Stories 18+ A Forbidden Lesson Plan orgasm C1

Stories 18+ A Forbidden Lesson Plan orgasm C1
Garret sprinkled some salt into the pan of cooking eggs below him. Ever since he was diagnosed with his heart condition his hours were limited at the electric company at his request. This meant he had more time to relax during the day and take on more of a caretaking role than he used to have. 

He served the breakfast to his wife of 19 years, Ava. The blonde wife was a biology teacher and in charge of the science department at the local private high school, Central Hillside Prep. She was glad that after years of employment she was offered the promotion to Head of Sciences. It came with a $5,500 pay raise, an office connected to her classroom, and she only had to teach 3 periods a day. 

Ava, or Mrs. Dawson as her students called her, prided herself on her professionalism and dedication to her teaching. For the 16 years she had been teaching she always wore professional skirt suits, even on casual Fridays. And she implemented more progressive and relatable teaching methods. 

She started teaching science in public school at 25. By 28 she was offered a teaching position at Central Hillside. By 35 she was recognized as one of the top teachers in her department and was allowed to teach AP courses for seniors. And now, at 41, she was promoted to Department Head. 

Ethan, Ava and Garret's son, came down the stairs carrying a large sports bag. He had on a nice polo shirt and khakis. Ava noticed how handsome and strong Ethan had gotten over the last few years. 

"Now why can't all of my students dress like that?" Ava remarked, both complimenting Ethan and criticizing her other students. 

Her son just smiled and set his bag down next to the kitchen table as his dad gave him a plate of eggs. 

"So are you guys ready for the big game this weekend?" Garret was excited as he asked his son about the high school football playoff game. 

"Yep! I think we're in good shape for Saturday." 

The 18-year-old football player was kind of the Swiss Army knife of the team. It was normal for someone to play multiple positions on a high school team, but Ethan took that to another level. He was in great shape but he was not the biggest so he never played any star position. However, he had great hands and made smart decisions so he was the holder for field goals, the punt returner when the coach just needed someone to hold onto the ball, the backup punter, and a slot receiver when it was a short third down and the coach just wanted a player to catch a short pass and go down. 

Ethan's parents were proud that he was getting so much playing time considering he was a year younger than most of the seniors. At Central Hillside football was big. Most of the graduating class went on to get scholarships at good college programs, some even went pro. Due to this, a lot of parents had recently begun to red shirt their kids- meaning they would purposely hold them back an academic year so they would be even skillfully better and more physically mature by the time they started to get recruited in high school. 

With a dirty-blonde crew cut and a toned body, Ethan certainly looked like a football player and his versatility was respected by his teammates, but because he was also a bit of a tech geek and hung around with some of the nerdier kids, he wasn't that close with a lot of his fellow players off of the field. 

Ava looked at her son as she chewed her breakfast and flashbacked to the ordeal they had to go through over the summer. 


Ethan was going into his senior year and planned on being a biology major in college so he could fulfill his dream of being a genetic engineer. His plan was all set, he would graduate high school with all of the necessary science courses, get recruited by a smaller football school with a good science program, and work his way towards his dream. 

His plan was going well up until the summer. That was when there was a major scheduling conflict. He had to take certain science classes so they would be on his transcript and not be academically behind other students. Ethan needed to take AP Biology, AP Chemistry, and AP Physics. The issue was that each class was only taught at certain times of the day. 

Long story short, the only way Ethan could take all of the classes was if he ended up in his mom's AP Biology class. There was another class taught by Mr. Simmons but that conflicted with AP Chemistry. Ava and Ethan sat down with the Head Master of the school and went over their options. 

Dr. Raymond, the man in charge of the operations of the high school, was adamant that Ethan could not be in his mom's class. "There is a clear issue. Now I would never suggest you would be unethical, but what if you take a written test that had elements of subjectivity and Ethan gets the highest grade? It would be a bad look for you and for the school. The last thing I need is a bunch of parents calling me to tell me the grading is rigged." 

Ethan was deflated. Ava, however, came up with a solution. "What if none of my grading is subjective? I only give multiple-choice tests and I zip all of them through the grade scanner? That way there can't be any favoritism." 

Dr. Raymond thought, and after a long fight, he agreed that under those circumstances Ethan could be in Ava's class. 


Breakfast was finished and the teacher and her student dashed out the door. Ava got into her car and Ethan waited for the bus. They didn't even go to school together and once they were there they made conscious decisions to avoid communication unless necessary in class. 


RRRRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNGGGGG! The bell rang for the last class of the day to commence. The stragglers in the hallway made their way into their classrooms. 

Ava stepped out of her office and into her classroom with a stack of papers in hand. She opened the biology book on her desk on began to flip through to find the page she needed. She stopped on a page when she saw a diagram of reproduction. 

Mrs. Dawson sighed at the reminder of her predicament. After Garret was diagnosed with his heart condition he was unable to get aroused and his sex drive was down. Against the doctor's warnings, he had started using ED pills in bed but it wasn't the same. Ava didn't know whether his lower drive was because of the physical condition or the psychological effect of not being able to be the breadwinner he once was. Either way, it was excruciating for Ava to see her sex rate dwindle from once every 2 days to once every 2 weeks. 

Laughter of students in the back of the classroom snapped her out of her thoughts. "Settle down! It's time to get started, " she reacted. 

All of the students stopped talking and turned in their desks to face the front of the classroom. They looked up at their teacher. She was wearing a steel grey skirt suit, a white button down shirt, black heels, square black frame reading glasses, and her light blonde hair was in a tight bun behind her head. Trying to be professional, the only makeup she put on was a small amount of mascara. She had a face with skin like porcelain, yet it was mature and showed the capability to be fierce. 

Some students in the back started whispering again and as Mrs. Dawson opened her mouth to say something to them, Cara, the top student in her class, turned and told them to "Sshhhhh!" 

Not even Ava liked how much of a teacher's pet she was. 

The makeup of Mrs. Dawson's classes seemed to amaze her. As of this year, upperclassmen were allowed to chose which teacher they had for a specific subject as long as it fit into their schedule. The school board saw it as an opportunity to "give each student the opportunity to select the educator that best compliments his or her learning style to best prepare that student for collegiate academics." 

This was Ava's third and final class of the day and, once again, as she took notice of a theme she had been trying to understand the entire year so far. Out of the 19 students in her AP Biology class, 15 of them were young men. 

This was her only class with upperclassmen since it was AP and all Central Hillside graduates needed to take an AP class, even though some students weren't really capable. 

It was late September and Ava still hadn't been able to figure out what happened. There were so many other AP classes and all of those men chose her class when many women didn't. 

"Maybe they think you're hot," Ava's friend always joked when she'd bring it up on the phone. The proud teacher would always look at her suit jackets and wonder how they'd be checking her out in her layers of professional dress. 

Today though, Ava finally thought she cracked the code. She didn't know how it slipped her mind. 11 of the 15 men in the class were on the football team. All of the football players and other athletes got to choose classes first. It was a reward the school gave for students getting involved in extracurricular activities that both keep them in shape and represent the school. 

It all made sense to Mrs. Dawson as she started to draw diagrams on the whiteboard. There are so many men because all of the football players thought they'd get some leniency and easy points because they're friends with Ethan! Haha... They guessed wrong. 

All of the tests were objective and under a watchful eye of the Head Master. They couldn't get special treatment even if they wanted it. 


The class went on and the students worked their way through the lecture and lesson plan. Ava did her normal routine of avoiding eye contact with her son as she explained the cycle of cell growth. 

She liked to walk around the classroom as she spoke so that all of the students felt like they had a front-row seat. She stopped in the middle of the classroom between two desks and asked a question. As she turned her head in search of a raised hand her eyes darted down directly beneath her on her side. 

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Trey, the star wide receiver on the football team, staring at her body. She ignored this, saying to herself that he was just staring off into space. 

Finally, Mrs. Dawson looked up at the clock and saw that there was 5 minutes left of class. "Oh, before you go, I have your tests to hand back!" There was a load moan by most of the class. "I got them back from the grade scanner operator this morning. Most of you did pretty well. Some of you need to try harder." 

The teacher passed out the tests that were graded by a machine. The one good part about no written tests were that she didn't have to spend any time grading. That was particularly good for Ava since she liked to test the students once or twice every two weeks over each 10-week quarter to make sure they understood each concept. There were lots of tests but they all weren't worth too much in case of failure. 

RRRRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNGGGGG! The bell rang once again and the school day was over. The football players jumped up with vigor since they were on their way to practice. 

Ava watched as all of the students left the room. Normally she tried not to pay attention to Ethan but something caught her eye was he was walking out. Ethan went up to talk to Cara, a fellow 'nerd' so to speak, and she totally blew him off. 

This really annoyed Ava. What a stuck up bitch! She felt bad for her son because he was clearly trying to flirt with her. He's a genius and he's on the football team! Back in High School if I were a girl and a guy like that came up to me I would let him- Ava stopped her thought right there. She realized what she was about to say to herself and it made her uncomfortable. 

Fortunately, there was something else for her to turn her attention to. Not all of the students had left. Trey's head was in his hands with nothing but his test lying on his desk. 

"Is everything okay?" Ava asked even though she knew what was bothering him. 

"A 45?!" The light-skinned football player looked up at the teacher. "I can't get a 45. I have a failing grade now! Coach Benner checks our grades. If I don't get it up by the next test then I can't play. I did the math on my phone, if I want to have a passing grade so I can play football and get recruited, then I need at least a 94 on the next test. A 94! The highest grade I've gotten so far is a 79." 

Not knowing what to do next, Mrs. Dawson asked the struggling student to come into her office so they could look at the grade book together. 

Mrs. Dawson sat down behind her oak desk in her black leather office chair. Trey sat across from her in the armless wooden chair. Her office was sizable and professional. It was Ava's favorite perk of her promotion. It even had three doors- one leading to the classroom, one leading to the hallway, and one that was the entrance to her private bathroom. 

"Yeah," the teacher nodded in agreement as she looked up from her grade book. "You're going to need a 94 to have a passing grade this quarter." When she looked at Trey's face to see his response it seemed like once again he was staring at her chest. Mrs. Dawson told herself he was just looking at the grade book. 

"I can't get a 94!" The lean muscular athlete shot back after he thought about the situation. 

"Well then you won't be playing football!" 

Out of disappointment and anger at the situation, Trey stood up abruptly and turned away from the desk as he paced in the office with his arms folded. 

Ava realized that her comeback was a little insensitive so she tried to calm the frustrated student, "I mean, why can't you get a 94? Don't sell yourself short. If you study and apply yourself you can do well." 

"I know," Trey said begrudgingly with his hands gesturing, "But not that well. Even the best students in the class barely get those grades. How am I supposed to get that? I'm not cut out for this AP course and you know it." 

Ava had to agree with her student. He was struggling to keep up. "Well why didn't you choose a class that you'd be better at?" 

"Well I knew it would be tough, but all the guys on the team said to pick you and I didn't think it would be that distracting." 

Catching his last comment, Ava looked up at the standing young man. "What are you distracted by?" 

Trey's face went flush as his eyes, for a brief moment, dove to his teacher's chest. "Nothing. Never mind." 

Finally accepting that maybe Trey was in fact checking out her chest, Ava felt a little energy running through her. She didn't know why because her jacket covered her chest. Then again, one could probably still tell they were of a good size. She looked under the desk and saw that her crossed ankles were starting to rub against each other. She didn't know what was happening but she didn't want to let the conversation go. 

"Is it my teaching style that's distracting?" 

"No, that's fine," Trey shyly responded. 

"Is it my voice? Do you find it annoying?" 

"No, not at all!" He defended. 

"Then what is it?" Ava put on a bewildered face as her legs actively rubbed against each other under the desk. It was a little thrilling for the longtime teacher. 

The embarrassed student once again glanced at her chest, "I don't know really. I just feel distracted. Can we just focus on how I can get a passing grade?" 

Ava calmed down but was not ready to let the line of conversation go. "We'll put a pin in that discussion, but yes, let's talk about you grades." 

Trey seemed relieved. 

"So, " the biology teacher continued, "If you know what you need to do to pass then why are you coming to me? I can't do anything about this. I don't even control the grades." 

"Is there anything you can do?" He pleaded as he placed his buzzed head into his hands. 

Ava rose from her chair and stood up as she paced behind her desk looking at the bookshelf behind her as if it would have an answer. She quickly darted her eyes back to see Trey's eyes aimed at the back of her skirt. He was checking out my ass! Ava was stunned. 

Still not able to figure out why she was so stimulated by the idea of Trey checking her out, the 41-year-old teacher began to feel warm. She went to sit back down and compose herself. But first, she removed her gray suit jacket and placed it on the back of her chair. 

Once again, Trey's gaze met her chest. Only this time there was no jacket blocking his view. There was just a thin white dress shirt that tightly hugged Ava's form. Ava ensured herself that it wasn't like she was making herself more exposed, she only had the top button of the shirt undone and her beige bra was not very noticeable under the material. 

"So, is there a way you can help me?" 

Snapping back to the reality of the situation, the educator said bluntly, "Even if I wanted to help you, there is literally nothing I could do to help you get your grade up short of taking the test for you." 

Trey's eyes went wide. 

Based on her last statement, Ava immediately realized what Trey had in mind. "No, no, no. Don't even think about that, Mr. Rollins!" 

"Please, Mrs. Dawson! I'll do anything! I need to play ball! We have playoffs coming up. How about this? What if I study insanely hard and then you can change my wrong answers to right ones-" 

Ava was visibly repulsed. 

"Hold on!" Ensured Trey, "And then I promise if you do this for me just once I promise I will get B's on every test from now on, please!" 

Still shocked by the suggestion of her doing such an unethical, fireable offense, Ava decided to use this as a springboard to the conversation she was so engrossed in a few minutes ago. 

"Trey, how about this. Before I even consider any way on how to help you, you tell me, HONESTLY, why you are so distracted in my class." 

At this point, Trey was leaning towards the desk, standing with his hands placed on the wooden edge. He moved his eyes towards the more formed chest just a few feet from him. He held them there for a little longer than last time before pushing away from the table and turning around. 

Facing away from Ava, he responded, "I honestly don't know why I'm distracted." 

Reeling from the elongated staring, Ava started to feel warm again. She unconsciously folded her arms and placed them against her body. Her breasts were resting on top. They were demanding a form of contact. 

"Don't lie to me," the teacher said sternly. 

A defiant Trey turned around as he said, "I honestly don't knoooo-" He trailed off at the end because as he turned back to Mrs. Dawson he saw her chest more prominently defined by the pressure of her folding arms resting on the desk. 

"Are you okay?" Ava asked. She knew exactly why he lost his words. 

Trey tried to disguise his line of sight and Ava made no gesture that would have led to believe she knew what he was looking at. 

The stirred student just nodded his head to answer his teacher's question. 

That was when Ava noticed a slight amount of movement in Trey's athletic shorts. 

Caught up in the thrilling game, Ava ignored the realities of the world and just focused on what was happening inside that room at that moment. Wanting to confirm her hunch, Ava took the pen that was in her hand and placed it in her mouth, holding with her teeth. At the same time, she leaned back in the chair, pushing her chest out and stretching the fabric of her shirt, as she moved her hands towards her blonde hair. 

She began to undo her bun so she could turn it into a ponytail. 

An infatuated Trey, ogled at the even more prominent rack pressing against the white polyester. Ava subtly watched through her glasses, and sure enough, a growing erection began to define itself against Trey's orange basketball shorts. It grew up and out. 

Ava was startled as the man before her immediately spun around to his front. She had to conceal her smile and surprise at what she was able to do. "What's the matter, Trey?" She mumbled it since she had her teeth clenched against a pen. 

The frightened student tried to remedy his problem. From behind, Ava could tell that Trey was adjusting his shorts. When he turned around he had his hands in his pockets, trying to make it look like his hands were responsible for any bulges in his shorts. 

"Nothing. I was uh- I was just thinking about my grades." 

Ava answered with the pen still in her teeth and her chest pressed out, "I told you, Trey. Tell me what's distracting you and we can talk about how to help you." 

Tormented and embarrassed, Trey said, "I can't say. It's just-" He motioned his hand towards Ava and he looked at her large melons again. 

He didn't mean to let Ava know what he was saying, but this time, Ava looked at his eyes, followed his gaze to her tits, and then looked back at him with a look of surprise. 

Horror struck Trey as Ava dropped the pen from her mouth and motioned to her body, "This is what's distracting you?!" 

"No!" Loudly defended the 18 year old. 

"Trey, be honest with me. Unless you want to fail with quarter or maybe worse, you'll be honest with me." 

The young man stared at his feet and mumbled, "Yeah, that's what's distracting me." 

"Well thank you for telling me. Now we can move forward," Ava stated like a guidance counselor. 

"I'm not in trouble?" Hope came across Trey's face as he looked up. 

Pondering his question, Mrs. Dawson replied, "That remains to be seen." She returned to her previous position with her arms folded on her desk under her chest. 

"I first want to tell you," she continued, "that your idea from earlier couldn't work anyway- not that I would even think of doing that. If I erased all of your wrong answers and changed them, the obvious erase marks would draw suspicion." 

Still trying to hide his erection, Trey thought, "What if I only answer the questions I know are right and then you fill in the rest?" 

"Do you have any idea what you're asking me to do? I could get fired for that," the professional teacher snapped with a serious tone. 

On the verge of a meltdown, the star wide receiver spoke with his hands, "So I'm screwed then?!" 

After his moment of frustration, Trey saw his hands sticking out in front of him. They were no longer protecting his secret. He looked at Mrs. Dawson with wide eyes. Her eyes were wide too, only they weren't looking at his face. 

Trey gazed down timidly to see that the only form of concealment for his boner was the elastic band of his shorts. He tilted his head up to look at his teacher. 

"Trey..." Ava began, "Is that what I think it is?" 

"No! No! I swear, that would be messed up. That's just how my shorts bunch up!" He turned around again and said, "Let me fix them. I think it's how I tied them this morning." It was a lame excuse. 

He turned back around with his hands in his pockets as he rushed to a chair to sit down so his waist would be below the height of the desk between them. He tried to judge his married teacher's facial expression to see if the problem had been resolved. He 

He was surprised to see how calm Mrs. Dawson was. She took off her reading glasses and put one of the tips between her teeth, this was something she did whenever she asked an intriguing question in class. 

"Mr. Rollins," she watched him gulp with a dry mouth, "What happens when you are at a party and you start dancing with a girl?" 

"What? What do you mean?" The line of questioning seemed insane to Trey. 

"I mean, when you are dancing with a girl and that thing happens," she motioned towards his groin with her head, "what usually happens?" 

"Why are you asking me this? I don't-" 

"Just answer the question. You're already in a bad position." 

Trey settled himself and thought about the question. "Well, I uh- what type of dancing?" 

Ava rolled her eyes, "The type of dancing you do at a high school party, grinding. You know exactly what I'm talking about." 

"Okay... Well um- you kind of don't do anything. You just stand there and dance with her." 

"And she always just stands there and keeps dancing?" Ava followed up. 

"Well, most of the time. Sometimes she pushes you away from her." 

"And why would she do that?" 

"I don't know, I guess she doesn't like it." 

"Mm hmm. And what happens if she doesn't push you away immediately?" 

Trey thought again, "Well then you keep dancing with her, maybe you put your hands on her- look I don't know what you're getting at-" 

"Mr. Rollins!" Mrs. Dawson exercised her authority, "I'll be asking the questions. You're already in hot water. So tell me, why do you put your hands on her if she doesn't push you away when she feels that thing against her?" 

Wishing to just run out of the run, Trey tried to answer the question, "I guess because if she doesn't push you away she might like it. Or maybe she kind of doesn't care." 

Ava gestured encouragement for him to keep going. 

"Or maybe she might not like it and maybe if you start to take things further she'll start to like it?" 

"Exactly, Mr. Rollins. If you knew this much about biology then we wouldn't be here." 

Trey was actually proud of himself for getting the answers right. But his teacher wasn't through with the exam. "Now, Mr. Rollins, when you are pressed against her with that thing, do you ever try to hide it." 

"Um- No." 

"Do you ever whisper in her ear and lie to her that it's not that there?" 


"Do you ever realize that it is pressed against her and run away in fear?" 


Ava asked provocatively, "And why not?" 

It was a deeper question and Trey came to the conclusion as he continued to stare on and off again as the jugs resting on Mrs. Dawson's arms, "I guess because it would be pretty lame. And maybe insulting a little." 

Letting her shoulders relax, with an exacerbated voice, Ava responded, "Exactly. Then why are you doing those things now?" 

Trey was struck. He wasn't sure if he was inferring his teacher's rhetorical question correctly. He just sat there frozen. 

After he just looked at Ava for over a minute, trying to get some answers, the impatient teacher removed her arms from under her breasts and prompted, "Well..." as she gestured with her hands for him to take action. 

Shaking for being nervous, Trey pushed back from the desk in the wooden chair. Ava helped him by nodding her head in agreement. 

The tall muscular student started to stand up with his hands still in his pockets. He looked at his teacher for approval. She nodded her head in agreement. 

He was frozen again. Ava almost chuckled in pity as she made a motion with her hands similar to hands coming out of pockets. Trey slowly removed his hands. 

There was no longer any question where the ripple in the shorts was coming from. 

Trey then moved his hands towards his waistband. Ava continued to give him nods of encouragement. He squinted in fear as he pulled the elastic band of his shorts higher on his hips so his knob was free to fall down. 

Ava's lips parted and she stared mesmerized. There was no longer any concealment. Trey stood there awkwardly. The 41-year-old married mom hadn't seen a cock that big since before she met Garret. It wasn't a pill creating a chemical reaction; this was 7 inches of pure desire. 

Regaining control of her thoughts, Ava put her glasses back on and returned to a more casual position in her office chair. She fought hard to prevent herself from thinking of the hard cock just feet in front of her. 

She just looked up at Trey and gave a calm smile, "Thank you for being open with me. I appreciate it." 

Trey couldn't believe he wasn't being yelled at! He breathed a sigh of relief. 

"Now that you've been open with me, we can openly discuss your grades. I am thinking about what to do." 

Coming back to reality, Trey lamented, "Well, you said there was nothing you could do so it seems like I'm out of luck." 

Still uncomfortable about standing in front of his teacher with a clear tent in his shorts, Trey placed his hands back in his pockets. 

"What did we just talk about, Mr. Rollins?" Ava was upset that her view was being blocked. 

"Sorry." The cock was visible again. 

Ava took it in once more. This time she examined it in more detail. She could clearly see the firm shaft and the mushroom head. 

"Mr. Rollins, I actually know of a way to alter your grade, but I'm not sure if I want to do it. I'm stuck." 

"Please, anything!" The senior pleaded. 

"Well I suppose it would be possible for us to work out a deal similar to the one you offered earlier." 

Trey was at attention. 

"I suppose it would be possible for us to make a deal that if you can answer 30 of the 50 questions correctly, without marking the bubbles of any wrong answers, then I could fill out the rest of the unfilled bubbles to ensure you get a 94." 

"Thank you so much! This is-" He stopped as his new favorite teacher held up her finger. 

" I said, I am thinking about it. I'm not quite sure." 

He deflated. "Well, are you at least not going to get me in trouble for this thing?" 

"I'm not going to tell you my stance on that either, Mr. Rollins," Mrs. Dawson began as she stood up from her chair and walked around to the other side of the desk and sat on it, facing Trey, "Do you remember what you said when I asked you what you do when you are dancing with a girl and that thing happens?" 

He thought back as he was curious as to why his teacher was bringing it up again, "Yeah, uh, well you just have to own it, right?" He looked at Ava for her approval. 

"You tell me." 

"Well, you just have to own it. Either she'll push you away or she won't. If she doesn't then you try to go a little further because either she wants, she doesn't care, or she's not sure and you can get her to like it." 

Mrs. Dawson smiled, "I couldn't have said it better myself." She placed her glasses on her desk behind her and sat up straight. "So, Trey, you and I have been dancing in this office for more than 15 minutes now." Mrs. Dawson looked her young athletic student in his eyes as she continued, "You've been asking for help, I've declined. I've asked you questions, you've tried not to answer. We've been debating each other at every step, I go one way and you go the other. There's been a lot of friction." The lecturing teacher moved her hands from a folded position on her lap so they were on the desk to her sides. "We haven't just been doing a random dance, you and I have been grinding." 

Trey's eyes widened and Ava watched his cock twitch in his shorts. She held her gaze and then looked back up at him, "And that thing has been hard for a while now. So, based on what you just told me, what do you now know?" 

The light-skinned football player was shaking in his shoes as he tried to get his mind straight. "Well, you didn't push me away yet?" 

"That's right! I didn't." Ava subtly licked her lips as she slowly moved her supporting hands backward, causing her to move to a slightly reclined sitting position. She kept her eye contact with Trey. "So if we've been grinding for a while and your cock has been erect, and I haven't pushed you away, what does that mean for you?" 

With his cheeks burning, Trey was amazed that his teacher said "cock" in front of him. Yet, he tried to answer the next question. "It means I should go further?" 

Ava nodded. "And why is that?" 

"Because it means that either you, uh- It means you either want it, are indifferent to it, or if you aren't sure about it I could change your mind." 

"That's right, Trey. So, when you're grinding with a girl at a party, what do you mean by 'go further'?" 

The nervous and horny young man stammered before answering. "Well, like usually I will put my hands on her body." 


Trey was hesitant to answer. 

"Go ahead and answer, Trey. I won't tell." 

With some assurance, he responded, "Well, like I would put my hands on her sides and maybe run them up to her breasts." 

Ava went in for a bold close. "Very good, Trey. So as we've discussed, when you're grinding with a girl and your cock swells up, and she keeps dancing with you anyway, just like I have been with you long after your dick's been hard, the next step is to run your hands all over her body, right?" 

Trey's jaw dropped. He wasn't sure if he heard Mrs. Dawson correctly. He didn't know what to do. "Mrs. Dawson, are you asking me to do what I think you're asking me to do?" 

Asking seductively, Ava replied, "Do you have a problem with that, Trey?" 

"No! No! It's just that, aren't you married?" 

Ava sighed as she rolled her eyes. She stared right at the eager man in front of her and said bluntly, "Trey, for the last 8 months my husband has only been able to fuck me about once every two weeks instead of many times each week. And the only reason he can pull it off now is because he takes a pill. It's been 8 months since I've been fucked by a cock stiff from desire, and it's been decades since I've been fucked by a cock like yours." 

Trey could hardly believe that his biology teacher was talking to him this way. 

"So, here's the deal, Mr. Rollins: I will give the opportunity to get a 94. If you can get 30 of the questions on the next text, I will fill in the rest for you to make sure you pass. And in exchange, just this once, just because I need to feel a strong, eager man again, you have to tear of my clothes; take out that big cock of yours; and fuck me like you've never fucked anybody before, right here and right now." 

This was the greatest moment of Trey's life. His pupils were large and his penis was as stiff as a board. He stared at Ava in amazement. 

"Well, are you going to fuck me or just stare at me like you always do?" 

The woman in the white dress shirt gasped as she felt the strong hands squeeze her breasts through her shirt and bra. She looked up at Trey and he leaned in to kiss her. They made out as he started to unbutton her shirt. 

Ava pulled her arms out of her unbuttoned shirt. She expected Trey to go for her basic beige bra next, but instead he pulled on the hem of her gray skirt. A grinning Ava lied back to help him pull it off. 

Trey then removed his t-shirt and his orange basketball shorts. Ava sat back up and awaited the big reveal as Trey was down to his loose boxers. His body was toned and Ava wanted it to be on top of her. 

It was almost like a race to get his clothes off. The football player slid down his boxers and Mrs. Dawson finally had the view she wanted of Trey's piece and it was immaculate. It seemed even bigger outside of the shorts. 

Getting back to the task at hand, Trey pressed his chest into Ava's as he reached around her back. Ava bit into his neck as he struggled with the clasp. He finally got it off and stepped back. Before even touching them, Trey just admired his teacher's tits. They were 32D's and they were mature-looking breasts that still had the nice skin of Ava's face. 

"Go on!" Ava panted, "Touch them!" 

She cringed as the warm hands grabbed onto her melons. "Ahhh! God!" 

Trey smiled and kissed Ava again. Encouraged, he started massaging and pinching her breasts and putting them in his mouth. 

"Well I know why you're the star receiver," complimented Ava, "you've got amazing hands." She felt like it was high school again when she was a cheerleader. 

With a smirk on his face, the young masseuse retorted, "I have even better fingers." At that moment he reached down and pulled away Ava's beige panties. They fell to her ankles and she kicked them off. Trey plunged his fingers into his teacher's warm pussy. 

Ava began to moan. She tried to keep it as quiet as she could since people could still be roaming the halls. 

Not being able to wait any longer. Trey nudged Ava backwards. She more-than-willingly complied. Ava's butt was on the edge of her desk as her back and head laid against the polished wood. Her legs hung off the edge. She separated them and allowed Trey to step in between them. 

They looked at each other as Trey grabbed Mrs. Dawson's legs and placed her ankles on his shoulders. He slid inside of her. 

"Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Ohhhh!" Ava repeated as the folds of her pussy lips and her vaginal canal parted to make way for the longest cock she had taken in a long time. 

Trey was already sweating from the adrenaline. He began to slide in and out. Ava was moaning and groaning too loudly for her office. Trey noticed this and placed his hand over his teacher's mouth, "No talking in class!" 

To show her appreciation for the clever joke, Ava began to rock back and forth on her back. Now, every time Trey thrusted in, Ava's cunt met is groin firmly. She also reached up and ran her fingers over her young one-night-stand's abs. 

Trey reached down and took hold of her breasts. It was so erotic. Ava was at a tipping point before she knew it. Her eyes closed and whole body shook to its core as she came. 

The darker hand suctioned itself to her mouth to silence the screams. Finally, the orgasm subsided and Trey continued pumping. He too, was close to finishing. 

To leverage even faster thrusting, Trey swung Mrs. Dawson's legs around, knocking books and pencil mugs off of her desk in the process. He could now slide the MILF onto the long side of the desk so her whole body would fit when lying down. 

The football star climbed onto the desk and laid on top of Ava. They wrapped their arms around each other's torsos as Trey took his teacher in the missionary position. He stroked faster and deeper. Ava bit into his neck again as he delivered his final thrusts. 

"Can I?" Ava heard whispered desperately into her ear. 

She knew that Trey wanted to know if he could cum into her pussy. She panted back into his ear, "As deep as you possibly can." 

At that word, the 41-year-old women felt the young-man's body quiver on top of her as a rush of warm liquid shot inside of her. She was held there as the meat flexed again and again, releasing more semen. 

Exhausted at last, Trey rolled off to Ava's side. They laid there catching their breaths. 

Once Ava regained function of her body, she gingerly stepped off from the desk and assembled her outfit, which was scattered around her office. 

Soon the satisfied male got up as well and he walked over to Ava. He leaned down to kiss her but she stopped him with her hand. "Listen, Trey, we agreed. This was a one-time thing, a really, really good, one-time thing. But it's over now." 

Trey was understanding and pleased that he even could do it once, but he did see one problem. "Mrs. Dawson, part of the reason why I'm not doing so hot in your class is because I'm distracted by you. I can't even imagine how hard it will be to pay attention now." 

She was so caught up in her desires that she hadn't even considered how her relationship with Trey would work in the classroom for the rest of the year. She thought out load, "So the reason you don't pay attention is because you're horny. If you weren't so horny you could pay attention." Ava was now clothed like she was before. 

"Yeah, I just don't know what to do. I have an erection the whole class. The other guys that have that problem are at least smart so they can pass the class anyway." 

"Other guys?" Ava asked in genuine curiosity. 

"Oh, come on Mrs. Dawson, you know how guys look at you." 

Ava actually didn't know how males in school looked at her. She knew that outside of school she was checked out a lot but she had always considered the classroom her professional oasis that she never looked into it that much. 

Ignoring Trey's last comments and thinking of how to solve his distraction issues, she asked, "Can't you just beat off before class? Then you'll be thinking clearly." 

"Believe I would," ensured Trey as he got dressed, "but there isn't enough time. By the time I get to your room the bell is about to ring." 

At this point, the blonde educator was just trying to figure out a way to help her student perform better in school. "What if you had 5 extra minutes?" 

"Wait, how?" Trey was interested. 

"What if you had 5 minutes in there," Ava pointed to her private bathroom, "every day before class to jerk off? When people asked why you're back there, just say I caught you making out with a girl in the hallway or something and instead of sending you to the principal we agreed for you to sort files for me in my office during class. I mean, we don't go over much the first few minutes anyway." 

Trey liked the idea. But then his face turned into disappointment. "That sounds great, but to be honest Mrs. Dawson, I get horny from seeing you, not just thinking about you. For me to get off in 5 minutes I would need to be looking at you." 

Understanding his problem, Ava pulled out her laptop. She went through files before turning her screen to Trey. His eyebrows raised at the image of his teacher in bikini that was taken on a family vacation. "Take a picture of this with your phone so there's no record of me sending it to you. Use it in the bathroom." 

Trey took the picture. 

"Mr. Rollins, don't even reference this to anyone ever and get out of here before someone comes knocking. This never happened." 

Trey nodded his head and left. 


That night, Ethan Dawson returned from football practice just in time for dinner. He was sweaty and had to take a quick shower; however, he wasn't the only Dawson who was sweaty after coming home from Central Hillside. 

Ava stayed hours later to do some paperwork and refocus before coming home to her husband. She admittedly was starting to feel guilty. But after opening the front door and seeing him cooking a quiche dinner in her pink apron, Ava felt justified in seeking a more masculine presence in her life. It wasn't that she was against a man feeling in touch with his feminine side, or against a man who takes care of the house, but him doing those things reminded her of his failure to be a man in bed. 

After the showers, the family was together at the table eating. 

"So what happened at school and practice today?" Garret questioned his son. 

Ethan finished chewing. "School was the same as usual. But it was funny at practice. Coach was teasing Trey and it actually involves Mom." 

Ava choked on her ice water. The two men at the kitchen table looked at her with concern. "Wrong pipe," she explained calmly, but inside she had the feeling a speeder gets when a police siren approaches from behind on the highway. 

"Anyway," Ethan continued, "Coach Benner was teasing Trey because he was so lost in his own mind during practice and Trey wouldn't tell him why. Then Coach saw he had bite marks on his neck and made him tell him what happened." 

The naughty wife and teacher was ready to run for the door. 

Her son went on, "And Trey finally admitted that Mom caught him and a girl being a little rough in the hallway and as a punishment Mom's now making him file her papers before class." 

"Oh really?" Garret rhetorically questioned with a smile. 

Ava exhaled as she confirmed Ethan's story. 

"Yeah, so Coach spent the practice teasing him about his new girlfriend. It was pretty funny." 

The blonde mother took a big swig of her water and tried to change the conversation. She was concerned that Ethan would disown her as a mother if he found out what she did. 


It was the next day, and once again, it was time for the final period. Ava was wearing a black skirt suit and light blue button down as she waited for her students to arrive. Yesterday was well behind Mrs. Dawson, well except for the agreement she made with Trey. 

The lucky student, who got to live his dreams the day before, entered the classroom about a minute before the bell. He walked up towards Mrs. Dawson. 

"Follow me, Mr. Rollins." 

Some of the football players who were in the room as well chuckled since they thought their friend was being punished. 

Mrs. Dawson opened the door to her office and Trey walked past her and into the room. Before closing the door behind her, Ava whispered in, "Hurry. You have 5 minutes. Finish into the toilet or into a tissue so there's no mess!" 

Trey smiled as he entered the private bathroom. 

It was hard at first for Ava to begin her lecture with her mind also knowing what was going on in the other room. Soon, she cleared her mind and started laying the roadmap for the day's lecture. Right as she was about to get into details, Trey walked out of her office and took his seat. He seemed more calm and focused. 

As the lecture continued, Ava did her normal routine of walking around the room. She swore, out of the corner of her eye, that one of the young men was checking her out. She didn't know if she was just paranoid from the day before or if there was some truth to what Trey said about 'other guys.'" 

It soon became clear that he was right. Now that she was paying attention to it, Ava became aware that she couldn't walk anywhere in her room without someone taking a sneak peak of her figure. How do they focus at all? 

It soon also became clear why so many young men chose to take her class. She was concerned that Ethan would take notice of his friends' wandering eyes. Ava looked over at him to see if he was noticing the staring. She flinched when she saw Ethan staring right at her ass! 

Ava started laughing to herself. She looked around the room and saw that she was standing right in between Ethan's eyes and Cara's desk. Haha! That would've been something. He's just looking over at his crush... right? 


It was finally Friday. Over the last week at home, Garret and Ethan couldn't stop talking about the big game on Saturday. If they won that they would surely go to the playoffs. 

The big game wasn't the only excitement in Ava's life at school. After more days of disappointment and lack of attention at home, and after an eye-opening week of noticing attention at school, Ava had somewhat embraced the idea of her being considered sexy at work. Of course, she still was professional first. The one change she made was that instead of beige bras and panties, she began to wear sexier bras and thongs under her suit skirt. Obviously nobody would ever see it, but it just made her feel sexier and have more swagger. 

When the ball rang for last period, all of the students hustled into class. Trey was a bit late and knew he had to work quickly. When the rest of the students took their seats, Mrs. Dawson glanced around the room. Then she saw something that concerned her. 

In the back of the room, Carlos, the kicker on the football team, made a paper football and flicked it at the back of the head of the person in front of him, Ethan. Normally Ava would call out the student but since it was her son she didn't want to embarrass him by scolding the kid picking on him. Ava just chalked it up as horseplay and moved on with the lecture. 

She could tell most students weren't paying attention that day. Only this time it wasn't because of her. The excitement over the game against Central Hillside's rivals was shared in whispers every time Ava turned her back. 

It was then that Ava noticed that Trey still hadn't come back from the bathroom. She checked the clock and he had been missing class for 12 minutes. After handing out worksheets, Ava announced she had to check on something in her office. 

Inside her office, Ava approached the bathroom door. She heard rapid motion inside of it and whispered in, "Is everything going alright in there? You've been in here way too long." 

She heard Trey's exasperated voice answer back, "Sorry, Mrs. Dawson, I am just having some trouble." 

"What's the problem?" 

"I've been almost there for a while now and I just can't finish." Trey seemed irritated that he had to be in there that long. 

Knowing it was a dangerous question, Mrs. Dawson asked anyways, "Is there anything I can do to get you back in the classroom now? You're falling behind." 

"Umm," Trey thought, "Well I always get most aroused when I see you." 

Ava immediately realized what he was hoping for. "No, Trey, you can't see me right now." 

"It was worth a shot," he joked, "Then I don't know." 

There was no way Ava could let him jerk off to her with her standing in front of him in person. Firstly, there was a classroom of students just feet away. Secondly, he might get the idea that they had a shot of doing it again. And Thirdly, Ava was actually scared that she wouldn't be able to control herself. 

The thought of her letting Trey jerk off to her in person was stimulating enough to give her another naughty idea. Ava walked over to her desk and found a blank sheet of heavy-stock paper without her letterhead so it couldn't be associated with her. She wrote on the paper with her black pen and slid it under the bathroom door before returning to the classroom. 

Before she knew it Trey was walking out of the room with a smile on his face as he started the worksheet that his colleagues were working on. 

Charlie, one of Trey's closest friends in the class, called out, "Where have you been?" 

"He was getting the worksheets for the next few classes together," Ava replied for Trey. 

Eventually the bell rang and, as usual, the students were excited to be done with school. Though, there was a bit more excitement due to the football game. Ethan, Charlie, Carlos, and the others were talking about how much they were looking forward to beating Monroe Prep as they walked out the door. 

The group of football players was the last out the door; however, Trey stayed behind. 

"Why are you staying behind, Trey?" Mrs. Dawson asked, genuinely not knowing what he wanted to talk to her about. 

"Well," he began, "it's about why I took so long today." 

Ava looked around the room with paranoia and said, "Let's talk in my office." 

In the privacy of Ava's enclosed office they were able to speak openly without the potential of somebody eavesdropping. "So what was the problem today? Why weren't you able to finish?" The teacher sat behind her desk in her sharp skirt suit. 

"To be honest," Trey admitted, "I was having trouble coming up with a new exciting scenario in my mind. Normally I can imagine us doing something, but today I couldn't." 

"And why was that? Don't you have that picture of me in a bikini? Isn't that enough for you to come up with a scenario?" 

"Well that's just the thing. I've been using it every day and it's gotten monotonous." 

Ava seemed offended. 

"Don't get me wrong, I think it's the sexiest pic I've ever seen," Trey quickly remedied, "But there's only so many times I can come up with an idea when looking at the same pic." 

"So," Ava sighed, "Let me guess. You want another sexy pic of me to jerk off to?" 

Trey nodded his head. 

Taking off her glasses and putting one of the tips in her mouth while she thought, Ava responded, "I honestly just have bikini pictures just like that one. I don't think I have any other sexy pictures for you to use." 

"Well could you-" Trey stopped out of fear. 

"No, finish that thought, Mr. Rollins," Ava challenged. 

The nervous student twiddled his thumbs and asked, "Would it be possible for you to take one?" 

Ava couldn't believe what she had just been asked to do. "No, I will not do that!" 

"Then I will keep struggling to finish in a reasonable amount of time and pay attention in class." There was some truth to what Trey said. 

Considering solutions to his problem, Ava thought of the idea of her taking a seductive picture for Trey. Her loins started to heat from the idea of her creating an image for him to masturbate to every day. There was a tingling in the thong that made her feel so sexy. The issue was, it would only be a week until he was fed up with that image as well. 

The teacher and student were in a familiar position. Trey was asking for something and Ava wanted to help him but she didn't know how. 

Finally, a slight smile came across her naturally pink lips as Ava figured out a mutually beneficial solution. She put her glasses back on as she said, "Trey, how about we strike another deal?" 

His head perked up immediately. 

"As you know, everybody here wants you to win the game tomorrow. I especially want Central Hillside to win because Ethan is on the team and I love seeing him happy. So here's the deal, Mr. Star Wide Receiver, if you can catch 3 touchdowns in tomorrow's game, then I will give you a sexy pic to use every week from now until the end of the year." 

Trey was ecstatic. "Seriously! My record is 3 but it looks like I'll be tying that tomorrow! Thanks so much, Mrs. Dawson." 

Ava walked Trey to the door, but as he left he looked back at Mrs. Dawson and hinted, "By the way, you should check your desk drawer. I left a present for you." 

Alone in her office, Ava pulled open her wooden desk drawer, not knowing what to expect. She gasped. The teacher, who had been so promiscuous all day, reached in and pulled out a white piece of paper that was stained on top with cum that had melted into the paper. 

Lifting the paper under the gaze of her reading glasses for closer inspection, Ava read the note she had slid under the bathroom door for Trey, "I want you to imagine fucking me in my backyard when I have just my bikini top on. Fuck me with that monster cock of yours until you fill my pussy with your cum while my clueless husband is just inside the house." 


"And that's a Central Hillside first down!" The PA announcement boomed as the fans in the bleachers cheered. 

Garret and Ava watched from the stands as Central Hillside battled Monroe Prep. They were so proud of their son, Ethan. Every task the coach asked him to perform, he did it well. 

Ethan, however, was not the only student of hers that she was keeping an eye on. Trey, by the end of the first half, had yet to catch a touchdown pass. Ava was a little surprised that Trey wasn't performing well considering the deal they made. It was actually starting to sting her ego. 

The first half ended with Carlos missing the go-ahead field goal. There was a lot of disappointment in the stands as the players ran into the locker room. What was more concerning to Ava was that after Carlos missed the field goal, he grabbed Ethan by the helmet and yelled at him, almost as if he held the ball wrong on the field goal. 

As the players charged back onto the grass after the half-time break, an excited Garret whispered to his wife, "Maybe if we win this game I can crush one of those magic pills and we can have a nice, fun night together. The doctor doesn't need to know." 

What seemed sexy to Garret was just a reminder to Ava of her disappointment. 

The whistle blew and the second half began. It started with Central Hillside kicking off and Ethan, who was on the kick coverage, made the tackle. Garret stood up to cheer. Ava cruelly joked to herself that Ethan was now the real man of the house. 

This half was much different than the first and it was for one reason. Trey Rollins was getting open on nearly every passing play. It was incredible. It was almost as if he had saved his energy in the first half just so he could take advantage of a tired defense in the second half. 

Finally, Connor, another student in Mrs. Dawson's AP Biology class, threw a ball into the end zone for Trey. The star wide receiver made an incredible one-handed catch for his first touchdown. 

The crowd erupted in cheers. Garret and Ava were standing on their feet applauding. Through the noise, Garret turned to his wife and complimented, "That Trey kid has some serious talent." 

A mischievous smirk appeared on Ava's lips. You have noooo idea. 

Ethan came out for the extra point and Central Hillside was up by 7. After that, Central Hillside dominated the game. Trey kept catching pass after pass and each time he ran for the end zone and was visibly upset if he didn't get there. 

In the fourth quarter, Trey caught another touchdown pass. At this point, Ava started to wrap her head around what she'd have to do if he caught a third. How would she even go about taking a sexy pic that could also look like an innocent photo in case somebody else saw it? 

Ava's thoughts would soon have to turn into action, because just 5 minutes of play later, Trey caught his third and final touchdown. The game ended and the players came out to celebrate on the field. Ava was so happy for Ethan. She really felt he deserved this. Deep down, Ava was also happy for Trey. He would get to have the prize he wanted so much. 


After some mediocre, Viagra-fueled sex with Garret, the blonde wife began to plan how she was going to take a sexy photo for Trey. Then she thought, It's not just 1 photo, it's a photo for every week! That's about 30 photos! 

The following morning, Ava called the one place that could solve her secret problem. She set up an appointment with a modeling studio downtown. They had a ton of different types of outfits for different types of models and they also had a green screen so the pictures could be taken in any setting. 

On Sunday, when Ava pulled into the driveway and walked through the door, she felt naughty and liberated. It was fun for her to sort through provocative outfits and model them for the camera. 

She would have spent more time there, but she had 30 pictures to take and she only paid the photographer for 2 hours. Ava rushed to change in and out of each outfit to have another image taken for Trey. She put on sexy dresses in front of the green screen of a ballroom, revealing costumes that made it look like they were from Halloween, a couple different bikinis on the beach, tight workout clothes in the gym, and many more. The only qualifications that the photos needed to have were that they had to look like they were from natural events, and that she had to imagine Trey wanting to cum inside of her when she wore them. 

Once she was finished with her fun day out, Ava inserted the flash drive with her pictures onto her laptop for Trey to take pictures of each week. 

THUMP! Ava jumped as she was covertly downloading the sensitive images onto her laptop. The noise came from out in the hallway because Ethan had dropped his books. It was fun to sneak around and do naughty things, but the downside was that she became a little paranoid. What would Ethan think if he saw these photos of me? The devil on Ava's shoulder answered, He'd probably think you are one hot MILF! Ava laughed at her own jest. 


It was the next Monday, 9 days since the big game. In the days in between, the students in Mrs. Dawson's AP Biology class took another test, the football team played their last game of the regular season, and Trey got some use out of the first pic he got from Mrs. Dawson. 

The bell rang for the final period of the day. The students were in their seats, of course with the exception of Trey Rollins. He and Ava worked out a system where she would leave her laptop on her desk each Monday, he would come in and open it to take a picture of the image on the screen, and then close the laptop before walking into the bathroom. 

The last Monday, Trey was pleased to see an image of his teacher in gray spandex shorts and a revealing red sports bra. The green screen showed in in a gym, which explained the light weights in her hands as she squatted down. Today, Trey was treated to Mrs. Dawson seductively winking in a Halloween costume. Her short black and yellow tube skirt with wings made her one sexy bumblebee. Just like the other photos, it was sexy, and yet believable that she could have been wearing it in public. 

Class moved on and Mrs. Dawson was glad to see that since her deal with trey, he had been getting back on time. 

"Okay everybody," she announced 5 minutes before the final bell, "I have your tests from last Friday. There were some good surprises, people that usually don't do as well did much better." She looked at Trey briefly. "And a couple of you that usually do well disappointed me." 

After the tests were passed out the students left and Ava made her way back to her office. She started to complete some of the performance reviews she was tasked with as part of her new promotion. Suddenly, she heard an unexpected knock. 

Ava opened the door to see a stocky young man with flowing brown hair and a leaner young man with medium black hair. It was Charlie and David, two of Trey's teammates and closest friends. 

"Come in," Mrs. Dawson invited, "What can I help you with?" 

She wasn't surprise that they came to see her. Two men who were typically straight-A students both failed the last test miserably. 

As they came in, Ava noticed she only had one chair for students in her office and she made a mental note to get another one. 

Charlie, a defensive back, and David, a cornerback, both stood in their teacher's office holding their tests. "We came to talk about our grades," Charlie spoke for both of them. 

"Yes, as you can imagine I was surprised when I saw your scores. What happened?" Ava was concerned that their football was getting in the way of their studies. 

"Well that's what we wanted to talk to you about," voiced David. "As you probably know, we can't play if we are failing a class." 

Mrs. Dawson sat up in her dark blue skirt suit as she pulled out her grade book. "Gentlemen, even with those scores today you still have passing grades for my class." She was glad to deliver the comforting news but Charlie and David didn't seem too enthused. 

"We know that, but if we get tested next time and we don't do any better, then we will likely have to miss a crucial playoff game." 

Ava was bemused. "Why do you think you'll do poorly on the next exam? You've done well on all my other exams. This seems to just be an anomaly. Do you think you don't have time for my class because of football? Because I can ensure you that your focus should be on academics first." 

"No, it's not football at all," Charlie was convinced. He looked at David, almost for confirmation before his next line. "We've just been distracted in your class lately." 

Ava froze. She couldn't believe what was happening. Trey must have fucking told them! Oh my fucking God! And now they just thought they could come in here and that I'd give the same deal that I gave to him. Oh boy, are they wrong about that! 

Mrs. Dawson responded, "What do you mean, distracted?" She played along for the time being until she could figure out how to handle it. 

Their faces got red, as they knew they were risking a lot on an assumption. "Well," Charlie hesitantly stated, "it's just hard to pay attention during your lectures even though we want to." 

Ava thought to herself on how to move forward. "You know, Trey actually had a strikingly similar issue." She thought her sarcastic tone gave away that she had an idea what she was up to. She looked at the two men's faces, expecting to see signs of horror and retreat. Instead, when she took a gander at David's face, she saw his eyes locked onto her chest. 

Charlie, on the other hand, just took her message literally. "Yeah, we heard something about that," he pretended to be unaware of the details, "We heard that you were able to work with Trey in some way to get his grades up." 

The blonde teacher squeezed her bun and rocked back in her office chair. She didn't know what do to now that her plan backfired. She thought her obvious comment would have sent the two young men running for the door. The only thing to do was to go down the road a little further and then try to trap the boys again. 

"Yes, Mr. Rollins and I were able to come to an agreement. Would you be interested in the same one?" 

The elation on the faces of the two football players was clear despite their best efforts to contain it. They couldn't even speak. They just nodded their heads. 

"Good! So you boys will be spending your nights doing extra assignments I give you to help you prepare for the next exam." Ava had them. 

Charlie and David looked like they had been shot. It was if someone, in one fell swoop, crushed their outlook on life. "But... but..." They immediately suspected they had been lied to by Trey. 

"So, do we have a deal?" This was satisfying for Ava. She did notice that they kept staring at her tits with a sense of longing. They were so sure they would have ended up touching them that day. She noticed that Charlie was sporting a half chub in his shorts. Funny how they both decided to wear loose shorts today. 

Ava was not going to fall into the trap of mentioning the erection like she did with Trey. She pretended like she didn't see the obvious tent. 

"I don't think that deal is the answer," David rebounded. 

"No? It worked wonders for Trey." 

Sure that the two boys would reject the plan and leave, Ava smugly folded her arms. What Ava forgot was that she was dealing with two of the smarter students in her class. They were also two incredibly determined individuals. 

Nearly when he was about to Charlie was about to accept defeat; he noticed that Mrs. Dawson made eye contact with his erection... and she didn't say anything about it. He deduced that if his teacher was really not interested in younger men, and if she had never seen one of her students being hard for her, she at the very least would have recoiled from the sight. Yet, here she was, perfectly calm. 

Charlie then tried to dig he and his friend out of the hole. "That plan to do extra assignments wouldn't work because our issue isn't that we aren't getting enough practice. Our issue is that we aren't able to understand the material during class, so if you give us extra homework we will still have no clue how to do it since we didn't catch the material about it in class." 

Ava was frustrated that her second plan backfired as well. "I see..." She thought of how to get out of her predicament. 

Charlie added on, "Is there anyway you can make sure we don't fail the next test despite our distraction?" 

He is a clever one, begrudgingly lauded Mrs. Dawson. There was no way she could tell them they couldn't get the same deal as Trey without admitting to what Trey's deal was. She looked at the red, nervous cheeks of the two men standing in front of her. They were two men that knew she could have expelled if they made a move on her. Ava had one final bet to make, assume they would be too afraid to make a clear move on her. 

"Well boys, I would love to help you with your distraction issues. The thing is, you have to tell me exactly what you are distracted by before I can help you." She issued the challenge. 

Charlie and David were stymied. They looked at each other for answers. They continued to 'inconspicuously' run their eyes up and down the visible top half of Ava's body, which was the answer to the question. 

As they did this, both of the 18 year olds became rigid. Charlie had a long flagpole that was able to push his mesh shorts over the height of the elastic band. David's was held down sideways by his boxers. Ava became turned on by the idea of the two young men wanting her that badly. 

Despite knowing they were hard, Charlie and David just gave each other an affirming look, like they made a pledge not to try to hide their erections prior to entering Mrs. Dawson's office. 

The stunned teacher reconsidered a point she made to herself just moments prior, They know that I can expel them for this but they're doing it anyway. They want me THAT badly? 

Impressed by the confidence the young men showed, and also by what was in their shorts, Ava found herself not knowing what to do next. She thought the most relevant thing to do would be to repeat her unanswered question. "So gentlemen, what is distracting you?" 

They feigned an expression to make it seem like they were looking for answers. David scratched his long brown hair as he murmured to himself. Charlie and David looked incredibly uncomfortable. 

In complete control over the stammering students in front of her, Ava decided to have some more fun. She noticed that her white, snap-button collared blouse was the perfect place to start. As usual, just the top button around the neck was undone. Ava decided to change this. 

Ava casually took off her reading glasses and went to hang them into the V in her blouse. Instead of just placing them in there, Ava tugged them down lightly, causing the small button to snap off. The glasses fell to the ground. "Oops! That's why you put them on your head," she laughed while she reached down to her feet. 

When the busty teacher came back up to put her glasses on her head, the two strapping young athletes were in even more excruciating pain. For the first time ever, Charlie and David saw Mrs. Dawson's cleavage. They could only see halfway down her breasts, but it was enough. 

Charlie's lip quivered. David tried to nonchalantly brush his cock in an upward direction because he couldn't deal with the pressure any longer. 

Wiggling in her seat, hot from the scene in front of her, Ava thought to herself how long it was since she last saw a hungry dick. It's been more than 2 weeks since Trey was inside of me. And God knows Garret isn't giving it to me. 

Mrs. Dawson decided to be a good teacher and help her students answer the question they were having trouble with. She stretched her arms back behind her head, causing her chest to pop out and for her cleaving to become larger. "So, can you finally answer me? What is distracting you boys?" 

The answer was on the tip of their tongues as they took in the generous view. No matter what, they just couldn't bring themselves to admit to what they really wanted. Finally, it was Ava that couldn't take it anymore. 

She blatantly looked at their eyes, back down at her exposed chest, and then back up at their eyes. 

The highschoolers gulped nervously. 

"Oh, well it's pretty clear to me now what's distracting you!" 

Charlie and David were panicking. Ava took pleasure in how she could make such muscular, menly men feel petrified. She loved every second of this and she saw no reason to hold back any longer. 

Ava rose from her chair and placed her knuckles on her desk in front of her. "Let me guess boys," she voiced firmly, "both of you are here because you heard that I let Trey FUCK my brains out right here on this very desk until he shot every last drop of his jizz deep inside my pussy, all in exchange for me improving his grades?! Am I right?" 

The two students were in disbelief. Ava gave them a look to let them know she wanted her question answered. They were too lost in their own minds to think of another lie. They dryly nodded their heads. They were in anticipation of what was going to happen next. Seconds felt like minutes. 

"The reason I let Trey drain his nutsack into me was because I wanted him to. And even though I wanted him inside me very badly, I made him do something for me in exchange. For example, I made him get his grades up because I knew that he was actually struggling in school, not just pretending to struggle," gave Charlie and David a stern look. They couldn't believe their teacher just confirmed she fucked their classmate. 

"We'll do anything," Charlie promised, hoping that would lead to what he wanted most. 

While staring at the erections in their pants, Mrs. Dawson said in a flirty tone, "I think it's only fair I give you a task to complete, I already have both of you ready at attention." They sheepishly smiled back at her. 

"As long as you two can keep your mouths shut, how about this... Both of you are defensemen on the football team, right?" 

They nodded their heads. 

"So," Ava continued as she tantalizingly tugged at the top of her blouse, "you both are responsible for tackling players on the other team?" 

They nodded again. 

Ava ran her hands along the front of her body and over her expanding chest. "As you know, my son, Ethan, is on the team. So I have a vested interest in seeing you guys play well and winning. My deal for you is that whoever finishes the game with more tackles, gets a 95 on the next test and gets to tackle me. The one in second gets an 85 and can just watch and jerk off in the corner." 

The two white defensemen grinned ear to ear as a bolt on energy surged through them. They then looked at each other, knowing only one would claim the prize. However, they were just thrilled to have the opportunity. 

"Well thanks, Mrs. Dawson, we'll try our hardest for you." The boys went to exit the office. 

"Excuse me!" They turned around at Ava's voice. "Where do you think you're going?" 

Charlie and David looked confused. "I thought we were done here." "Yeah." 

Ava snickered in a flirtatious fashion. "We still haven't dealt with a major issue. You two are already too distracted in my class from checking out my ass and tits all period long." 

They were embarrassed she uncovered their secret. 

"Yes, that's right. I see you undressing me with your eyes everyday. But to be honest I kind of like the attention. What I don't like is that you don't know when you should be dreaming about fucking me, and when you should be focusing on your school work." Ave rolled her office chair next to the wooden chair in front of her desk. "Take a seat, boys." 

With boners still in their shorts, they didn't know what was going on, but they had a feeling they'd like it. They obeyed the command and sat down. 

Ava went though a file that Trey sorted and pulled out a worksheet with 5 questions. She then placed one in front of each boy. 

They were much less excited. 

Seeing their dispirited faces, Ava knew her idea would make things better. "So, each of you has a worksheet with 5 questions," she stood behind her desk, "and I want each one of you to complete the worksheet so you can learn how to ignore distractions and do well in school. As an educator, I can't let you just walk out the door without helping you be better students." 

Charlie tried to summarize what she was saying, "So you're saying that you want us to complete the worksheet without getting distracted by you standing there?" 

"Exactly," Ava confirmed as she took of her blue jacket, "I want to train you to avoid the strongest distractions and still be able to finish a test on time. So I will provide you with a distraction while you two race to finish the worksheet." 

Charlie and David stared at each other again. Then they gawked at Ava as she snapped off the third button on her blouse. They could now see her entire tits breathing in a sexy, white-lace bra. 

"And, Gentlemen, when I say distraction, I mean big distraction." Ava bent over her desk towards the boys on the other side. She had her hands folded on the table and supported herself with her forearms. From behind, the curves of her ass were visible in her tight suit skirt. 

It was a mouthwatering sight before the thankful seniors. Mrs. Dawson had put herself in a position where she was dangling her breasts just a foot from her students. 

She looked them in the eyes. "Here's the challenge: When I say Go, you two will race to finish this worksheet. During this race you can look at, pinch, massage, rub, and caress my tits as much as you want." The breathing of two contestants shortened. "And for the winner, I will get down on my knees, take your throbbing cock in my bare hand, and jerk it until you cum all over my jugs." 

They could hardly contain their excitement. With pens in their hands they were already scanning the questions to try to get a head start. 


Both boys immediately reached for her breasts. Ava laughed at their excitement. It felt amazing to have their hands massaging her knockers. Finally, they broke away and started to answer the questions. 

They had different strategies. Charlie would squeeze her breasts whenever he was thinking, whereas David would squeeze them as a reward for answering each question. Their heads were spinning so much that they found it hard to focus. 

Charlie became more adventurous and started sliding his free hand under Ava's bra cup. She had no intentions of stopping him. The 5' 9" cornerback enjoyed pinching his biology teacher's nipples; however, the mistake would prove costly. 

While he was feeling her up, his teammate, David, was finishing his last question. "Done!" 

Charlie panicked and looked at his paper. He had only two questions completed. Ava pulled away and Charlie's hand slipped from her bra. After checking his work, David had won the contest. 

"I'm sorry," Ava bemoaned to Charlie. She felt bad for him as he walked out of the office defeated. 

Ava wasn't upset for long ass he turned to the stocky-built man in front of her. He had a mature face for his age and the scruff under his chin made him look a little older. Ava unsnapped the rest of her shirt in one tug. 

The seductive teacher stepped up to her student and slowly lowered herself onto her knees. Looking up at him, she asked, "Why the Hell are your shorts still on Mr. Coyle?" 

Trembling with excitement, David stretched his waistband and dropped his shorts and boxers. Ava marveled at the beating shaft inches from her face. It took effort not to envelop it in her mouth. 

At first touch, David jumped from the temperature difference between his cock and Mrs. Dawson's hand. She just held on until he got used to the touch. David's penis was shorter than Trey's but it was thicker. 

Ava looked him in the eyes as she began to pump. "Have you ever thought I'd be doing this to you?" 

"No," David laughed, "But I've imagined it plenty of times." 

The hand on David's meat was moving rapidly. Ava began her quest to get her student off. 

"Oh God! Keep going!" David moaned as his gaze switched from Ava's beautiful face to amazing tits. 

"What I can't figure out is why you're not groping them right now," Ava hinted. 

David shot his hands down and caressed the best pair of boobs he had ever seen in person. He massaged them under her bra as his cock was jerked. 

"They're all yours right now, David. Cum on them! I want your hot spunk all over my titties. Please, Baby, I want it!" 

To Ava's surprise, David came on command. She had only been stroking him for one minute before he shot all over Mrs. Dawson. She was so unprepared for him to cum that early that she barely had time to lower his blast onto her chest. The first rope actually hit her neck. 

A panting David stumbled back. Ava looked down at her jugs with pride. 

"I normally don't cum that quickly," David tried to defend his manhood, "I was just horny for so long." 

Ava stood up with David's semen running down her chest. She walked over to him and whispered in his ear as her leg wrapped around his, "There's nothing I'd love to see more than how long you can last. Just win the competition with your friend and next time this-" the gorgeous blonde took a swab of his cum from her chest and sucked it off of her finger, "can go inside of my pussy." 

David felt like he was about to faint. 

"You better put your shorts on and leave Mr. Coyle. You're going to be late for practice." 

He got one last good look at Mrs. Dawson and walked out the door. 

The cougar didn't leave any marks on him. She didn't want Ethan coming home with another story related to someone she just got off acting strangely at practice. Though, she had to admit it was exciting whenever she entertained the thought of Ethan catching her doing something naughty, but she didn't know why. 

That night, when Ava came home late again, her husband greeted her with a quirky smile. 

"What's up with you?" She asked curiously. 

"Someone must be looking for some action tonight," he winked. 

The confused wife looked at what her husband's eyes were glued to. He was referring to her cleavage. Ava had forgot to snap on her second button. 

"Yeah," she played along, "I've been looking forward to it all day." 

Garret rubbed his hands in excitement. "Hold on a sec'." He scurried to the bathroom where Ava knew he kept his ED pills. 

She sighed as she turned her attention towards her welcoming cleavage. The bored wife pulled her blouse away and down from her chest so she could inspect it for David's cum residue. She wiped herself off in her office but she counted on being able to shower before Garret had the possibility to examine her breasts. 

As she stood in the living room examining her tugging at her already parted shirt, she was startled to see Ethan walk in. She was like a deer in headlights. The 18 year old was shocked to see his mom's breasts that exposed. His friends always teased him about his mom's nice rack but he had never seen it this bare. 

He took in the view and his mom quickly let go of her shirt so it wasn't pulled down so low. "Hey, Sweetie, how was football practice?" It was just filler. 

After collecting enough saliva in his mouth to speak, Ethan answered, "It was good. I have to go shower." He turned around and dashed out of the room. 

As he turned away, Ava swore she saw something pushing out his shorts. Just then, Garret walked back into the room and whispered, "Alright, just about 25 minutes and we're good to go!" 

Ava's mind was still focused on the idea that maybe her son got an erection from seeing her. She knew she couldn't know for sure and she didn't know how to feel about it, but at least somebody in this house gets hard from seeing me. 

As much as she tried to get the thought out of her head, Ava wondered if at that moment, Ethan was stepping into the shower with an erection and jerking it to the sight he just saw. At least I'd be better for him than that bitch, Cara. 

The mom eventually rid her mind of the 'ridiculous' thoughts and went upstairs to let Garret try his best. 


The whistle blew to start the second half of the quarterfinal playoff game. The stands were fuller and louder than they had been all year. The cheerleaders in orange and sky blue uniforms screamed as the players rushed back onto the field. 

Donning a thick sweatshirt to counteract the nip in the air, Ava sat next to Garret in the bleachers as they watched their son and his teammates play a close game against a tough opponent. 

Once again, Ava found herself keeping mind on a multiple storylines. There was the game itself, watching how her son played in the game, and the game within the game, which was the competition between Charlie and David. 

So far, Central Hillside was up by a touchdown, Ethan had been having a solid game in his various roles, and Charlie and David were having a game to remember with 5 tackles each. 

It was amazing to Ava how motivated she could make the boys from just offering her pussy. The stocky defensive back with brown flowing hair and the leaner cornerback with a black Princeton haircut were running all over the field like madmen. 

There was a sixth tackle for David and then a sixth for Charlie. They were getting close to a school record. 

On a crucial third down late in the final quarter, the game was all tied up. If Central Hillside could stop their opponent on this play they would get the ball back with time for a few long passes to go for the winning touchdown. 

Garret and Ava watched along with the rest of the crowd in anticipation as the opposing quarterback dropped back to pass. The cheating teacher was shocked to see that Charlie and David were running straight at the quarterback. It was obvious that neither of them was supposed to be going for the sack on the play. 

Deafening cheers rained down from the throng of fans as Charlie grabbed the feet of the quarterback and David delivered a brutal hit to knock him down. Coach Benner called a timeout to stop the clock. Ava looked down on the sideline and it was clear he was confused. The two players disobeyed the play, yet they made an important tackle so he didn't know whether to yell at them or applaud them. 

Ava was confused too. She knew that they each had 7 tackles before the last play but she didn't know which player would get credit for the final tackle to win the competition. 

Her attention was immediately turned to something else. With just 16 seconds left on the clock, Coach Benner sent Ethan out to catch the punt. All he needed to do was catch the ball and go down to set up a potential game-winning long ball to Trey. 

Seeing that their son was trusted in such an important situation, Ava and Garret beamed with pride. 

As the high punt came towards Ethan, he examined the field in front of him. He knew he was supposed to take a few steps and then go down but when he saw a path of green grass he took off down the field. 

The crowd rose to its feet as Ethan, not the quickest player on the field, zigzagged his way deep into enemy territory. Finally he was met with thunderous check by a lineman on the other team to knock him down. 

The concern on Ava's face was erased once Ethan popped right up. The crowd went crazy. It was the best possible situation. With 3 seconds left, Ethan had set his team up for a short game-winning field goal that would end the game. It was much easier to perform than a long pass to Trey. 

Silence filled the stands as Carlos and the kicking unit came onto the field for the final play of the game. From 20 yards out it was nearly automatic. Ethan caught the snap and placed it on the ground. Carlos ran up and kicked it through the posts. 

Garret was screaming his loudest just like everyone else in the stadium and all of the cheerleaders below. Ava was close to tears with the happiness she felt for Ethan for making the critical play of running the ball back over 50 yards. 

Chaos ensued as players ran into the middle of the field celebrating. Cheerleaders ran from the opposite sideline to join them and even students from the stands hopped the fence onto the field to join in the festivities. 

A joyful Ava watched in confusion as the team and the cheerleaders circled Carlos and hoisted him into the air before letting him back down. She knew Carlos kicked the game-winning field goal but that was nothing compared to the incredible play made by Ethan to set it up. The situation was made even worse when excited cheerleaders ran towards the center of the huddled celebration and Ethan went to hug one of the thrilled females carrying pompoms. The girl in the tight orange and blue uniform dodged Ethan's hug and ran to Carlos to give him a hug and a kiss on the cheek. 

Ava's blood was boiling. What the fuck is wrong these people?! Ethan made the big play! And being a former high-school cheerleader, the blonde MILF knew exactly what that cheerleader who ignored Ethan to kiss Carlos had in mind. 

Back in the day, after her school's football team won the championship, Ava ran up to the star quarterback that threw an amazing touchdown pass in the last moment to win the game. She gave him a kiss that was 'just from excitement', but it ended up with her riding him in the back of his pickup truck. That was actually the last relationship she ended up having before meeting Garret. 

But the more mature Ava was able to recognize the injustice in the situation. You're supposed to want to fuck the true hero! Alas, Mrs. Dawson's inner pleas did not reach the young cheerleader who was now fully making out with Carlos. 

Ava looked back over at Ethan who had his helmet off and standing in a large group of people, and yet seemed all alone. The mom was incredulous that none of the cheerleaders were going after him since he made the decisive play. As she watched Ethan walk away from the celebration alone as the cheerleaders flung towards other players, Ava ensured herself, If I were one of those sluts with pompoms down there, I'd run up to Ethan, shove my tongue in his mouth, and let him know he could take me however he wanted me until his cock ran dry. 

One her rage settled down, the mom shuddered in her seat after she realized that her emotions may have gotten the best of her. She cautiously turned towards Garret, as if she was afraid he might have been aware of her inner thought. He was still cheering with a smile on his face. He was as oblivious as he was about everything else. 


The family sat around the kitchen table Sunday night, a day after the game. 

Ava was folding and twisting her napkin in her hands. 

"Is everything okay, Honey?" Garret noticed his wife was staring off into space. 

There were two things on Ava's mind, but she didn't know how to bring up the one that would have a big impact on her day at school Monday. She snapped back from her deep thought after Garret spoke to her. "Yes, I'm fine." 

She took a bite of salad and after swallowing she confronted Ethan about one of the things on her mind. With a sober tone she asked, "So, Ethan," he looked up at his mom, "you know how I don't like to get involved in your personal life at school, right?" 

He nodded, "Yeah, why?" 

"Well," Ava continued as she considered a delicate way of saying it, "I couldn't help but to notice lately how Carlos has been treating you in and out of class." 

Ethan immediately got defensive of his teammate, not wanting to admit to his mom that Carlos bullied him sometimes. "What do you mean? Carlos and I are fine." 

"Ethan, I saw him flicking paper at your head I class and I saw him yell into your face during the football game a couple weeks ago. Don't worry; I won't do anything about it. I just want you to know that he's an asshole and he's not better than you. You're much better than him at football, school, and things outside of it, that's why he's an asshole to you." 

With blushed cheeks, the son was glad his mom was able to make him feel better. It was exactly what he needed to hear, but he didn't want things to get too cutesy so he replied back, "Well I'm better than him at everything except for getting girls." 

"Don't be so hard on yourself, son," Garret stepped in. "Back in high school your mom wouldn't even look at me and look at us now." 

Ava rolled her eyes. She then comforted Ethan. "I'm sure you will find someone that will understand you and make you happy and I'm sure Carlos will get what's coming to him." 

As satisfied as her promise made Ethan, Ava couldn't help but to feel like she just lied to him. After how Ava saw the way other girls tended to ignore Ethan despite how attractive he was, likely just because he was a geek, Ava had a feeling that she was the only female in that school who realized what a catch her son was. 

Now that the conversation was related to football, Ava decided to segway into the other thing on her mind. "So, Charlie and David had an amazing game yesterday, didn't they?" Ava feigned impression. 

"Yeah, they were all over the place. Did you know on that final play they weren't even supposed to blitz the quarterback?! Coach wanted to know what came over them." 

The same fear and adrenaline rush came over Ava. She didn't want the conversation to go in that direction. "Did they say what happened?" 

"No. They just said they were really pumped up." Ethan shrugged. 

"Are those two boys in your class?" Garret looked at his wife. 

Ava nodded back and then quickly tried to rekindle the conversation with Ethan before it got away. "Yeah, they were having quite a game. So, I'm just curious, on that final tackle when Charlie grabbed the quarterback's feet and then David knocked him down, who got credit for the tackle?" 

Garret put his fork down and looked at Ava with surprise. "Wow, you were really paying attention! Since when did you become so interested in football?" 

"Well my son plays it so I should be watching the game," Ava seemed a little irritated with the continued questions. 

The football player in the room finally got around to answering, "Because they each took part in the tackle they each get half of a tackle on the stats sheet." 

Not expecting that outcome, Ava voiced back with too much vigor, "So they tied?!" 

Garret and Ethan looked at her perplexed. Realizing that neither of them knew or could know about what she was referring to, Ava rephrased calmly, "I mean, so they tied, as in they each get half a tackle even though one of them got there first and the other was the one that knocked him down?" 

"Exactly," Ethan confirmed. 


On Monday, in what had become her normal preparations, Mrs. Dawson sat in her office and pulled out the stack of checked assignments from last week that Trey had stored in her filing cabinet on Friday. She then took out her laptop and opened her image gallery before selecting one racy photo to drag onto her home screen for Trey to take a picture of with his phone. Today, Ava chose one of her personal favorites. 

In the stack of checked assignments, the professional teacher usually wrote notes with her red pen to give praise or critique the work of her students. She sorted through the papers and pulled out two- the two belonging to Charlie and David. Last Friday she had left positive notes on their work, but due to the deal she made with the two young men, Ava took out her red pen and wrote a message normally reserved for struggling students, "Please see me after class!" 

Ava walked out of her office a few minutes before the bell rang. Sure enough, the students started to wander into the room. Many of them were still talking about "Carlos' amazing kick" to Ava's ire. 

About 2 minutes before the bell rang, Trey walked into the room and darted straight towards his teacher's office. Deciding to be a little naughty in order to take her mind off of everyone calling Carlos the hero, Mrs. Dawson caught up to Trey before he opened her office door. 

She was wearing the same steel gray skirt suit she had on when she let him fuck her weeks ago. Whispering to the mixed-race student, Ava offered, "Take 10 minutes in there today, Mr. Rollins. I think you may need to cool down after you're done. What I left for you on my laptop may be too much for you to handle." She winked. 

"What are you talking about? 10 minutes for what?" 

Mrs. Dawson jumped in alarm. She spun around as the color drained from her face. Standing a little too close to her was Cara. The model student and teacher's pet seemed to not like that her favorite teacher was giving another student responsibilities instead of her. 

"Um, uh... I was just telling Mr. Rollins here that he had 10 minutes to take care of the work I left for him on my laptop." Mrs. Dawson improvised well. 

Trey, holding his hands down in front of his sweatpants to conceal the boner he got from Ava's seductive comments, nodded his head in agreement with the teacher's story. 

"I can go into help him if you want. You know I would do anything- " 

"No!" Ava shot firmly back at her best pupil. 

Cara felt defeated and rejected as she walked back towards her seat right as Ethan walked into the classroom. Ava saw them converse briefly as Trey left to go into the office. 

With 30 seconds left until the bell, Mrs. Dawson examined her class and she noticed 2 students were not in their desks. The first empty desk was due to Trey's absence. Questions started to fill Ava's mind as she realized the other empty desk was Ethan's. I just saw him walk in! 

Ava gazed around the classroom and then she went to look in the only other place he could be hiding. The curious mother opened her office door and cringed. 

Standing behind her desk, staring intently at the screen of her open laptop, was her own flesh and blood. That idiot was supposed to close the fucking laptop! 

Ethan jumped. He stammered as he spit out, "I just came in to help Trey finish his laptop stuff so he wouldn't miss class! Cara said you gave him a ton of work so I just wanted to help! But he wasn't here and the laptop was just open so...yeah." 

Despite her apprehension that her son had found evidence of her secret life, Ava took a moment to pride herself in how good of a person Ethan was for being willing to help out his friend. However, with the immediate issue still at hand, Ava lied, "This is my personal laptop. He's doing work on a school laptop out in the hallway. It's time to take your seat." 

The ball rang as Ethan dashed out of his mom's office. Ava swore she saw a round thick tube trapped in Ethan's jeans as he stepped past her. Was that what I thought it was? 

Ava walked behind her desk to what her son was mesmerized by on her laptop. Sure enough, it was the image she left for Trey. Jesus, no wonder he was hard! 

Ava knew the picture she took for Trey was sexy, but it took her son's erection to make her realize how sexy it really was. Standing in the middle of a long straight street at sundown (at least that's how it looked in the green screen), Ava had her arms raised high into the air with a blue scarf in one of them. Her blonde hair was down in its natural wavy form and her face was serious, yet seductive. The 41 year old was showing off lots of her smooth skin in a white crocheted crop top and faded denim booty shorts. The red high heels completed the outfit for the woman who was sexily twisting her body to show off her booty and toned legs before dropping the flag to start the street race. 

I can't even imagine what Ethan must be thinking right now! The nervous mom went over to her desk and penned two notes. The first one she slid under the bathroom door to Trey. It read, "Close the fucking laptop next time!" To his defense, I probably got him too excited to think straight. 

Late to start her own class, Mrs. Dawson walked out into her room. She apologized for getting held up for a moment before passing back the checked assignments. As Ava handed the annotated worksheets back to Charlie and David, she didn't even look back to see their reaction. She was anxious to pass Ethan back his worksheet. When she did she also slipped him the second note that read, "You're probably wondering what's up with the weird photo on my laptop. You know how your Aunt Kathy is a wedding photographer? She's interested in tapping into the modeling market as well so she invited me over to test a few photos to see if she was any good. She just sent them to me and I thought they were pretty funny, right?" 

Keeping tabs on Ethan's reaction, Ava saw him chuckle to himself as he smacked his palm to his forehead. He had bought the alibi. 

The bell rang and the class emptied. Right on cue, Charlie and David approached Mrs. Dawson at the front of the classroom. They both had circumspect smiles on their faces since they knew their teacher was going to uphold her end of the bargain, but they didn't know with whom she was going to choose to seal the deal. 

To be honest with herself, Ava didn't know exactly how she was going to handle the situation either. She went through the many different paths she could take in her mind, but that's not the same as dealing with real life. 

"Step into my office, gentlemen." 

Ava sat down in her black leather office chair. David and Charlie were both able to sit down on the other side of the desk since Ava remembered to add an extra chair in her office. 

The room was filled with silence as tension as the young men were trembling with anticipation. They stared at Mrs. Dawson like pets hoping they were about to be fed. Their eyes ran up and down her visible body but they did nothing to hide it. (next chap 2)
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