Stories 18+ A Forbidden Lesson Plan orgasm C2

Stories 18+ A Forbidden Lesson Plan orgasm C2
"So boys, I did not expect that to happen," she laughed at the irony. The boys followed suit. 

Just as Ava was about to inform the young men that she had not figured out how to fairly decide the competition, she noticed a yellow sticky note sticking out of her closed laptop. She yanked out the unidentified note and read it to herself, "Sorry about that. I put a gift in your drawer to make up for it. - Trey" 

Ava was interested in what her one-time lover left in her drawer. She pulled the drawer out towards her to see a familiar site. The note she had slid under the door to Trey was covered in his ejaculate. The aroma from the fresh jizz filled Ava's nostrils and moisture flooded to her pussy. 

Sitting there, inhaling the erotic scent, Ava reminisced as to how incredible it felt when she let the buff, impassioned 18-year-old football player slide his cock into her wet pussy over and over again. As the scene and the smell came back into her mind, the MILF looked at the strong young men sitting right in front of her, each one begging her with his eyes to let him be the one who got to fill her with his hot seed. 

There was no longer any doubt as to what Ava would do. But first, as Ava enjoyed so much, she wanted to torture the horny highschoolers. 

"Here's the thing, and I've thought about this long and hard, the deal was that I would have sex with the player that got the most tackles. Seeing as that both of you had 7.5 tackles, neither of you won, so nobody wins the competition." Charlie and David were ready to fight against the perceived injustice. "But," Ava consoled, "I have decided I will fill out your tests for you to make sure you each get a 95 on the next exam as long as you answer 5 of the questions yourselves. I think that sounds fair." 

Ava sat back with a satisfied look as if she just delivered a fair compromise. Deep down she was excited for the eruption that she knew was about to ensue. 

The boys did not seem to even care about the grades. 

"You can't do that Mrs. Dawson! You promised one of us could fuck you! I got to the quarterback first on the final tackle so I should win," proclaimed Charlie. 

"Bullshit!" Countered David. "I was the one that knocked him down so really I made the tackle." 

Ava watched the studs bicker amongst themselves. Finally she cut in. "Listen, gentlemen. You clearly can't figure out which one of you made the tackle so it's only fair that nobody gets the prize." 

Right at that moment, the three aroused people in the office shut up due to the sound of a firm knocking against the door. Ava was paranoid of who it might be. She stood up and walked towards the office door that connected with the hallway. Charlie and David sat up straight and tucked their erections under their waistbands. 

Mrs. Dawson collected herself and regained her professional demeanor. She opened the door to Dr. Raymond, the Head Master of the school. "Hello, Aaron. What can I do for you?" 

The two football players turned to see the authority figure. 

"Well Ava, I am just here to drop off the packet of new requests the school board is making to change the science curriculums. I think you may like them. If you don't then we can talk to the board about what you would rather see changed." 

A relived Ava took the packet from Dr. Raymond's hand. "Thank you so much. I'll get right on that." 

Making eye contact with the young men facing him, the Head Master whispered to Ava, "So, is everything alright in here?" 

After a little thought, Ava bit her lip at a clever idea. She spoke to the entire room. "Actually, Dr. Raymond, these two were here to ask me a fascinating question relating to our chapter on reproduction. You received a masters in biology before getting your doctorate in education, didn't you?" 

The older, balding man responded fondly, "Why yes I did!" 

"Great," Ava grinned as she walked towards the students in the chairs, "then perhaps you can answer their difficult question," she challenged. 

Dr. Raymond enjoyed the idea of a test. "Sure, what is it?" 

Ava playfully smiled at Charlie and David out of Dr. Raymond's view. "They were asking, if 2 sperm hit an egg exactly at the same time, would one sperm cell get to win the competition for the egg, or would none get to fertilize the egg? So basically, what happens if they tie?" 

"That's a head-scratcher," the old man said while literally scratching his scalp. The light bulb in his mind then turned on as he responded to the room, "If I remember correctly, if two sperm tie- which is almost impossible by the way- the egg wouldn't be fertilized by one sperm or no sperm, it would be fertilized by both. Now that likely wouldn't result in a living baby, but, in terms of the competition for the egg, both sperm win in a tie." 

Mrs. Dawson turned away from Dr. Raymond and towards Charlie and David. "Well there's your answer! In a tie they both win. Thank Dr. Raymond." 

With too much elation, Charlie and David shouted, "Thanks, Dr. Raymond!" 

"Glad I could help." He left the room feeling useful. 

Ava's plan was going even better than imagined. Charlie and David were chomping at the bit. 

"So, which one of us is first?!" David called out, tapping his fingers against his thighs. 

Mrs. Dawson ignored the question for the time being as she stepped behind her desk. She removed her gray jacket and transformed her tight bun into a long ponytail. Making sure the boys were watching, Ava unbuttoned the top three buttons on her white blouse, exposing the black lace bra she wore underneath. 

Charlie and David were drooling zombies as they sat motionlessly in their chairs. Ava temptingly strutted in her heels around her desk and behind the boys. She stood between the chairs as she placed her right hand on Charlie's tone neck and gripped David's thick neck through his long brown hair. 

Both men ogled at the sizeable cleavage hanging in the corner of their eyes. Without saying a word, Ava turned David's neck inward and planted her lips on his. His eyes popped open in awe as his teacher slid her tongue generously into his mouth. Ava was in paradise. 

The only person not excited was Charlie. Ava felt him on the verge of standing up because her hand was slipping from his neck. The soaking cougar broke her kiss with David as she pulled Charlie back down to his seat. "Where do you think you're going?" She asked in Charlie's ear. 

"Well," Charlie explained, "you obviously chose to take him first." 

Mrs. Dawson giggled as she turned Charlie's neck inward and inserted her pink tongue into his mouth to meet his. When the best kiss of Charlie's life ended he was stupefied. 

Ava released the men from her grasp and walked in between in their chairs, turned around in her heels, and lowered herself to her knees. She was now facing Charlie and David and looking up at them from her submissive position. Ava then took each of their inside hands into hers as she placed each one on one of her tits. 

Charlie and David looked at their hands and then at each other. 

"You aren't understanding, boys. You both won the competition by tackling the quarterback at the same time." Ava licked the circumference of her lips in a sultry fashion. "So that means you will be tackling me at the same time." 

Once again, Charlie and David looked at each other. This time it was with pure jubilation. Ava studied the steel bars in their pants. Without saying a word, she pulled down Charlie's sweatpants and boxers to his knees. Charlie breathed heavily as his teacher's mouth dove right for his hard-on. 

"Ahh!" Charlie moaned at the sensation. 

After getting into a rhythm, Ava reached her right hand onto David's lap. David eagerly responded by pulling his own pants down. Soon, he had an experienced hand pumping his shaft for a second time. 

The feeling of her hand on David's penis reminded Ava of how badly she wanted to suck it the week before. So she pulled her head from Charlie's lap and moved it to David's. It tasted as good as she imagined. 

Unable to control his arousal, Charlie got off of his chair and knelt behind Ava as she blew his teammate. He then got down on his knees while straddling Mrs. Dawson's lower legs and pressed his bare groin into the back of her fitting skirt. The only thing left was for him to wrap his arms around her body and slip his hands into the cups of her bra and rub his erection against her ass. 

It was a multitude of sensations for Ava. David then placed his hand on the blonde head serving him and guided it repeatedly onto his fuckstick. 

Ava circulated her ass so she could feel Charlie's excitement. The young man responded by undoing the rest of the buttons on her blouse and pulling it off as Ava put her arms behind her to help. 

It was an indescribable feeling for Emma to have her lips and tongue smothering David's meat while Charlie rubbed his dick on her ass and massaged her firm breasts. She had never before been with two men at the same time and it was better than she could have imagined. 

As Ava bobbed and grinded on her knees, Charlie and David began to strategically remove the rest of their clothing. Charlie kissed Ava's neck from behind while he unzipped her skirt and tugged it down to her knees. 

The MILF gasped around David's boner at the feeling of Charlie's bare cock press into her bare ass. What made her loose it even more was when she felt two fingers pull her thong to the side of her mound before entering her pussy. 

To release her wave of energy, she started sucking David even faster. "Suck it, Mrs. Dawson! Take it all!" David yelled in pleasure. 

While Ava used her hands and mouth to make love to the sex organ, David and Charlie made eye contact. They both flashed a smile of disbelief. Then Charlie motioned his head towards Ava's desk. David knew exactly what he had in mind. 

Ava was startled. She had been lost in her own world and all of a sudden she was being hoisted into the air. David's strong arms were holding her under her armpits and she felt Charlie grab her by her ass and waist. When she was finally set down, she found herself on her knees and forearms, facing the bookcase behind her wooden desk. 

David kicked her office chair to the side and walked his cock right up to her face. Simultaneously, Charlie grabbed her ankles and positioned her legs so that her knees were spread far apart. Ava knew what her horny students were about to do to her and she couldn't wait for it to begin. 

Needing no instruction, Ava opened her mouth and longingly looked up at David. But that was nothing compared to the next orifice that was penetrated. She once again felt her thong stretched to the side and a mushroom head burrowed its way into the folds of her labia. 

The three-way began. The blonde wife rocked back and forth on her knees and forearms, in between the two above-average erections. As Ava's eyes met David's stomach, she would be thrusted and pulled back so her ass could slap against Charlie's groin. 

The 41 year old couldn't believe she had waited until this point in her life to try the incredibly erotic experience. Ava couldn't figure out why sex with her students felt so good, but she didn't care at the moment. She was in too much joy over getting pleasure and giving it back. 

In response to Charlie's increased tempo, Ava began to thank him by flexing her vaginal muscles against his inserted rod. 

The dark-haired cornerback was in too much ecstasy to hold out for much longer. With sweat pouring down his brow, Charlie announced, "I'm about to cum!" 

Ava abruptly pulled her head away from David's crotch and turned her head back. "Yes, Charlie baby, cum for me! Cum into your teacher's tight cunt!" 

Charlie grunted as he reached his climactic finish. He held Ava steady against his washboard abs and let his testicles do the rest of the work. Ava cooed as she felt Charlie's cock flex inside of her clenched vaginal canal. Her reward was the warm rush of goo being injected far inside her pink hole. 

The stiff dowel softened and slipped out of Ava. Charlie laid down on the floor to catch his breath. With more fun work to do, the lewd teacher gazed into David's eyes and took his shaft in her hand. Holding eye contact, Ava moved her head back in and sensually ran her tongue the length of his beating erection. 

For the first time, Ava got a good taste of David's precum. It sent her body tingling with its forbidden taste. She reached up with one arm, placed it on David's shoulder, and lowered his face to her level. They kissed once more and then Ava whispered into his ear, "David sweetie, as much as I love choking on your massive cock, I really need you to stuff my pussy. I want you to still be inside me when I make love with my husband tonight." 

There was no hesitation. Weak in the knees from his teacher's command, David climbed onto the desk, turned Ava onto her side, and laid down on his side behind her. They were in spooning position and Ava marveled at how masculine the body behind her felt against her back. 

She titled her head up to look at a taller David's eyes as he inserted his penis into her. The best part about this position was that the football player and the former cheerleader could make out while they fucked. 

Ava soon realized another perk as she felt David's arms wrap around her chest and his hands slide into her bra cups. She was secure in David's arms and was regretful that he could never have sex with her again. Just as with Trey, she couldn't start an affair and allow feelings to develop. 

Eventually, the stocky senior broke off their make-out session and started to pant heavily. Ava's body was squeezed tightly as David shot his load into the mix with Charlie's. The longtime suburban wife and professional had an heir of invincibility about her that she hadn't felt for a long time. 

As the second penis went flaccid and was removed from her cum-filled hole, Ava put back on her serious face and collected her clothes. "I think it's time for you boys to leave. And, unlike that idiot friend of yours, don't say anything to anyone because you will regret it." 

Fearing that Mrs. Dawson would get them in trouble somehow if they stayed, the two sexually relieved men got their things together and ran out of the room. 


It was another late night at school for both Ava and Ethan. Ava had to collect her wits and do some cleaning in the bathroom. No matter much melted cum she tried to extract from her vajayjay, more would start to ooze down half an hour later. 

At the late dinner, Garret performed his normal role of starting the conversation. "So, Ethan, how was football practice?" 

The question got Ava's attention as well. 

"Pretty good. Nothing interesting happened. Well, except for David and Charlie being late. But they said they were meeting with mom over grades so coach didn't punish them too much. He also saw how red their faces were so he knew they ran to get to practice as fast as they could." 

Ava just played with her peas with her fork. 

"Wow, you teach a lot of Ethan's teammates!" Garret became more interested in his wife's job. 

Before Ava could answer, Ethan spoke up. "Yeah, there are a ton of guys from the team in mom's AP Bio class. They all seem to like her, so that's good." 

The woman in the gray suit was not happy with the direction of the conversation, but she quickly became more interested. 

"That's probably because they have such an attractive teacher," Garret joked and flirted. 

When Garret made that suggestion, Ava gave him a generic smile and then subconsciously peered at Ethan to see his reaction. Her son didn't seem put-off by the comment. He actually showed an expression, one he thought would go unnoticed, that seemed to say, "Yeah, that's probably true." Ava didn't know what to make of Ethan's reaction. 

A few minutes later, Ethan put his fork down and asked his mom, "So, I was just curious as to what Aunt Kathy's photography website is? I haven't talked to her in a while and I'd like to see what she's been up to." 

Ethan's parents were confused by their son's question. Garret was confused because this was the first he was hearing about a modeling site for his sister-in-law, and Ava was confused as to why her son wanted to know if she had a website. 

"What modeling website?" Garret looked around the table for clarification. 

Wanting to bury the lead to the lie that could cause her entire life to unravel, Ava answered Garret, "Kathy is thinking about starting a photography business for models and I just stood in front of a green screen for a few poses the other day so she could test the idea. It's really no big deal. It's just an idea in her mind and she wants to keep it a secret for some reason so I wouldn't ask her about it." 

Garret consumed the information. "Okay... well that's interesting. I hope whatever she decides, it works out for her." 

With her primary issue taken care of, Ava turned to Ethan. "So why do you want to see her website to see what she's been up to instead of just calling her?" 

Ethan had just planned to get the website easily- not that it actually existed. He came up with an answer for the question he didn't expect. "Well I want to see what she's been up to in terms of work. She takes some amazing photos and travels to some fascinating places. Doesn't she always say that for 'artistic integrity' she posts every photo she takes on her personal website, regardless of if it's good and what it's of?" 

Oh my God. It finally made sense to Ava. She realized that her son was trying to get to his Aunt Kathy's website so he could try to find more of her modeling photos like the one on her laptop that gave him an erection. What would he plan on doing with them if he found them?! 

Ava knew the answer to that question and it was suddenly a little warmer in her suit. "I think she took that website down," was all she could say to a visibly disappointed Ethan. 


The next Monday morning, Ava sat in her office filling out paperwork for the school board on her department's progress. Just as she put down her cup of coffee, the phone rang. Ava didn't know who the call was from but she had a bad feeling in the pit of her stomach. 

"Do you have a personal vendetta against me or do you just hate football?" 

Ava immediately recognized Coach Benner's booming voice. 

"I don't know what you're talking about Benner!" She honestly didn't. 

"How come my players do well in all of their other classes, but somehow fail in yours? How is that?! Do you just hate football because you're an upper-class-prim-and-proper wannabe? Or is it also because you love fucking me over for some reason?!" 

Mrs. Dawson was repulsed by the way she was being spoken to. She went through the loaded accusations in her mind. Your players aren't failing, only 3 have failed a test and I helped them get it up to great risk to myself. Love fucking you over? You've been so good to my son. Prim and proper? Just because I'm a professional doesn't mean I think I'm better. 3 of your players certainly know I'm not that. 

"I don't even know what you're talking about. You're players are doing fine in my class," Ava defended. 

"Oh, really?" Coach Benner was livid. "Then how come 2 of my players failed a test last week and 7 of them failed this week?" 

At this point, Ava really didn't know where he was getting his false information. "Benner, how would you know that? I haven't gotten the tests back from the grader yet!" 

"I have friends all over this school and I know for a fact that on your last test, 7 of my players, and only those 7 students, failed your test. You better get their grades up or your son's playing time will drop faster than his teammates grades. Plus, Dr. Raymond would love to hear about this." The football coach hung up. 

Ava's head was spinning. In one phone call her professionalism was questioned, her character was questioned, her son was threatened, her job was threatened, and she was tasked with coming up with a solution to all of it quickly. 

Before worrying too much, Ava ran up to the teacher's lounge that had her mailbox. In it were the computer-graded tests from the Friday before, as usual. And sure enough, 7 students failed and all 7 were on the football team. 

Back in her office, Ava combed through the names of the failures. Matthew, Connor, Sam, Marcus, Carlos, Arnold, Mike. Something seemed off to the teacher. Some of the students who failed were A students. 

It hit Ava that the 7 football players who failed were the 7 players she had yet to 'make a deal' with. That asshole Trey still couldn't keep his mouth shut. Every other player... well except for Ethan- Oh my God, wouldn't that be something! 


As her final class of the day was about to commence, the students made their way into the classroom. Trey stepped in and made his normal route towards Mrs. Dawson's office, only to find there was no open laptop in it. 

Trey gave Ava a curious look. Ava shrugged and said, "You couldn't keep quiet." 

The star wide receiver hung his head. He knew exactly what she was referring to. 

All of the students were in their seats. "Well, I have to say I was disappointed in some of the test grades I saw. They were the lowest I have ever seen." The failures shot looks at each other, almost proud of what they had done. "So I think it is fair that I give an open-book retake of the exam. This will be your only opportunity to help your grade and there is nothing else you can do to get it up." 

The 7 athletes in question were disappointed. They thought they had an ironclad path to their teacher's pussy. 

"Isn't this really unfair to those of us who got perfect scores the first time," Cara called out the grave injustice. 

"No, Cara," Ava sighed, "this test is for everyone and not just those who failed. If you're happy with your first grade then just write your name on the test and hand it in and take a free period. I'm only taking your best score." 

The test was passed out and the students got to work. It was open-book so Ava couldn't see how they wouldn't pass. Half of the class simply wrote their names on the test and handed it in, including Ethan. 

Ava watched as some of the football players who purposely failed the test breezed through it, hardly looking at their book. "What an amazing turnaround, Sam," Ava said to the offensive lineman when he came up to hand in his test just 15 minutes after she had passed it out. 

With two thirds of the available time gone, Ava stood up and walked around to check on her students' progress. All but a few had turned in their tests. Ava saw that Cara was checking her work. She took the test over again just to get another 100, Jesus Christ! 

Weaving her way through the maze of desks in her black suit, Ava arrived at the back of the classroom. Then, as she looked at the tops of the student desks to see who was still working on exams, something caught Ava's attention. 

She walked up to Arnold, a quieter kid and the punter on the football team who sat in front of Ethan. He was huddled over his desk, shielding a piece of paper with his arms and body. It was clear he was sketching with his pencil. 

Unaware of what was behind him, Arnold was closely detailing his sketch when he felt a tap on his shoulder. He was startled and covered his sketch with his hands. He looked up in pure fear until his eyes met Mrs. Dawson's reading glasses. 

"What are you drawing, Mr. Sherman?" 

The entire class stopped what they were doing so they could watch their classmate be embarrassed by the teacher. 

"I uh... uh..." 

"Give it to me, Arnold!" Ava held out of her hand. 

"No! I'll stop drawing. I'll-" His puffy cheeks were bright red. 

"I won't ask again!" 

The limber football player with dark brown hair winced as his shaking hand raised the paper to his teacher. The class watched in anticipation, secretly hoping it would be something to get him in trouble. 

Ava shielded the paper from other eyes. Her jaw dropped when she finally saw the entire sketch. The piece of printer paper showed a pornographic drawing in pencil, a really well done what at that. 

The porn wasn't what caused Ava's mouth to go dry; it was what the image depicted. Almost the entire piece of paper was filled up by a frontal view of middle-aged female figure that was entirely naked. Her mouth was open with liquid dripping from her lips and her large chest was in the middle of a bouncing motion. With a raised hand reaching back, she was gripping a cock, and another darkly shaded cock dangled near her open mouth. Coming up from the bottom of the page were two muscular thighs. In between them was a monster of a fuckstick with two giant balls. The female character was straddling the crotch. 

It didn't take long for Ava to understand that the light-haired female figure wearing the dark, square-framed reading glasses was her. She pulled her head up from the picture and saw all of her students waiting for her reaction. 

"Mr. Sherman!" Arnold sunk into his chair and wished for his life to end. "Do you think it's appropriate for you to draw pictures of Dr. Raymond with dreadlocks, smoking a joint?" 

The entire class lost it and Arnold acted as if he just witnessed divine intervention. Once the laughter died down, Mrs. Dawson continued, "This is serious, Arnold. See me after class." 

The students teased him for getting in trouble. Mrs. Dawson folded the drawing into her inner jacket pocket. 


After class ended, Mrs. Dawson walked right into her office. She placed a stack of finished tests on her desk. "That was fucking bullshit what Trey said. We knew you were lying," Ava heard in a muffled voice. 

She walked to her door that connected to the hallway and pressed her ear against the wood. Right on the other side, the group of football players, who had to take a test instead of fucking the woman of their dreams, were declaring their frustration with their teammate. 

The conversation lasted a moment before Ava heard a familiar sounding voice. "What's up guys?" It's Ethan! Ava was praying he wouldn't know what they were talking about. 

"Nothing that concerns you. So why don't you scurry off to practice and we'll meet you there." 

Ava bit her thumb when she heard how Carlos just spoke to her son, and she couldn't do anything about it. She was glad that Ethan didn't overhear the conversation, but Carlos didn't have to tell him off so rudely. Carlos' bullying put Ava in a mindset to 'lose' his second exam and make him stick with his first failing grade. But she knew she couldn't get away with that. 

She was so caught up in what was going on outside that Ava forgot all about Arnold. She opened the door that went into her classroom to find Arnold slouched outside of her office against the white brick wall. 

"You can some in now, Mr. Sherman." 

Arnold wouldn't even look up as he sat down in one of the wooden chairs across from his teacher. Mrs. Dawson pulled the drawing out of her jacket and unfolded it on the desk facing her. 

"Look at me, Arnold!" 

The highschooler revealed his face and he was almost at tears. Ava softened her tone in order to not upset him further. "Arnold, we need to talk about this." 

"Please, just tell Dr. Raymond about it already. I know he's going to suspend me so I just want to get it over with." 

"Oh, I plan on telling him that I caught you drawing porn. However, whether or not I tell him what is was of or not depends on if you cooperate." 

Arnold seemed surprised. "You're not going to give him the drawing?" 

"Not if you are perfectly honest with me. I am very good when telling when somebody is lying. I've been a teacher for a long time and if I even think you're being dishonest then I am delivering this to his office," Ava promised. 

There seemed to be at least some light in the woods. Arnold asked, "What do you want to know?" 

Ava spun the paper around on her desk so it faced the frightened student. "I want you to tell me what this painting is of exactly." 

"Are you sure you really want me to do that?" He stared into his teacher's serious face. "I don't know if I can." 

"Arnold, whether you cooperate or not I plan on telling Dr. Raymond. If you don't tell me or if you lie to me, I will hand him this sketch. If you tell me the truth and nothing but it, maybe I'll just tell him you were doodling some private parts and you'll end up with a detention." 

The punter still seemed torn. 

At this point, Ava was genuinely curious as to what was going on in the drawing and what inspired Arnold to draw it. "Listen, I don't care how awkward you think it is to tell me what's in this. I promise, I don't care what this is off. It can be the freakiest, most embarrassing thought, and I promise you that as long as you are honest with me I won't care." 

With Mrs. Dawson's assurance, Arnold sighed and said, "Well, it can't get any worse..." 

Ava smiled and she asked her first question. "So what is this picture of?" 

"It's an orgy." 

Ava was glad as to how quickly and honestly Arnold was responding once he realized he had nothing to lose. 

"I see. So how many people are in this orgy?" 

"Why do you want to know this stuff, Mrs. Dawson?" Arnold had a legitimate question. 

"Because I need to understand what you were drawing in my classroom. Just please answer the question." 

His teacher didn't seem like she was playing around. "4. There are 4 people in the orgy. 3 men and 1 woman" 

"Okay, I can see that. Most of the focus seems to be on the woman. Who is the female in this orgy?" 

Arnold put his head down again. 

"Mr. Sherman, we talked about this." 

He lifted his head back up and murmured, "You." 

He confirmed what Ava already knew. It looked exactly like her. Examining the image again, Ava was pleased with how gorgeous and sexy she appeared. "I had a feeling it was. So the question is why did you imagine me in an orgy?" 

Not wanting to pause again and go through an ordeal, Arnold blurted out, "Because I've heard some stories. I know they aren't true now, though." 

Ava played dumb. "What types of stories?!" 

"Oh God, well I heard a rumor that you had had sex with 2 students at once and maybe another, so that caused me to imagine what I drew." 

It wasn't just Trey who blabbed! Charlie and David talked too! Though Ava realized the blame was on her. It was stupid of her to expect she could fuck 18 year olds and them not talk to their closest friends about it. 

"Okay, so rumors aside, why am I depicted like this? For example, why is my mouth open and what is that liquid covering my lips?" 

"Well, you just had that penis in your mouth and that liquid is the semen." 

Ava repeated back candidly, "So I was blowing that cock and it came into my mouth and now the cum is dripping down my chin?" 

Arnold's eyes widened with her language that he never expected, "Um, yes." 

"Okay, so whose cock is that hanging in the picture that just blew its load in my face?" 

"Well, that's um, Trey's." 

The darkly shaded male sex organ looked familiar to Ava. Upon closer study, it looked identical to how Trey's looked in real life. How was he able to get that detailed?! 

"Arnold, when you sketched Trey's cock, did you guess as to what it looked like or what?" 

The boy in the hot seat began to feel more uncomfortable, "To be honest, in the locker room we shower naked and I've seen what their things look like. But not in a gay way, I swear! It's just like curiosity, you know." 

"I understand what you mean," Ava assured. "I have a feeling of whose phallus is inside of me, but whose phallus is this?" Ava's finger touched paper where she was reaching back to jerk off another man. 

"That one is mine." 

Caught off guard, Mrs. Dawson asked, "Then whose dick am I riding in reverse cowgirl position?" 

Arnold started to shudder and he folded his arms. 

"Arnold! Answer my question." 

"Okay, but please don't think I'm weird. I don't even know why I thought of it. I just-" 

"Tell me, Arnold!" Ava commanded one last time. 

"It's Ethan's okay! It's your son's!" The skinny student huffed but actually felt relived that the last of his secrets were out in the open. 

For Ava, however, this opened up a whole new can of worms. She lifted the drawing off of the desk and held it close to her face. She saw the detail in the juice that slid from her pussy onto her son's piece. She saw the firmness of his rod inside of her and how much girth it had and how large the testicles were. She could hardly believe that this was an accurate representation based on what Arnold had seen. 

Moisture flooded Ava's thong. Oh fuck, that's hot. 

Her sexually driven focus was broken by Arnold asking, "So, am I in trouble?" 

"Trouble?" Ava asked as if Arnold was insane. "You just a picture of me that showed me in a more beautiful way than I had ever seen myself. I should be thanking you!" 

Not being able to believe the turn of events, Arnold felt as if the weight of the world had been lifted off his shoulders. "Seriously?! You aren't telling on me?! If you like it then keep it! It's yours! You don't need to thank me, thank you Mrs. Dawson." 

"I certainly do need to thank you!" And Ava knew exactly how. 

Ever since tasting David's precum, the slutty teacher had a hankering to taste a young man's cum. She couldn't think of anyone more deserving than Arnold, who had given her the most erotic mental image she could have dreamed of. 

Nearly running around her desk and in front of Arnold, Mrs. Dawson pulled up the hem of her skirt suit as she straddled Arnold's lap and sat down. 

"What are you doing Mrs. Dawson?" Arnold seemed worried at first. 

"Shhh!" Ava held her finger to his lips. "Just let me thank you." 

For the next minute, Ava kissed Arnold as she gave him a lap dance. Once he seemed hard enough, Ava got off of his lap and down onto her knees in front of him. She wasted no time pulling down his jeans and taking his erect cock in her hand. 

As she leaned her head in to devour his shaft, Mrs. Dawson looked into the eyes of her favorite student and said, "Thank you." 

The student, who was still a virgin, groaned at the first blow. Ava pulled back out and went in for a second blow. 

Suddenly, Ava felt the erection twitch in her mouth. No way! 

After just the second suck, Arnold shot his load. It was the fastest blowjob Ava had ever given or even heard off. She was too busy swallowing the ropes of Arnold's seed to think about how it was even possible. 

Not have had even broken a sweat, Ava pulled her head away and looked up at Arnold. 

"Sorry, I guess I was really excited." He seemed even more distraught than he was when he entered her office earlier. 

Not wanting to make her student feel self-conscious and crush his confidence, Ava put on a smile and said, "Don't worry, Sweetie. I take it as a compliment! Since we didn't get much time, do you want to make out a little bit?" 

Arnold calmed down and Ava sat down on his lap to start kissing him again. At least I still got to taste his cum. 


The other good part about blowing Arnold was that there was no clean up. Ava tucked her tests into a red folder along with her new favorite drawing in order to hide it. 

Mrs. Dawson swirled her tongue around the inside of her mouth to taste the last of Arnold's residue as she walked with her test folder to drop the tests off for grading. She put her head down to sneak another peak at the image in her folder. She ignored the two other cocks in the image and only saw her riding Ethan. The mom couldn't help but to study the sexual details. 

Is his dick really that big? With balls like that his load would be big enough to entirely fill my vagina and then some. All this time I actually had a man in my house who could've satisfied me... 


The mom's mental vision was interrupted with force. She staggered backwards out of control and her hands flew back into the air. Ava watched as the papers inside her folder floated down onto the ground all over the hallway floor. 

Looking down at her was a familiar figure with a medium height, a baggy blue sweatshirt, matching blue slacks, and a ball cap. Ava recognized the stern, hardened face immediately. 

"What were you doing walking on this side of the hallway, Ava? You walk on your right!" An unapologetic Coach Benner extended his hand out to help pull his colleague up off her back. 

"Oh shoot!" The blonde teacher got back down on her knees to pick up her scattered tests. The football coach bent down to help clean up the mess. 

Ava suddenly realized what incriminating picture he could potentially find in the plethora of tests. "Oh you don't need to help me. I-" 

It was too late. 

The gray-haired man's eyes went wide as he slowly returned to a standing position, holding a piece of paper that was different from the rest. Ava's heart was in her stomach. 

Coach Benner studied the paper and then the woman on the ground before him. "What the hell is this?" 

"I uh- I um-" 

"Wait a second! I recognize this style of sketch. Arnold Sherman drew this! I see his sketches hanging in his locker at practice. Why the hell do you have one looking like this?!" 

Despite being frightened, Ava thought she could lie her way out of her sexual misadventures once more. "I caught him drawing that in class. I was going to show it to Dr. Raymond." 

"Oh you just love fucking over my players, don't you? If they ever do something like this you see me first, understand?" The furious coach was talking to her like she was one of his players who had just disobeyed orders. 

Ava nodded her head and Benner's piercing eyes softened. For a moment, Ava thought she was going to get away with it. But then, she saw him thinking and looking around into the hallways. 

"Hold on. Dr. Raymond's office is right down there." He pointed in the direction Ava just came from. "If you were going to his office you'd be going that way. What the fuck is going on?! And don't lie to me." 

She was trapped. Ava stuttered and her cheeks were bright red. 

"Oh my God!" The football coach lifted his hat and placed his hand on his head to express his disbelief. "You're doing something with Arnold!" 

Ava shook her head profusely as she breathed rapidly. 

"Yes you are!" He checked the drawing again. "And by the looks of it, it's more than just him. I don't know what sick things you're doing you pervert, but I caught you!" 

A big, satisfied grin came across Coach Benner's face. "I got you now," he said smugly. "You thought you could fuck over my players by giving them bad grades and get away with it. I knew something was fishy. I don't know how their grades your perverted self are related but I know something's up." 

"No I swear, please!" Ava was down on her knees crying. 

"It's too late to beg. Just because you have blonde hair and nice tits doesn't mean you can get away with everything in life. You're up to something and I just happened to be on my way to an athletic department meeting while the boys are hitting the weights. And a certain Dr. Raymond will be there. I'm sure he'll find all this to be fascinating." 

The laughing coach couldn't believe his luck. He started to walk past the collapsed Ava when he felt a hand grasp his ankle. He looked down to see Ava with her mascara running down her face. 

"Please, Benner. You have it all wrong. Just please let me explain first. I'll tell you everything I swear!" 

Coach Benner was not a sentimental man or an overtly caring man, but he was interested in knowing what exactly was going on. He knew once he gave Dr. Raymond the paper, the investigation and results would be private and he'd never find out what his player was involved with. Plus, after looking at the erotic picture of Ava, he somehow gained more respect for her. 

He sighed, "Well, I have to admit, I misjudged the type of person you were once. Why don't you tell me everything that's going on and we can go forward from there?" 

Ava was thankful for the opportunity to explain herself. 


The two school employees sat across from each other in an otherwise empty teachers lounge. Ava told Coach Benner every detail. It was a long conversation that involved Benner repeatedly getting up from the table so he could pace around the room and digest the unbelievable stories. 

He heard about the initial interaction with Trey and the deal she made with him, he heard about her taking the modeling photos and her husband's inability to perform, he heard about Charlie and David and the tackling, he heard about how his players failed their tests to try to get her to do the same of them, and he heard what Arnold's drawing was about and how it made Ava feel. 

After what felt like an hour, Ava said, "Well, I think that's everything." 

Coach Benner was still in shock. His mind went over everything he heard and it was racing. The only thing he could think to do was look Ava into the eyes and said calmly, "Fuck me." 

"What?" Ava wasn't sure if she understood correctly. "Aren't you going to tell Dr. Raymond what happened? What do you mean?" 

The winning football coach showed off his pragmatic mind. "You just told me a story about how you used sexual promises to make my players play better. That was not only the sexiest fucking story I've ever heard, but you have also been helping to make my team be unbeatable. Why on God's green Earth would I ever do something that would stop you from helping my team win? And why would I throw away an opportunity to fuck your pussy when you and I both know that you'll let me?" 

A sense of relief washed over Ava. Everything her son's football coach said made perfect sense to her and she didn't deny anything. She was thrilled too that he didn't even think it was weird when she shared her feeling about how she felt about her son's dick in her in Arnold's drawing. "You're a smart man, Benner. But if you're going to take me, it can't be in school. The janitors will be roaming the halls soon." 


This is the latest I've been out all year, Ava thought in the dark as Coach Benner's cock slid in and out of her in the dark, cool autumn evening. In light of having the penises of his players inside of her, Benner didn't do much for her. Nonetheless, it was more pleasurable than being home with Garret. 

"Ahh fuck! You're so fucking hot!" The football coach with the dad bod grunted and panted as he stood behind Ava and pressed her into the red tackling dummy out on the practice football field. The practice field was the one place that was outside of the school, was out of the light, and would be absent of people until the following day. 

Benner continued his grunting, and being the caring mother that Mrs. Dawson was, she decided to use her sexual control over her male counterpart to her son's benefit. Just like a pornstar, Ava began to fake high-pitched whining noises, "Ahhh! Ohhh Godddd! Fuck me! I want it so fucking bad!" 

Believing he was in the middle of the performance of his life, Benner grittily responded, "Oh yeah? You like that you slut? I bet your husband never fucks you like this!" 

"Oh God, Bennie Baby, you know he doesn't! He's so much smaller than you! The only dick in my house yours compares to is Ethan's." The fapping noises got louder with Benner's increased stroke rate. 

"You're such a perverted little slut, I love it! I think you don't just enjoy seeing his cock... I think you want to actually fuck him, don't you?!" 

"Oh, yes! I want to feel his cum fill my pussy over and over again!"... What the hell did I just say?! 

Ava's last statement was the only true one and it was her speaking her desires without pausing to think, but it was enough for her to get what she wanted. 

Sweat ran down Benner's brow. He wasn't going to last much longer. "I knew it! That's so hot! You just want to see him on top of you, don't you?" 

"Oh yes! All I want is to watch his manhood enter my pussy and watch him play football on your team." 

Benner smirked to himself, thinking he came up with an original idea to earn some more brownie points with his new fling. "Maybe I'll have to give him some extra playing time in the championship game this weekend then." 

Ava was proud of herself for accomplishing the task for which she set out. "That would be more amazing than how you feel inside me right now. Oh fuck!" 

Time was up on Benner's trip to paradise and he lost ability to control himself. Ava embraced the familiar feeling of a strange man pumping his sperm inside of her. 

Coach Benner hugged the willing woman before she slipped out of his grasp. "Well that was fun! I'm going to go home now before Garret gets suspicious. Thanks for everything Benner." 

"No, thank you!" His chest was still quickly expanding and contracting. Ava blew him a kiss and turned around to walk away. "Hey, Ava!" she turned back to see what the physically drained football coach had to say. "Me, the school, the team, your son... We like how we've been playing lately. Please keep doing what you've been doing." 

The biology teacher left with something to think about in addition to Ethan. 


It was 8:30 by the time the wife and mother was home from her job. A lot of ideas and plans were swirling around in her head. 

"Well there she is!" Garret acted like a puppy whose owner had just returned to the house. 

Ava simply ignored her husband's train of thought, not wanting the impending questions to stress her out. "Thanks for making dinner. I'll just heat it up and eat it in the study. I have more work to do. This day never ends." She walked upstairs with the leftovers. 

There had been a major change in Ava that night. It was a night when it seemed like her career, her marriage, and her reputation were going to crumble to ruin before her eyes. And she decided to stop pretending to herself that her thoughts and feelings towards Ethan were just silly and playful. She decided to be more open with herself about who she really was and what made her happy. 

Sitting in her study, which was just a small room with a computer and a bookshelf, Ava ate her late dinner and started on her new path of accepting things as they were. She reached into her bag and pulled out a flash drive. 

All of the risqué photos she made for Trey appeared in a file on her computer screen. Ava adjusted her glasses on her face and got to work. She signed up on a popular online website creator and chose from one of the pre-made website templates under the "Photography" section. After uploading the photos and setting it as a password-protected website, Ava entered her credit card to start her one-month free trial. 

Music was sounding through Ethan's bedroom door as Ava approached. She was surprised that she wasn't even that nervous. After she knocked, Ethan yelled out, "What is it?" 

"It's me, can you open up for a second." 

After hearing a few footsteps, the exhausted son pulled open his door wearing only a towel wrapped around his waist. Holy fuck... Ethan had just showered since he must have eaten dinner with his dad immediately following a day of weightlifting. 

"What's up, Mom?" 

The knockout mom was too busy breathing in her son's figure to answer right away. Her eyes traced each block of muscle that was his six-pack and she could tell by the swell in his chest that he had been bench-pressing that day. He'd look sexy with a tattoo... maybe I'll get him one as a graduation gift? 


"Oh yes, I you remember a few days ago when you asked for Aunt Kathy's photography website?" Ethan nodded. "Well, I still don't know that one, but I do know that she has one specifically for her new modeling venture. She's very hush-hush and she told me in confidence so please don't mention it to anyone else. This is it." 

A surprised Ethan reached out to grab the piece of paper that his mom had written a website on along with a password. His other hand held his towel around his waste and Ava was praying under her breath that he'd accidentally let it drop. 

"Thanks, Mom. Is this website of all the new work she's been doing for it?" He didn't seem too enthused. 

"Well, no. This is something she's still testing so only her practice photos, like all the ones I'm in, are on it. I don't even know who or what is in her other galleries or even if there are any more galleries besides mine. I haven't looked at it closely." 

Ethan gazed at the slip of white paper in his hands like it was the Holy Grail. Ava knew that all her son had to do was download the pictures and he had a lifetime of masturbation material. 


The next day in class, Mrs. Dawson noticed the yearning eyes Ethan had for her throughout the entire period. He must have really enjoyed those photos. 

Even though Ethan wasn't paying much attention that day, neither was anybody else. The championship game was on Saturday and Mrs. Dawson was just as excited as her students were. She even announced there would be no test on Friday as a celebration, to the delight of her pupils. 

The next day, Thursday, was filled with just as much excitement and lack of progress on the course syllabus. Ethan was at a point where he was looking at Ava liked she had always dreamed Garret would, full of love and insatiable desire. 

This week was a school week where the students, faculty, and administration were all focused on the game, but Ava also had to focus on her plans for the game within the game. Coach Benner pleaded with Ava to continue her support of the team and she was more than happy to oblige. The difficulty was figuring out the best way how. 


Over family breakfast on Friday morning, Garret and Ethan could not stop talking about the game coming up. They talked about how the teams compared, if Ethan thought the team was ready, and what the plans were for the last practice. 

Late to the family table was Ava. Normally she was right on time due to her routine. However, she did not follow routine that morning. Before coming down the stairs, Ava found herself on her hands and knees picking through the trashcan in Ethan's room. It had been a few days since she last gave him access to her private images and she wanted to see what her son thought of them. 

Felling around silently in the bin in the dark room, the curious mother's hand touched something wet. She pulled her hand back out of impulse. Gathering herself, she reached back in and pulled out the crumpled tissue that extruded liquid. 

There was no mistaking that smell. It was cum, and based on the gooey substance seeping onto her fingers, it was fresh. He jerked off before going down for breakfast! A smirk appeared on Ava's face in the dark. She threw the tissue back into the trash bin and left the room; however, there was a small residue that remained. 

Ava couldn't believe that her life led her to the position where she was covertly standing in her son's room so that she could confirm what she had hoped he was doing with her risqué photos, and now fighting her urge to lick her son's ejaculate off of her finger so she could taste him. 

Ava made her decision, and in doing so, she was confident that she had just made another. 


In the 16 years Ava had been teaching she had always dressed professionally in suits to work. Her current school even required it, except for one day per week. Given everything that had changed in the married woman's life recently, and given that everybody was just looking forward to the game anyway instead of focusing on schoolwork, Ava decided to finally acknowledge Central Hillside's casual Friday. 

"Are you calling in sick today?" was all a puzzled Garret could ask as he saw his wife walk down the stairs in a purple, deep-neck sweater with a white cami underneath and faded blue jeans with casual heels. Tying it all together was her hair was in a messy blonde bun instead of a tight bulb. 

"Nope, Casual Friday!" Ava had a hop in her step. 

As she bent down in front of the fridge to take out the milk, Ethan and Garret both noticed how her jeans snuggly fit the contours of her butt cheeks. When she bent back up and turned around with the 1% milk in her hand, the men at the table noticed another welcoming sight. The soft purple sweater and low-cut undershirt showed off a fair, but not inappropriate amount of cleavage and the purple cashmere showed off Ava's large smooth orbs. 

"I think you look good in casual dress, Mom." Ethan was the first to comment, actually irritated Garret a bit since he wanted to be the one to put Ava in an even better mood. 

The bubbly mom checked out her son's polo and how the short sleeves showed off his biceps. "Thank you, Ethan. You're looking good yourself." If only you knew what I just did... 


The school day was finally coming to an end. Mrs. Dawson noticed that every student in each of her classes was surprised to see her dressed the way she was. The male students in her last class seemed to be the most excited. Just based on her casual looking around as the students completed an easy worksheet, Ava counted 5 boners. 

The clock approached the final bell and Ava could hardly contain her eagerness for what she had planned once it rang. Finally, the students' favorite sound came over the speaker. 

"Hold up! Hold up!" Mrs. Dawson waved her arms to stop the exiting hoard. 

There was a universal groan from the students who took exception to being held after the bell rang. 

"Would the gentlemen, with the exception of Arnold, who did very poorly on the first version of the last test, you know who you are, please see me after class?" 

After the announcement, the rest of the class dashed for the threshold before they could be held hostage again. The only people remaining in the class were Carlos, the shorter Latino who thought he could bully Ethan just because he thought he was cool and had a few tattoos; Sam, a heavyset white offensive lineman with a buzz cut; Marcus, a large-bellied black defensive lineman; Matthew, the long snapper and surfer dude with wavy long blonde hair; Connor, the quarterback who was a notorious ladies' man; and Mike, a stocky fullback whose arm was in a cast. 

Ava strutted in her jeans back to her office and took a seat. "Please come in and shut the door behind you," she called out to the group of athletes in the classroom. 

Once everybody was in the room standing awkwardly, Ava began the execution of her master plan. 

"Do any of you know why I called you in here today?" 

After a moment of pause, Matthew raised his hand as he spoke, "Because of our bad test grades?" The rest of his friends awaited their teacher's response. 

"Good guess! But no..." Ava glanced around the room. The football players just looked around at each other and no other answer came to their minds. 

"Give up?" Ava continued as she rose from her desk as she walked around to the front of her desk and sat on the edge so she was closer to the young men. She knew that due to her uncovered cleavage and the height difference they could ogle down her chest. "Well boys, the reason I called you in here is because of a fairly serious rumor that was reported to me by someone who overheard you guys talking in the hallway after class." 

The career teacher almost laughed. She had never the blood drain from more students' faces so quickly. 

"What did you hear exactly? Most rumors are made up," Connor interjected defensively. 

Ava removed her glasses in a stern manner and hung them on her camisole, stretching her cleavage just a little bit more. "To put it bluntly, I heard that you guys had concocted a plan that would lead to me having intercourse with you. Is that true?" 

All of a sudden, each young man had a lot to say. "No! That's a lie." "We would never do that!" "That would be disgusting!" "Who told you that lie?" 

Once the 18 and 19 year olds got off of their soap box, Ava attempted to clarify their points, "So all of you are saying that the rumor is untrue and that none of you wanted to work out a deal to have sex with me?" 

"No!" They all lied unanimously with blush faces. 

In her greatest move yet, Mrs. Dawson put on sad eyes and ran her hands sensually over the inner thighs of her jeans as she looked around the room. She pursed her lips, "Well that's too bad because I was looking forward to you guys having your way with me after you upheld your end of the deal." 

Their jaws dropped. Some of the players literally rubbed their eyes to make sure they were awake. 

"Wait, what?" Mike asked quietly. 

The 'sad' teacher started to get up from her seated position with a defeated attitude. "It doesn't matter anyway, you guys aren't interested." 

"No, we are! We were just lying 'cause we were scared," implored Marcus. The rest of his teammates joined him in his admission. 

A bright smile appeared on Ava's face as she sat back down. "Seriously?! You guys are actually interested?" 

"Hell yeah!" 

The AP biology teacher made an effort to obviously eye up all of their groins. "Well I can see from those massive fuckrods you guys have that you are sincere haha." 

It was like a dream for the highschoolers. The championship just became the second greatest part about the school week. 

"What do we have to do? Tell us!" 

Now that they were eating out of the palm of her hand, Ava walked towards the gentlemen who were standing almost shoulder-to-shoulder in a semi-circle around her desk. She stepped just inches away from the student on her far left, Mike. She looked him in the eyes and began to explain her offer. "It's really quite simple, boys." She slowly sidestepped as she continued her offer, keeping the same close proximity to each boy. "You winning the game this weekend will be good for the school and also good for my son Ethan, and I care about my son. So if you win the game this weekend, each and every one of you will be personally satisfied by me." Ava finished her statement as she reached the player farthest to the right, Connor. She looked up at him as she spoke to the crowd, "How does that sound?" 

The tall quarterback swallowed as he nodded his head. There was unanimous agreement with the deal. Deciding to be a little more naughty than planned, Ava reached in front of her and down Connor's jeans. She took his erection in her hand and began to pump. "It's not a deal until you shake on it," she joked as she lightly bit her lower lip. 

Ava soon realized her mistake as she saw that each of the other boys was looking at her to 'make the deal official' with them. Not wanting to make the others feel left out, the blonde vixen went down the line in the reverse direction and briefly jerked each guy. Though she did not want to even touch Carlos for how he treated Ethan, Ava decided to be diplomatic. 

As she reached Sam, who wasn't used to a woman showing a desire to touch him, he got a little too into it and actually pulled his sweatpants and boxers onto his thighs, exposing his hard-on for Mrs. Dawson to handle. 

Finding his eagerness to be cute, Ava took his shaft and masturbated it for a little longer and a lot faster than anyone else. Seeing this, the remaining guys lowered their pants and underwear in hopes of getting the same treatment. See, this is what happens when I don't follow the plan! 

Moving on to the next guy, Marcus, Ava gave him the same treatment she gave to Sam. Seeing this better treatment, Connor, Carlos, and Matthew lowered their pants to let their teacher know that they wanted to be treated the same as their two classmates. 

Ava saw this and looked back at the aroused boys and gave a playful sigh, "Hold on a minute! I'll make sure it's fair, just give me a minute." 

Too horny to ignore their demanding erections, the waiting boys stroked their own wood to the image of Mrs. Dawson giving her other students handjobs. By the time she was giving Mike her helping hand, Ava turned her focus to the 3 men creeping closer towards her impatiently. They just can't wait, can they? 

She decided that had been enough time with Mike and quickly started giving Connor the same treatment she gave to Sam. 

"How come you didn't do me as long as everyone else?" An upset Mike asked his teacher. 

Ava rotated her head back and saw his frown. "I'm so sorry, Michael. That was my mistake I'll give you the rest of your time and then some in just a little bit." 

Soon, all of the young men in the room were touching themselves waiting on Mrs. Dawson to come back to them. To help the supply meet the demand, Ava employed her left hand to start pumping. She could now jerk two men at once. 

Behind her, Mike tapped her back to remind her she wasn't finished with him. I need more hands, Jesus! In order to accommodate Matthew and Mike, Ava held her right hand on Matthew's stick and her left hand on Mike's from across the semi-circle, which was starting to close in on her. 

Ava found herself with her arms outstretched to each of her sides pleasuring her students. It was a funny position for her to be in. When she looked straight ahead she saw Marcus and Sam jerking off right in front of her. What if they cum on me?! 

In fear of having a tough stain in her clothes when her husband washed them later, Ava resigned the fact that the boys weren't leaving until they finished. And seeing that Connor and Carlos position themselves behind her, Ava knew the jizz would be hurdling towards her. She quickly let go of the cocks and pulled her clothing off as if it was a race. There were hoots and hollers from the audience of men. 

"I don't want it to stain my clothes," explained Ava even though she was secretly enjoying the lustful attention. 

"Wait, so you mean we can-?" 

Sam didn't need to finish his thought. "Like there's a chance you all weren't going to?" Ava gave a gratifying smile. 

"Alright boys!" Connor made it official, "We got ourselves a circle jerk!" 

Before she knew it, Ava was swarmed. Just inches from her body were 6 pink penis tips whose rods were being manipulated into satisfaction. Hands were reaching and grabbing at her body parts. Her ass was being smacked and she couldn't tell from where. It felt good. 

To calm things down for herself, and to make her handjobs easier on her arms, Ava lowered herself to her knees. From there on it was her using both of her hands to pump and grab the packages before her while trying to alternate. Needing an extra hand, Ava started using her mouth. It proved to be popular. 

Not knowing which way was up, Ava just spun around on her knees and placed her hands and mouth on the nearest phallus. The first one to finish was Carlos. Ave knew he finished when she felt a splash of hot liquid hit her lower back. Good, now get out of here you asshole. 

It became easier and more pleasurable for her to satisfy the remaining football players since she only had to focus on 5 instead of 6. The next one to blow his load was Matthew. Ava was jerking him and she didn't even know he was cumming when his ropes of white flew into her left tit. Then Connor couldn't hold it anymore. He actually got down low and pressed his tip onto the top of Ava's butt and drained his balls. The teacher soon found herself smiling and laughing as she basked in the center of the erotic circle. 

With only 3 men left, Ava could pleasure all of them at once. She had Marcus' black cock in her throat as she stroked Sam and Mike. Sam came on her right tit and a little on her neck. Mike thrusted Ava's hand towards her face so he could glaze her forehead. Marcus was the lucky one who got to Mrs. Dawson swallow his seed. She winked as she slurped it down. 

When the smoke cleared, an exhausted Ava started to eat all of the cum off of her body. Connor came up to help her by scooping any of it he saw with his finger and letting Ava suck it off. When she was mostly cum-free she put her clothes back on and told the boys it was time to leave and go to practice. 

Reclining in her office chair alone, Ava was both satisfied and jittery with excitement for the weekend. She came to the conclusion that she was turned on by the taboo of things. She wondered if part of the reason she was so attracted to Ethan was because he was the ultimate taboo. 

Before coming home that night, the buzzing teacher took a shower in the girls' locker room. There was too much dried jizz on her to get away with this time. 


It was Saturday at last. Ethan was well rested and ready to go. Based on the sounds Ava heard from her son's room the night before, her pictures helped tucker him out. 

"Let's go, Ethan! Coach said you have to be there by 2!" Garret boomed up the stairs. 

"Jeeze, Honey, I think you're more excited than he is," Ava shared a laugh with her husband. 

Garret was about to drop Ethan off at the school to be with the team before the game. He would then drive back to the house and then go to the game with Ava at 5:30. Ava knew it would take Garret about half and hour to make the round trip with Ethan, which was just enough time for her. 

Striving to be as efficient as possible, the excited mother got into her car after Garret and Ethan drove away. As she started to drive to the dollar store, she made a call- the call on which her entire plan depended. 

"Hey, Benner. I know you're busy right now and don't need any distractions but just hear me out." Over her Bluetooth, Ava explained her plan for evening and the most recent events. She was confident the football coach would comply considering their previous understanding. 

The news from Benner was good. Giddy with enthusiasm from her good fortune, Ava hung up the phone and moved on to the second part of her plan. She walked into the dollar store and picked up 2 packs of 6 blank cards and envelopes. 

When she arrived back at the house she used her skill of writing notes quickly to her students that she had attained over years of teaching. After each identical note was placed in an envelope Ava wrote a name on the back of each one. There were a total of 10 envelopes with names on the back: Trey, Charlie, David, Arnold, Carlos, Sam, Marcus, Connor, Matthew, and Mike. 


The game was the most entertaining one of the season. It was back and forth the whole way. As well as the highly motivated students in Mrs. Dawson's AP Biology class were playing; the opponents seemed to be playing just as well. I wonder who offered to fuck them for winning? 

Garret was on the edge of his seat and yelling at the ref for the entire first 2 quarters. Ava wondered to herself how her life would be going if he had shown as much intensity in bed. She told herself that she was actually better off in her current situation. 

The score at the half was 21-21. After the break, the players emerged from the locker room and took the field. Ava turned to Garret and announced she had to use the bathroom. 

Her vagina was tingling as she ran towards the school instead of the bathrooms near the playing field. Using her key to open the door, Ava found herself in the men's locker room. The odor of the sweating young men still lingered. 

Just as Coach Benner had promised her on the phone there were pieces of masking tape with the last name of each player above their lockers. Reaching into her purse, Ava retrieved 11 white envelopes. She quickly walked around the room and slid each personalized note under the appropriate locker door. 

When Ava returned to the game she felt thrilled, yet a little insecure. She knew that what she had just done couldn't be undone. Ava tried her best to just focus on the game and cheer on her time. She promised herself that everything would work out well. 

What distracted her from the impending unknown circumstances were the players on the field. Ava admired the physical attributes of all the young studs she taught. She realized how spoiled she was to have men like that lusting after her regularly. The one maturing man who she kept the closest eye on was her son, who was having another outstanding performance. 

Before she knew it, it was late in the final quarter. Central Hillside was up by a field goal and the opposing team, Shell Harbor, was threatening to score the game-winning touchdown. 

"You're going to kill me," Ava began as she said to Garret, who was trying to watch the critical moment. "I volunteered to help clean up the locker room after the game. The janitors don't work on weekends and normally the coaching staff does it. But Benner allowed his players to miss practice for me to tutor them and this is my way of paying him back." 

"You're telling me this now?!" Garret looked incredulous. "I don't care, Ava, I'm trying to watch the game! There are 45 seconds left. That's fine whatever you do, I want to watch the game!" 

Ava knew it was the perfect thing to say at the perfect time. It seemed legitimate and complicated, and there was no way Garret would think things through in that moment. 

As the clock wound down, Shell Harbor threw the ball, only to have it intercepted by Charlie. The crowd went absolutely nuts. Central Hillside had won the championship. The gravity of the situation hit Ava, but she was ready. She had two things to be very happy about. 


The players had finished dancing, the fans that stormed the field had vanished, and the team was making its way back into the locker room. Ava wasn't looking for a conversation with Garret. "Gotta go," was all she said as she walked off of the bleachers. 

Ava leaned against the brick wall outside of the school, next to the outside entrance to the men's locker room. She looked at her attire to make sure it was perfect. After pulling off her hooded sweatshirt and sliding her jeans down her legs, Ava's desired look was exposed. Everything from her gray striped miniskirt, to her black thigh highs, to her black heels, to her thin white blouse that her tits were popping out of, Ava rocked the hell out of her slutty teacher costume. 

Adjusting her glasses again and again, she was too anxious to stand still while waiting for Coach Benner to open the door. Ava knew that her students have likely had already read her note. 

Hello There Sweetie, 

Before you read anymore, please make sure you do not let anybody see or know of this letter. This will be our little secret! 

I am sure you know who this is from, and my pussy is dripping wet just from writing this to you. Over this school year so far I have made a deal with you of some sorts. As a thank you for your hard play today out on the field, I am going to let you stick something hard deep inside of me. I would like to say this was just a present for you, but really it's a present for me as well. I hope that after the game you aren't too tired to fuck me until you cum into me. I know I will have plenty of energy for you! 

After your postgame meeting is over and all of your fellow teammates leave the locker room, please stay behind (You'll find that some of your classmates will be staying with you). I hope you're nice and hard for me; I want this to be a very special evening. 

Your favorite teacher and lover, 

Mrs. Dawson 


Inside the locker room the postgame celebration was dying down. Coach Benner announced, "Alright boys, everybody go home and spend sometime with your families. Let's plan to go out for pizza tonight to keep the celebration going, my treat!" 

The football players cheered and began to exit the locker room through the athletic office. As Ethan grabbed his bag and started to leave, Coach Benner grabbed him by the shoulder and said, "Please stay here for a while. There's going to be a special gift for some of the seniors who have played well this year." 

Within a minute the entire locker room was empty. Ethan looked around to see 10 of his friends standing there. He immediately recognized that they were all students in his mom's AP Biology class. He was very confused, as he and his teammates seemed overly excited, yet made awkward eye contact. What's going on and why are they so uncomfortable looking at me? 

Coach Benner then walked over to the door that opened up outside towards the playing field. He knocked in a pattern and then cracked open the metal door. 


As the door opened, Ava knew this was it. She inhaled and pulled the door open the rest of the way. The biology teacher stepped forward and found herself standing in a slutty outfit in the corner of a locker room with 11 of her students, including her son, staring at her in shock. Ethan was easily the most bewildered. Ava didn't even make eye contact with him. She simply couldn't. 

It was silent in the locker room with the exception of some heavy breathing and some players speaking to themselves under their breath. Feeling the responsibility to break the awkwardness of the tension in the room, Coach Benner stepped forward and placed his hand on Ava's shoulder. 

The Coach nearly teared up as he congratulated his graduating players. "I know all of you have been dreaming about this for a while. Over the last 4 years all of you have played well for me and I couldn't think of any other young gentlemen who deserve this more. Enjoy the spoils of going out on top." 

"I'd like to see her on top," Matthew joked quietly to his teammates. 

They all laughed, except for Ethan who was still trying to digest the unbelievable surprise. 

Ava heard the joke and she released a throaty laugh to show her appreciation for it. She walked towards the group of men who were scattered in the back of the room. She stopped just shy of a knee-high wooden bench that just a two-foot wide laminated plank of oak screwed onto two metal poles that were cemented into the floor. 

The woman in the sexy teacher costume licked her lips sensually as the men gawked at her cleavage. "Well, Matthew, if you want me on top so badly then why don't you take off your clothes and make it a reality?" 

There were some whistles from the on looking football players. Feeling encouraged and knowing his prize was secure, Matthew challenged back in a cocky tone, "Mrs. Dawson, if you want my cock to be buried in your cunt then why are your clothes still on?" 

The spicy exchange was making Ava even hornier and she was feeling comfortable in the new atmosphere. With a wispy voice, Ava responded as she lowered her glasses on her nose, "My panties are already off... isn't that all you need?" 

The long snapper jumped towards his 41-year-old teacher and began to feel up her body. She gasped at his touch as he began to kiss the tops of her breasts. The blonde teacher started to bite his earlobe. 

Out of the corner of her eye Ava saw some of the other men moving towards her. She knew what they had in mind. "Boys," she breathed, "Let's not all go at once. I want to give each one of you some special attention." Ava then pressed her lips against Matthew's ear and continued her idea, "And I don't want anyone else annoying me while I ride your meaty fuckstick like a MILFy slut." 

Matthew had enough of the foreplay. He laid down along the wooden bench with one leg on the ground to each side for stability. Ava was pulled down on top of him where she kissed him some more before sitting upright. 

The experienced lover first helped Matthew remove his shirt, and then she undid his belt buckle as she straddled his lap. Once his jeans and boxers were down and his impressive erection was exposed, Ava used one hand to touch his chest while she used the other one to hold his shaft straight into the air. 

Moans came from both parties as Matthew's head slipped into Ava's wet pussy. Ava brushed her hair to the side of her face as she stared down at the highschooler. "Well you have me where you wanted me. So what now?" 

Matthew couldn't see his piece because it was blocked by his teacher's miniskirt, but he knew what he wanted to do. 

Ava's ride began. It felt amazing to be bucked up and down on a young man's lap. It was so wrong, but it felt so good. After finally picking her head up, Ava glanced around the room to see the faces of the other suitors. 

Each one of them was flush. She knew where Ethan was standing and she chose not to look at his face. She couldn't do it yet, so she just decided to pretend he wasn't there. The other 9 men staring at her though were mesmerized. Ava knew they were paying attention to every sight and sound of the pornographic scene. 

It became clear that most of them were staring at her gorgeous melons bouncing in the tight white blouse. Ava looked back down at Matthew. She didn't want to look away for too long. She wanted him to feel like it was his special moment. In order to satisfy the other men who were waiting patiently, while also making Matthew feel like she was doing something special just for him, Ava stared into Matthew's eyes as she ripped her blouse open. Her enormous chest popped into view. The pink lace bra ended just above her areolas. 

Matthew reached up and took hold of them. He kneaded them like clay as he thrusted his hips up profusely. Ava knew she had him. The 18-year-old's eyes squinted and his face was bright red. "Show me how much you want me! Fill me up with your love juice!" 

Mrs. Dawson whined as she felt the muscular student's semen blast into her vaginal canal. She ground her pussy into his lap, trying to milk out every last drop. 

As the penis inside of her started to soften, Ava lowered her chest onto Matthew's and kissed him. "Thank you for that, Sweetie," she whispered as she got off the bench. 

Just two seconds after returned to a standing position, Ava flashed an energetic smile and offered, "So who's next?" She removed her blouse the rest of the way. 

Some raised their hands, while others stepped forward eagerly. Ava noticed the bulges in all of their pants, though she did not look at Ethan's. Some of the students tried to hide their demanding boners. Sam, on the other hand, couldn't avoid the temptation any longer and he pulled down his gym shorts to rub his manhood. 

Pleased with the offensive lineman's courage and/or insatiable desire, the vivacious cougar strutted towards the large student and took his meat in her hand. "Now that's what I like to see," she cheered as she kissed Sam against the lockers. 

His teammates were jealous that they weren't next. Many of them started to undress and jerk off in hopes that it would please Mrs. Dawson. 

Ava stopped her handjob and questioned, "So how do you want me, Baby?" 

Sam reached up and fondled her breasts as he thought of an answer, "Uh, umm, I wanna take you from behind." 

Without saying a word, Ava spun around and grinded her ass into Sam's groin before taking his hand and leading him back to the bench. This time Ava got on her hands and knees. "This is a bit painful," she said kind of seriously as she felt her elbows and knees press into the wood. 

Within seconds, Charlie appeared with two gym towels for his teacher to put underneath of her elbows and knees. Ava thanked him for the considerable act. "You're next!" A few of the guys groaned, wishing they had thought of the chivalrous act. 

Sam walked up behind the bent over Ava, his legs straddling the bench. She was facing down the length of the bench, her eyes in the direction of the other men. The heavy football player was behind her pushing her skirt up. 

Turning her head around, the blonde chuckled, "Just take it off, Silly!" 

The young man was embarrassed as he pulled her miniskirt down to her knees. He appreciated the even better view of Mrs. Dawson's butt. Still a bit timid, Sam explored his teacher's curves with his hands. The head of his rod was lightly pressing against her skin. 

Ava could sense the hesitation behind her. She looked behind her again and up at Sam's face. "I want this," she nodded calmly and in an assuring manner. 

After turning her head back towards the bench again, Ava's mouth suddenly opened and an involuntary sound came out. Sam's piece was halfway inside of her and it showed no signs of stopping. Once Sam's waist was tapping her rear, he went back to groping her perfect ass. 

Turning around again, Ava smiled, "Give it a smack! Have some fun with it!" 

Sam's hand struck her right butt cheek and she released a high-pitched whine. "Good," she praised, "now fuck me!" 

Ava's chest jiggled back and forth in her pink bra as Sam rammed her from behind, his hand smacking her booty every so often. The married woman peered through her glasses to see that all of the dicks in the room were being stroked. Whenever she made eye contact with someone she gave him a wink. 

Inadvertently, Ava made eye contact with her son for the first time. It only lasted a moment, but it sent chills down Ava's spine. She began to wonder what in the world he was thinking at the moment. He's not running out of the room, so that's good I guess. 

The sexualized mother then thought to check on how he was enjoying the entertainment. She remembered where he was in the room. She scanned the masturbating hands and sex organs in the room. Ava was surprised by how she could identify each of her students by his crotch. Finally she got to Ethan's. 

She didn't notice it by having seen it recently. Ava discerned it from the sketch that Arnold had made. HOLY FUCK! It turns out that Arnold go the details exactly right. Ava marveled at the hefty set of testicles before running her eyes up the girthy shaft that reached a tip that was much taller than Garret's. Her mouth went dry. And he's jerking off to me being fucked! 

Ava's admiration was interrupted by another smack on her rear. With her attention back on Sam, Ava began to whimper from the feeling of his movements inside of her. She turned back and pleaded, "Please cum for me, Baby! Please cum! I want to feel you finish inside of me!" 

Sam complied and held on tightly to Ava's relatively small waist as he exploded inside of her. The MILF trembled on her elbows as she handled the load from behind. 

As she panted on her knees, she saw Charlie already starting to step closer to her. But then David tapped his shoulder and Charlie stopped to listen what he had to say. 

Eventually, Sam slipped out of Ava's hole and he left her pussy with two loads of jizz swirling inside of it. "Well that was amazing!" She complimented Sam as he walked away sweating profusely. 

"So," Ava regained her breath as she stood up, "I believe Charlie is next!" The slutty teacher costume was reduced to the black thigh high stockings, the black heels, and the pick bra (which Ava didn't expect to last past the first guy). 

"Kind of," the slender teenager shrugged playfully as he approached. 

Mrs. Dawson soon had an idea why he made the smartass statement. David also was making his way towards his daydream. They both were hugging her body and kissing her neck. 

"Well I didn't expect this pleasant surprise," Ava laughed as she kissed the boys back and massaged their penises. "So how will you boys be taking me this time?" 

Charlie and David didn't respond, they just gave each other a mischievous grin. Ava knew she was in for something interesting. 

Suddenly, Ava found herself being lifted off of the ground and carried across the floor. Where the hell are they taking me?! Ava's question was answered when the two naked jocks set her down in the shower room. Kinky... 

Ava's body jolted as ice-cold water hit her bare skin. Her nipples were pointing out through her bra. David saw this and he responded by unclasping her pink lingerie. Ava's bra fell to the wet tile. 

Charlie and David both dove their heads to Ava's cold tits. They sucked and licked the firm nipples to Ava's delight. Fortunately for Ava, the shower warmed up quickly. "So what now? Are we just getting clean?" The bombshell ran her hands up and down the abs and chests of the men near her. 

"Nope," Charlie smiled as he walked behind her and pressed against her. "We're going to see how dirty you can be." David stood in front of Ava and pressed his chest into hers as he kissed her. 

Simultaneously, the highschoolers hoisted their naked teacher into the air under the showerhead. The wet orgy commenced as David lowered Ava onto his cock. It slid right into her open pussyhole. Wait... So that means that... Oh fuck. 

In the decades Ava had been married she had never performed anal with her husband because he found it to be gross. In fact, even before marriage Ava had never had anal sex. But here, in a locker room shower with two of her students hoisting her in the air naked with her son watching her, it seemed like the only appropriate time to start. 

The audience had followed the threeway into the shower area. They looked in to watch as they stroked themselves to the erotic scene. Ava had to continue to be conscious of making the men she was with happy, as well as putting on a great show for those waiting. 

The lone concern of Ava's was relieved as she felt Charlie scoop some of her pussy juice onto his fingers and rub it around her cherryhole. Ava wrapped her legs around David's hips and held on around his neck as Charlie began to wedge his mushroom head into her back hole. 

After moments of struggle, for the first time, Ava had a cock inside of her butt and she kind of liked it. The rest of the team watched the sandwich made between the two teenagers and the MILF that was suspended in air due to being pressed in between them. 

The streams from the shower caused the wet bodies to accentuate the fapping noises. Ava did no work as she just made out with David while Charlie gave her a hickie from behind. She just plopped up and down in place and enjoyed the sensations. 

A few minutes passed and Charlie, who was standing right next to the shower handle, decided to get kinky. He took one hand off of Mrs. Dawson's waist and he began to oscillate the handle so the temperature would constantly change. 

With her insides stuffed by two rods just centimeters from each other, and the crowd of people watching her, the hot and then icy water sent Ava over the edge. That was the first time Ava came. She trembled in Charlie and David's arms as her face tightened. 

The first rush passed and Ava looked over towards the entrance of the shower room. Out of all of the young naked men jerking off, Ava first caught eyes with Ethan. They held that eye contact for the duration of Ava's orgasm. Both of them were filled with awe at what was happening. 

As Ava's vaginal muscled contracted repeatedly for the climax, David and Charlie's cocks felt the clamping pressure. Ava's loud moans and whimpers accompanied the physical sensation. They both came. 

The two dicks took turns squirting into Ava's body. All Ava could do is make awkward eye contact with Ethan, who was stroking even faster as he watched his mom quiver in between the hard bodies. 

When the sex came to a close, Ava was returned to her feet. Charlie and David stayed under the spray of the shower as they caught their breath. 

From the pack of hungry men, one stepped forward with a dry towel and a bottle of sports drink. Ava smiled at Trey as he wrapped her in the dark blue fabric. "Thanks, Trey." 

Trey pressed his lips against Mrs. Dawson as he wrapped his arms around her and dried her off. The teacher drank the yellow energy drink and felt replenished. "I've been waiting for you," she complimented seductively. "What we do is up to you. I'm sorry I'm so stuffed with cum already." 

The caramel-colored wide receiver laughed. "I don't care what you have in there. My dick will force it out." 

Ava bit her lip. "Oh, I don't doubt that for a minute." 

Wrapped in the towel, Ava held it to her body as Trey walked behind her and pressed against her. He began to guide Ava from behind. They soon found themselves in the athletic office standing in front of Coach Benner's desk. 

Ava could see the naked erections had followed her when she looked through the giant glass window that separated the office from the locker room. Ethan was still there masturbating, though he still had an indecisive expression on his face. 

"What are we doing in here, Trey?" 

The wide receiver wiped everything off of his coach's wooden desk in one motion. All of the pens and papers fell to the floor. Ava looked back over to see an indifferent Coach Benner. He was still following his players and the 41-year-old wife could see the tent in his slacks. 

"Ever since we fucked that first time I've always dreamed of taking you on a desk again. So here we are," Trey answered Mrs. Dawson's question before picking her up and laying her down on the cleared mahogany. 

A glistening Ava laid back on her towel as Trey lifted her legs on top of his shoulders. Ava braced herself as the young stud inserted his long rod far into her mound. And just as Trey promised, the cum from his teammates squirted out to make room for his piece. 

"Oh God!" Ava groaned. 

Trey then bent over to press his face towards Ava. Her knees went back to the sides of her head. She was compressed on her back as Trey leaned in to kiss her. He unwrapped the towel from her chest so he could see and feel her breasts. 

"You have no idea how badly I've wanted to fuck you again," Trey grunted. 

Ava nearly cried out, "You have no idea how much I've thought of this happening when you were jerking off in the bathroom." 

"I'm going to rail you like your husband never has." 

"Please do, Sweetie!" 

The fucking commenced with Trey going no-holds-barred. He didn't pace himself. He was filled with lust and the sight of his teacher on her back with her feet behind her head while he jammed his cock inside of her made her irresistible. 

Ava practically cried with pleasure the entire time. She felt a familiar sensation as she started to tremble. "I'm cumming Trey! I'm cumming for you!" 

Trey sped up to give Ava the final sensations she needed. She screamed as her body and mind went limp. Not done yet, Trey kept up his accelerated pace as he grabbed Ava's tits. When he reached the point of no return, Trey was able to delay himself just enough so he could hustle to the other side of the desk and aimed his twitching cock at Ava's face. 

The panting MILF opened wide and closed her eyes. Even though she knew it was coming, Ava was jolted by the feeling of liquid splattering onto her face and into her mouth. Trey dumped load after load onto his teacher's face. He kept pumping in order to squeeze out everything he had. 

After swallowing, Ava opened her mouth again to show Trey that she had in fact consumed his sperm. An exhausted Trey began to wipe the remaining cum off of Ava's face and feed it to her. 

The lovers kissed and Trey stumbled out of the athletic office. The onlookers stared in amazement. Ava sat up with a reinvigorated placidity to her. 

Despite not saying anything, Marcus came running into the office. "Can I be next?" 

The few remaining gentlemen were angry at themselves for not taking the initiative. 

Ava laughed at his enthusiasm. "Sure, Marcus. Take a seat and I'll be right with you. Or should I say, right on you?" 

The hefty black football player seemed like he was already halfway towards cumming as he sat down in his coach's office chair. Ava rid herself of the towel and stepped off the desk. She first spun the chair so Marcus was facing his teammates through the window. 

It wasn't just about satisfying each guy; Ava knew she had to put on a show in order to maximize the experience for everyone. In the spirit of that, the knockout blonde sat down on Marcus' lap with her back pressing against his big belly. Everyone would be able to see her chest and face as she bounced up and down. 

Ava reached underneath of her and took the black cock in the palm of her hand as she raised her hips. Marcus grunted softly as his soft flesh rubbed against his teacher's. 

"Grab on and don't let go," Ava commanded as her hands took hold of Marcus' and guided them onto her buoyant tits. 

It was as if Marcus had died and gone to heaven. Coach Benner watched the scene and noted to himself how he had never seen Marcus so satisfies about anything. 

Marcus bounced the blonde MILF up and down vigorously as her son watched. 

Rocking in the office hair, Ava looked through the window at the audience of horny men. Ethan still had the same expression of horniness with discomfort. Coach Benner on the other hand, seemed like he was in pain. 

Well that explains it. Ava laughed at how the Coach was trying to ignore his boner in his pants. While riding her student, the formerly professional educator held eye contact with Benner until he locked eyes with her. Ava then pointed as his crotch through the glass from about 10 feet away. Benner held up a hand to apologize, but Ava chuckled and then pointed her finger down. 

Coach Benner clearly got the message as his pants and boxers hit the floor and he became just like his players- jerking off in the locker room. 

Enjoying what she could do with her finger from feet away, Ava decided to play some more. She first rested her head back on Marcus' chest and looked up at him longingly before making out with him for a short amount of time. She didn't want to make him think she wasn't primarily focused on him. 

Afterwards, Ava sought out the young man who gave her the confidence to pursue Ethan. Arnold was almost startled when Mrs. Dawson pointed at him through the glass. He watched as she seductively pulled her finger back towards her. 

The timid punter, who drew her favorite sketch, cautiously walked into the athletic office completely naked. He stopped a few feet short and Ava insisted he come closer as if she had a secret. 

Ava wanted to reward him for what he had done for her because the last time she tried to he came in her mouth after just a few seconds. He deserved a real reward. 

"You're going to get to fuck me next, you fucking stud!" Ava then pulled her bobbling head back to see his reaction. It was not as expected... 

Upon hearing his dream-woman whisper in his ear, the trigger-happy Arnold lost control and started to ejaculate. Ava was in shock as Arnold's pent-up fluids fired onto her right thigh. 

When the orgasm ended, Arnold was embarrassed. Ava could see Carlos laughing and pointing from behind the glass pane. Ava felt awful but there was nothing she could do but try to make the best of the situation. She smiled and winked as she wiped his cum up with her palm and licked it off. It wasn't much, but it made it hurt less for poor Arnold. 

Just then, the grip around Ava's breasts tightened. The experienced slut knew what was coming next. She braced herself as Marcus delivered some final deep, pleasurable thrusts before depositing his contribution into Ava's cum bank. 

Some of Marcus' sludge dripped out as Ava lifted herself off of his lap. Not needing to take a rest, the bodacious blonde strutted right towards the exit of the athletic office and immersed herself in the crowd of men that had dwindled down to 5. 

"So who's my next lover?" Ava asked as she lightly brushed her breasts. 

A scowl briefly appeared on Ava's face. The last person she wanted to step forward had beaten everyone else to the punch. "I want to fuck you up against the lockers, Mrs. Dawson!" 

Ava stared at Carlos with a hidden sense of outrage. I can't believe I have to help get this asshole off. Well I'll get him off, but he won't like how. 

"Of course, Carlos." The older woman took the young, tattooed kicker's hand and walked him into the main part of the locker room and pressed him up against a locker. 

Taking things into her own hands, Ava got down onto her knees and began to stroke Carlos' tan skin without looking up at him once. An aroused Carlos asked, "Put in your mouth Mrs. Dawson! Please!" 

At that offer, Ava stopped her jerking motion and twisted Carlos' dick to the point where he felt pain. Standing up and leaning in closely so nobody else could hear, Ava whispered authoritatively, "I know you've been an asshole to my son this entire year. I can barely stand to look at you right now. I made a deal I would get you off, but I never specified how. So no, I will not 'put it in my mouth' nor will your cock get anywhere near my pussy. You're going to get a hand and that's all, understand?" 

A frightened Carlos shook nodded in affirmation. 

Ava loosed her grip on Carlos' manhood and resumed stroking from her standing position. She continued her speech, "Stomach, back, or feet?" 

"What?" Carlos was confused. 

"Where do you want it to land? I will not ask again. My stomach, back, or feet?" 

Those were not the options Carlos was hoping for. He thought for a moment and looked at Mrs. Dawson's body. "I've kind of always liked feet." 

Ava lowered herself back to her knees and gave the mechanical handjob. Even though she didn't care much about satisfying Ethan's bully and even though Carlos went into the gangbang assuming he'd get access to his teacher's most intimate parts, Carlos was enjoying the pleasure of Ava's hand. 

Carlos placed his hand on Ava's shoulder for support and for contact. Ava was about to say something but decided it didn't matter too much. She had already given him the punishment of missing out on her holes. 

As the intensity of the handjob increased, Carlos blurted out, "Can I feel your ass?" 

"What? No!" Ava was defiant. 

"Please, Mrs. Dawson! I will never be a douchebag to anyone at school again. Please just let me feel it!" 

Despite knowing it was likely just his testosterone talking, Ava begrudgingly shrugged and stood up. She removed her hand from Carlos' penis and walked away. 

Carlos was upset to be left in the middle of his handjob. He wanted to cry out and apologize. That was when Ava turned back and asked, "Well do you want to feel it or not?" 

The worried student followed Ava as she paced towards the long wooden bench in the locker room. This time she stood up on it facing the length of the wood plank. Her heels were touching the short edge and she squatted down with her knees bending out. This resulted in her feet being pressed together and a giant hole being created by her parted knees. 

Carlos still did not understand, but his intuition told him to get behind Ava. It then became clear as Ava reached her hand behind her, between her legs. Carlos stepped forward closer and closer until his abs were pressed against his teacher's beautiful booty and his cock was resting in her hand that was reaching back behind her. 

This was the ideal situation for Ava. She could jerk off Carlos without having to look at him, he could feel her ass so she didn't have to feel guilty about treating him to harshly, and when he came the tip of his piece would be hovering above her feet. 

With Mrs. Dawson's round butt cheeks pressing against his body, Carlos wasted no time savoring their feel. He squeezed, massaged, and smacked the plump booty as his penis was tugged between the MILF's thighs. 

All things considered, this was fine for Ava as well. When Carlos became more daring and started kissing her neck Ava did not even care. It was relatively peaceful compared to the other men she had taken care of and she knew that with 3 more to go she could use a few moments to relax. 

What Ava did not expect was that Coach Benner would find the seen too sexy to handle. Without warning, he sprinted up to a squatting Ava. She was barely able to keep her balance on the bench as the older man opened her mouth with his hands and shoved the plush head of his dick inside. 

Ava choked down the cream as it fired in. As fast as he ran up, Benner retreated to the shower room to collect himself. Well that was something, Ava quipped to herself as she swallowed the rest of her colleague's cum. 

Coach Benner was not the only person who couldn't wait any longer. Mike, the fullback, was dangling his cock in front of Ava's lips before she could even get the taste of Benner out of her mouth. 

With Carlos kissing her neck, the blonde MILF opened wide for the husky young man. It wasn't surprising that after jerking himself off for the last 40 minutes that Mike finished quickly. Ava felt his sack tighten against her chin and then rise up and down as he steadily released his milky cream into her cheeks. 

Seeing this display, and feeling the tugging motion become even harder and faster, Carlos whined and bit into Ava's soft neck as he gave her feet a nice glaze. 

After 3 men cumming in or on her within the last minute, Ava jumped off of the wooden bench in order to regain a sense of control over the situation. She found her bearings as she looked around the locker room. 

There were 12 naked men in the room. 11 of them were students and 1 was an older man. 10 of the 12 men were no longer masturbating, though they were still staring at Ava's incredible body, and she more than appreciated the attention as she subtly pushed her chest out. 

That was when Ava turned her attention to the two remaining gentlemen. There was Connor, the quarterback, and Ethan. For the first time Ava and Ethan stared at each other. Both of their faces became flush. There was no mistaking their feelings this time, Ethan was proudly stroking himself and staring into his mom's eyes with pure lust, and Ava was doing the same. 

Ava's mouth went dry as Ethan built up enough reserve to begin to step towards her. But as this happened, Connor, the tall quarterback, stepped forward even quicker and grabbed Ava by the waist. It was excruciating for Ava, as she had to readjust mentally. 

Connor wasted no time laying the naked bombshell down onto the wooden bench. After the hour of jerking himself off, Connor was close to finishing and he didn't want to risk not being inside of his teacher when he finally blew his load. Ava was understanding and rolled onto her side and lifted her left leg into the air. 

The quarterback straddled the bench, held Ava's tone leg over his right shoulder, and squatted slightly to insert himself inside of her. There was no warm-up, as Connor began thrusting towards climax. 

With the uncomfortable tension alleviated by the intense, emotional staring moments ago, a confident Ethan approached the bench and stood in front of his mom as she laid on her side getting fucked. Ethan continued to profusely masturbate just feet from Ava's face. 

Ava was in awe. She examined the cock, which looked even better up close. She then looked up at Ethan, who stared back at her as if he wanted her more than he had ever wanted anything before. 

The blonde's attention was no longer on the man inside of her; it was now squarely on the erotic exchange she was having with her son. She then saw his eyes flicker to chest. 

"You can touch them if you want, Ethan," Ava said in an assuring way. 

The 18 year old gulped and then reached out his trembling hand. It was like a static shock when Ava felt her son's grasp on her firm chest. 

"OHH, Ethan!" She moaned, "You don't know how badly I've wanted this." 

Precum leaked from Ethan's head as he used his mother's words as encouragement. He sensually fondled her breasts with his left hand as he continued to masturbate. 

Ava took her surge of sexual desire out on Connor's shaft that was still working in and out of her; however, she remained focused only on her son. Wanting more, and telling that Ethan wanted more, Ava continued, "You can suck them if you want." 

Despite the current situation, Ethan was caught off guard by the nature of the next step. Even though they were both infatuated with each other, it was still his mom asking him to put her breasts in his mouth. "I'm allowed to do that?" 

His mom laughed slightly and smiled, "Ethan, honey, you're my son. My tits were literally made for you to suck them. If anybody has any right to place my tits in their mouth it's you!" 

That was all the convincing Ethan needed. He bent over and began to suck and lick his mom's nipples. 

Watching the taboo display from above, Connor finally found relief. 

Ava felt that the highschooler behind her had finished and slipped out of her. The teacher sat up and looked around the room. Every man had been taken care of except for one. 

"So who's next?!" Ava called out playfully. 

The exhausted men in the locker room started hooting and hollering. They all knew the significance of what was about to happen. 

Ethan's cheeks became red with embarrassment. Ava found his blushing cute and placed her hands on his shoulder before giving him a brief peck on the lips. There was more cheering. But after Ava pulled away from the kiss, things became very real for the mom and son. The mood between the two went from light, to deeply passionate once again. 

This time, they both leaned in to kiss each other at the same time, but this kiss wasn't just a quick peck. The mom and son made out fiercely as they felt each other's bodies. Ethan sat down on the bench and Ava took it upon herself to stand up and sit down on his lap, facing him. 

Ethan's hands were firmly on his mom's ass as she grinded her pussy on his cock. Her hands dove straight down and felt the large penis that was rubbing against her sensitive clit. 

"I want to inside of me," Ava whispered in her son's ear. 

"I want to fuck you every single second of every single day!" Ethan grunted. 

"Sounds perfect to me," his mom responded, as she promptly sat up and lowered herself onto Ethan's long shaft that pointed into the air. 

Ethan moaned loudly as Ava's vagina engulfed his dick. Ava whined as she leaned in to kiss her son again. 

The football players clapped and cheered as they watched their teammate makeout with his mom as she bounced up and down on his lap. 

Ethan gasped, "Oh my God, this is unbelievable." 

"I know, I'm all yours now," Ava agreed. 

Ava's tits pressed firmly into Ethan's broad chest as his hands on her waist guided the rhythm of the humping. Ava dug her nails into her son's back as the pleasure became almost unbearable. She bit into Ethan's neck as an orgasm ripped through her body. 

Ethan thrusted his hips up faster and faster as his mom's pussy juice squirted onto his thighs. 

"Ahhhh! Oh God! Fuck! Holy shit, Ethan, don't stop!" 

After a minute, Ava's orgasm came to an end and she collapsed into Ethan's body as he continued to have his way with her. 

All of a sudden, Ethan stopped all motion as is he was paralyzed. Ava took her head off of his shoulder and looked at him. His eyes began to twitch. 

"I'm about to cum, Mom!" 

"Cum for me, baby! Fill Mommy with all of your cum!" 

Ethan pumped load after load into his mom like a fountain. Ava breathed heavily as she felt the liquid splash inside of her. 

The audience cheered. 

"That was the best sex I've ever had," Ava kissed Ethan. 

Ethan smirked. "Well, to be fair, I had a lot of help." 

Mike ran up to the couple with a pair of towels. 

Ava looked at her student, "Thanks, Mike, but I think Ethan and I are going to need to shower off first." 


When Ethan and Ava walked out of the shower fifteen minutes later, all of the other men in the locker room were fully dressed. 

Ava's blonde hair was still wet and Ethan was standing right behind her with his groin lightly pressing against her butt. They had been in constant contact since their amazing sexual introduction to each other. 

She could see that the players were nice enough to gather her clothes for her and place them on the wooden bench. "Thanks, guys!" 

Ethan went to his locker and put his clothes on. Ava knew she couldn't go home to Garret in her slutty outfit so she put on her bra and the hooded sweatshirt then went down to her thighs. Before putting her pants on, Ava stood up on the wooden bench and playfully announced, "Alright, team meeting!" 

The football players played along and huddled around the bench and took a knee. Ethan was still putting his clothes on and Ava showed her favoritism, "It's okay, Honey, you can stand." 

"Alright," Ava began seriously, "As you all know, whatever happened in this room is private! And if someone outside of this room finds out what happened Coach Benner agreed to call the university that each one of you is attending to tell the football coach that you are a bad influence on the locker room, and that your scholarship should be revoked." 

The football players internalized the severity of the message. 

"Now, on a brighter note," Ava was upbeat, "I realized that the reason this whole fiasco was created in the first place was because some of you took advantage of me being horny for young cock, in order to get an artificially high grade. And many of you, even purposely got bad grades so that I would fuck you." 

The highschoolers grinned at each other. 

"Well, as you can see now," she motioned to Ethan, "I can have a young thick cock inside of me whenever I want, so I don't need to be fucked by any of you." 

"Aww!" The football players were collectively deflated and frustrated. 

"However," Ava smirked, "I want to be fucked by all of you." 

The players cheered, including Ethan, who was glad to see his friends happy. 

"So, the way I see things is that you want my pussy, and I want you to get good grades instead of bad ones. After talking to Coach Benner and talking things over with Ethan, I have worked out a little system we both will like. If you get a B minus or B on a test, I will jerk you off until you're ready to cum anywhere on me you want." 

The players cheered. 

"If you get a B plus or A minus, I will suck your cock until I swallow every last drop of your jizz." 

The players cheered louder. 

"And if you get an A or A plus, you get to fuck me however you want." 

The players stood and cheered. 

"And I don't care if you want these rewards one-on-one or if you want to coordinate with your friends for more fun." 

Every guy in the room was more thrilled than he was when the team won the game. 

"What if we get an A for the course? Shouldn't there be a special reward for that?" Connor called out. 

The players went silent to listen for the answer. Ava knew she had to come up with something special now that she was put on the spot. 

"Umm... Oh I got it! I will rent a big hotel room for one day and a night at the end of the year. For whoever gets an A for the course, you will be invited to spend the night with me for 20 hours of nonstop fun!" 

The players cheered the loudest yet. Ava stepped down from the bench and hugged Ethan. She yelled in his ear over the chanting, "Let's get out of here now. Try to stay up late tonight, I have a feeling I'll need you after your father goes to sleep."
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