"Stories 18+" Too Big To Resist C5

Stories 18+ Too Big To Resist C5

Susan called out over her shoulder, as she watched him place his hands on her ass and then shuffle himself forwards. She waited for that glorious moment when she would feel his big dick touch against her pussy, probably giving her another, instant, orgasm.

She was so wet and could feel her pussy contracting, anticipating the big cock that was about to fill it up. 

A few seconds went by as she faced her head forwards and closed her eyes. This was it..no turning back. Her sister had been fucking her son and now she was about to do the same, commit incest with her 19 year old son. Have him fucking her hard with his big stick, fucking her to orgasm. 

Tyler steadied himself behind his mom's bent over body. He placed one hand on each cheek of her well rounded ass and dug his fingertips in to the flesh, then pulled them apart, exposing her gapping wet pussy and her tight asshole to his wide eyed gaze. For so long he had thought about being able to grab hold of her big bum and find out what she looked like down there, it was every bit as fantastic as he imaged it would be. He took a deep breath and inched his hips forwards, aiming the head of his stiff balls, right at her open cunt-hole and then with force, ramming it forwards and right up inside her.


Susan screamed out as though she had been shot. She had not expected him to thrust inside her so forcefully. Her whole body lunged forwards, her big tits being swung hard along her chest. She dug her hands into the pillow, trying to steady herself. 

She felt him so deep inside her pussy, as her muscles tightened around the hard shaft. His big cock slammed deep up her cunt in a mixture of pussy-ripping pleasure and pain.

"OH FUCK....ARRRR....OH SHIT...YES TYLER...OHHHH...YES!" She yelled out.

Tyler pulled his cock back out with the same speed and force that he had thrust it in there, then just as quickly fucked it back up her again. His eyes rolled back in his head as he felt the tight warmth of his mother's pussy grip around his cock. She was wet up there that was for sure and he could tell she was going to cum again. 

The walls of her cunt closed in and seemed to stiffen up. He could hear her deep groans echoing around the room and then her cries of ecstasy.


Tyler continued to thrust his pussy pounder deep inside her pussy as the warm juices coated his cock. He looked down to see his meat beating and ripping at the thin skin of her cunt hole that was being elongated from her. 

He watched in amazement as little shoots of water-like fluid, spurted out along the shaft of his cock and hit his stomach. 


Susan could no longer contain her desire and her lust. Tyler's big cock felt so good inside her, like he was the perfect fit for the size of her cunt. 

Underneath her, two big boobs swung and collided together with loud slapping sounds. Her tits jiggled and shook with every hard thrust of his manhood against her body. She was breathing hard now, as the air was literally fucked from her lungs. Tyler was fucking her like a 19 year old stud can, pounding his big whopper hard and fast up his horny mother.

"YOU LIKE THIS MOM?" He said, again in that commanding and dominant voice that Susan really loved.


Tyler took her dirty words to heart and gripped his hands tightly on her hips. Using all the strength in his body, he slammed himself forwards, sending in one mighty thrust, the entire length of his cock pumping up her soaking wet pussy.


Susan screamed and collapsed forwards, her arms trapping beneath her tits. Tyler fell forwards too, keeping his massive prick right up her. He brought his weight down onto her ample and rippling ass cheeks, his big balls smacking against her flesh. He was now balls deep inside her and he began to batter her cunt hole. 

Susan's face was buried into the pillow, muffling her cries as he brought her to another cunt-gushing orgasm. The hotel room was filled with the sounds of skin slapping hard against skin, along with Tyler's deep breathing and only the low volume of the television on the table. 

Hotel rooms saw plenty of sex and if the walls could talk surely they would tell some tails, but this, well this was on a whole different level. This hotel room, like the one down the hall where Julia and Jake were 'hard at it', would have been witness to some serious hardcore, Mother and son fucking!

Tyler used all his body strength to pile-drive his mother into the bed. Her ass, (which Tyler had always thought looked like the Porn star Gianna Michaels ass) quivered and the skin rippled as he collided his crotch against it, repeatedly and with force. 

He pressed his hands down into the bed, either side of her hips and used the extra leverage to slam his cock as hard as he could into her cunt-hole. Tyler was a horny, well hung, teenager that had not been getting enough sex and he took the years of frustration out on his mother's hot pussy. All the pent up sexual tension came flooding out of him as he nailed his mom's big breasted body for all he was worth.

Susan could not believe how hard he was fucking her, He had her completely pinned down, flat on the bed, by the unrelenting and hard pounding of his body against hers. She managed to turn her head sideways on the pillow and take some deep inhales and exhales of breath. Her pussy felt as though it was being ripped inside out as another big orgasm was building deep within.


Again she erupted around the large weapon that was pumping and pounding inside her. 

Tyler could feel tiny jets of juices being squirted out when he pulled his cock backwards, hitting his skin and then dripping onto the bed sheet. 


Tyler placed emphasis on the final word as he shoved his cock deep up her pussy once more. His ass moved wildly back and forth, pulling away from her body and then instantly smacking back hard against her skin. He flexed and clenched his tight young butt as he drilled her pussy, still fucking her as hard as he could. 


After a few more minutes, Tyler slowed his pace down and then, with a heavy and very wet popping sound, pulled his dick out of his mom's well fucked pussy.

He rolled off of her back and onto the bed, his cock waving around like a giant flag-pole. 


Susan could barely catch her breath or regain her composure, before she felt Tyler's hands grip around her arms and pull her towards him. 

She climbed back up to her hands and knees and crawled closer to him. Throwing her left leg across his lap, she sat her ass down on his stomach, feeling his big whopper pressing against her. 

She pressed her hands down onto his chest and exhaustedly hauled her bum back upwards. Tyler's cock slipped underneath her dripping cunt and then she felt the head re-enter her gapping fuck hole. 

Tyler's hands immediately slapped on her ass as she began to use her legs to bounce up and down.


Susan's dirty talk really had an effect on Tyler. He was really quite shy and somewhat shocked to hear his mom talk this way to him, but on the other hand this was what he'd always wanted. To have her big tits jumping and slapping around above his head while her matronly ass beat against his thighs, taking his hard erect cock deep inside her wet pussy. 

Tyler looked up at his mother, bouncing wildly on top of him. Her face was contorted and her eyes tightly shut. He lifted his hands off of her ass for just a second and then with surge of sexual excitement, slapped her hard.



Again he beat the palms of his hands against her flesh. The slaps echoed around the room, mixing with her loud screams and hard smacking of their bodies. 

Susan felt the sharp stings that accompanied his slaps on her bum. She wriggled her full weight downwards and sat still on his cock. Then she began to rock her hips back and forwards, stirring his big dick around in her wet pussy. 


Now it was Susan's turn to be in control and she was feeling mean!

She placed her fingers at the top of his chest and lifted her palms. She scraped her nails sharply and viciously down his pecs, leaving deep red scratch lines on his skin.

"OUCH FUCK MOM...THAT FUCKING HURTS." He yelled, as he screwed up his face in pain.

"Shouldn't fuck your mother then should you, you dirty boy?" Susan replied in a sarcastic tone of voice.

Tyler got his revenge by removing his hands from her bum and then cracking them back down..hard..repeated several times.

Susan felt the sharp stings reverberate along the length of her spine and she gritted her teeth together and jerking her body upwards.


She then looked down at her son, whose eyes were locked on her tits. 

"Wanna suck 'em?" She asked.

Tyler simply nodded.

Susan leaned her body forwards, draping her jugs just inches above his face. Tyler lifted his head from the pillow, his eyes full of heaving tit flesh. He opened his mouth and poked out his tongue, aiming for the hard and erect nipple of her right breast.

From up above, it looked as though she was smothering his face between her boobs. She could not see his eyes or his mouth closing in on her, her mounds of tit flesh, hiding her boy's face from view. 

Then she felt the wetness of his tongue touch her nipple and she threw her head back, while once again, beginning to shove her ass up and down on his rock hard cock. 

Her meaty backside beat and slapped rhythmically against his thighs, his balls continually smacking her ass. Susan loved how wonderful his big cock felt inside her pussy and she could feel another big orgasm welling up inside her. She grinded down hard and screamed out,


Susan erupted once more and squashed herself down on his balls, soaking them in her wet juices. Squelching sounds came from between her legs, as she orgasmed all over his big fat cock and squirted it onto the bed below.

Meanwhile, Tyler was mauling her big tits, digging his fingers deep into the flesh, his mouth and tongue darting from one nipple to the other. He buried his face between the vast valley of her cleavage and felt her shaking her upper body from side to side, smacking her boobs against his face.

Susan continued to ride her son's big cock, bouncing and grinding her bum deep on it to another hard orgasm. She wondered where on earth Tyler got his well endowed dick from, his father certainly had not been this big. She wondered too about her nephew Jake, was he's cock bigger than her son's? Julia had told her he was a 'big boy' but Susan could not help contemplating which of the two horny Milfs was getting the most stuffed up their pussies!

"OH MOM...I THINK I'M GONNA CUM.." Tyler called out, releasing his grip on his mother's tits and falling back flat on the pillow. 


Susan placed her hands back on his chest and pushed down for extra leverage. She grinded hard, feeling his balls press against her asshole.


Jake's face was now contorted up as he felt the surge within his dick. His mom's pussy clung tightly around the shaft and stimulated him within her soaking wet hole. He placed his hands on her hips and prepared himself to cum right up inside her gash. 


Susan felt the hot and yummy cum, blasting deep inside her, coating her cunt. She could feel the sperm surging around, mixing with her own coital juices. She rode his dick hard, moving it around her pussy like a beater stirring a cake mix. It felt as though Tyler was flooding her insides, sending jet after jet of his potent spunk into her womb. Good job she was on the pill, how easy it would be for her son to make her pregnant with all of his cum blasting deep up her chute. 

"OHHHH.YEAH.....OH MOM....OH MY GOD...ARRR!" Tyler cried out with orgasmic pleasure as he held on tight to her hips, unloading the last of his thick spunk inside her welcoming pussy. 

He opened his eyes and looked up at his mother. Her big boobs jumped slightly as she grinded her hips back and forth against his body, balls deep inside her pussy. Her face was rosy red, her hair a mess, her lipstick smeared from all the kissing. She breathed heavily as she met Tyler's gaze.

She smiled down at him, slowly bringing her exhausted body to rest. Underneath her dripping cunt, it felt as though she was sat in a puddle of water, their mixed cum drenching the forbidden place where they were joined. 

Susan fell forwards, crushing her busty jugs against his muscled and sweaty chest. She placed her hands on the side of his face and smacked her lips hard against his. Their tongues danced together again now as their post-fuck emotions took over. 

Susan felt no guilt about fucking her son. Her sister was absolutely right...It was the best fucking of her life! She felt so in love with her teenage son. He had, in one night gone from a boy to a man, giving his mother a really good, hard seeing too. Her wrecked pussy, still stuffed with his slowly softening cock, had never been fucked so hard, or for so long. 

The clock on the table read 2.18am. They had been fucking for over two hours. 

"Unbelievable the stamina of my son..what a stud." She thought to herself, as they continued their deep and very passionate kiss. 

Tyler too could not believe his luck. All those nights standing silently outside her bedroom listening to her fucking herself, wishing that he could climb between her legs and get pumping her pussy with his hard whopper. Well tonight, in the secrecy of this hotel room, all his Christmas and Birthdays had come at once. He had done it...he had fucked his big breasted mother and made her cum so many times. 

He desperately hoped that his mother would not regret this in the morning...because Tyler was desperate to be able to fuck his horny mother again. 

He need not have worried, Susan was already planning in her mind the next hard fucking with her well hung son!


Chapter Seven

'All Cumming Together'

Jake and I had had it off again the next morning before we packed up and headed home. Before we left I went down the hallway and tapped on my sister's room door. There was no answer, so I assumed they had already left the hotel. 

Outside in the car park, I scanned my eyes around to see if Susan's car was still there, sure enough it was.

"That's odd." I said.

"What is?" Jake replied.

"Well their car is still here, but there was no answer when I knocked at the door." I said, puzzled.

"Are you sure you knocked on the right door Mom."

"Yeah, room 213 that was theirs." 

Jake shrugged his shoulders and climbed into the driver's seat of the car.

"I'll ring her later." I said as I got in beside him and we drove off out of the car park.


"Come to bed." Jake said as he waited, butt naked and sprawled out on the mattress. 

I was over at the dressing table in my bedroom with the phone pressed against my ear. I had tried calling Susan three times since we got back home and was getting no reply. 

"Strange." I said as I placed the handset back on the charging stand and turned around to see my son.

Jake looked so yummy laying there on the bed, his Adonis-like body ready for me to go and indulge in once more. His massive dick was already so big and hard, gently flexing over his stomach.

"What are you worried about," He said seeing the frown on my face.

"Nothing," I replied, "Just wanted to see that they got home alright." 

"I'm sure they are fine Mom...now come and suck on THIS!" Jake said, pointing down at his luscious love length.

I smiled and climbed onto the bed, crawling between his legs and taking his big cucumber-sized erection in my hand. 

Running my eyes up and down the huge 12 incher as I started to whack him off, I said in a seductive voice, 

"Oh Mommy is hungry baby!" 

I raised my head up and opened my mouth wide, wrapping my lips around the big bulbous head and sucking in deeply. His big cock slowly disappeared into my mouth, hitting against the back of my throat. 

I had grown to love giving Jake blowjobs, the feeling of having my fist pumping up and down the massive shaft while I dribbled down it and mouthed it off. I loved swirling my tongue around the tip, licking up the little drops of tasty pre-cum. 

"OH YEAH MOM!" He groaned out as I bounced my head up and down on his prick. He grabbed hold of my hair and applied pressure to the back of my head, trying to force me to go deeper. I gagged hard and my eyes watered as I took him down my throat. My saliva ran down his cock and over my hand as I continued to furiously beat his mighty meat. 

Before long, I could feel his body tensing up and I knew he was about to blow. We had not fucked since the hotel first thing this morning and Jake's cum built up quickly in his big balls, now he needed relief.


Jake moaned out as I slapped my hand along the massive length hard and fast, the first huge stream of spunk firing from his piss-hole and slipping straight down my throat. The salty cum flooded my mouth and I had to keep swallowing hard to take it all down. 

His ass flexed as he raised his hips up from the bed, shoving his cock through my wet hand and hard to the back of my throat. Another fresh blast of creamy hot spunk hit the back of my mouth. I was sucking hard like a vacuum cleaner, drawing every drop out of that massive dick. 


Jake's deep groans of pleasure made me so hot, I loved that I could bring my well hung boy to such sexual euphoria. 

Finally, after slurping all the remains of cum from his giant prick, licking his balls and sucking them into my mouth, I looked up and met his gaze.

"MMMM that was a lovely big load for mommy," I told him.

"Yeah...well..mom...you sure know how...to make me cum.." He replied, breathing heavily.

"How about you get between my legs and make me cum now?" I asked in my sexiest voice.

Jake smiled and sat up on the bed. I lay down and threw my legs high in the air, spreading them wide like some dirty slut, showing my hunky son my 'goodies.' 

"Get your mouth down there big boy." I commanded.

Jake fell between my legs, sticking out his tongue, he immediately connected with my wet cunt and wasted no time in going to work on it. His tongue lashed at my clit and along the puffy lips of my pussy. I reached my hands down and pressed hard on the back of head, simultaneously grinding my hips upwards, shoving my pussy harder against his face. 

He had moved his hand up under my ass and I could feel his fingers probing between my cheeks then touching my ass-hole. While he moved his head up and down, his tongue and his mouth munching on my pussy, He pressed his finger against my butthole and applied a little pressure. 


I screamed as my orgasm washed over me, sending shivers up my back. Jake lapped and probed his tongue at my cunt-hole, greedily lapping up my juices. I felt his finger puncture my ass-hole and then wriggle around inside. 


The stimulus at both of my sensitive holes, kept me cumming for what seemed like ages. My whole body wracked and convulsed around on the bed. I brought my legs down and wrapped them tightly around Jake's head, trapping him between my legs, rubbing my pussy over his unrelenting tongue. I pulled his hair and yanked him hard, burying his face deep against my snatch. My big tits quivered and shook as I thrusted my body up from the mattress, throwing my head around from side to side. Jake was a fantastic pussy-eater and, to be honest, I could have stayed like this all night long, his young handsome face mashed against my cunt. 


He now had his finger, knuckle deep in my ass-hole, fucking it in and out like a little cock. Then he went deeper in and I felt the ring on his finger touch my rubbery shitter. His hot breath and my burning loins, only tempered slightly by the cold gold of the ring as it beat against me.

Another big orgasm built up deep within my cunt and within moments I was again gushing into my son's waiting mouth.

Jake took me through twenty more minutes of intense cunt-munching, bringing me to so many orgasms that I lost count. 

Finally I relaxed my strong thigh muscles and released his head from my tight grip. He crawled over my body, his tongue running over my flesh, along my stomach and around the big globes of my boobs. He flicked my sensitive nipples and then brought his face to mine.

"Oh you naughty little boy," I said, as I cupped his sticky looking face in my hands.

I opened my mouth and we kissed hard and deep. 

Just then, I heard the phone ringing. I opened my eyes and Jake did too, we broke the sloppy wet kiss and he rolled off of me with a deep sigh, collapsing onto the bed beside me. 

"Don't worry, Mommy will be back soon." I said as I swung my legs off the edge of the bed and stood up. 

I crossed over to the dresser and picked up the handset.


"Hello Julia, its Susan," came the reply from the other end of the line.

"Oh Hi babe," I replied, "I have called you three times but there was nobody there." 

"OH WE WERE HERE!" Susan replied firmly.

"Oh, " I said confused, "Why didn't you pick up, I just wanted to make sure you got home from the hotel ok." 

"Yeah..we did...eventually!" Susan replied, hesitatingly.

"Why what happened?" I asked back.

"Julia..you will never believe what has happened?" 

"No..what?" I said getting rather irritated.

"Well, last night in the hotel..after we went to our rooms..I...had sex with Tyler!" She said excitedly.

I was standing with my back to Jake so he could not see the look of shock and surprise on my face.

"YOU WHAT!" I yelled after a moment's pause.

"Well, I couldn't see why you should get to have all the fun Julia."

"Oh my god, how funny." I replied, with a giggle. "How did that happen?" 

"Well I was so fucking horny after hearing about your antics with Jake that I had to go in the bathroom and fuck myself, but then I thought about Tyler and decided 'why not,' so I went and got into bed with him and before long...BAM!"

I could hear the excitement in Susan's voice as she went on to describe how they had been busy fucking when she had knocked on the room door this morning and how she had not been answering the phone because she had been bouncing around on his cock ever since they got home. 

"Well," I said finally, "Sounds like we are both naughty mother's now then." 

Susan laughed at the other end of the phone and then replied, 

"Yes babe..I think we are...VERY naughty."

I turned around and looked at Jake. He was lying on the bed still, but with an inquisitive look on his face. 

I smiled at him and raised my eyebrows.

"So, have you been getting naughty with that big hunk of yours since you got back?" Susan asked.

"Oh hell yeah," I replied, "In fact...right before you called."

Susan laughed at the other end of the phone.

"Oh shit sorry, didn't mean to interrupt."

"That's alright babe, we were just finishing up actually." I replied.

Jake looked at me with a strange and uncertain frown, he said quietly, "Who you talking too." 

I just smiled back and raised one finger, signalling him to wait a moment.

"Well must go now darling," Susan said, "I can see a boy with a nice hard cock waiting for me." 

"Yes, so can I," I said back with a slight giggle.


I heard the click at the other end of the phone as my sister hung up. I replaced the receiver back down again.

"Who the fuck was that?" Jake asked, firmly.

"Your Auntie Susan," I replied, "They got home ok."

"What were you talking about?" He asked rather concerned, as I climbed back onto the bed beside him. 

"Well...you listen to THIS..." I said.


Several weeks went by after this. Jake, now knowing that his Aunt and his cousin were fucking each other's brains out too, continued to batter my pussy and my little ass-hole at every opportunity. 

Susan and I would share our stories over the phone, about the latest sex session with our son's. Julia told me all about that moment when she had first taken Tyler's cock in her ass and how she had handcuffed him to her bed and spent all day using and abusing his body for her own amusement. 

I would often have to go straight off and get Jake to bend me over and pound my horny cunt after one of Susan's phone calls. She always got me hot with her confessions, going into graphic and pornographic details about how her son had fucked her. 

Then one day, during one of our almost daily phone calls, Susan said she had had an idea.

"You know I was lying in bed last night, with Tyler's cum dripping out of my pussy, when I came up with a really great idea." 

"Oh yeah, what you dreaming up now, you dirty bitch?" I replied.

Susan laughed and said, "Well, how about...one day..we all get together and all have some fun!" 

"You mean like an orgy?" I said enthusiastically.

"Yeah...you know...I fuck my son, you fuck your son and then maybe a little game of...swoopsies!" 

I laughed out loud I could hear Susan doing the same.

"It would be a fuck-load of fun Julia..Think about it." She said.

"You just wanna get your hands on Jake's foot long cock, don't you, you dirty bitch?" I replied with a wide smile.

Susan laughed again and then replied emphatically, 


We both continued laughing, but between my legs I could feel my pussy getting wet with the suggestion of a big family fuck!!


A week later, after I had talked it over with Jake, we invited my sister and Tyler round to our house. 

Jake had said that he would love to 'have a go' on his auntie's big tits and, from what Susan said, Tyler was just as keen to get naked with me. So all was arranged, Tonight they were coming round to ours and two horny, big breasted mother's were going to get pounded by two, very well endowed, teenage sons.

They arrived just after 7pm. We all had dinner and got each other turned on by talking about what was too come later on.

"Well," said Susan, "I think Julia should bend over and take Tyler's big dick while my hunky nephew gives his auntie Susan a good seeing too with that ABSOLUTELY MASSIVE cock!..Then when he has FUCKING DESTROYED MY PUSSY..We can swop round!"

"How about a little DOUBLE action Aunt Susan?" Jake asked boldly, "Think you could handle BOTH of us at once?"

Susan's eyes flew wide open as we all laughed out loudly. I looked at her and she looked at me. 

"What do you reckon Julia, Think we could take a 12 incher and a 9 incher TOGETHER." She asked.

I hesitated, not because I did not wanna try a little double penetration, In fact I had already thought about the possibility of taking one in my cunt and one up the ass, but I waited to gauge Susan's reaction to Jake's suggestion. Seeing the excitement in her eyes and her big wide smile, I casually replied, 

"I hope we can spread our holes wide enough for these two BIG BOYS!"

Again everyone laughed and we all stood up from the table and headed into the living room. As we all walked, Jake took hold of my hand and gently pulled me towards him, planting his lips against my mouth, kissing me hard.

"HEY YOU TWO," Susan called out ahead of us, "Wait until we get naked!"

"Just remember Mom, "Jake said quietly and lovingly after breaking the kiss, "My big dick belongs to you really."

I smiled and winked at him, knowing what he meant. Although he was just about to fuck his huge appendage up my sister's pussy, he wanted me to know that it was me he would be going to bed with tonight when they had gone home!

Susan had already removed her top and discarded it on the floor, her huge boobs flopped freely, having not bothered to wear a bra tonight. 

She turned around and grabbed hold of her son's arm. 

"You sit on the sofa Tyler, with Julia." She looked at me and motioned me towards the couch.

Tyler did as he was told, unbuttoning his jeans as he moved.

Susan then turned her lustful gaze towards my son and held out her arms as if ready to embrace him. 

"COME HERE BIG BOY." She said, in a deep and seductive voice.

I sat myself on the sofa and looked at my nephew. He was a good looking boy really, although not quite the hunk my son was. I glanced down as he pulled his trousers over his hips, lifting his ass up from the sofa. I immediately saw the big bulge in his black Calvin Kline boxers and felt my already wet pussy getting hot. 

Taking the lead, I leaned over and placed my hand directly on top of it, feeling that hard stiffness below the material. I moved my face towards his and aimed my lips to his mouth. He closed the gap between us and we kissed. Our tongues began a merry dance, twisting and sliding around in each other's mouths. I felt his hands touch my tits and give them a very forceful squeeze. 

I could hear Susan starting to groan from across the room. I opened my eyes and directed my gaze to see Jake bending in front of my sister, his hands cupping her mounds of tit-flesh and stuffing his mouth full. She was running her hands through his dusty blonde hair and trying to pull his t-shirt over his shoulders.

I closed my eyes again and sucked on my nephew's tongue as I moved the palm of my hand around on his hard erection. I squeezed my fingers around the large lump and could feel the contours of his thick shaft beneath his shorts. His hands pulled at the material of my low-cut blouse and I heard some of the buttons come popping off. His hands then darted between the opening and his fingers plunged into the flesh of my breasts.

I pulled myself away from his face, sloppily parting our mouths. I looked into his deep set, but very innocent looking eyes and said,

"Let's see what we have under here." 

I looked down at his crotch and moved my hands to the waistband of his boxers. I quickly ripped them back and his large cock come springing out over the top. It snapped back heavy and hard, slapping against his t-shirt covered stomach. 

I pulled his boxers down further onto his thighs and exposed his balls. They were not as big as Jake's but still very nice. 

I then stared into his eyes as I wrapped my fingers around his dick, lifting it up from his stomach and began to jack it in my hand. 

Across the room, I looked to see that both Jake and Susan had got totally naked in a very quick space of time. I could see the energetic passion with which they had torn at each other's clothes, now heaped on the floor around their feet. Susan had both her hands already jacking on Jake's cock. He was not fully hard yet but I think my dirty sister would soon remedy that.

"Oh that feels good Auntie Julia," Tyler said in a gruff voice, causing me to turn my full attention back on him. 

His nice hard cock was almost fully erect now as I beat it through my tightly gripping fingers. I guess that having got used to holding Jake's 12 inch whopper in my hand, Tyler's seemed quite a bit smaller, although at 9 inches was still perfectly adequate to give my hungry pussy a humping.

I smacked my lips back onto his mouth and forced my tongue passed his open lips. We French kissed again as I heard Susan call out from across the room.


I did not open my eyes to look but I knew she was now seeing my son in all his immense glory. 

Meanwhile, Tyler had moved his fingers to my nipples and was tweaking them hard, pulling them slightly and make my big breasts jiggle.

I was now furiously jacking off his cock, slapping my hand all the way up and down its length. I could feel the veins pulsating against the palm of my hand and my pussy getting wetter by the second.

After a few more moments, I stood up from the sofa, reaching for the zipper at the side of my skirt. As I undid it, Tyler stared up at me, his eyes glued to my big tits. 

I looked over to see my sister, on her knees in front of my son, both her hands working and twisting along the length of his massive cock. Her lips were rapidly sliding along it, as she took him into her mouth, giving him, what looked like a nice, wet blowjob. It was quite a surreal moment really, seeing my sister and my son, both naked in the middle of my living room, her on her knees deep throating his giant cock!

I turned my attentions back to my nephew and dropped my skirt to the floor. I had no panties on underneath and now his gaze fixed upon my shaven pussy. 

"Oh wow Aunt Julia." He said, almost so quietly he may have been saying it to himself.

With a smirk I raised my leg and brought it over his legs. Sensing that I was going to ride him, he lifted up his arms and held out his hands, ready to grab hold of my hips or my ass.

I came down astride him, sitting my bum on his legs. His big cock flexed on its own, just inches in front of my cunt. 

I reached down and took it back in my right hand, firmly slapping it back so that it smacked against my stomach. His hands wandered, first from my hips and then down to the crack of my ass, where he dug in deep and pulled my butt cheeks apart. 

"Oh you naughty bad boy," I said, seductively.

His eyes roamed wildly, running from my pussy, where I was continuing to beat his meat against me, up to my large melon tits. His mouth was wide open and for a moment he looked like a retard as he took in the sight of my Milfy body before him.

"So you have been fucking you mommy, have you?" I asked, breaking his gormless look. 

"ARHA," He murmured, nodding at me.

"Well I think it's time your Auntie found out what your mother has been having up her every night!" I said as I lifted my butt off of his well muscled thighs. 

I took hold of his hard stiffy and aimed it between my legs. I brushed the head along my wet pussy lips, teasing myself with it, before sinking down and filling my cunt full of his nice young cock. 

He pulled my ass cheeks further apart as I began to bounce on him. Looking down below my flapping knockers, I saw his face change. He went from innocent to angry looking in a split second. He growled slightly as I felt him raising his hips, meeting my downward thrusts with his own, more forceful slams. 


I wrapped my fingers over his shoulders and held on tight as he began to really hammer his meat inside me. His hands ripped at my ass cheeks, exposing my bum-hole to a slight draft that was wafting around the room. 

Our bodies slapped hard together, my tits bouncing wildly as he pounded my pussy. 

From behind me I could hear my sister telling my son what she wanted him to do, in that domatrix-type voice that she did so well.


I smiled to myself and tried to look over my shoulder at them but Tyler was thrusting my body upwards so hard that I had to concentrate to hold myself balanced on his manly cock.


My pussy exploded around his plunging fuck-stick, splashing my orgasmic juices over his balls. 

"OHHH YES....ARRRGHH BABY....OH SO GOOD....MMMM" I cried out as my busty body continued to be assaulted by his pounding fucker. 

Again behind me, a piercing scream as my son must have buried his cock inside Susan,


I thought back to the first time I had felt Jake's enormous jackhammer ploughing up my pussy. In some ways I envied my sister right now...that first time experience.

Not that I was not getting it good and hard from my nephew...Because I was. His cock slammed, with immense pace, in and out of my dripping wet pussy. He looked like a man possessed as I wrapped my hands around his throat and held him tight. He looked up at me as I playfully choked him. His eyes bulged from their sockets and his nostrils flared. His fingers dug deep into my fleshy backside, feeling the ripples of my cheeks as they were relentlessly smacked against his powerful legs. 


My screams echoed with those of my sisters as loud slapping sounds filled the room.


Susan's scream-the-house-down cries made me cum again. It was a mixture of my own body reacting to the hard, pumping pussy-pounder that was battering my cunt-hole and the sound of my sister getting hammered against the floor by my huge-hung son.


Just then I felt his hands relinquish the tight grip he had on my ass and his arms lock around my back. He leaned his upper body forwards and using his powerful arms and legs, lifted my clean into the air. His big cock still remained buried, balls deep, inside me as he held me up in his arms and spun me around. 

With a forcefulness that I had not expected from the shy 19 year old, he lowered me down onto the sofa and hooked my legs over his shoulders. He looked down on me with nothing but lust in his eyes and began to, quite literally, pile drive my big breasted body into the soft cushion seats of the sofa. 

"OHHH BABY....OH FUCK!" I yelled, as his big muscular frame smacked hard against my ass.

His big balls slapped against me as he powered his big cock in and out of me, drilling it, balls deep into my wet cunt and then pulling back.

From the vantage point I now had, I could see Jake and Susan down on the floor, I watched his tight ass muscles flexing and clenching as he drove his massive dick into my sister's well spread cunt. She had her arms locked over his lower back and would occasionally get her fingernails and scrape them viciously over his pounding ass.

The breath was being well screwed out of both of us by our two young boys, so our screams became slightly muted and breathless. 

"FUCK ME....OH GOD....SO BIG...FUCK ME JAKE...ARRRGHHH...OHHHH...YES!" Susan cried out.

My legs stretched over Tyler's shoulders and held much of the weight when he thrusted himself deep into me. I was completely at his mercy. I could do nothing but wrap my hands up around his neck and hold on for the ride. 

The hard slapping of our four bodies and the orgasmic screams of big-cock sex were enough to wake the dead. 

After several more minutes of this relentless and very hard pounding, I heard my sister call out from across the room.


Tyler stopped fucking me and looked back over his shoulder. Then he returned his gaze to me and said, out of breath. 

"Do you..mind...Aunt Julia?"

I shook my head and replied, 

"No..go get her stud!"

He pulled his cock out of me and allowed my legs to fall from his shoulders. To be honest I was quite pleased to get the rest. My cunt was gapping wide open and I could feel my juices dripping out of me.

I watched in silence as Susan lifted herself up from the floor, pushing Jake out of her pussy. 

"LAY ON THE FLOOR JAKE." She ordered and he abruptly followed, his big hard dick waving around like a flagpole on a windy day.

Susan threw her legs either side of his hips and came down astride him, taking his whopper in her hand and quickly shoving it back inside her pussy. She then leaned forwards, pressing her big boobs into my son's chest. 

Tyler, sensing what he needed to do, got down on his knees and moved between Jake's spread legs. Susan reached her arms behind her back and took handfuls of her ample butt flesh in her hands. She roughly yanked her cheeks wide apart, displaying her ass-hole to her son's advancing cock.

I watched in awe of my sister, as Jake held her still on top of him while Tyler edged his fuck-tool forwards, the bell-end disappearing between the valley of her ass-cheeks. 


In so many ways my sister and I were exactly the same. She loved to talk dirty while getting fucked, but today she seemed even more angry and insistent that she be given what she needed.

Tyler jammed his hips forwards, busting his cock through her hymen and filling her bowels. 

"ARRRGGGHHHH FUCK!" Susan screamed, louder than ever as he was stuffed with two very large jackhammers. 

Susan seemed to need no time to get used the feeling of having her pussy and ass reamed at the same time. Instead, within seconds she was telling our two boys to really go at it.


The boys took their lead from Susan and wasted no time in pumping and pounding her body. I felt a deep burning in my pussy as I watched her being wrecked by their big cocks. From my sideways-on view, I could not actually see them ripping her holes apart, so I got up from the sofa and walked across the floor. 

I moved behind Tyler and looked down over his shoulder. I had never watched anyone getting fucked before, let alone DP'd and I must confess it was amazing to see. Tyler's big cock, pummelled at his mother's shithole, her tight puckered hole being forcefully banged into. 

I then got down on my knees and lowered my head towards the floor. I could see, through Tyler's legs, the sight of Jake's big veiny prick as it slammed with power and force up inside Susan's cunt. I could also see how wet she was and the little puddle of goo that was forming on my carpet beneath them.


Susan's screams and the hard slapping of the bodies continued to echo around the room, probably right down the street as well! 

I had to put my fingers onto my clit and rub myself hard as I watched the incestuous display before me. 



Tyler raised his hands high over his head and then sent them crashing down onto his moms jiggling backside. He repeated it several times, powerfully whacking and spanking his mother's ass. 

I stood up again to see the big red marks appearing on her ass as he kept on slapping her. Jake too, had moved his arms around behind her back and had replaced her hands in holding her ass cheeks apart. She had shifted hers up around my son's neck and was clinging onto him for dear life. 

Her body shook and was so forcefully fucked forwards by their big pounding cocks, that I wondered how she was standing the onslaught. She must of cum numerous times over the next ten minutes, as her orgasmic and breathless, cries indicated. 

I continued to frig off my pussy, using one hand to strum my tingling clit button and the other to finger myself. As I wriggled three fingers around inside me, I could feel my cunt muscles tighten up. I had to stand with my legs wide apart and my knees bent, so that I could really fuck myself to orgasm. The scene below me was all the visual I needed to bring myself to another raging climax. 

"OHHHHHHHH MMMMMMM!" I groaned out, as pussy juice squirted out of my pussy and onto the floor. One jet fired and landed on Tyler's back, which he must of felt but was too busy reaming his moms ass to take much notice. 

Jake moved his head on the floor and looked out from under my sisters fast, heaving body. He gazed up at me and gave me a lovely big, boyish smile. 

"Your turn next Mom." He said.

Before I could say anything, Susan yelled out again as another big orgasm washed over her well fucked body.


As Susan's head fell limp beside my son's face, I could sense that she could not take much more of this double fucking. Her ass and pussy must have been burning hot as those big cocks ripped at her. So I decided it was my turn to get demolished. 

"HEY BOYS...I'M GETTING LONELY OVER HERE," I called out with my hand raised in the air. Tyler turned his head to look at me and Jake smiled widely.

"GO BOYS!" My sister called out from down on the floor, barely able to catch her breath. "GO...AND FUCK..JULIA NOW BOYS...OH SHIT...I AM FUCKING WRECKED!" 

Tyler was the first to stand up, ripping his cock out of his mother's butt-hole with a loud pop. Jake rolled my sister off of him, leaving her in a lifeless heap on the floor, where she coiled up into a foetal position, totally spent of energy. 

The boys stood in front of me and I turned my back to them. I reached my hands back around and fumbled to find their huge cocks. I gripped my son's giant dick in my right hand and Tyler's in my left and pulled them forwards. I walked back over to the couch, leading them behind me by their hard young pricks. 

"Follow me boys!" I said in my most seductive voice. 

I stopped at the edge of the sofa and told Tyler to sit down, which he swiftly did. 

I looked over my shoulder at my son, releasing my grip on his dick and feeling it slap hard against my ass. Jake had also moved his arm up and wrapped it around my waist, his fingers gently stroking around my tummy.

"Your turn to stick it up the ass baby," I said as I lifted my leg and stepped forwards. I placed my knees on either side of Tyler's hips and reached again for his cock, placing it at the entrance to my soaking wet pussy. 

Jake had moved up behind me and bent his knees forwards to get his cock at the right height to be able to plunge up my bum-hole. 

"SHOVE EM' IN BOYS," I called out in a whooping show-girl like voice.

Tyler was in first, jamming his hips up and filling my hot pussy with his cock. I looked over my shoulder again and smiled to my son as he met my eyes and then looked down my back to where his raging hard whopper was about to slide between my butt cheeks.

I inhaled deeply, holding my breath. I looked over at my sister, still laid out on the floor. She was truly wrecked.

Then I felt it. Jake's big cock head squeezed my cheeks apart and touched my throbbing ass-hole. Jake had become used to fucking my ass and he knew exactly how much pressure to apply, softening me up, before he sent his inches deep into my anal cavity. 

He pushed and in he went. I felt the thin membrane of skin that separates a woman's pussy from her ass, being squashed. 

"ARRRRGHHHHH FUCK.....OHHHHH....YES..." I cried out as I felt Jake go deep up my ass. 

Tyler too, took his cue to start fucking my pussy once again, seconds later they were both hammering at my holes.


I held on tightly to Tyler's shoulders, trying to hold my balance while these two teenage fuckers slammed my body. 

Inside, my cunt welled up to another orgasm, which sent pulses along my spine. It felt as though their huge cocks were side by side and that nothing was separating them. It was a deep burning sensation but not unpleasant, I could get used to it!!

My tits bounced wildly in front of Tyler's face, until Jake reached his strong hands around and held them in his tight grip. 


As they continued their assault upon my busty body, I noticed out the corner of my eye, Susan slowly crawling on her hands and knees across the carpet towards us. 

She got closer and I heard her yell up to me, "FUCKING AWESOME AREN'T THEY...OUR BIG STRONG BOYS." 

"YES...OHH..FUCKING HELL...YES...ARRRGHHH!" I screamed back. 

A few seconds later, Jake began to groan loudly behind me. I thought that maybe he was about to cum. I looked back over my shoulder again just as he closed his eyes tightly shut and said,


"OH SUSAN, YOU DIRTY BITCH!" I yelled as I turned my head back around. 

My filthy minded sister was down there shoving her tongue around my son's butt-hole, licking his rim.

"What a slut," I thought to myself.

My body continued to be pounded front and back, their strong cocks bringing me to another explosive, body rocking, orgasm. My juices had no way of escaping, my holes were too tightly plugged. I could feel it all swirling around inside me, being stirred by Tyler's humping prick. 


Behind me, Jake's groans grew deeper and ever louder. I could not hear Susan so I assumed she still had her face buried between his butt.

"GONNA CUM...SOON..OHHHH.." Jake cried out.

I used all the strength in my hips to shove my ass back as hard as I could, impaling his massive whopper cock as far up me as it would go, really stretching my ass-hole around that throbbing prick so much that it was really hurting me.

I was expecting Jake to blast his wad deep up my shitter, but instead he pulled backwards, painfully, sliding his cock from my buttery rim. 

"GET DOWN HERE." I heard Susan yell and I obediently yanked myself up from Tyler's dick, which sent my cunt gunk, gushing onto the floor below. 

Jake took his cock in his hand and Susan placed her head just below it, opening her mouth wide and sticking out her tongue, ready to receive his big, sticky spunk. 

Seeing this, I quickly dropped to my knees and moved my open mouth into a position next to my sisters. We looked like a couple of porn stars kneeling there, waiting for the well-hung male lead to end the scene by covering his co-stars faces in his cum. 

Jake groaned loudly and the first large, long rope of spunk blasted from his cum cannon cock. It landed across Susan's waiting tongue and over her left cheek, before in rapid order, Jake swung his cock to the right and sent the second jet snaking across my face. 

I licked it from my lips just as another large load dumped on my chin and fell onto my heaving chest, dribbling down my tits and dripping to the carpet below. 

I shut my eyes to avoid any cum getting in them and stinging me, as yet another ribbon of hot cream landed on my nose and fell into my mouth.

I swallowed hard, letting the salty sperm slide down my throat, leaving a warm feeling, deep within my chest. 

Thinking he must have finished unloading, I opened my eyes, just in time to see him dump yet more of his spunk on Susan's face. 

She was covered in it, as I guess I was too. I looked down at her tits and saw the streaks of white lines running down those big melons of hers. I watched as she opened her mouth wide again and began to lick the head of his cock, taking the last little drops onto her tongue as they oozed out of his piss-hole.

Before I knew what was happening, Tyler was stood directly in front of me, his hand beating madly along the length of his cock. 

"GONNA CUM AUNT JULIA," He cried out.

I lifted my hands up to my breasts and pushed them up, holding them tightly together. 


Seconds later and with a forwards jerk of his entire body, I watched as his cum splashed out of his dick and onto my boobs. Five thick and potent ropes jetted across my fat jugs before I hungrily lowered my chin and began to slurp up the tasty juices. 

My boobs were all slippery and wet with spunk as I worked the white goo around with my tongue. 

Just then Susan's face appeared before me and she rolled out her tongue from her mouth, her face still dripping with cum.

She licked between the deep valley of my cleavage, scooping up the large amount that had formed between my tightly held together boobs. Then she lapped up the remnants of the two spunk loads that had creamed my tits, paying a special moment of attention to my sensitive nipples. 

I looked up to see that both the boys had collapsed back on to the sofa, both sweating heavily and looking exhausted. Their stomachs and chests moved rapidly as their heavy breathing continued. They both looked at each other and proudly smiled. Jake raised his open hand and directed it towards Tyler, who copied his cousins action and they met in the middle, high fiving each other in mutual congratulations, for just banging the shit out of their horny Milf mother's.

I smiled as Susan brought her face up from my large rack and then aimed her, cum covered tongue towards my mouth. I opened up and willingly accepted it into my mouth, quickly mingling my tongue with hers.

"Shit..Look at THAT." I heard Jake say from the couch, as the two boys watched their mother's indulge in a deep, cum-swapping, kiss. 

After a few blissful moments kissing my sister, we drew our mouths apart, a thin dribble of saliva and spit trailing between us.

We both looked at our son's, sprawled on the couch then looked back at each other with a laugh. 

"I think we exhausted our two big boys Julia?" Susan remarked.

"Well they didn't do too bad a job on us either!" I replied, reaching down and feeling my well fucked pussy, my asshole contracting hard.

"Yeah they did good," She said, nodding in agreement.

We all smiled at one another and then Susan and I pulled ourselves to our feet. The smell of sex permeated the room and that musky scent of cum that lingers around after sex, I breathed it in deeply. 

"You know boys," Susan said in her deep seductive voice, "You better get used to this..Because I for one am gonna want plenty more of that big dick, double penetration action...how about you Julia?" 

"Yeah, me for two," I replied nodding my head. 

Then Susan stepped forwards and reached down to take her son by the hand. She pulled him up and stood face to face with him, their eyes locked on each other. She ran her tongue across her lips and we all waited to see what the big breasted bitch would do. 

"But right now," She said..."I wanna take my big boy to bed... and have him all to myself...can we use your spare room Julia?" 

"Yeah of course honey," I replied.

Both giggling, Susan turned and led her son out of the living room door, they sounded like a couple of kids as they scrambled up the stairs and then I heard the bang of the bedroom door closing. 

I looked down at my son, his large cock still semi hard, resting on his lap. I stepped towards him and leaned forwards, my big rack swinging below me. 

"Do you think you could go again Jakey...just me and you this time?" I asked with a dirty look.

He thought for a moment and then, running his eyes down to my tits, said,

"For you I think I can Mom." 

I took hold of his wrists and pulled him up from the sofa. Now it was our turn to run, butt naked up the stairs, my big tits and his hardening cock slapping around as we ran. 

Getting through the door of our bedroom, I wrapped my arms around my son's neck and looked him deep in the eyes. 

I smiled and said proudly,

"You know what...you really are too big to resist."

We kissed and fell onto the bed, ready for some more mommy and son fucking!!


Way back at the start of this story, I told you that I was more satisfied and happy than at any other time in my life. Well that is so very true. 

After we brought my sister and nephew into our incestuous games, things got even better. We got together for regular family fuck sessions and getting DP'd became a constant feature in both my life and Susan's.

Now of course, I cannot recommend that every mother follows the path that I did, seducing your son is a highly risky business that can back-fire spectacularly. Not every son is gonna wanna fuck his mother, or indeed every mother fuck her son...But the next time you are passing your son's bedroom, just stop and consider what you might discover asleep on the bed...just maybe you too will find it...TOO BIG TO RESIST!! The End.
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