. Tyler had turned his back away from the bed as he slipped the jacket of his suit over his shoulders and tossed it down onto a nearby chair. 

He pulled at the knot in his tie and ripped it out from under the collar of his shirt and then slowly he began to unbutton it down. 

To his great relief he felt his cock reducing in size and no longer making the huge bulge in his trousers. 

"Why are you going so slowly?" He heard his mother say from the bed behind him.

Tyler looked back over his shoulder as he pulled the shirt back. His mother was sitting upright in the bed with her head resting on the padded headboard. He desperately tried to stop himself staring straight at her chest and those huge boobs straining the material. 

"What's the hurry?" He asked as he tossed the shirt onto the chair.

"Nothing!" Susan replied. But something in her tone of voice made Tyler keep his eyes on her. She had a strange smirk on her face and seemed to be running her eyes up and down his body. 

Tyler felt his stomach knot up. That was a strange look his mom was giving him. He had never seen that look from her before. It was almost like the lustful look he must have had on his face every time he gazed at her beautiful body, hidden under her clothes. 

He turned his head back around and looked down at the zipper of his trousers. His cock was still semi-hard but he thought it was safe to remove his trousers now. He slid down the zip and then gripped the waistband in his fingers before yanking them down. 

He suddenly felt quite self conscious. He had his back to his mother but apart from his boxer shorts he was now naked. He could feel her eyes burning into his back and thought he heard a slight humming murmur come from behind him. But no he must be imagining it!

Susan watched as her son undressed. He had a very nice body there was no doubt about that. His broad shoulders and wide back, giving way to his tight young ass and those big muscled legs. Now that she paid attention to it, she realised that her son was actually as big a hunk as her nephew and thought to herself, "Why have I not noticed him before?" It was certainly a question and maybe now in her horny state and, thinking about Julia and Jake fucking down the hall, Susan saw her son in a whole new light as he tossed his clothes aside one by one.

Tyler rolled his eyes and puffed out his cheeks, then exhaled deeply. It was a moment of relief looking down and seeing that his dick was no longer hard and he could turn around to face his mother without worrying what she would see. Tyler spun on his heels and walked the few feet to the edge of the bed. 

He looked at his Mom laying there and noticed her eyes were aiming straight at his crotch. Maybe she had seen his boner when she first came out of the bathroom. "Shit," he thought to himself. But as he took hold of the duvet and pulled it back so as he could climb into the bed, he thought he saw a slightly disappointed look on his mothers face. Her eyes wandering from his crotch, up to his chest and then back down again. He was sure she was 'checking him out'.

Susan could see that the erection in his pants had gone down, probably why he had taken so long getting undressed with his back to her, waiting for it to go down. Her expression betrayed her feelings though as she saw her son was no longer big and hard as he climbed in bed beside her. Susan had never shared a bed with her son before, but tonight, she was intending to make the most of it.

"It was nice to see Julia and Jake today wasn't it?" She asked as she caught Tyler looking at her tits as he slid himself under the covers.

"What...err...yeah it was ok...Aunt Julia seemed a little weird though." He replied as he brought his head onto the pillow. 

"What do mean weird?" Susan asked, gazing down at her son beside her.

"Well..I don't know, just a bit odd really...Like at breakfast this morning when she was telling us about her new boyfriend." 

Susan quickly developed the point.

"Oh you mean that Jake guy she has been FUCKING?" 

Tyler looked up at his mom, trying not to place his gaze on her heaving boobs. Her emphasis on the word 'fucking' had surprised Tyler. Almost as if she was upset or angry about it. 

"Yeah," He finally replied, matter-of-factly. 

"Oh well," She went on, "I think she is just having some fun...although he is a lot younger than her." 

Susan looked at the television on the table in front of the bed, waiting anxiously for her son to speak.

"How much younger?" He asked after a few seconds pause.

"A LOT," She replied, with raised eyebrows.

Tyler noticed that his mom was not looking down at him and he took the opportunity to get a good look at her tits. Laying on the right side of her, looking upwards, he had a close-up view of the tit-flesh stretching the black silk material. From his side-ways on angle, he could see just how well stacked his mother was. How he longed to just reach up that short distance and cup his hand around the squidgy mounds of her breasts and squeeze them hard.

Susan stared at the television, but was paying no attention to it, instead she was trying to think of her next move. Her pussy was twitching with anticipation, her heart literally pounding with excitement and some trepidation. She was confident that if she said and did the right things, she could get want she wanted. Finally she snapped her head back to the right and looked down on her boy once more. She caught him again, this time his eyes transfixed on her chest. He quickly blinked his eyes shut and then re-opened them, darting his gaze back up to his mom's face. She tried to hold her reaction from showing on her face, but inwardly she knew this was not going to be all that difficult after all...she just had to play it right. 

"Julia says he is the best lover she has ever had!" 

Tyler raised his eyebrows and replied, "Lucky old Aunt Julia." 

Susan followed this up with, "Must be quite strange though..having it off with someone with the same name as your son." 

Susan kept her eyes firmly fixed on Tyler's face, waiting to see his reaction.

Tyler met her eyes and considered his answer. "Well...I don't know...It's just a name I guess."

Susan moved herself down under the covers, bringing her head to the pillow, she then turned on her side and faced her son, who also turned his head to look at her.

"Yeah I know," She went on, "But think about when she is getting fucked and she calls out the guys name...I mean just think about it!"

Susan said nothing more for a moment as she allowed the image to sink into Tyler's mind. 

"She is yelling out..FUCK ME HARDER JAKE....I mean how funny must that be?" 

Susan now looked intensely into her son's eyes.

Tyler had heard his mom using this kind of language before but it seemed different this time, as though she was accentuating the words. Tyler did not reply but simply shrugged his shoulders.

Susan sensed that Tyler was not catching her drift, so she upped the ante some more.

"Although, I'm not sure quite what the deal is there to be honest."

Tyler, intrigued, turned himself onto his side and was now lying face to face with his mother, just a short distance apart.

"What do you mean?" He asked.

Susan smiled and giggled slightly, then replied. "Well..I may be wrong...but I think she may be...fucking her son!"

Jake was astonished. His expression went from passive to shock in a split second. Susan simply waited for his reply.

Jake could not believe what his Mom had just said. He again felt the instant, rapid beating of his heart and that strange knot hit his stomach. His mom had just suggested that his Aunt and Cousin were having sex..Incest...The one thing he dreamed of doing with his own mom.

A multitude of thoughts shot through his mind as he tripped over his words, trying to respond.


Susan could see he had become very agitated and his sudden body movements under the covers, told her that he was uncomfortable..but was it in a good way or a bad way?

"Yeah..well...You saw her at breakfast, and how Jake didn't know what to say. She was lying for sure, I can always tell with my sister...But she is getting laid for certain...she has that twinkle in her eye and those rosy cheeks." I said.

"But what's make you...think it's...JAKE?" Tyler replied with an anxious look.

"Well it was just that whole slip up with the name this morning and then the way she was looking at him tonight at the reception. I mean she was proper eying him up."

Susan watched as Tyler took in what she was saying before carrying on,

"Personally I don't blame her, he is a very good looking boy and Julia is all alone at home with him..it's sort of natural in a way!"

Susan paused and held her gaze on Tyler's face. 

Tyler was now holding his whole body rigid, his heart was pounding against his chest and his stomach was doing loop the loops. He had no idea what to say or do. He just lay there gazing into his mom's eyes, his mind in a spin. Tyler took a moment and then his brain kicked into gear, he started thinking with his cock. His mom was saying that incest was ok..even normal...wasn't she?

Finally he broke the silence and cautiously said,

"Well you and I live alone."

"Got Him," Susan thought as a big smile crossed her lips. That was the response she wanted, now she moved this forwards. 

"Yes...and you are a very good looking boy too baby...but you would never want to have sex with your mom, would you?" Susan said.

Tyler was stunned into silence. He was totally unsure how to reply. He felt his cock growing big again underneath the covers. His mother had said something that he would have never dreamed possible...but what should he say. His facial expressions gave his answer away to Susan, but Tyler waited and waited before finally having the courage to reply,

"Your hot mom...any guy would wanna have sex with you."

Susan's heart skipped a beat and she could almost have cum right then. She felt her lust growing deep inside her, her son was saying all the right things.

"OH BABY," She said loudly and with a laugh, "What a sweetie you are." 

With that, Susan lurched her body forwards, moving swiftly closer towards Tyler. She lifted her arms out from under the duvet and wrapped them around the back of his head. She cuddled in tight against him, catching him off guard. Tyler rolled off of his side and onto his back as his big breasted mother brought her weight down upon him. 

He felt her legs knock against his and her large breasts press, all of a sudden, against his chest. Her hair fell into his face and he got a rush of her perfume waft up his nose. He could feel her hot breath against the side of his face and her hands pressing into the back of his neck, where he had trapped them by rolling over. 

He moved his arm up and laid it across her shoulder as she buried her face against his and into the pillow. His cock was now getting really hard under that cover and he looked down to see a tent starting to appear. 

The panic and anxiety that he had had earlier now turned into something else. His heart beat fast as he laid there cuddled so close against his mother. 

"You know," Susan said, lifting her head up so that she was just inches from his face. "You really are such a sweet boy." 

Taking her opportunity, Susan brought her lips down and quickly kissed her son, full on the mouth. The connection only lasted a second or so, before she lifted back off, but it was an electric feeling for them both.

Susan now gazed deeply into her son's, rather shocked looking eyes, as she pulled her left hand out from underneath his head. She then placed it against the side of his face and gently caressed her fingers back and forth. 

"Very handsome indeed," She said after a moment and then kissed him again. 

This time, Tyler responded and she felt him returning the kiss. She closed her eyes and started to kiss him like a lover. Within seconds their mouths had parted and their tongues were sliding together in each other's mouths. Susan's heart and head wrestled with the conflicting feelings. Her head told her this was wrong..it was her son...but her heart (and her wet pussy) told her that this was so right...that what she was feeling was a strange sort of love..and lust!

Tyler too was in many states of emotion. His mother was kissing him like he had always dreamed of and her fat tits were right where he wanted them. It was the perfect situation really. He felt his dick now rock hard and he almost shot his load right up into the duvet with the intense feeling of his mom's tongue, exploring his mouth. His body shock slightly, a mixture of shock and excitement. That uncontrollable reaction when the body does things you seem powerless to control.

As they continued to kiss, he felt her hand slide from his face and down his neck. It brushed through the light hairs on his chest and underneath the covers. She edged it down towards his stomach and stopped just around his belly button. His cock twitched below and Tyler was sure he was about to cum.

Just then Susan broke the kiss, lifting her face up again, holding it just inches above his, staring deeply into his eyes.

Susan smiled and then slowly turned her head downwards, looking along to where a giant tent had been made in the duvet. Knowing exactly what it was under there, Susan looked for few moments and then turned her head back to look at her son. 

As their eyes met again, Tyler spoke in a low voice.

"Sorry Mom...you're just so...sexy!" 

Susan now beamed at her boy, a feeling of love and pride filling her soul. 

"Thank you," she said, " But you have nothing to be sorry about...It looks as though you DO want to have sex with your Mom!"

Lightly she tapped her fingers against his hard stomach. 

With the sexual tension needing to be alleviated, they both let out a laugh, followed by another passionate kiss.

Susan was doing cartwheels in her mind, thinking what Julia would say if she could see her now. Thinking, if right at this moment, while she French kissed with her son for the first time, Julia could see how quickly and easily she had got into this position with her son. Not ten minutes ago, she had hardly even thought about this, but now she was draped on her son's body, and his big hard-on was just inches from her grasp. 

Tyler could barely believe his luck. He had dreamed and fantasized about this for so long, never believing for a moment that it would ever actually happen...But how far was his Mom willing to go here. He was horny, he knew that and from the way she had been talking, he reckoned she was too. Then he decided to test the waters and move his hand down from her shoulder to her breasts and see what she did.

He moved swiftly, going down in one sharp movement of his arm and hand. He laid it on the soft, covered, flesh of her left breast and gave it a gently squeeze, digging his fingers into the silk material of the negligee. 

"Do you like my tits baby?" Susan whispered to him in her most seductive voice.

"They are gorgeous Mom," He replied.

"Well..how about you play with those while I play with...THIS." she said.

With that she shot her hand down from his stomach and grabbed hold of his big, hard cock. Wrapping her fingers around it for the first time and gripping the throbbing shaft tightly, Susan smiled to her son and said,

"Mmmm... you're a big boy now aren't you?"

Tyler nodded as he massaged her tits, harder now than before.

Susan began to slide her hand from the base of his dick up to the top. She loved having a hard cock in her hand, Tyler felt pretty big, although it was still covered by the duvet. Susan had had some nice big cocks in her time and her son certainly ranked among them. Slowly and skilfully, she worked her fist up and down his fat dick, twisting her wrist around as she went. 

Susan licked her tongue along her son's lips and then he opened his mouth and re-locked with hers. His hands roamed wildly over her chest now, squeezing and digging his fingers into the flesh. He felt the hard nub of her nipples as his fingers passed over and could not resist giving them a quick pinch. 

After a moment, Susan lifted her head, withdrawing her tongue from her son's mouth. Under the duvet her hand continued to beat his meat, smacking against his balls. 

"I think Mommy needs to see this big boy." She said firmly.

Without waiting for any sort of reply, Susan grabbed hold of the duvet and threw it back off as hard as she could. Tyler gave her a helping hand, tossing it aside and in a moment, they were both exposed. 

"OH MY GOD..LOOK AT THAT LOVELY BIG DICK!" She said, in a loud voice. Her eyes wide and gazing at her son's fuck-stick.

Looking now, she could see the thick veins being expanded by the tightness of her gripping fist. The big bulbous head looking like a mushroom about to pop off of its stalk. She noticed too that her son was clean shaven down there, which made his cock look even bigger. It looked to Susan as though it was about 8 or 9 inches in length, certainly enough to take very good care of her hungry, horny pussy.

"That is a very nice one baby...a lovely big cock for your mommy!" 

Tyler smiled and replied.

"Oh Mom...That feels so good...oh yeah jack me off mom.."

He had closed his eyes, just for a moment, enjoying the amazing sensation of having his mother jacking him off. He had dreamed of this for so long and now it was a reality.

Susan used her spare hand to reach up to the straps of her silky nightdress and pull them over her shoulders, all the time continuing to whack her hand up and down the length of her son's impressive weapon. 

She then pulled the material sharply and her big melons fell out of the straining material. 

Tyler immediately opened his eyes as he felt the flesh hit his hands, to see the huge boobs, exposed and naked for him to touch. 

"Fuck Mom...your tits are fucking amazing." He said as he took them in his hands. 

"Thank you Tyler...I guess we both have BIG things to play with." She replied with another swipe of her tongue over his lips. 

Susan and Tyler remained in this position for some time. Their bodies pressed together, His hands groping and fondling her large rack while she pump his prick in her hand, jacking and slapping it between her fingers. 

Most of the time, their lips remained locked together, their tongues wildly dancing around in each other's mouths. 

Susan felt emboldened. She had her boys cock very hard and clearly he was enjoying having her jacking him off. She loved the feeling of his hands roaming all over her big tits. He was a great kisser too, with a talented tongue...Susan wondered just how talented it could be. 

"How about you wrap your lips around my cunt and give your dirty mother a good licking?" She demanded.

"Sure mom..I'm up for that!"

Susan giggled and released her grip on his cock, which remained standing rigidly to attention.

"Let's 69," She said, as she rose up and turned her ass towards her son's face. 

Throwing her right leg over his head and moving back into position, she brought her pussy close to his mouth. She could feel his excited breath warmly blowing on her pussy. Slowly she rose up and pushed downwards, shoving her cunt right into his face. Her ass sat firmly down, smothering him.

"OH THAT FEELS...NICE!" She called out, as she felt Tyler's tongue slip across her clit and over her labia. 

She grinded her ass down hard and wriggled her butt from side to side, crushing his face below her. She could feel his nose being pressed into her flesh as his mouth engulfed her pussy. 


Being sat up on his face, Susan was unable to reach that magnificent cock that she now wanted to put in her mouth. Blowjobs were one of her real specialities and she loved making a man cum in her mouth. But right now she was enjoying being munched by her teenage son even more. 


Susan kept wriggling her hips, driving his face ever harder in-between her ass cheeks. She cupped her tits in her hands and pulled hard on her nipples. It sent a shiver through her spine as his mouth and tongue worked over her cunt. She could feel it probing inside her hole and she knew it would not be long before she erupted over his face.


Susan squeezed her legs together astride her son's head, griping it like a vice between her thighs. Her hands flew from her tits, down between her legs, where she tried to feel for her clit, but Tyler had it in his mouth. She felt the suction from below her as he sucked her pussy hard, quickly bringing her to orgasm.

"OHHHHH YES.....OHHHHHH.....FUCK.....YESSS!" She yelled out.

Buried below her hot, wet pussy, Tyler was fighting for breath. His face was completely covered by his mother's ass. His nose was squashed beneath her and his mouth was covered by her cunt. Gallantly he licked and sucked on, tasting her warm salty juices as they lapped across his tongue and into his mouth. He gagged as he tried to swallow it down his throat, have you ever tried swallowing when your mouth is open and you can't really breathe? It is no easy task!

His mother sure tasted good though. Her wet pussy creamed again as he felt her little clit button grind against his lip. 

Susan bounced, ever so slightly, not enough to give poor Tyler much air to breathe, but enough for her to be able to feel his hot breath permeate over her dripping pussy. 


Her son's body began to wriggle beneath her and she sensed, quite rightly, that with her ass mashed into his face, he probably couldn't breathe too well. She had been sat up there for quite some time, lost in the moment, forgetting that her ass and cunt gave very little ventilation. 

"OH MY POOR BABY." She called out as she fell forwards. Her big breasts crashed against his stomach as she landed. Opening her mouth wide, his big cock speared past her lips and to the back of her throat. She reached up to place her hand around the base of the shaft as she quickly began to slide her tongue around the large cock-head. With her other hand she wrapped her fist around his two big balls, squeezing them tightly in her grip. 

Tyler took several huge intakes of breath and quickly exhaled again as his lungs filled with the much needed air. His Mom's pussy was now directly in front of his face but was no longer sat on top of him. He could see clearly all the wonderful creases in her cunt lips, the wet and gleaming folds of swollen flesh that he had been sucking on. 

As Tyler regained his breath, he could feel the most amazing sensation around his cock. He could feel his mother's tongue swirling around his sensitive bell-end, her fingers clasping and squeezing his balls, pulling at the skin around them. He curled his toes backwards and clenched his fists tightly closed, as he thought he was going to cum. His mom was really devouring his big dick now and his heavy breathing matched his racing heartbeat. 

Popping her mouth off his big cock for just a second or two, Susan called out, 


Before stuffing it back into her mouth and deep throating him again. She was gagging on it just as she got almost the whole way down. About 7 or 8 inches of nice thick dick was filing her mouth and throat. One hand twisted and jacking off the lower part of the shaft, until she had to slide it out of the way to take him right down, while with her other hand, she rolled his big balls around between her fingers. 

Just then she felt his tongue run up the length of her pussy and wiggle on her clit. A sharp jolt shot along her spine as he licked her most sensitive part. 

"Mom..Your pussy tastes good," He said, not sure if she could hear him or not, the wet slurping sounds and her gagging cough made it uncertain if she had.

Susan had heard but was too busy forcing more of her son's fat cock into her mouth to answer. She closed her lips tightly and tried to relax her throat muscles. She wanted to get the whole fucking thing down her throat, she wanted to feel his big balls touching her chin. She was more horny and turned on than she had ever been in her life before. In her mind this was her sexual zenith, there was no better moment than this. Her sister was right, this was the best sex ever...And they had not even got to the actually fucking yet!!!

Tyler could feel his mom trying to shove all of his cock into her mouth and he gave her a little helping hand. He gently lifted his hips upwards and flexed his butt tight, then pushed upwards, trying to force it in her mouth. He heard her gag and felt a large amount of spit run down his already very wet dick. He felt his balls, tightly gripped in her hand, tap against her chin and her lips come into contact with the base of his shaft. She had done it...all 9 inches of it!

Susan felt as though she was going to choke. Her gag reflex being worked hard by the mighty invading slab of meat. She pulled back quickly, allowing his dick to fall out of her mouth. She breathed in hard and coughed several times, sending globs of her thick spit running down the length of his cock. Her eyes were watering and she had to lift up her hand to wipe across them. She looked down on the large amounts of saliva that were forming a puddle around his whole groin. Even the tops of his inner thighs had drips of spit running across the skin.


She could hear murmurs and hums coming from behind her backside, as Tyler continued to lap at her pussy. 

She quickly, opened her mouth wide and took him back into her mouth. She bobbed her head up and down wildly, which caused her long hair to cascade around her face. She clung tightly to his ball sack and pulled hard on the skin, yanking his balls away like she was torturing him.

Tyler's face creased up with the sudden pain in his groin. He could feel what she was doing to his balls and felt as those she would rip them clean off. 

"OH FUCK MOM!" He called out.

Taking no notice of the tone of his voice, she continued to devour her well hung son and play mercilessly with his balls. She was so fucking horny and worked up that any objections he may have had did not bother her. She was lost in a total sexual rage and only a good dicking could help her. 


After another ten minutes of this dirty, oral fuck-play. Susan finally removed her mouth from its tight suction on his cock and simultaneously threw her right leg back over his head. She lifted up from her position laying on top of him and spun herself around to once again face him. 

She looked at his face all slimy and gleaming from where she had been sat on him. It was such an erotic sight. 

She came closer to his face and slurped her tongue up from his chin, across his lips, around his cheeks and over his nose, tasting the sticky cum she had smothered on his face. Leaning her head to one side she placed her mouth next to his ear and whispered,

"I want you to fuck me Tyler...Hard!"

She then placed her face directly in front of his again and looked down into his big soft eyes. 

"Ready?" She asked.

Tyler smiled and replied, "Ready Mom."

She kissed him hard on the lips and again they passionately kissed, tounges lapping together. 

Susan then felt her son sitting up on the bed, his head leaving the comfort of the pillow. She opened her eyes and pulled her mouth away from his. Tyler sat upright and wrapped his left arm under her stomach.

"BEND OVER!" He said in a commanding voice that Susan was not used to hearing from him...she liked it!

Susan giggled as she moved onto her hands and knees, facing the wall behind the headboard of the bed. She stuck her ass out as far as she could, inviting her son to get behind her. He did, quickly moving into a kneeling position between her slightly spread legs.  (next Chap 5)
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