"Stories 18+" Liveaboard Fun C4

Stories 18+ Liveaboard Fun C4
"How can you say that?" Susan asked. "I just watched you cum like crazy when Ed fucked you, then you came like crazy when I sucked you, and you didn't complain. Now that it's over and you think about it, you're upset? And you tell me I need to grow up!"

"That's quite a daughter you've got," Ed said. "Like I told you."

"And what about your brother," Jane asked, "does he know you're doing these things?"

"Huh! Jimmy's so busy sucking everyone's pussy on this ship he doesn't even notice what day it is."

"What are you saying?" Jane asked, looking at Susan.

"Mom, get your head out of the sand," Susan said. "You're probably the only person on board who's not having total fun. I mean, look at dad. He just had a great time with Alice, and he'll probably get some from Bunny before this is over if she has her way. Everyone's having fun, that's all. I know when we get back I have to go back to my same old boring life. Well, just this week I'm going to have all the fun I possibly can so at least I can have a memory of what it's like, that's all."

"Sort of makes sense, doesn't it?" Ed said. "I mean, we hope people enjoy their trips with us. It is supposed to be something out of this world in normal terms. I guess this qualifies. It's not the first time we've seen passengers do this. And with all due respect, you've got a pussy that deserves the attention," he said. "My cock felt right at home."

"I'll say," Susan agreed as she saw her mother blush.

"Now either get out of here or I'm going to have some more," Ed said, holding his once again hard cock in his hand.

"Oh, mom, yes, do it again," Susan implored, letting her fingers slide into her mother's pussy.

"I think I'll go," Jane said, squirming off the bunk and onto her feet. "I'm sorry to have bothered you."

"Believe me, it was no bother," Ed said. "I hope we can do this again."

"We'll see," Jane said, going through the curtain and down the stairs. "Are you coming, Susan?" she asked.

"I'll be along in a minute," Susan replied. "I'm going to suck Ed's cock first. It looks like he needs it."

"Susan!" Jane exclaimed, her head sticking back through the curtain.

"Well, you got your pussy sucked, and fucked. What's the problem?" she asked.

"Will you please talk to her?" Jane implored, looking at Ed.

"It won't be the first time," Susan said, her chin high.

"What?" Jane said, her mouth hanging open.

"I sucked his cock last night," Susan said. "It was the first time I had ever done it. And I liked it! I like the taste of cum. And I like the way it sort of swells up before it explodes in your mouth. So do you."

"What are you saying?" Jane asked, staring at her.

"I watched you suck dad the other day," Susan said, tossing her head towards the monitor. "That's when I decided to do it to Ed. I just copied you."

"Oh, my god," Jane said, her hand to her mouth.

"Why don't you just watch and see that it's no big deal," Susan said, slipping to her knees in front of Ed. "I sucked your pussy full of Ed's cum. This is just a little more direct, I think."

And with that Susan just opened her mouth and sucked Ed's cock in, closing her lips on it and just sucking it with her whole mouth. She loved the flavor. She could still just make out the taste of her mother's pussy on Ed's cock as she continued to suck on it. Jane just stood there frozen and watched as her daughter sucked this huge cock that just minutes before had been plunging in and out of her pussy, making her feel like more of a woman than she had ever felt before.

She could see Susan's throat bulge as she tried to get more and more of Ed's cock down her throat. When she looked up at Ed's face, he was just smiling at her! She blushed, realizing that her nipples were hard as she dropped her gaze to Susan sucking on him. Susan was bobbing up and down on Ed's cock now, really fucking him with her mouth. As Jane watched in open- mouthed fascination, Ed threw his head back and groaned as he began to cum in Susan's still sucking mouth. She could hear Susan gurgling as she struggled to swallow all of Ed's cum, her throat convulsively gulping as her mouth filled. Then Susan was sliding up and down on Ed's cock again, sucking the last of his cum and leaving Ed once again hard. 

Letting his cock finally fall from her mouth, she turned a shining, cum-smeared face to her mother.

"Didn't that look great, mom?" she asked, getting to her feet. "It tasted great!"

"I think we should go now," Jane said, still in shock.

"Heck, it's time for the next dive," Ed said, a big smile on his face.

"All right," Susan said. "Come on, mom, let's go dive together," she said, moving to the stairs. "Okay?"

"Sure, let's go diving," Jane said, shaking her head as she made room for Susan to come down the stairs.

"I'll come back later, Ed," Susan said, turning to smile at him. "This is fun."

"Have a good dive," Ed said, laughing as they disappeared from view. "What a pair!" he thought, his cock twitching. "I can't wait to taste that stuff and then fuck it." he thought to himself.

Susan and Jane walked to the dive deck in silence, Jane still shaken by her experience. Closely watching her father as Jane sat next to him to suit up, Susan could detect to sign of what they had seen on the monitor between him and Alice. Looking at Alice, Alice just smiled at her as they all stood up and made their way down to the water. Susan spent the entire dive with Jane, as they explored the water wonderland below. By the time they surfaced at the end of the dive, Jane was in much better spirits.

Claiming to be tired, Jane said she was going to lay down for a couple of hours until dinner. Thinking about it, Susan realized that she too was tired and decided to do the same. As they turned to go into their separate cabins, Susan turned and hugged her mother close.

"Mom, I love you so much," she said. "Please don't be so worried about me."

"I'll try," Jane said. "But it's hard. You're my daughter."

"I know," Susan said. "It'll be okay," she said, opening the door and stepping into her cabin.

She was relieved to have the cabin to herself as she flopped down on her bunk. What a day it had been! She still couldn't get over seeing Ed's huge cock sliding in and out of her mother's pussy. And then getting to suck all the cum from her, that had been the best. As she lay there Susan realized that she had decided to finish the trip without her virginity. She knew there was never going to be a better time, not like this. She knew that she wanted to know what it felt like to have Ed's cock going in and out of her pussy like her mother had. She had to know!

Susan was laying there thinking/dreaming, her fingers idly playing in her pussy when Jimmy opened the door and came into the cabin. He looked at her, taking in her fingers in her pussy as he sat on his bunk. Susan turned to took at him, an odd look on her face.

"Jimmy, have you fucked anyone yet?" she asked, looking at him.

"Gosh, no," Jimmy said. "What makes you ask something like that?" he asked, surprised by the question.

"Oh, I just thought with you sucking everyone's pussy that you had maybe fucked someone too, that's all."

"No," Jimmy said. "But I sure want to. I mean, it's nice, you know, sucking them and all. And they suck me too, you know. But I do want to. Have you?"

"No," Susan answered frankly, turning her head and staring at the ceiling. "But I've decided I'm going to before we get back."

"You're kidding?" Jimmy responded, really surprised. "Do you know who?" he asked slyly.

"No, not yet," Susan replied. "But I know I want to feel what it's like to have Ed's cock inside of me," she said. "He's so big!"

"Wow!" Jimmy exclaimed. "But wouldn't it hurt a lot? I mean, if he's so big. Maybe the first time shouldn't be so big, maybe," he said.

"That's just what I was thinking," Susan said, turning to look at him. "I need someone else to be first. Oh, it's so beautiful watching a cock slide in and out of a pussy," she said, holding herself tight between the legs.

"Who have you seen like that?" Jimmy asked, staring at her.

"I've seen," Susan said, a smile on her face.

"Who? When? Today?" Jimmy asked, not believing her.

"Yes," Susan said. "Today."

"Today? Who did you see, Susan?" Jimmy asked, dropping to his knees at the edge of her bunk. "Tell me, please."

"Ed," Susan said, a smile on her face as she saw the consternation on his face.

"And?" Jimmy asked, his eyes wide.

"Who's the last person on board that you'd think it would be?" Susan asked, a grin on her face.

"The last person," Jimmy mused, staring at her. "I would have said you, but I know that's not it, is it?"

"No, not me," Susan laughed. "But I did suck his cock when he finished. That was great."

"You're kidding!" Jimmy exclaimed. "Wow. Who was it?"

"Keep guessing," Susan said. "You haven't guessed yet."

"The last person," Jimmy said to himself. "Well, that would be mom, of course," he said. "It couldn't be her."

"Why not?" Susan asked him, a deliberately neutral expression on her face.

"You're not serious?" Jimmy asked. "You're telling me that mom let Ed fuck her and you watched. And then you sucked his cock? Did she see that?"

"Uh-huh," Susan said, laughing. "But I did that after I sucked her pussy and ate all of their cum. I made her cum too."

"You're full of shit," Jimmy said, pushing to his feet and staring at her angrily. "You're just making it up."

"And dad fucked Alice and she sucked his cock too," Susan said, laughing loudly now.

"Why are you making this up?" Jimmy asked. 

"I'm not," Susan replied, still laughing. "But it's so nuts I know you can't possibly believe it. But I promise I'm telling the truth. I saw it all! You wouldn't believe it. I sucked mom's pussy right after Ed came inside of her. It was awesome. She was so freaked out she didn't know what to do. Then she came. It was so cool."

"How can you prove it?" Jimmy challenged.

"I'll bet if you just ask dad if he'd like to fuck Alice his face will give him away," Susan said. "If that's true you'd have to believe me, wouldn't you?"

"Yeah, if it's true," Jimmy agreed. "But what if I ask him and he gets pissed off at me?"

"Then let's bet so it's worth it," Susan said, sitting up.

"Bet what?" Jimmy asked.

"If I'm right you suck my pussy for me. If I'm wrong, I'll suck your cock for you," she said.

"You mean it?" Jimmy said, a big smile on his face. 

"Yup," Susan said. "Because I know I'm right."

"What if I just say I believe you right now?" Jimmy asked, beginning to have doubts.

"Then I'd say you were a smart little brother," Susan said, smiling at him.

"What about the bet?" Jimmy asked.

"Well, you still have to suck me," Susan said. "But I'll suck you too anyway. Is that fair?"

"Yeah," Jimmy said, a big grin on his face. "I liked sucking your pussy. You taste the best of everyone on board."

"Well, come on then," Susan said with a laugh. "I'm ready right now."

Jimmy laughed as Susan grabbed his cock and pulled him towards the bunk. Quickly she maneuvered so that she was on top of Jimmy, her legs spread around his head, her pussy right in front of his mouth. Even as she opened her mouth to take his cock in she felt his tongue slide up into her pussy. She almost came right then it felt so good. She hadn't realized how worked up she had gotten watching her mother and Ed. It felt like Jimmy was trying to suck her entire pussy into his mouth as he ate her. Susan responded by increasing her attack on his cock, letting more and more of it down into her throat as she sucked on him. 

Then it seemed that both of them were cumming at once. Susan couldn't tell who started, she just knew that her whole body began to tremble and then her mouth was filling with cum as Jimmy's cock began to spurt. She sucked and swallowed reflexively, frozen by her own orgasm as Jimmy continued to suck her. Finally it subsided, each of them, and Susan just lay there, Jimmy's cock in her mouth. She could feel him breathing into her pussy, his tongue still up inside of her.

Then suddenly there was a knock on the door.

"Susan, Jimmy, it's dinner time," Don said from the other side of the door.

"We're coming," Susan said, trying not to laugh as she got up off of Jimmy. And had they cum!

Jimmy jumped up off the bunk in panic, waiting for the door to open. Susan just laughed at him, shaking her head.

"You have cum all over your face, silly," she said. "It looks like you've been eating pussy."

"Oh, man," Jimmy said, wiping his face on a towel. "That was great, but what an ending."

"There'll be more," Susan said, opening the door.

As they stepped into the hall they ran right in to Alice and John as they came out of their cabin.

"Well, hello, you two," Alice said. "You haven't visited us in a while, Susan. You should come visit us tonight after dinner. Bring Jimmy with you too."

"Sure," Susan said, smiling at her, remembering her father's cock slamming in and out of her pussy. "You too, Jimmy?" Susan asked, turning to look at him.

"Yeah, sure," Jimmy agreed, embarrassed by the way Alice was looking at him.

"We can have dessert together," Alice said, laughing as she went up the stairs first. 

Jimmy was afraid his cock was going to stand up again as he followed Alice up the stairs, her pussy just inches from his face. They all got their food and sat down at a table next to the one Jane and Don were sitting at. Susan smiled at her parents.

"Did you have a nice nap, mom?" she asked.

"A little," Jane responded, reluctantly smiling. "Did you get any sleep?"

"Not really," Susan said. "I mostly talked with Jimmy."

"Well, try to get to bed early tonight, then," Jane suggested. "You should get enough sleep, vacation or no." 

"I promise," Susan said as she turned to her food.

They all fell to, enjoying another of Mary's meals. Then Ed came into the salon, a big smile on his face.

"Well, good evening, everyone. Hope everyone's having a good time," he said.

Jimmy happened to look over at Jane when Ed entered the salon. He noticed a slight blush come to her cheeks at his words, and at that moment he absolutely believed everything Susan had told him earlier. As he thought about it again he was totally shocked. She said she had sucked their mother's pussy and then sucked Ed's cock while she watched. Holy shit! He turned and looked at Susan.

"You were telling the truth!" he said, his eyes wide. 

"I told you I was," Susan said, smiling at him. "But I'm glad you said you believed me before dinner."

"Well, yeah," Jimmy replied, blushing a bit.

"Let's get a bowl of those strawberries and some of that Cool Whip and have dessert down in our cabin," Alice suggested, leaning over Jimmy to talk to Susan.

"Okay," Susan agreed. "Come on, Jimmy, let's get those strawberries."

Quickly filling a bowl with strawberries and another with the Cool Whip, Susan and Jimmy followed Alice and John back down the stairs to their cabin. When the door had closed Alice turned to Jimmy.

"Well, I've certainly heard people talking about you, young man," she said, smiling at him.

"Why?" Jimmy asked, embarrassed.

"Oh, only good things, I promise," Alice laughed. "Sit down, sit down."

As they sat on opposite bunks Susan started to eat a strawberry.

"Oh, wait, Susan," Alice said. "We have a special way of eating strawberries that I think you might like. Would you like to try?"

"Sure," Susan replied. "How?"

"Well, I'll show you," Alice said with a laugh, smiling at John.

Reaching for a strawberry, Alice dipped it in the Cool Whip.

"Now watch," she said, turning and kneeling on the bunk.

Bending forward, Susan and Jimmy were presented with a view of her ass and pussy sticking out. Reaching between her legs, Alice opened her pussy lips and pushed the strawberry into her pussy. Jimmy's eyes were wide open and so was his mouth, so shocked was he. Susan just laughed when she saw the Cool Whip covered strawberry peeking from within Alice's pussy.

"Who gets to eat it?" Susan asked.

"Go ahead, Jimmy, you go first," John said, seeing the look on his face.

"You mean it?" Jimmy asked, staring at him.

"Sure. Why not?" John said.

"Wow," Jimmy said, falling to his knees in front of Alice's exposed asshole and pussy.

Susan's eyes were wide with delight as she watched Jimmy fasten his mouth to Alice's pussy and suck. She could see Alice's fingers busy rubbing her clit as Jimmy sucked at her hole. Then she could see Jimmy chewing as he continued to slither his tongue into Alice's pussy.

"Okay, okay," Alice laughed. "Someone else's turn."

John quickly got a strawberry and pushed it into Alice's pussy. Then he smeared Cool Whip over her pussy. As Alice laughed, John dove into her pussy, licking and sucking as he went after the strawberry. When he raised his face after a couple of minutes, he had Cool Whip smeared across it.

"My turn," Susan said, grabbing a strawberry and sticking it into Alice's pussy. "Yummy," she said, diving in.

Jimmy watched in astonishment as Susan sucked Alice's pussy. Even though he believed what she had told him, seeing her suck another pussy was totally different. He felt his cock getting real hard as he watched. Finally Susan sat up, a big smile on her face.

"I just love the taste of your pussy, Alice," she said.

"And I like your appetite for strawberries," Alice laughed as she turned around. "But now I want a strawberry."

"Here," Susan said, laying back on the bunk, her feet spread wide apart and pressed against the bunk over her head.

Alice laughed as she prepared a strawberry and slowly pushed it into Susan's pussy. Jimmy watched as Alice bent over and glued her mouth to Susan's pussy. Jimmy smiled to himself as he watched, knowing that Susan's pussy was as sweet as any strawberry. When Alice finished after a couple of minutes John took her place, gluing his mouth to her pussy as he sucked the strawberry from her. When he raised his face after a couple of minutes, he had a big smile across it. Then Alice prepared another strawberry and inserted it into Susan's pussy.

"Your turn, Jimmy," she said, looking at him.

Jimmy froze for a minute, not knowing what to do. Then Susan spoke up.

"Go on, Jimmy, get that strawberry," she said, eager to have Alice and John see him suck her pussy. "It's not the first time and you know it," she said.

"What's going on here?" Alice asked.

"I've had Jimmy suck my pussy twice for me, and I sucked his cock too," Susan said as Jimmy attacked her pussy, sucking at the strawberry that was jammed into her. "Ooh, yes," she said. "I like this."

"Hey, why don't you two eat the strawberries and Jimmy and I will just concentrating on sucking your pussies," John suggested.

"Sounds good to me," Alice said, laying on the bunk beside Susan, spreading her knees and opening her pussy to them. "Jimmy, would you like to suck on my pussy for me?" Alice asked, smiling at him. "I know John wants some more of Susan."

"Heck yeah, sure," Jimmy said, smiling. "You mean it?"

"Suck away, young man," Alice said, popping a strawberry in her mouth. "Make me cum."

"Oh, Jimmy, isn't this fun," Susan said as John again bent to suck her pussy.

"You bet," Jimmy said from Alice's pussy. 

Soon the only sounds in the cabin were those of tongues slithering through pussies and the moans of Susan and Alice as they were driven to orgasm. First it was Susan who came, John slurping at her pussy as she bucked against his face. Then it was Alice's turn, her thick cum filling Jimmy's mouth as he drank. Finally they were done and Jimmy just sat there on his heels, his hard cock out in front of him, Alice's pussy juices smeared all across his face.

"That was just wonderful, Jimmy," Alice said, sitting up. "Come here," she said, pulling him close and kissing him. She could taste herself on his tongue as they sucked the breath from each other. "And what a nice cock," Alice said, reaching out and holding Jimmy's hard cock in her hand. "What would you like to do with this, Jimmy?" she asked. "Would you like to put it in my mouth or in my pussy? Which one would you like?"

"You mean it?" Jimmy asked, his mouth hanging open as he watched Alice massage his hard cock.

"You make the choice, Jimmy," Alice said, smiling up at him.

"You'd really let me fuck you?" Jimmy asked.

"If that's what you'd like, sure," Alice said. "Have you ever fucked anyone before?"

"No," Jimmy said, his eyes glazed. "But I'd sure like to."

"Well, here then," Alice said, laying back down and opening her legs wide. "Fuck me, Jimmy. I'd love to be the first one for you."

"Go on, Jimmy," Susan encouraged, excited to watch. "Do it. Here's your chance."

"Go on, boy, do it," John said, smiling as he watched Alice tease him.

Alice pulled her pussy lips wide open with her fingers as she watched Jimmy's face. Jimmy could see right into her hole as she lay there. Letting a strangled cry escape from his throat, Jimmy fell to his knees and held his cock at the entrance to Alice's pussy.

"All right, Jimmy," Susan said. "Do it."

Slowly pressing his cock against Alice's pussy, Jimmy held his breath as it disappeared inch by inch into her pussy. Finally it totally disappeared into her pussy and Jimmy just rested there, feeling the warm wetness of Alice's pussy. He could feel the muscles of her pussy gripping his cock, milking it. Then he slowly started moving his hips back and forth, sliding his cock in and out of Alice's pussy. 

Susan watched with held breath as her little brother began to fuck Alice. She was torn between admiration and jealousy as she watched. Then reaching out and grabbing John's cock, Susan pulled him close and began to suck on him while watching Jimmy fuck Alice out of the corner of her eye. She could see his cock glistening each time he pulled it out of Alice, then it disappeared as he slammed it back in. John was sliding his hips back and forth fucking her face so Susan just had to sit there, he did all the work.

Then she saw Jimmy stiffen as he began to cum in Alice's pussy. Alice had her feet wrapped around his back and was milking him with her pussy as he came. Jimmy groaned as he ground his hips into her, trying to push his cock even deeper. Susan was surprised suddenly by her mouth filling with John's cum as his balls blew. She gulped, just barely managing not to cough, swallowing his cum as she sucked him. By the time John had finished cumming and Susan had sucked him dry, Jimmy's cock had withdrawn from Alice's pussy. 

Susan could see his cum between Alice's pussy lips, her hole gaping from Jimmy's cock. Releasing John's cock Susan dove in between Alice's legs, gluing her mouth to her cum-filled pussy. Jimmy watched in surprise as she sucked Alice's pussy, slurping at his cum as she ate her pussy. Alice was laughing as Susan sucked her, holding her head with both hands. Then Susan sat back up, her face glistening with Alice and Jimmy's cum. Turning to Jimmy, Susan opened her mouth and sucked his gooey cock in, licking and sucking the juices from it before letting it fall from her mouth.

"Well, I see that you have been busy," Alice said, laughing as she sat up. "And you, Jimmy, you use that cock of yours very nicely. Did you enjoy yourself?"

"That was great," Jimmy said. "It felt so good."

"Yes, it did," Alice laughed. "And what about you, Susan? Have you let anyone fuck you yet?"

"Not yet," Susan replied. "Not yet."

"I'd love to be the first," John said. "If you'd like."

"I haven't decided," Susan said, smiling at John. "But I know I'd like your cock in me, John. I'm sure of it."

"Well, why don't you just do it now?" Alice said, her eyes shining at the prospect.

"Not now," Susan said. "We have a night dive to do."

"Maybe before we get back," John suggested.

"I hope so," Susan said, a twinkle in her eye. "I think I'll go upstairs now. You want to come, Jimmy?"

"Jimmy, I hope you come back and give me some more of that nice cock of yours," Alice said. "Would you like that?"

"You bet," Jimmy said. "If you don't mind," he said, looking at John.

"Not at all," John said. "The more the merrier. Alice has quite an appetite."

"See you later," Susan said. "And thanks!"

"No problem," Alice laughed. "We'll see you both later, won't we?"

"You will," Susan said, opening the door and going out, Jimmy right behind her.

In the hallway they ran into their parents who were coming out of their cabin. They all stopped in the hallway, a momentary awkward silence. Then Jane spoke.

"What were you two doing in there?" she asked.

"Just visiting," Susan replied. "Did you take a nap?" she asked, smiling at her mother.

"Yes," Jane said, a slight blush suffusing her cheeks.

"Or maybe you did something else?" Susan suggested.

"Susan, watch yourself, young lady," Don said, giving her a stern look.

"Oh, dad, you think you're so, so adult," Susan said. "I know a lot more than you think. Were you two going up or were you both going to visit Alice and John?" she asked, a knowing grin on her face as she stared at her father.

"We're going up for the night dive," Don replied. "Why would you ask?"

"Oh, just curious," Susan said, laughing as she scampered up the stairs.

"What was she talking about?" Don asked, looking at Jane.

"As if you don't know," Jane replied, staring at him.

"What do you mean," he asked as they went up the stairs.

"She saw you fucking Alice, that's what she meant," Jane said.

"What are you talking about?" he asked, his cheeks flushing.

"I saw you too," Jane retorted. "Don't think I didn't. Did you enjoy yourself?"

"Jane, I don't know what to say," Don sputtered.

"Don't say anything," Jane said. "When I saw that I let Ed fuck me."

"You what?" Don said, stopping her and turning her to face him.

"Yes," Jane said, staring at him. "And Susan happened to walk in and watch."

"I don't believe this," Don said.

"It's true," Jane said, turning and going over to her gear.

"Hey, everyone," Ed said, walking onto the dive deck. "This is a great spot for night diving. Lot's of lobster and conch."

"Hi, Jane, Don," Ed said, coming over to stand in front of them as they got into their gear. "Everything okay?"

"Wonderful, Ed," Jane replied, smiling at him. "I really needed that this afternoon."

"Any time," Ed said, smiling at her. "I enjoyed it too."

"Maybe some more later?" she asked, reaching out and briefly holding his cock in her hand.

"My pleasure," Ed said, seeing the shocked look on Don's face. "Bring Susan again too."

"We'll see," Jane said, getting to her feet.

"What about Susan?" Don asked, scrambling to his feet after her.

"Susan's been sucking his cock," Jane said. "What do you think of that?"

"You can't be serious," Don said, staring at Susan's naked ass in front of them.

"Oh, yes," Jane said. "I watched. She did a good job of it too. I was surprised actually."

"How can you say this?" Don asked as they got to the dive platform.

"After watching you with Alice, and me here and always willing, I'd do or say anything," Jane said, falling into the water.

Don spent his entire dive in a state of bewilderment. How had they possibly seen him with Alice. And Jane's reaction to it all. He couldn't believe she had fucked Ed. And what she was saying about Susan. This was too much. When he surfaced from his dive he found Susan and Jimmy on the dive platform talking with Sue and Harve.

Sitting down and slowly slipping out of his gear, he studied Susan, trying to see if there was anything about her body language which would support what Jane had told him. When Susan sat down and slipped out of her gear, Don found himself staring at her bald pussy when she spread her legs. Involuntarily his cock grew into a semi-hard state.

"Who's that for, dad?" Susan asked with a smirk as she stood to leave the dive deck.

Don blushed when he realized that she had seen him staring at her pussy.

"Can I talk to you, please?" Susan suddenly asked him, trying to hide a grin.

"S-sure, Susan," Don stammered, wishing he was wearing some clothes as his cock continued to get hard. "What is it?"

"No, I'd like to talk more private," Susan said. "Maybe down in the cabin, okay?"

"Sure," Don said. "Now?"

"If you don't mind," she replied.

"Okay, let's go," Don said, taking a deep breath as he stood and made way for the stairs.

Susan let him go first, knowing how embarrassed he was by his cock being so hard out in front of him. When they got to the bottom of the stairs they ran into Alice as she was leaving her cabin.

"Oh, hello, you two," she said. "Wasn't that a great dive?"

"It was nice," Susan agreed.

"So why are you down here then," Alice inquired. "The sun's out."

"We're just going to have a talk," Susan informed her.

"Oh, I see," Alice said, nodding her head. "Maybe you'd like an impartial third party to listen, maybe offer a different point of view?"

Susan and Don answered simultaneously, Susan saying yes and Don saying no. Alice laughed.

"It looks like you two are going to need a referee," she said.

"Please, dad," Susan implored. "I think it will help."

"If you insist," Don said, very uncomfortable now. 

He was sure Jane suspected something and he didn't want Susan also involved.

"Come on in here," Alice said, opening the door to her cabin. "We won't be interrupted this way."

Without even looking at her father Susan went into Alice's cabin and sat down on a bunk. Don silently followed her in and sat next to her, Alice sitting on the bunk opposite. Don was acutely aware of Alice's pussy as she sat there with her knees spread. His cock twitched as he remembered how good it had felt to fuck her.

"So what is it?" he asked to take his mind in another direction. 

"Mom is pretty pissed off about you and Alice," Susan said bluntly, watching his face.

Don's face turned a bright red when this totally unexpected statement was made.

"What are you talking about?" Don asked, trying to buy some time.

"You know, you fucking Alice from behind and then she sucked your cock," Susan said, delighted at the devastated look on his face. "Isn't that about right?" she asked, looking at Alice.

"That sounds familiar," Alice said, a smile on her face as she watched Don's consternation.

"Why are you doing this?" Don asked, staring at his daughter now with totally different eyes.

"Because you hurt mom's feelings," Susan said. "She'd like some attention like that too."

"And what makes you think she hasn't been getting attention?" Don asked, angry now. This was his daughter.

"I just think maybe you should invite her to join you," Susan said. "She might feel more included."

"And what would you know about it?" Don asked.

"Because I was there when Ed fucked her," Susan said matter-of-factly. "She didn't like it when I came in, but then I think she got off on someone watching her."

"And what's this your mother tells me about you and Ed?" Don asked, feeling more and more angry at this presumption.

"I like sucking his cock," Susan said. "So what?"

"Don't you think you're a little young yet to be doing and talking about these things?" Don asked her.

"How old were you and mom when you started?" Susan asked. "I know you were high school sweethearts. What grade were you in?"

When Don didn't answer Alice smiled to herself. "Poor man doesn't know when he's beat!" she thought. Then she heard Jane looking for Don, calling to him as she opened the door to their cabin. Without a word Alice got to her feet and opened the door, stepping out into the hallway and confronting Jane. 

"He's in here," she said, seeing her eyes widen. "Susan's with him. They wanted an impartial referee for their conversation. But I think you should be here too."

Hesitating just a minute, Jane nodded and joined Don and Susan in Alice's cabin. By default she had to sit next to Alice on the bunk.

"Susan told Don that she thinks you're hurt because he didn't include you in his, shall we say, fun," Alice said. "I'm sorry, Jane. If I'd known that it would bother you I never would have done it. I just assumed."

"It takes two," Jane said, staring at Don. "I did no better when I went with Ed."

"What's this better stuff?" Alice asked. "You got laid. That's all. You weren't planning a life together or any big emotional attachment. You got laid. I got laid. That's all it was to me. I'm not trying to take him from you. I just wanted his cock and tongue for a bit, his body. I don't mind that he's a nice guy," she said, seeing the look on Don's face. "Now, I think you two should kiss and make up. Come on, you two," she said, grabbing each of them by the hand and pulling them to their feet. "Now kiss," she demanded, holding them face to face, Don's still erect cock sticking out and poking Jane in the stomach.

"Come on," she said, putting a hand on each of their asses and pushing them tightly together. "Don't you want to kiss?" she asked.

Laughing awkwardly, Don bent down and kissed Jane.

"Now, that wasn't much of a kiss and it's not funny," Alice said. "Do you need a demonstration or can you manage on your own?"

This time Don bent forward and caught Jane in his arms, gluing his mouth to hers and really kissing her. After only a momentary hesitation Jane responded, wrapping her arms around Don's neck and kissing him back.

"That's better," Alice said, standing close and pressing her body against both of theirs. "Get in to it," she said, sliding her hand down each of their asses and between their legs, grabbing Don's balls and letting her fingers slide in between Jane's pussy lips.

Both Don and Jane jumped when they felt Alice's hands, breaking their kiss.

"It feels to me like you two are ready," Alice said, letting her hands drop. "Please continue. I'd just love to watch."

"I think we should leave now," Jane said in a husky voice.

"Oh, come on, mom," Susan said. "I watched you and Ed. I'd much rather see you with dad."

"Now, now," Alice said, grabbing Don's cock in her hand. "I have a cabin rule that no hard cock shall exit this door. So if you aren't going to do something with this, I certainly will."

"I think I can manage," Jane said, wrapping her own hand around Don's cock.

"Oh, by all means, please do," Alice said with a laugh, releasing Don's cock.

"I think we should go now," Don said, very uncomfortable now.

"Why?" Jane asked, looking at him. "Don't you want Alice to see you fuck me?"

"No," Don exclaimed. "I mean, what about Susan?"

"I'm not worried about Susan or Alice," Jane said, staring at him as she tugged on his cock. "Doesn't it turn you on to fuck me in front of someone else? Does it embarrass you to be with me?"

"Oh course not," Don said, unprepared for this attack. "I just didn't think..."

"Were you thinking when you fucked Alice?" Jane demanded.

"You know there's only one way out of this," Alice said, laughing at Don. "I mean, if you don't want her, I think I could have a marvelous time with her," she said, moving behind Jane and letting her arms wrap around her waist, cupping her tits. "In fact, maybe you should go," Alice said, pinching Jane's nipples between her fingers. "Maybe you should just leave us girls together."

"Well, Don what's it going to be?" Jane asked, blushing as she felt Alice's hands on her tits. "Do you think you can bring yourself to fuck me or do we throw you out and just keep it girls only?"

"You're joking," Don said, not believing this.

"I don't know," Jane said, leaning back against Alice. "At least Alice shows an interest in me."

"Not like I do," Don said, suddenly angry as he pulled Jane close to him. "Not like I do," he said, kissing her, wrapping her in his arms.

"Oh, well, we'll just have to watch this time," Alice said to Susan as she watched them kissing.

Susan watched with bright eyes as her parents kissed. It was so beautiful to her. She watched as Alice maneuvered them so that Jane sat on the bunk, Don's cock sticking in her face. When nothing immediately happened, Alice reached for Don's cock, only to have Jane suddenly grab it and suck it into her mouth.

"That's better," Alice said, smiling. "He has such a delicious cock too."

"Oh, mom, suck him, suck him," Susan said, getting to her feet and standing close to watch as her mother sucked her father's cock in front of her and Alice.

She and Alice watched for at least five minutes as Jane sucked Don's cock. Susan was surprised that she could suck the whole thing into her mouth. It was obvious that Don was approaching orgasm when Alice suddenly reached out and grabbed Don's cock from Jane's mouth.

"What are you doing?" Jane asked, looking at her in exasperation, her eyes slightly glazed.

"You should save some of that," Alice said with a laugh. "Or don't you want some equal treatment yourself?"

"Yes!" Susan exclaimed. "Suck mom, dad. Suck her pussy."

Don turned to look at Susan, not believing that this was his daughter standing there naked, her pussy shaved, exhorting him to suck her mother's pussy right in front of her.

"It does look so tasty," Alice said, dropping to her knees next to them. "Maybe you'd like me to do this," she suggested, letting a hand trail up Jane's thigh to her pussy.

"Not yet," Don said, dropping to his knees between Jane's legs.

Jane was really turned on having Don treat her like this in front of Alice. When he dropped to his knees in front of her, she leaned back, bringing her feet up onto the edge of the bunk, opening her pussy to him. Susan was so different from anything she had ever experienced that she didn't even think of her as her daughter anymore as she locked eyes with her. Susan was beyond her control anymore.

When she felt Don's tongue slide into her pussy Jane sighed with relief, giving herself up to the waves of pleasure it produced. She loved getting her pussy eaten and having an audience was proving to be very stimulating to her. She arched her pussy up into Don's face as he sucked her, grinding her pussy into his mouth. Jane felt herself building to an orgasm when suddenly Don's tongue wasn't there anymore.

Opening her eyes Jane saw that Alice had lifted Don's face from her pussy, holding him in her hands as she laughed. She started to complain when she saw Alice grabbing Don's rigid cock in her hand but Alice spoke first.

"Now use this thing the way it was intended," she said as she laughed.

Pressing his cock into Jane's pussy, Don immediately buried it deep inside of her. To his consternation Susan was kneeling right next to him, her face not six inches from his cock as it slid in and out of Jane's pussy. She was licking her lips as she watched.

"Go, dad, go," she said. "Fuck mom's pussy. Fuck her good."

As Don heard this in shock, he was even more shocked when Susan reached into Jane's pussy and began to massage and rub her clit. Then he felt her hand as she wrapped it around his slippery shaft as it slid in and out of her mother's pussy. Susan was feverishly rubbing both her mother's pussy and his cock as he fucked her. He couldn't stop. His excitement was at a feverish pitch now. He could feel his cock swelling as he built to an orgasm. Jane was moaning with pleasure as Susan continued to rub her clit. Don could feel Jane's pussy begin to spasm as she came, gasping for breath as her pussy contracted. 

This was too much for Don and his balls exploded, shooting cum deep inside of Jane. The whole time Susan was there, rubbing her mother's pussy and stroking his cock. He couldn't believe the intensity of his orgasm as his balls pumped shot after shot of cum into Jane's pussy. Finally they both stopped cumming, just resting with Don's cock deep inside of Jane. Then as he caught his breath and straightened up, his cock slid from Jane's pussy, a stream of cum following it.

Before he could even react Susan had wrapped her lips around his cock and was sucking on it, slurping at the juices that covered him. By the time he could react and pull his cock from her mouth, she was done, his cock clean as a whistle. Before he could even assimilate this Susan had turned and dove into her mother's swampy pussy, gluing her mouth to her hole and sucking at the cum cocktail that filled her. Jane just moaned as Susan sucked her pussy, slurping and sucking all the cum from inside of her that she could. When she could find no more and Jane's pussy was clean, Susan sat up, cum smearing her face and a big grin from ear to ear. (next chap 5)
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