"Stories 18+" Family Nightmare

Stories 18+ Family Nightmare
James Scott could hardly contain himself. He ran like the wind with a determination that would put most athletes to shame. He rounded the corner three blocks from his home and ran up to the door of his best friends house. He knocked loudly four times. 

"Hurry up Sam!" He panted.

Finally the door opened but it wasn't whom James wanted to see. It was Sam's mother Kim.

"What is it James, what's wrong?" She asked.

"Oh, uh, nothing Mrs. Martin. I just need to tell Sam something. Is he here?"

"Yes he's here, he's in his room on the computer. I thought something was wrong James. You had me worried." She said with her hand on her chest.

"Sorry Mrs. Martin." James said as he dashed by her and up the stairs.

Kim Martin just shook her head and smiled as she watched her son's best friend run up the stairs. Both her son and James were 18 and Sam had known James for thirteen of those years. They were both going to graduate in a couple months.

Sam was in his room listening to some Mp3's when the door flew open. He was surprised enough to jump from his seat.

"Dude your not going to believe it." James said starring at his friend.

"Damn man, you almost gave me a heart attack." Sam said breathing heavily.

"Dude your gonna owe me big time." James said smiling.

Sam sat back down and turned off the music. 

"Well? What is so damn important?" Sam said

"Remember how I told you about those kickass vacations my family takes to Louisiana to see my aunt and uncle?" James said.

"Yeah, you told me they lived on some lake, and about how all you did while you were down there was sit on the peer looking at girls in swimsuits." Sam said

"Well, guess where I'm going this weekend?" James said smiling.

"You suck, damn your lucky. How long you gonna be gone?" Sam asked wondering what he was gonna do without his best friend.

"Just a week, but man it's gonna be killer." James said.

"Wait, why am I going to owe you big time?" Sam asked.

"Because my mom and dad said you could go to!" James screamed.

"Really! Hell yeah." Sam shouted. 

Ever since James had told Sam about his family's vacations Sam has wanted to go but there was never enough room for him in James' family's car because of all the luggage. That wasn't a problem ever since James' dad got a huge double-cab truck.

"When do we leave?" Sam asked smiling.

"Tomorrow morning is what mom said. You should come over and tell my mom and dad thanks for inviting you." James said.

"Yeah, that's cool. Maybe I should give your mom a big hug too." Sam said laughing.

"Ha ha, very funny." James said not amused.

"I can't help it man, your mom is hot." Sam said. 

For as long as James could remember Sam had had a crush on his mom. It didn't bother him. In fact he liked that people thought his mom was pretty. Sam was always telling him that she looked like Charisma Carpenter from the television show Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Sam had even told him that sometimes when he spends the night he would steal some of James' mom's panties from the laundry hamper in the bathroom. 

As the two boys walked over to James' house they talked about all the stuff they were going to do, it was going to be killer indeed. 

"Man, I'm gonna ride my uncle's jet ski all day." James said.

"Yeah man, that'll be fun as hell. But don't forget about the girls." Sam said smiling.

"Oh don't worry, who do you think is gonna be on the back of the jet ski?" James laughed.

When they got to James' house they made their way into the kitchen. They both got a glass of tea and sat down at the table. They talked for about ten minutes then James' mom Alana walked into the kitchen. Sam jumped up and ran over to her and wrapped his arms around her.

"Thanks a million Mrs. Scott." Sam said, welcoming any chance to touch James' mom. 

"Your welcome Sam, but I can't breathe with you squeezing me." James' mom said. 

She was all too aware of what Sam was doing but she didn't care. It made her feel good that people thought she was attractive. It meant all that hard work at the gym wasn't for nothing. 

"You could make it up to me by not stealing so many of my panties. Those things are expensive." She thought to herself smiling. "Besides, it's healthy for a boy his age to have a crush."

"Oh, I'm sorry." Sam said releasing her. 

"And stop that Mrs. Scott stuff. You know it makes me feel old. Ms. Alana sounds better anyway." She said.

Sam sat back down at the table flashing a quick smile to James. James just rolled his eyes. He really couldn't blame Sam though; all of his friends were like that around his mom. She was 35 but looked ten years younger. She was a beautiful woman with dark brunette hair that had light brown streaks and hung almost to her shoulders. She worked out regularly so she was in great shape. James had heard other men call her a trophy wife and he understood. He just thought they were jealous. She was the kind of woman all the other moms wanted to look like. She kept up with the latest fashions, unlike all the other moms in the neighborhood; and she was always wearing little tank tops and low-slung jeans.

"Hey man, we should go get your stuff, then you could spend the night here. That way you would already be here when we leave." James said.

"That's cool with me. Is it alright if I stay tonight Ms. Alana." Sam asked.

"That's a good idea, its fine with me. Just be sure to tell your mother Sam." She said.

Sam and James walked back to Sam's house to tell his mom and to pack his bags. Later they came back and went to James' room and packed his stuff as well. Alana and James' dad Greg packed all their stuff too; everyone in the house loved these little vacations. 

"What do you think about this?" Alana said holding up a black bikini she had just bought.

"I think you'll be the prettiest thing on the river sweetheart." Greg said smiling.

"Thanks baby." Alana said stuffing the bikini into her suitcase.

"Well, I'm going to get a shower then we better get some sleep. The only bad thing tomorrow will be driving all that way." Alana said grabbing her towel.

"Yeah, I might be asleep by the time your out of the shower." Greg said yawning.

Alana made her way into the bathroom at the end of the hall. As she took off her clothes she surveyed herself in the mirror like all women do. Satisfied she stepped into the shower. She lathered herself up and even did a little trimming down there.

"Don't want anything sticking out while I'm tanning." She thought to herself.

Inside James' room he had already went to sleep. Sam, on the other hand, had heard the water running and was now watching stealthily through a crack in the door hoping to see Alana. Sure enough his prayers were answered when she came walking down the hallway in her towel. Sam watched as her hips swayed from side to side. From his angle on the floor he could almost see her ass as she walked by the door.

"That's so cute, he's got good taste in women too." Alana joked to herself all too aware of the pair of eyes starring at her from the doorway.

The next morning everyone got up and started to get ready for their trip. It was a hot summer day so everyone was in shorts and flip-flops. Alana wore a little orange sundress and did her hair up into a ponytail.

Once all the luggage was loaded James shouted shotgun and hopped into the passenger seat. Sam hopped in back, followed by Alana. Greg started the truck and off they went. Everyone talked to pass the time and every once in a while Alana would notice Sam starring at her out of the corner of her eye. She glanced down and saw what had his attention. Her dress exposed a lot of her legs. Sam saw her look down and quickly stopped his starring. 

"Poor boy, I hope he's not feeling too uncomfortable." Alana thought to herself.

In an attempt to lighten the tension Alana looked at Sam and smiled brightly. Sam smiled back and everything seemed normal to them both. Eventually everyone but Greg fell asleep.

When everybody awoke they were almost at their destination. There was excitement in the air as they neared James' uncle's house but Greg had been driving all day and needed to make one last pit stop. 

"Well I don't know about everyone else but my bladder is about to explode. I'm gonna stop at this store off the interstate." Greg said pulling down the off ramp.

"Good, I think we could all stretch our legs." Alana said.

The gas station was old and run down but looked normal enough. They all walked inside and Greg asked the two men behind the counter where the restrooms were. 

"Down the hall on your left mister." One of the men said.

Greg went down the dirty old hall and went into the bathroom. While Sam and James looked around for some snacks, Alana went over to the cooler and grabbed a drink. While she was bent over getting her drink she could feel the two men's eyes digging into her back. She walked up to the counter and handed the man her money. When he gave her change back he let his hand rub against hers just a little more than necessary Alana thought. She just smiled and walked toward the bathrooms.

In the hall she passed her husband but didn't say anything. A couple rednecks are nothing to get worked up over. Just as she got to the girls bathroom her son James was taking his turn. As James walked up to the urinal he looked down at the old cigarette butts and the puddle of urine on the floor, disgusted he walked into the stall. As he pulled down his zipper he noticed a small hole in the wall over the commode. Curious he peeked through the hole. It led straight through to the women's stall. Just as he was about to pull back he saw his mom enter the stall. Before he had a chance to pull back she pulled up her dress to reveal a tiny pink pair of panties. James had never thought of his mom the way Sam did but in this light even he admitted that she was very attractive. He knew what was coming next but he couldn't resist. Slowly she pulled down her panties. James' eyes got wider as her neatly trimmed bush came into view. James felt a slight twitch in his pants. Almost shocked at the sight of his partially naked mother James pulled up his zipper and walked out.

"Man, Sam would've killed to be in my shoes." James laughed to himself.

The family piled back into the truck and 2 hrs. later they were pulling into to James' uncle's driveway. James' uncle was waiting in the driveway to greet them.

"How's my favorite nephew?" James' uncle asked as he hugged him.

"I'm great uncle Jim." James said.

"Hey bro, how's it goin?" Jim said to James' dad.

"Glad to be outta the truck, my legs are killing me." Greg said.

Alana stepped out of the truck and stretched her arms skyward. With her arms up her breasts stretched the material of her dress.

"You look better every year Alana." Jim said hugging Alana.

"Thanks Jim, you've lost some weight." Alana said.

"Yeah, I've been swimming every chance I get." Jim said.

"Well who's the stranger?" Jim asked looking at Sam.

" I Sam Martin, James' friend. Its nice to meet you." Sam said.

"Same here Sam. Just call me Jim. You boys might be interested in these." Jim said as he flung a set of keys to James.

"Sweet! You know me too well uncle Jim." James said smiling.

"What are those for?" Sam asked.

"Jet skis dude, and I got dibs." James said.

"What are we waiting for?" Sam said as he and James started running toward the peer.

"You boys be careful. I'll join you two later." Alana shouted.

Jim helped Greg and Alana with their luggage then they all sat down at the kitchen table.

"Where's Jill?" Alana asked.

"She's in town. She'll be back in a few hours. She said to tell you that the lawn chairs and umbrella are in the shed. She figured you'd be wanting to get down to the peer pretty fast." Jim said.

"Well she'd be right about that." Alana said standing up. "I'm gonna get my suit on and get an early start on my tan. Tell Jill to come join me when she gets back."

"Will do. Me and Greg have an appointment with the recliners and the T.V." Jim laughed.

"Amen to that." Greg said.

Alana grabbed her suitcase and headed to the bathroom to change. She pulled out her new bikini and laid it on the counter. She stripped off her clothes and retied her ponytail. She then stepped into the bikini bottom and then tied the string that held her top together in back. After a quick once over Alana grabbed her umbrella and a lawn chair and made her way down to the peer.

James was on the jet ski and Sam was on the peer patiently waiting his turn. It was a beautiful day, perfect for getting a tan. Sam heard Alana coming up the steps to the peer and ran to give her a hand with the umbrella and lawn chair. He didn't count on seeing Alana in her bikini so soon and found it hard to look her in the eye.

"Let me help you with that stuff." Sam said looking at her feet.

"Thank you Sam." Alana said amused by his predicament. 

Sam unfolded the lawn chair and set up the umbrella. Alana stretched out and started rubbing some lotion on her legs. She looked up to ask Sam if he wanted any. But as she did she saw a bulge in Sam's pants. 

"Oh my god. He's got an erection." Alana thought to herself with a certain amount of amusement. She quickly averted her eyes and Sam was none the wiser.

"Here Sam, you don't want to get burned." Alana said.

Just then James pulled up on the jet ski. Sam hopped on and took off. 

Seeing that her son was back Alana asked if he would put some lotion on her back. She would've asked Sam but after seeing his "response" to her earlier she didn't want him to be embarrassed. James obliged and began to rub the lotion onto his moms back. He had done this every summer for as long as he could remember but this time it was different. As his hands slid over Alana's lower back images of her in the restroom wouldn't leave his head. James was so shocked to feel himself starting to get a hard on that he stopped what he was doing.

"What's wrong honey?" Alana said after James stopped.

"Uh, nothing... I as just daydreaming." James said.

"Yeah, I do that a lot." Alana said propping herself up onto her elbows.

Knowing he had to do something to cool off James said he was going for a swim. Just as he stood Alana turned around to say not to splash her with any water. What she saw made her mouth fall open. Right before he had turned Alana saw a sizable tent in James' trunks. She really didn't know what to think Her own son had gotten hard because of his mom. Greg had told her that when he was young he would get a hard on every time a woman was near. Alana just chalked what she had seen with her son and Sam up to that.

Hours went by with James and Sam taking turns on the jet ski and Alana sunbathing. Finally hunger sat in and James asked his mom if he could take the truck up to the store to get some snacks. 

"You know all too well that your father won't let you drive the truck. I'll have to drive you." Alana said standing up.

"Thanks mom." James said after he motioned to Sam to come on.

"I'll be there in just a sec let me get some clothes on." Alana said.

Alana walked back into the house and slipped her sundress back on over her swimsuit. The combination of suntan lotion and sweat made the dress almost see-through in some parts. She grabbed the keys off the kitchen table and hollered to Greg and Jim that she was going to the store.

The store was only about ten minutes away but the road wasn't paved so she had to drive slowly. About halfway there they noticed a van with the hood up on the side of the road. 

"Hey mom, stop the truck. We might be able to help." James said.

Alana stopped behind the van and James and Sam jumped out. There looked to be two men under the hood of the van but you couldn't see because of the hood.

"You need any help?" James said coming up beside the van.

"Yeah we sure could." A voice said from in front of the van.

When James and Sam finally rounded the front of the van they were shocked to see the two guys from the gas station they had stopped at earlier. To make matters worse one of them had a gun pointed straight at James. He and Sam froze in their tracks.

"Don't move, and don't say a goddamn word." The man with the gun said.

James and Sam did as they were told but it was hard to stay still because their hearts were beating so fast. 

"Now listen up you two little shits. No funny business and you might get outta this alive." The other man said.

"I want you to go back there and tell that lady to turn off the engine and come help you with something. Don't try nuttin stupid." The man with gun said pointing at James.

James swallowed hard and walked back to the truck and told Alana to turn off the engine. When she asked why he said that he needed her to hold some jumper cables. Alana turned off the motor and followed James to the front of the van. When she rounded the front of the van she immediately recognized the two men. Just when she was going to say something she saw the gun pointed right at her and she froze.

"Keep your mouth shut bitch!" The man with the gun said.

"What do you want with us?" Sam finally said.

"You'll find out soon enough." One of the men said.

"Now here's what were gonna do. You three get in the back of the van. We're going on a little trip." The man with the gun said.

Once they were in the back of the van one of the men tied them up and blind folded them. They heard their truck start up and then they felt the van come to life. They drove for what seemed like hours. All they knew was that the road was really bumpy. Finally they all felt the van come to a stop.

"Where are we?" Alana asked with a shaky voice.

"Home sweet home." One of the men said pulling the blindfold off of her head.

He then removed the blindfold from James and Sam. Their arms remained tied as they were led into an old shack. The shack was empty except for a few chairs, a table, and a bed in the corner. Sam and James were made to sit down then were tied securely to their chairs. One of the men sat down at the table as the other led Alana into what looked like a bathroom.

"Where's he taking my mom?" James asked bravely.

"She's your fucking mom? You got one hot fucking mom kid. But remember what I said about keeping your mouth shut." The man said putting his feet up onto the table.

In the bathroom Alana was shaking and her eyes were starting to tear up. Nervously she asked the man what was he going to do to them. The man stepped over to the commode and unbuckled his pants. Alana looked away as the man started taking a piss.

"I ain't decided yet." The man said.

Once he was done the man walked over to Alana. He was at least a foot taller than her and three times her size. He smelled of gasoline and oil. Timidly Alana looked up at the man. 

"You sure are fine." The man said putting his hand on her shoulder.

Alana's stomach cringed. She knew this might be coming because of what happened at the gas station. Bravely she tried to end the man's advances.

"If we're not back soon my husband will come looking for us." She said trying to keep a strong face.

"That guy that was with you earlier? Shit lady, I ain't worried about that loser finding us. Hell as a matter of a fact I ain't worried about anybody finding us out here." The man said sliding his hand down Alana's arm.

"Please don't hurt us." Alana sobbed realizing the extent of her situation.

"I tell you what, you got my word not a hair on them boy's heads will be hurt if you do me and my partner a favor." The man said putting his hand to Alana's face.

Immediately Alana knew what the men wanted and the thought disgusted her. She wasn't about to be molested by a couple of backwoods hicks.

"But I'm married." She said trembling.

"So what, so am I." The man laughed.

"Either you do what we ask or my friend Tim out there has some fun with your two boys. He's been in jail for so long that he says it don't make a difference if it's a man or a woman to him." The man said grinning.

Alana's heart skipped a beat at the thought of what might happen to James and Sam. Again she begged the man for mercy.

"Please, don't hurt my son and his friend. They're just kids." She sobbed.

"Just do what we say and we won't hurt your son or his friend." The man said.

"What would you want me to do?" Alana said softly crying.

"Don't worry baby, it won't be so bad." The man said grabbing Alana's ass tightly with both hands.

"Well, we got a deal?" The man asked.

Alana looked down at the ground and shook her head yes. She would do anything to protect her son. The man smiled and grabbed her ponytail. He began to kiss her roughly. Alana fought at first but eventually his tongue forced her mouth open. The man greedily sucked on her face while squeezing her ass tightly. Finally the man broke his death grip on her ass and stopped. Alana was still in shock and just stood there with her eyes shut and her mouth open.

"I'm gonna tell my partner what a nice piece of ass you are. You wait a few minutes then you come out. But when you do I want you out of that dress." The man said smiling.

Alana could believe what he was saying. She thought that each of the men would take a turn with her in the bathroom. Now he wanted her to walk out in front of her son and Sam in just her bathing suit and do god knows what.

"Please, I can't do that. That's my son out there." Alana said 

"I guess the deal's off then, been a while since my buddy's had a virgin asshole to play with." The man said smiling sadistically.

"You want' me to have sex with you and your friend with them watching? Please... I can't... " Alana cried.

Just as the man turned to walk out Alana grabbed his arm and with tears streaming down her face she shook her head yes. The man smiled and walked into the room where James and Sam were still tied up.

"Where the hell is my mom!" James shouted.

"She'll be out shortly." The man laughed.

The man leaned over and whispered into the other man's ear and a smile stretched across his face.

As the two men were whispering Alana was crying as she stripped off her dress. She knew what she had to do but the thought of being raped in front of her son and his friend was too much to bear.

"Better gag these two." One of the men said.

"Why... what did we do?" Sam said.

"Shut the hell up boy." The man said as he shoved a rag into Sam's mouth and then tied a bandana around it.

The same was done to James Just then the bathroom door opened and Alana stepped out in nothing but her bikini. Muffled words came from James and Sam as Alana walked into the room.

"Shut up and enjoy the show." One of the men said as he pulled off his shirt.

James and Sam both knew what was going to happen but their captors had tied them well. Alana looked at James with tears in her eyes as one of the men approached her. What she was about to do was to save him.

"Damn girl, you're fucking hot." The man said as he walked up to Alana.

"Be gentle Steve, we don't get one like her too often." The man said finally revealing his partners name.

"Oh, I'll be real gentle Tim." Steve said.

Steve had groped her in the bathroom and Tim was doing the same as Alana tried not to look at her son and Sam. Tim was shorter than Steve but more muscular. He grabbed Alana's ass and shoved his tongue down her throat. Alana was taken by surprise but didn't fight for fear of what they would do to James and Sam. 

James and Sam turned away neither of them not wanting to see Alana raped. 

Alana was surprised when she felt Tim's hand go inside her bikini bottoms. His hands were rough like sand paper as they rubbed her ass. 

"Goddamn you taste good bitch." Tim hissed as he moved down Alana's neck.

Steve walked up behind Alana and ripped her bottoms off. In an arrogant move he threw the bottoms at Sam, hitting him right in the head. Sam turned and glared at the man angrily but soon saw Alana's long legs and bare ass. His eyes then saw her trimmed bush and even in this situation he felt a twitch in his pants. Try as he might he couldn't turn away.

Steve knelt down behind Alana and spread her ass cheeks to reveal her pussy. Alana looked at Sam starring at her in this depraved position and tears started to fall once again. Her misery was interrupted when she felt Steve's tongue as it parted her pussy lips. She jumped slightly. Simultaneously Tim undid her top and exposed her tits. 

"Holy shit, those are fuckin' perfect." Tim said as he took Alana's breast into his mouth.

Alana's breasts weren't huge but they were very firm and round. She had joked with her husband that if it weren't for her chest they might not have met.

The comment made James' head spin around and to his horror he saw two men surrounding his completely naked mother. His hands strained against the rope securing him.

Alana was trying to block out what was happening but the combined sensations of her pussy being eaten and her tits being sucked had her body starting to betray her.

"Unnnnnghhhhhh... " She moaned softly.

Steve continued his assault on her pussy. His tongue quickly darting in and out of her while his thumb rubbed her clit. With all her might she tried to stop herself but slowly her hips were starting to push backwards towards Steve's probing tongue.

Tim's expert mouth soon had Alana's nipples standing at attention. She glanced down at Tim and made eye contact. Tim again started kissing her deeply. Instinctively her tongue started to coil around his. The two men's smell flooded her nose. Alana's eyes clinched shut tightly as she felt her body betraying her. Her pussy was getting very wet and she could not stop it.

"Ummmm... ohhhhhhhhhh... " She moaned into Tim's mouth.

Without thinking Alana's hand dropped to Tim's leg. Quickly he grabbed her hand and placed it on the bulge in is blue jeans. Alana rubbed Tim's cock though his pants. She was astonished by the size. James and Sam couldn't believe their eyes as they watched Alana rubbing Tim's cock.

"Hey Steve, I think this bitch wants some of my cock." Tim said smiling.

Steve stopped his assault on Alana's pussy and stood up. Alana stood there in a daze until Tim pushed her to her knees. 

"You go first Tim, you know how I like to watch." Steve said sitting on the bed.

"Hell yeah, c'mon bitch what you waitin on?" Tim said unzipping his pants.

Alana watched in horror as Tim's cock sprang into view. It was long and thick. Her husband wasn't small but Tim was definitely more well hung. He grabbed her by the hair and pulled her toward his cock. As Alana opened her mouth she glanced toward her son. She closed her eyes as her lips wrapped around the head of Tim's cock. Alana had given her husband blowjobs before but it was a rarity. 

"Oh shiiiiiittt... " Tim groaned as his cock slipped deeper into Alana's mouth.

Alana strained to accommodate Tim's cock in her mouth. She would never admit it but she liked the feel of a cock in her mouth. Her hand slowly grabbed the base of Tim's cock. She looked up at Tim's and began sucking his cock the best she could hoping to get it over with. 

James looked at his mother as she was made to suck a strange man's cock. Even though she was his mother he began to feel his own cock twitch as Alana's lips slid up and down Tim's cock.

Without thinking Alana's free hand found its way to her pussy and she began to rub herself. The room was silent except for the slurping sounds Alana's lips were making on Tim's cock. She tried to concentrate sucking the man's cock but she could feel all the eyes in the room starring. She took in a deep breath and slid Tim's cock down her throat as far as she could hoping he was enjoying it enough to bring this to an end.

"Ummmm... "She groaned around Tim's cock. 

She could feel his cock jumping more and more rapidly and knew he was about to cum. She picked up her pace trying to finish him off as quickly as she could.

"Oh... fuck... bitch... suck it" Tim shouted as Alana's mouth milked his cock.

Tim grabbed Alana's head with both hands and began ramming his cock in and out of her mouth. Tim was moving her head so roughly that Alana's ponytail unraveled.

"Fuck... shit... I'm gonna cum" Tim shouted.

Out of all the times she had sucked her husband's cock she had never let him cum in her mouth. But before she could finish her next thought... 

"Oh... my fucking god!!" Tim shouted as he began to cum.

Alana was taken by surprise as the first jet of cum filled her mouth. She swallowed trying not to gag. The next blast choked her a little and Tim's cock popped from her mouth. Tim wasn't done just yet. 

"Fuck... oh... fuck... " Tim moaned as another blast of cum erupted from his cock covering Alana's nose and mouth.

Finally one last shot of cum landed across Alana's neck. She'll never know why she did what she did next but Alana took Tim's softening cock back into her mouth and sucked out the last bit of cum. She then let Tim's limp cock out of her mouth with a plop. She looked toward her son and Sam with cum still dripping from her face. She couldn't believe it but both of them had very noticeable bulges. She had little time to think before Steve grabbed her head and told her to unzip his pants.

"Well, how was she?" Steve asked Tim.

"Best I've had in a long damn time." Tim said leaning against a wall.

Alana's hands shaked as she pulled Steve's zipper down. She unsnapped the button holding his pants up and pulled them down. His cock sprang up and hit her on the chin. While not as thick as Tim's cock Steve's was longer. With Tim's cum dripping down between her breasts Alana took Steve's cock in her mouth. Since his cock wasn't as thick she could take more of Steve's cock into her mouth. With the taste of Tim's cum still in her mouth her head started bobbing back and forth on Steven's cock. His cock soon glistened with Alana's saliva.

"Shit you were right Tim." Steve said.

"Lick my balls bitch." Steve said as he pulled his cock from Alana's mouth.

He grabbed Alana by the hair and pushed her towards his balls. Her tongue darted out and she began to lick Steve's balls.

"Look at your mom now boy. She's licking my balls and loving it." Steve shouted at James.

"Tell him you love my cock bitch!" Steve shouted at Alana.

She looked up at him with a defeated look on her pretty face. She didn't want to say anything but she was afraid for her son and Sam.

"I love your cock." She whispered.

"Say it louder bitch so they can hear how much of a whore you are." Steve said.

Alana's eyes found their way to her son. He was starring at her trying his best to break free but she knew he couldn't.

"I love your cock." She said loudly as she took Steve's cock back into her mouth. 

It was the nastiest thing his mom had ever said but James couldn't look away. Sam was tormented also. He liked Alana and hated to see her hurt but she was so beautiful that he couldn't stop himself from watching.

"Damn bitch you suck good. But I want some of that pussy." Steve said lifting Alana to her feet.

Steve turned Alana toward her son and Sam and stood behind her. He held her arms behind her back and started kissing her neck. Steve's free hand grabbed one of her tits and squeezed it tightly.

"Unnghhhhh... " Alana groaned.

Alana opened her eyes and starred at her son. She was totally naked in front of him while some strange man groped her. Steve's hand dropped to her trimmed pussy and he started to rub her clit.

"Ummmm... oh... shit... " Alana moaned as she arched her back. 

"See that boys. This whore loves what I'm doing." Steve said as his middle finger entered Alana's pussy.

Alana's body was on autopilot. Her knees were week and she was light headed. Every time Steve's finder entered her pussy shockwaves pulsed through her body. She bit her bottom lip and moaned softly. 

"Get on the bed bitch." Steve ordered.

Alana walked over to the bed and sat down.

"Not like that bitch. On all fours." Steve demanded.

Alana turned and got onto the bed on her hands and knees. Steve turned her so that her pussy and ass were fully exposed to James and Sam. Both boys starred at the sight of this beautiful woman spread before them. Steve walked up behind Alana and rammed all of his cock into her in one violent lunge.

"Ooohhhhhhhhh fuuuuccccckkkk!!" Alana screamed as Steve's cock pistoned into her.

"Goddamn this bitch is tight!" Steve screamed.

He began fucking Alana in one steady rhythm. Alana's head was spinning as this man's cock filled her like she had never been before. As much as she deplored the situation it did feel good to her. Without knowing it her hips started pushing back onto Steve's cock.

"Look at this fucking whore." Steve said to Tim as he stopped pumping Alana's pussy.

Even though he had stopped she was still impaling herself over and over again onto Steve's cock. James and Sam just starred as Alana fucked herself.

"Ummm... ohhhh... my god." Alana groaned through clinched teeth.

Steve could feel Alana's pussy starting to grip his cock. He leaned forward and started whispering into her ear as his cock slid in and out of her trimmed snatch. Alana could feel her own orgasm building and she tried to fight it.

"C'mon bitch, tell me you want me to fuck your brains out." Steve whispered into her ear.

Alana said nothing as Steve continued to pound her. Steve pulled his cock from her pussy and laid down on his back.

"Sit on my cock bitch." Steve ordered.

Alana straddled Steve's cock but just as she was about to sit he spun her around to face James and Sam. She tried not to make eye contact. Her eyes shut when she felt Steve's cock entering her again. Uncontrollably her mouth opened and a moan escaped her lips.

"Umm... gooddddd... " She moaned.

Without Steve telling her to Alana's hips started to rise and fall faster and faster on Steve's cock. She could not control her body any longer.

"Oh... uhhhmmmmmmm... fuuuckkk... " She hissed.

Before long she was slamming her pussy down onto Steve's cock. She sat straight up and as she did she started to squeeze her own tits. 

"Ohhhhhhhhhh... fuck... unnghhhhh... " Alana moaned loudly.

Sam and James starred at Alana's face as she fucked Steve's cock. They couldn't tell if she was in pain or ecstasy. Steve began pushing upward as Alana was pushing down burying his cock even deeper into her pussy.

"Ohmygod... ohmygod... ohhhhhhhhhhhhh... " Alana groaned as her body took over.

"Fuck yeah bitch cum on my cock!" Steve shouted.

"Fuuuuuuuuuccckkk... OOOOHHHHHHHHHH... I'M CUUUMMMINNNNNGG!!" Alana shouted as her pussy began to spasm. Her body went limp and she collapsed on top of Steve. She was breathing in short gasps as her orgasm tore through her body.

The sensation of Alana cuming was all that Steve could bear. With a grunt his cock erupted deep inside of her. Through clouded eyes she starred at her son. Her mouth was open slightly as she felt hot cum filling her insides.

It seemed like an eternity had passed when Alana felt Steve roll her off of him. She just lied there exhausted, her body glistening with sweat. Her chest was rising and falling as she tried to recover.

"Goddamn that whore can fuck!" Steve said to Tim.

James and Sam sat motionless. They had given up trying to break free and now they just starred in shock at what the two men had just done to Alana. She looked almost asleep as some of Steve's cum dripped from her pussy. Her body was still trembling slightly from her intense orgasm when she felt someone kissing her stomach. When she looked down she was shocked to see Tim back for more.

"Please... stop... I can't... " Alana moaned slightly, her body still too weak to fight back.

Tim didn't say anything as he started to lick Alana's inner thighs. Her eyes rolled back into her head and her tongue traced her top lip as Tim got closer to her swollen pussy. Tim raised his head and lined his cock up with Alana's gaping pussy. Slowly he began to push forward. His thick cock stretching Alana's pussy wider than it had ever been stretched before.

"Ummmm... ohhhhh yesssss." Alana squealed softly. 

"Damn your pussy is good bitch." Tim whispered into her ear as he began to fuck her.

Tim went slowly at first but gradually built up speed until he was literally pile driving Alana's pussy. Alana's head was spinning as Tim fucked her and eventually her hands found there way to his ass and she actually began to pull him toward her as they fucked.

As they fucked Tim was relentlessly attacking Alana's tits. Her nipples stood out like pencil erasers. With each thrust Alana's mouth would open slightly. Eventually she was panting and moaning loudly.

"Oh shit... fuuuuckkkkk... " She moaned.

"Tell me how bad you want it bitch." Tim hissed into her ear.

Alana didn't say anything, not wanting to degrade herself further. But in her fogged mind her reasoning was becoming more and more diluted.

"C'mon bitch, tell me how bad you want me to fuck you." Tim said slowing his pace.

Alana felt Tim slowing and her body began to take control. 

"Fuck me baby... please fuck me... " She whispered into Tim's ear.

"What was that whore? Speak up." Tim said as he began to fuck Alana harder and faster.

"Please... ooohhhhhhhhhh... fuck me... " Alana groaned a little louder. She could feel her orgasm building and god help her she didn't want Tim to stop.

"I CAN'T HEAR YOU!" Tim shouted as he thrust his cock deep into Alana's wet pussy.

"OOOHHHHHH... PLEASE FUCK ME!! FUCK ME WITH YOUR BIG FUCKING COCK!!... OOHHHHHHHH... FUCK... I'M CUUUMMMINGGGGG!!" Alana screamed as her back arched enough to lift Tim.

Her pussy flooded with juice and her body shook uncontrollably. Tim kept fucking trying his hardest to fuck the poor woman senseless. Finally he could go no further.

"Oh my fucking god!" Tim hollered as his cock erupted inside Alana's spasming cunt. 

Alana's mouth opened as Tim's cum flooded her pussy. Finally emptied Tim pulled out of Alana. She collapsed unconscious onto the bed. Physically and mentally exhausted. 

"You boys still with us?" Steve said having not heard so much as a whimper from James and Sam for about a half hour.

"Looks like they're more than still with us." Tim laughed as he pointed to Sam's erection.

"Damn boy, if you wanted some action all you had to do was ask." Tim laughed.

"Wake up the slut Tim, let's make her suck off this one in front of her kid." Steve said.

James head shook back and forth as he tried his hardest to yell no, but the gag was doing its job all too well.

Alana's eyes slowly open as Tim shook her violently. She thought that maybe it was all a dream. But her hopes soon faded when she saw James and Sam still tied to their chairs. She tried to close her spread legs as she felt the last of Tim's cum drain out of her. Tim grabbed her and through her to the floor in front of Sam.

"You got this boy all worked up bitch." Tim laughed.

Alana looked at Sam and as her eyes focused she saw the tent in Sam's pants. 

"Well bitch, help the boy out." Steve said as he pushed Alana toward Sam.

"Please... I've done what you want... don't make me do this." Alana begged.

"I said help the boy out bitch." Steve shouted with his hand raised like he was going to slap Alana.

Alana looked up at Sam and silently mouthed the words I'm so sorry as her fingers began to undo his pants. Sam sat in disbelief as the woman of his dreams pulled his cock out of his pants. 

Alana grabbed Sam's young cock and stroked it. It was as hard as steel and fairly big, about the same size as her husband's. Alana stroked Sam's cock marveling at how hard and smooth it was. She knew what she had to do so she leaned forward and took Sam's cock into her mouth.

A muffled groan came from Sam's mouth as Alana's soft lips slid up and down his cock. Alana's tongue wrapped around the underside of Sam's cock and her lips maintained a vacuum seal. Alana felt her pussy becoming wet again and was surprised when her fingers began to rub her trimmed mound.

James watched helplessly as his mother sucked off his best friend. Her head bobbed up and down with a determination that he hadn't seen before.

"Ummmmmmmm... " Alana moaned before she realized what she was doing. 

Sam wasn't a virgin but he had never had a blowjob before, let alone one from his dream woman. Alana felt his cock swell a little more and she knew he was about to cum. She could have pulled Sam's cock from her mouth but she didn't. With a groan Sam's cock erupted into her mouth.

The first blast coated Alana's tongue and she was amazed that the taste was much sweeter than Tim's. She swallowed just as the second blast hit the back of her throat, followed by and third and a forth. 

Alana didn't know a man could cum as much as Sam was and try as she might she could keep it all in her mouth. Cum began to ooze from the corners of her mouth as Sam's cock finally relented. Alana finally let Sam's cock slip from her lips. She raised her head and looked into Sam's eyes as she swirled his come around in her mouth. With a hand on each of Sam's knees Alana looked away as she swallowed his massive load. Alana's body quivered as Sam's warm cum slid down her throat.

"WhoooooWeeeee!" Steve yelled.

"I think she liked that a little too much!" Tim yelled.

Tim grabbed Alana by the hair and made her look at Sam.

"Tell him how much you liked it bitch." Tim demanded.

Alana's eyes welled up with tears. She didn't want to degrade herself any further. They had already been through hell. Her son and Sam were probably scarred for life she thought. 

"I said tell him!" Tim yelled as he lifted Alana by her hair.

"I liked sucking your cock." She said softly.

"Tell him some more slut." Tim ordered.

"I loved it when you came in my mouth Sam." Alana cried with tears streaming down her face.

Satisfied Tim let her fall back the floor. Tim and Steve began to put their clothes back on and for a short while Alana felt relieved that it might be finally over. Her tears finally dried but what Steve said next caused her stomach to knot up.

"What about him?" Steve said to Tim.

"I don't know, you want your momma to suck your dick?" Tim asked James knowing he couldn't reply.

"I think he does, look at that fuckin hard on of his." Steve said.

"C'mere bitch." Tim said pulling Alana over to James by her hair.

Alana knew what was going to happen. She knew that if she didn't do this the men might still hurt her son. With her hands trembling she began to unzip her son's pants. James' head shook back and forth as he screamed through the bandana that the men had gagged him with. When Alana had her son's pants unzipped she reached her hand into his pants and her eyes got wider.

"Well, we ain't got all day bitch." Steve said to Alana.

When Alana pulled her son's cock out everyone in the room knew why her eyes were so wide. James' cock was for lack of a better word huge. It was a lot longer that Steve's cock and thicker than Tim's. As Alana starred in disbelief she could hear Steve and Tim laughing.

"Where you been hiding that thing?" Tim laughed.

"Damn boy, your some kinda freak." Steve laughed.

Alana sat there for a while just starring at her son's cock. Her fingers didn't touch as she began to slide her hand up and down her son's cock. The head was huge and was already dripping precum. Tentatively she leaned forward and took her own son's cock into her mouth.

James groaned as his mother's lips stretched around his cock. Alana's tongue teased the opening of James' cock. 

"Ummm... " Alana moaned around her son's cock.

Slowly she began to adjust to the size and began to really suck off her son. His cock tasted wonderful to her and she began to feel her pussy flood. She knew what she was doing was so wrong but she couldn't stop herself. James looked down at his mother's head bobbing up and down in his lap. Her other hand found his balls and started to squeeze them.

"Ohhh... god... your cock is huge." Alana moaned as her son's cock plopped from her lips.

Everyone in the room watched in amazement as Alana stood up and straddled her son. With one hand she positioned her son's cock at the opening of her swollen wet pussy. She kissed her son's forehead as she lowered herself onto his rock hard cock.

"Ohhhhhhhhh... goddamn... " Alana moaned as her son's cock reached places she didn't know she had deep within her pussy.

Alana took a second to adjust then slowly started to ride her son's cock. It felt like his cock was in her stomach, like she was being fucked with a baseball bat. Her mouth opened and she sucked her son's ear into her mouth.

"Oooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh Shhhhhiiiiittttttt!!" Alana screamed as she impaled herself again and again.

James moaned as his mother rode his cock. He could feel her tits rubbing against his chest and knew he wouldn't last much longer.

"Fuck me... baby fuck me... " Alana moaned into her son's ear. 

"God... your cock... is so... big... fuck me harder baby." Alana moaned as she stepped up her pace.

Alana was almost jumping up and down on her son's lap. Her pussy had flooded with juice and her son's cock effortlessly slid back and forth. She could feel a familiar warmth emanating from her pussy. Alana looked her son in the eyes and bit her bottom lip. James could see her face cringe in utter pleasure. Alana ripped the bandana from her son's mouth and pulled out the old dirty rag. Before James could speak Alana passionately kissed her son. Her tongue wrestled with his as she moaned deeply.

Alana could feel her son's cock swell even more. She slowed her pace but made each thrust harder by dropping all of her weight onto her son's cock.

'Baby... Ohhhhh... my... god... baby fuck me... " Alana begged as her fingernails dug into her son's back.

Alana felt her body start to quake and she quickened her pace with a few final thrusts. Then it happened.

"OOHHHHHHHHHHH... FUCK... ME... FUCK... ME... FUCK MEEEEEEEE!!" Alana screamed as the first jolt of her orgasm washed over her body.

"OHH... BABY... I'M CUUUMMMING... BABY... I'M... CUUUUUMMMING!!" Alana screamed as another jolt hit her.

Alana's pussy grabbed tightly onto her son's cock. The sensation was enough to send James over the edge. With a loud moan his cock began to spew hot cum deep into his mother's waiting pussy. His body convulsed as more of his cum emptied into Alana's sweat soaked body.

"Fill me baby... " Alana moaned as her son's cum coated her insides.

Finally drained Alana felt her son's cock slip from her soaking pussy. She just sat there for a while breathing heavily. When she finally did look up she didn't see Steve or Tim anywhere. In the heat of the moment she didn't notice either of them leave.

Quickly she got up and untied her son and Sam. 

"Quick, get to the truck!" Alana said as she raced into the bathroom to retrieve her dress.

After slipping her dress on as she ran she raced outside to see James and Sam waiting with the truck running. When she hopped into the drivers seat she through the truck into gear and punched the accelerator. She looked at the clock to see that four hours had passed. No one said a word as they drove. After finding the main road Alana broke the silence.

"I don't know what to say to your two. I'm so sorry for what happened." Alana said with tears in her eyes.

"Don't be sorry mom, it wasn't your fault." James said putting his hand on her shoulder.

"Let's just try to forget it all." Sam said.

"No one's gonna believe us anyway." James said.

Alana hated to admit it but he was right. No one would believe what had happened. She couldn't find that shack again even if she wanted to. And even if someone did believe them she felt so ashamed of the depraved acts she was forced to do. On the trip home the three made a pact not to tell anyone what happened. As far as anyone else was concerned they had gotten lost and had a flat tire. 

"I just hope everyone can cope with what happened today." Alana thought to herself. End