Stories 18+ Camping Gone Awry abused orgasm

Stories 18+ Camping Gone Awry abused orgasm
I felt like shit. My so-called boyfriend was offered a job on the other side of the country. 

"You've got to understand, honey. In this company, you have to work in a variety of different positions to have a chance to move up."

"They aren't offering you any more pay?"

"Not really."

"No better title or more responsibility?"

"No, but to be on a management track, I have to work in a bunch of different parts of the company and in different parts of the country."

"I could move there with you, and find another job."

"Honey, that's not fair to you. I'm going to be working long hours, doing some traveling, and in another year, I'm likely to be moving again."

"But Brian, what about us? I thought we were starting to build something together."

"Jen, honey, I'm five years away from having my career at a point where I'll be looking at a serious relationship."

"So this wasn't serious to you. It sure as shit felt serious to me."

"Honey, we've had a lot of fun together."

"Fun? All this has been to you is fun?"

"Look honey, relax."

"Relax, my ass. Get the hell out of here. If you don't want me as part of your life, we can start right now."

"Calm down, honey. I've still got a couple of weeks before I move. We can have some fun together until then."

"Fuck you, Brian. Get out, now!"

Brian went to try to hold me. I held out a hand to stop him, and pointed at the door.

"Fine, honey. Have it your way. Give me a call when you calm down and think it over."

"Don't hold your breath, bitch. Just go."

Brian turned and left, shaking his head.

I'm Jen, well Jennifer, but my family and friends call me Jen. I'm 24 years old, with an MBA from a good college and a pretty decent job. I stand about 5'6" and weight about 130 pounds, with brown hair. I have a pretty trim and fit figure. I should after spending an hour every day at the gym. Still I have a nice shape and b-cup breasts. I occasionally get offers of modeling, though about half of those folks seem to want me to take my clothes off to do it. I don't need that, I make enough money at my real job. I'm not afraid to be seen without clothes, I've been to some topless beaches, I just don't get any thrills from exhibitionism.

I've had a few boyfriends along the way. I'm certainly no virgin, but I am a little picky. It was really a pain to find out that the boyfriend that I thought was really something, turned out to be a huge zero. It wasn't like he was the only guy interested in me. God knows, I could find any number of guys, but about half of them were married, just looking to mess around and a bunch of the rest either had no desire for a real relationship or were so damned clingy that I couldn't stand them.

At any rate, I was 'on the market again', but I wasn't sure I wanted to jump right back into something. For now, I'd just let folks think I had a serious boyfriend. It helps keep down the number of guys hitting on me. I wasn't ready for the free-for-all of going back onto the dating market. 

I worked the rest of the week, not telling anyone about breaking up with Brian. Some of the other women were going out drinking Friday, after work, but I really felt like shit and didn't feel like joining them. I told them I was planning a quiet weekend with my boyfriend, then picked up some Thai food after work. I had a couple of Netflix movies I still hadn't gotten around to watching, and figured that would keep me busy.

Brian called me several times, but I let it roll over to voice mail. I did briefly listen, to some, but basically he just wanted to hang out and screw for the couple of weeks before he moved. Nothing else had changed. I didn't need that or want that, I just wanted to put Brian and everything related to him behind me. Gradually people I knew figured out that Brian and I weren't a thing any longer, and I began hanging out with the girls after work occasionally.

I got a call from Susan, one of my sorority sisters from college. She was planning a trip out west, hiking through the wilderness for two weeks, and asked if I was interested in joining her. She said there were two other women already planning to go, but that a foursome would be even better. I thought about it and realized that two weeks in the wilderness with three other women and no men might be just the thing to flush Brian out of my mind. I called her back and accepted.

I talked to my brother Tom, and told him what a shit Brian had been and that I was planning the wilderness hike with the women. He told me that I was better off without Brian and that he thought that was a great idea. Tom has a plane and his private pilot's license, and told me he would gladly fly me out there to join the other women. 

Tom is just over a year older than I am, about 6'1" and 175 pounds, fit and blond. He's good looking and you'd think he would have a string of girlfriends, but he's always been a little shy and lacked self confidence with women. He dresses kind of nerdy and wears glasses, though he might be able to get by without them. Well, he needs them for driving or flying, so he wears them most of the time. My brother is really a sweet guy.

The trip was planned for about three weeks away, which gave me time to get vacation lined up and to get the clothing and gear I'd need for hiking and camping. I'm hardly a great woodsman, and certainly no survivalist, but I spent a little time studying edible plants, nuts, and berries in the area where I'd be. We were all planning to take ample food with us, but just in case our food supply was raided by bears, raccoons, or whatever, I wanted to be prepared.

I had several pair of jeans and shorts, tops, hiking shoes, socks, bras, panties, a sleeping bag, pots, pans, and anything else I thought I would need and be able to carry. It ended up being heavier than I'd like, so I pared it a bit and checked with my friend to see what others were bringing. I cut it back to clothing, a sleeping bag, and some food. I had a pack with the clothing and food, and could carry the sleeping bag on top of the pack.

I really got excited - four women and no men for two weeks in the wilderness. After the fallout with Brian, I needed a real break from my normal daily life. I needed something to snap me out of it all. Tom was kind of amused by all this. Since he is a computer nerd, the wilderness was his idea of a real bad time, but he was happy for me and wanted to do what he could to help. He was in the mood for a vacation and said he'd go a little further west after dropping me off and have some fun of his own. 

As the day arrived, Tom came over to my place to help me gather my stuff. He loaded it into his car and we drove to the small private airport where he had his plane. It was a general aviation strip, with zero commercial flights, primarily used for a handful of private pilots and some flight training. It was well out of the way of any major airports.

We loaded my gear onto his plane and he went to talk to the folks running the tower. He gave them a flight plan and found that few planes were taking off or landing that morning. Most of their activity was on weekends when the students and weekend pilots got active. We were flying out on a Friday, so it was pretty light. Tom fueled up the plane and radioed and got permission to take off. 

We got up in the air and I began to understand why Tom loved this so much. There is a real feeling of freedom flying in a small plane. It is quite different from a commercial flight. The flight went pretty smooth, and we stopped to eat, refuel, and stretch our legs in the Midwest. We learned there was a frontal system moving down from Canada, but there were few storms associated with it, so it looked like smooth flying.

I leaned back and took a nap as Tom flew. We had talked quite a bit during the first leg, but after discussing our lives or lack thereof, and all the rotten politicians we hated, we were kind of talked out. It was peaceful in the air and I loved it. I woke later to find Tom veering off course. It seems that at the leading edge of the front, some nasty storms had developed. Tom changed course to avoid them.

He wanted to go far enough to avoid problems but not too far from our original course. I could see the nastiness from the storm front, but Tom told me not to worry. We veered quite a bit to the south, and Tom thought we were pretty much clear of it, when a lightning bolt hit our small plane. It knocked out the engine and the electronics, including the radio. 

Luckily the plane was older and used mechanical steering mechanisms, but still we were in trouble. We were going down, and we hadn't been in radio contact with anyone in a while. It was a mountainous region and Tom was trying to find some place to set the plane down with what little momentum we had left. There were no large clearings and really no flat areas big enough to set down.

Tom glided the plane as far as he could and we started to come down along a mountain ridge. He steered the plane to follow the line of the ridge, but that was only so much help. We slipped lower until we started to hit the tops of the trees, at which point things went all to hell. The plane seemed to disintegrate around us and we were thrown from what little remained. 

I hit the trees and some brush, which probably kept me from being killed, but it still hurt like hell. I passed out and when I came to I was lying among the trees in the forest. I called out Tom's name and heard some sounds off to one side. I walked that way and found occasional plane debris as I went. Along the way, I also found my sleeping bag, so I picked it up.

I found Tom about a hundred yards away, near the edge of a cliff. He was standing near the edge, looking down, where plane wreckage was covered largely by rocks that fell, knocked loose by the crash, likely. We were now alone in the wilderness with not much more than the clothes on our back. 

We checked the immediate area and also found a tarp that I'd packed, which could be used either as a lean-to, or as protection from the weather. We both had our phones, but neither of us could get a signal in the mountains. We turned them off to save battery power.

"Jeez, Jen. What the hell do we do now?"

"Where are we? How far from civilization?"

"I didn't see many signs of civilization for the last bit of the flight."

"Well, Tom, I guess we start to work our way down the mountain and see if we can find any traces of people."

"Assuming we don't starve first."

"There's plants, greens, nuts, berries, and small animals."

At that point the edge of the storm seemed to be approaching, so we took the tarp, tucked part of it under us and put the rest over us and held tight to it and each other. There were winds, lightning, thunder, and a lot of rain. We huddled together as it blew over us. By the time it was gone, it was starting to get dark. 

We used the tarp to make a lean-to. I had a knife that I'd been wearing, so I cut some small branches for the supports. Tom cleared an area and gathered wood for a fire. We needed to be careful. At this point we sure as hell didn't want to burn down the forest around us. Still, we needed a fire to keep animals away and to help us keep warm.

At night, it can get cold up in the mountains. Even in the summer it regularly gets down into the 40s or 50s at night. We had my sleeping bag, which I'd borrowed from a friend, and luckily it was a double. 

"Jen, should we be sleeping together in a sleeping bag? I mean, I'm your brother, that seems a little much."

"Tom, it's going to be too cold for us not to. Besides I'll try not to molest you."

"I... didn't think - "

"Does that mean you were planning on molesting me?" 

He looked appalled.

"I was just teasing, Tom."

"I would never - "

We looked around a little more before it got pitch black. I was hoping we could find more of my camping gear, but no luck. We had a couple of water bottles, which still had some water. We'd need to find more pretty soon. I had a little butane lighter, though I don't smoke, because I had no intention of trying to start a fire by rubbing sticks together.

We managed to find just enough dry wood to get a fire started, then put some larger wood, though wet under it. We hoped the fire would dry it out enough to catch before the dry wood burned out. We were lucky, and it seemed to, and we settled down in the lean-to. Tom didn't want to get in the sleeping bag with me, but the temperature dropped pretty quickly and he realized he would need to.

Tom stayed as far from me in the double sleeping bag as he could. That wasn't easy, since even a double bag is not that big.

"Tom, when we were little, we shared a bed a few times when we traveled."

"But we were just kids."

"It's okay. Look bro, we're going to be out here at least for a few days. You might as well get used to this - after all it's just the two of us out here."

"It's just - I don't know."

"Relax, Tom. It'll be okay."

He still seemed a little stiff. We were fully clothed in the sleeping bag, but I rolled over and put my arm around him. He seemed a little antsy, but eventually settled down. We both dropped off to sleep. I guess I rolled over during the night and so did Tom. I woke up later with Tom's arm around me. I did a little silent chuckle and went back to sleep.

The next morning we got up and scavenged for something to eat. We found some pine cones that had fallen and dried and got some pine nuts from them. Also found some miner's lettuce and goldenrod. I took the poles from our lean-to and used my knife to put a point on them. I thought we might be able to spear a squirrel or rabbit or bird of some kind.

We did one last search of the area to see if there was anything else from the wreck we might be able to use. We found a small stream and filled our water bottles with its very cold water. We then set off down the mountain, basically following the stream as best we could. That would give us water and we'd just have to fake the rest.

We were stuck in the middle of nowhere with not much more than the clothes on our back, and those clothes would start to get a bit rank. We could rinse them out, but that might get a little uncomfortable for Tom, though he was starting to relax a bit. No need to get him all uptight again. 

I was able to spear an unwary squirrel along the way, and quickly gutted it. We stopped for lunch, built a fire and I skinned it and we spit roasted the little beast. Not a lot of meat, but we'll take whatever we could get. I occasionally saw fish in the stream, but had not been able to spear any of those yet. I figured I'd keep trying. I got the feeling that though neither of us was exactly fat before, that we'd be dropping a few more pounds on the way.

When we stopped for the day, I took off my panties, bra and socks and washed them in the stream and just wore top and jeans while they dried by the fire. Tom was still a bit shyer, but was starting to loosen up a bit. We each went off by ourselves to pee and such in deference to the other. At that point, I hardly cared, but Tom still seemed to.

I managed to get a small bird along the way that we gutted, skinned and roasted that night along with whatever plants, nuts and berries we collected. We set up our lean-to in front of the fire and slept in the sleeping bag. Tom was still not enthusiastic, but accepted that we'd be sharing the sleeping bag until we either were found or found our way back.

I washed my jeans and top one evening, and was in bra and panties, which after a while Tom even seemed to get used to. That night at first, he was a bit shy about physical contact, but we were holding each other by morning. Tom finally broke down a day later and realized he needed to wash out his clothes. 

He got a bit clumsy in doing so, slipped and fell in the stream. As I said, the stream was quite cold and I fished him out, along with his clothes, he was shivering terribly. I pulled off my top and used it to dry him off. I made him strip off the rest of his clothes and get in the sleeping bag. I put his wet stuff and mine by the fire to dry.

I checked on Tom and he looked like he was going into hypothermia. I'd had to take off my jeans to get them dry, and had washed my bra and panties when Tom was washing some of his stuff. I was not as chilled as Tom, but he appeared to be suffering. I got in the sleeping bag with him, so we could combine our body heat.

"Oh, G-g-god, J-j-jen. We're n-n-naked. W-we shouldn't b-be l-like th-this."

"Do you want to die of hypothermia?"


"Then shut up and don't fight me."

I spooned up to Tom. He was facing away from me, but I could feel my nipples getting harder as they rubbed against his back. Was it the cold, or was I getting turned on by spooning with my naked brother? I wasn't sure, but I didn't care either way, I just wanted us both to start to get warm. Slowly, I could feel his back warming up against me.

I had my arm around him and his chest was still pretty cold, so after a little while I made him turn over, as I did, and he spooned up against my back. As he did, I could feel a hard prick rubbing against my ass. He might have a lot of misgivings about this, but it looks like his body was all on board with it. He was embarrassed and backed his hips away from me, so I scooted back to keep us in contact.

He sighed and let me pull his hand and arm around to wrap around my middle. My boobs were aching for a touch, but I didn't want to freak out my brother, so I placed his hand a bit below them. We turned over a few times during the night and I even felt his hand on my boobs at one point. I squirmed back against his still hard penis.

I was sleeping with my boyfriend Brian holding me. I rolled him on his back, rolled on top of him, and put his hard dick in my already wet pussy. I opened my eyes to see the face of my brother Tom, with his eyes very wide and his mouth open and his prick throbbing in my twat. 

"I... I'm sorry Tom. I was dreaming. I thought you were Brian."

"Oh my God, Jen."

"I didn't mean to put you in this position."

Maybe I didn't mean to, but I wasn't making any move to get off him either. Nor was he trying to get me off him. His prick had been pretty hard, when I climbed on him, but it seemed to swell and get harder as we lay there. 

"It's just that, Susanne and I broke up six months ago. I haven't been with anyone since."

I stroked his head even as his prick seemed to be making itself at home deep in my pussy.

"It's been weeks since Brian and I were together. I don't even know why I thought..."

"Jen, the terrible thing is that it feels so good."

I looked at him, then leaned forward and kissed him. He hesitated, then kissed me back.

"It feels good to me too."

"But we shouldn't..."

"Well, Tom, I won't tell if you don't."

He first looked shocked then shy and tentative.

"But what...?"

I put my finger on his lips to hush him, then kissed him. I found his hands in the sleeping bag and brought one to a boob and the other to my ass. We continued to kiss, while still unmoving.

"Tom, I think you need this, and I think I want this."

With that I began moving my hips back and forth, taking his dick from deep in my cunt to barely in to back deep again. Tom groaned, kissed me and began playing with my nipple as his other hand kneaded my ass. I was in no hurry. This felt right and I wanted it to be really something. Tom felt like he was about Brian's size, but for some reason it felt so much better with Tom inside me.

"Oh God, Jen. I love you."

"And I love you, Tom."

I could feel the heat rising through my body as I pumped his prick deep inside me. I was nearing orgasm as Tom panted.

"Oh God, Jen. I'm going to cum."

"Do it baby. Come inside me."

I pumped away even as I felt my pussy contract and felt muscles rippling though my body. I had a bigger and better orgasm than Brian had ever given me. All of a sudden, Tom grabbed my ass, and pulled me tightly to his, and I could feel his dick throb and pulse as he came. I could almost feel the jets of cum filling me up deep down in me.

"I shouldn't have cum inside you, Jen."

I kissed him, even as his prick continued to throb.

"It's okay, babe. I'm on an implant, it'll last another two years."

"We shouldn't have done this though."

"Tom, until we get found, it's you and me. We need each other and need to be completely open to each other."

"But we're brother and sister."

"Until we get back, we're not brother and sister. We're Jen and Tom, two people thrown together by circumstances who found whatever comfort they could in each other."

"And when we get back?"

"We'll worry about that then. Let's just enjoy this now and not worry about later."

"Jen, I can't believe we actually did this."

I kissed him as he played with my nipples and his prick began to soften in my pussy. I don't know why, but all of a sudden I wanted Tom more than I'd even wanted any of my boyfriends. Yes, I knew him and I already loved him, but it had never been sexual before. Now if was sexual in a way that none of the others had been.

"I'm glad we did. I love you, Tom, and wouldn't trade you for any other guy right now."

"Jen, I swear you've always been the most wonderful, intelligent, and sexy woman I know. None of the girls I met could ever compare to you."

He slipped out of me, and I rolled off him and onto my side. He turned on his side to face me.

"You've had some very sweet girlfriends."

"And they were never you. But I never even dared dream you could ever be mine in this way."

It was getting warm outside and really starting to heat up inside the sleeping bag, so I unzipped it. We could now really see and touch each other fully now. Tom was circumcised, which I should have known from so many years ago when we were bathed together as children, but had never thought about. As we got curious about each other's parts, my parents began to bathe us separately.

Mostly we had our own rooms growing up. On rare occasions when we had guests or visited others, we might need to share a bed, but even that stopped about the time we hit puberty. We never played the 'show me yours and I'll show you mine' thing, nor did we ever play doctor. We were good kids, I guess, and that never even occurred to us.

Now it all rebounded with a major crash. All the things we never thought about or did as kids, we now did even more as adults. I propped one leg up to open up my pussy for Tom. He smiled and reached out a hand to stroke it, while his other hand began to pet my boobs. I reached down and gently touched his prick, which twitched and seemed to come back to life. 

We lay there caressing each other for several minutes before I groaned and rolled onto my back. Tom moved over and began sucking and nibbling on my boobs as his hand continued to stroke my pussy. He slowly went down the slit and back up again, then found my clit and took that between his thumb and forefinger as he slipped his index finger into my twat.

I continued stroking his dick which was as hard as it had been earlier. I could feel my pussy tighten around his finger which he moved deeply into me. I lay there and came to my second orgasm with my pussy grabbing his finger tight and pleasure rippling through my body. I moaned and held his head tight to my boob, until it eased up.

"Tom, I want you. I want you to fuck me. My cunt is hungry, starving for your dick and your cum. Put it in me, fill me up, Tom. Fill me like I've never been filled before."

"God, Jen. I love you. I want you more than I ever could have imagined."

I rolled onto my back and spread my legs. Tom smiled, leaned over and kissed me and ranged over me, with the tip of his beautiful prick just touching my outer pussy lips. I moaned and wiggled, but he did not put it in me. I lifted my hips and guided the head of his cock into my cunt, and when he still didn't plunge in, I lifted my hips further until he was deep inside me.

I fucked Tom, lifting my hips off the ground until he finally lowered his hips into me. I wrapped my legs around him, and fucked him back furiously as he fucked me. Look, I like sex, but it had never been like this before. My whole being, my whole universe centered on my cunt and his prick. Nothing else mattered to me. 

I felt him going deep inside and felt my pussy getting tighter around him as I felt an orgasm coming on. As I came, I felt Tom cum inside me. I loved it. I loved him. I wanted every drop of his cum in my pussy. I wrapped my arms around him even as I kept my legs wrapped around him. I think I even blacked out for a bit, before coming to and frantically kissing Tom who kissed me back just as frantically.

"Tom, you're so wonderful."

"Don't ever leave me, Jen."

"I don't want to ever leave you."

"I could stay here with you like this all day."

I smiled and gave him a quick kiss.

"Maybe you could, but I'm hungry for food too. And we need to get back to civilization some time."

"If it means losing you, Jen, then I don't want to go back."

"Going back doesn't mean having to lose each other."

"What would people think?"

"Anyone who knows we're brother and sister, we don't tell that we're lovers. Anyone who knows we're lovers, we don't tell that we're brother and sister."

"I hope that works."

"When you see all those cute girls back in the real world, you may just lose interest in your little sister."


"We'll see."

We got up and started getting dressed. Our clothes had dried out from last night, between the dry mountain air and the fire. As I put my clothes on Tom came over and hugged me from behind.

"You don't have to wear a bra, you know."

"I'll skip it if you promise to pay them some nice attention."

"You mean like this?"

With that, he began tweaking my nipples pulling at my boobs, caressing them, and getting my nipples as hard as they'd ever been. He moved around me and began to kiss and suck on my boobs, nibbling at them. It felt so good my knees got weak and I could barely stand.

"Oh my God. If you keep that up we'll never get anything to eat and never get down this mountain."

"That sounds wonderful to me."

I pulled his head away and pulled him up and kissed him.

"That's enough for now. We can take a little fuck break later, then tonight fuck until we pass out from exhaustion."

"I'd rather not wait, but you're probably right."

I pulled my top on, put on my shoes then took one of the spear poles and headed over to the creek. We had a little of the squirrel we'd eaten last night, so I sort of chummed the water with bits of meat, until some fish gathered. When they did, I managed to spear one fat trout, and got him out of the water, still wiggling.

I gutted the fish as Tom built the fire back up and we cooked the fish as best we could. Kind of half-assed broiling that left us with mostly cooked fish. We didn't care, and even worked our way around the bones as we eagerly ate our breakfast. After we ate, we put out the fire, cleaned up the site and packed our tarp and sleeping bag. Of course we could have done that faster if we hadn't stopped to kiss and feel each other up every minute or two. But who's watching the time?

We started back down the mountain, sticking as close as possible to the stream. As we did, we hit one clear spot and looked across the stream into the face of a large brown bear. Tom and I took off running down the mountain, just as fast as we could.

"Jen, we can't outrun a bear."

"Let's hope he doesn't know that."

We ran and ran, and when nothing seemed to catch up with us, I looked over my shoulder to see the bear running as fast as it could in the opposite direction from us. It didn't want anything more to do with us than we did with it. We stopped running, panted, and tried to catch our breath, as we laughed, then hugged and kissed each other.

I felt Tom run his hand over my pussy outside my jeans, and realized I was already getting wet. I made him stop, even though I wanted nothing more than to fuck him, because I knew we needed to get farther along. 

"We'll have lots of time for that tonight - as much as you want."

"I'm looking forward to that, girl. I can hardly wait."

"Be a good boy, now."

"You're no fun."

"Just wait, Tom. You'll get all the fun you can handle - maybe more."

Tom was pretty pathetic as a hunter. He couldn't seem to spear anything. That's not to say I was great, but I could get enough to help keep us fed. He was getting better at spotting edible plants and could gather those as I tried to nail a bird, squirrel, rabbit, or fish. I got enough so we didn't starve, but boy were we both losing weight. Neither of us had been exactly fat before, but we were both starting to look lean and muscled.

Around midday, we stopped to rest and eat. Once we'd eaten, we both wanted more of what we'd started the day with. We kissed, touched, and undressed each other, and I realized I hadn't paid near enough attention to his cock. I pushed Tom back and slid down him to his dick. I took the head between my lips and could taste the pre-cum on it.

Tom groaned as I slowly began to take more and more of his beautiful prick in my mouth. I couldn't quite get it all in, but got as much as I could steadily working it back and forth in my mouth I thought he was on the verge of coming, when he stopped me.

"Jen, that's great, but my dick has its proper place, and that's inside your warm wonderful pussy."

"I can't think of a nicer place for it. My pussy is yours, always and forever."

Tom sat up against a tree and pulled me onto his lap and pulled my hips close to his. I spread my legs wide and eased his cock into my waiting cunt. I drove my hips back and forth on him as he played with my boobs and we kissed. Because of the angle, I felt his prick touching places inside me that I'd never felt before. He brought one hand down and played with my clit as I pumped against him.

I thought he'd been close to coming when I sucked him off and was surprised at how long he held out doing this. I came for the second time before he erupted in me. We spent lots of time kissing and touching before we dressed and started back down the mountain.

By evening, we were near the base of the mountain, when we decided to stop for the night. Tom set up the camp, while I went looking for something to kill for dinner. I found a fat rabbit and got him. I was gutting the rabbit, when I heard a sound and looked up to find myself staring into the face of a wolf. No, this was no domestic dog, this was a real fucking wolf.

He slowly moved toward me, growling low. I took my pole and swung it hitting him in the head. He yelped and growled louder, edging around trying to get me from a better angle. I had my knife out, but was not sure how much good it would do. He lunged at me as I slashed at him with the knife. He backed away before I could get him.

I threw the rabbit in his direction, thinking he might take that and be happy, but he ignored it and circled for another pass. I edged back, but was afraid to stand up, thinking I'd be vulnerable as I did, but knew I could never get away sitting there. As he circled for another approach, a spear came flying through the air and went several inches into the gut of the wolf.

The wolf shook, trying to get the spear out, and was clearly in pain. I looked and my brother Tom, who had not been able to hit a damned thing before, somehow managed to spear this wolf. He had some rocks and threw those at the wolf also. The wolf, in distress, left as quickly as it could manage, the spear coming out as it left.

"My God, Jen. Are you okay?"

"Yes. Thank you Tom."

"Do you think it will try to come back?"

I picked up the spear that had come out of the wolf. There was blood on almost six inches or so of the thing. It had gone deep into that wolf, farther than I'd have imagined it could. I showed it to Tom.

"You got him deep in the gut. For now he'll lick his wounds, but my guess is you punctured his colon and if he doesn't bleed to death, he'll soon die of septic poisoning from his own body."

Tom hugged me and held me tight. After a minute he loosened up and kissed me.

"I was so worried that something would happen to you, Jen."

"I was scared as shit, but I'm okay. Let's get our dinner, get back to camp, and make sure we have a good fire tonight."

We secured the lean-to in back and on both sides, with the front close to the fire. That would make it hard for a wolf or anything else to get us without us realizing it. We cooked the rabbit and ate it, then threw the remains well away from our tent. If a predator or scavengers wanted the rest of it, they could have it without getting close to us.

It was hard to relax after the encounter with the wolf, but I promised Tom we'd fuck until we passed out and that's exactly what I wanted to do. Maybe it would help me forget what had happened, at least for a little while. 

We got undressed and lay on the sleeping bag, without zipping it up. Tom kissed his way down my body. He paid special attention to both my boobs, and between sucking on them and playing with my twat, brought me to my first orgasm. He got down to my pussy, gave it a quick lick and a kiss, before speaking to it, and me presumably.

"You have been so wonderful to me, you need to get your own little reward."

With that, he began licking my slit, sticking his tongue as far into me as he could get it, then inching up to nibble my clit. I'd had a couple other boyfriends go down on me, but it never felt as good as what Tom was doing to me. He grabbed my ass as he licked and kissed my cunt, and even slid a finger up into my ass. I almost levitated off the ground when he did that. I wrapped both legs around his neck and fucked his face as he tongue fucked my cunt.

I felt my ass tighten around his finger as I came with shudders and spasms that went all the way up to my scalp. I had my legs so tight around him, I'm surprised I didn't suffocate him. I relaxed and heard him take a deep breath. I let him go and he came up and kissed me and I could taste my own juices in his mouth. 

He fucked my pussy long and hard, which was what I wanted, brought me to another orgasm as he came inside me. We rested, just kissing and touching for a few minutes, before he spoke.

"You really seemed to like having my finger in your ass."

"That was delicious."

"Do you think you'd like having my dick in your ass?"

"Tom, you can have any part of me you want, for as long as you want."

"Be careful what you promise."

"That's a promise I want to keep."

I sucked on his dick for a few minutes, to get him hard again, and to lubricate his dick with my saliva. When he was ready, I got on my hands and knees, with my head low and my ass high. Tom came up behind me as put the head of his dick right up to my asshole. He ran the head up and down my ass crack, teasing my ass each time. He stopped with the head right at the entrance to my ass.

"Are you sure you want this?"

"Don't tease me. Fuck me. Now"

With that I jerked my hips back embedding the head of his cock in my ass. It was tight, and hurt as I did it, but it was about the best hurt I could imagine. He eased his cock back and forth getting it further in there inch by inch until he was balls deep in my ass.

"Your pussy is wonderful, but this is great too."

As he slowly pumped his dick in my ass, he leaned forward and grabbed my boobs and began playing with them. Then he brought one hand back and found my clit, as he continued to fuck my ass and play with one boob. I'd never been fucked like this in my life, but I wanted to have this for as long as I lived. He finally came deep in my ass, and kept his dick in there and fondled my boobs and clit until I came as well.

I don't know how many times we fucked that night, but by the time we zipped up the bag to go to sleep, I think we were both completely satisfied.

I woke up the next morning with Tom spooning me, with his hard dick against my ass, and his hand cupping a tit. I squirmed against him, and he began to play with my tit, and I turned to kiss and pull him to me. 

"How are you doing, babe?"

"My pussy's sore from everything we did yesterday."

"Do we need to hold off then?"

"Not on your life. I want that dick in my pussy - the sooner the better."

It hurt, but I had no intention of letting him get away with not fucking me. I moaned as he slid his prick into my tender little pussy.

"Are you sure this is okay, babe?"

"Just shut up and fuck me."

He did, and I loved it, pain and all.

We had no more encounters with bears or wolves. At one point, I saw a large cat - panther or mountain lion, I guess. It looked at me, then slowly moved off in the other direction. After a while we became surprisingly adept at finding and killing food. We weren't exactly going to get fat, but we wouldn't starve either. 

As we got lower and the stream got wider, it warmed up enough for us to try to bathe ourselves, beyond just washing our clothes. It was still chilly but we splashed and played in the water, teasing each other.

"It isn't like when I fell in up on the mountain, but it's still kind of chilly."

"I guess we'll just have to go warm each other up then."

I put my arms around Tom and kissed him and could feel his hardening prick rise up between my legs.

"Let's get back on land, where we can do this right."

Tom picked me up and carried me out of the water and set me down on the grass, where we fucked like rabbits until we were exhausted. Most of our days were filled with walking along, finding food, eating, then fucking until we fell asleep. It was a great life, but I knew this was the good weather. We couldn't stay here forever, we'd never survive the winter.

As it turned out, we didn't need to. One day as we walked along, we saw a large dog - not a wolf, but a German shepherd. He looked at us, barked, then ran off to one side. We could hear more barking as we followed as best we could. The dog returned followed by a park ranger.

"What are you doing here? This area is off limits to tourists and hikers."

"We were in a plane that crashed, we've been trying to find our way back."

"I heard about a missing plane but that was well north of here, and planes flew over and found no sign of a crash."

"It fell to the bottom of a cliff and some of the cliff came down on top of it."

"Let's see your ID."

Both Tom and I had wallets in our pockets. Our ID, credit cards, and the like were a bit the worse for wear, but still legible. The ranger looked them over and had us follow him back to his track. We piled in his truck and he radioed in and confirmed that we were the folks who had been in the missing plane.

"Looks like you two could use some clean clothes and a bath."

"Is there a town nearby where we could buy some things and find a place to stay?"

"We're kind of off the beaten path, but we have a store, a small motel and a restaurant."

Everything was pretty much in walking distance, and they did take credit cards, and ours worked. We bought a couple changes of clothes. We didn't try them on because the store clerk gave us some real fishy looks. We were still pretty dirty and shabby. We went to the motel to get a room. The clerk at the motel looked us over carefully.

"One room or two?"

"Just one, thank you."

We went to the room, giggling and holding each other. We got in the room, and Tom got serious all of a sudden.

"We're back in civilization, what does that mean for us?"

"You call this civilized?"

"Jen, I'm serious. What do we do?"

"We're adults. We do whatever we want to do. Are you having second thoughts about having me as your lover?"

"God, no. There's no one I'd rather be with. But what about...?"

"We'll deal with it as it comes."

We made a call to our parents to tell them we were okay. My mother wanted to come out and we asked her please not to. We contacted any friends and employers who might be concerned and let them know as well. Tom shaved off the growth that had accumulated on his face, so he looked more like the guy I'd always known. We then took a long leisurely bath together, and fucked in a real bed for the first time. We went to get something to eat, and were gawked at by the locals. We went back to the motel, turned on the TV to cover the sounds and fucked until we passed out.

The next morning we awoke beside each other in bed and began kissing and touching and caressing each other. I got on top of Tom, slid his prick into my pussy and began fucking him for all I was worth. I had my arms extended, to give him the chance to play with my boobs as I did. Tom came in me, and as usual, pulled my hips close and held them as he did. I leaned down to kiss him as we heard the sound of the door opening and a voice.

"Thank you so much for your help."

Our mother stepped into the room. She saw us, her mouth dropped open, then she gasped, grimaced, and frowned. 

"Mother, what are you doing here?"

"You can't think I wouldn't come to check on my children. I just didn't realize you'd make me sorry I did."


"Don't say anything. I'll be waiting down the street at that diner."

She was bright red, as she slammed the door shut. We had thrown the covers off, so she clearly saw Tom with his dick deep in my pussy. Tom's prick shrunk faster than it ever had before. I got off him and we looked at each other.

"So much for trying to hide it, Jen."

"She was bound to figure it out eventually. I just never figured it would be so soon and so rudely."

We quickly cleaned up, dressed, and went down to the diner. Mother was sitting at a table well away from any of the other patrons. She looked angry as hell, as we walked over and sat down. Tom and I sat by each other and held hands. We might just as well, it wasn't like we had anything to hide. Tom basically let me do the talking for us.

"I took a red-eye into Denver, and drove several hours to get here. I'm sorry I did."

"I'd say it's not what you think, but the truth is, it's exactly what you think."

"Did it start out there or did you two have something going on before that?"

"It happened out there by accident. Once we'd done it..."

"How do you accidently screw your brother?"

"Both of us were half asleep before we knew what we were doing."

"Didn't seem to stop you after that."

"We were alone out there with only each other to depend on. Building and reinforcing those personal bonds seemed more important that what society thought about what we were doing."

"And after you got back?"

"We found we loved each other - not just as brother and sister, but romantically - as lovers. We don't want to lose that."

"I don't approve, and won't ever approve."

"We aren't asking for your approval or your blessing, just try to love us as your son and daughter."

"I was always hoping some day to have grandchildren."

I looked at Tom, smiled and kissed him, before looking back at my mother.

"And who knows, you might still."

"My God, you aren't pregnant are you?"

"No, but that doesn't mean we might not want kids some time later."

Mother looked appalled as she looked back and forth between Tom and me.

"What if they end up with three eyes, or something?"

"Well I guess we'll have to learn to love our three-eyed baby then."

"You know birth defects are more common in incestuous offspring."

"More common, perhaps, but still the exception, not the rule. Most of the babies are perfectly normal."

"And how will you explain the baby to our relatives?"

"Well, I had a baby out of wedlock, and my brother was kind enough to want to help me raise it."

"The family can't find out that you two are in an incestuous relationship."

"I wasn't planning on telling them, and I don't think Tom was, so if you don't we should be okay."

"Can you behave at family gatherings?"

"As long as you do."

"And why you both never married?"

"Neither of us found the right person."

"Jesus, I don't believe this."

"So you are going back to the Denver airport?"

"What else?"

"Could we ride back with you?"

"One of you sits in front, and the other one sits in back - period. No hanky panky on the way"

It was a very quiet and somewhat tense long ride in the car back to Denver. Mother was tired, so she napped in the passenger seat as I drove, and Tom sat in back. Mother caught a flight back to Philly and Tom and I went back home.

Tom works remotely a lot, while I have to go into an office, so he moved into my place. Only one bedroom, but that's all we needed at that point. We could never marry, but our friends in New York mostly knew us as lovers, not as siblings, so that was no problem.

Five years down the road, we have a bigger place and now have our little baby girl. She is darling and perfect, with no genetic problems that the doctors can detect. My mother still does not approve of our relationship, but she loves her little granddaughter. She is in the other room, cooing and playing with Diana as I write.