"Stories 18+" Abused Aunt Jean C2

Stories 18+ Abused Aunt Jean C2
He returned home around 10PM. His cock was already fully erect and his balls were aching for relief as he forced himself not to run up to her room, although he did take the stairs faster than normal. Her door was open, one of the small lamps was on. When he stepped across the threshold, Jean, as usual, was naked on her bed, drinking from the blue glass. He could tell she was at least half wasted. She swiveled on the bed still somewhat leaning back against the headboard. He saw she had shaved her muff, just like the ripped out magazine picture. Ron liked it, but nearly immediately found himself wishing for the thick haired furry bush. He realized he had really enjoyed rubbing his face into her "fur." 

"I got a haircut, like you wannid me to, Ron." She took a gulp from the blue glass. "How come you din't come home earlier? I've been waitin' for you. Are you gonna fuck me now? Is that why you wannid me to cut my cunt hair, huh?" 

Ron's cock was throbbing. He couldn't quite read his aunt. She seemed horny, had to be the way she was lightly and seemingly absentmindedly fingering her clit, yet her expression and voice made him think she was angry, not necessarily that he was late, because he wasn't, but angry in general. 

"Com' 'ere. You wan' me to suck your cock, don't you?"

Ron stopped thinking with his brain and thought only with his prick. "Yeah. I want you to suck it." He pulled off his shirt then started on his baggy shorts.

"You wan' me to suck it like a slut, right? Huh? You want me to be a slut for you?"

"Yeah... yeah, like a slut. And... suck the head really hard when I tell you to."

" 'Kay. I'll do that."

He knelt on the bed and Jean got on all fours, put one hand on the base of his thick prick, laved the head, then the rod with her tongue, then took it into her mouth. Ron half moaned, half grunted. He leaned forward and ran his hands down her back to her perfect apple ass, stroking her buns for a while, then her back again. She was giving head a lot better than the first couple times. He rarely felt her teeth, the "O" of her mouth gripped him tightly as it slid down to meet her hand stroking up. Sometimes she moaned, hummed really, and it sent a very nice vibration through his tool. He'd usually groan in response. Once she hummed a giggle after his utterance and that almost made him shoot his wad. He kept looking at her ass, touching it, stroking it, squeezing it. He really wanted to push his cock into her ass. Her cunt was really tight, but he expected her hot asshole would be even tighter. Just the thought of doing it almost made him cum. He told her to suck the head really hard. She did, and as per usual, he had to lean away and push her head with his palm to get her to stop. POP! She said what she did sometimes, that she wanted him to cum in her mouth just like she "cummed" on his mouth. 

Again, he really wanted, almost needed, to make her reach orgasm first. He didn't wonder why anymore, he just wanted to make her cum first. He told her to lay down, then he slid off the bed and pulled her hips to the edge as he had that very first time. He folded her legs up and back and held them there as his mouth devoured her newly coifed pussy. She got very wet, and with his own saliva a trickle of slippery juice drooled down over her hot little anus. He told her to hold her legs back herself, so her arms laced around her calves, her hands cupped the backs of her fat ankles. His tongue and mouth kept working her cunt and her wondrous, large, turgid clit while he drew his right hand down the back of her thigh and moved it below his chin. His thumb planted on her hot, squinting orifice already lubed with his drooling saliva and her pussy juice. He slid it over and around the hot spot with firm strokes.

Jean tensed for a moment, which just made the wonderful shivering tingles from her pussy intensify. "Mmmmhh... oh... oh yeahhh... yeahhh," she moaned as she pushed up towards his mouth and started slowly squirming her hips.

Without really thinking what he was doing, he sucked her thin, delicate labia into his mouth, rubbing his tongue firmly and quickly against the trapped pussy lips, then pushed them nearly all the way out, but quickly sucked them back in, more tongue strokes, then pushed out, sucked in, pushed out, sucked in over and over again while his tongue wildly stroked them, and his thumb rubbed faster on her torrid, slippery asshole. Jean started trembling and pushing towards his mouth more intensely.

"Oh... oh god... wha' 're you doin'... oh... oh god... don'... don' stop... oh god tha' feels good... so... good."

He kept it up for another half minute, then let her pink petals slip out. He stabbed his tongue into her weeping channel, swirling it around crazily as his thumb continued stroking her anus.

"Oh... oh... oh gahhhhhd." Jean started panting. Ron's mouth moved slightly and his tongue slid to her large, taut clit. He sucked it firmly but gently as his tongue rubbed it furiously. He'd never get enough of her incredible clit.

"OH! OHHHHHH-H-H!" Jean's eyes shut tight, as she lost control of her body. Wave after wave of intense pleasure coursed through her, making her push her hips up and press her slit right up against Ron's wet mouth, her neck then her back arched, her cunt began contracting over and over again as her body quaked from the intensity of her orgasm.

Ron kept his tongue working until Jean's twitching became jerking. He didn't want to chance hurting her with his teeth, so he smeared his face against her wet, slippery slit. Before Jean he had never given much thought to whether or not a cunt could actually be pretty. Jean's was. With its delicate pink lips, large clit, and satin texture, it really did look, feel, and taste like some exotic, erotic flower. Knowing how snug, warm, and wet it was around his cock, made it even more beautiful. He needed to be inside her. He turned his head and looked at the wooden chair at the desk. He had wanted to try something he had seen on one of his porn vids. He hoped Jean was sober enough to do it. Jean was still trembling and huffing her breaths, but her twitching and jerking had subsided. He turned his face to her pussy again. He gently sucked her turgid clit and furiously rubbed the tip of his tongue on it again.

Jean's eyes shut tight. She started shaking again as her hips rose to push her cunt to Ron's mouth. "Oh-h-h-h-h... ohgod... urrrrrrh!" His tongue intensified the waves of pleasure radiating from between her legs. It was almost too much pleasure. She was nearly frantically panting her breaths. She murmurred, "Oh... oh Ron... Ron."

When Jean started to twitch and jerk again, he gave her drooling cunt a couple face strokes, then pulled her legs down. They hung over the edge of the mattress. He quickly rose from his knees, then got the wooden chair from the desk and brought it to the bed. He'd try what he had seen on that porn vid.

He took her hand and pulled. Jean gave him an inebriated smile as she kept huffing her breaths and sat up. He realized he really liked her smiling. It made her look even prettier and sexier.

Jean released a brief, breathy giggle. Her eyebrows rose. Her voice had a cute lilt to it, "You wan' me to suck your big cock again?" She wondered if he was going to sit in the chair for it.

"No... ahh... yeah.... yeah, just the head, and... and suck it really hard just... just for a little while." 

"'kay." He didn't sit so she reached for his thick cock as she leaned forward and opened her mouth wide. She engulfed the head and a little more. Jean sucked it rhythmically like a baby at a nipple but didn't think of it that way. She realized again how thick and big he really was, she thought the same thing each time his wonderful cock first pushed into her pussy. She also knew she only had experienced one other penis with which to compare it. All that mattered was that it was the perfect size for her. 

Ron growled, "Ahhh.... mannnnnn."

Jean liked it when he groaned like that. The "O" of her lips tightened around his circumference and her head started bobbing slowly, sliding her lips down the staff an inch or so, then up until it just slipped over the ridge of the spongy yet firm helmet of his manhood. She did it slowly a few times then picked up speed and slid it down a little farther meeting her gripping hand moving up and down from the base. She decided she wanted to feel Ron lose control and cum in her mouth. She was going to hold it in her mouth, then when he got soft and slipped from her lips, she was going to look up at him, meet his eyes to make sure he was watching, then swallow it all. She wanted to show him that she'd do anything for him. 

"Urrrrhhh... fu-uck... Jean... jus'... jus' suck the head... the head... jus' the head."


The little vibrating hum almost made him pump his wad. His hands held her head. It took some strength for him to get her to stop bobbing. "Jean... jus' the head. I... I want to be inside your pussy. C'mon, jus' the head. Suck it really hard." 

Jean protested with a long, pouting hum, "Mmmmmmhhhh-mmmmhhh."

Ron's eyes shut tight and his jaw clenched. The vibration nearly made him shoot. He struggled to ignore how good it felt. His eyes opened. "Jean... the head... suck hard. Suck it hard."

Jean finally did as he asked. Her cheeks went concave as she suckled the helmet as intensely as she could.

"Urrrrhh... yeah.... yeah." He felt himself loosen on his cum trigger. He felt the head numbing, then a few moments later it started to hurt. As always, when his palm pushed her forehead, Jean tried to resist. He grunted, "Enough... enough." He pushed her forehead harder.

Jean's head jerked back as she kept sucking. POP! She was huffing breaths as her tongue wiggled out of her mouth towards the now dark red head of Ron's cock. "Le' me... le' me suck it more."

Ron's hands moved to her arm pits. He pulled her up to her feet. "No... I need to be inside you." He sat on the chair and pulled one of her hands to his shoulder then both his hands went to her waist. "Step onto the side rungs of the chair, then... then lower down onto my dick. Know what I mean?"

"Ummm... 'kay." She put her other hand on his other shoulder. She giggled as she placed left foot on the side rung, then wobbled a little as she placed her other petite foot on the opposite rung. "Oh...'kay... I get it."

Ron moved his hands to her hips. He watched her right hand take hold of his throbbing rod. Her legs started to bend at her knees. He watched her glistening cunt move to the tip of his prick. Her delicate, pink labia were flared open from his oral ministrations. She rubbed the tip of his cock up and down her wet, slippery slit, then she lowered more and the head nudged inside her warm, wet channel.

"Urrrhhhh," Ron groaned.

Jean giggled softly at his moan. Her hips swayed as she pushed down slightly. More of his thick, hard rod slid into her tight, juicy channel. He felt extra big, then she realized that her legs flexing holding herself up, was also making her pussy clench. She held his shoulders tighter and put some of her weight on him, relaxing her legs a little and her pussy followed suit. She pushed down while still swaying her hips and half of his cock worked into her cunt.

"Ahhhh.... jeezuz... Jean, that... that feels so good."

Jean smiled, then pushed down harder. It felt very good to her too. She liked gripping him so tightly, feeling every fraction of his hardness sliding up into her. She closed her eyes and exhaled sharply, then her breathing quickened as she took the last inch of him inside her. She felt the firm yet spongy helmet push against her cervix. "Ohhhhh.... mmmmmmhhhh." 

She felt Ron's hands hold her hips tighter, felt his thighs flex and then he pushed up into her as his hands made her ass move side to side on his lap. Her back arched as she did the movement herself, squirming on his thighs. She pushed down harder and as she swayed and rocked, sometimes her large clit smooshed against his pelvic bone. "Oh... mmmhh." She felt his hands nudge her up. Her legs flexed again and her bottom rose slowly, still swaying, her cunt still very tight around his rod, moving up and up until just the bulbous head was inside her. She then pushed down hard and Ron pushed up. Her channel was instantly stretched again. She heard a soft - thap - as her ass met his thighs. She did it again, then again, then again. Thap - thap - thap. 

Jean tilted her head down and watched. Thap-thap-thap. Soon she was bouncing on him. Ron kept pushing up to meet her. "Oh... oh god... mmmmh." She shut her eyes tightly. It was almost like riding a horse, some hot, erotic horse.

Without thinking, Ron's hand left her hip and he brought it down on the cheek of her ass. Smat! "Faster... harder... harder, Jean."

The spank was a shock but she liked the sensation of hot, tingling pins and needles on her bun. She got more crazed, shoving down harder as he wanted. She was panting. She whispered between breaths, "Do... that... some... more."

Ron's other hand moved. As her ass started down again, he gave her left bun a swat. Smat! Then when she rose and started down again, his other hand gave her right cheek a spank. Smat! The left - Smat! The right - Smat!

"Oh!" Jean's bottom was covered with hot, shivering pins and needles. It drove her wild. She was rising and slamming down on Ron's lap so fast and hard he couldn't rise up to meet her. "Oh... oh god.... Ron....Ron... mmmmmhhh." Her eyes were shut tightly. She felt his hands hold her waist. She slammed down on his thick cock again and then grinded wildly on his lap. 

Ron's eyes were shut too. He didn't want to shoot his wad yet. Her cunt felt so very tight and awesome around his prick. He was breathing nearly as ragged and fast as she was. "Hold... hold on. I wanna.... get on the bed."

"Mmm... do... do we hafta?" She pushed down and grinded even more intensely. She was getting close to another orgasm. She didn't want to move to the bed.

He growled, "Yeah... yeah, we do. Hold on." 

When she leaned forward and encircled his neck with her slender arms, he slid forward on the chair and her legs folded upward against his sides. He gripped the cheeks of her ass with both hands. As he started to stand her legs wrapped around his lower back. He took the couple steps to the bed and lowered her towards the mattress. She kept clinging to him like a baby monkey to its mother as he crawled towards the headboard, his cock still buried deep inside her, her channel gripping his girth tightly. He lowered her to the sheet, then folded her legs up and back and kept them in place in the crooks of his elbow. His hands cupped around her shoulders. He had done it this way before. He needed to fuck her hard and rough. She was already squirming and pushing against his groin. His throbbing thick cock was still buried deep inside her perfect hugging channel.

Jean was panting. "Are... you going to... fuck me... hard... hmmm? Are you gonna... do it hard... really hard?"

He grinded intensely against her pubic bone. He was also huffing his breaths. "Is that what you want? Huh? You want me to fuck you really hard and fast, Jean?"

"Yeah... c'mon... do it... do it to me..... c'mon, Ron... harder... I wanna do it hard."

Her asking for it nearly made him empty his balls into her. He pulled back and slammed into her as hard as he could. Her body lurched but his cupped hands under her shoulders kept her in place on the sheet. He reared back again and rammed into her once more.

"OH! Oh... god... yes.... yessss... faster... oh god, Ron... it feels... so good... so good, baby." She panted a few deep breaths. "So good! Yes! YES!"

Ron's cock became a supercharged piston. Jean bucked under him in perfect timing to meet each of his thrusts. Their pubic bones rammed against each other. It hurt a little but felt wild and crazy, and so it was good. In less than two minutes he knew he was going to pop his rocks. "Oh... jeezuz... I'm gonna cum... I'm gonna cum, Jean... oh fuck... arrrrrhhh!"

"Yes... yes! Deep... deep in me, Ron... ohgod... fill me. Deep... Deep! Fill me... Fill me, Ron! I wanna feel it!"

His mind was reeling so he wondered only a moment if this time was the most verbal for Jean to date. He did want to fill her up. He rammed deep once more, then kept grinding his groin against her and his cock swayed inside her warm, wet, tight channel. "Arrrhh... oh.... oh Jean... oh... fu-UCK!" His cock exploded in her depths gushing gobs of cum into her. Jean pushed and grinded towards him violently. After a half dozen spasms of his throbbing cock, he let her legs unfold down to the mattress. Her legs were bent at the knees slightly as she used them and her back to push up towards him again. He grinded into her once more and then lowered to her chest as his cock rippled another three times shooting blanks. He pushed his face into her fragrant hair, breathing heavily and mumbling, "Jeezuz... Jean... ahh jeez... you're... you're so hot... so good... so perfect." He kept huffing breaths. His body stiffened once again and incredibly his cock shot once more. "Urrh!" He turned his head towards her shoulder just to get cooler air. He kept most of his weight off her with his elbows.

With the last ripple of his cock, she hugged him very tightly with her arms and legs, it was more difficult to breathe and catch his breath. A couple minutes later he felt her shaking slightly, then more. He started to smile as he kept sucking breaths. He was sure she was about to start laughing. He knew if he heard a laugh, he'd laugh too, even though he wasn't aware of what was funny, maybe his total exhaustion. He had just fucked the hot version of his aunt and did feel like chuckling about that, not because it was funny, but that it felt so good, a little laughter would seem to follow the grin on his face. 

She made him feel so good. She made him feel like a man. It was so odd that she was older yet in bed like this, he felt like the older one, or at least equal age with her. Although he had started wishing even more that they could be more normal about it all. Not have two Jeans, one of the day and a different one of the night, but have one single total Jean. Would that ever be possible? He felt her take a deep breath, then her body jerked. He heard something like a cough and realized she wasn't laughing, she was crying. His contented smile instantly vanished. 

He had to use some strength to get her arms and legs to release him. When he did, she rolled onto her side and into a fetal position, in the process his deflated cock slipped out of her. She was crying intensely, sometimes sobbing. He lay on his side, spooning her, pushing his lower arm under her side to wrap both his arms around her petite body, holding her close to him.

"W-W-Wha' have... I-I-I d-d-done?" Jean released a couple sobs. "I'm so... u-u-ugly... a-a-an' now... I'm s-s-so b-b-bad. I... I c-c-can't... h-h-help it-t-t. I... I wan' it. I-I don' wann be... alone. I don' w-wanna be alone. I... I don' wanna be u-u-ugly an' b-b-bad. I'm s-s-sorry... s-s-so s-s-sorry. It's... it's... all m-m-my f-f-fault... m-m-my f-fault." Jean broke down into breath sucking sobs again.

Ron not only felt like the biggest asshole in the world, he also felt a crushing guilt. He realized he was taking advantage of a girl who was obviously a little nuts if not truly crazy. But how was he harming her really? She just said she needed it, and he needed it too. They weren't hurting anyone one else by fucking. No one knew and no one would know. He realized he didn't want to be alone either. Oh shit. He hadn't given it much thought, but he had assumed she was on the pill. She had to be on the pill! His gut tightened more. What if she isn't?! He had to ask about that, obviously not now, but soon. Did she want to stop fucking him, even though she just said she wanted it? He wanted her so damn much but he would never force her to do it. 

Jeezuz... what if she did want to stop fucking him? He needed her as much as... no, he needed her more than she needed him. Was he using her? Taking advantage of her because she was depressed or emotionally screwed up? Or... was she taking advantage of him because he was a teenage guy who was always horny? Were they using each other? Both of them being selfish, getting what they wanted and it just happened to be they wanted the same thing? Did he care about her at all? 

Yes, he did care about her! He had been an ass to her before. He had treated her terribly. He did like her, he liked her a lot. He might even love who the "total Jean" might be. He didn't want to think about love though. Yes, it was all screwed up. She was his aunt, it was incest, but he had refused to even really think about that until this moment. They weren't hurting anyone! They weren't even hurting each other! So what if it was incest! 

But, why was she sobbing right now if she wasn't getting hurt? Oh shit, what would he do if she didn't want to fuck him anymore? He'd go nuts being with her for the next couple months, knowing how good it could be and then not be able to touch her. He had to do something, had to at least say something to her now. He realized what a selfish asshole he was at the moment. He should be more concerned about Jean, not whether or not she was going to stop fucking him. 

He was glad her sobbing had stopped and she was just crying hard now. She didn't want to be ugly and she wasn't when she was the hot Jean. She had to change the 'daytime Jean.' Ron quickly decided that was the real problem, not incest, not any of the other stuff. 'Aunt Jean' wouldn't even look someone in the eyes because she thought she was ugly. That's what was nuts! He had to somehow get her to realize that. Any girl who wore the kind of clothes she did would probably think she was ugly too! His mind started racing. What did she last mumble?

He kissed her shoulder, then her head. "Jean... I... I'm the one who's sorry. I... I don't want to stop..." He blinked. He shouldn't say 'fuck.' "I don't want us to stop being together like this, but... I mean... Do... do you want us to stop being together like this?" He wondered if she was so drunk she'd not understand what he was saying. He wished he was better with words. He held his breath waiting for her answer. He didn't want her hurt. He didn't want her to feel bad about any of it. He admitted to himself there was more to it for him than the sex. What he wanted was to be with the the total Jean, the Jean in between the Jean of the night and Aunt Jean of the day. Did 'middle' or 'total' Jean even exist? He did care about her! He really didn't want any of this to hurt her or make her cry.

"No... I don'... don' wanna stop an'.. an'... th-th-that makes m-m-me so... s-s-so bad."

He exhaled, kissed her cheek, then even kissed her disfigured eye socket. It made her cringe. He spoke softly and hurriedly, "It's not, we're not bad, Jean. We're not hurting anyone... it's... it's us... us just ahhh... caring for each other, giving... giving each other what... what we need. We... we're... we're sharing something... that's... that's really nice, really... uh... beautiful, right? It's... it's good not bad."

"I-I-I d-d-don' know any... anymore." She let our another sob. "I... c-can't h-help that... I wan' it. I like you... an' tha... t.. t..." Another sob.

"It... it is good. But... I think we... we have to make it better and... and..." He wasn't sure he should say what was on his mind. Maybe they'd never fuck again. "I... I think we need to... to stop drinking so much beforehand... I mean... when we do it together, when we're together like this. I... I think it'll be better, you know, not being drunk and... and you'll... we'll feel more, and... and you'll be able to see that... that I really do think you're beautiful. I... I think you being dru... you being a little tipsy, you don't really see how... how I think you're beautiful and... and hot, and nice, and... and how much I like you, and like being with you."

"I... I don' know if... if I can... can do this without d-drinking. I need it... an'... an' you... I need you so much... s-s-so much, R-R-Ron." Again she broke down into intense crying.

He knew what he had to say and it was the truth. He gave her cheek, her temple, her screwed up eye socket kisses, then kissed her ear. He spoke softly, "I need you too, Jean. I need you just as much as you need me. Together we're not alone. I don't want to make you cry though. I... I want to make you feel good. I... I want to help you see how pretty you are. I want to... to be together like this when... when you haven't been drinking, when neither of us have been drinking. I want you to be... I want to help you to... to relax around people, to... to dress like... like some cute chick, which is what you are. I want you to see how... how good and... and normal you are and can be. I don't just want to be in bed with you. I... I want us to do things together, get to know each other better." 

He was shocked his own eyes started welling with tears. "Jean... I like you. I want to be with you when you haven't been drinking at all. I want us to do more than have sex together, just... just do normal things together. I... I want you to be happy and... and you're not gonna be if... if you don't change. I want... want you stop worrying so much about... about how you look, and... and I want you to look me in the eyes all the time not just when we're together like this. I want you to try to be... be less worried about what everyone thinks and... and... and just try to be... be yourself, and be happy. I like you... I like you a lot." Tears started running down his face. It made him feel like a goddamn wimp.

Jean had heard at least half of what he had said. He liked her. He did think she was pretty, or maybe that was his pity talking but it didn't seem like pity. She heard him sniffle and realized he was crying too. His tears lessened her own but didn't stop them. She pushed his arms away, then twisted towards him. She put her arms around him and his returned around her. "I'll... I'll try, Ron... I'll try for you to... to be... to be braver... more... normal. I... I'll try not to... to drink so... so much."

"We're... we're going shopping for you tomorrow. We're going to do that no matter what, Jean. I'm not kidding. We are. You... you can't be dressing like... like you do all the time. I... I'm buying you new clothes. I'll... I'll help you pick things out."

"All right... all right, anything, honey, jus'... jus' don't leave me."

When she agreed Ron's tears stopped but Jean continued to softly cry on and off for the next fifteen minutes, grabbing more tissues a few times. Finally she settled down. Ron told her he felt exhausted. She said the same. She didn't tell him to leave. They continued holding each other and within ten minutes, they had both dozed off.

* * *

Chapter 6

Jean was wide eyed behind the large sunglasses. Ron had almost not let her wear them. She had lied to him when they had breakfast, well, when she had made him breakfast. Her stomach was too upset with a hangover and anxiety about the previous night to eat anything, nor did she eat much of a breakfast on any day. She lied when he asked if she remembered agreeing to go clothes shopping for her today. She had said she couldn't remember that, and she'd have never agreed to it. He had gotten angry, had stood up from the table and paced back and forth. He said they were going shopping, even if she didn't remember promising, he was going to make her go, even if he had to tie her up and carry her around. 

He then went down a list of things, how it wasn't bad that they were having sex, that it wasn't hurting anyone, that they both wanted to do it and it was helping both of them. It was sharing and it was good, no matter what anyone else would think. He told her that, yeah, he was dumb and just a teenager and didn't know everything, but she was even dumber because she was being afraid when she had nothing to be afraid of. She was pretty and sexy even if she didn't know it and was blind to it. He said he was fed up watching her act like the way she dressed, like she was some stupid dork, someone who didn't even know how to act around people, which he knew she did know how to do. 

He shouted that he was sick of her coming across to him and everyone else like she was some crazy person because she wasn't crazy and definitely wasn't ugly and that her acting like that made him so fucking angry. He told her she had promised him last night to go shopping, to let him pick out her clothes, to help her with that, that he'd even use his own money, and that she was goddamn going to do it, even if she shouted or cried or acted like some goddamn crazy person the entire time. He didn't care if she kicked and screamed like some little brat, he was going to drag her from store to store until she had enough clothes so she could dress differently every day. And if she somehow refused, he was going to rip up every one of her stupid "uniforms," her stupid oversized, bad fitting, stupid blue jean shorts and T shirts!

His outburst hadn't scared her, but it had affected her. No one had ever spoken so frankly and forcefully to her. She actually believed he would have dragged her kicking and screaming from store to store. She had been overwhelmed by him. When he asked a few more times if she remembered agreeing to go shopping, she had finally admitted she sort of remembered, and when she said that, he had virtually pulled her around telling her to get ready. He had held her hand tightly as he took her out to the car, opened the door for her and then shut it for her, very gentlemanly, but it was more as if he had expected her to bolt away and he was going to catch her before she escaped. 

She had also been remembering everything else too. She obviously knew what they had been doing was terribly wrong. Until last night she had just rationalized that it happened because she had been drunk. She had promised herself after every time they had sex that it would never happen again. She guessed that last night, she had finally admitted to herself she had been rationalizing and outright lying to herself. She didn't want it to stop. She needed it, not just the sex, but the rest of it too, she was so glad he was talking with her now and spending time with her. And from what she remembered only having sex twice with her long forgotten boyfriend before her life had been changed by the accident, Ron was a great lover. She didn't have to remember the other two times as a teenager and compare him to that other boy, all she had to do was remember the past couple weeks, and how many orgasms he had given her.

"Hold your head up, Jean."

"I am." She lied. She raised her head.

"And put your damn shoulders back too."

"I... I'm standing fine."

"Jean.... do it."

She did as he said. She was too tired, hungover, and so near an anxiety attack she didn't want to argue.

Ron pointed to a small clothing store. He had just seen four college chicks walk out. "We'll start there."

"Ron... I... I don't want to go in here. I... I haven't been in a mall for... for years. I... I shop at Walmart for clothes. Why... why don't we go there. Please."

Ron held her hand tighter. His voice was stern. "No. We're going in here. I've got a bunch of money. You're getting new clothes. Stuff that fits, and we're going to other stores too, so.... so get used to it."

She tried to pull him to a stop, then twist her hand from his. "I... I can't."

His hand tightened on hers. He kept pulling her. "That's bullshit. If you shop at the grocery store and... Walmart, you can shop in a mall too. It's not that big of a deal, Jean. Don't get me pissed off." He opened the boutique's door, his hand released hers and then quickly went to her lower back. He virtually had to shove her inside. He was determined to get her through this shopping trip, but his attitude was mostly feigned. He was really concerned she was going to freak.


He stepped up to her bedroom door and stood there for a few moments. They had gotten back from the mall after 2:00 PM. He was glad he had been really horny from just seeing her try on clothes that fit, because as soon as they got into the house, he had pulled Jean upstairs. When they got to her room, he nearly ripped her "uniform" clothes off and his own. He had passionately kissed her as he had pushed her to her bed, then as soon as she sat down, he was on his knees, raising her legs, and folding them back, and his mouth was on her cunt a moment later. 

His horniness had gotten them over the fear of doing it with her sober. It had been the best time ever. Jean was just as sexy and hot and awesome as all the times she had been wasted. It had taken a huge weight off his shoulders or mind or wherever that heavy worry was. He smiled softly. He was going to 'make love' with her again later. He was going to do everything she loved. It was going to be her night, everything for her later. 

"Jean?" He waited a few moments. No answer. He tapped on the door lightly. His voice volume rose. "Jean? You dressed yet?"

"Yes... but... why don't we stay home? I'll wear this dress and... and then make you dinner, and... and then afterwards... I'll... I'll make you feel so good, Ron. We.... we'll stay up all night and... and I'll do anything you want. Just... just let's stay home. I did the shopping with you today. Isn't that enough for one day?" 

He tried the door knob. It was locked. She had done everything he wanted today, but he wanted her to do more, she had been too damn afraid for way too many years, and he was sure this would be good for her. His voice softened, "Jean, open the door. I want to see you in the dress again."

"Can't we just stay home?" She didn't notice her voice sounded like a little girl's.

"I really want to see you in the dress. Come on. Open the door." If she refused he was going to get the pin and unlock it. He waited twenty seconds. His voice came out stern, "Jean."

"Just a second." She got up from the bed and walked to the door. She opened it. "Ron, please. Can't we just stay home? I put this dress on for you. Isn't that enough? Really, please. Let's stay here tonight. Please."

Again Ron couldn't believe his eyes. She looked incredibly hot in the form fitting short tank dress. Except for the stupid fake glasses, she really could be some girl from his graduating class, well, at least some college babe. She had those fat ankles but her legs shaved looked good, very attractive, hot. Her cute, even pretty, little feet in the thin strap leather sandals were even sexy. He looked at her face. Her hair was pushed forward at the side to hide her disfigurement. His hand rose and his fingertips combed the hair on the good side of her face back. Then he started to do the same on the scarred side. Her body stiffened.

"Ron, please... don't do that. Leave my hair there. Please."

He could see her good eye was tearing, nearly brimful with tears, the odd eye was too. The deformation around her eye socket was mostly hidden by the dumb glasses. "I think it looks good like this." She turned her face from him. His palm cupped the injured side of her face and he had to use a little strength to get her to look at him again. "I like you facing me when we talk." He lowered his hand and looked her over quickly. Something was missing. "Oh... uh... do you have a purse or bag or something?"

"Just my... my big bag."

"Ahh... well, do you need to take anything? You know, any..." He didn't know what to say. A small smile came to his mouth. "Any girl stuff?"

"Yes... no... I don't know. Ron, please, let's..."

He interrupted, "Jean, you look terrific, better than in the store when you tried this on and you looked awesome there."

Jean bowed her head and trembled as she started crying softly. "Don't... don't make fun of me."

He frowned, then put his arm around her shoulders and nudged her toward the dresser. He pulled out some tissues from the box and gave them to her. "Wipe your eyes, then look in the mirror."

She wiped her eyes and blew her nose with her head bowed. "No."

"You said you'd do anything for me a few moments ago."

"I will. Let's just stay home."

"What I want is for you to look in the mirror." His jaw tensed. "Do it, Jean, right now." She slowly raised her head. "See? You look terrific. Pretty, and hot and... jeezuz... you look my age."

"I don't... I look awful."

"I hope you know I really like what we do together in this room. It's... it's awesome for me. Do you like what we do together?"

"You... You know I do."

"I... I would miss spending those times we've been having lately if it all had to stop, I mean, you know, before college this fall. I would miss you a lot, Jean. Would you miss our time together too?"

"I'd... I'd miss you a lot. Why... why are you asking me that?"

"You know how I asked you this afternoon, and even before this afternoon, what you'd like me to do to make you feel good, and you've asked me the same question?"


"I would like you to go out with me tonight, like we agreed, to dinner, then.... then maybe that outdoor cafe in town. That would make me feel really good, Jean. I really want to do that with you."

Tears started rolling down her face again. "I don't want to be stared at, looked at. You don't understand."

"I thought you didn't mind me looking at you now? Were you lying?"

"No. You can look at me. I... I trust you now, I mean... I mean everybody else."

Ron spoke softly, "You know, when I've gone out on a date, I'm only concerned that my date looks at me, pays attention to me. I... I wouldn't want her thinking about anyone else around, worrying about if they were looking at her or not. And I don't care if anyone else looks or doesn't look at me. The girl I'm with is who concerns me. I guess you don't feel that way." It was sort of what had thought of to say in anticipation of this very conversation. He wondered for a moment if he had ever really thought anything like it on his handful of dates. Probably not.

"That's... that's not what I mean. You know what I mean."

He wasn't going to convince her. He didn't know enough. He had been about to threaten her, no dinner out, then no sex. Then he got afraid she'd get angry and tell him to go to hell. His voice was soft again, "Jean, I want us to have dinner out just as much as I want us to sleep together. If something... something awful happens tonight, I... I won't ask you to do this again. I... I thought this would... would be fun to get out of the house. I thought it would show you that... that I like you, that it's not just the sex for me anymore. I want to know you better. I... I want us to go out tonight. If something terrible happens, we won't ever do it again." He prayed nothing untoward would happen.

She couldn't figure out why he wasn't embarrassed to be seen with her. He was being sweet, but he just didn't understand. Maybe if he saw what would happen he'd know she was right. "If... if something bad happens, we... we won't have to do this again?"

"Yeah, but... but you have to... you have to... you have to..." He didn't know how to say it. He figured he shouldn't say she had to act 'normal.'

"Have to do what?"

"You know how you're looking down right now?"

"So what?"

"You can't do that tonight. If you do, that'll break our deal. And... and we'll do this again even if something bad happens."

"What difference does it make how my head is?"

"Well, I'd like you to look at me just like you've started doing today, and ... and I think it looks really stupid to walk around with your head down."

"See? Even you think I look hideous."

"I didn't say that." His jaw clenched for a moment. He finally got an idea. "Your first grade kids, your students?"

"What about them?"

"What would you say to some little boy or little girl who always walked around looking down at the floor or... or never looked into your eyes when you spoke to them?"

Jean bit her lower lip. She wiped her eyes again with the damp tissue. "All right. I'll go and... and keep my head up, but if something... something bad happens, I'll never do this again and you won't make me do it again."

Ron exhaled. "Great. Let's go." He took her hand. "Look at me."

She raised her face and met his eyes.

He smiled. "Hi."

Her face scrinched and her eyes welled up yet again. Her voice squeaked, "Hi." She wiped her eyes with the tissue.

Ron kissed her cheek. "You look awesome." He headed to the door. He was glad he didn't have to pull Jean out of the room.

It took them less than fifteen minutes to drive to the restaurant. Ron walked around the car to help her with her door. He and Dad went to this Thai restaurant about once a month when he was home. He held Jean's hand. She was lagging behind a half step, as if she was trying to hide behind his back. He pulled the entry door open and nudged Jean so she'd walk in first. When she was inside she turned towards him as he entered, then when he took her hand again, she again lagged a half step behind him. He smiled at the hostess.

The Asian girl smiled. "Hello. How many? Just two?"

"Yeah, just us. Could we have a booth?" He didn't want to push Jean too much in one night and he liked the booths better.

"Is a table okay? All the booths are taken."

Ron saw the place was only half full. He looked at Jean. She had her head turned pretending to look at a framed travel poster on the wall. He tugged her hand. "Jean? Let's get a table, okay?" She didn't face him just nodded. "Pardon me?"

Jean stared at the poster. "I guess that's fine."

He tugged her hand. "What?"

She bit her lower lip and turned to face him. She knew the ugly side of her face would be seen by the very pretty hostess. Her eyes welled, then her jaw tightened for a moment. "Yes. A table. Okay." Jean's eyes glanced at the pretty girl. She was smiling at her, then at Ron.

"Table then?"

Ron smiled. "Yeah."

"Okay." The girl turned and headed towards an open table.

Ron released Jean's hand, his went to her back and nudged her forward.

She whispered, "Can't... can't you walk first?"

"Ladies first." His hand gave her another nudge. He whispered, "Head up."

Jean bit her lower lip again and started walking. She didn't glance at any of the diners just kept looking straight ahead to the table where the girl was standing. Near the table, Ron moved to her side and pulled out the chair for her, then sat opposite her at the square table. The girl smiled at her as she handed her a menu, did the same with Ron, then walked away.

"Dad and I come here about once a month. I like it. I hope you like spicy, but if you don't there's a lot of things that aren't all that hot, you know, spicy hot. Do you like Thai food?" He realized he should have asked earlier.

"I... I've never had it."

"We always get the yam neua and the pad thai. The first one's a really spicy beef salad, and the pad thai is not spicy hot but really tasty. Oh... and the fresh spring rolls are really good as an appetizer and so is the sa..." He glanced at Jean. She was hiding her face behind the menu. "Jean?"

"Yes." She kept pretending to read.

"Our deal, you're... you're supposed to look at me when we talk."

She raised her face. "I was reading the menu. People do that, you know."

Ron grinned. He knew she hadn't meant it as a joke but it had sounded like one. "Yeah, someone told me that once." He chuckled.

She liked his blue eyes very much as well as his boyish grin. The corner of her mouth curved slightly but her eyes teared a little once more.

He kept looking at her and smiling. She was cheating, her hair on the scar side was forward, near her dumb eye glass frames hiding most of the scarring and disfiguration. "I was going to say we should try a couple appetizers, and a few entrees. Dad and I always over-order then doggy bag the leftovers. They're good miked the next day."

"All right. May I go back to reading the menu?"

He chuckled. "Yeah, sure."

"Do... do they serve drinks here?"

"You mean alcohol?"

Jean whispered, "Yes."


"I... I think you should order everything since you know the food here."

"Dad and I usually split all the dishes, you know, like family style. We'll do that too, okay?"

"All right."

"I think you should at least pick one entree. Maybe you'll choose something I've never had and it'll be good."

"Okay." Jean raised the menu again, then furtively glanced around only moving her eyes. No one was looking at her. She finally started to actually read the menu.

The waitress came up with glasses of ice water. "Are you ready to order?" She smiled at the guy then at the girl. She noticed the awful looking, big frame glasses and wondered how bad the girl's eyes were and if it had anything to do with her terrible wound. 

Ron glanced at the pretty girl. "We're not quite ready to order."

"Okay. I'll be back in a few minutes."

Jean's breathing had quickened. The girl had looked at her ugly eye. She told herself to calm down. The girl hadn't stared that long, but longer than most of the sales girls and cashiers had at the mall. Jean's eyes followed her to see if she told some other waitress about it or the hostess. The girl walked up to the kitchen window and picked up some plates of food. She didn't talk to anyone. "Ron, the waitress... she.... she..." Jean bit her lower lip. She didn't really know what to say. The girl hadn't made a scene, hadn't pointed her out to anyone, nor had she even made a face about it. 

"Huh?" He raised his eyes from the menu. Jean's eyes were welled up again. His heart sank, then he got irritated. "What about the waitress?"

"I... I... she's... she's very pretty."

He looked at the menu. "Yeah, Asian girls are pretty, at least the waitresses here. Most of them, I guess." He knew that wasn't what she was going to say. "Oh... and Thai iced coffee, that's really good afterwards, but... if we're going to the cafe... ahh... we'll see. Do you like pork?"

"I... I... it's okay."


He watched Jean pick up her iced coffee and suck the straw. "It's good, isn't it?" He smiled at his nearly undeniable urge to kiss her lips. She looked so damn cute at the moment, and would be even cuter without the dumb glasses.

"Uh-huh. You're right, it sort of reminds me of a coffee ice cream shake, but... much thinner." She smiled softly. 

"Jean, take your glasses off."

Jean's smile instantly disappeared. Her eyes started darting around the room. People had come and gone. There were still as many people in the restaurant as earlier though. A few people had stared at her. She was sure they had been looking at her ugly eye. "Ron... please... please don't make me do that. I... I came out tonight. I... I'm not looking down. Isn't that enough?"

"No. Take 'em off."

"This... this was okay, it's been.... very nice... why are you ruining it now?"

"Oh, jeezuz, Jean, take the glasses off... now."

Jean clenched her jaw. Her eyes welled. She tilted her head down, slipped her glasses off and put them on the table. There was an edge to her voice, "There. Happy now?"

"No. Look at me."

The edge disappeared from her voice, replaced by a pleading whine, "Why are you being so mean to me?"

"I'm not being mean. I'm being normal. I... with any girl, I might... I'd probably ask her to take her glasses off, just to see her eyes better."

"No, you wouldn't."

"I would if she was wearing fake glasses."

"They're... they're.... I.... I need them."

"No you don't. Don't lie about it."

"You don't understand."

"I think it's you who doesn't understand."

"You don't know.... you just don't know." She started to cry, but then constrained it somewhat. She trembled as tears ran down her face.

"Raise your face."

"No." Her hair hung like curtains at the sides so she didn't see the waitress approaching with the check.

The pretty waitress walked up to the table with the take home bag and little check tray. She glanced at the guy then looked at his date. She thought the girl was crying. Guys could be such asses sometimes! She set the bag on the table then leaned forward and put her hand the girl's shoulder. The girl flinched and had a terrified expression on her face when she looked up. The girl's hand quickly combed her hair over her scarred wound. There were tear trails on her cheeks. "Are you all right? Are you feeling sick?" She suddenly hoped there wasn't something wrong with the food. The girl's good eye was open very wide. The injured one couldn't open as large.

"Yes... I mean... no... I mean I'm... I'm fine." Jean wanted to run away, then thought about looking away but the girl might ask if she was all right again.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes... yes, I'm fine." Jean watched the girl's face turn as she straightened up. Her beautiful almond eyes glared at Ron.

Guys can be such jerks! She spoke curtly. "Would you like anything else?" She hoped her eyes were telling him what an ass she thought he was. He probably just broke up with her or said her boobs were too small or something. Guys could be such heartless jerks.

"Ahhh..." He wondered what got into the waitress. "No, we're finished."

The waitress's eyes and voice softened as she turned to the girl. "Would you like anything else?" The girl had her head bowed again.

Jean didn't look up. "No... um... no thank you."

She glared at the guy and placed the little check tray down. "I'll pick that up when you're ready." She abruptly walked away. 

Ron realized the waitress had thought he had been an asshole to Jean, made her cry, sad, whatever. His jaw clenched. "Great. Now she thinks I'm a jerk."


"You haven't gotten any creepy looks, but I just got one. She probably thinks I just.... I just told you I cheated on you or something."

"What are you talking about?"

"She thinks I made you cry."

She bowed her head again. Her voice was hurt and pouty, "You did."

Ron sighed. "Lift your head up."

"No... she... she stared at my... my eye. I told you it would happen."

"If she stared, she was staring at you crying. Jeezuz, Jean.... you...."

"What? I was right about tonight."

"Raise your head. If you don't... we're.... we're going to restaurants for the rest of... for... forever." He watched her pick up her glasses. "Without the fake glasses." 

Jean started crying. She put the glasses on and stood up trembling. She turned towards the entry door. A group of eight people were walking in. She turned towards the short hall that led to the bathrooms. She bowed her head and her fingers raked her hair over the ugly side of her face as she started walking quickly. She held back on sobbing until she got into the small ladies room.

Ron saw the waitress watch Jean, then she looked at him with glaring eyes once again. Great... just great! He sipped his iced coffee and wondered if he was just wasting time and effort. He was almost angry at himself for caring about Jean. Maybe he should never have cared at all about her and just fucked her, fucked her like she was some crazy slut. 

He frowned as he pulled out his wallet. He didn't know enough about girls, about anything really. Jean must have had some sort of psyche therapy about her eye and the accident. Why didn't that work? If she was okay with her first grade students, why not in a restaurant with strangers? Who cared if anyone looked when you were with someone who cared about you and didn't think the damn freak eye mattered at all, and the guy just wanted her to be normal, have a regular life not just get drunk and hide away? He knew he had screwed up again.

He put the money on the little tray. He looked around and saw their waitress. She still had a piercing stare as she started towards him and still had it as she stepped up to the table. "Listen... ahhh..." He took a deep breath.

She picked up the check tray. The guy looked nervous. She had seen it before when some guy was about to ask her out here in the restaurant. She'd enjoy turning him down. What a jerk! He makes his date cry and now he's going to ask me out?! What an asshole! He's just like my ex! Her voice was curt, "What?"

He was sure the girl thought he was a prick. "Listen, my friend, my... my date, she..."

She interrupted, "You mean the girl you got so upset she had to run to ladies' room to cry?"

"I... I really didn't do that." He wanted to tell the waitress she had actually done it. He knew he shouldn't, and he knew it had mostly been his fault anyway. He shouldn't have made her take the damn fake glasses off. He needed help.

"Well, it looked like you did. If not you, then who? Or... is she upset about something else?" The guy actually looked really concerned. Maybe she had misread the situation.

"The second and third thing."

"What do you mean?"

He glanced at the hall that led to the johns, then looked at the girl again. "She's self-conscious about... about the way she looks and... and I'm trying to get her to not be that way, and... and go out more. I... I tell her she looks fine, looks great, even... beautiful, because... because I think she does, but... but she doesn't believe me and... and thinks I'm lying, and..." He exhaled. "She..." He didn't know what else to say and why would this chick give a damn about any of it?

Maybe she really had read it all wrong. Her voice softened, "What?"

"She just said... well, sort of said that she wasn't going to go out anymore because... she... she thinks people stare at her... at her eye. She thought you were staring at her eye, you know, a few minutes ago." He quickly added, "I don't think you were. I... hell... I don't know why I'm even telling you all this, but... since you just saw it... saw it happen, I was wondering what... I was wondering if you had any suggestions, about... you know, what I could do or say." He took another quick breath. "Never... nevermind. I don't even know you and... and you don't know her. It's... it's stupid to talk to you about it." He blinked at the beautiful girl. It was the most he had spoken to a hot chick in his entire life, and he had because he was worried about another hot chick, Jean. He suddenly realized it wasn't any big deal talking to a pretty girl.

It seemed she had been totally wrong about the guy. Her mind raced. "She's... she is in the bathroom, right?" There was an alley door farther down the hall.

"Yeah." His gut tightened. He remembered an exit door at the end of the hallway. "I... I think so. Oh, jeezuz... do you think she..." He started to push his chair back.

She set the check tray back on the table and interrupted, "Stay here. I'll see. Be right back." She headed to the ladies room, although she really wasn't sure what to say to the girl. She knocked on the bathroom door. 

Jean wiped her eyes again. "Just a second." She blew her nose, then put on her glasses. She unlocked the door, her head tilted downward, then she opened the door. Her stomach knotted. She saw the black pants and white blouse and knew it was their waitress without looking at her face. "Sorry. Excuse me."

"Are... you all right?"

"What? Yes. I'm fine." Jean stepped into the hallway and tried to move around the pretty girl but she moved too.

"I... I almost told your boyfriend off."

"What?" Without thinking Jean looked up.

"I thought... well, I wasn't like spying on you guys, but I could tell you were upset, and... I... I kinda thought he like just broke up with you or something. And I, you know, thought it was awfully stupid to do it in a restaurant. And... anyway, I was picking up the check and... then like I noticed he was upset too." She suddenly wondered if the guy had lied and his girlfriend was pregnant or something.

"Um... no... it... it wasn't that. Excuse me." Jean again tried to get around the girl, but she got in the way once more.

"Oh... well, that's cool. I... I thought, like before that, you guys looked like a great couple, cute guy, cute girl and... like I wasn't watching, but you know, when I brought water over and that kind of thing, you both seemed to be having a good time with each other, you know, like you two really fit together, until... you know, just now." She really hadn't watched them at all. "Anyway, like I'm glad you're not breaking up and... you know, I'm like sorry for butting in or whatever."

Jean's mind began racing. "Did... did he say why... why I started cr... got upset?"

"What? Oh... no, I... gawd, I think I told him it was really mean or something for breaking up with you in a restaurant, something like that, and... and then like I saw he was upset too, you know, like how a guy looks when they're upset?" She made sure she didn't stare at the disfigured eye socket of the girl. She looked older now than she did sitting at the table. The waitress rolled her eyes. "I'm such a dope sometimes, but... well, like I broke up with my boyfriend recently, maybe that's why I thought... well, like... whatever." She smiled. "But like... are you like okay now?"

"I... um... yes. I'm fine. Thanks."

The waitress grinned. "Thank god it wasn't the food. My uncle would be crying in the kitchen right now." She giggled softly. "That's what I thought it was at first, you know, too spicy for you or something."

Jean had a brief sensation of being transported back to her high school days before the accident. She felt herself smiling. "The food was great. Be sure to tell your uncle that."

The girl giggled again. "I will."

"What's your name?"

"Tami... well, that's, you know, like my nickname. What's yours?"

"Jean." She held out her hand. The girl shook it. "The food really was delicious. I... I bet we come back again."

"I think I've seen your boyfriend here before. I think he comes in with his dad every now and then."

"Uh-huh, he does. He told me that."

"Well... I better get back to work. Nice meeting you."

"Yes, you too." Jean smiled again, then as the girl turned, she realized she had completely forgotten about her facial disfigurement for a half minute. 

Jean stood in the hall gathering her thoughts. Her stomach knotted tightly, her heart beat a little faster. She inhaled a slow breath, took off her horn rimmed glasses, folded them closed, held them in her palm, straightened her back, held her head level, then took another slow breath. Tami, at least for the most part, hadn't been staring at her ugly eye. Maybe, just maybe, Ron might be right. Tami had said they looked like the "right fit." Something like that. Jean realized that was exactly the way she felt with Ron during sex and a few times today, like they really did fit together like two pieces of a puzzle. It wasn't a perfect fit but they were still getting to know each other. She refused to think about why it would never be perfect. She needed him, needed to be with him. She took another slow breath, held her head level and started walking down the hall to the table. She told herself to only be concerned about Ron's eyes on her. No one else mattered.

They were both gasping breaths. She knew her skin was moist, and Ron was sweaty. She had her arms wrapped around his neck. She kissed his cheek and pulled him down. She grinned. He kept getting better and better at making love, so was she. She had just had her second orgasm. First he licked her pussy to orgasm, then he made love tenderly to her, lovingly, slowly, with an underlying passion. They usually got wild, they both loved that too. She was so surprised that sex, making love, making lust, was even better without being drunk. "C'mon, Ron, lie down all the way on me."

He chuckled softly. He kissed her neck, then her temple by her injured eye. She was finally letting him do that without cringing. He pushed up higher with his elbows and grinned as he gazed into her pretty blue eyes. "Whenever I put all my weight on you, you always tell me I'm too heavy and you can't breathe."

"No, I don't."

"Yeah... you do."

"No, I don't. Go ahead. I want to feel all your weight on me."

Ron was tempted not only to lower his weight but push down. His grin grew.

Her eyes opened wider. "Don't push down, just lie down."

He laughed. She was getting to know him. He lowered his chest to hers. He loved feeling her nipples standing at attention against his chest. He slid his arms on the mattress forming a circle around her head. He kissed her temple again. He did like having all his weight on her.

Her brow pinched, then she kissed his neck. "Ron?"

He was stroking his face into her brunette hair. Flowers and sweet herbs. "Uh-huh?"

"Could you... um... get off me. I can't breathe." She started giggling. 

He laughed. "You're kidding right?"

"No." Her giggle turned into laughter. "I'm... not."

He raised his chest off her using his elbows again. "As soon as my cock slips out, why don't you lie on me." He gave her soft, perfect, medium lips, not too thin, not too thick, a warm kiss. During it, her felt her pussy and abdomen clench, and his softened cock popped out of her snug, slippery, pussy. They both burst out laughing into each other's mouth. Their faces separated. Ron gazed into her eyes, as his hands pushed under her shoulders followed by some of his forearms. His fingertips acted like combs as he moved her soft hair behind her ears. It was absolutely perfect being with her, in bed, out of bed, and now even out of the house. They had fun after leaving the restaurant. They went for ice cream instead of cappuccinos. They sat at the little tables outside, talking and watching people walking past on the sidewalk. She hadn't been worried about anyone looking at her. At least it had seemed that way to him. It was perfect being with her. He hoped it was the first day of the rest of her life not worrying about people staring at her scars.

He smiled softly. She mirrored it. He gave her face a half dozen soft kisses, then gazed into her sparkling eyes again. His voice was soft and low, "Jean, you're so beautiful."

Her smile vanished and moment later her face scrinched up. She seemed to shrink under him and then her face turned into his neck. "You... you didn't have... have to say that." She tried to hold it back, but she started crying softly.

He felt like an ass. Obviously she wasn't over it. It had been stupid for him to think she was. "Jean... I said that because... because it's true. I... I can see it, on... on the... the exterior of you and... and your inner beauty. Quit... quit crying... I meant it. I think it. I feel it. Look at me." He tried to move but she held him tighter with her arms. "Jean... look at me. C'mon."

"Why... why did you have to say that?" She swallowed and got her tears under control.

His voice was raspy, "Jean... Jean, you're choking me."

She loosened her arms. "Oh... Sorry."

"Jean, c'mon, look at me."

"I need... a tissue. I have to blow my nose."

He almost laughed. She had a way of interrupting him every time he was about to say something important. He knew he should stay quiet, but maybe he was always being too nervous and serious when she cried? He went with the way he was feeling, and he'd be himself. He half smiled. "Jeez... you're a real pain in the ass."

She slapped his shoulder lightly. "Shut up. I am not." She didn't know whether to laugh or cry. And she knew she really was a huge pain.

He chuckled softly, then leaned to his side letting some of his weight on her and reached for a few tissues on the bedside table.

"Urrrhhh.... I can't breathe." She made a fist and lightly pounded his back. She felt like she was on an emotional roller coaster. The entire day had been like that. Again she didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

Ron started chuckling. He rolled off her and handed her the tissues. His laughter died away. "You know, I... I thought that was... not only the truth, but... maybe even a little romantic. I meant it, Jean. Please don't start crying again, but... I really do think you're beautiful, hot, and wonderful inside and outside."

Jean blew her nose. She didn't see Ron roll his eyes. She wiped her nose a couple times. She cleared her throat. "You... you don't have to say that, Ron." She put the used tissue on the bedside table. She could feel him turning on his side, she turned on her side too, facing him. She gave him a sad, maybe embarrassed, smile. She herself wasn't sure which it was.

He held his head in his palm on a folded arm. "I think you should shut up and just believe me."

"I think... I think you're a very handsome, sweet, hot, young man... and... and a great lover." She blushed.

His hand moved to her knee. He watched it slide up the outside contour of her thigh, to her hip, then her slender waist. His palm continued to the middle of her back and he leaned towards her. His other hand moved from his profile and went to hers. He kept turning towards her and Jean rolled onto her back. He kissed her lips warmly, then once again he gazed into her eyes. Her eyes began to sparkle once more. An intuitive voice in the back of his mind was shouting at him to keep quiet but he ignored it. "Jean... I lo..."

Jean's eyes grew wide, her hand quickly moved and she gently pressed two fingers against his lips to stop him from speaking. "Don't say that, Ron. We... we can't say that to each other."

His hand moved and held her wrist gently pulling her fingers from his face. "I want to say it. Why not? It's the way I feel. If that's..."

"Ssssh. We... we can't say that word. I... Ron, we... we both know this can't go on."

"I'm not thinking about how long. I'm thinking about right now. I'm thinking about how I feel. Why don't you want me to just say that I..."

Again Jean broke in, "Ron... " Her eyes welled yet again. "Please... just... just don't say it. All right?"

Ron frowned and turned onto his back. His arm rose over his head and lay on the pillow.

She thought she had made him angry. "May... may I put my head on your shoulder?"

All he had wanted to do was tell her what was in his heart. "Yeah, sure."

She moved over, still on her side, she stroked his chest with her hand. She was about to speak when he did first.

"Can I ask you something I've been wondering about that I should probably know but I don't?"

Jean tensed. "What... yes. What is it?"

"How old are you?"

She had been holding her breath. She exhaled as she relaxed. "I'm thirty."

"So... so like Dad was... like... eleven when you were born?"

"Mmmm... yes, or... maybe he was twelve. No. He was eleven. Why?"

"I... I was just wondering."

"Did you think I was older?"

Ron finally smiled. "No. I... I thought you were, a lot younger, but... then that didn't make sense with... you know, Dad being in his forties."

"Are... are you saying... um... I act immature?" She wasn't sure if it was a jokey or real question. She held her breath waiting for his answer.

He almost laughed. She had been acting like a weird chick until today. His brow pinched. Was it too early to feel what he was feeling for her? Had it been creeping up on him for the past couple weeks? What was he really feeling towards her? "No. I... I guess I don't think about age with you."

"I... I guess that's good."

"Could... could I ask you something personal?"

She tensed again. She knew he was going to ask something about the accident. People she let in, usually got to it sooner or later. "Is... Is it about... about what happened to me? The... car accident?"

"Huh? No, uh..."

"Go ahead and ask."

"If... if you don't want to answer, you... well... don't."

Jean was still tensed. "All right... ask." She was sure it had something to do with her disfigurement or scars. She wished he wasn't going to ask. There'd been moments, minutes, even hours with him when she had completely forgotten about it.

"Okay... ahhh... how many guys have you had sex with?"

Jean both giggled and started crying. She felt his arm around her back hug her closer.

"Jean, forget I asked. Sorry. Please... ahhh.. don't cry I'm sor..."

She patted his chest. "No... I'm not really crying." She then wiped her eyes. The tears had been a release of tension about his question. He had surprised her again. "I... I don't know if... if I should answer."

His heart sank. Maybe she was totally different when she was in her own house, town, job. "Was... have there been... a...." He exhaled. He couldn't ask her. It would be as if he was asking her if she was a slut.

"There's been one recently and one a long time ago."

His heart sank even lower. "Are... are you still seeing him? The recent one?"

"Yes. He's you." She wasn't sure she should have told him. She thought it might worry him in some way.

"You mean... I'm the first in a... ahhh."

"You're the first in a very long time, Ron. Don't... um... don't get worried about that." She didn't know what else to say or if it would really matter to him.

"God... Jean... I..." He was surprised, then he wasn't surprised at all.

"I... I never thought making love, and... and how intense we've been... I mean, you're a great lover, Ron. I... I never thought it would be this good."

"You're the great lover, not me."

"You're wonderful, Ron, you know you are. And... and you're a wonderful young man, a... a good young man."

"Why do you always have to say 'young.' You're only twelve years older than me."

"Well, because... I don't know, because you're not as old as Frank, I guess."

"Jean... I know I have a lot to... to learn, I'm... I know that."

"It... it seems I've got a lot to learn too."

"I hope... Jean, I... I wasn't being mean tonight. I was... was trying to show you something."

"I know."

He half smiled. "And I was right."

"It's very... very hard for me, Ron."

"It'll get easier with the different things we do this summer, like... well... the party next week, actually more like tens days."

Her entire body tensed. "Party? I... I can't go to a party with you... I... I can't do that, Ron."

He exhaled. "Jean, I proved to you tonight that you can do it. It's just like..."

"Ron! I'm... I'm... I'm your aunt. I can't... we can't go... go on a date to a party!"

He chuckled. "Yeah... well, it's Josh's parents' throwing their yearly 'mid summer' party. Parents... well, they come too, and... so, that means you're going, and... we're going to the mall again. You need a bathing suit, it's a pool party."

"What?! No... Ron, I... I can't. A... a restaurant is one thing, but... I can't go to a party... and... and I can't go swimming, I... I can't do that."

He knew what she meant but he said, "That's no problem, stay in the shallow end if you can't swim."

"That's not what I mean. I... I can't."

"I'm thinking like... maybe an orange bikini, although with your pretty blue eyes... would like light blue be better? Maybe like burgundy? To be different than your eyes? I bet a burgundy would look good with your hair."

"I... I'm not going, Ron. I can't."

"Yes, you are. How late do you think we'll sleep? I like the mornings at the mall otherwise it seems the whole day is shot, but... ahhh... I guess it doesn't matter."

"I'm... I'm not going there either."

"Yeah, you are."

"No, I'm..."

He interrupted, "Turn on your tummy, right now." He held his breath waiting to see if his slightly demanding, yet not mean, tone of voice would still work on Jean. 

She felt scared. Things were going too fast. She hadn't shopped in a mall since high school. She hadn't eaten in a restaurant unless it was with a large group where she could be lost in the group and that was only three times. She hadn't been swimming or at a private party for twelve years. Yet so far, with Ron it hadn't been awful. If she had been less nervous tonight it might have been even more fun. Looking back over the evenng, she had enjoyed dinner out for the most part. And now they were making love without drinking and it was beyond wonderful. She rolled onto her tummy. Her mind was reeling. Fear and excitement about so much swirled within her. For some reason her pussy clenched. She felt another tingle.

His hand coursed around her seductive bottom. "Now... do you want a spanking? Or..." He smiled slightly feeling and seeing her buns clench. "... do you want to feel my tongue, then my cock playing around back here." He shoved lower on the bed, he planted a couple moist kisses on her left bun, then his fingers tapped her right cheek. "Hmmm? Spanked because you're being bad about going to the mall and a party? Or my tongue then cock because you're going to be a good girl about it all?" He prayed she'd want his cock this time.

"Tell me... more about the party first..." She felt his tongue drawing wet lines on her bottom. "You... mmh... Ron... Ron? You're driving me crazy with that. We ne... I want to tal..." She felt his tongue slide between her buns. "Mmmhhh."


The pleasure was overwhelming any discomfort she had. He had been so slow, attentive, and tender with it so far. She felt the entire length of his lubricated, slippery cock slowly slide passed her hugging anus and probe deep into her rectum. It felt so loving, so hot, so erotic, yet so naughty and weird too. She felt so full of him, even moreso than when he filled her pussy, maybe not more, but filled in a different way. His finger was playing with her clit so wonderfully too. She was taking ragged breaths. "Oh... oh Ron... oh gahhhhd."

He closed his eyes as his throbbing rod finally sunk into her all the way. He knew he'd not be able to last much longer, it just felt too hot, too good. "You like it... my cock... my cock in your hot ass?"

"Yes... oh god... yessss." He had teased her with his tongue on her hot little hole first. He was so good to her, so good. That's what he had called it tonight, her 'hot little hole.'

"It... it doesn't hurt?" His hips swayed, he was still buried to the hilt. Her torrid asshole was gripping tightly around the base of his cock.

"No... it's good... it feels good... naughty... but... but good." She closed her eyes and giggled softly at the incongruity of her words. "Oh god, Ron... this is... this so hot and.... and so intimate." She really did feel the intimacy of it.

"I know... jeez, Jean... this feels... so.... so good." He started sliding back slowly. "I'm... I can't last much longer, it... it... it's just too good."

"That's... that's okay, honey." She shivered from both his sliding cock and his fingers expertly rubbing her shivering clit. "I... I may... peak too. I... I want to feel you cumming in my bottom."

He smiled as he gasped breaths. "Yeah, me too, but... but I wanna last longer too." When just the head was left inside her heat, he slowly pushed back in. Her anus was incredibly tight and hot around his sliding, throbbing cock.

She half grunted, half moaned, "Ohhhh.... oh gahhhd."

He stopped. "Dammit... am I hurting you?"

"No... no, don't stop."

He pushed in all the way, swayed his hips for a few seconds then slowly drew his rod back. When he felt the ridge of the helmet at her sphincter, he pushed in again. This time, Jean pushed back with her ass to meet him. "Oh... jeezuz... Jean... this feels... so good... urrrrh.... Dammit!" Without thinking he shoved the last half of his pulsing cock in all the way. "Arrrh... Jean!" His cock started pumping. He couldn't stop himself from continuing to push and grind his groin really hard against her luscious buns, swaying his prick deep in her ass as it spurted his hot seed. 

"Oh god! I feel it! Oh... Oh!" She shoved her hand under her to urge Ron's fingers to restart their rubbing. They had stopped when he started grunting. As she felt the last three surges of his thick cock spewing heat into her bottom, his fingers started moving and a moment later, she peaked too. Oh-h-h-h-h.... OH RON!" Her body started convulsing in freeing, wonderful, erotic delight.

* * *

Chapter 7

It was a few minutes after nine in the morning when Ron rang the doorbell. He had arrived early on purpose. 

Mrs. Thompson opened the front door. "Hi, Ron." She smiled. "Come in. I think Josh is still taking a shower."

"Hi, Mrs. T." He stepped into the foyer.

She closed the door. "You can go up if you want. Or... would you like something to eat or drink? We have some croissants."

"Ahh... uh... maybe some juice?"

"Okay. Come on." She led the way to the open kitchen area. 

Ron checked out her long toned and tanned legs, then her swaying ass and realized again that Mr. Thompson was a pretty lucky guy. He remembered her in her bikini at last year's 'mid summer' party. His cock twitched.

Mrs. Thompson stopped at the refrigerator and turned her face to her son's handsome friend. "We have orange or apple juice."

"Ahh... orange, please."

"Take a stool at the island. Want a large glass?"

"No, small is fine." Josh's mother was not only very pretty but sort of classy too. He was sure she'd know, which was why he had arrived early.

Mrs. Thompson smiled. "Here you are." She set the juice on the counter in front of him.

"Thank you. Ahh... Mrs. T, could I ask you a... well, it's a..." His mind seemed to go blank. "... a... a girl question, I guess."

Mrs. Thompson blinked. "A... a sex question?"

"Huh? No... ahh... nothing like that. I meant..." He exhaled. Jeezuz. She thought he was going to ask a sex question!

"Just ask, Ron. What is it?" She knew his father was out of town for the summer again, and that his aunt was a little peculiar, at least that's what she had heard from her son. 

"It's... it's about, makeovers... ahh... you know, like a girl... a woman going to a... a spa and... and getting a makeover, a... a new hairstyle, that kind of thing. There used to be a commercial on TV a while back, but... well, I mean... do you know what I mean?"

She smiled. "Yes, I know what you're talking about. What... what exactly do you want to know?"

"Do the... haircutters... hairstylists, I mean, if it's a makeover, do they... you know, do they talk about the haircut... the hairstyle with the gir... woman, you know, make suggestions and... and that kind of thing?"

"Mmm... yes, unless the woman has some specific style in mind, I guess."

"Well... I mean, if it's at a spa, wouldn't they... you know, the hairstylist, really... really look at the girl and make suggestions about the style that would look best on her, even if she did have something in mind?"

"I... maybe, yes, I guess the stylist might."

"And... and what else is in a makeover?"

"I would imagine, depending on the spa, or salon, there might be... it might include a manicure, pedicure, sometimes various facial treatments, cometics consulation, and... possibly... if it's a spa, maybe... massages, even mud baths, and the like." (next Chap 3)
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