Stories 18+ Incestuous Family Camping orgasm Trip

Stories 18+ Incestuous Family Camping orgasm Trip
This was why I hated family vacations, or at least my parent's version of them. We were four days into this trip "out West", tent camping our way through Utah's national parks. I'd always thought the desert was dry, but apparently not when we're camping. This was the third night in a row that thunderstorms had moved in right after dinner. That forced my sister Jenny and I to endure the storm in the dome tent we had to share while my parents kept themselves busy in theirs. 

Even over the sound of the heavy rain and occasional claps of thunder, it was pretty obvious what they were up to and why they brought two dome tents instead of our big wall tent. They said it was because the two smaller tents were easier to deal with than the big tent, but I'm pretty sure the real reason is that my mom wanted to give my dad full use of his anniversary present, her newly enhanced 38DDD's. It was always obvious to me that my dad was a tit man, and my mom knew it. She'd always decide to sun herself in the back yard when he was working out there, taking her top off to flash him when she thought we weren't around. More than once I'd come home to find them having sex in the middle of the back yard. 

I usually liked camping, but this trip was turning into a nightmare. My little sister and I were both adults, but in a lot of ways my parents still treated us like little kids instead of the eighteen and twenty that we were. Even out here camping, they encouraged us to "go find some other young people to play with". Like that was going to happen even if it wasn't pouring rain by the barrel full down on us. 

"I'm going to the bathroom," I said as I started pulling my rainsuit on over my thin athletic shorts and t-shirt. "It's too damn hot to stay in here!"

"Yeah, I know," Jenny answered, fanning her sweaty face with her hands. Even though it was raining, it still had to be at least a hundred degrees in the small tent, mostly because we couldn't open any windows without letting in the rain. Okay I'm exaggerating. But easily eighty plus with the humidity running at 100%. Jenny had stripped down to as little clothing as she could get away with, exposing a shit load of coppery tanned skin, including a significant amount of her tits, which were only slightly smaller than my mom's new artificially enhanced pair. Okay, maybe they weren't that big, but 32D was still nothing to sneeze at. So between my sister's lack of attire and my parents banging away like rabbits twenty feet and two thin sheets of nylon away, I was really starting to miss my girlfriend, if you know what I mean. 

"I'll be back," I mumbled as I crawled out the partly unzipped tent door, closing it as quickly as I could to keep the rain out. 

The rain beat down on me as I trudged down the gravel path toward what the state park considered a bathroom. True it had walls, but to me that's pretty much where the similarity ended. I wouldn't even bother with the walk if there were a few trees around. But what this arid landscape considers a tree is almost too small to even take a leak on. 

I was the only one in the men's side, but I could hear several female voices on the woman's side of the house. Part of me wished I could just peek over the top of the wall and see just who was talking. 

"I know. It's big isn't it?"

"Bigger than I expected." 

"I wouldn't mind getting into his pants, or more accurately letting him get into mine!"

"Oh Donna. You always say that. If he stood completely naked in front of you, you wouldn't know what to do!"

"I sure as hell would!"

"Yeah right. I dare you to get his number and text him a picture of your tits."

"Uh uh. She should do her pussy."

"Or completely naked. Come on. I'll take the pic for you. Just strip down and give me your phone."

"I would but I don't have his phone number and I can't get it with it raining like this!"

"Famous last words!"

"It's true!"

"I doubt it."

"Fine. I'll send him a picture of me naked if you go run naked in the rain. Maybe he'll see you."

"I can't do that. We'd be in huge trouble if we got caught."

"That's because you're chicken!"

"I'm not."

"You're good at daring us but you won't do anything."

"Fine, all three of us together."

"Once around the building. Nothing but shoes!"

"Done. Get em off girls!"

I doubted they realized I was just on the other side of the partition. I'd peek over the top except for the louvres that allowed the air to move all but blocked anyone from looking over. 

"Okay. Here goes!" I heard one of them say, her voice changing slightly. I suddenly realized that they were really going to run naked around the bathroom building. I moved to the door as quickly as I could, but by the time I got out the little doorless entry way they had already disappeared around the corner. Much to my frustration, they were able to disappear back into their side without me even getting a glimpse. 

"Oh god." One of them said panting slightly. "I don't believe we did that."

"Wait. Before you get dressed. I dare you to run into the boy's side."

"Like this?"

"Uh huh"

"No way!"

"What? Scared? No one's in there."

"Then you do it!"

"So you are afraid."

"Uh uh. But if I do, you do!"

"If I do, you have to send this picture to him!"

"Hey! Give me that!"

"Uh uh!" One of them giggled loudly. "You want it, you'll know where it is!"

Moments later I heard running footsteps and into the bathroom ran a girl, maybe a year or two younger than I am, completely naked except for shoes. She set a phone down on the floor and ran back out without even realizing I was standing in the stall, the partition door open, watching her. She had blonde hair, easily down to her shoulders, soaking wet, a nice shaped modestly large tits, and a little triangle of blonde bush between her legs. I had to admit that after the discussion I'd overheard I was more than a little turned on. I also knew another of the girls was going to be in for her phone any minute. I stepped out of the stall while the girls argued about who was going to retrieve it and picked it up. 

"Bitch!" I heard one girl swear at another moments before a different but equally naked girl walked in, looking around the floor. 

"Looking for this?" I asked, holding up the phone for her to see. 

"SHIT!" She screamed before darting back out of the men's bathroom. "You bitch! He's in there!"

"Uh uh. No way!"

"You ran in there and didn't even see him?"

"There wasn't anyone there!"

"He has my phone!"

"Well, ask him for it back."

"You ask him for it back!"

"You girls do realize I can hear everything you say, right?" I said loud enough for them to hear. 

"SHIT!" The one who came in to get the phone said again. 

"Can Trish get her phone back please?" One of them asked. 


"Maybe what?"

"Maybe she can. If she's willing to come get it."

"I'll come get it!" I heard the one that had to be Trish answer almost angrily. 

"Naked!" I added. 

"No way! No way I'm coming back over there naked!"

"You did once."

"All I want is my phone back."

"Well. Come get it. Just be naked."

"No way!"

"Well. Guess I got a new phone then!"

"She will. But you gotta be too!" One of the other girls chimed in.

"And you have to give her your phone number!" the other added. 

"While she's in there with you!" the first one said with a giggle. 

"Donna! What the fuck!" the one called Trish swore. 

"Hey you wanted to know how big it is. Now you can find out! Hey! You can't give her phone back until she gives you a hardon!"

As if that was a problem at the moment. My cock had been rock hard since they started talking about getting naked. "That's not a problem," I chucked as I answered back. 

"Well. Tell us when you're naked," the one called Donna said. "If you're up to it that is!"

Let's see. Horny guy has to get naked to have naked girl come get her phone. Make that one horny as hell guy after listening to his parents fucking and listening to the girls talk about getting naked? Not even a choice to be made. I quickly pushed my rainsuit off, slid my shorts and underwear down and stepped out of them. "Okay. Ready!" I called as I stood with her phone in one hand and the other around my hard dick. A few moments later I saw a face peek around the entry door, followed hesitantly by the rest of Trish. She was a bit shorter than me, nicely curved but not skinny. Her long brown hair hung down around her face and brushed the tops of her apple sized breasts and matched a tiny brown patch of curls on her mound. 

She hesitantly walked toward me. "Can I have my phone?"

"Yeah," I answered, stepping toward her.

"Make her suck your dick first!" Donna called over the partition. 

"You come suck it!" Trish shot back before reaching for her phone. "It is a nice dick," she whispered. "So. I need your phone number."

I rattled off my number while she typed it into her phone, awkwardly standing in front of her with my hands at my sides, my rock hard cock sticking and almost brushing her stomach as it moved up and down slightly with my pounding heart. She clicked off the phone and reached her hand for my cock, gently wrapping her fingers around it. 

"It's hard and big and I'm stroking it!" she called to her friends as she slid her hand along it. "And he has his hands on my tits!" she added as I reached up and cupped both apple sized mounds, rubbing my thumbs back and forth across the hard protruding nipples. "Mmmmmm," she moaned softly. "Nice."

"Uh huh," I agreed as her strokes slid along my shaft, her hand sliding over my head with each stroke to lubricate us with the pre-cum leaking from my tip. 

"I gotta go!" she said suddenly, pulling her hand away and running out of the bathroom. 

"Wait!" I called. 

"Can't!" she called back as she disappeared out the door. 

"Okay. I played with it. If you wanna go fuck him, have at it!"

"Come on!" Donna said before all three retreated from the bathroom, apparently confident that with me naked I wouldn't follow them. They were right. By the time I got my pants on they were long gone. I wondered how much Trish was wearing when they left. With a frown born of frustration, I headed back to my campsite in the still pouring rain. 

"Damn Jenny! You won't believe..." I started to say as I ducked into my tent, freezing in place at the sight of my sister laying on the air mattress, her shirt pushed up to her neck, one hand massaging a bare tit, and her shorts pushed to her ankles with her legs spread wide, two fingers frantically plunging in and out of her pussy. It seemed to take several seconds to realize it was me and collect her thoughts, the image of her nude form and shaved pussy burning into my brain. 

"Fuck! You could give a girl some warning!" she hissed angrily at me as she pulled the sleeping bag she was laying on over herself.

"Yeah. Didn't exactly expect to come back and find you fucking yourself," I answered back equally quietly as I crawled the rest of the way in. I zipped the door behind me and started working the rainsuit off. 

"Close your eyes or something!" she whispered harshly. 

"Uh uh," I answered, flopping on the double wide air mattress next to her.

"Bastard," she hissed, trying to get her clothes back in place under the sleeping bag. "God, is that a hardon?" she asked as she looked down at me, my shorts tented out lewdly.


"From seeing me?"

"It didn't hurt, but no. I ran into three girls playing some naked dare thing and one of them had to come into the men's room naked to get her phone back."

"And you just stood there and watched?"

"No, I had to give her a little bit to look at too. She stroked my cock while I played with her tits. I was just starting to think we were going to fuck right there when she suddenly left."

"That sucks."

"Yep," I answered, listening to my mom moaning in their tent while my dad did something she enjoyed. 

"I was so close to coming," my sister whispered. 

"Yeah. I thought I was going to get some. She was pretty good looking."

"Don't suppose you'd close your eyes and let me finish."

"Maybe. I could sure as hell stand a little relief," I answered. 

"So, we'll both get off. No peeking or anything?"

"Yeah sure." I agreed, really wanting to get off every bit as much as she seemed to want to at that moment. 

"Take off your shoes."


"Take off your shoes. You can't get undressed with your shoes on."

"I have to get undressed?"

"I have to be, so you do too."

"Oh. Yeah," I answered, not entirely sure I did understand. I could get off without undressing, I just figured she could too. I sat up and pulled my wet shoes and socks off, tossing them near the door. "Okay," I said as I lay back next to her. 

"Okay. Close your eyes and take your clothes off," she said, looking at me to be sure I closed my eyes. "Keep em closed."

"Yeah," I answered, my mind flooding with images of Trish as I pushed my shorts down and kicked them off. I had to sit up to take my shirt off and then lay back down. 

"You naked?" my sister whispered questioningly. 

"Uh huh," I answered her. 

"Me too," she said making me want to open my eyes and look. But I'd promised and I try to keep my promises. "Mmmmmmm." I heard her moan softly, the sound of fingers pushing wetly into her pussy just barely audible over the sound of the heavy raindrops splatting against the nylon tent roof. I wrapped my hand around my cock and started to stroke myself, little moans and sighs coming from next to me. 

I felt her leg move over mine, her hot thigh practically rubbing against my balls as she spread her legs wider next to me. 

"Here," she whispered, grabbing my hand from around my cock. "Rub this. But no peeking!" she said as she moved my hand to her pussy, her fingers pressing against mine to force them between her wet lips. "oh yeah," she breathed as I started to stroke up and down her sopping pussy, her juices lubricating my fingers as I pushed slightly into her. 

Her hand let go of mine and wrapped around my cock, slowly stroking it in time to my strokes up and down her pussy lips. "Oh fuck," she moaned softly in pleasure, the sound is my mom and dad grunting and gasping in the other tent enhancing our mutual desires. The distinct sound of their bodies slapping together pushed my own climax closer with each passing second. Jenny's hand slid up and down my shaft, running over my engorged head and lubricating my shaft with the pre-cum oozing from the tip, her hips lifting off the bed in time with each stroke of my fingers and her hand. 

"Oh fuck yes!" Jenny gasped as my fingers found her clit and started to stroke across it. Her hips lifted and pushed toward my hand harder, her moans and gasps muffled by something as she clearly inched closer to her own climax. "Ahhhhhh fuck!" she gasped loudly into whatever she was using to muffle her cries, her whole body seeming to stiffen under my touch and against mine. She shuddered briefly and then jerked uncontrollably, gasping for breath and whispering "oh fuck" over and over. 

I felt her body relax against mine, her leg moving from across mine as she gently moved my hand from between her legs. I began to wonder if she was going to leave me hanging inches from my own completion when her hand returned to my cock. She stroked it slowly for several seconds before I felt a hot wetness close around my head. 

"Oh damn," I groaned softly, forgetting that I was supposed to keep my eyes closed. I looked down and saw my sister's head slowly bobbing up and down my shaft, her lips sliding along much of its length while her tongue teased and licked the soft underside of my engorged mushroom head. "Oh fuck," I gasped as my body jerked hard, a massive gush of cum lancing out into her mouth. She turned her head slightly, holding my spurting head in her mouth while my body jerked and twitched under her. She stroked my shaft, sliding her hand from my balls to where I protruded from her mouth, coaxing my orgasm to continue as long as she could. 

"Fuck yes!" I heard my mother cry from the other tent as her own orgasm apparently washed over her while her daughter swallowed down her son's load of cum. 

"Ohhhh fuck," I groaned as Jenny pulled her mouth from my cock and let my now shrinking member lay on my stomach. She rolled onto me and pushed herself up my body, her almost grapefruit sized tits hanging down in full view. 

"I guess keeping our eyes closed didn't work," she whispered. 

"Uh uh," I panted, still trying to catch my breath. 

"Better not say a word about this to anyone... EVER! Right?"

"Yeah. Not a word," I agreed as I stared at her tits. "By the way. Nice tits."

"Figures. Just like dad. A tit man."

"Can you blame me?"

"Not really," she answered, flopping back on the bed. "You think they're done for a while?"

"It's only eight thirty," I answered looking at my watch. "They have plenty of time to go again."

"She's gotta be getting worn out. That's the third time she's come tonight."

"I missed one huh?"

"While you were gone to the bathroom,"


"Now what?" she asked. 

"About what?"

"What do we do before bedtime?"

"I don't know. It's too damn hot in here to put any clothes on. I suppose we could go out for a walk in the rain."

"We'd get wet."

"Rainsuits," I answered. 

"Too hot."

"So don't wear anything under," I suggested. 

"What? Just rainsuits?"

"Why not?"

She thought for a few moments. "Okay, you're on. Shoes and rain suits." 

We both dressed in our hiking boots, mine still saturated from earlier, and our rainsuits, and nothing else. We crawled out of the tent, zipped it up and went walking to explore what was around us. We found the head of a hiking trail and followed it for a little ways, winding down a path into a ravine. "Hey look," I said, finding a small rock ledge that hung out over the trail, making a little shelter from the rain. 

"Cool," Jenny said as we both crouched down into the little cave like space. "It's cooler here than in the tent." 


"You don't suppose anyone else will come down this trail, do you?"

"Probably not this close to night."

"These rainsuits are hot."

"Yep," I answered. 

"That was supposed to be a hint."

"Oh?" I asked a little dumbly. 

"Yeah. Let's take em off," she said, unzipping the lightweight rain jacket and exposing her bare chest. She slipped the sleeves off and then pushed herself up to a squat. She spread the rain top on the ground and then pushed the pants down over her round ass before sitting back down again on the jacket top. She pushed the pants the rest of the way off and lay back on the rainsuit naked except for her shoes. 


"Huh?" I asked, breaking the stare. "Oh yeah." It only took me a few moments to strip down as naked as she was, my cock rock hard again. 

"Damn. That came up fast," she said, reaching over and giving it a few strokes. 

"You keep that up and I'm going to have to do something equally stimulating."

"Yeah? My tits like to be sucked," she whispered, still stroking my cock. 

"They do huh?" I asked as I rolled into my side to push myself half over her. I looked down at her round, soft mounds in the growing gloom and lowered my face toward one. Opening my mouth, I drew the whole front of her breast into my mouth, teasing her already rock hard nipple with my tongue. 

"Mmmmmmm. Nice," she cooed softly. "Amanda has you well trained."

"You should see what I can do with my cock," I answered as I moved to her other breast, drawing that nipple into my mouth and teasing my tongue around and around it. 

"Is that an offer," she asked quietly. 

I pulled my face from her tit and looked at her. "You want me to fuck you?"

"That depends. You ever going to tell anyone you did?"

"Who'd believe me?"

"No one," she whispered, pulling on my cock to coax me toward her. I rolled myself the rest of the way over her and held myself on all fours over her, her hand still on my cock. I lowered myself down toward her, her hand guiding my fat mushroom head toward her pussy. 

"Go slow. You're bigger than either Mark or Donnie," she whispered, confirming that she had indeed had sex with both of her last two boyfriends. She rubbed my head between her lips and then settled me into the entrance to her depths. "Oh fuck," she gasped as I slowly pressed down, forcing my cock into her. I could feel her tight tunnel slowly expand to accept me, her velvety soft tunnel caressing each inch that I pushed into her. I pulled back slowly and pressed in again, allowing her juices to lubricate us both. In and out I slid, my pace quickening with the intensity of her moans. "Oh fuck, fuck, fuck," she gasped over and over as I plunged into her with abandon. Her hips rocked and lifted to meet my strokes as my cock pistoned in and out of her rhythmically. My hips slapped wetly against her ass, her legs lifted and pulled back to allow me to penetrate fully into her. "Gonna come. Oh god. Gonna come!" she moaned loudly as I drove into her, my cock swelling bigger as the tingle of impending climax raced from my balls to the rest of my body like little strikes of lightning. 

"Me too!" I grunted, knowing that I too was moments from that point. 

"FUCK!" she cried loudly as her already tight pussy clenched around me, her spasms trying to pull and draw me in further. Her heels dug into my ass and pulled as well, practically stopping my strokes moments before my own climax. But it was far too late to stop that process, even if I'd wanted to, which I didn't. 

"Ugh!" I grunted as my body jammed my cock hard into her and pumped a gush of hot cum into her pussy. 

"Fuck!" she cried again, wrapping her arms around my neck and pulling me down against her, her soft tits smashed against my chest. "Oh god," she moaned softly. "God, can you fuck!"

"If you say so."

"Oh yeah. I do," she answered. 

We lay there silently for several minutes, her fingers stroking my back and bare ass as I softened inside her. "Come on," I whispered. "We should get back. It's getting dark and the rain is letting up."

"Yeah," she agreed, letting go of me to climb back off of her. We dressed back in our rainsuits and started back the way we came, the rain tapering off to a light drizzle. "Remember. No one!" she hissed as we approached the campground again. 

"Yep," was all I needed to answer. 

"There you are!" my mom said as we walked into our campsite. She and dad were sitting at the picnic table under the pop-up awning. She was dressed in a lightweight t-shirt that in the lantern light, didn't do a whole lot to cover her new boobs, and a pair of short shorts. 

"Yeah. It was too hot in the tent so we went for a walk," Jenny answered for us. 

"Oh, that's nice. Come take your rainsuit off and join us. Maybe we can play some cards or something."

"Sure. In a sec," Jenny answered as I unzipped the tent. 

"Don't you want to take those wet things off before you go into the tent?" my dad asked. 

"No. We'll be right out," I answered as I crawled in to make room for Jenny. 

She crawled in behind me and zipped it closed. 

"That's odd. The way they're acting, you'd think they were naked under their rain gear." I could hear my dad say through the tent wall. 

"Don't be silly honey. Why would they be naked? It's not like they're going to show off anything in front of each other. Look how much they complained about sharing the tent when we started this trip."

"Yeah. You're right." He agreed while Jenny and I quickly stripped off the rainsuits and pulled on shorts and shirts. 

We crawled back out and joined our parents at the table, my dad and I on one side while my mom and Jenny were across from us. Now that I was closer, it was even more obvious that my mom's nipples and areola showed through the thin shirt, the distinctive dark circles showing through the cream colored material. I did my best to ignore it while we played cards, but even if it was my mom's tits, I couldn't help but end up with a hardon. 

"Well. I think I'm going to bed. Don't forget we have a hike bright and early. We want to get it in before it gets hot!" my dad said as he pushed himself up from the table.

"Sure thing dad," I answered as he headed to his and mom's tent. 

"So did you have a nice walk?" Mom asked as she shuffled the cards. 

"Yeah. We went exploring," Jenny answered. 

"Got kind of hot in the tent?" she asked raising her eyebrows. 

"Yeah. A bit." I agreed. 

She leaned closer to me over the table and then turned to look at Jenny, including her in the conversation. "That happens when you're having sex," whispered. "Jenny you need to learn to be a bit more quiet if you don't want your father to find out what you two are doing."

"Oh shit," I breathed. 

"We didn't," Jenny whispered back. "We just kind of helped each other out."

"Well just so you know. You both smell like sex," she said as she pushed herself up from the table, her big tits straining the material of the shirt. "Personally I'm glad you're getting along that well, but you might want to be more careful around your father," she whispered. "Night. See you in the morning," she finished before walking away. 

I watched her disappear into their tent. "Guess we better hit the sack. You wanna go first?" I asked, our 'normal' method of sharing the tent being one of us getting dressed and in bed first and facing the wall while the other gets changed. 

"Yeah. I'll go first," she answered, pushing herself up from the table. I watched her walk to the tent, bend down and crawl in. The battery lantern hanging from the roof clicked on, illuminating her as she knelt on the bed, the door still hanging open. She turned, facing me and started stripping off her clothes, tossing them to the side, leaving her kneeling completely naked. She lay back on the bed, her legs spread and then called out to me. "Okay Trevor!"

"Yeah," I answered, walking to the tent and crawling in. I zipped the door behind me and turned to look at her. 

"Too hot in here for clothes, don't you think?" she asked in a whisper.

"Uh. Yeah," I answered back as she reached out to help pull my t-shirt up. It didn't take long for her to help me get naked. She pulled me down onto the air mattress and then rolled herself up to kneel on the mattress, straddling my body as she reached up to turn off the small battery lantern. Before she could roll away, I lifted my hands to cup her large breasts and gave them a gentle squeeze.

"Don't start anything you're not going to finish," she whispered before gently pulling my hands from her tits and rolling back down onto the air mattress. She rolled away from me and lay facing the wall of the tent while I lay there, trying to go to sleep with the image of her naked body still burned into my mind.

"Come on sleepy heads!" I heard my dad call as he rattled the tent around us.

"Yeah. Okay," I groaned as I reached for my face to rub some of the sleep from my eyes. It took a few moments for my brain to sort out the variety of sensations that were suddenly flowing, the warm body pressed to mine, the softness of the ass pressed against my thighs, and of course, the warm confines around my morning woodey. Yeah, that's right. My regular morning hardon was nestled deeply between my sister's legs, the top of my rock hard shaft pressing against her hot, wet pussy lips while the rest was contained by her soft thighs. 

"Mmmmmmmm," my sister moaned, stretching herself and sliding her thighs along my hard shaft as she did. "Wow," she whispered a few moments later, reaching down and stroking my engorged head with one finger. "Someone's hard this morning." 

"Like every morning," I grunted, pulling out of the soft confines at the sound of my dad banging pans and pots in the kitchen to "coax" us to be up and around.

"Too bad. That was a kinda nice way to wake up," she whispered as she rolled onto her back and stretched again. 

"Yeah. I agree," I whispered back. "We better get dressed though."

"You go ahead and dress," she said with a soft giggle. "I'll wait till you're done. I'm kinda enjoying the view."

"Not all that bad from my end either," I answered as I dug into my duffle bag and pulled out socks, underwear and shorts. 

"You won't need these," she said softly, taking my briefs and stuffing them back into the duffle. "I'd much rather be able to get a quick flash."

"Fine. Just make sure you're as underdressed as I am," I said as I pulled my socks on. I worked my shorts on while I was on my knees, my hardon poking out at her as I knelt on the air mattress. She grinned and reached for my cock before I could tuck it into my athletic shorts and then leaned her face toward it. "Oh damn." I breathed as she sucked my engorged head into her mouth and swirled her tongue around it several times. 

"Just something to keep you hard," she whispered after pulling her face off my cock. 

"That will," I answered with a grin, wondering just how long she was going to allow me to look at and play with her body. 

I dressed, let her cover with the sleeping bag and then crawled out, zipping the tent behind me. "Morning sleepy head," my mom said as I walked toward the covered picnic table. 

"Yeah. Morning." I yawned. "Dad's cooking?" I asked as she sat down at the table to watch my dad start frying bacon in the pan on the gas stove. 

"Yep. Just gonna relax today," she said with a grin. "Though I have to admit, a shower would feel pretty good right now."

"Only shower comes out of a two gallon bag," my dad said with a laugh as he continued cooking. "Maybe later we'll fix one up for you. Just gotta hang the bag in a tree."

"What tree?" my mom asked with a frown looking around. 

"Well, we can throw it on the roof of the truck."

"And shower out here in front of everyone? No thank you. I don't need a shower that bad."

"That's a shame. I think you'd look pretty sexy soaping up out in the open like that."

"Not on your life buster," my mom said with a frown before winking at me, making me think she was much less adverse to the idea than she seemed. 

"Not on your life what?" my sister asked as she stepped out of the tent wearing that same cut off top that showed the bottoms of her tits and a pair of itty bitty shorts that barely covered her ass. The tight gray material molded to her body like a second skin, making a tiny cleft between her legs where the stretchy material was pulled snugly against her pussy. 

"Strip down out here and take a shower," she said.

"Ohhhhh. Who wants you to do that? Dad?"

"Who else?" my mom answered.

"Yeah. I bet Trevor wouldn't mind watching that either! He's such a horny bastard!" Jenny giggled.

"Watch what you say about your brother young lady. That's less than ladylike to say anyway," my dad said with his back to us.

"Okay," my sister said sullenly from where she stood at the end of the table. Keeping her eyes on dad so she would know if he turned to look at her, she lifted her shirt up over her bare breasts, exposing her hard nipples to the both of us. Then pulling the shirt down, she stuck her tongue out at me playfully. With that, she sat down on the bench across from us, the three of us sitting quietly until breakfast was cooked.

It might only be mid-morning but it was already sweltering when we headed down the switchback trail leading down into the canyon we'd camped on the rim of. It had to be at least a hundred in the shade, and we most definitely weren't in the shade. My dad led the hike down the trail, my mom following behind him, my sister following. I didn't dislike hiking, but my preferred hiking was with my last girlfriend, mostly because she liked the outdoors, if you know what I mean. I don't think we ever finished a hike without stopping to fuck at least once, and that wasn't going to be happening on this hike. Though my sister was at least making it interesting, turning around frequently to pull her shirt up over her tits and flash me. She surprised me even more when she started pulling her tight shorts down and flashing her ass at me. I suspected that her entire purpose was to keep my hardon just that, hard. 

If her flashes weren't enough to keep me hard, her frequent forays into my shorts did. It seemed like every few hundred yards she'd fall back next to me at a wide spot in the trail and push her hand into my shorts, grabbing my hard cock and stroking it several times.

We stopped for a break and I did my best to hide the obvious tenting of my thin underarmor shorts while we all snacked on energy bars and water. Getting my hardon to go down was a lost cause every time I looked at my mom. She wore a thin cream colored spandex tank top that was now soaked with sweat. The material had grown even more translucent as it became saturated with her perspiration. When we started, I could clearly see the bumps of her bare nipples under the shirt. Now I could not only see the slightly tented out material, but I could clearly see the whole front of her breasts as the material clung to the large round orbs. 

When we started out again she let my sister go ahead of her, waiting for me to get up to follow. I'd tried to be the last one up to keep my dad from seeing just how hard my cock was in my thin shorts. My mom stood grinning, as she waited for me to get up from the rock I was sitting on, suspecting what the problem was. 

"Come on Trevor. No lagging behind," she said sweetly.

"Sure Mom," I answered as I got up, trying to adjust my shorts to hide things.

"You know. There's nothing wrong with being turned on by the site of bare tits," she said as she fell in alongside me, my shorts tenting out significantly as we walked. 


"Your sister. I know she was flashing you," she said with a smile.

"You knew?"

"How could I not."


"Oh he's oblivious. Too busy enjoying the view."


"These!" she said, pulling the bottom of her shirt up over her breasts, exposing them completely to me. 

"GEEZ MOM!" I said a lot louder than I meant to.

"They are good looking aren't they?" she said with a giggle, putting her shirt back down.

"That wasn't what I meant."

"You don't think they're good looking?"

"I didn't say that! But damn! You're my mom! Isn't flashing your tits at your own son kinda weird?"

"Oh, not really. But then a lot of people would say having sex with your sister was kinda weird. Right?"

"It's not like we're..."

"Oh stop. I know. It's no big deal."

"No big deal? You're taking that awfully good, considering."

"Considering what?"

"Well. That we're brother and sister," I said, a little surprised at her nonchalant attitude about it.

"Not really. I think a lot of siblings do things to some extent. I know I did."

"You did what?"

"Had sex with your Uncle Jack."

"Shit. No way Mom!"

"Uh huh. Your Aunt Mary and I thought it was a shame he was going to graduate high school and go to college without learning how to please a woman, so she and I took it upon ourselves to...teach him."

"You mean you and Aunt Mary..."

"Had a three way with him? Uh huh."

"Oh god." I groaned at the thought of her and Aunt Mary having sex with Uncle Jack. The thought of Aunt Mary naked by itself was enough to make my slightly flagging cock spring to attention. I'd seen Aunt Mary in a bikini before and she was smoking hot. She was two years older than my mom but she had the body of a Playboy model.

"Well, it was a good idea. We didn't find out until after several hours of playing that my mother had already taught him those lessons."

"Grandma!?" I exclaimed in surprise.

"Uh huh," my mom answered with a crooked grin. "Not so unusual for a mom to make sure their sons know all the important things," she said as she reached over and slipped her hand into my shorts like my sister had been doing. She wrapped her hand around my fat cock and squeezed it gently. "Seems my son has definitely grown since last time I saw him naked." 

"God Mom!" I gasped before pulling her hand gently from my shorts, worried that my dad might see what she was doing.

"I wouldn't worry. Right now your dad is fixated on that little GPS thing in his hand. You could probably pull your shorts down and show me your cock and he wouldn't even notice."

"Oh damn Mom! Why would I do that?"

"Because of this," she said, reaching for my arm. She stopped me in the trail and then reached for her spandex workout shorts, pushing them down to her thighs. She turned away from me and bent over, showing me her full round pussy lips and the delicate inner lips protruding. She held her pants down for several seconds, bending over far enough to push her pussy out between her legs at me before pulling her shorts back up as she straightened. "Now. Your turn."

"MOM!" I said, still trying to grapple with what she'd just shown me. 

"What? You don't like the view?"

"I didn't say that!" I answered as she reached for my shorts. She pulled the front down, hooked the elastic waistband down under my balls so my rigid shaft was sticking out completely exposed.

"Come on. We better catch up," she said with a smile, leaving my shorts hooked under me and taking my hand. She started to walk, pulling me along. "Yeah. You've definitely grown a lot since I saw you naked as a little boy."

"If dad looks back here!" I said nervously.

"Not to worry." She answered, letting go of my hand and reaching for my cock. She wrapped her hand around it and then stepped in front of me, pulling me along, using my cock as a handle but walking in front of me to mask it. "Does feel pretty nice," she said over her shoulder, stroking it a few times as we walked. "Nice and fat. Full round head. Yeah. I bet Jenny enjoyed the hell out of getting this in her."

"Damn Mom," I groaned softly.

"What? Wanna put that inside someone else?"


"Okay. I'll stop teasing you," she said, letting go of my cock but continuing to walk ahead of me until I got my pants back in place.

"She did what?" my sister asked after we got back to camp.

"You heard me. She pulled my shorts down and played with my cock!" I whispered, trying to keep my volume down so my mom and dad didn't hear what we were talking about.

"Damn!" my sister said, clearly surprised. 

"That's not all. She told me that she, Aunt Mary and Uncle Jack had a three way before he went to college. That would have meant that she was like a sophomore or something like that."

"She had sex with Uncle Jack?"

"And Aunt Mary!" I said quietly.


"You keep saying that."

"Yeah. Damn!" she answered, still clearly shocked.

"Well. It gets worse. She told me that Grandma had sex with Uncle Jack too, to teach him about sex."

"No fucking way! Grandma?"

"That's what she said."


"Yeah. Well, I wonder what else she's thinking because she pulled her pants down on the trail and showed me her pussy. I mean not some little peek, but a full blown bend over and here it is look."

"DAMN!" my sister said again, clearly even more surprised.


We sat silently for a while in our chairs under the pop-up cover over the picnic table while mom and dad "got changed" after our hike. From the sounds in the tent they were doing a little more than just changing their clothes. "Sounds like she greenlighted about anything we want to do."

"As long as dad doesn't find out. She made that pretty clear."

"Wow. God, I'm getting wet just thinking about Mom and Uncle Jack."

"Yeah. Not to mention Aunt Mary. She's still got one damn hot body!"

"Guys. All they care about are tits and asses," she said with a frown.

"Oh? And what do women care about? Big hard dicks?"


"Only partly?"

"Well, yeah. The part that goes in."

"Women," I said as she giggled at her own statement.

"Well, I'm getting horny as hell."

"Yeah? Too damn hot to get in that tent."

"I agree," she said as she stood up. "Pull your cock out."


"Pull it out!"

"Out here?"

"Where else? There isn't anyone around," she said as she turned to face away from me, pulling her shorts down over her ass, leaving them bunched around her thighs. "Well?"

I rolled my eyes and pulled the front of my shorts down enough to free my cock. She backed up to me and bent over, reaching for my cock between her legs. She lowered herself onto my lap, aiming my cock at her pussy as she slowly sat down. "Oh damn," I groaned as she slid down my shaft, settling down to sit on my thighs, my cock now fully embedded into her hot wet tunnel.

She sat on me and wiggled her ass around, sliding one hand down between her legs to tease her own clit. "Mmmmmmm. God listen to them fucking," she whispered as we sat and listened to the rhythmic slap, slap of their sweaty bodies and the occasional muffled moan from my mom. "Makes me so god damn horny."

"Uh huh," I grunted as I slid my hands up under the short shirt to cup and squeeze both tits.

"Oh yeah," she moaned softly, her tunnel clenching around me when I gently squeezed both nipples. "Fuck you're big."

"Uh huh." I grunted, trying without success to push in and out of her as she sat on me.

"You wanna fuck?" she whispered. "I didn't think you wanted to do it out here."

"Right now I don't care who sees," I grunted as she wiggled her ass on me. She pulled her hand from between her legs and used both hands on the arms of the camp chair to lift herself up off of me. She stepped to the table, pushed her shorts the rest of the way to her ankles and bent over, resting her arms on the table. 

"Don't wait too long," she said quietly, pushing her ass out at me and wiggling it invitingly.

I pushed out of my chair and stepped behind her. It only took a moment to slide my cock into her, both of us fully lubricated already. I reached under her and cupped both soft orbs as I started stroking into her, trying to hold my strokes slightly short so I didn't slap loudly against her firm round ass. "Oh yeah," she breathed quietly. "Much better."

"UH huh," I grunted in agreement, driving my cock into her over and over. I knew I wasn't going to last long with all the teasing I'd had on the trail. I just hoped that she was as ready as I was. 

"Ohhhhhhh fuck," she breathed a few dozen strokes later, her body shuddering and her pussy clenching around my shaft. "Ohhhhhh fuck yesssss!"

"Damn," I whispered as I squeezed her tits tighter, her contracting pussy pushing my own climax within a few breaths of completion. "UH!" I grunted as my body jerked, jabbing my cock deep into her and gushing a huge shot of pent up cum into her. I stood behind her, unable to control my own jerking body for several long seconds while my surging cock filled her hot tunnel with my cum. 

"Better stop," Jenny gasped, reaching behind me and pushing me back. "They're done."

"Oh," I whispered, pulling my glistening shaft from her pussy and stepping back. She stood up and pulled her pants up while I fixed my own, retreating back two steps to drop into my camp chair while she turned and sat down on the bench. I was just barely done getting my shorts over my shrinking cock when my mom came out of their tent, perspiration beading on her forehead. 

She walked over and dropped into the chair Jenny had been sitting in, fanning her face. "It's a bit warm in there."

"Exercise will do that," Jenny said, getting a wry look from mom.

"So. I have to run and get some more ice and fill the water jugs. Anyone wanna come along?"

"I'll come." I spoke up quickly.

"Oh honey. Why don't you stay? Jenny can go and help. I want a shower and you said you knew a place where I could," my mom answered.

"You mean the rock ledge?" I asked quizzically, not exactly remembering telling her about the location. 

"That's it. You can show me where it is and maybe carry the water bag for me."

"Sure, if that's what you want," I said with a shrug.

"Okay then sweetie. It's just the two of us!" my dad said to Jenny as he stepped to the truck. "Oh nice and warm," he said as he lifted the two gallon black plastic bag off the roof of the truck where it had been laying in the sun to heat the water. He carried it over to the table and set it on the picnic table before turning and heading back to the truck. "You coming?"

"Sure thing dad!" Jenny answered, pushing off the table. "Don't do anything I wouldn't do!" she said quietly as she walked past me.

"Come on Trevor. I'll get a towel," mom said as she got up from the chair. She walked to the tent, crawled in and came back out a few moments later with a towel and a small bag of items. "All set."

"Okay," I sighed, getting up from the chair and stepping to the table. I picked up my cap and put it on before picking up the water bag and slinging it over my shoulder.

"Lead the way!" she said cheerfully, waiting for me to lead the way to the little arroyo that Jenny and I had found the previous day. I wound down the trail slowly, watching my step, not only for loose rocks, but also for the critters of the desert, not wanting to accidently step on a rattler or something equally as nasty. 

"It's not too far now," I said over my shoulder, slowing down and turning slightly when I didn't hear my mom respond. I could see her nearly thirty or so feet behind me on the trail, scampering to catch up, her shorts and t-shirt held in one hand and the towel in the other, her tits bouncing slightly with each step. 

"Much better now. I was getting pretty warm," she said as she caught up. "You don't have to stare. It's just a body."

"A naked mom body!"

"That doesn't seem to make you not look."

"Oh yeah," I answered, turning away.

"I didn't say you shouldn't look or couldn't look."

"Yeah. Well..."

"Come on. Why don't you join me?"

"Get naked? Out here? With you?"

"Yes, yes and um...yes," she answered with a giggle. "Why not?"

"Cuz you're my mom!"

"And that was your sister you were fucking down here last night."

"I didn't tell you that."

"No. Jenny did," she answered as she stepped closer to me. "But I can see you're enjoying the view nonetheless," she added as she tossed the towel over my shoulder. She dropped her clothes on the trail next to her and looked down at the bulge in my shorts. "Why don't you let me give you a hand, since your hands are full?" she said as she reached for the waistband of my shorts. She pushed them down as she squatted down, her knees spreading wide as she did, giving me a long clear view of her spread pussy and bare tits as I looked down at her. "Now lift your feet honey," she cooed softly, coaxing me to lift first one foot and then the other. "Much better," she said as she added my shorts to the small pile of her own clothes. "My goodness. You smell like pussy. You haven't been pushing this into your sister again, have you?" she asked quietly as she reached for my half hard cock, wrapping one hand around it and giving it a few slow strokes. "You know. I love doing this and your father really doesn't enjoy it," she cooed as she leaned her face toward my cock and then engulfed me with her hot wet mouth.

"Oh fuck," I groaned at the sensations of her hot, wet mouth around my shaft and her tongue teasing the underside as she slowly pushed her face on and off my cock. 

"Sounds like you do," she said as she pulled off my shaft for a moment. She closed her lips around me again, sliding her mouth on and off my shaft, moving faster as I hardened more. "Mmmmmmm. You taste good. But I don't want to waste this beautiful hardon in my mouth. At least not right now. Come on. Let's go set that shower up!" she said as she released me and picked up our clothes. She stepped past me and looked down the trail. "This way?"

"Uh, yeah," I grunted as I turned to look at her back and naked ass. 

"Well, come on," she said, turning around giving me a view of her tits and pussy, her mound and pussy shaved completely bare. "Unless you wanna just bend me over and take me here. I understand you're pretty good at that position."

"Huh? Uh. No," I said quickly, my body wanting to do just that while my mind still struggled with that nude form being my own mother. She turned again to walk down the trail, her bare ass wiggling side to side until she came to the little rock outcropping that Jenny and I had stopped at. 

"Oh perfect," she said as she stood in the shade by the rock wall. "Just put the bag up there!" she said, pointing to the rock ledge above the little cave. 

I reached up and set the bag on the rock ledge with the little hose hanging over the side and dangling down. Before I could lower my arms my mom had hold of my shirt and was pulling it up. 

"Come on. Let's get the rest of the way undressed," she said with a grin.

"Really? Naked?"

"Of course!" she said, squatting down in front of me and starting to pull on the laces of my shoes. "You don't want to take a shower with your clothes on, do you?"

"I didn't know I was going to."

"Might as well, since we're both here and the shower is all set up," she said, looking up at me with a grin. "Don't tell me you're going to be bashful, now are you?"

"I guess not," I agreed, letting her pull my shoes and socks off and toss them onto the pile of clothes. She stood up, kicked the pebbles on the rock we were standing on aside and then lifted one foot before the other, pulling her shoes off and tossing them with mine.

"There. Much better. But I think we should do something about this first," she said, reaching for my cock with both hands. She smiled at me and stroked my shaft slowly, running her hand over my head with each stroke. "Needs a little lubrication. This can't feel good with my dry hand," she cooed softly. "Why don't you put it here and let's see if we can get it all slippery," she added, turning around and bending over, one hand still holding my cock and pulling me toward her bare butt. "Come on. Don't be shy. Just push it right in," she coaxed as she pushed her ass out at me, teasing my engorged head up and down her wet slit as she pushed one hand against the rock wall to balance herself. She continued to push her ass toward me, my hands reaching instinctively for her hips. 

"Oh god," I groaned as she worked my head into her opening, pushing back hard against me to force my shaft into her.

"Ohhhhhh fuuuuuuuck," she gasped as she pushed back harder, driving me deep inside her. "Oh yeah. Fuck me baby. Fuck that big cock in and out of your mommy's hot, wet pussy!" she practically growled, pulling and pushing her ass toward me to drive herself on and off my cock. "Jesus you feel big. You like how I feel around you? You like fucking your mommy's hot cunt?"

"Oh god," I groaned as she continued to rock herself, my own hips working in tandem with hers to plunge my rock hard shaft deep into her over and over. I couldn't see much of her tits, but the sides of them appeared and disappeared as they swung wildly below her bent body. I reached for her tits, leaning party way over her back to capture the large soft orbs. 

"That's it baby. Play with mommy's new titties. Oh fuck you feel good. I'm going to come on you. I'm going to come all over your nice fat young cock. Do you like that idea? Having mommy come on your cock? Ohhhhh fuck. Here it comes baby. Here it coooooooooms," she moaned as her body stiffened and shuddered. She stopped pushing back at me and stood stock still, my hips still plunging my shaft in and out of her now convulsing tunnel. "Ohhhhh god it's sooooooo gooood!" she moaned as her body shuddered and trembled. "Sooooo good!"

I kept pumping my cock in and out of her as she stood in front of me climaxing, my own orgasm still building. Her shudders and shakes stilled and her motions, pushing her ass back at me and rolling her hips with each stroke resumed, slowly at first and then with the same intensity as before her climax. "Tell me when you're going to come baby. Tell mommy when you're going to unload."

"Soon," I gasped, feeling that familiar tingle spread through my body, urging my hips to move faster as I drove my engorged prick deep into her.

She straightened and pulled off of me, quickly spinning around and squatting in front of me. It took me by surprise, but she didn't leave me unattended. As soon as she was on her knees, she had her mouth and both hands around my shaft, stroking me wildly while she sucked and licked my fat mushroom head. Her hands stroked and twisted on my shaft, pushing me closer and closer to climax.

"Oh fuck!" I grunted loudly as my hips tried to drive my cock deep into her mouth. I felt a huge gush of cum lance out into her mouth. Over and over I jerked and shuddered, my cum flowing into her mouth with each new jerk. Finally my body stilled and she looked up at me, pulling her mouth from my cock and grinning. She opened her mouth to let me see the massive puddle of creamy white cum in her mouth and then closed her mouth and swallowed it down. "Oh damn," I groaned.

"You like that? You like knowing that I swallowed all that sweet sexy hot cum?" she cooed before putting her mouth back around my cock to suck and lick my now softening dick. I lost track of how long we stood there, my dick in her mouth as she played both with my cock and with her own pussy. She finally pulled off of me and stood up, drawing me by the hand closer to the rock face and the small hose hanging down from above us. "Come on. We'll share the water," she said quietly, reaching for the hose with one hand and my hand with the other. "Don't forget to rub me all over," she added, pulling my hand to one of her big round breasts.

"Uh huh," I answered a bit dumbly, reaching my other hand up to cup the other breast. "Better?" I asked as she dribbled water over us with the little hose, my hands rubbing all over her chest and shoulders.

"Don't forget lower too. I'd like to get my pussy rinsed a little too."

"Oh. Okay," I answered, sliding one hand down her body to gently stroke my fingers across her full hot pussy lips, letting my hand direct some of the water dribbling down her front to between her legs.

"Much better," she said with a grin, reaching for my cock. "I better clean this too," she said, aiming some of the water at my dick in her hand. She gently stroked and rinsed my cock and balls, before running her hands around my chest. She pulled herself against me, smashing her soft breasts against my chest as she rubbed my back and ass. "Cute ass too!" she said with a giggle.

After everything that's happened in the last day, you'd think nothing could surprise me. Having my mother call my ass cute after having fucked me, well, no, that wasn't all that much of a shock. I mean she was my mother and entitled to her opinion which I was quite sure was very biased toward her children. Hearing the statement echoed in another female voice behind me caught me slightly off guard. I turned my head quickly, twisting my body almost out of my mother's arms to snap at my sister. "Go fuck yourself Jenny!" I said sharply, expecting to see my sister standing behind me, making fun of me showering in the desert with my own mother. "Oh shit," I breathed as I realized the voice wasn't my sister, but two young ladies dressed in tank tops, shorts and hiking boots, the two of them leaning against the rocks watching us.

"Kinda hard to do, but maybe you can show us how?" one of them answered back with a very wicked looking smile. She was thin with a modest sized chest and short cropped blonde hair.

"Well. I see we have company," my mother answered from next to me. "Good morning girls."

"Don't mind us. We were just enjoying the show," the second girl said, drawing my attention, and recognition. I'd heard that voice before! I was almost certain that was one of the girls on the other side of the bathroom wall the day before. 

"I'm sure you'd enjoy joining over just watching," my mom said softly, stepping around me toward the two girls. "Don't you think?"

"Oh. We're fine just watching," the blonde answered.

"Fine here," the second girl answered as well. She had longer hair, nearly to her shoulders, tied back in a ponytail. She was slightly rounder than her friend, with a pleasant smile and green eyes that seemed to be laughing. 

"Oh girls. Trust me. It's a lot more fun to play the games rather than just sitting on the sidelines and watching," my mom cooed as she stepped next to them, reaching a hand out and stroking a single finger down each of their arms. "Looks to me like watching got things started already, didn't it?"

"Maybe a little," the blonde answered quietly as my mom gently took both their hands and pulled them as she backed up, drawing them closer to us. 

"Well, let's see if we can make a little turn into a lot," my mom whispered softly. She let go of their hands and reached for the waist of the blonde, gently tugging the tank top out of the waistband of her shorts and pulling it up. "I think we should start by getting rid of these, don't you think?" my mom asked the blonde as she pulled the tank top up her body. I was slightly surprised to see how easily the blonde acquiesced and allowed my mom to start undressing her. She dropped the shirt to the ground and then reached around her to unclip the elastic band of her bra. I couldn't really see much of her with my mom standing between us, but after she pulled the bra down she squatted down in front of her to start working on the blonde's small shorts. Her breasts were each the size of good coconut halves, with dark erect nipples jutting out from the middle of equally dark pink areola. My mom had unsnapped the young woman's shorts and gently pulled them down over her round firm ass, pulling down both the shorts and the tiny thong panty. "Ohhhh such a pretty little pussy," my mom cooed as she pulled the shorts down her legs, coaxing her to lift one leg to pull them off.

The young woman stood silently as my mom finished pulling her shorts off, leaving her standing completely naked. Her mound and lips were shaved smooth, a tiny bit of dark inner lip protruding from between her smooth round outer lips. "Trevor, why don't you help her friend get undressed," my mom said softly, before she leaned her face toward the pussy. I stood almost shocked to see my mother lean her face toward the young pussy in front of her and tilt her head back as she lifted one of the young ladies legs and hooking it over her shoulder as she reached out with her tongue. 

"Ohhhhhh," the young lady moaned as my mother slid her tongue up along her wet pussy lips, obviously spreading her lips with the tip as she stroked her length.

"Oh damn," the other young lady said breathlessly, watching my mother lick her friend's pussy, her own hand sliding down to her crotch, rubbing her pussy through her shorts. I stood, still completely naked, my gaze shifting between my mother licking the blonde's pussy, and the brunette, who now had the front of her shorts open, her hand pushing deep into it to reach her own pussy. She looked at me and then back to my mother. "Oh hell," she said quietly before looking back at me. She stepped around my mother to where I was standing. "No point in letting them have all the fun," she said, reaching for my hands, still covering my own privates. She gently but firmly pulled my hands away and pulled them to her own waist. She coaxed my hands to push her shorts down, leaving her bare from the waist down. 

"No panties?" I asked a little surprised.

"Never," she whispered. "But I do have a bra on under my shirt, if you wanna fix that."

"Yeah. Sure," I answered, feeling a little more confident. I pulled the hem of her tank top up while she stepped out of her shorts, pulling her shirt up over her head. She took the shirt from me and tossed it aside before reaching back around herself to unfasten her bra strap. 

She slipped the cups off her full tits and let the straps slide down her arms. "You like em?" she asked, lifting each mound, somewhat larger than her friend's but still smaller by far from my mother's new set. 

"Yeah. I do," I answered, staring at how the two mounds still held their shape even without her bra. Each round firm orb of creamy flesh was topped with a large round areola that covered almost half of the breast. Each areola had a round hard nipple pushing out from its center, as big around as my pinky finger, protruding equally. 

"I like having them sucked on," she said invitingly, cupping her right breast with her hand, squeezing it slightly to make it cone out more. I leaned down and sucked her breast into my mouth, swirling my tongue around the hard nub. I placed one hand on her stomach and the other on her round firm ass. As I toyed with her nipple, drawing it with suction deeper into my mouth and then using my tongue to flick and roll it, I slid my hand down lower on her front, sliding it over the small patch of brown curls to the juncture of her legs. I curled my fingers between her legs, letting them explore the soft folds protruding from between her young firm round outer lips. "Ohhhh fuck that feels good," she moaned softly as I curled my middle finger up into her tunnel. She reached her free hand around the back of my head and pulled me tighter to her breast as she moaned again, her fingers trying to grip my short hair as I pushed my finger up and down, sliding it in and out of her. 

"Oh fuck, fuck, fuck!" I heard the blonde girl cry at whatever my mom was doing to her as she remained squatted down with her face between the young ladies legs. 

"Fuck me. God fuck me," the brunette moaned softly as I moved to her other breast and drew it into my mouth, a second finger pushed into her and sliding in and out wetly. "Ohhhhhhh. Fuck I'm so fucking horny."

"That's what you get for watching us," my mother said, pulling her face from between the blonde's legs. "Looks to me like Trevor would be more than happy to oblige you. All you need to do is give him a little persuasion, if you know what I mean," she said to the brunette. I felt the brunette's hand pulled from behind my head and moments later close around my well used cock. "Yes there you go." I heard my mom say softly as the hand around my cock slowly started stroking and massaging me, causing me to start to harden. "Ohhhh yeah. Why don't you come down here and suck this nice fat cock for a few minutes." 

I felt the young lady take about half a step back, breaking my contact with her breast. I straightened up and looked at her as she squatted down in front of me. She tilted her head back slightly to look up at me and then leaned forward, opening her mouth and engulfing my dick. Only one of my past girlfriends had ever sucked my cock, EVER. And on that occasion I was already hard, so feeling her mouth working on my still mostly flaccid cock was a unique and stimulating sensation. I watched her bob her pull her head back, stretching my soft cock as she drew her lips along its length before opening and taking me deep into her mouth again. It didn't take long before my suddenly pounding heart had my cock hardening to the point she could no longer take my whole length into her mouth. 

"Damn that's growing fast!" she said with a smile as she took a break from sucking me, her hand sliding along my saliva covered shaft. "Wanna put this someplace else?"

"You got it hard, why not?" I answered, more excited about the prospect of fucking her than I wanted to let on.

"Good," she said, the grin staying on her face as she stood up. She stepped over a few feet so she could lean her hands against the rock wall and then pushed her ass out at me much like my mother had just a short time ago. "Let's see if I feel as good as she did." 

I stepped the two steps it took to be behind her and bent my knees slightly to bring my cock down to her pussy. I rubbed my head up and down her slit, my cock bending slightly with each stroke. I had to use my hand to support myself slightly as I pushed into her, my cock wanting to bend and slip out of her tight entrance. She wigged her ass a little as I pushed into her, worming my half hard cock deeper into her. I held her hips and started to stroke, little short strokes so that I wouldn't come out of her pussy, each stroke ending in a soft slap against her bare ass. 

"There you go. I can feel you getting bigger in me," she cooed softly as my strokes lengthened with my growing hardness. "Mmmmmmm much better." 

"Uh huh," I grunted as I plunged into her, picking up speed in response to her growing moans. She pushed back with each stroke into her, driving me hard into her so that my cock smashed hard against the end of her tunnel and my hips slapped loudly against her bare ass. I slid my hands up her body, reaching for her tits and capturing the hanging, swinging mounds of sexy flesh. 

"Oh god damn. Mmmmmmmmm you feel good!" she grunted as I pounded into her. "Squeeze my nipples." 

I had her tits in my hands so it was no big deal to let her hard nipples stick out between my fingers and to then close around them and squeeze the hard protruding nubs.

"Oh yes. OHHHH FUCK YES!" she cried loudly as I pulled her nipples, stretching them out from her creamy tits slightly. "God. GONNA COME!" she squealed loudly moments before she started to shudder and shake. "OHHHH FUCK!" she practically screamed as she sagged back against me, making me quickly release her tits and grab for her waist to hold her up. I completely gave up stroking into her and just held her against me, my cock deep in her pussy as it convulsed around my shaft. "Oh fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck," she gasped as I held her shaking body. She tried to stand more upright, reaching back with her arms to capture my neck and pull me down farther, my chest pressed to her back. She turned her head as the trembles in her body subsided, kissing me softly on the cheek. "Ohhh god, that was soooo fucking mind blowing good. Now I'm wishing I had come over on the other side to get her phone."

"Why's that?"

"Because then I'd have gotten to fuck you twice," she whispered.

"Oh," I answered.

"So. You two going to stand there all day, or do you think that your friend here wants a little of that too."

"I don't know that I want to give it up yet!" the girl in my arms answered. 

"That doesn't sound very friend like," the blonde said. 

"Yeah I know Amy. Come on. You can have him." The brunette said quietly, letting go of my neck and gently pulling off my cock with a loud juicy slurp. 

My mom got up from where she was still squatting, having been licking the blonde's pussy the whole time, and wiped her face. "I think I'll leave you three to enjoy!" she said, before moving to pick up her clothes. "See you back at camp Trevor!" she added cheerfully, before walking away, still completely naked.

"Well?" The blonde asked, still leaning against the wall, her legs spread slightly and her pussy glistening with her juices.

"Yeah. Why not?" I said, as I looked at her. I took a step forward and she lifted one leg. I hooked my hand behind her knee and stepped to her, her hands moving to capture my rock hard cock and aim it at her pussy.

"I'm soooooo fucking ready for this. If you fuck half as good as she licks, I'm gonna be creaming all over you before you even get it into me."

"That bad?" I asked as she rubbed my engorged head around her lips, working it into the entrance to her tunnel.

"No. That... OOOOOOOOH FUUUUUUCK!" she groaned as I pushed up into her, sliding easily into her already sopping wet tunnel. "That good," she gapsed. "Oh god Donna. He's fucking huge!"

"Uh huh," the brunette agreed as she leaned against the rocks and teased her body with her fingertips. "He is."

I started sliding in and out of her, drawing grunts and gasps with each stroke, her moans growing louder with practically each stroke. "Ohhhh shit. I'm gonna come. I'm gonna come," she moaned over and over, her breathing getting more gaspy and ragged with each passing moment. "Oh fuck. Ohhhhh FUCK!" she cried as her body jerked and shuddered. I could feel her pussy contracting around me, trying to squeeze and milk me as she climaxed around me. 

"That didn't take long!" the brunette said from where she was still leaning against the rock wall.

"Uh uh," the blonde answered breathlessly. "Ohhhhhhhh fuck," she groaned again as I kept slowly stroking in and out of her. "I can't believe we just did this."

"What? Get fucked?" the brunette asked.

"And licked," she answered. "Now what are we going to do about you?"

"I'm doing just fine," I grunted as I kept sliding in and out of her pussy.

"You do seem to be," she breathed. "You wanna keep going like this?"

"You got another suggestion?" I grunted.

"I was just thinking that there's a third young lady that might like a piece of this," she said breathlessly.


"Yeah. You'd just have to come back to camp. She's sleeping in the tent," the brunette answered. "After seeing you naked when she got the cell phone, she couldn't stop talking about how much she wanted to fuck you, but was afraid to do anything but run."

I stopped stroking into the blonde, knowing I was still a little ways from the end anyway. "So you wanna take me back to camp and have me fuck her?"

"I don't see any reason why we can't all have a little fun," the blonde said.

"What the hell. Why not?" I answered with a shrug. I'd already had so much sex in the last twenty four hours, way more than in the last...well forever. So what if I had to wait a little longer to come again. That little thing with the cell phone was kinda cute and I wouldn't mind a more comfortable place to do this.

"Good," they said, the blonde gently pushing me back. "By the way, I'm Amy and this is..."

"Donna. Figured that out."

"Yeah. Donna," Amy said with a grin. "So how much you gonna wear?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well, there aren't all that many people in the campground. I was thinking that maybe we'd just wear our shoes," Amy said with a wicked grin.

"Amy!" Donna protested.

"What? You don't wanna see him walking naked?"

"Didn't say that, but fuck. That leaves US naked too!"

"I'm game if you are. It isn't all that far to our campsite."

"Jesus Amy!"

"So that's a yes?"

"Yeah. Okay," Donna said, pulling her shirt back off so she was standing in just her shoes.

"And if you get too close to either of us on the hike back, feel free to put that anyplace you want to coax us along," Amy giggled as she bent over to collect her clothes.

I followed them up the trail, carrying the shower bag, feeling a little awkward and exposed. I'd stop and put my shorts on, if I had them. Unfortunately Amy has all our clothes "just in case" as she put it. We topped the climb onto the bluff the campground was set on. We walked in the open to the almost deserted campground, only the girl's site and ours still occupied. I could see my family already breaking camp down for the trip to our next place, though I wasn't sure exactly where that was. I tried not to look like myself as I followed them to their camp, trying to keep their big dome tent between me and my family for as long as I could. Once they had the door unzipped, I stepped around and slipped into the tent as quickly as I could. 

"Trish! Trish!" Amy whispered, pulling the sheet off of the young woman that was sleeping on the air mattress, leaving her in nothing but the tiny pair of panties. Her tits looked every bit as good as they did in the bathroom, but this time I had a lot longer to appreciate the view. 

"What?" Trish mumbled sleepily. "I'm sleeping."

"We brought home a surprise," Amy said, reaching for Trish's panties and starting to pull and wiggle them down as she lay there, not moving.

"Something you have to take my undies off for?" Trish asked with a yawn, lifting herself slightly to let Amy pull her panties all the way off. "It better be a good tongue because you just interrupted one fucking good dream." 

"Dreaming about fucking him?"

"Uh huh," Trish mumbled, sliding one hand down to her pussy and gently stroking it. 

I may have had plenty of sex already this morning, but the view in front of me, three nude girls, one laying with her legs spread and her fingers teasing her pussy, well it was more than enough to make me hard again. 

"How would you like to fuck him for real?" Amy whispered, leaning down and kissing one of Trish's big round tits. 

"Don't I wish," Trish moaned.

Amy turned her head to look at me and grinned, motioning for me to move closer. "Fuck her," she mouthed without making a sound.

I'd wanted to do that since I saw her in the bathroom, so I didn't have to be invited more than once. With a responding grin, I crawled between her spread legs. I used my hands to hold myself over her on the air mattress while Amy reached under me and aimed my cock at Trish's pussy.

"Ohhhhhhhh fuuuuuuuck!" Trish moaned as I pushed my head between her lips, her eyes opening to see my face over hers. "OH FUCK!" she cried in surprise. "It's you!" she said, pushing her hands on my chest. 

"Uh huh." I grinned. 

"Ohhhh fuck," she said, relaxing below me. 

"I can do that." I grinned, pushing against her again, working my cock deeper into her hot, wet pussy. "I've wanted to do this since last night in the bathroom."

"So did I," she moaned as I started to stroke in and out. "Ohhhhhhh fuck me."

"Uh huh," I grunted, pushing harder into her with each stroke until I was sliding fast and hard into her. She pulled her legs back and apart so I'd slide deeper into her, moaning and gasping in pleasure with each stroke. 

In and out I drove, my cock caressing the entire length of her tunnel with my head smashing into the end each time. My hips slapped into her ass and thighs each time I drove into her, making her whole body shake and move, her tits rolling and moving on her chest.

"Oh fuck!" she moaned as I pounded into her. "Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck!" she cried as her body began to tremble and shudder. I continued to pound into her, her back arched to push her clit harder into the top of my cock and to allow it to smash into the base of my shaft with each stroke. "Oh god! I'm coooooooomiiiiiiing!" she cried loudly, her body suddenly jerking and her tunnel clenching around my cock. 

"Oh fuck," I grunted in response to her body squeezing me, sending my own orgasm over the edge. My body jerked and jammed into her hard as what little cum I had left surged into her. I held myself over her, panting and jerking as my cock twitched inside her still spasming pussy. 

"Ohhhhh damn, damn, damn, damn," she moaned, wrapping her legs around me and pulling me down against her. "God I wanted to do this last night so bad!"

"So why'd you run off?"

"I was scared. I was afraid it was too big," she breathed. "God you girls are soooo missing out."

"Don't worry. We already got plenty of him," Amy giggled. "Even Donna took it from behind."

"Shit! Donna?"

"Yeah. I did," she said with a bit of a frown. "I guess I got carried away."

"I guess!' Trish said from below me.

"I gotta go guys. My family is knocking down camp. Can I have my clothes back?"

"I suppose," Amy said with a frown. She leaned for the pile of clothes and picked mine from the pile, handing them over. I pushed off of Trish and pulled my shorts on, leaving everything else off.

"Wish you didn't have to go," Trish whispered.

"Yeah. Been kinda fun. Hope you girls have a good time the rest of your vacation."

"Yeah. Me too. We're headed to Brice canyon later today," Donna said. "Where you going from here?"

"No idea. I'm just along for the ride," I answered with a shrug.

"Trevor!" I heard my mom calling.

"Gotta go!" I said, giving each of them a quick kiss before unzipping the door. I crawled out, looked back at the three naked, sweating bodies in the tent and then turned and jogged to our campsite, which was mostly packed.

"Well, there you are. What took so long?"

"Oh, I had to help the girls out with something," I answered.

"The girls? Didn't know you found some friends," my dad said as he pulled the pins on their tent.

"Yeah. Ran into them last night," I answered with a shrug.

"Good looking?"

"Dad!" I said with a frown.

"What? It's not like I was asking if you had sex with em."


"Good grief Dad! Really?" Jenny said with a frown. "Not cool."

"What? You act like I'm asking if you're having sex."

"Dad!" Jenny said shaking her head. "Sometimes I think you're still a teenager."

"Sometimes he is," Mom answered with a giggle. "And I love him for it most of the time."

"Well. Come on. Let's get the rest of this packed so we can take off. We need to be into the campground at Brice before dark," he said as he started rolling the tent.

"Okay," I said, pulling the poles on my dome tent so Jenny and I could roll it up. I paused and looked over at the girl's tent. It suddenly occurred to me that the girls were headed to Brice as well. I wondered if I'd see them at the new campsite.

"Come on Trevor. No day dreaming!" my dad coaxed as he picked up their tent and carried to the truck, my tent all that was left out in the site. Jenny rolled it while I got the bag ready, then we stuffed it into the bag. Dad took it from me and stashed it in the truck.

"Must have been good. Hope you're not too worn out for me tonight," my sister whispered, as she stepped next to me as I paused to look at the girl's tent again.


"Fuck yeah. You didn't think I was going to be a one-time fling did you?" she whispered before walking toward the truck. "Come on. Time to go."

"Yeah," I answered, walking around the truck and climbing in. I doubted she knew what mom and I had done down in the rocks. Somehow my sex life had just taken a serious turn to the weird, but I'm not complaining. Both of them are one hell of good fuck.