Stories 18+ Molested My Little Sister

Stories 18+ Molested My Little Sister
Today was the big day. My sister was coming home for spring break. She is a sophomore in college, left for USC right after high school. She had received a scholarship for her excelled skills in math and science. Yeah, a bit of a nerd but I love her none the less.

She emailed me saying she'd be arriving in a few days and had lost a little weight. When she had left, she was a chubby girl. She stands at 5'4", redhair and wore glasses. She was adorable. When she said she lost some weight, I figured a few pounds. No biggie. I didn't tell our parents that she'd be staying with me nor did I tell them of her arrival. I wanted it to be a surprise.

Over the course of a few days, I cleaned up my pad and bought some extra food. On the day of her arrival, I had just stepped from the shower when I heard a knock at the door. I wrapped a towel around me and as I answered the door, I was blown away. My chubby little sister was no longer chubby. Standing in my doorway was a bombshell. Her hair cut in a pixie style but with bangs, slender body and tight abs. She was wearing a sports bra and tight short shorts.

She jumped into my arms and I embraced her. I invited her in as I went to get dressed. After talking for a few, she excused herself to shower. I had been making our lunch when I noticed the shower was off. I went to the bathroom, vacant. I looked in my room and found her passed out on my bed, naked, only a towel around her head. That's when I noticed her body fully. She was shaved except for a small cute landing strip, B cup breasts, firm but natural.

I felt my cock rising in my shorts as I admired her. I left for the bathroom again, had to stroke one out, try to get the thought out of my head. I mean, she was my sister anyway. As I entered the bathroom, I saw her lacey pink thong on the floor. I picked it up and inhaled her aroma as my hand slid into my shorts and I jerked my throbbing cock. I pulled myself from my shorts and shot into the shower. I quickly threw her thong back onto the floor, cleaned myself and the shower up and finished making lunch. 

The next day we went to our parents to surprise them. Luckily today was another big day. My sister was turning 19. We were dresses modestly and had a grand party for my sister. We had Outback delivered, a big cake and just had fun with the 4 of us. I felt old compared to my sister. We were 11 years apart. Our parents had me by accident but she was planned. All in all, we were all loved and it all worked out.

My sister and I went back to my place and decided to kick back and relax. That night is when everything went down. I was laying on the couch in just basketball shorts when my sis came out in a black lace bra and matching thong with thigh high garters. She somehow knew what drove me crazy. I tried to not show interest but my cock failed me as it soon came to life. A tent started to grow in my shorts as she seductively approached me.

"I know you saw me naked on your bed and sniffed my panties while your jerked off, big bro" she says as I sit up slowly. "I did it on purpose. I've wanted you since I hit puberty."

She smiles as she turns around slowly and gives me an erotic lap dance, grinding her small petite ass against my growing bulge. She leans forward and gives me her beat twerk show. She turns back around as she kneels between my legs, kissing on my bulge. Sliding her hands up, she pulls my shorts down, taking my engorged cock in her hand and licks up the shaft from base to tip. I want to stop this, she's my sister but I lose to my sexual urge.

She kisses the tip of my cock, gazing into my eyes with her beautiful green eyes as she slowly takes my cock into her warm mouth. Slowly bobbing up and down, twirling her tongue around the tip, sliding her hand down and rubbing herself. She skillfully sucks my cock till I'm steel hard and about to blow. That's when I stop her. She looks at me with an adorable pouty face. I pull her onto the couch, laying her back, rubbing her pussy through her soaked thong. 

I slowly pull her thong down, planting soft kisses up one thigh towards her pussy and down the other. I move in slowly, kissing on her moist lips then gently running a tongue along her slit. 

"Are you a virgin sis?" I ask as I gently lick her slit again, flicking her clit with my tongue.

She squirms a bit as she gasps then replies, "Yes, I saved myself for you, big brother."

I smile as I begin twirling my tongue in a figure 8 motion, counterclockwise and then work on my alphabet. I stop at the letter S as she begins squirming more. Her legs clamp around my head, grabbing at my green colored hair, pulling me deeper into her warmth. Her body begins to convulse as she climaxes, screaming out as I continue eating her young virgin pussy.

I give her 2 more orgasms before forcing my way out of her grasp. I plant soft kisses up her body, undoing her bra with one hand while fingering her with the other. I suck on her young hard nipples while pinching them. I continue my ascent, kissing and nibbling on her neck before finally locking lips. Our lips part as our tongues wrestle for dominance, rubbing my cock on her soft pussy lips.

I gaze into her green eyes as she gazes back into my blue hazel eyes. She nods her head to say she is ready. I lock my lips with hers once more as I slowly slide my rock hard 7" cut cock into her virgin channel. She gasps deeply into the kiss, I stop and look at her to see if she is ok. I'm about 1.5" inside her. She takes a few deep breaths then nods for more. I ease into her again, this time she takes all of my 7". 

We lay together, allowing her to get used to me before she wraps her legs around my waist and pulls me in tight. I grab onto the back of the couch as I begin to slowly fuck my sister. Her moans and gasps driving me wild. I want to just let go and savagely fuck her but I can't. Not yet. She grabs onto my arms, kissing my biceps and pulling me in tighter. I begin thrusting harder and faster.

She whimpers for more as I watch her cute little tits bouncing. I look down and watch my cock, covered in her juices, sliding in and out her adorable pussy. I grip the back of the couch harder as I pound into her pussy. Tilting my head back, hearing her moan louder, almost screaming. The sound of her juices squishing around my cock and our moans filling the room. I bite my lip, trying to restrain my climax. She finally screams out, dragging her nails across my upper back as she cums on my cock.

Her pussy clamps down around my steel cock as she cums. The combination of her orgasmic scream, her nails in my back, he clamping pussy and my sexy sister on my cock, I lose it. I grunt out as I cum, hard, inside her young pussy. She pulls me down into a kiss as we finish our orgasms, calming down for a minute. As her legs loosen up as well as her pussy, I slowly pull put. Quickly I roll her onto her knees, bending her over the back of the couch.

I get behind her, kissing and biting into her neck as I pinch both of her nipples as I plunge my still hard cock into her pussy. She is mine now. I thrust into her in long, powerful thrusts, making her moan loudly as our bodies collide. I fuck her harder, faster, plunging in deeper. Stabbing hard at her g-spot. I slide a hand down to rub and flick at her clit, making her moan even louder. Our bodies covered in sweat, the aroma of sex lingers in the room.

I show my little sister what it's like to be my lover as I pound her innocent pussy. Rising up and grabbing her shoulders, putting my feet on either side of her on the couch as I drill her in a power doggy style. She screams hard and louder than the first time. I can feel her pussy vibrating on my cock as she cannot contain herself anymore. She has 3 consecutive orgasms on my cock as I finally cum. Unleashing a 2 week nut deep inside her. I thrust into her a few more times before easing out. Falling onto the floor.

She stays on the couch to catch her breath before sliding onto the floor with me, cuddling close. I turn to her, kissing her softly. "Happy birthday, sis."

She smiles as she rests her head on my chest. The whole time she was on her spring break, there was hardly a time we didn't fuck. Every room of my house and even my parents bathroom had been visited by our love making when she left to go back to college. I miss her already but summer is right around the corner.