"Stories 18+" Lusting anal for Grandmother C2

Stories 18+ Lusting anal for Grandmother C2
"Rick....we...we...can't." she muttered out of breath.

I just stared at her all glassy-eyed, my heartbeat ringing in my ears. I reached up and grabbed her hand and brought it to my lips, kissing it softly.

"Oh Rick.....please." Gam pleaded, watching me caress her hand with my lips but never pulling it away.

She looked into my eyes and I could see the conflict raging inside her. I decided to make the decision for both of us. I pulled on her hand, drawing her back towards me and she offered no resistance. She seemed to glide to me as I sat back on the couch, her legs parting on either side of mine as she floated onto my lap. Her ass slid down my legs until her crotch settled over mine, sending sparks through in my rapidly stiffening cock.

Her eyes never left mine as her hands landed softly on my shoulders. We stared at one another for several moments, Gams breasts heaving in her chest. We suddenly leaned in to one another and our parted mouths collided in a fervent, hungry kiss! 

"MMMMmmmm!!!!" she moaned as she wrapped her arms around my neck in a passionate grip. 

I clutched her to me, grasping her so tight I thought I might break her. Our tongues dueled as our kiss reached fevered heights, lips ravenously grinding together. Her hands ran wildly through my hair, clutching and grabbing. She pushed her tits against me and then thrust them up and down, scrapping her rock hard nipple against my chest. I shoved my hands underneath her top, kneading her naked back. I ran my hands around her sides and to her stomach and then slid them quickly up, capturing a soft, round breast in each. I fondled a nipple with each thumb, stroking and pulling at them while mauling her tits in my hands.

This drove Gam nuts as she shoved her tits against my hand and mashed her mouth against mine, driving her tongue down my throat. I had to see what I was feeling and quickly pulled my hands down and out of her top. I began unfastening her top, struggling with the tiny buttons. Gam broke our kiss and placed her forehead on mine looking down at my hands.

"Uhhmmmmm. Uhhmmmmm." she whined in sexual distress as she started helping me with her top. She was feverishly pulling and shoving at the buttons, frantically trying to get them undone, her fingers shaking in uncontrollable lust.

We finally succeeded as her top fell open and I glanced at her mouthwatering globes, heaving up and down in rhythm with her breath. I reached up and stripped her of the top, pushing it off her shoulders and down her arms. I quickly grabbed at them again, squeezing and massaging them in my hands. Gam meanwhile was working on my t-shirt, yanking and pulling it up my back and chest until I had to let go of her tits so she could pull it completely off.

Finally we both sat there, naked from the waist up, Gams tits close enough that her nipples were lightly scrapping my chest. I desperately wanted to feel them pressed against me. I pulled her to me and our open mouths merged in another illicit, ravenous kiss. My cock lurched as I felt her tits flatten against my chest, her nipples meeting mine in unyielding kiss of their own. I desperately wanted to feel the rest of her soft, supple skin against mine. I caressed the area just above her waistband, slowly working my way down. I grabbed the ties to her pajama bottoms in each hand and pulled on them, untying each side. They fell, the back puddling at the base of her mostly exposed ass while the front was hung up between our tightly pressed stomachs. I reached around and swept my hands down her back and across her uncovered ass, grasping a cheek in each hand. It felt soft, malleable and cool to the touch as I pawed at them. 

As I was pulling and kneading her ass, her twat was sliding across my dick. Without breaking our unrelenting kiss, this seemed to catch Gam's attention as she began to deliberately grind her crotch against mine. This touched off an even higher state of arousal between us as we furiously kissed and mauled at one another, shoving and pressing our groins together. Just as I thought I might cum as a result of all this, Gam stopped and lifted her ass, giving her the room to shove her hand down the front of my shorts. My breath caught in my throat as Gams hand wrapped around my twitching cock, pulling at it urgently. 

As we continued to swap spit in an ongoing, frantic kiss, she released my dick from her grip and grabbed the waistband of my shorts. She determinedly started pulling off my shorts, working them over my hips. I helped by raising my hips, making it easier for her to shove them down my legs and onto the floor.

"OHhhhhhhhh Riiiiicckkkk!!!! Gam moaned into my mouth as she lowered her mound on top of my cock, squirming and writhing against me.

As we ground against one another I could feel my cock wedge between Gams pussy lips and it seeped a streak of lubricant across my shaft. She began moving against me with more urgency as her craving reached a fever pitch. 

"Ohhhhh Rickkkkkkkk!!!! I can't stand it anymore!!" she groaned.

Grasping my cock, she guided it to her dripping cunt lips and slowly lowered her pussy on to my rigid cock shaft. Every nerve in my body went off as I felt the heat of her lips part and slowly surround the head of my shaft. Once she felt the head penetrate her channel, she slowly lowered herself until my completely hard bar of twitching flesh was buried in her pussy. She leaned forward and allowed her rigid, perky nipples to brush my lips. I was quick to open my mouth and suck one in. My tongue played around the little hard shaft of flesh, as I sucked a generous amount of her breast into my mouth. She pulled the swollen nipple from me, and glued her lips to mine, our tongues entwined and thrust against each other as she began a slow glide up and down my pole of rigid flesh.

I couldn't believe how snug and warm she was. I couldn't believe I was fucking my own grandmother and she was riding my cock with her broad ass bouncing against my braced legs! In my wildest dreams, I had never imagined that fucking her would be this good! My cock felt like it was being grasped by a hand and I could feel her muscles clutch my prick, squeezing it as she raised and lowered her ass as it was engulfing my cock head. Then I heard her begin to grunt and groan, and rock her ass from front to back, as she drug her clit against my cock base and this time she cried out as the lust overtook her.

"Honey, It feels soooo gooood . . . ohhhhhhh god, uh huh, uh huh, push, oh, honey, push!!!!!!!" she cried.

I didn't didn't need any urging to push my throbbing cock into my grandmother's clutching channel. I was too near my climax to be able to hold off anymore. The excitement of it all and the desire to prolong the fucking had allowed me to hold this long, but now I could feel the juice starting up my shaft. I thrust my pelvis up against her and groaned deep in my throat as the juice traveled up the tube.

"Ungggg, ahhhhhh ahhhhhhh," I gurgled. 

Gam felt the thrusting and knew what it meant as she drove harder down against my cock. As the first shot of white cum hit her womb, she screwed her ass against my pelvis and made sure my cock was pressed tight into her as far as possible. She clamped her mouth against mine and our tongues fucked each other as I shot my load after load of cum into my grandmother's hot pussy. We each pushed against the other, trying to get as much of my cock into her as possible. The pressure subsided and her mouth slid from mine and her lips traced a line on my neck. She lay half in a stupor, runting her twat against the base of my dick. Even though she hadn't cum she seemed to sense that we needed to catch our collective breaths. 

The orgasm for me had been a mind blowing experience and it took some time to recover. When Gam did become aware of her surroundings again, she wiggled slightly and I answered with a thrust into her still engulfing pussy. We lay there kissing and caressing one another, basking in the feeling of our illicit act. I palmed each of her breasts and played with each nipple. Our kissing intensified as our mouths fused together and our tongues intertwined. She squeezed her arms around my neck and I responded by pulling her tightly to me. We were in fully ignited passion as we kissed wildly and clutched and grabbed at one another. As Gam and I wrestled against each other she suddenly seemed to notice that my throbbing cock was still fully erect and filling her sopping wet channel.

"Oh, my god!" she gasped as she pulled her mouth from mine. "You're still hard. I can't believe it!" 

A second later she was riding my cock like she hadn't been fucked in months, which I found out later to be true. She drove my prick as far up her pussy as she could get it, and then raising each time until the head was on the verge of coming out of her clasping lips before thrusting her weight down the pole to bottom out against my balls.

"Sooooo good, honey, sooooo good!!!!!!" she panted. "It's been too long!!!!!

I grunted as I drove into my grandmother. I thrust my cock up into her pussy time after time, feeling the sides of her channel closing around it, as I forced my dick up her sopping wet tube. I had never felt anything so wonderful as my grandmother's hot inner lips wrapping around my pulsating cock. I wished I could fuck her forever. Fuck her, and suck her pussy, lick her clit and suck her full, pointed, hard nippled tits.

Gam was moaning with every thrust now as we drove at one another. I knew it had been quite a while since she had been fucked as good as she was being fucked now, and my cock seemed to fit perfectly inside her hot, soaking channel. I sucked at her neck and reached around to grab a fleshy cheek of her ass in each hand. I started pulling on her ass with each up stoke of my cock as I desperately wanted to get more of it up her fiery passage. 

My actions caused her to speed up and try to get more and more of my rod into her. Then I felt my balls twitch and I began to tense. She knew I was ready to fill her pussy again with my hot, white, sticky fluid and I knew she wanted to cum with me. But this time she seemed to want to feel me do it as I drove into her.

"OHHHHHH RICKKKKK!," Gam grunted as she slammed her twat down over my dick until she hit rock bottom. "OHHhhhhhhhh GOD THIS FEELS SOOO GOOOOD!!!!"

She began to thrash about on top of me, pulling herself up and down with abandon, grabbing the top of the couch behind me she slid on my shaft. She arched her back to take more of me into her as I felt her cunt start to clutch and grip at my cock. As she looked into my face, the look of pure aching pleasure on hers combined with the tortuous clasping of her pussy pushed me over the edge. I went numb as my dick pulsated uncontrollably and my hot baby-making juice rushed up and out of my dick.

She felt the first shot of my cum hit her cervix and her own oncoming orgasm sent chills up her spine, shaking her body into a rapture she could no longer control.

"Ohhhhhhh my god, Riiiccccccckkk!! Ohhhh mmmyyy gooood!!. Ohhh . . . I'm gonna cum, honey!! You're gonna make me cuuuummm!!! Make me cummmm. Ohhhh Rick!!!" Gam gushed uncontrollably. "I'mmmmm cuuummmiinnnggg!!!!!!!!!"

As she involuntarily shoved her ass down, I drove my cock deep in her pussy and shot load after load of white juice into her.

"OHhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I moaned as my entire body felt like it was on fire.

"UUHhhhhhhhhhhhh!! Gam cried as her body shook in orgasmic overload, her pussy twitching and clasping around my shaft.

Neither Gam nor I could stop the inevitable thrusting as we answered natures drive to get my seed deep into her. As I shot round after round from my cock and our juices mixed, we stared into each other's eyes in a look of pure lust. I felt that at that moment there would always be this acknowledgement between us that we had come together as a result of a pure, unyielding need and had merged our bodies together in the universal mating process and found the other an exciting partner. And what was more, we each experienced a mind numbing pleasure in the act, not once, but twice! Our thrusting slowed, then stopped, and we sat there drained and sated, reveling in the afterglow. My cock, still partially erect, rested in her pulsating pussy.

Gam had her head rested on my shoulder as we attempted to catch our breath. I slowly caressed her naked back as our mingled juices began to seep out of her pussy.

"Oh...were going to make a mess here if were not careful." Gam said as she lifted her head to look at me.

Our eyes locked and there was recognition in our gaze that our relationship would never be the same. Gam thrust her pussy down on my cock as a non-verbal communication that told me there were no regrets. We leaned in and our mouths merged in a deep, soulful kiss that caused my heart to race. We sat there kissing deeply like long committed lovers.

"I better run upstairs before I leak all over the place" Gam said as she broke our kiss.

She raised herself slowly off my semi-hard dick until the head pulled out with a soft "plop" Gam grabbed a small blanket off the couch and shoved it between her legs in order to stem the tide of our co-mingled juices. She gathered up her pajamas and swiftly left the room. I sat back, smiling at the thought that I had finally gotten laid!

Chapter 8

I slept like a rock that night and woke feeling great, with my usual morning erection. I lied in bed for a while reliving my session with Gam as I rubbed my hard cock against the cool sheets of my bed. I was anxious to see how soon Gam and I could be alone to continue what we started last night.

I made my way down stairs and found everyone sitting around the kitchen table eating breakfast. I poured myself a glass of orange juice and walked over to the table, trying to catch a knowing glance from Gam. Everyone was busy talking about their plans. I was dismayed to learn my Grandparents were going out for the day. My parents each had errands to run and my sister was hanging with friends. 

Soon everyone rose and started cleaning up and leaving the room. Gam seemed to be taking her time and I thought it was because she wanted to be alone with me. As soon as everyone was out of the room I snuck up behind her. She was wearing a short silk robe with a matching night gown underneath. I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her back against me.

"Whaaaa??? What do you think you're doing??!!!" Gam spat as she turned quickly, breaking my hold..

"What...I..I...just..." I sputtered.

"Do you realize what could happen if anyone even suspected that we...." she started.

"I...just figured that everyone was gone so...." I answered.

"Listen to me Rick. I will not take the risk of hurting anyone in this family due to our acting on some pent up emotions!" she stated.

"I...I don't understand." I said.

"Think! What kind of pain do you think certain people in this family would experience if they knew what occurred between us last night?" she asked.

"I guess." I said, unable to hide my disappointment.

My grandmother saw the look on my face and softened her mood.

"Look, hon, I'm not blaming you. We both had a lot to do with what happened last night. It doesn't mean we have to be foolish and keep acting on these urges." she said.

I didn't answer her, but just looked down at the floor. I could sense my Grandmother softening some more. 

"Rick...we just can't take anymore chances." she said and turned and left the room.

I was pretty depressed the rest of the day. I was really looking forward to having wild sex with Gam all the time. I had imagined all the places we could use and the variety of positions we could experiment with.

It was late when everyone got back and we were soon all eating dinner. Gam was friendly, but in a guarded way. She was careful not to be alone with me or put us in too close proximity. Before long we were all in the family room watching a movie. I kept stealing glances at her as she sat on the coach wearing a lounging dress that was sleeveless and came down about mid thigh. When she first sat down the hem rode up a bit on her leg. I kept glimpsing over at her, looking at her legs and remembering what it felt like to have them sliding up and down against mine.

At one point she happened to look over at me and caught me staring at her legs. She shifted uncomfortably at first, tugging at the hem of her dress. She soon caught me looking once more and just returned my glance until I looked away. The third time she caught me she gently swung her legs down off the couch and slowly crossed them. She turned her hips toward me as the hem rode up her thighs, giving me a clear shot of her shapely legs and thighs. My cock lurched in my pants as I wondered if she did this on purpose. My answer came quickly as the next time our eyes met she raised one leg slowly off the other revealing her silk panties to me and then rested it back down in such a way as to expose her entire leg and thigh all the way to the edge of her panties. I lost all thought as I sat there and stared at her creamy thighs and toned calves. My dick immediately began to inflate until it was rock hard and threatening to burst out of my shorts.

I was still confused by her behavior considering the lecture I got this morning. Then I began to think she was just going to tease me like this and I got angry. I suddenly got up and announced I was going to bed, shooting Gam a dirty look as I went by. I made my way to my room, quickly stripping off my clothes. My dick was still hard and swung in front of me like an angry lance. I lied on my bed and grabbed some hand cream, lathering up my cock. I began to think about the leg shot I just got from Gam, pushing aside my anger.

After a few strokes I fell into a nice rhythm, picturing myself approaching Gam on the couch and ravishing her. I sped up my strokes as my fantasy played out, my hands pushing her dress up and off her body violently and then grabbing her hips and pulling them towards me. She try's to fight me off, but I grab her hands and pin them behind her head as I line up my throbbing dick with the entrance to her pussy and thrust myself inside her. I begin to plunge my dick in and out of her damp twat as she struggles beneath me. I quicken my pace as I begin to feel my grandmother respond to me and soon we are thrusting back and forth at one another. I soon feel myself reach the point of no return as my cream starts to rush up the length of my cock and then spew all over my bare chest and stomach. 

I am brought back to reality as I milk every drop of hot juice from my pulsating rod, my whole body heaving in exhaustion. As my orgasm subsides I am overwhelmed with a feeling of guilt over my little fantasy. I know my grandmother got me mad with her little tease show downstairs, but taking her by force is something I could never do. I turned out the light and tried to go to sleep. After much tossing and turning, I convinced myself that tomorrow would be a better day, and sleep came over me.

Chapter 9

I awoke the next day feeling pretty good and quickly showered and got dressed. I was determined to confront Gam today about last night and get an understanding about just what is and isn't acceptable behavior. Let me get this straight, I can't touch you but you can tease the shit out of me? I don't think so!

When I got downstairs mom and dad where at the table alone, eating. Mom was staring out the window while dad read the paper. They both greeted me and asked about my plans for the day.

"I think I might go hang with some of the guys" I told them.

Mom announced that she was going out to tend to her garden and dad said he was going to see if granddad had any interest in hitting some golf balls into the woods at the back of the house. Mom finished up and headed outside while dad continued to read the paper.

A few minutes later my grandparents came down and joined us. Once again Gam's attire grabbed my full attention. She had a pink beach cover-up on that clung to every inch of her frame. It was made out of thin cotton and came down about mid-thigh. It had white piping around the scoop neck and was held up by spaghetti straps tied at her shoulders. I stared at her as she made her way around the kitchen and I realized by the movement of her tits that she was naked underneath. I happened to look at my dad for a second and even he had put his paper down and was watching her. 

I was moving around the kitchen getting myself some orange juice and cereal while my grandparents each poured themselves some coffee. Granddad sat down at the table while Gam continued to float around, getting the bread for some toast. At one point we needed to go around one another at the kitchen island and as I passed her she stuck her hip out ever so discreetly, causing it to rake across my dick! 

Again, I thought to myself, was that intentional or just an accident? I leaned back against the counter opposite the island and watched her finish making her breakfast.

She placed her coffee and toast on the island and then walked over to the kitchen table and grabbed the paper. She spread it out on the island and proceeded to read it while nibbling on her toast and sipping on her coffee. At one point she leaned over to read, pointing her round ass in the air and I felt my dick lurch in my shorts. She held that position shifting her weight from one foot to the other. She stretched her shoulders and then ran her left hand down her side and onto her leg. She began scratching and I watched as her hand went higher and higher up her leg, taking the hem of her dress with it. She stopped just where her thigh meets the bottom of her ass and then to my surprise she spread her hand, causing her thumb to lift the hem of her dress, exposing half of her ass cheek. She had no panties on and my dick took another lurch to fullness as I now realized she was completely naked under her cover-up.

Suddenly granddad said something to her and she quickly removed her hand from her leg. She answered him and went back to reading the paper.

"Oh Rick....look at this. There's a carnival in town!" she said to me. I stepped over to her and stood behind her just to her left as I looked over her shoulder.

"When is it? granddad asked.

"It looks like it starts today, right Rick?" Gam asked glancing up at me.

I moved a bit closer to see the ad, turning sideways. As I stood there reading, I noticed Gam shift her weight to her left foot, causing the point of her hip to come into contact with my crotch. She then subtly rubbed her hip back and forth across my groin. This sent my dick into overdrive and I began to push back. As I pretended to continue to read I moved slowly behind her until my cock was lined up with the crack of her ass. I leaned in to continue the charade of reading and then pretended that something in the ad caught my eye. I leaned in and over Gam's shoulder while firmly pressing my now hard dick into the crevice of her ass. She immediately pushed back as we gently dry humped each other as we both pretended to be lost in the ad

"Well? Should we go?" asked granddad, in reference to the carnival.

"Uh...well...su..sure...it..it..looks like....fun" Gam replied, trying to steady her voice as she subtly grazed her ass up and down my shaft.

"Sounds good." Dad said as he got up.

Gam and I froze in place as he came around the island to deposit his cup in the sink. He never noticed anything as he went back over to the table. Gam and I went back to our slow, rhythmic grinding as soon as he was on the other side of the island.

"You want to hit some?" he asked granddad.

"Yep, I'm ready." he replied and got up.

The two of them then left through the sliding glass door out to the yard, leaving Gam and I alone. We stayed in position for a few moments longer, still gently humping, waiting to make sure nobody was coming back. When it was clear that we wouldn't be disturbed I reached up and fondled Gam's tits in my hands causing her to moan and drive her ass sharply against my rod. She quickly turned around and gazed up at me with a look of pure lust

In a split second, we were locked in a tight embrace, her arms wrapped around my neck, mine around her waist. She moaned, and I put my hands on her fine, swelling ass and pulled her close against my rapidly expanding cock. Our lips met and we kissed furiously. Her tongue slipped into my mouth, and soon we were like mad animals trying to devour each others' hot, wet tongues. She was panting and moaning, and I was grinding my hips against her crotch. I reached up with one hand to grab onto one of her tits. It was full like a melon, round and succulent. She pulled her mouth from mine and groaned.

"Oh honey!" she whispered, almost choking with passion. "Hmmmm. Yes, honey. Ohhhhh.."

Breathing hard into each others' faces we did a kind of dry fuck standing up, me rubbing and squeezing her ass, she with her arms locked around my neck, pulling me down to lick and suck the tops of her tits. After what seemed like hours, we paused for a moment.

"Listen," she told me breathlessly. "If anyone catches us doing this, all hell will break loose. Let's go upstairs."

I exhaled with a huge sigh. "Yes. Okay. Let's hurry."

I took her hand and led her out of the kitchen and to the stairs. Just at the stair landing, we kissed again and she reached down to squeeze my hard cock. She moaned and pulled me by the hand up the stairs to my room. We rushed along, bursting with lust. The feel and sight of her lush body made me want to jump on her right there, fuck her on the stairs, take her against the wall. 

We made it to my room, and she fumbled with the doorknob, her hand shaking so hard she couldn't get a firm grip. I wasn't helping much as I stood behind her pressing my cock against her ass and running my hands over her hips. She grunted when the door flew open and we tumbled into my room. She turned and wrapped her arms around my neck and we sank to the floor. I kicked the door shut as I scrambled to grab her soft tits and bury my mouth in her delicious, deep cleavage. She was already unbuckling my pants and zipping me open. As she pulled my cock out, I pulled her cover-up open and worked the straps down over hers shoulders. By the time I had her cover-up off she had my cock out and was helping me inside. My cock was rock hard and her cunt was smooth and tight. As I entered her, she gasped and clawed my shoulders. As I worked my cock in deeper, she raised her knees and grabbed my hair. Soon I was all the way in and her cunt was wrapped like a glove around the full length of my cock. I paused for just a moment and raised myself up on my elbows, then plunged my tongue into her mouth. Soon I was fucking her for all I was worth and with every thrust, she groaned and moaned. I pumped harder and faster, raising my hips off the floor. She started squealing in pleasure and pulling her cunt up as I rammed my cock down into her. We were humping like coyotes and soon my whole consciousness was absorbed in the motion of my cock as it pounded in and out of her. Her squeals became low pitched screams, and she bit my shirt to muffle her orgasm.

I'd never felt my cock so hard as I fucked her, and just when I thought it couldn't get any harder, I felt my balls start to burn. Pumping even faster, oblivious to everything, including her fingers frenziedly yanking my hair, I felt myself cumming, and cumming, and cumming. I froze for a moment, shooting what seemed like gallons into her. Then, I started pumping again as I felt her whole body shudder and she began gasping. 

"Ohhhhhh," she moaned, and wrapped her legs tight around my ass, pulling my cock tight into her cunt. OHHhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! she cried as her cunt spasmed around my dick, milking it of every last drop of my hot, thick cream.

"Mmmmmf," she mumbled, deliriously as her orgasm subsided. 

I gave a few more spasmodic pumps and then that was it, my body was through, and I collapsed on top of my new lover. Neither of us spoke for a few minutes. I felt her stroking my hair and running her hand along my ass.

"Hmmmmmm," I said. "That was great."

"Oh yes, honey," she whispered in my ear. "That was fantastic."

We disentangled ourselves and I rolled over on my back. We lay there next to each other, slowly regaining our breath. After ten minutes or so, she raised herself on her elbow and gave me a sweet kiss. 

"I'm going to clean up a bit," she smiled at me. "Let's rendezvous on the bed."

With that she rose up, wrapped her cover-up around herself, and headed for the bathroom. I gazed in admiration at her plentiful ass, plotting my next assault. Rising, I stripped, piling my clothes on a chair in the corner of the room. Settling onto the bed, I pulled a sheet over my hips and waited for her return.

Chapter 10

As I sat there waiting for Gam I began to think about our two sexual encounters and how they were passionate, yet hurried encounters. I started to feel my dick stir as I thought about all the things I hadn't had a chance to do with her yet. I intended to correct that as soon as she got back. I desperately wanted to ravish her in every way.

After about 20 minuets Gam came back to my room, freshly showered, with a towel wrapped around her. I was somewhat confused, thinking that she didn't want to continue.

"I just wanted to feel fresh for you." she explained as she stood at the side of the bed smiling.

I walked on my knees over to her and wrapped my arms around her. Our mouths met in a deep, passionate kiss, tongues sliding against one another. I pulled back and reached for the top of the towel, tugging at it until it unwrapped and fell from her frame. My dick lurched at the site of my naked grandmother standing there before me.

Her entire body is covered in faint reckless and her skin has the feel of satin sheets. I looked at her full breasts which, despite her age, still have a lot of firmness to them. They seemed to jiggle slightly with each breath she took and as I watched them the nipples began to stir and perk up until they reached total hardness. I grazed my eyes over the rest of her, taking in the slight bulge at her tummy and following it down to the light blonde cover of her bush. My eyes continued down to her long, firm legs, marveling at their youthful appearance. Thinking about having them once again wrapped around my waist caused my cock to slowly begin to rise.

"Ohhhh someone's getting excited." Gam murmured softly as she gently caressed my dick with her hand.

This put me into full erection as she softly ran her hand up and down the underside of my shaft. I immediately imitated her, palming her fluffy, soft mound. My fingers pressed inward and I could feel the lips of her pussy, warm and damp. I stroked my fingers up and down her slit until I could feel her lips part and my fingers slide into the entrance to her rapidly heating passage.

Gam grabbed the back of my head and pulled, merging our open mouths in another steamy kiss.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmm!!! She moaned into my mouth as we continued to masturbate each other. 

My fingers sunk deeper into her snatch as she spread her legs to give me better access, diving into her hot, slick canal. I began to slowly saw my fingers in and out of her pussy when she reached down and grabbed my hand, positioning my fingers over the swollen nub of her clit. She stroked my fingers tips across and around the small, protruding knob Until I got the idea and she released my hand. I continued as she showed me and was rewarded with a flooding of her snatch as my fingers were soon soaked in hot pussy juice.

I wanted to move on as I could sense Gams heightened arousal as she began to gyrate on my fingers while wildly kissing me. I broke our kiss and quickly pulled her up onto the bed with me and positioned her on her back at the head of the bed.

Although I had never had oral sex before, I had seen enough porno to know how to tease a woman. I laid down on the bed and put Gam's legs over my shoulders. I wrapped my arms around her soft, smooth legs and began to run my tongue up and down her inner thighs, coming very close to her snatch but never touching it. 

"Oh, I see you know how to tease a girl." Gam commented. "That feels good."

I continued for a few moments and then decided she had waited long enough. Slowly I ran my mouth from her knee up the inside of her leg, just past her dripping twat and up to her navel. Then I dropped back down, running my face over the soft, downy curls that covered her mound. I dipped my tongue into her saturated box and tasted her flesh. 

A soft moan of pleasure escaped my grandmother's lips. Her juice was warm and sweet. I greedily licked her for several minutes, building her up to a release. She wrapped her fingers around my head, massaging the back of my neck as she lifted her hips up to my mouth, begging me to go deeper. I reached underneath her to grasp her ass and pulled her cunt into my face, forcing my tongue into her dripping hole. With a gasp she cried out in pleasure as I rapidly pulled my tongue in and out of her vagina, tasting her hot flesh. 

"OHhhhh Gooooddddd that feels soooooo goooooood!" she cried out.

I ran my hands over her ass cheeks, pulling her ever closer to me and then ran my palms up her body, cupping her tits and kneading them, then pinching her nipples. Her moans became louder, more insistent as she bucked her hips toward me. I pulled my tongue out of her and began lapping at her cunt, drinking the juice that spilled forth. She wrapped her legs tightly around my head, her soft flesh pressing against me as she began to come. I flicked my tongue against her clit as she exploded into a fiery orgasm, her body lurching in convulsions of pure joy. I continued to lap the juices that were now pouring out of her twitching twat as she screamed in joy.

"OOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Gam cried as she grabbed my hair and held my face in her seething cunt, her body twitching and shivering in orgasm.

After a few more minutes her shivers subsided and I reluctantly pulled my face out of her love box and climbed up the bed to lay beside her. She pressed up against me and sexily wrapped a leg over my body, her still moist cunt warm against my naked thigh. 

"Oh my God," she exclaimed, "your grandfather has never made me feel like that. You were incredible!"

"Just beginner's luck," I shrugged with a sly grin. I was more than pleased to know that I had been able to adequately bring her to new heights. "I have a hot woman that inspires me!"

"Ummm, you're so sweet," she replied as she pressed her lips up to mine. She reached down to my cock and grasped it in her hands, weighing its stiffness appreciatively. 

I responded as I opened my mouth and dipped my tongue into hers. She wrapped her arms around my neck and our kiss deepened. Slowly I pushed my grandmother onto her back and rolled up on top of her. Her firm thighs parted responsively as I rested my hardened fuck stick onto her sopping pussy. We kissed lovingly as I slowly grinded my cock against her beautiful mound. 

We ere in no hurry this time as we lay there, kissing like old lovers, our heads slowly oscillating, our mouths passionately and soulfully fastened. We kissed like that for twenty minutes or so, taking turns with our tongues invading one another mouths. We slowly built up our passion as the kiss intensified. Soon we were clutching at each other as we kissed wildly.

At last she couldn't take it any longer, broke away from our kiss and she begged me, "Please, I want you inside of me now!" 

I smiled and prepared to enter her horny snatch. She took my cock in hand and guided me to her hole. I teased her for a moment, rubbing the spongy tip of my cock against her greased cunt. She lifted her hips to me, drawing me in until I couldn't resist. Ever so slowly I pushed my rigid staff into her loving twat. It felt like heaven as I entered her, the wet folds of her vagina enveloping my dick, her cunt massaging it on all sides. 

She spread her legs even more, moaning as I entered her with deliberate slowness. She dug the balls of her feet into the mattress for leverage and lifted her hips to meet mine. I continued to slide in until my nuts pressed up against her asscheeks. The sensation of her pubic hair caressing my flesh was amazing. All of this felt so extraordinarily different as I took my time and tried not to rush as I slowly pulled back out and began pumping into her. Over and over I drove my cock slowly in and out of her oozing pussy, driving us both mad with desire, the only sounds being our whimpers and my balls gently slapping against her ass with each shove. 

"Oh yes, baby! That feels so good! No one has ever made love to me like this before!" Gam moaned in the throes of passion.

With each push I could feel her body respond to me. Her moans became more insistent as she began to grind her hips against me. Grasping my ass she pulled me tighter to her. We gradually picked up the pace as we grabbed and clutched at one another. At last she began to shiver as her moans turned to cries. She wrapped both her legs around my now heaving body and slammed her hips against mine. I felt her pussy contract repeatedly around my throbbing dick as her orgasm ripped through her body, throwing her into violent convulsions of pleasure. I continued to thrust in and out of her, riding her through the pinnacle of her orgasm.

"OOOHHHHHH MMYYYYYYYYYYYGOOOOOOODDDD!!!!!!!!! She screamed as she clutched onto me with all her strength, her nails piercing the skin on my back

Slowly the orgasm faded and she lay still. I looked down at her face. She had her eyes closed tightly and was biting her bottom lip. Her body was coated in a thin layer of sweat and her nipples were stiff. After a moment she opened her eyes and looked up at me with pure lust in her eyes. 

"You are the best stud I have ever had in bed," she panted in a hoarse voice. 

I smiled at her, content that I had succeeded in pleasuring her. However, I was still eager to blow my cum inside of her. Almost as if she could read my mind, she regained her strength and wrapped her legs over my back. 

"Mmmmmm, c'mon honey. I want to feel that hot juice of yours inside me!" she exclaimed. I began to thrust again into her hot, drooling pussy, setting a quickened pace. Once again she closed her eyes and began gnawing on her bottom lip, the pleasure of my thick stick threatening to consume her. 

She drove up and down on me at a feverish pace, riding me as though it was the first time she'd ever had a dick inside of her. I was amazed that the penetration was even deeper than before. I reached up and fondled her full breasts as they heaved up and down, matching the rhythm of our fucking. I ran my hands down her body and over her sweaty hips, around to her ass cheeks. I began to lift her up and down with my hands, increasing the rate of our fucking. She was riding me so quickly now that loud slurping noises could be heard as she drove up and down on my cock. Soon she began to reach another orgasm as she let out a loud moan. I could feel her juice as it poured out of her hole onto my balls, matting my pubic hair. 

"UUHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! She moaned as this orgasm washed over her, causing her once again to twitch and clasp uncontrollably.

Without saying a word she disengaged off of me and got up on and knelt down on the mattress on all fours. I knew exactly what a doggie style position looked like and I needed no coaxing. I sat up and knelt down behind her. I reached my right hand around and cupped her mound as I placed my left hand on her back for support. I placed my dick between her ass cheeks and against her cunt. In one quick shove I was inside of her. 

Immediately I began slamming into her. I grasped her ass cheeks and squeezed as I repeatedly thrust into her. I must have been in a position to rub her g-spot or something because she began exploding into one orgasm after another. By the third one she was screaming in pleasure. In one swift movement I pulled out of her, moved her onto her back and slipped between her legs. My dick felt harder than it ever had before and I knew I wasn't going to last much longer. My grandmother must have known from my rapid thrusts and loud moans. She reached underneath me and grasped my nuts. 

"Come on sweetheart! It's time you gave all that thick cum to grandma!" she groaned loudly, thrusting her cunt up at me.

The combination of her sweaty hand rubbing my nuts, and her verbal coaxing drove me over the edge. My balls got tight as I felt my dick grow so thick it strained against the confines of her cunt. At last the orgasm over took me and I began to blow load after load of hot cum deep into my grandmother's thirsty snatch. 

"AAHHHhhhhhhhhh GAAAAMMMMM.......I"MMMMMMCUMMMMNN!!!" I cried.

"OHHHH HONEY!!!! YOUR'RE GONNA MAKE CUM AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Gam moaned as she thrust herself up at me and then froze, her cunt clutching and pulling on my rod.

It felt like I poured gallons of hot baby juice into her as she began milking my dick with the muscles in her twat. I bucked my hips against her until every drop was gone. I collapsed onto her, our naked, sweaty bodies clinging to one another!

We just lay there trying to catch our collective breaths as we came down from our intense orgasms. Eventually I managed to lift my head and look at Gam. She looked at me with her eyes half closed and a grin on her face. I move my head down towards her and our parted lips met and merged into a deep open mouthed kiss. She wrapped her arms around my neck and we remained like that for quite some time.

Chapter 11

For the next several days Gam and I went at it like two starved lovers, sneaking around to find some privacy. Every night she would wait until everyone was asleep and then meet me in my room for some heart pounding ecstasy, regardless of how many times we got together during the day.

It got so bad that we began taking huge risks, trying to sneak in a quick fuck while family members were close by. On one occasion we had just finished dinner when I announced that I felt like taking a quick dip in the pool.

"What a great idea! I think I will join you." Gam said, a mischievous glint in her eye.

While everyone else finished cleaning up Gam and I hurried of to put on our suits. In moments we were in the pool splashing around and playing a bit of grab and clutch. As soon as we were certain everyone had moved into the kitchen our game turned more serious, with some passionate kissing and hands underneath suits. Suddenly Gam stopped and gently pushed away.

"I can't take anymore fooling around. You've got me all worked up! C'mon lover, make old Gam happy!" she said as she turned around and pushed her back up against my chest. 

I felt her reach behind her and grope for my rod, pulling it out the leg of my suit. She then used her other hand to push the crotch of her suit aside. She then tugged at my dick, lining it up with the entrance to her slit and pushed back. I slid inside her like greased lightning and before another moment went by we were fucking like rabbits. 

"Oh Yessssssssssss!!!" Gam sighed as we shoved and clashed together.

Suddenly the sliding glass door from the kitchen opened and we froze on the spot! Gam straightened up, with my dick still deeply entrenched in her snatch. My grandfather walked out the door onto the patio surrounding the pool.

"So you too enjoying the water?" he asked

"Uhh..yea" Gam and I answered in unison, trying to sound normal.

"Nice night." Granddad continued as he looked up in the sky.

"Yea...it's beautiful.." Gam answered.

"Well, I'm going in to get changed and relax. You coming soon?" he asked, directing the question to Gam.

"Uh...probably.' she replied, trying not to laugh at the obvious double meaning.

At that granddad turned and walked back into the house.

"OHhh God that was close!" I moaned as Gam sank back against me.

"I think it was pretty exciting, almost getting caught like that! It turns me on just thinking about it!" Gam exclaimed as she shoved her ass back at me, impaling herself deeply on my stiff dick.

That was all the encouragement I needed as we quickly picked up were we left off, thrusting against one another while trying to keep an eye on that kitchen door. We drove each other to the pinnacle until we both exploded in a frenzied orgasm, twitching and spasming against each other.

We stayed in this stance until we both came down off this incredible high and slowly disengaged. We agreed that we might be getting a bit too risky and should be a bit more careful.

It was toward the end of the week and Gam and I were laying in my bed after one of our late night sex fests.

"You know we're leaving at the beginning of the week." Gam said.

"I don't want to think about it!" I replied in frustration.

"We'll be back. I've convinced your grandfather that it's time to settle back down and enjoy our grandkids before they go off on their own lives." She said.

"How long will you be gone?" I asked.

"This trip is for a month." she replied.

"A month! I'll go crazy for a month!" I cried.

"It's not so bad!" Gam laughed. "Besides I've convinced your grandfather that we should try to find a place close by so we can see everyone as often as we like."

"Yea, but a whole month? What am I supposed to do?" I asked.

"Well, you could try finding someone your own age to satisfy this unquenchable need of yours." Gam said, giggling.

"Nah. I find older women much more attractive." I said

Gam laughed and kissed me deeply.

"Well, try to find someone in the neighborhood who would like a nice young stud like you." She said.

"You know me. I'm too shy to try that with a stranger."

"Uhmmmm." she said, in agreement.

We lied there for a while staring up at the ceiling.

"You know.....I might have a solution for you." Gam said slyly.

"Oh yea. Like what" I asked.

"I might know an older woman who would be open to having her needs met by someone like you." she answered.

"Really? Who?" I asked, excited by the sudden prospect.

"Your mother." she answered rather matter of factly.

"WHAT???" Are you out of your mind??" I asked, astounded by the suggestion.

"No, not at all. I happen to know that your dad isn't exactly meeting her needs. We've talked about it quite a bit during my visit." she said.

"Yea, but that hardly means that she wants to commit incest!" I said. I also began to think about that fact that I had never thought about my mom in that way. She was way too bookwormish and dowdy.

"You know your mother has a very open mind. It might not occur to her on her own, but I don't think it wouldn't necessarily be dismissed out of hand." Gam said.

I just lied there in stunned silence as I tried to envision my mom naked. I realized that it had been a while since I had seen her in anything remotely modern or revealing.

"I don't know..." I said. "She's not really my type."

"Let me tell you, your mother does a hell of a job hiding a very nice, sexy figure." she replied.

I thought about that possibility and found myself more curious than turned on.

"Yea, but what difference does that make. It's not like I would have the guts to even suggest anything." I said.

"Well, if you're interested, I think I could be very helpful getting the ball rolling." Gam said with a sly grin.

I just stared at her, my mind racing. End
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