Stories 18+ Caught Using a VR Headset hard cock

Stories 18+ Caught Using a VR Headset hard cock
I studied Brooke as she sucked, tugged, and pulled on the hard cock in front of her pretty face. I loved the way her short cropped hair swayed back and forth with each bobbing motion of her head. I admired how her full, youthful breasts jiggled and bounced. I could see the hunger in her brown eyes and could sense the urgency she felt to get this guy off. 

As he neared his orgasm, she immediately backed away and stuck out her tongue while pumping her hand up and down his swollen shaft. Her timing was impeccable. Within seconds, her well-endowed lover rewarded her with spurt after spurt of his creamy orgasm. I saw the twinkle in her eye as she faced the camera and made sure I could see his heavy load pasted across her tongue before she closed her mouth and swallowed. She flashed an accomplished smirk before opening her mouth wide and displaying her empty mouth. What a good girl. All gone!

There was a page turning transition before the video switched to show blonde-haired Taylor on her knees with a large dick between her lips. Taylor had an interesting way of twisting and turning her head as she worked her mouth up and down the impossibly long porn star prick inside her mouth. 

In exquisite detail, I studied her mind-blowing technique as I imagined her doing the same thing to me. I twisted my well-lubed fist right and left to simulate the sensation of her mouth. Fuck, that had to feel great for her lover! Within moments, she backed away to catch each joyful spurt of her man's orgasm on her tongue. As Brooke had done, Taylor showed her mouthful to the camera before she swallowed. I liked it best when she scooped up the single droplet running down her chin and popping it into her mouth, too. I could be wrong but everything I had witnessed suggested she loved the taste of cum.

The goggles on my face presented me with a better view than the largest big screen TV. I saw it all happening as if I was on my knees next to her. There was another page turning transition before I was rewarded with the sight of Tiffany on her knees. She was already hard at work on another big prick. Yeah, that looked good. Why was it that brunettes turned me on so much? Brunettes like my wife when she had been young and skinny. Brunettes like our darling daughter.

There was another page wipe transition before I was presented with a cutie whose name I didn't know. She wore her dark hair pulled behind her head in a ponytail like the ones my daughter so often wore. As I caressed my long, swollen, hard cock, I felt the lines blur between fantasy fun time and a more taboo fantasy. It's one thing to fantasize about having a porn star kneeling in front of you and quite another to imagine it's your daughter doing it. The primitive limbic portion of my brain didn't share the value system of my neocortex. I felt my cock swell inside my hand as I went with the fantasy. "Carolyn," I whispered, feeling a pleasurable jolt as I pronounced my daughter's name. 

My neocortex tried objecting but its cautious warnings were faint whispers against the tempest wailing inside my head as I went with what felt best. Wasn't that point behind masturbating? Within the deep, dark folds and overlapping structures inside your brain, anything goes, no matter how taboo. Pleasure is the goal, not logic, shame, or the moral value judgments of society. 

"Do it, Carol," I muttered, finding the shame I couldn't quite ignore added to the pleasure I felt. "Make Daddy happy." The woman on her knees did favor my Carolyn. They shared petite, upturned noses and full lips. They were close enough doppelgangers that I could forgive the minor discrepancies. "Daddy's going to cum, Carolyn."

So wrong. Every neuron firing within my brain and driving me closer to gratification felt shameful and taboo. I didn't care, not really. Pleasure and release had always been the goal since I first realized I had the house to myself for the afternoon. I had bullied through the chores typically associated with a Saturday, completing them in record time so I would have these precious moments of playful solitude. This was my reward and not my punishment. Who cared what fantasies I entertained in the recesses of my brain? 

"That's it, Carolyn, take it!" I announced, holding back on my orgasm until I came with the male porn star. I felt my orgasm erupting across my chest, stomach, and eventually my hand, but in my mind, I was coating Carolyn's tongue. "Now show it to me, dear," I said, shivering with the joy of my release. "Show me and swallow it." As the female performer gave the camera one last smile, I noticed with relief that she only favored my Carolyn, that's all. Their smiles were completely different.

As I pulled off the virtual reality headset, I prepared myself for the disjointed sensation of being back inside the living room of my humble house on an average block in Any Town, USA. Blinking a couple of times, I glanced down at my bare chest and stomach, seeing the long lines of my ejaculate running across my skin. No two ways about it, I needed another shower. I smeared my goo across my chest and flat stomach and got halfway through heaving a happy, contented sigh when I realized I wasn't alone.

"Good one, Dad," Carolyn said from where she sat sprawled on the couch. 

"Holy shit!" I screamed, startled and panicked at the same time. I quickly crossed my legs and tried covering my nudity. "What the fuck?!" I bellowed, wishing I had my clothes nearby. Instead, convinced that I would be alone for hours, my clothes sat inside the hamper in the room I shared with my wife. I crawled over the side of my overstuffed easy chair, using the big piece of furniture as cover while I gaped at her playful smirk. 

Slowly, my brain registered the rest of what I saw. Carolyn sat slouched on the sofa with her legs wide apart. She had one hand still stuffed inside of her tight shorts. I could make out the shape of her knuckles and the placement of her hand. She had pushed her tanktop over her right breast where it stubbornly hung half covering the hand she had on top of her breast. "Cute how you called out my name," she said, making no effort to change the position of her hands. "Unless there's another Carolyn in your life."

"I can explain," I blurted out though it was a lie. Glancing at the long hallway leading to our bath and bedrooms, my fight or flight mechanism kicked fully into gear. I darted for the safety of my bedroom, slamming the door behind me.

"Aw, don't be like that, Daddy," Carolyn said from the other side of the door. Our bedroom doors didn't include locks. I retreated towards the master bath as soon as I saw the door beginning to open. "Let's talk about it."

"No," I said, finally behind a door with a lock on it. I heard her trying the handle.

"Come on, Dad, don't be like this. I think it's cute."

"It's wrong," I groaned, feeling my heart beating much too fast. What had I done? How could my life be any worse than now? Catching me jerking off would have been bad enough, but she had caught me jerking off and calling out her name! Fuck, she must think I was a sicko! "I didn't mean to do that."

"But you did it more than once," she cooed from her side of the door.

"I just . . ." I just what? "I was watching porn and the girl looked a little like you."

"Ooo, I wanna see!" she said and then there was silence from her side of the door. 

"Carolyn?" I called out. "Are you still there?" 

Nothing. No reply. I didn't risk it. Somehow I would have to make this right but I had to get dressed first. I washed off my hands, ran a damp washcloth across my chest and stomach, and wrapped a towel around my waist as I peeked out of the bathroom door. She wasn't in my room and although the bedroom door was still open, I risked leaving the safety of the bathroom. I traded the towel around my waist for a pair of shorts and a t-shirt before heading into the rest of the house to find my daughter, trying to explain and beg her forgiveness.

Holding the VR goggles near her face, Carolyn sat in my chair. She hadn't bothered with the headphones. She had pulled her tanktop back into place and while her right hand was no longer inside her shorts, she still held it against her crotch. 

"Can we talk?" I sheepishly asked.

"Do you really think she looks like me?"

"A little," I shrugged, sitting across from her on the couch. "I think it was her hair."

She nodded, "In a ponytail. Yeah, I can see that." She moved her hand away from her crotch and clutched at her inner thigh as if she needed to hold on to something to stop her hand from moving back between her legs. "That was hot."

I felt myself blushing. "How long did you watch me?"

"Just a few minutes," she said, still smiling like the cat who ate the canary. Why shouldn't she? I'm sure this was great fun for her. "How long were you going at it?"

I ignored her question. "When did you get home?"

"Not long," she replied, still grinning and eyeing me in ways she had never done before. "No school on Monday, classes got out early on Friday, so I thought I'd surprise you guys." She laughed. "Guess I accomplished that, didn't I?"

"Yeah," I snorted, able to appreciate the validity of her words without appreciating the humor. Carolyn attends college a couple hours away. She had come home last weekend. I never expected her to make it two weekends in a row. "A phone call would have been nice."

"But then it wouldn't have been a surprise," she sang, giggling at me. 

The differences between our emotional states couldn't have been farther apart. She looked as happy as ever while I felt like a man being led to the gallows. I searched for something to say. "You know, sometimes a man has needs . . ." I started. She didn't let me finish.

Carolyn burst out laughing. "Daddy, I know guys jerk-off!" Setting aside the VR headset, she leaned forward and touched my bare knee. "I'm much more interested in knowing how long you've been thinking about me while you did it."

"That was the first time, I swear!" 

"Uh-huh," she said, rubbing my knee as if she could coax the answer from me the same way someone might coax a genie from a lamp.

"I serious!" I insisted, sticking with my story. "I've never, not even, not once!" My words were a jumbled, cluttered mess of denial.

"But you were," she pointed out with a playful look in her eye. I turned my head away. I felt so ashamed that I couldn't face her. I couldn't look her in the eye. "Did it make it better pretending that was me?"

"Stop it," I grumbled, looking anywhere but at her. 

"I'm serious, did it make it better?" she asked. I shook my head. "Come on, you can tell me the truth."

"It made it weird," I softly admitted, remembering the strange dance between my lizard brain and my neocortex. 

"And hot."


"Why not? It happened. I saw it." She paused for a beat before adding, "I heard you," and I felt my stomach sink. "And that was hotter than anything."

"Excuse me?" I asked, looking up and feeling confused by how she sounded. 

"It was hot," she repeated with the same wide-eyed openness she always gave me. "It got me off."

"Fuck," I groaned, shaking my head as I remembered how she looked when I first removed the goggles, how she had been clutching herself while watching me. "Don't go there."

"You did," she giggled, running her hand farther up the inside of my thigh as if she was reaching for parts of me that didn't belong to her. 

"Whoa!" I said, brushing her hand away. "What about Mom?"

"Yeah, what about your wife?" she asked, trying again to rub the inside of my thigh. It wasn't a secret that Carolyn and her mother did not get along. She would refer to her biological mother as either 'your wife' or 'the egg donor.' Her smile grew bigger. "Maybe, if the egg donor would take better care of you, you wouldn't have to jerk-off to porn."

"Let's agree to leave your mom out of this," I said, ignoring how Carolyn used both hands on my thigh, at least until I could get her agreement on that important matter.

"Which part?" she asked, becoming bolder. "How I caught you jerking off or the part when you called out my name?"

"Both would be best," I said in an icy tone. I shouldn't need to explain that. For good measure, brushed away her hands.

Sitting upright, Carolyn's smile never wavered as she ran a hand across her chest. "What if I liked hearing you saying my name?" 

"What are you doing?"

"Nothing I haven't seen you doing," she said, adding a hand between her legs.

"Carolyn, please stop," I croaked, stunned by her choice. "We can't do this."

"Sure we can." She slipped a hand inside her tanktop and clutched at her breast. Through the thin, skin-tight fabric, I could plainly see how her fingers found her nipple and tweaked the stiff point. "When was the last time you had sex with your wife?"

"None of your business," I replied in a weak voice. Why did my mouth feel so dry and why was it so hard to swallow?

"Last week? Two weeks ago?"

I bit my lip and shook my head, refusing to answer. Our daughter didn't need to know how long it had been. The months I had spent without knowing the tender caress of another person shouldn't matter to her. Carolyn mistook the shake of my head.


"Your mom's been sick," I said, struggling to maintain a normal tone. "I think she's going through the change or something."

"Or she doesn't like sex." When she parted her legs wider, the stretchy fabric of her running shorts hugged her body and I watched as she pressed a finger against her pussy. "I'm so glad I take after you and not her fat ass."

"Don't," I bristled. It was true, my wife had gained a lot of weight over the last few years, but then again, she had always struggled with maintaining her weight. "You don't understand. You don't know what it's like to be married."

"Do you want to get naked with me?" she asked, pulling off her tanktop and exposing perfectly formed breasts still round and firm with her youth. At barely nineteen, Carolyn's body still ignored the effects of gravity. Athletic like me, she was as thin as a whisper while still having the curves of a woman. Her mother had never looked so delicious.

"We can't do this."

"Do what?" she asked, standing and wiggling out of her tight shorts. She had to shimmy her hips from side to side as she worked them off. I didn't catch whether she had somehow grabbed her panties with her shorts or if she hadn't been wearing any. Instead, my eyes were drawn to the tiny, inverted triangle of pubic hair she maintained directly above the slit of her pussy. I gasped. "Do you still think I looked like your girlfriend?"

"What girlfriend?" I asked, dumbfounded by her question.

"The girl in that video."

"No," I groaned, unsure why I had ever thought it. Carolyn looked much more beautiful than the random porn star harlot sucking dick for pay. I tried standing on knees gone weak. I only made it partway before she pressed her hands on my shoulders and forced me back on my ass. 

"No," she insisted, straddling my knees. "You haven't gotten naked yet." She tugged at my t-shirt, pulling it over my head and my rag doll arms allowed her to do it. "Fuck, you look good." Running her hands across my bare chest, her thumbs circled the dark discs of my nipples as she leaned forward and kissed my neck. 

"Stop," I whimpered, afraid of touching her, afraid of standing and dropping her off my lap, afraid of everything that was happening. What if my wife walked in? What if a neighbor knocked for a cup of sugar? That had never happened, but my mind had lost its ability to form rational thoughts. Worse, I felt my body reacting to her nudity. 

Carolyn had no way of knowing how important Saturdays had become to me and my libido. Saturdays were my play day, a chance for me to off-load a week's worth of sexual frustration in privacy. On most Saturdays, it took three jerk-off sessions before I felt centered again and sated enough to face another sexless week of work and marriage. 

"I will if you really want," she purred, nibbling on my earlobe. I had never had a woman do that and it felt remarkable. Her breath felt hot against the side of my face. Her voice sounded like a siren's song. "No one has to know, Daddy. This will be our secret. Just us."

"I can't," I lied, already feeling my body betraying my words. "We can't."

"We can," she said, reaching between us and undoing to the top of my shorts. She merely undid the button above the fly and nothing more. "And I want to. You deserve this."

"I do?"

"Yes," she insisted, kissing my lips. I wasn't able to return her kiss. I felt paralyzed, helplessly lost in a battle between propriety and passion. She repeated that damning mantra, "No one will ever know." Then she added, "We're both adults. You won't be my first man. You're not making me do it. I'm doing this because I want you. Please, Daddy, let me have you."

"Oh God," I groaned, unable to stop her. 

"Can I take off your shorts?"

I couldn't speak.

"Tell me to stop and I will," she said, slipping off my knees and kneeling on the floor in front of me. I watched her pulling open my shorts. In my haste to address the situation, I hadn't bothered with underwear. As she pulled open my shorts, she exposed the tangled mess of my pubic hair. Pulling downwards as she tugged them open, the fat tube of my growing cock came into view. My daughter fished inside my shorts and pulled it free. "Mm, you have such a nice cock, Daddy."

"Do I?" I asked, unsure of anything anymore.

"It's big," she said, caressing my shaft. "And fat. I got so wet when I saw what you were doing."

"You can't tell your mom that you caught me doing that." My wife thought masturbating was as bad as cheating. 

"You're funny," she giggled, tugging my shorts off my legs until I sat as naked as her. She cupped my furry balls. "I love these. I love how manly you look, not like the boys I've met in college. They aren't real men, not like you."

"Have you . . .?" I started and stopped. I wanted to ask if she had been with a lot of boys since going away to college but that's not the sort of question a father asks his daughter. I let the question die away before it was spoken.

"Have I what, Daddy? Have I been with lots of men? Have I done this?" 

Carolyn leaned forward and wrapped her lips around my cock, sucking it into her mouth and swishing her tongue against its sensitive bottom. "I love doing this," she said between mouthfuls. "I do this every chance I get."


"Mm, yes," she purred, looking up at me with her pretty brown eyes. "And I always swallow."

My cock didn't care that it was my daughter kneeling naked between my legs. My cock only cared about the sensation of warm, wet pleasure being offered so eagerly. I caressed the side of my daughter's pretty face and once more felt the confused swirl I had felt while wearing the VR headset. It was wrong for my daughter to do this, wrong for her to see me hard and wrong for her to want my cock inside in her mouth. Still, it made my heart throb as deeply as running a marathon. I felt a throaty groan escaping me.

"Will you do it, Dad? Will you come in my mouth for me?"

"Slut," I growled. The word had been attached to a longer sentence that had formed in my mind but went unspoken except for that single word.

"Yes!" she said, rubbing my cock against her pretty face. "Your slut!"

"Whore," I groaned.

"Yes!" she groaned back. "Your whore, Daddy! Your slutty, slutty whore!" She attacked my straining, aching cock with her eager mouth, bobbing her head up and down as her ponytail swayed back and forth, whipping around her neck. "Give it to me," she demanded, pumping on my cock so wet and slippery from her mouth. "Cum in my mouth. Give it all to your bad girl!"

I lost control of myself. "Slut," I charged again. "Filthy, slutty whore!" Each utterance fueled another one. "Fucking cocksucking cunt!"

"Yes!" she gasped with a wild look in her eyes. "More, Daddy. More!"

When I repeated myself, it didn't matter. I managed a couple sentences, or at least something resembling sentences. "My daughter the slut. My daughter the whore! Suck it. Suck dick, you slut!"

"Cum for me, Daddy! Cum in my mouth!"

"Open wide," I barked, grabbing my cock like the porn stars do in all the videos I had watched. I grabbed her ponytail and jerked her head backward and up. She willingly (instinctively?) opened her mouth wide and planted her tongue against the tip of fat cock. "Take it, whore. Take all of it! Show it to me!" I came in massive ropes of sparkling semen that shot directly into my daughter's mouth, coating her tongue and spraying off the back of her throat. I came harder than I could ever imagine. I came with the force of a thousand missed blowjobs from a wife who seldom wanted sex and only wanted to do it in the Missionary position. For those brief moments of fantastic pleasure, I was the porn star.

"So much cum," Carolyn purred after swallowing and showing me her empty mouth. She smiled as happy as any of the girls in those videos. I saw the delighted twinkle in her eyes as she spooned an errant drop between her lips. That's when I noticed that she had been touching herself. "Want a taste?" she asked, shoving her wet fingers between my lips. As I sucked on them, her smile remained in place. "Do I taste good?"

"Yeth," I replied around her fingers. That made her giggle. 

Carolyn studied my cock for a long moment as she fondled it before looking back up at me. "And you want to know the best part?" I nodded. "We can do this anytime you want."

Slowly, reason began oozing back into my brain stem like muddy water from beneath a failing dam. "Really?"

"Really," she insisted, crawling back into my lap. Once more, she straddled my knees and this time, I didn't feel ashamed admiring her naked body. She kissed my neck again and I felt her perky breasts against my chest. I held her close, letting her pepper my neck and the side of my face with more kisses as I pondered what we had just done until I put a single finger beneath her pointy chin and made her look at me.

"Why?" I asked.

Carolyn shrugged. "Because it's hot?"

"Because I'm your Dad?" I asked, still trying to find reason following an unreasonable act.

"I think so," she said with a pensive smile. "I know how wrong this is, but I'm so turned on right now."

"How turned on?"

"Feel for yourself," she said, guiding one of my hands between her legs. I cupped her sex, splaying her wet pussy lips and inserting a finger deep inside of her fiery warmth. I felt her pussy clenching down around my fat, intrusive finger.

"What if I want more?"

"What if?" she asked, kissing my lips again. "What if you can have everything."

"Everything?" I asked, wondering just how wrong she was willing to be.

"Everything and more," she said, brushing away my hand from between her legs before she slipped farther down my legs. Grabbing my still hard cock, she pressed it against her pussy, squirming until I popped inside of her. "Including this."

"Oh God," I groaned, startled by her choice. "Are you sure?"

"Am I your slut?"

"More like a whore," I said, unable to stop myself from smirking as I said it.

"Daddy's whore," she said and this time, when she tried to kiss me on the lips, I kissed her back. 

"I won't stay hard," I told her after our kiss. 

"Sure you will," she said, clenching down around my cock as she rocked back and forth.

"I've already had two orgasms."

"And I want one more," she said, wrapping her arms around my neck, arching her back, and feeding me her rock solid nipples. 

"You are such a slut," I said, pulling away and looking at her as she squirmed in my lap. "When did that happen?"

"Does it matter?" she asked, hooking her knees on the couch for better leverage. I reached around and grabbed her tight ass, guiding her up and down. "I love you."

"And I love you," I said though it felt as if I was saying it for the very first time to her. 

"Good, now call me a slut again."

"Fucking whore," I snapped with a grin on my face. I saw how her eyes fluttered as soon as soon as I said the words. Oddly, my cock throbbed as I said it. Apparently, I enjoyed the filthy trash talk, too. 

"Are you going to cum inside of me?"

"Is that what you want?"

She nodded, but I could tell she wanted more.

"Is that what you want, you filthy slut?"

"Yes!" she said, quivering in my arms as she begged for more.

"Tell Daddy what you want."

"Your cum," she whimpered. "In me. In my puss."

"You want your Daddy to fill you up?" I asked, thrilling at our game. "You want your Daddy to cum inside of you?" She bit her lip, nodding her head as she moaned. "Deep inside your little pussy, is that where I should come?" More eager nods and deep moans. Once more, I felt the animal in me rising to the surface. None of this was right and I no longer cared. The more wrong we made it, the better it felt. "Fucking whore of a daughter," I said, swatting her bare ass. "Come for me, bitch. Come for Daddy." I swatted her again, something I had never done in her nineteen years. "Come like a whore! Let me see it!"

"Yes!" she cried out. "Yes! Yes! Yes!"

I felt her pussy clamping down around my swollen cock as her orgasm arrived. Her pussy grabbed my cock and tugged on it as I kept spanking her ass. With every swat, she pulled upwards, tugging on my cock as she did until I couldn't take anymore. 

"Fucking, filthy whore, slut, cunt!" I panted, spanking her ass with a flurry of swats as I came, too. Finally, it was over. She collapsed against me and I stopped spanking her. Instead, I rubbed her tender butt, stunned by what I had done. "Are you okay?"

"I'm perfect," she mewed. "I've never gotten off that hard before in my life."

"Me either," I said, though it felt disingenuous suggesting that one moment of bliss could feel better than another. We cuddled for a long while before I felt a cramp in my leg. "Maybe you can give me some space?"

"Sure," she said, bracing her hands against my shoulders as she stood. She tried looking behind her at her ass before giving up and turning around. "Is it red?"

"Sorry," I said, staring at her bright, cherry red ass and feeling guilty about doing that to her. 

"Don't be!" she gushed, facing me again. "That was the best part?"

"You like being spanked?"

"I guess so," she said, wincing as she experimentally cupped her tender ass in both hands. "When will the egg donor get home?"

"Shit," I groaned, glancing at my smartwatch before a bit of relief washed over me. "We've got at least an hour." I caught how her eyes fell to my fully sated cock. "Don't even think about it," I said, rubbing my wet prick. "I'm spent."

"Okay," she said, scooping and picking our clothes. "Think we can convince the egg donor to go shopping or something tomorrow?"

"Maybe," I said before asking a very stupid question. "Why?"

"Why do you think?" she asked, bending over and kissing me deeply on the lips before sashaying down the hallway and leaving behind her very bewildered father. 

As I watched her red asscheeks swaying on her way to the bathroom, I wondered what the hell had just happened and why. My mind felt as empty as my balls. Heaving a heavy sigh, I stood and went back to my bedroom for my third shower of the day. I felt physically and emotionally spent. My world had changed in ways that felt very strange indeed!