Stories 18+ After months of staring at those sultry breasts

Stories 18+ After months of staring at those sultry breasts
Shari always wore low cut blouses to the office. I couldn't help but stare at her breasts as she sat on the edge of my desk.

"Oh Jeffrey," she flirted as she twirled my tie. I didn't even hear what she said next, her bosom bounced as she talked. As she left my cubicle, I watched her ass longingly in that tight pencil skirt, I swear she knew and was purposefully swaying those cheeks for me.

"She's something else," Bob shocked me as he rolled his chair over from the next cubicle. "How does she get away with that at work? I have a hard on just from listening to her in here."

"Seriously," I replied. "I just want to throw her over this desk and fuck her until she screams."

"Dang, son," Bob joked. "But I know what you mean."

Later that day I walked into the break room and there she was again, sitting on the break table with her skirt riding up her legs and Michael was giggling nervously like a school boy next to her eating lunch. I grabbed my soda from the fridge and walked out before she could corner me. I didn't need another boner in the office.

"What's Shari's deal anyways?" I asked Bob as I sat back at my desk. 

He rolled his chair over to me. "I heard she broke up with her boyfriend a couple weeks ago. Maybe she needs to get fucked."

"Should I ask her out?"

Bob laughed, "Probably not a good idea to shit where you eat. I think she's just a big tease anyways. She does it to everyone."

This disappointed me but I get it. She is just a big tease. As Michael walked past us, he stopped, "Should we grab beers after work boys?" he asked. We agreed to go to our favorite watering hole later that night.

As the work day wound down, Bob and Michael appeared at my desk ready to get out of there. "Give me a minute to finish this and I'll meet you there." I told them.

A few more sentences on this report and I was ready to go. As I packed my bags and readied myself to leave, I spun around and none other than Shari was standing right there.

"Hey Jeffery, can you help me with this new dress I just received? I want to make sure it fits for an event next month."

I looked down and the neckline was even lower than the ones she normally wears to work, I swear some areola was showing. She spun around to show me her back where the dress was barely zippered barely passed her panties and all of her creamy back was exposed. My dick was instantly hard.

"Zipper me?" she pleated. I obliged, grazing my fingers across her soft skin as I did so. "How does it look?" She spun around. It looked hot as hell, super low cut and hugging all her curves.

"It looks amazing," I breathed. "What are you up to this weekend?" I couldn't help myself.

She looked down quickly and shyly. "Oh," she stammered. "I'm just gonna lay low and watch old movies. My roommate is out of town and I've been so busy."

"Would you want to get a drink or something?" I asked meekly.

"Oh Jeffrey, I don't think it's a good idea, you know, we're friends... and co-workers, I don't want to complicate that. You understand, right?"

"Sure," I said as I walked away. "See you tomorrow." But I felt rejected and bummed. It was all an act. She's such a tease.

I arrived to the bar and could see Bob and Michael had already downed 2 beers each and were a little drunk. They poured me one as I sat down and recounted my experience with Shari.

"Dude, I told you not to complicate it," Bob scolded me. "Just chalk that one up to the spank bank."

Michael sighed, "She deserves more than that. She works me up every fucking day. Yesterday as she leaned over me, I swear her hand grazed my crotch."

As we pounded beers, we got more and more worked up over that tease Shari.

"You know," I thought aloud. "She said she would be all alone this weekend, that her roommate was out of town... we could go over there and give her what she deserves."

Michael's eyes grew wide, "What do you mean?" Bob leaned in.

"I'm just saying that everyday she flirts and taunts us, I think she secretly wants it. I bet she's at home touching herself thinking about us right now."

"But what could we do?" Bob asked, a deviance in his eyes. 

"Tomorrow at work, you could distract her while I slip into her cubicle and steal her keys. I could run and make copies... then this weekend, we could go over there and give her the weekend she will never forget."

Michael looked nervous but excited, "Are you suggesting a gang bang with Shari? She would never go for it."

"What choice would she have?" Bob asked.

I grinned, "Yes, no choice. I seriously need to cum inside her."

"Oh geez," Michael laughed and slapped my leg but as he looked at my straight face he knew I was serious. "Really?"

I looked at Bob and saw a longing in his eyes. "Let's do it."

The next day as planned, Bob and Michael distracted Shari as I retrieved her keys from her purse. "Dang she has a lot of keys," I thought but I went and copied them all anyways.

As I was walking back in, Shari cornered me, "Hey, are those my keys?" she asked.

"Are they?" I replied. "I just found them in the elevator."

"Oh my" she explained. "You are my hero. I've been looking for them everywhere." She threw her arms around me and I could feel her breasts flatten against my chest. Her hair smelled so good.

"You have no idea." I thought as she walked away.

That Saturday morning, we met at Bob's house to talk out the plan. We had ski masks, keys, ropes and toys. "Think we need lube?" Bob asked.

"Nah, I bet she'll make her own. I'll make her make her own." I replied.

Michael and I approached the front door of Shari's apartment and Bob went to the back door in case she tried to escape.

"Now only to know which key it is," as I fumbled with them and the lock, a shadow appeared in front of the peephole and I heard a gasp plus some frantic movements as she saw us out there in our ski masks. 

"Shoot, we should have covered the peep hole." Michael whispered. As we entered, Bob (in a mask) was coming with Shari through the living room with her hands pulled roughly behind her back and fear in her eyes.

"Look who I caught trying to go out the back door."

"Please... please... take whatever you want," Shari pleated in her see through nightie.

"Oh we will," I growled. "But we didn't come for stuff. We came for you." I squeezed her nipple roughly as she squealed and then began to cry.

Michael shocked us by pulling out a knife. "If you scream, we will cut you." He said in a distorted voice. "Get on your knees." I was surprised by his gusto and realized she too had pushed him over the edge.

"Who wants to go first?" Michael asked.

I stepped up, "I will." I unzipped my pants and she gasped at the size of my dick. "If you bite me, I'll knock out all those pretty teeth."

I put my dick to her pressed lips. "Open up." I forced it in where her tongue was so warm and wet. "Ahhhhhhhhhhh..." I began pumping into her mouth as I had been dreaming of doing for months. There was too much build up so it wasn't gonna last long. She began gagging on my cock. "Use more tongue," I yelled as I rammed deeper into her throat over and over again until I shot cum down her throat. "Swallow it," I said as I kept pumping.

"Whew," I pulled out satisfied. "That was so good."

I looked up to see Bob and Michael both with their dicks in hand watching anxiously. As Bob approached her face, "My turn," he said. As he pressed his dick to her lips, tears running down her face, Michael got on his knees next to her and began caressing her ass while jerking himself off.

"Oh wow, she's so wet." He had a finger in her pussy and began twiddling her clit. She breathed heavy as Bob took advantage of her mouth, pumping wildly and gagging her over and over.

"Let's move her to the ottoman so I can fuck her while she sucks you."

We moved her while she kicked. I held her down while Michael twiddled her clit more and Bob kept fucking her mouth. Then I noticed that she was moaning. She loved the way Michel was working her...

"Oh fuck, I think this slut is gonna cum!" Michael exclaimed moving his fingers faster and faster. He began positioning himself behind her and as a moan became a scream he rammed his dick deep in her with one swoop and she came hard on his cock, tilting her head back to scream in passion.

Michael rammed and rammed deeper and deeper into Shari's tight, warm cunt as Bob came hard in her mouth. She gagged as he filled her throat with his seed.

I started photoing the whole scene. I wanted to remember this day forever. I took close up of Michael's dick entering Shari's vagina. I took photos of Bob fucking her face with Michael in her cunt. The whole thing was arousing me once more.

As Bob finished and they laid in a spent pile, I was ready for more. 

"Ok boys, my turn again." I said with a smirk. "I'm gonna take that ass."

"No, no," Shari cried. "Not my ass, fuck my pussy again, but please not the ass."

"Oh Shari, don't worry, we will take your pussy again but first that ass is mine."

I searched the house for something to prop her ass in the air - the back of the living room chair would put her right at dick height so I picked her up and threw her over the back. The nightie was pressed from sweat all over her. I wanted to take her naked. I ripped it off her like an animal and threw it on the floor. She tried to run but Bob grabbed her and threw her back down.

"Please noooooooooo", Shari whimpered but I didn't hear her. I looked over her naked body on the chair. It was even more sexy than I pictured it all those times. Her tits were so big and firm. 

Then Bob flipped her over and all I could see was her puckering asshole winking at me. I needed it now. Bob stepped back as I pressed my dick against the warm opening. It was so tight and she was fighting me. I couldn't get it past the tip, I needed lube. 

So I rubbed my cock on her wet pussy and slid it in a few times to lubricate it. It shocked me how tight it still was after that fucking Michael gave her. I could almost lose myself in there until I remember, I wanted a tighter spot - that ass.

I pushed again against her asshole, this time getting more than half way in. She was so tight and fighting it... I could feel her ass tightening and loosening repeatedly on my shaft.

"The more you fight it, the better it feels, you know," I groaned.

I went back to the pussy for more lubrication and then rammed hard into her ass, getting all the way inside. "OooooooOooooooOohh..." It was the best feeling on Earth. I was balls deep in Shari's ass. I had dreamed about this day for more than a year and it was even better than I imagined. I pounded her and pounded her. I felt my balls slapping her repeatedly. 

I wanted Shari to enjoy it too so I reached around and began rubbing her clit again as I fucked her ass. I rubbed my other hand all over her soft body that I had yearned for. It was so much sexier than I even imagined. I twiddled her nipples and pinched them hard.

"No, No, Stop," she cried but started breathing heavier as my fingers moved faster along her clit and then slipping 2 fingers inside her. I could tell she was loving it as she started pushing into my palm and grinding back on my dick. "No, no, no..."

"You keeping saying no but I think you like it, slut. I think you're going to cum," I moaned as I held back cumming inside her. I wanted this to last as long as possible. Her ass just didn't loosen up, it kept being so tight and kept tightening and loosening around my cock. It was just so warm and tight. I fucked it and fucked it until I felt her cum on my hand, I could feel her cunt twitching all over my fingers and I came so hard in her ass as she came so hard on my hand.

I felt like a melted puddle as I lay on top of her. She cried and laughed, still twitching from her orgasm.

"Oh, someone liked that, didn't they?" I taunted her.

"It was actually the best fucking I've had in a long time," Shari admitted through heavy breaths.

"I guess it's our turn then," said Bob. "I haven't fucked her yet." I looked up to see Bob and Michael standing there with erections again.