"Stories 18+" Colleen C2

Stories 18+ Colleen C2
I had never thought of my sister as a sexual being other than to acknowledge the fact she had given birth to the two sweetest nieces in the world. Nothing in any fantasy of mine could compare with what stood in front of me. Colleen was erotic and sexy and earthy and sophisticated and loving and warm and desirable all at the same time. So much so, that I was having trouble breathing. She was a million times more beautiful than anything I could have ever imagined and I was starting to get dizzy. 

My sister, the head cheerleader, my best friend, was standing before me with a contented smile on her face. Most women look better naked than clothed but I was not ready for this. Her skin was flawless. It was smooth in texture and creamy in color. The only mark was a small dime sized birthmark on her right hip just above the panty line. 

Colleen's waist was slightly thicker than it had been in her cheerleading days and her hips softy flared out and down to her full thighs. Even after giving birth to two children there was not a single stretch mark to be found anywhere. Her stomach was flat from the bottom of her breasts all the way down until it reached her mons. She was all soft curves without crossing the line into chubby. 

Her breasts were large and round. Nursing the girls had only added a fullness to them that I had never noticed before. They were not the huge medical oddities I had seen in pictures that gave some women a certain bovine quality. They were in proportion to her body and hung down because of their weight. The nipples were wide and long, and very hard from excitement. The only two words I could think of at that moment were "ripe" and "succulent."

I put my hands on her hips and pulled her forward. Once again I started to rub my face against her panties. She held me there for a moment then stepped back and put her hand under my chin, lifting my head to look up at her. She began speaking in a quiet and very serious voice.

"Bobby, we need to talk. I have already lost one lover in my life and I will not go through that again. If we do this, we are no longer brother and sister; we will be lovers and nothing on this earth will be able to put things back the way they were. If you later decide to move on to some other woman I won't be able to take it. Once this is done, you have to understand that we are both in it for the long haul...the very long haul. If you're not ready for that, we have to stop right now."

I could hardly get the words out of my mouth. "Stop loving you? I don't think so. If by long haul you mean the next fifty or sixty years, then I'm in. I have always loved you, even when I was a baby. I just didn't know how much until tonight. I have never been happier than I am right now. If I learned anything from Barbara, it was the meaning of commitment. I promise I will never leave you...or cheat on you...and never...ever...do anything to hurt you."

The smile on Colleen's face spread from ear to ear as she leaned forward until our noses were touching. "Good. I'm glad you feel that way because if I catch you so much as looking at another woman I will cut your dick off and feed it to the ducks."

"Jesus, you drive a hard bargain. Is it too late to back out?"

"Yes, it is."

"Well ok then...I guess I can live with that."

She took another step back and paused. She pushed her panties down her legs, stepped out of them and tossed them over her shoulder into the corner. I had never known how erotic and sensual the simple act of removing a pair of panties could be. I thought my eyeballs were going to explode.

She held her arms out to the side and struck a model's pose. "This is it Bobby. This is what you get...this is what a soccer mom looks like...last chance to change your mind. Do you still want to do this?"

There was not a snowball's chance in hell that I would change my mind. No soccer mom, or any other woman in the world could look as good as she did. I wanted to shout with joy, secure in the knowledge that I was going to see this every day for the rest of my life. I would sooner die than give up what I was feeling right then.

There is one genetic thing about Colleen that I have never been able to understand. The hair on her head is golden blonde. I know it's natural because I have lived with her for most of her life. But her eyebrows and eyelashes, and as I could now clearly see, her pubic hair are a deep dark brown. The effect in contrast to her smooth creamy skin was arresting. The thick mass of dark hair created an inverted triangle, forming an arrow that pointed down between her legs.

I tried to speak, to tell her how much I loved her but the words came out as a soft gurgling sound. She laughed in her quiet way and said, "I'll take that as a yes," and gave me a kiss on the lips.

Colleen crawled up onto the bed and arranged the pillows at the headboard. She lay back and spread her legs wide. She looked at me and said simply, "it's time Bobby." I moved until I was kneeling between her legs, looking down where they joined together.

Colleen always shaves her underarms and legs, and the skin felt like satin. But she has never shaved her pussy. The hair continued between her legs and her swollen pussy lips poked through making it look like two black stripes that slowly faded out by the time it reached her ass. Her clit was barely visible as it peeked out from under its hood at the top of her slit. Every new feature of her body that I was discovering was more amazing than the last. My dick was like an iron bar and my brain was trying to pump more blood into it. If I dropped dead right then, I would die a happy man.

I stroked the insides of her thighs once or twice then leaned forward to taste the sweetness of the juice I could see dripping out of her. Before I could get close enough to do that she put both hands on the sides of my head and pulled me up over her until we were face to face. She reached down between us and brought the head of my cock up until it was touching the lips at the opening of her cunt.

"Baby, you will get plenty of chances to taste that, but right now I need your cock inside of me." 

She let go of my cock, placed her hands on my hips and slowly but firmly pulled me forward until I was buried as deep as I could go. We fit together like the first two pieces of a puzzle that had finally found each other. I could feel the muscles in her cunt grasping, holding on to me, trying to swallow my dick even further. She was wet and hot and tight inside. Not so tight that I had trouble going in but tight enough that if she kept flexing her cunt like that I would orgasm instantly. The only sound that either one of was capable of making was that low inarticulate moan of pleasure that only lovers can make when they first join together. 

We lay there without moving, not speaking, my cock deep inside my sister. The feeling was glorious and I was afraid that I would awaken from a dream and loose all of this. I dropped my head down and began to kiss my way up the side of her neck until my lips reached her ear. Even though we were the only people in the house, what we were experiencing was so intimate that we could only whisper to each other. 

"Colleen, you feel wonderful."

"I know baby, but please, just fuck me. I've needed you for so long."

"My God, I can't believe how wet you are."

"All for you baby, all for you. Now shut up and fuck me before I go crazy."

I pulled back until I was almost out, then slowly pushed forward to be inside of her again. The inside of her sheath felt like velvet that had been soaked in warm oils. Her hands were still on my hips and she began pulling on them, helping me set our rhythm. She would grunt at the end of each stroke and sigh as I pulled back. She planted her feet flat on the mattress to use her legs as leverage to push her hips up to meet each of my downward strokes. Soon we began to pickup speed and she started to whisper frantically in my ear.

"Oh god this is good...please don't ever stop fucking me...dear god I love you so much."

I don't know if we were pumping against each other for five minutes or five hours, all we knew was that we couldn't stop. We were going faster and faster until we were thrashing around uncontrollably on the bed.

Suddenly Colleen arched her back and her eyes rolled back in her head. Her body started to convulse then she snapped forward, throwing her arms and legs around me. She held on to me as tight as she could and began sobbing as the orgasm overtook her. She was practically screaming, "Oh God...yes...do it...put your cum inside me...put it inside." 

At that moment my own orgasm exploded and my balls began to pump all of the pent up semen out the end of my dick and into her waiting pussy. Her cunt muscles were flexing, trying to swallow every last drop I could give her. The feeling was so intense that while Colleen was sobbing, I was still pumping and gave out one last low moan of pleasure when I was completely drained.

We finally let go of each other and collapsed on to the bed, lying on our backs looking up at the ceiling. Colleen reached over and grasped my hand, squeezing it as hard as she could. After several minutes she whispered, "I feel like I've just been hit by a freight train. Sweet Jesus that was good." She turned on her side and propped her head up on her arm and looked at me. I turned my head to look back at her.

"That was fucking amazing," I said.

"Damn right it was." She began planting soft kisses on my face and neck and lips. She reached down to hold onto my cock using slow sensual strokes and whispered, "we are going to be doing a lot more of that...one hell of a lot more."

I pulled her closer to me and started returning her kisses. "My god, why didn't we do this years ago?"

"Because we would have been arrested. But now that we've started, I have no intention of ever stopping. How soon can we do it again?"

"Jesus woman, give me a break. I need to get my heart rate back to normal before I have a stroke."

"Ok, but don't take too long, just remember what I'm holding on to. I wouldn't want anything to get hurt while I'm waiting."

"For a sister you can be very demanding."

"I know, that's why you love me.

She gave me a deep kiss and tried to shove her tongue past my tonsils. She gently laid her head on my chest and kept sliding her hand up and down, squeezing my cock. We lay quietly with my arms around her, slowly stroking her back. I was about to drift off to sleep when I felt Colleen moving around. I opened my eyes to see her with her head raised, smiling and watching my face.

"What?" I asked.

She said nothing, but slid sideways and rolled on to her back. She spread her thighs wide again and said, "I'm ready."

I rolled over and lay on top of her, my hips falling between her legs. This time Colleen did not have to guide me, my cock knew how to find its' way back home. We quickly found our rhythm, slow and steady that seemed to go on forever. No words were spoken, only our grunts and groans, the involuntary reactions to physical pleasure. At last Colleen started to throw her hips hard and fast up against mine. She began chanting, "oh god...oh fuck yes...oh fuck I'm coming...I'm coming..." She twitched all over then went rigid. Her cunt clamped down and started sucking on my cock as my balls began pushing more sperm into her.

When we were done, we rolled over until we were lying on our sides, our arms wrapped around each other, my cock still inside of her and fell asleep.

I was dragged back to consciousness when I felt Colleen shifting around on the bed. I opened one bleary eye to see that the bedside lamp was still on, making everything on the bed visible but leaving the rest of the room in shadows. I turned my head and opened the other eye. Colleen was kneeling by my hips, one hand holding my balls, gently squeezing and rolling them around. Her other hand was methodically sliding up and down my cock. She looked at me with that half smile she has and said, "sh-h-h-h...I'll take care of everything."

My hips began a rocking motion on their own that matched her strokes. When my body had pumped enough blood into my cock to make it hard, Colleen raised one leg and straddled me. She held my cock straight up and lowered herself until her pussy lips were touching the tip. She let go and lowered herself the rest of the way until I was buried inside her, deeper than I had been before. Her eyes were unfocused and her breathing was heavy. She was sitting straight up, rocking her hips back and forth, pressing her clit against me as my cock massaged the inside of her cunt. I could feel her juice is it flowed out of her around my cock and down on to my balls.

She leaned forward until she rested her hands on either side of my head. She slowly moved her shoulders causing her to tits sway directly above my face. Using one hand, she took one of the breasts and held it to my mouth. Both of my hands came up to hold the breast in place as my lips opened to suck it in. Up until this moment I had neither touched nor tasted her breasts.

It was divine, I couldn't get enough of them. My head began moving frantically back and forth between them, kissing, and licking and sucking on the nipples while my hands were rubbing and squeezing what I couldn't get into my mouth.

Colleen began to pump her hips up and down on my cock. When she started to moan, I put my hands on her hips trying to pull her down harder on each stroke. Without warning, my balls exploded forcing another stream of cum into my sister. As soon as she felt my cock pulsing, her own orgasm started, forcing a long extended moan out of her throat. She collapsed on top of me and lay on my chest.

Colleen wasn't kidding when she said that I would make love to my sister all night long. We did it two more times that night, and after the last time, I looked over at the clock that said it was 5:10 in the morning before we both passed out.

When I awoke, I sat up, confused, trying to figure out exactly why I was in Colleen's bed. Then the memories of what we had been doing for the last eighteen hours came rushing back. I fell back on to the pillows and lay smiling up at the ceiling. I looked around and saw that Colleen was not in the room but I could hear faint noises coming from the direction of the kitchen. I got up and without putting any clothes on, headed down the hall.

I thought that I would never see anything as erotic as Colleen had looked the night before, but I was wrong. I was to soon discover that the most erotic vision will always be the next time I see Colleen. When I stepped into the room, my sister the head cheerleader was completely naked, standing at the counter with her back to me, pouring two cups of coffee. Her magnificent ass was directly in front of me and I could see the side of one of her breasts when it would sway into my line of sight.

I stepped behind her putting my arms around her waist and kissed her on the cheek. I pulled her close to me and slid my hands up until they cradled both breasts.

"Hey watch it, this coffee is hot."

"Sorry, I couldn't resist. Did I ever tell you what a great looking ass you have?"

"No you didn't." She took one of my hands off of her breast and moved it down until it rested on the thick mass of her pubic hair. She kept her hand on top of mine, forcing the fingers between the lips and setting a very slow rhythm of movement. "Is there any thing else about me I should know?"

"That I love you."

"Yeah, I think you did say something about that last night. By the way, you should know I feel the same was about you." She turned, put her own arms around me and gave me a kiss on the lips. She handed me one of the cups and picked up the other before taking my hand, pulling me with her towards the dining room. "Come here. I need to get some coffee into me before I start breakfast."

We set the cups on the table and then did something that we were destined to repeat a thousand times in the future. With neither of us wearing any clothes I sat down on a dinning room chair. Colleen turned sideways and sat on my lap with her arm around my neck. A kiss on the cheek and she rested her head on my shoulder.

There is a certain kind of silence that only lovers can experience. There is nothing that can compare to the quiet comfort that comes from two bodies at rest against each other, skin on skin. We sat there in the now mid-afternoon, holding each other in silence, sipping our coffee. We were so focused on each other that we had no concept of the passage of time.

Colleen finished her coffee and set the cup back on the table. She kissed me on the forehead then leaned back to look me in the face. "Bobby, we need to talk."

"Uh-oh, this doesn't sound good."

"I don't know if it is or not." 

There was an uncertainty, almost a sadness in her voice as she spoke. "Last night was the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to me. I loved Bill passionately and the sex with him was fantastic, but what we did goes beyond anything I have ever experienced. I was a virgin the day I got married and you are only the second person I have made love to. For the last couple of weeks, every time you kiss me good bye at the door, you leave me so wet that I have to run and change my panties so the girls won't smell anything. I loved you before, but right now I'm almost scared at how much more I love you. I don't ever want anything to come between us. I'm going to give you one last chance to change your mind. We can keep the memory of last night and go back to being brother and sister if that is what you want."

"You have got to be joking. I made my choice last night and there in nothing on God's green earth that can change my mind. The very thought of living here in this house with you, or any where on this planet and not being able hold you like this for the rest of my life is so terrifying I can't think straight. You said it last night, I agreed and I still stand by it, we are both in this for the long haul...honey, why are you crying?" Colleen's eyes were wet and her lower lip was quivering.

"Because I was afraid I might loose you," she whispered.

"Oh no sweetheart, your problem is going to be how to get rid of me. Besides, you have a lot more body parts I need to examine and tell you about."

"Thank you." 

She thew her arms around me so hard it almost knocked us both out of the chair. After a few minutes Colleen was able stop sniffling and regained her composure. She stood up and said, "If we're going to repeat anything of what we did last night, we need to get some food. What would you like to eat?"

"Actually, I was hoping it would be you."

"Good Lord, you are incorrigible. Is it going to be like this for the rest of our lives?" 

"Pretty much, yes."

"Good, I wouldn't have it any other way." Colleen gave me one of her sunshine smiles. "I mean it this time, what would you like to have for breakfast?"

"I don't care, anything quick and simple. But I wouldn't try cooking bacon dressed like that if I were you." 

Colleen gave me a cheerful laugh and a slap to the back the head then went into the kitchen. After eating, we spent the rest of the day doing nothing, just being lazy, not once giving any thought to putting clothes on. We talked, we read, we watched a movie on TV, we danced nude to Sinatra singing Cole Porter tunes. I think I might have given the old lady across the street a heart attack when I went out to get the newspaper off of the porch. As the sun was starting to set, turning everything that kind of amber color that only a sundown can do, Colleen was lying in the middle of the living room floor moaning in ecstasy while I was furiously pumping more sperm into her.

After that we went to the kitchen for more nourishment and headed back to the bedroom to pick up from where we left off the night before. Colleen lay down on the bed and propped her head up with the pillows. She spread her legs wide and said, "I believe you said something about eating..."

No matter how many times I see it or taste it, I am always dumbstruck by how wonderful Colleen's pussy is. The hair is dark and thick and feels like silk. When she gets excited the flesh between her legs swells up forcing the slit to open ever so slightly, allowing her juice to leak out. The clit starts to escape from its hiding place and sits there like a big pink button coming out of the hair.

I leaned forward and began kissing, nibbling, nipping at the lips of her cunt. Using the flat of my tongue I gave long, wide strokes along the length of her inner lips, stopping occasionally to push it inside as far as it could go. When she started the quivering motion that I now knew was the beginning of her orgasm, I moved to the top of her slit and took the clit between my lips. I pulled it in, sucking it like a nipple, massaging it with my tongue. I opened my mouth wide and tried to cover as much of her pussy as possible, sucking and swallowing all of her juice. Colleen put her hands against the back of my head to push my mouth even harder against her as her thighs clamped around my head. She suddenly pulled me up until I lay on top of her.

"Oh god Bobby, get your dick inside me quick. I need to feel your cum."

I always obey my older sister.

We were slamming against each other for only a couple of minutes when we screamed out together the arrival of another freight train orgasm. My balls are only average sized, but they should have been the size of grapefruits for the amount of sperm they were producing. It completely filled Colleen's womb and started a back-flow out around my cock and was oozing down her ass on to the sheets. The major waves of pleasure had stopped and my balls were still pumping out thick cream.

When everything had subsided we lay still with my cock still inside of her, hoping that the moment would never end. I held most of my weight on my elbows and dropped my head to whisper in Colleen's ear.

"You realize of course that I am living out every boy's fantasy."

"What, every guy wants to screw his sister?

"Not that fantasy, the other one."

"Which is...?"

"I am the high school freshman geek that gets to fuck the head cheerleader."

"Hey, the only reason I let you do that is because you promised to respect me in the morning."

"Sweetheart, what I feel for you goes way beyond respect."

"I haven't led a cheer in years, but if that makes you drop your socks, I just might have to take it up again."

We couldn't match our record from the night before and were physically capable of doing it only two times before falling asleep for the night.

I woke up the next morning to find that we were spooned against each other; Colleen was behind me with her cheek resting on my shoulder blade and her arm around my waist. After several minutes her arm casually drifted down until her hand rested on my dick and started to squeeze and pull. I rolled on to my back to give her better access and she lay her head on my chest. Just as things were starting to get serious, she let go and sat up.

"Ok bub, time to get up."

"I am up."

"Not that kind of up, get out of bed."

"WHAT! What I supposed to do about this?" I pointed down to my rock hard cock that was standing straight up.

"Don't you dare touch that. Just think about it all day, that will make it twice as good tonight."

"So there's going to be a tonight? I like the sound of that."

"Get a move on. We've got a lot to do."

"What could we possibly have to do at..." I looked over at the clock, "oh Christ it's only 7:30 in the morning."

"We have to pick up the girls by 10 and we need get the house in shape before they get back. I don't want the girls coming back with the house smelling like a bordello."

"And exactly how is it that my two nieces know what a bordello smells like."

Standing, Colleen reached down and cupped her pussy. "If you expect to see or touch this any time in the near future, you'll get your ass out of that bed by the time I count to 3. 1...2...ok that's better."

"You can be such a tyrant at times."

"I know sweetie." She bushed the hair back from my face and kissed me on the lips. "We'll start with a shower. You're starting to get a little ripe."

I lifted my arm and took a whiff. "Don't know what you're talking about, fresh as a daisy here. You in the other hand..."

Laughing, she took my hand and pulled me into the bathroom. It was a good thing that Colleen had started us so early because the shower took much longer than it should have. Showering with Colleen was definitely going on to my list of things to repeat.

We got the house in order, changed the sheets on the bed and opened the widows to air out the bedroom. To be honest, it was smelling a little rank. We arrived at the high school with five minutes to spare.

We got the girls signed out, collected up their gear and all the crafts projects, said good-bye to their friends ("see you at school tomorrow"), loaded up the car and headed for home. Meghan immediately leaned over the back of the seat and said, "Mom, how come you're smiling so much?"

Colleen shot me a quick glance, wiggled her eyebrows and replied, "Uncle Bobby told me a funny story."

"Goody, tell us the story Uncle Bobby."

Colleen watched me with a grin as I struggled to come up with an answer to that one.

"I can't. It's a grown up story and little girls aren't allowed to hear it."

"OK...Mom, Brittany is going to get a pony and she said we could come to her house and see it, is that all right?"

"Sure, I'll call her mom and make arrangements," she said, then leaned over and whispered, "Nice save." 

All the way through lunch, the rest of the afternoon and then dinner, Colleen and I were treated to a constant stream of consciousness description of every activity they did, every craft they made, every song they sang and everything their friends did. By the time they were done, we were as exhausted as the girls. By 7 that evening Meghan and Molly were sound asleep on the sofa. We picked them up and carried them to their bedroom. You haven't lived until you've tried to put pajamas on to a limp child.

We watched a little TV, waiting for several hours to guarantee that the girls were not going to wake up until the morning then went to bed ourselves. Colleen was right, thinking about it all day did make it that much more intense. This time we both had to bite the pillows to silence our moaning and screaming. The next day I would have to move the bed and headboard away from the wall.

The next morning I was rudely woken by Colleen shaking my shoulder. "Bobby, wake up. You have to get out of here."


"Because you can't be in here when the girls get up."

Ok, ok, ok, ok, I'm up."

I went in to the kitchen to start the coffee while Colleen got the girls up. We spent the next hour doing the things we normally do on a Monday morning in order to get out the door to school and the office. As I was heading out the door, Colleen was there as usual to hug and kiss me good-bye, still wearing her nightgown and robe. While she was hugging me, I looked over her shoulder to keep an eye on the girls. I pulled up the front of the nightgown and slid my hand down into her panties. I inserted two fingers into her hole and wiggled them around, using my thumb to rub her clit. I whispered, "Do you realize that we spent thirty-six hours without a single stitch of clothing on?"

"Yeah, that was a lot of fun. We'll have to do it again the next time the girls are away."

"Well, you know, they really like getting to see Mom and the twins..."

"I'll call Mom tonight and see how soon we can arrange something."

"Maybe we should join one of those nudist society groups."

"In your dreams buster." She pulled my hand out, gave a small push on my chest, and said, "We'll finish this tonight. Now out."

As I went through the door I called out, "good-bye girls."

"Good-bye Uncle Bobby."

I had just sat down at my desk with a cup of coffee when Peterson walked into my office. He started to tell me something then stopped and looked at me.

"Robert, you look like the village idiot with that grin all over your face."

I clasped my hands behind my head and leaned back in the chair. "Feel as happy as the village idiot, sir."

He smiled and said, "Good. Glad to see things are looking better."

Right then Miss Jennings walked in and dropped a stack of papers in my in-box. Without looking in my direction she said "somebody got lucky this weekend," then turned and walked away. Peterson was roaring with laughter as he followed her out.

That evening we did our normal weekday routine. During dinner everyone discussed their day, told jokes, planned the next day's activities and created general chaos. After dinner, the homework was finished early so there was time for the four us to play a quick game of Candyland before sending the girls off to bath time and bed.

Once we were assured that the girls were definitely down for the night, I was headed to my bedroom when Colleen grabbed my arm and pulled me into hers. As she was taking off her clothes she started talking.

"Bobby we need to talk."

"I hate it when you start with that phrase."

"Just shut up and listen. I've made a decision. From now on, you're not going to sleep anywhere except in bed with me. If you're in the other room at night I'll go crazy, I want you in here next to me."

"What about Meghan and Molly?"

"Think about it for a minute. They always go to bed before we do and always get up after we do. If we're careful they will never know."

"What about Saturday morning cartoons?"

She got into bed and pulled the covers up to her neck. "We have four more days to figure out the weekends. So what do you think?"

It didn't take me long at all to think about it.

"Ok, on one condition. You have to promise me that you will never wear any clothes to bed, nothing, nada, nine, nyet, zilch, zippo."

She smiled and pulled back the covers to show me the thick bush surrounding her pussy. "Deal. Now get your clothes off and get in here."

I slid into bed, settled in between her legs and whispered, "I must be the luckiest man in the world."

The next two weeks were like a dream come true. During the day we were focused on the girls, laughing and telling jokes, crying over skinned knees and struggling with homework. The big family project was teaching Molly how to ride a bike. Colleen and I followed the schedule closely and had the most delicious sex every night, most nights more than once. We were even able to deal with the Saturday and Sunday morning problem. Then disaster struck.

I was roughly shaken awake by Colleen as she whispered in panic. "Bobby, wake up. You've got to get out of here, and be quiet."

I rolled over to look at her and was horrified at what I saw. Meghan and Molly were sound asleep, dead to the world, lying in the middle of the bed between Colleen and me. As quietly as possible, I rolled out of the bed and onto the floor. I grabbed my clothes and crawled on my hands and knees out the bedroom door as fast as I could.

During breakfast Colleen was so nervous that she kept dropping things and I wasn't much better. At the door I asked, "Do you think they saw me?"

"I don't know, but we have to come up with a better solution. Now get going or you'll be late."

That night after dinner Colleen served us lemon meringue pie for desert, an unusual treat for the middle of the week. Just as we were about to take the first bite, Colleen spoke. "Girls, we need to have a discussion." There was a collective sigh from the three of us because we all knew that what was about to be said was going to be serious.

"Your Uncle Bobby and I had a talk today. Bobby feels very badly that he is taking Molly's room and that Meghan has to share hers, plus Molly's room is sort of small for a grown up. So, Bobby has been thinking of moving to his own home. I told him that we needed to talk it over with you girls."

They immediately erupted in protest. "NO! You can't leave; we want you to stay here."

"Well, can you help us to think of a better solution?" 

Both of their faces went into a frown as they began to concentrate. Suddenly Molly broke into a big grin as she looked first at Colleen and then at me. "Uncle Bobby, mommy's bedroom is huge and she has a great big bed. Why don't you sleep with her?"

"I hadn't thought about that. It sounds like a very good idea, but what does your mother think?"

"Mommy, is it ok, can Uncle Bobby sleep with you?"

"I don't want him to leave either so, yes, I'm willing to give it a try and see if it works out...as long he promises not to hog the covers."

"Yay! You get to sleep with Mommy, Uncle Bobby." Then they both giggled, "And leave the covers alone or we will come and get you."

They ran down the hall to gather up Molly's things to move her back into her own room. I leaned over and kissed Colleen on the cheek and asked, "how did you know how to do that?"

She got that half smile of hers again and said, "Once you become a parent, these things just come to you."

So that night I permanently and openly moved into Colleen's bed and made it our bed. Molly never said anything, but you could tell that she was happy to be back in her own room. Things just kept getting better for everyone.

About a month later I woke up to find myself in bed alone with some awful sounds coming from the bathroom. I got up and went in to find Colleen on her knees with her head in the toilet. I ran to her in a panic and asked, "Are you ok?"

"Does it look like I'm ok? Go away, I don't want you to see this."


"Just go away...oh god..." This was followed by something very unpleasant looking spurting out of her mouth. "GO!"

I went back and sat on the edge of the bed listening to some violent retching noises for the next ten minutes. Finally I heard the toilet flush and the sound of Colleen gargling with mouthwash. She came in and sat on the bed next to me, her face pasty white and her eyes slightly red.

"Honey, are you Ok?"

She turned her head and smiled at me. "Yes, as a matter of fact everything is fine, it couldn't be better."

"What happened, what's going on?"

"Well, let's think here for a minute. I'm three weeks late with my period and I've been puking my guts out for the last four mornings. If I remember the symptoms correctly from the last two times, there's a fairly good chance that I'm pregnant."

"WHAT? How? When?"

"You had better already know the how part, and as to when, it was probably the first time we did it. I was ovulating that day and some how I just felt it, sort of special you know."

"Are you sure?"

"I can't be one hundred percent positive until I take the test, but yes, I'm reasonably sure that we are going to have a baby."

I sat staring at her with my mouth open for several minutes before she spoke again. "Bobby...are you ok, say something."

I pushed her back on to the bed, spread her legs apart and slammed my cock into her. She yelped out, "Bobby...what are you doing...oh God...Jesus Bobby you're...oh God, oh fuck...don't stop." She put her hands on my ass, pulling me in and at the same time telling me to go faster and harder. I only had to stroke about nine or ten times before both of us screamed out our release. We lay there panting and gasping for air. After we had calmed down, Colleen turned and looked at me with a shocked expression on her face.

"What the hell was that?"

"If you're not pregnant now, I'm going to make damn sure that you will be."

"Does this mean that you're ok with the idea of being a father?"

"How could you possibly think any thing different?"

She cuddled in close to me and whispered, "I just need to hear you say it."

While Colleen got the girls up and ready for the day, I called the office to tell them that I would not be coming in. Together we dropped Meghan and Molly off at school then stopped at the pharmacy to buy a home pregnancy kit. Holding hands we raced into the bathroom. As Colleen sat on the toilet and put her hand between her legs to pee on the stick, I unbuckled my belt and shoved my pants down to my ankles. When the pee started, she reached over, grasped my dick and began sliding her hand up and down. When she finished, Colleen laid the stick on the counter and said, "We have to wait for ten minutes."

I pulled her up by the hand, spun her around and made her bend over the sink. Driven by some type of animalistic compulsion, I shoved my cock into her from behind. She immediately began pushing back against me, neither one of us caring if the other one climaxed. The only thing I wanted was to leave another load of sperm in my sister's womb. The screaming of our orgasms was magnified by the echoes inside the small room. She turned her head and looked back over her shoulder, smiled at me and said, "I think being pregnant is going work out pretty good for me."

Colleen picked up the stick, looked at it for a second and said one word.


With the urgency of knowing about the pregnancy over, we spent the rest of the morning in bed making love, slowly, tenderly, passionately. In the afternoon we got dressed and I went to pick up the girls while Colleen phoned the doctor. She got an appointment for later in the week to have the official test, but it didn't matter, we already knew.

We were deliriously happy during those first few weeks. When she wasn't looking, I would catch Colleen smiling and slowly rubbing her lower stomach where our baby was growing. Our friends and neighbors began to smile when they looked at us as though they knew something was different. 

By the third month, Colleen was beginning to show and we knew that we would have figure out some way to let people know. Since no one in San Miguel knew that we were brother and sister, we decided to neither hide it nor broadcast it, but go with a direct response if asked. Yes, Colleen is pregnant and we are overjoyed. Let the rumor mill feed itself...the live-in boyfriend knocked up that nice widow woman. As far as the office was concerned, when Colleen was really showing, I had her come in and pick me up for lunch. By the time I got back an hour later, everyone in the building knew I was going to be a father and Miss Jennings was already making plans for a baby shower. 

The family however was a different matter.

Colleen hated maternity clothes, so the only things she would wear were two pairs of overalls left over from the last time she was pregnant, or a couple of pairs of track pants with an elastic waist that I had purchased for her. When Colleen got big enough that loose clothing couldn't hide it any longer, we decided it was time to tell the girls. One night after dinner, she brought out the lemon meringue pie. 

"Girls, we need to talk."

Meghan and Molly froze in place; their eyes focused on Colleen, waiting for the other shoe to drop.

"You girls are growing up so fast; you're going to be in the second and third grades next year. You're just not my little babies anymore. Uncle Bobby is at his office all day while you're at school so I'm here alone. You know how much I love tiny babies so I was wondering...what would you think if Mommy had another baby?"

Both girls squealed and clapped their hands. "That would be wonderful. How soon can we get the baby?" Meghan looked over to me then back at her mother. "What about Uncle Bobby, he lives here too. What does he think?"

"I agree, I think a baby is a wonderful idea."

"Good. I'll go clean my room so she can sleep in my room."

"Will not, she's going to be in my room."

The girls went into the living room still arguing about where the baby was going to sleep when Molly ran back in out of breath and yelled, "We want a sister, bothers are icky," and ran back out.

I looked at Colleen with admiration. "You're very good at this."

"Don't worry, a year from now you'll be able to do this kind of thing in your sleep."

The next step was dealing with Mom and the twins. Every couple of weeks, Mom or one of the twins, or all of them would drive up from Santa Teresa and spend the day with us while the kid cousins would wreak havoc and mayhem together in the back yard. They were concerned about my well being after all the shit from Barbara and wanted to make sure everything was going ok. Once Colleen was showing, we started coming up with excuses to keep them from coming to visit.

By the seventh month, Colleen was as big as house. Most of the weight that she gained was all in the front where the baby was. She had been like that with Meghan and Molly too. She looked like a lady who had shoved a beach ball up under her shirt. 

It had reached the point where we couldn't put off telling Mom and the twins any longer. I called Mike and Jimmy and asked them to meet us at Mom's house the next weekend. So bright and early on Saturday, we loaded Meghan and Molly into the car and headed out for Santa Teresa.

When we pulled up in front of Mom's house, Meghan and Molly had the car doors open by the time the engine was off. They flew up the steps and burst through the front door yelling. "Grandma, Grandma we're here." I walked around to the other side to help Colleen get out of the car and saw Jimmy step on to the porch. He took one look at Colleen and stuck his head back in the door and yelled.

"Mike, get out here, quick."

Jimmy and Mike watched as their brother and sister, Colleen holding on to my arm for support, walked up the steps of the house we had all grown up in. Their sister who would only dress in the most sophisticated of clothes was today wearing a pair of navy blue track pants with a white stripe down the side. On top was one of my t-shirts and a sweatshirt from college that was not zipped up because it couldn't stretch far enough to close around her belly. She had accessorized her wardrobe by putting on a baseball cap with the stray ends of her blonde hair sticking out from underneath going in a dozen different directions. The last thing she wore was a beatific smile that made her look like Pintirelli's "Madonna." In plain and simple terms, Colleen looked beautiful.

Colleen had to hold on to my arm to get up the eight steps to the porch. Mike came half way down to meet us and took her other arm to help get her the rest of the way up. As we walked past Jimmy I heard him say, "I can't wait to hear this." 

Once in the living room, Jimmy and Mike, and their wives just stood staring at Colleen. Finally Jimmy's wife Mi Lin spoke. "You've been in the car for over an hour, you probably need to go to the bathroom and we can talk when you're done. Jimmy, go outside and get your mother...and tell the kids to stay outside."

Mom came in followed by Mike's daughter Patricia who was now three years old. She ran over and held out her arms for me to pick her up. Mom smiled at us while everyone else was fidgeting and looking at me.

"What's so important that the kids need to stay outside? Where's Colleen?"

"Right here Mom, I just went to the bathroom."

Colleen walked into the room and came to stand next to me, holding my hand as I held Patricia in my other arm. Mom took one look at Colleen and her eyes began to bug out. She took two steps back and sank down on the couch, her eyes wide and mouth open staring at Colleen's mid-section. After several minutes of deafening silence Mom spoke.

"Colleen, is there something you would like to tell us?"

"Mom...Jimmy...Mike...I'm pregnant."

"I can see that for God's sakes," Mom snapped. "I'm not blind. Could you elaborate? As in who is the father?"

"I am."

There was an audible click as all eyes snapped towards me and jaws fell even further. Mike's wife Sharon was the first to recover. "Excuse me, what did you just say?"

"I said, I am the father. Colleen and I are having a baby...together."

Everyone looked to watch Mom. The color in her face had turned white as she said. "Oh my God," and placed her head in her hands. After a long pause she raised her head back up and shook it hard as though trying shake things back into place. Mom took several deep breaths that seemed to calm her down somewhat and stared wide-eyed at Colleen for several minutes then asked, "Why?"

Colleen squeezed my hand a little harder and answered, "Because I love him."

Mom looked to me. "Bobby?"

"Mom, I love Colleen more than life itself."

After a long period of silence, Mom gave a sigh of resignation then stood up. She came over and put her arms around both of us. "I don't understand what is going on here, I just pray to God that you kids know what you're doing. I don't want anyone to get hurt. When is the baby due?"

"January 3rd."

"Your grandfather's birthday, he would be very honored."

During this time Mike and Jimmy had been whispering to each other, getting more and more animated. Finally Mike asked his question.

"Listen, guys, when did you...um...the first time...the very first time...uh...you know...first time...um...uh."

Jimmy finished Mike's question. "When was the first time you guys did it?"

Colleen looked down at her stomach then back at the twins with a smile. "This March, first time's the charm. Why do you ask?"

Jimmy said, "HA!" at the same time Mike exclaimed, "Damn it." Mike pulled out his wallet, counted out five singles and handed them to Jimmy who was grinning from ear to ear. Mom watched this and asked, "What's this all about?"

Mike had a sheepish look on his face. "Oh...well uh, when we were in high school I bet Jimmy five dollars that Colleen and Bobby were doing it."

"MICHAEL THOMAS O'CONNER! That's a disgusting thing to say about you sister!"

"Oh come on, Mom. Until Colleen met Bill, she and Bobby were practically joined at the hip. Half the kids in school thought they were doing it."

Our mother looked like she was about to have a stroke.


Now it was Jimmy's turn to look awkward. "Yeah Mom, but I didn't. Remember, I'm the one that won the bet."

One of the many things that we have always been able count on from Jimmy has been his ability to defuse explosive situations, especially when it came to our parents. He walked over, put his arms around both Mom and Colleen and grinned. "Just relax Mom. Take a look at Colleen, you can see how happy she is...and that big doofus brother of mine. Everything is going be fine. Besides, you're going to have one more grandchild to spoil rotten. Now where is that casserole you promised? I'm not leaving here until I get some." Still grinning he leaned in to me and whispered so that no one else could hear. "Do anything to hurt Colleen and I will kill you."

I knew that he meant it.

I whispered back to him, "If I ever do any thing to hurt her I'll load the gun for you myself."

"Good, just so we understand each other."

As lunch was started the tension was still there but once Mom showed signs of accepting the situation, things started to smooth out. After lunch, Colleen and Mom, Sharon and Mi Lin stayed in the kitchen talking about all of the things women talk about when one of them is pregnant. The twins and I wandered out to the back to keep an eye on the kids and sat on the steps of the deck. Jimmy was watching the kids and didn't look in my direction. "You don't have a clue about what you're doing, do you?"

"Probably not, but Colleen and I have never been happier."

"Just remember what I said."

"Don't worry, I will."

Mike turned his head, looked at me with a serious expression and said, "Don't ever let Colleen get more than twenty feet from a bathroom or you will live to regret it."

That was the last time either Jimmy or Mike said anything about the pregnancy.

All too soon it was starting to get dark so we rounded up the girls to head back to San Miguel. The girls were buckled in the back and Colleen and I were standing on the sidewalk saying our good-byes. Jimmy and Mike shook my hand and gave Colleen a quick hug then headed back into the house. Mom gave Colleen a hug that seemed to last forever and finally whispered something in her ear that made both of them smile and tear up. Next she gave me my hug and whispered in my ear. "I know she's the oldest but she's my baby, just make her happy."

"I will Mom, I promise."

As we pulled away from the house, Colleen reached over and took hold of my hand. I glanced over to see a tear trickle down her cheek.

"What's wrong honey?"

"I know Mom is upset, but she and the twins are so accepting of us and I love them so much...we are the luckiest people in the world to have them for a family. I don't know what we would have done if they had rejected us." I didn't say anything, just nodded my head in agreement and tried not to cry myself.

By the time we arrived back home it was past the girls bedtime so with very little fussing we got them tucked in for the night and headed for bed ourselves. From the very beginning, Colleen has known how excited I get watching her take off her panties, so every night, she has performed her own private strip tease show just for me. Only now, because she couldn't bend over with out losing her balance, I had the pleasant task of pulling down her panties for her. She has kept her promise to me and never worn any clothes to bed.

Once I had gotten her clothes off of her, Colleen sat on the side of the bed and pulled me by the hips in front of her. Looking up into my eyes, she smiled as she began to unbuckle my belt and open my pants. She pulled out the waistband of my jockeys and reached inside to take hold of my erection. Holding it in place with one hand, she used the other hand to push the underwear and pants down my legs until they fell to the floor and left them there.

My cock was already rock hard and pointing toward the ceiling. With one hand she cupped my balls while the other hand was around the base of my dick. She held it steady then lowered her head until my cock head was at the opening of her mouth. She held it there for only an instant so that I could feel her warm breath then inserted it the rest of the way and closed her lips tightly. She tilted her head until the roof of her mouth was caressing the tip while her tongue began to massage along the shaft.

Colleen sat there on the side of the bed with the weight of the baby resting on her thighs, slowly bobbing her head up and down sucking my cock, stroking the bottom half with one hand and gently massaging my balls with the other. When I began to feel the orgasm build in my balls I leaned over and said, "Oh god honey, I'm going to cum soon."

Colleen slowed down and then took her mouth off of my dick. Looking into my eyes she said, "I don't understand it, but ever since I got pregnant I can't get enough of your cum inside me. It wasn't like this when I was pregnant with Meghan or Molly but sometimes I feel like I will go crazy if I can't feel your cum inside my cunt." With that she let go of me and turned around to crawl up on to the bed. As she was doing this I finished taking off my clothes.

Making love to a woman in the final stages of pregnancy is tricky at best and damn near impossible at times. We had stopped using the missionary position several weeks before and by now the only position that made Colleen feel comfortable was rear entry, either lying on her side or on her hands and knees.

Colleen was on her knees at the very edge of the bed facing away from me. She pulled all the pillows over then leaned forward, resting her belly on the pillows, her legs spread. Her cunt lips were swollen, exposing her slit. She was so excited that I could see her juice began to leak out. I stepped up behind her and gently stroked between her legs, running my fingers through the thick mass of hair that covered her pussy. 

Holding her hips I placed the head of my cock at the opening of her cunt and began to slowly, but steadily slide inside of her. She let out a soft moan that only ended when I had reached as far up into her as I could go. I leaned forward until my chest touched the skin on her back. I reached around with both arms below the baby and held her as I began to slowly and deeply hump in and out of her as she pushed back against me. I kept a slow and steady rhythm until I started to the feel the tingle re-build in my balls. I began to pick up the pace until I was slamming into her with everything I had. I slid my hand down into her pussy hair, wiggling my fingers around searching for her clit. At last I found it and held it between my thumb and forefinger. When I pinched down and pulled on her clit, Colleen exploded with her orgasm and the walls of her cunt clamped down on my cock. This caused me to go over the top and I began to shake as I pumped one more load of cum into my sister.

We rolled sideways and lay there with my cock still inside of her as we tried to catch our breath. When my dick had deflated and fallen out, Colleen scooted up further into the middle of the bed and under the covers. She held the covers open for me and said, "Baby I'm really tired, let's go to sleep." 

Because Colleen was so far into the pregnancy and couldn't travel, it was decided that Thanksgiving would be at our house that year. Everyone drove up to San Miguel and arrived early in the morning. Mike's daughter Patricia had recently been moved out of her crib and into a real bed, so he brought it with them for the baby. Mom, Sharon and Mi Lin commandeered the kitchen and started fixing the Thanksgiving dinner. In the end they prepared enough food to feed a small village. Mike spent the morning reassembling the crib while Colleen directed Jimmy and I in bringing down boxes of baby clothes that were stored in the attic and out in the garage. The cousins spent the day in the backyard enjoying what would probably be the last of the mild weather.

After dinner, the grown ups were in the living room talking and the kids were roaming who knows where. Colleen and I were sitting on the sofa holding hands when Patricia came in and crawled up into my lap. She gave me a hug then leaned over and hugged Aunt Colleen. Next she lay her head on Colleen's belly and promptly fell asleep.

Family memories are made from these types of gatherings and often Colleen and I regret not living closer to Mom and the twins. Even though it is only an hour away, it's still too far when you want to just drop by for a cup of coffee. But even so, it is also good when everyone packs up and leaves and quiet returns to the house.

For a while I was worried that I had developed some type of kinky fetish about pregnant women. But after looking around I realized that my obsession was not pregnant women, just one woman, Colleen. At the time half of the women at the office were pregnant, but they did not appeal to me. It seemed like the only thing I wanted was to fuck my pregnant sister. Each time I did, it only intensified the desire to fuck her again. And, Colleen wanted me as much I wanted her.

During the last month of the pregnancy the sex was intense and frequent, sucking and fucking at least twice every single day. Sex so strong that it would make a bald man grow hair. On more than one occasion Colleen sent the girls to play with the kids next door so that I could fuck her senseless before we started to make dinner. But that is not what I remember the most about that time in our lives.

In the evening she would lay on the sofa on her side with her head in my lap. We would watch TV or read while the girls lay on the floor in front of us doing homework or some kind of craft project. I mastered the art of holding the book and turning pages while softly stroking Colleen's head or swollen belly at the same time. The four of us had become so bound together as a family that none of us were capable of being in a different room, separated from the others. It was these moments of serenity that I treasure the most.

After Thanksgiving Colleen began to get tired during the days and needed to rest. During the last few weeks she didn't leave the house except to see the doctor. She didn't walk any more as much as she waddled around the house with one hand on her sore back. When she sat down it took me or both Meghan and Molly to help her stand back up. The only clothes she wore were a thin flannel floor length nightgown and a robe that couldn't close because her belly was too big. But she still came to bed in the nude. 

One day I walked into the living room and found Colleen standing in the middle of the room with an exasperated expression on her face. She glared at me and hissed, "This is all your fault...you did this to me. If this kid doesn't come out pretty soon, I'm going to reach up in there and yank it out."

The girls and I got the house decorated for Christmas, all under Colleen's careful and explicit...very, very explicit...directions. This was the happiest any of us ever been. Laughing, singing, dancing...yes, at some point in your life you must slow dance with the woman who is two weeks away from delivering your child. There is no greater feeling that any man can experience.

At last Christmas Eve came and we had finished the last minute details to get ready for the next morning. Meghan and Molly put out the cookies and milk for Santa and oatmeal for the reindeer. There was a round of hugs and we sent the girls off to bed. At the doorway, the girls stopped and stood whispering to each other, pointing back to where Colleen and I were standing. Finally they walked back to us, Meghan pushing Molly in front of her saying, "You do it."

Molly took several deep breaths to screw up her courage, with Meghan behind her saying, "Go ahead, ask him." Finally she spoke.

"Uncle Bobby, can we ask you something?"

I was ready for this. 

I had been planning for weeks, rehearsing my best "Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus" speech. I had a very well thought out, logical explanation for the existence of the Christmas spirit. "Of course sweetheart, you girls know you can ask me anything." 

The girls looked at each other and back at me. Then Molly asked.

"We don't want to call you Uncle Bobby anymore. Is it OK if we call you daddy?"

I was not ready for this.

I was so stunned that I dropped to my knees and pulled both girls to me. I looked behind them and saw Colleen standing with her mouth open, a look of complete shock on her face as a tear rolled down her cheek. After a moment she smiled and nodded her head yes.

"Meghan...Molly...I would be very happy if you call me daddy. I can't think of a better Christmas present I could ever get."

There is a particular squeal of delight that only little girls can make and I got it in stereo. More hugs and another kiss on the cheek and the girls ran toward their bedrooms, pausing at the doorway laughing.

"Mommy, Daddy...you guys better go to bed soon or Santa won't come." And then they disappeared. As soon as they had turned the corner I grabbed Colleen, pulled her to me and held on tight. By this time she was openly sobbing.

"Sweetheart, are you Ok with what the girls just asked?"

"Oh Bobby, of course I'm ok with it. I'm more than ok with it. Meghan barely remembers Bill and Molly has no memory of him at all. You're the only father they've ever known. I just had no idea they were thinking about this." Then she wiped at the tears and smiled. "Looks like you're going to be more of a daddy than you thought."

"Just like I told the girls, best Christmas present I ever got."

We sat on the sofa in silence holding and caressing each other for almost for an hour. I got up and went to check on the girls to make sure that they were asleep. We drank Santa's milk, ate his cookies, leaving a few crumbs on the plate, and put the oatmeal back in the box, also leaving a pile grains on the floor near the bowl. Reindeer are very messy animals when they eat.

We brought out the presents that Santa was bringing and put them under the tree, and wrapped the last three or four presents that we hadn't gotten to yet. Then we started locking up the house so that we could go to bed ourselves. Finally we were in the living room where the only lights that were on were the small twinkling lights on the tree.

Colleen was on her hands and knees in front of the tree with her nightgown and robe pushed up over her hips. I was behind her in between her spread legs with my cock held tightly in her sheath. I leaned over her and reached around to hold and massage her breasts that had been growing the last few days in preparation to produce milk.

Of all the times that Colleen and I have made love, this is the one time I remember and cherish the most. This was not sex, it was not fucking, this was making love in every sense of the word. My stroking inside of her was not fast, it was not hard, it was not frantic. It was slow and tender, every touch, every feeling an expression of our love for each other. There was very little of our normal grunting and moaning, only the soft sighs of lovers. When our orgasms came at the same time, it was not one of the freight train experiences that we are capable of producing. It was a quiet gentle expression of emotion that far out shown any physical pleasure.

When we were done, I helped Colleen stand up, turned off the Christmas tree lights and we went to bed. As I turned off the bedside lamp, I looked at the clock and saw 12:27

At 4:30, Colleen and I were waking up the girls, trying to get them dressed as quickly as possible, then loaded them into the car and headed for the hospital. At precisely 7:03 AM Colleen gave birth to our child, a beautiful girl.

I had written Mom's telephone number on a card and I handed it to Meghan as we went into the delivery room. One of the nurses helped her make the call to Santa Teresa to tell Grandma the news. By 11:30 Mike's wife Sharon, and daughter Patricia, had driven Mom to the hospital. Jimmy and Mike would drive up with the rest of the kids that afternoon. Colleen was asleep so we all went to look at the baby through the nursery window. While talking to Grandma and Aunt Sharon, Meghan and Molly kept calling me Daddy. Mom gave me a questioning look and then the exact same half smile that Colleen uses to show that she approved of that concept.

After several minutes, the nurse indicated that Colleen was awake and was taking the baby to her. We walked to Colleen's room to find her sitting up in the bed cuddling the baby to her chest. Everyone crowded around to get a look at this new member of our family. Patricia was too small to see over the top of the hospital bed so I picked her up and held her as she leaned forward to look.

"The baby's beautiful. What's her name?" Patricia asked.

"Well, we were thinking that Rose was a pretty name," Colleen replied.

Then Meghan spoke.

"No. She was born on Christmas day so her name is Noelle."

Colleen and I looked at each other. Smiling, Colleen kissed the baby on her forehead and said, "girls, meet you new sister, Noelle Rose O'Conner." End
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