"Stories 18+" Wife's First Big One P2

Stories 18+ Wife's First Big One P2
She said it was only fitting that Ken have ownership of that part of her pussy that nobody else could reach. 

I asked her if she was kidding and she told me, “Ken owns that part of my pussy because only he can reach it.”

After we were finished, Tracy went to the bathroom and showered. I was still horny so I continued to stroke my cock. I looked down at my cock and wondered what it would be like to have a 10-inch cock. I wanted to see what it was like when Tracy was getting fucked by Ken.

When Tracy came back to bed, I asked her how she would feel if I secretly videotaped her and Ken when they had sex. Tracy thought about it for a few moments and then said she liked the idea.

I set up our video camera in the bedroom and showed Tracy how to start the recording. I hid it in a basket full of clothes. In front of the camera I placed a plastic bag that was tinted, but still transparent. Even if you looked right at it, you couldn’t see the camera.

With everything set, I kissed Tracy and left. Ken was due to show up in 15 minutes.

I went to a bar for a couple of hours and tried to relax. This was the first time that I knew beforehand that Tracy was going to have sex with Ken and I was shaking with excitement and a few other emotions that I couldn’t begin to describe.

I was a little tipsy when I returned home. Ken’s van was not in sight, so I knew the coast was clear. Tracy told me that she wanted to take a shower and invited me to watch the video and see how it came out.

I put the tape in our VCR in the living room, pressed play on the remote and quickly got undressed and sat on the couch. I watched Ken come in and get undressed. Tracy was already nude. She must have taken her clothes off before he arrived and met him at the door like that. The first thing she did is position Ken so that the camera got a good view of her sucking his cock. As she did, she told Ken how much she liked his cock, and how good it felt inside of her.

I loved every minute of it. I started stroking my cock as I watched. The action progressed and Tracy did an excellent job of making sure that all the action was in full view of the camera. Tracy mounted Ken with her back to the camera so that I got a great view of his thick cock pushing it’s way into her pussy. 

One of the things that I noticed was that Tracy’s pussy was very wet. So wet that her juices were smeared all over the outside of her pussy. I remember thinking to myself “does a big cock turn her on that much?” I knew the answer, but I was afraid to think about it.

I liked what I saw so much that I started stroking my cock faster. I watched her ride Ken for a long time and then Ken wanted to change positions. He got on top of her and started out by sliding his fat cock slowly into Tracy’s soaking wet pussy and then pulling it almost all of the way out again. He repeated this over and over again while Tracy moaned loudly with delight. His pace slowly got faster and I watched with amazement as Tracy had a series of several powerful orgasms over the period of about thirty minutes. I never saw her cum so much in all the time we were together.

I couldn’t believe it. I was watching my wife fuck another man enjoying it. I couldn’t stop watching and was getting more and more turned as I watched him cum inside of her pussy. I shot my load as he got on top of her and started fucking her doggy style . I continued stroking my cock as she started to orgasm again and again.

After it was over Ken dressed and left. Tracy stayed on the bed and spread her legs for the camera to see. She started fingering her pussy and talking to me through the camera. 

Well dear, I hope you enjoyed this, I sure did. Look at how much cum he left in me.”

Her pussy hole was open and Ken’s thick cum was ever so slowly oozing out of her. I was very turned on by the sight.

I remember thinking to myself “man my wife is so naughty”.

“I was thinking about it”, she continued as she fingered her pussy for the camera.

“I was thinking about all the cum Ken leaves in me, and as deep as his cock is in me when he cums, there is a strong chance he might get me pregnant. If it was a boy, I bet he would be hung like his father. We could just say he took after you. What do you think?”

Tracy continued fingering herself and grew more and more excited as she spoke.

“I really could get pregnant with all the cum he has pumped so deep into me. You wouldn’t mind it so much, would you?”

I stopped stroking my cock and watched as I shot my second load.

Tracy finished the tape by saying,

“I guess you should be careful what you ask for sweetheart, you might just get it, and a little bit more”.

A few of months later, I noticed Tracy’s belly was starting to swell... End
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