Stories 18+ Molested Sister Niece and Lovers

Stories 18+ Molested Sister Niece and Lovers
I woke up in a flash, immediately feeling my body was bathed in sweat, sucking in a number of deep breaths as I felt my heart-rate ever so slowly start to calm down. My bedroom was dark, no sign of even the rising sun, so figured it was still before dawn, a cursory check of the clock on my nightstand proving it was still early in the morning. 

What the hell was that all about? 

It wasn't a nightmare. It was a dream. A... very unusual dream involving my sister. It wasn't the first time I'd had one, but this one was different. 

Shaking my head, I stood up out of bed, feeling the wetness of the sheet below me as I padded to the bathroom, switching on the light and walking towards the basin. Turning on the water, I splashed a few handfuls of cold water into my face before looking at myself in the mirror. Cool blue eyes stared back at me, my brown hair kept rather short, a short beard relatively well groomed. I looked tired, given the time in the morning, and the dream that had caused me to startle awake. 

"Davey?" called a voice. My heart-rate started to thunder as I turned to see my sister at the door, trying very hard not to yawn, her brunette hair reflecting the fact she'd just woken up. I glanced back for a second before looking back into the mirror, "What are you doing up at this time?" she followed up. 

"Just had a weird dream, Tali." That was the pet name for my sister, Natalie. I was Davey. She never called me Dave or David. I'd always been Davey. "Needed a pee too." 

"Weird dream eh?" 

I shrugged. "Something like that. Just startled me, that's all." 

She was quiet for a moment. "Sure you're okay?" 

"I'm fine. As I said, I'll pee then head back to bed." 


She didn't sound sure but, since I'm a man in my near enough to mid-30s, I didn't need too much comforting. That dream though... That was far too vivid. Not the first one but never so real. I was back in bed a few minutes later though found sleep hard to come by. Every time I closed my eyes, memories of the previous dream flooded back. You need to get laid or something, David. It has been quite a while. She's your sister! Granted, my sister was rather attractive and we were incredibly close, considering our mutual circumstances. 

I guess I should explain why I was actually living with my sister and perhaps why I was experiencing such dreams. I was once married, doing so very young. I'd graduated high school with high marks and, during my time at university, did the usual thing of meeting a girl, falling in love and, after a rather short courtship in the circumstances, decided to elope and marry just after we graduated. 

We ended up moving to the city where we both found jobs where we ended up making a lot of money, buying a nice apartment and all the nice things that come with that, but we spent more time at the office than with each other. We were both at fault for that but her eventually cheating with one of her colleagues was her fault only. I didn't find out by snooping, reading her email or text messages. I walked in on them one evening as I went to surprise her at the office. I'd had my suspicions for a while, no evidence but just that feeling in the back of your mind that something is wrong. I heard her shouts as I walked towards the elevator, making sure the doors were shut before she had the chance to confront me. 

I went straight back to our apartment and called my sister. She lived alone with her young daughter out in the suburbs. She had also been married, marrying the father of her child during her pregnancy, but I knew it was never going to work, as I'd met the man and he was a completely idiot, and wasn't all that surprised when he walked out little less than a year later. I think he still saw his daughter though I wasn't sure how often. 

I dialled the number and waited through a couple of rings. "Hello." 

"Tali, it's David." 

"Oh, hi, Davey." She paused a moment. "What's wrong?" I guess my tone wasn't its normal chipper self. 

"I need somewhere to stay tonight. Don't suppose you have a spare room available?" 

I silently thanked her for not asking what was wrong. "Of course. When will you get here?" 

"I'll pack one or two things but should be there in an hour or two." 

"I'll put some beers in the fridge." 

I couldn't help but chuckle. "Thanks. You're a diamond." 

"Drive safe. Have you had dinner?" 

"No. I was but..." I trailed off. 

"I'll cook up a little something too." 

"You don't have..." 

"I don't mind," she stated, interrupting my protests, "Just drive safely, okay?" 

"Will do." 

I walked into our bedroom, packing a few clothes into a bag, unsure if I'd be willing to ever come back. And if I did come back, it would only be to collect the rest of my belongings. I knew in my heart, there and then, that the marriage was over. We'd grown distant, as I said, but I could never forgive cheating. Call me old-fashioned. Call me a fool. But I believed in the vows we had taken, of love, honour and respect. Those vows had been broken and would not be forgiven. 

Two hours later, I parked my car behind that of my sisters, grabbing my bag from the passenger seat and slowly walking towards the front door. It opened and my sister walked out to greet me with a hug. Her daughter, my niece, Alison, or Aly from short, also wandered out to say hello. 

"Tell me about it later," my sister whispered into my ear. I just nodded as they pair of them led me inside. 

"Are you staying tonight, Uncle Davey?" 

"Yeah." My sister met my eyes. "Maybe a bit longer. I don't know." 

She seemed happy at the response, skipping towards the door. Natalie led me to the spare room. I wasn't surprised to see everything had already been clear away, the bed been made and it already looked like a bedroom. I dumped my bag on the bed and suddenly felt myself slump. 

"You okay?" 

I nodded. "It's just been a shit day." 

"Once Aly is in bed, you can tell me about it." 

I chuckled again. "Going to need a beer or two for that." 

After dinner, and once she'd put Aly to bed, I sat back and sipped the bottle of beer as she joined me, a glass of wine and the rest of the bottle in a bucket of ice. She didn't ask any questions, simply giving me time to get my thoughts in order. It took a couple of beers before I felt able to say something. I surprised myself by how... calm I felt. No tears. No tantrums. I wasn't even really angry. It wasn't that I had expected it but... well... life does throw the occasional curveball... 

"I'm probably getting a divorce," I finally stated once I'd opened my third bottle of beer. 

"What happened?" 

"I went to surprise the wife at her office. No real reason. Wasn't a birthday or anniversary. We just never see each other much because of work and I figured I'd do something nice. Instead, I walk into her office to find her being fucked by some other guy." 

"What did you do?" 

"She met my eyes and I saw the shock and surprise in hers. But, you know what? Absolutely no guilt. So I just nodded towards her, turned around and walked back to the elevator. She yelled my name a couple of times but I was in the elevator before she'd probably even pulled her panties back up." 

"Did you have any idea she was having an affair?" 

I shrugged. "No idea. I guess you always have a suspicion or two when you don't see each other a lot and the feeling of distance that seems to grow because of that. But I never actually believed..." 

"Are you sure you're not being too quick?" 

"No." I was already adamant in my mind about that. "She broke the vows, Tali. Unforgivable in my mind. The only thing I now think is... Was there anyone else? Who knows? I'd rather not know." 

"Will you go into work tomorrow?" 

I took another sip of beer then nodded. "I will but I'll be speaking to my lawyer first thing." 

"You can stay here for as long as you want." 


"That's what little sisters are for, right?" 

"Look after their broken big brother?" 

"Something like that." 

I woke up the next morning to numerous texts and voicemails from the wife. I deleted all the voicemails but read one or two of the texts. They were as I expected. Denial. Denial. Denial. Not of the actual act I'd caught her in, but that it was a one-time thing, a mistake, all the usual bullshit. I sent a simple, sort reply to the very last text. 

I want a divorce. My lawyer will be in contact. 

It was all went rather smoothly, to be expected once I'd explained the situation to my lawyer. I didn't want the apartment, so I made sure we sold that and split the money. That was our only major asset. Other than that, it was simply signing the papers and that was that. I was now a single man. My sister offered me the spare room in her home for as long as I needed it. 

That was seven years ago. 

Chapter 2 

"Any plans for your birthday?" 

I shrugged. "None really. Might catch up for a few drinks with the guys. But, considering most of them are married with kids, trying to organise anything takes a lot of hard work nowadays. So... no, not really..." 

"Why don't we do something together?" 

It wasn't an unusual suggestion. We'd done something as a threesome - me, my sister and my niece - the past couple of birthdays. Hell, Aly pretty much treated me as a father in every way but name. My sister didn't rely on me at all but I did help out where I could. "Any ideas?" 

She returned a curious smile. "Leave it all to me. It'll be a surprise." 

I'll admit, I was curious. "Rightio." 

That was Tuesday night. I walked in the front door on Friday, another long week at the office, greeted by my sister telling me to get into the shower then get dressed. "Where are we going?" 

"We're going out. Remember? I've booked us a meal at a restaurant, not telling you which one, then another reservation at a nearby bar." I couldn't help raise my eyebrows in surprise. "Shower? Right." 

"Dress nicely too." 

"How nice?" 

"I mean nice, Davey." 

After a shower, shave, I dressed as smartly as I thought she suggested, even going so far as to wear a tie, something I only ever did for work. Polished leather shoes, well ironed trouser and shirt plus a nice jacket as the evenings were growing cool. I was sitting on the couch in the living room when Natalie walked in. She laughed as my jaw probably hit the floor. 

"What do you think?" she asked, twirling on the spot. I had a series of dirty thoughts as my eyes ran up from her feet in heels, up her shapely legs to her pert bottom, up her still athletic body and over her two delightful handfuls of breasts before I finally met her blue eyes. "Well?" she asked, gesturing down the tight black dress that must have been painted on. 

"Gorgeous. Stunning. Beautiful. Um..." 

She blushed. "Thanks." She walked towards me as I stood up, leaning in close. I heard a sniff. "You smell nice. New cologne?" 

I chuckled. "You know exactly what it is considering you bought it." 

"And I think I bought well." She took a step back and looked me up and down. "You clean up well too." 

"What's that supposed to mean?" 

She smirked. "Absolutely nothing. Ready to go. I called a cab. Should be here any minute." 

Night had descended by the time we arrived in the city. I pressed my sister once or twice about where we were heading but I didn't get anywhere. I had an idea of where we were, at least, having lived and worked in the city for a number of years. But the restaurant we eventually stopped in front of even had me doing a double take. 

"You're kidding? Tali, this place is... I mean..." 

"Good choice?" 


She then surprised me by grabbing my hand as we walked into the restaurant, the concierge opening the door as we approached, tipping his hat as we walked by. "Good evening." I merely nodded my thanks as we walked towards the waiting area, soon to be approached by the head waiter. 

"Do you have a reservation?" he asked. 

"Yes, under the name of Mr and Mrs Jones," my sister replied. 

"What?" I asked, unable to hold back my laugh. She just dug me in the ribs. 

"It's a birthday surprise," she added. 

"Ah, very well. Follow me." 

We followed the waiter to a secluded area of the restaurant, not that it was overcrowded or too noisy. This was one of the finest dining establishments in the city, if not the country. I was wracking my mind trying to figure out how she'd managed to even get reservations, let alone how she could afford it. But I put that to the back of my mind as I watched her walk in front of me and I couldn't take my eyes from her arse. I swear she's putting an extra swing into her steps. Then she looked back and winked and I was left wondering what the hell she was up to. 

The waiter left us alone after taking our drink order so I could ask "What's going on?" 

Natalie just smiled. "How long has it been since you've been on a date?" I shrugged. "It's been a while, right? So, tonight, we're on a date." I raised both eyebrows at that. She waited as the waiter reappeared with our drinks, taking a sip of my beer as she added "Play your cards right tonight and you may even get lucky." 

That led to a lot of coughing and spluttering from me, and much light laughter from here. "What?" I finally managed to ask. 

"I'm just joking." She paused and raised an eyebrow. "Or am I?" 

I looked around the restaurant, wondering if this was all some sort of elaborate prank. I hadn't told anyone about my thoughts or dreams and certainly didn't keep any sort of diary. I hadn't treated my sister any differently to how I normally treated her. Or had I subconsciously? And then there was the fact that she was the one who, perhaps, was making the first move. Does she have those same thoughts? 

We sat in relative silence, Natalie with that same slight smirk on her face as we perused the menu's and eventually ordered our food. I was worried about the prices on the menu but she said I could order whatever I wanted, and to order all three courses if I wished. 

"How on earth did you manage to get a table here?" 

"I booked in advance. A long time in advance." 

"I've heard the waiting list is nearly a year." 

"I booked it on your birthday last year." 


She shrugged. "Your last couple haven't exactly been that exciting." 

"You know I'm not that worried about it." 

"I know. But I thought I'd just do something special. You do a lot for my daughter and I. Just my way of saying thanks, I guess." 

"You don't have to thank me, but you're welcome." 

"You're a good man, Davey." 

I looked around again before I just smiled, thankful that the first course appeared soon afterwards. We continued to make small talk over the three courses, though in the back of my mind was what she had said at the beginning of the meal. As the subject wasn't broached again, I left it at some sort of awkward joke. But she continued giving me glances and that smirk never really left her face the entire meal. I was just left feeling rather confused by it all but figured I'd just go with the flow. 

Once dessert had been consumed and sharing a coffee, we had to settle the bill. I asked to see it but Natalie wouldn't show me, simply stating it was my birthday treat. I left it alone, simply because I didn't want to offend her though I did dread to think how much she spent. 

We stopped outside, noticing the drop in temperature. I offered Natalie my jacket, which she took before wrapping an arm around my waist. I wrapped one around her in return and we, somewhat awkwardly, headed to the nearby bar where she had made a further reservation. It was the sort of place I liked. Busy but quiet. A nice selection of beer or wine, depending on what you wanted. And a general ambience that helped one relax. 

After purchasing a bottle of wine, we were escorted to a private area where I found a single couch and no-one else around. It was just the two of us. I sat down on one side of the couch and poured a couple of glasses as Natalie sat rather close to me. Clinking glasses, we took a sip of wine and I know I still felt awkward, unsure of what was going to happen. Eventually, though, I figured I may as well bite the bullet. 

"Did you mean what you said before?" 

"Which bit?" 

"About getting lucky?" 

"Why do you ask?" 

I shrugged. "Just wondering is all." 

She shuffled closer to me. "And why are you wondering?" She then lightly clasped my jaw to make sure I faced her. "Tell me, Davey. Do you find your sister attractive?" 

"Tonight, definitely." 

"And what about every other day?" 

I shrugged again. "There's no doubting you're... cute." 

She laughed. "Just cute." 

"What else do you want me to say? What do you think of me?" 

"I sometimes wonder what you look like naked." 

For the second time that night, I felt my jaw drop wide. She just laughed. "Oh, please, Davey. I've seen how you look at me, particularly in the past few months. So, it leaves me wondering," she leaned in close to my ear, "Do you want to fuck your little sister?" 

So, we'd reached that point. I had no idea she had ever entertained the thought. But I also had to clarify. "What's brought all this on?" 

"Haven't you ever wondered why I've remained single all these years?" 

"I thought you just had bad luck with guys. Strange, considering who you are but..." 

"There was one guy I wanted but... well, there are issues that need resolving. This is a heavy subject and one that requires careful progress." 

"I take it I'm the guy." 


I let out a breath. "Holy shit," I said quietly, reaching forward and swallowing the entire glass of wine. Then I turned towards her. "I had no idea." 

"It's not exactly something easy to share. Hell, I did down a bottle of wine at dinner to get to this point. So, now the only thing I'm left wondering. You've been... different around me lately, and I think I know why. But I need to know... do you feel the same way?" 

I answered the only way I figured was best. I leaned forward and kissed her. It was only brief, pulling back to see shock for a brief moment before a smile broke out across her face. Then she pulled me forward by the front of my shirt and wasted little time showing me just how she felt. It was one hell of a kiss and I was surprised how it actually felt... normal. She wasted no time using her tongue and it wasn't long before she was laying back on the couch, my crotch pressed into her and that was when she giggled. I leaned back as she returned a look. 

"Someone's excited. You want to get out of here?" 


We were in a cab no more than five minutes later, sitting apart as we were driven through the city towards the suburbs. Once dropped off, this time I paid for the cab, we rushed inside. Before getting down to business, I had to ask "Where's Aly?" 

"She's away for the weekend. We have the place to ourselves until Sunday." 

Now I laughed. "How long have you had this planned?" 

"A while." She grabbed my hand and led me to the couch, placing both hands on my chest and pushing me back. I watched as she then unzipped her dress, letting it pool at her feet before kicking to the side. I could only drink in the sight of the sheer black bra and panties. "These are new. Bought them specifically for tonight." 

"I'm honoured." 

Straddling my lap, we shared a look for a moment and I knew nothing was going to stop us now. And I didn't care one bit. We locked lips again and this time we took it slow, simply learning each other's technique, I guess still feeling slightly awkward despite both of us wanting this. We both waited before introducing our tongues, nothing overboard. This wasn't an attempt at porn. This was... I wasn't sure what this was. Not yet anyway, and I stopped thinking about it. Live in the moment. 

My hands ran over her body before they settled on the clasp of her bra, undoing it to free her breasts, her nipples already hard in her excitement. Kissing her again, I gently played with one of them, eliciting an occasional moan, always a good sign that I was doing something right. It's been a while. Do I still have any moves? I guess I did, as she eventually broke the kiss and moved her body in a way to suggest she wanted my mouth on her breasts. 

I wasn't going to say no. 

I flicked at her right nipple, looking up at her as she almost stared at me in return, a smouldering look in her eye that I think read 'I want to fuck you now'. I guess my eyes probably said the same thing, but I wasn't going to take my time. No need to rush things. We had all weekend. As I teased her nipples, I ran my hand down towards her panties. She helped me out, adjusting herself slightly to allow me complete access. I felt a trimmed pubic area as I felt the wetness from her cunt in my fingers. I merely touched her clitoris with my fingertip and she nearly jolted out of my lap. 

That caused me to laugh. She slapped my shoulder, obviously embarrassed. "Sorry, it's been a while since someone has touched me like that. Well, someone else anyway." 

"Well, we should rectify that." 

Lifting myself up from the couch, she wrapped her legs around me, kissing me again as I managed to find the way to her bedroom. Gently lowering her down to the bed, I wasted no time removing her panties and simply drank in the sight of my naked sister lying on the bed. And now I'm going to fuck her. 

Lowering myself down over here, I worshipped her body, ensuring I kissed her neck, noticing she even liked that, before covering her breasts in more kisses, hearing the deep breathing, the reaction of her body to my tongue or my touch, sliding my tongue down my body until I could sense and feel the warmth of her cunt. 

The first touch of my tongue on her clit led to a groan of "Oh my God!" That simply spurred me on as I spent plenty of time teasing her, hopefully impressing her by only using my tongue. I listened to her breathing, her moans and the filthy language she used as I devoured her cunt. Considering I'd had plenty of thoughts about doing it recently, I was glad to hear she enjoyed it. "You like eating your sister's pussy, don't you?" I muffled a reply, not wanting to pull away from the sweet taste of her juices. "Are you going to make your little sister cum?" 

Now I pulled away from a second. "That's what I'm planning." 

She mustn't have been far away as a couple of minutes later she started to quiver and I doubled down as she moaned and screamed a litany of phrases, most of them thanking me, which was nice. She eventually pushed me away as I watched her suck in a few deep breaths, before meeting my eyes and smiling at me. 

Taking a few more deep breaths, she rolled towards me, pushing me off the edge of the bed to stand as she got on her knees. She untied my tie and threw that to the side of the room before unbuttoning my shirt, throwing that to the side as well. Thankful that I'd already taken off my shoes, she unclasped my belt, undid my trousers and they slid down to the floor, stepping out of them. Finally, there was my briefs, my erect cock straining against the cotton. She pulled those down before they fell to the ground. 

"Well, about time I got to see this." 

"Thinking about it, have you?" I asked, now feeling slightly arrogant. 

She looked up at me as she wrapped a hand around my cock. "What do you believe I think about when I'm masturbating? I've wanted your cock in me for ages." I couldn't help the smirk. "But first..." 

She licked along my shaft and all I could do was groan and I think I said 'Fuuuuck' though I'm not quite sure. She teased me for a while, running her tongue up and down my shaft, flicking the head of my cock while doing the sensible thing and not ignoring my balls. She then looked up at me again. "Keep yourself neat, Davey. Were you expecting something tonight?" 

"I could ask you the same thing." 

"What can I say? I wanted my big brother to eat me then fuck me." 

"I can say already that I love it when you talk dirty." 

She continued to tease my cock for a couple of more minutes before I watched it disappear in her mouth, slowly at first before it all disappeared, her nose touching my groin. I wasn't a large man but that still impressed me. Then she got down to simply sucking my cock and, I have to say, my little sister could suck a mean cock. It had been so long since I'd had one that it wasn't long until I felt that old familiar feeling, doing my best to hold back the urge to cum. My cock plopped out of her mouth, continuing to stroke me, as she giggled. "Are you going to cum soon?" 


"How long until you would be read to go again?" 

"Not long probably. I've waited a while for this as well." 

"Well, I want you to cum. I want to swallow your cum." 

Naturally, I obliged my sister by blasting into her mouth no more than two minutes later. And she was true to her word, swallowing every drop, as I nearly passed out from the bliss, eventually collapsing on the bed beside her. She opened her mouth, straddling me again as I lay back. 

"Every drop, Davey." 

"Someone's been practicing?" 

She leaned over and opened one of bedside drawers, grabbing a dildo that was hidden away. "I used one of these. The real thing is better. Yours is the best." 

"You could probably get rid of it now," I stated with another smirk. 

"I have a lot of good memories with this dildo thinking it was you." 

I raised an eyebrow. "How long? Honestly..." 

She blushed. "A couple of years probably. I'm not sure. I just know I've had... feelings, feelings I know I shouldn't have, they've been developing for a long time. Hell, I remember thinking you were very handsome growing up." 

"I've always thought you were beautiful but... I guess it was moving in here and living with you that made me appreciate who you really are." She met my eyes and I nodded. She sighed with relief. "But I also had the same issue. I had no idea you thought or felt the same way so I've hesitated for a long time." 

She lay down on top of me, feeling her bare breasts on my chest as she kissed me on the tip of my nose. "Well, at least we know where we stand now." It was the feeling of her breasts against me that had done the job as she giggled. "And someone is up for round two," she stated. 

Before she could move, I quickly rolled over and placed her blow me as she adjusted herself below me. I felt the head of my cock at the entrance of her cunt and this was the last step. Once we did this, there was no turning back. The point of no return. Our eyes met, she grabbed the back of my head and pulled me down to kiss her. Then she said one simple word. 


We groaned together as I found my cock enveloped by the warm walls of her cunt. I took it slow as there was absolutely no rush. I wanted to enjoy every single second of this. There was only one first time, and while I wasn't worried about it 'being special', the fact that I was enjoying this moment with Natalie, with my little sister, yeah, it was certainly something to remember. 

"Fuck, that feels so good, Davey." 

"You're telling me." 

"I've wanted this for so long," she stated, wrapping her legs around me, eliciting another moan as I went even deeper. 

"Ditto," I added before I kissed her again. 

We eventually found a rhythm that suited us. This wasn't porno sex, with me just jackhammering away. Granted, I've watched enough of the stuff... It was probably some of the most tender sex I'd ever experienced. It was the sort of sex that matched physically and emotionally. It was in those moments that I realised I don't just love my sister. I'm in love with my sister. That brought my thrusts to a halt and Natalie looked at me quizzically. Our eyes met and she just nodded. 

"I know. I feel the same way." 

I can honestly say, of all the pussy my cock had been in, and it had been in a few before I'd married then moved in with my sister, that my sister had the best one. It was simply divine. And, to be honest, it had been so long since I'd last had sex that, again, it wasn't long before I felt the urge, impressing myself to be honest considering I was at an age where doing it twice in such a short period would be a cause for celebration. 

"Wait, I want to ride you to climax," she suggested. 

I wasn't going to say no, withdrawing and, after some awkward body movements, she grabbed the base of my cock and lowered herself down. Placing both hands on my chest, she then rode me like a jockey. I lay back and watched her bounce up and down on my cock, listening to her breathing and her moans, hearing her whisper her appreciation of her brothers' cock being buried in her. She was loving every minute of it. So was I. 

Then she started to slow down and I noticed the first look of concern. "What is it?" 

"What about..." 

I knew immediately. "Ah, don't worry about that. I shoot blanks." 

She laughed. "You do?" 


"Oh. I'll ask later." 

She started to bounce again with renewed vigour, grabbing her by the waist, slightly lifting my butt and started meeting her groin with my own. "Oh, jesus fuck, Davey. Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me." 

Now I thrust into her like no tomorrow, telling her how good her cunt felt, letting her know how beautiful she was, telling her that I loved her. I moved a hand to her cunt and started playing with her clit and that sent her into overdrive, surprising even myself that she started to quiver and I knew she was cumming again. The clench of her walls as I continued to thrust into her finally completed the job and it wasn't long before I was blasting streams of hot cum into her, groaning away about how good she felt, before I collapsed back onto the bed, feeling my body bathed in sweat, as she lay down on my chest. There was no sound except our own heavy breathing. 

"Fuck me, I needed that," I finally stated with a chuckle. 

"You and me both." Then she looked up. "So, vasectomy?" 

"Oh, I did that years ago before I got married. She didn't want kids. I was rather ambivalent so went along with it, simply to prevent any accidents." 

"And now?" 

"I have Aly. She's like a daughter for me. That's more than enough." 

"Well, at least you can fuck me without any concerns then." 

"Oh, that will definitely be the plan going forward." Then I cleared my throat. "But what about Aly?" 

"We'll just have to be careful. But she'll be heading off to university in another year or two. Then we'll have the place to ourselves." 

"We have the house to ourselves all weekend now, right?" 

"We do. What do you have planned?" 

"I'm going to fuck you in every room in this house before the end of this weekend." 

And that is exactly what we did. Best weekend of my life. 

Chapter 3 

"So how long have you two been fucking?" 

I almost spat my coffee across the table as my sister dropped the toast she was eating onto her plate. "What was that?" I finally managed to ask. 

Aly just looked between us. "You two. How long have you two been fucking?" 

I didn't share any sort of glance with my sister. "I don't appreciate the language. Aly. But whatever do you mean?" my sister asked. 

"Oh, please. I'm still technically a child but I know you two are sleeping together. I'm not an idiot." 

"Aly..." I started to say. 

"What's given you any idea that I would sleep with my brother?" 

"As I said, mum, I'm not an idiot. And I watch you two. And your dynamic, let's call it, has definitely changed in the past six months. The way you look at each other. The way you act around each other. Let alone the fact I know you share a bed at times. It was around your birthday," she pointed at me, "That I suddenly found myself being sent off to friends places for a weekend away. Or you'd disappear for an hour or so during the day if I was here." 

"None of any of what you just said would suggest we are sleeping together," I stated. 

Aly looked between us. "Fine. I can understand why you wouldn't want to admit it. Taboo subject and all that." Then she shrugged. "I'll be honest; I don't really care. I know you love each other, as siblings and, if as lovers, then... well, I can only hope you're being safe and not totally stupid." 

Now I shared a glance with Natalie. She made the smallest shake of her head. "I think you're..." 

Before I could finish, Aly got to her feet. "Don't lie to me," she yelled, pointing at me then her mother, before she actually started to cry, "I know you're fucking him!" Then she started sobbing uncontrollably and ran out of the kitchen. 

I looked at my sister. "Okay, what the hell was that all about?" 

Natalie remained quiet few a minute before she actually startled to chuckle. "I don't believe it." 

"Believe what?" 

She looked me in the eyes, grabbing my hand. "My dear brother, I believe the apple hasn't fallen far from the tree." I must have looked confused so she clarified. "Methinks someone is jealous." 

My jaw did the usual thing of dropping. "Fuck. Off." 

"What else would have brought on that reaction? I know we've been careful for these past few months but... She's right, Davey. You've always treated me well but now you treat me like a princess." 

I leaned back in my chair, running a hand down my face. "Shit." 

"You go to work. I'll talk to her and sort all this out." 

"Are you sure?" 

"It'll be fine. Trust me." 

It was a long day at work as I wondered if my personal life was about to blow up in my face. Natalie and I had been incredibly careful since my birthday and I honestly thought we'd get away with it until Aly left home. But I guess once you start sleeping with someone, even on a subconscious level there is a change in your relationship. Perhaps the way you look around someone. How you act in front of them or speak about them. I don't know. I had done my best not to treat her too differently but I guess it wasn't good enough. 

With a fair amount of trepidation, I walked in the front door after work to find my sister and my niece sitting in the living room. I found two pairs of eyes watch me as I dropped my bag in its usual place before my Natalie patted the seat next to her. I sat down and she grabbed my hand, our fingers interlacing as she kissed my cheek. Oh, so I guess it may be all out... 

"I'm sorry," Aly said. 

I looked at her and smiled. "You have nothing to apologise for." 

"I do. I acted like a child." 

"Trust me, Aly. Don't worry about it. It's fine." 

"But there is something we need to discuss, Davey," my sister added, "Aly knows everything. And, before you ask, I told her on the proviso that she told me what upset her." 

I looked at my niece. "Aly?" Her cheeks reddened and she looked away, obviously embarrassed. "Aly?" I asked quietly. 

My sister squeezed my hand and gestured for me to move. I took a seat next to Aly and she almost jumped away in fright. I didn't attempt to even touch her and stayed silent. She would tell me whatever was on her mind. Finally, she looked up. "I know I'm weird because of... how I feel and everything... But..." 

"Sometimes you can't help how you feel." 

She nodded. "I'm still a virgin," she said quietly. 

I couldn't help the chuckle. "Good to know." 

"I've always thought you were handsome, Unc... er..." 

"Just call me Dave. I have a feeling we're all past titles here." 

I watched a shaking hand move across to rest on top of mine. "Dave?" she asked quietly. 


"I want you to be my first." 

I know my eyes widened before I immediately looked towards Natalie. "We've discussed this already, Davey. And, this may surprise you, but... I'm actually completely okay with it. I'll put it this way. You're already fucking your sister. And, as I say all the time, you're a good man, and I can think of no-one better for my daughter to share her first time with. She wants to do it. And I know, with you, that she will be safe and cared for." 

"This is a lot to take in." I looked at Aly. "When?" 

She smiled, almost shyly. "I was hoping as a birthday present as I finally move into adulthood." 

"Gives me a little time to get used to the idea." 

"So that's a yes?" Aly asked excitedly. 

"It's a maybe. More a maybe yes, than a maybe no. But..." I paused and sighed. "I still remember bouncing you on my knee as a baby. And the tea parties as a child. And all sort of other things... To change from that into being your first sexual partner is a big deal." 

"I know. But I want this. I want you." 

I couldn't help the chuckle. "The two women who appear to want me most are my sister and my niece." 

"And you're complaining?" my sister retorted. 

"Not at all. I have two beautiful women in my life." I grabbed Aly by the hand. "Let me think about it but I'll definitely let you know before your birthday." 

That night, I made no attempt at faking going into my own bedroom, Natalie escorting me into her bedroom. Aly just yelled out "Try not to make too much noise as you fuck each other" before I heard her door close. 

"She's going to masturbate thinking about it," Natalie said as she started undressing. 

"There's a thought." 

"Good one or bad one?" 

"It'll take some getting used to the idea. But you're right that I'll certainly care for her." 

"She's a beautiful young woman. Just like her mother." 

"That sort of talk is going to get you well and truly fucked, dear brother of mine." 

I don't exactly know what I did to deserve such treatment but she must have spent at least half an hour sucking my cock, constantly bringing me to the brink of cumming before teasing me, slowing down and doing the same thing over and again. I simply lay back and enjoyed the sensation of her tongue along my shaft and her lips around my cock, watching her head bob up and down as she practically worshipped it. I thought she was going to make me climax in her mouth but, after about the fourth time of getting close, she straddled my hips and lowered herself down, my cock greeted by the warmth of her cunt. I have no shame in admitting that she must have bounced a dozen times at most before I came harder than I had in what felt like years. 

Sucking in deep breaths, I made her laugh when I said "Thanks, I now owe you one." 

"You don't owe me anything. But I do hope you will say yes." 

"I won't say I'm surprised about being open-minded, considering our current circumstances, but..." 

"You thought I'd be jealous?" I nodded. "Anyone else, I would be. But she's my daughter, I love her, you love her, and I want what's best for her." 

"And I'm what's best for her?" 


"Let me think about it." 

A week before her birthday, I knocked on Aly's door. She opened it and smiled, moving aside and gesturing me to enter, closing the door behind her. I sat down on the bed and patted it for her to join me. She sat down and looked at me expectantly. "Yes," I said. 

She squealed and hugged me tightly. "Thank you," she said quietly. 

"Your mother and I have organised it all. Hopefully nothing will be a surprise. Just remember one thing; if at any time you feel uncomfortable, say no and we stop immediately. Okay?" She nodded. 

"Do you want to see me now?" she asked quietly, motioning that she was quite ready to get undressed. 

"Why don't we wait until Saturday night and we'll see each other the first time. Sound good?" 

"I can't wait." 

I'll be honest. The more I thought about it, the more I agreed. 

My sister fucked me long and hard that Friday night, leaving her laughing when I said I didn't want to be too drained for her daughter. That didn't stop me pumping at least three loads of cum into her cunt, leaving her a sweaty mess underneath me by the time we'd finished. One thing I'd learned is that my sister loved to clean my cock with my mouth after I'd cum, often shuffling down the bed to play with it some more. Sometimes it was simply to taste my cum, other times it was to help me get hard again. 

I'd learned that she loved being woken up with my tongue between her legs. Since we had nothing to hide, though we still tried to stay rather quiet, I loved bringing her to orgasm before we had to get up and go to work. Watching her stagger to the bathroom with legs still aquiver left me chuckling. All she did was turned and motion for me to join her in the shower. We'd learned that shower sex wasn't all it was cracked up to be. Instead, we used the shower as a time to get clean, of course, but to simply run ours hands over the others body, in some ways a sensual massage, in other ways... Well, my fingers often found my way into her cunt, slowly teasing her as I thumbed her clit. Thanks to the running shower, she could make as much noise as she wanted. My sister made the best noises as she came on my hand. 

Saturday started no different to most others. The three of us enjoyed breakfast before we headed out for a birthday lunch. Although now old enough to drink alcohol, I warned Aly not to drink too much as I wanted her clear-headed for what she wanted later. Thankfully she listened to my advice and only consumed one glass of wine with lunch. We then headed out for some shopping. I usually found such thing a bore but mother and daughter happily wandered around for hours, and I was quite happy to hand over the credit card for her purchases. I couldn't help notice one or two of the things Aly bought, looking at me with a smirk. Guess she's pulling out all the stops. 

That evening, Natalie headed out for the evening with some girlfriends, saying she would spend the night at one of theirs. She kissed me rather chastely before telling the pair of us to have fun. I cooked dinner for the two of us, nothing spectacular but I wasn't a bad hand in the kitchen. After dinner and a glass of wine, I put some music on to ease the mood and shower my niece that I was also rather capable of some simple dancing. 

As I've niece, my niece was a beautiful young woman and a near dead ringer for mother. Blue eyes, brunette hair, cute little nose. Some slightly freckling that had fainted as she'd got older. She was a short dress, accentuating her legs and I'll admit her breasts were larger than her mothers. As we swayed to the music, I could feel the occasional shake and I knew why. 

"Nervous?" She nodded into my chest. I lifted her head towards me and I could see nerves and confidence in her eyes. I lowered my lips to her and softly kissed her. I wasn't surprised she giggled. 


"Don't worry. This is... different for me too." 


"Not as weird as it should be." 

She bit her lip and I knew she was thinking. "Can I take your shirt off?" 

"Of course." 

Her hands were shaking as she attempted to undo the buttons. After fumbling once or twice, I figured I had to ease her nerves. I grabbed her gently by the wrists and lifted them around my neck before I kissed her again, this time longer and deeper. I then offered my tongue, which she accepted, and I felt her calm down as we made out. Without looking, she started to undo my buttons and my shirt was soon on the ground. I felt her hands run around my body. I wasn't what you would call 'cut' but I looked after myself, ate properly and stayed fit. She broke the kiss and looked me up and down. 

"Well, I've seen you without a shirt before." Then she grabbed my belt, unbuckling it before undoing the button of my trousers, lowering the zip and they fell to the ground. I stepped out of them, taking a moment to take off my socks, leaving me in just my boxer-briefs. My cock, still not fully erect, would have at least appeared. 

Now she met my eyes, looking unsure. I could only smile and nod as her hand slowly moved to caress my cock. I'll admit I shuddered slightly as she did so. I was used to the sure touch of my sister. The fact I knew this was her first time heightened my senses. 

"Wow," she said quietly. 

"You're a little overdressed." 

She moved her hands to start and I stopped her. "Wait a minute. Join me over here." I took a seat on the couch and motioned for Aly to straddle me. She squealed when her crotch sat on top of my cock, and even through the material of my briefs and her underwear, I could feel that she was already wet. I wasn't surprised when she slowly started to rub herself against me. As she did that, I unbuttoned her shirt and noticed the bra she had bought earlier that day. 

"Do you like it?" she asked. 

"It's gorgeous." 

Throwing her shirt to the side, I unbuttoned and unzipped her dressed, awkwardly lifting that over her head to leave her in just her bra and panties. Matching set. My niece has some taste. I then ran my hands gently up and down her body as she continued to rub against my crotch. I figured how horny she was as she started to moan rather distinctly. 

"Are you close?" I asked. She nodded, head rolled back, eyes closed. So I offered to help her along, bringing her forward for a kiss before moving onto her neck. If she was anything like her mother, that would drive her wild. And it did as she started to moan into my shoulder as she started to shudder before a large quiver almost sent her crashing to the floor. 

"My God. And you haven't even fucked me yet," she stated through deep breaths. 

"We still have all night." 

She looked me in the eyes then looked down. "I want to see your cock." 

She moved off my lap as I removed my briefs. There was no missing the fact I was now fully erect. I heard her gasp before she cautiously moved a hand towards my shaft. "That's it. Just play with it. Just be gentle. I'll let you know if you're being too rough." 

Before she got to work, she removed her bra, giving me a glimpse of her youthful, full breasts before standing up and removing her panties. She posed in front of me, allowing me a full sight of her naked body. "What do you think?" 

"You're beautiful, just like your mother." 

I spread my legs as she got down on her knees and slowly started to play with my cock. "It's softer than what I thought it would be." 

"You own a dildo?" She shook her head. That surprised me. "You do masturbate?" 

"Of course. That's what my fingers are for. Flicking the bean." She then looked me directly in the eyes. "I've thought about you for so long." 

Before all this, that would have sounded weird. Now I know she just wanted to fuck me. The feeling was mutual. She continued to play with my cock, picking up a steady rhythm before she lowered her mouth towards the head. She licked at first and appeared curious, before she licked up and down my shaft a few times, I guess assessing my size and if she could get it in her mouth. 

"This isn't porn, Aly. Do whatever feels comfortable." 

"But I want you to cum." 

"And I will. But this is about you. Take your time." 

"I want you to..." She blushed and I knew what she meant immediately. 

"Okay. Let's go to bed." 

I grabbed her by the hand and led her to my old bedroom. I'd spent some time decorating it for this very night and she showed her appreciation by giving me another kiss. I lay down on the bed before she joined me, then spun around so her knees were beside my head and her dripping cunt above my face. 

I lifted my head and hit her with the tip of my tongue and she nearly fell forward. "My God," she moaned, "Do it again." 

I can do better than that. Grabbing her gently by the thighs so she wouldn't move, I brought her cunt closer to my mouth and slowly started to tease her, not ignoring the fact she was still playing with my cock, feeling her try and take more and more of it in her mouth, as I found the lower of my face coated in her juices. She was incredibly wet. Just like her mother when she gets excited. 

Soon enough, I buried my face in her cunt, learning as I went how her body reacted to wherever I put my tongue. I teased her clit mercilessly and I soon felt her mouth move away from my cock as she started to pant and moan constantly. Somewhat awkwardly, we moved around until her head was buried in the bed with her ass in the air and I had my face buried once again, spreading her legs slightly to give my tongue even better access. I teased her even further, running my tongue up and over her little butthole, causing her to squirm and squeal. And that pretty much did the trick. 

"I'm going to cum!" she finally stated. If she thought that was going to make me stop, she was wrong. I doubled down and I felt immense pride when I heard the same sort of noises her mother made whenever she orgasmed. She collapsed onto the bed, her body still shaking, sucking in deep breaths as she moved around the bed to lie next to me. 

"I... don't... believe it... Is it... always... that good?" 

"Even better." 

We lay back quietly for a few minutes, listening to her breathing calm down and her body stop quivering. I couldn't help chuckle, leading to a light slap. "It's not funny." 

"Sex is fun and can be funny. Your mother and I often laugh while making love. Sometimes it can be incredibly tender. Other times it can be rough. Sometimes it's quick. Sometimes it takes hours. Depends on your mood and what you both want." 

"And tonight?" 

"This is about you, Aly. Whatever you want, I'll happily do." 

"I want you. I want you... inside me." 

She lay back and spread her legs, offering me another glimpse of her glistening cunt. It was a thing of beauty, virtually untouched. I'll admit I felt privileged to take her virginity and be her first. I just hoped she'd have a good memory of this evening. 

I placed my cock at her entrance and made she sure met my eyes. "Are you sure?" She nodded. "Don't worry, you won't get pregnant." 

She smiled. "Mum told me." 

I nodded. "It's going to hurt at first but it will get better. Okay?" 

She nodded. "Kiss me while you do it. I've read that helps." 

We kissed gently for a moment, leaving my cock at her entrance before I deepened the kiss, hoping I'd distract her even a little bit as I gently thrust forward. She shuddered as I entered her fully, my groin eventually touching her pubic bone. I then waited, letting her get used to me being inside her. I broke the kiss and noticed her blinking rapidly, cupping her face gently to wipe away one or two tears. 

"Did it hurt?" 

"No. It's not that. It's because..." 

I kissed her gently again. "I understand." She opened her eyes and smiled. "Ready?" She nodded. I slowly started to thrust, making sure I remained gentle. I certainly didn't want to hurt her, not that I thought I would, but I wanted her first time to be enjoyable. I'd never slept with a virgin before so, I'll be honest, I was out of my own comfort zone as well. 

"Wrap your legs around my hips. It'll feel even better." 

I didn't mind giving instructions. If I had to be 'the teacher', then so be it. I was going to fuck her all night, wanted her to enjoy it and hoped she'd learn a lot. Doing as I said, she gasped as my cock obviously reached a better place, another shudder and groan of 'Fucking... Oh God...' 

"Good?" She nodded. "Faster?" She nodded. 

I turned up the pace a bit, trying to remain gentle but I sensed she was already adapting to how my cock felt in her cunt. I kissed her again before moving down to her neck, ensuring I didn't neglect her breasts at the same time, spending plenty of time playing with her nipples or, trying somewhat awkwardly, to play with them with my mouth. I wanted her to enjoy as many sensations as possible while I fucked her. 

She was tight and I'll admit I was doing all I could to hold back from cumming too soon. But my thrusts increased in frequency and I felt her heels dig into my lower back. I met her eyes and she simply said "I want you to cum in my me, daddy." 

I couldn't help raise eyebrows. "Daddy?" 

"Just go with it. Please?" 

"Daddy is going to cum in you, sweetie." Okay, despite the fact I'm fucking my nice, and I'm fucking my sister, she has a kinkier side? Well, daddy did, one final thrust leading to an explosion of hot cum deep in the cunt of my niece, two or three more vigorous thrusts as I groaned loudly as I climaxed. Once I'd felt the last spurt exit my cock, I heard Aly giggle beneath me. "What?" 

"You have no idea how long I've dreamed of that." 

I withdrew my cock, not wanting to look at the state of the sheets as I lay beside her. Aly wrapped an around my chest, playing with my chest hair, my cock starting to shrink, glistening in the low light from the juices of her cunt and my own cum. "How long?" 

"Too long. I've had bad thoughts about you for a long time. You were my first thought when I learned how to masturbate. I wanted to say something when I turned sixteen but... Well, I didn't think you were fucking mum then, so it would have been even weirder. But once I'd figured out you and mum were together, I knew I had to say something." She squeezed me. "Thank you for being my first." 

"It was my privilege. But, don't forget, the night is still young." 

She smirked and lowered herself down the bed. Looking up at me with a mischievous look in her eyes, she grabbed my cock and started to clean it with her tongue. "Mmmm. My cunt with your cum tastes good." 

I couldn't help the chuckle but certainly felt the blood rush to my cock once again. 

Chapter 4 

Life was bliss for the next few months until Aly departed the family home for university. After that first night, my sister came to an agreement with her daughter. I was committed to my sister but she understood that my niece had needs as well. Being her daughter, and considering the whole situation was unusual, Natalie asked me if I would feel uncomfortable sharing a bed with Aly every so often. 

I'll admit I couldn't believe my luck. Two gorgeous women, in some ways very alike, both wanted to fuck me. I said it wasn't a problem. So that was how life went. I spent the majority of nights with my sister but, generally whenever she asked, I would spend the night with my niece. She loved to put on a show for me as I often walked in her already masturbating. I mentioned this to her mother and, while somewhat unsure, we allowed her to watch her mother and I fuck. Not all the time but I knew that was what my niece wanted, though she never made an attempt to join in. My niece became an expert at sucking cock, listening to all the advice I gave but she'd obviously read up about the perfect blowjob at the same time. 

As for my sister, there was no doubt we continued to fall ever deeper in love with each other. We had to be careful around the neighbourhood, as those who still lived in the area from when I moved in knew I was her brother, so ensured we escaped into the city as often as possible where we could simply act like a couple. Despite the fact we could have sex at home whenever we wanted, we still found it rather naughty to book a hotel as brother and sister and then spend all night long fucking. 

The night before Aly left for university, we sat down to a meal together, enjoying fine food and good drink, before settling together in the living room. 

"Davey, Aly and I have been talking," Natalie stated. 

"Oh... What about?" 

"Tonight, you're going to fuck my daughter. I want to watch you fuck her." 

I shrugged. "Okay. Why don't you join in?" 

"I probably will, but I want to watch you pleasure my daughter first. I'll probably masturbate while doing it. She's done it plenty of times before." 

"Because it's so hot watching you two fuck," Aly stated, "You know I love daddy's cock." 

I'd got used to her calling me daddy while we fucked but I still had to chuckle sometimes. "And I love swallowing my brothers cum," my sister retorted. 

I turned to Aly. "I love it when he tongues my arse." 

"Hmmm... I can't disagree with that. I love it when he fucks my arse though. Nothing like his cock pumping it full of cum." 

Aly turned away. "Damn it...," she whispered. 

I chuckled again. "We don't do it that often." I quickly turned to my sister. "Not that I'm complaining." 

"I know you love fucking my arse, brother of mine. What about your niece, though? Would you fuck her arse?" 

"Only if she wanted me to." I turned towards my niece. "Aly?" 

"I don't know," she replied, sounding unsure. 

"Then, as I said during our first time, only do something you're comfortable with." 

Aly smiled. "I do love it when you tongue my ass though." 

"I know, sweetie. I learned rather quickly it makes you cum hard." 

I'd tried to ignore the fact their hands had been on my thigh and were now moving towards my cock, which was starting to thicken as the conversation had taken the expected turn. The couch had seen plenty of action in recent months. Aly had walked in on her mother sucking my cock from time to time, or her mother bent over as I fucked her hard from behind. Sometimes she'd walk by with a smirk, other times she'd sit on the other couch, watch and masturbate. There were no real secrets between us anymore. Everything was in the open. 

Instead of continuing to strain again my briefs and jeans, I unbuttoned and unzipped, releasing my erect cock and stated rather simply "So who wants to start?" 


"Thanks, mum." 

My head rolled back as Aly wasted no time, her mouth wrapping around my cock and her head was soon bobbing up and down. I gently placed a hand on the back of her head to help guide her pace as her mother took off her top and bra and I spent plenty of time teasing her breasts. If not teasing her breasts, then we simply enjoying kissing each other. 

But I knew she wanted to suck my cock as well, and she soon joined her daughter, taking turns wrapping their lips around my hard member. I have no idea if ones' cock gets larger as time goes by, but I swear to God that my cock felt or looked even bigger ever since I'd started fucking firstly my sister and then my niece. Perhaps it was all in my mind but I certainly heard no complaints from either woman, whether they were blowing me or being fucked by me. 

"We need to get to the bedroom," Aly stated, unsurprised to see her panties to the side and her fingers in her cunt. 

"Give it a few minutes," I stated, moving my hand towards her cunt, enjoying the feeling of how wet she was. 

"Oh God..." she moaned before her mouth wrapped around my cock once again. 

My sister wasted little time getting completely undressed before sitting in such a way that I could finger her cunt at the same time. So, there I was, two women sucking my cock with my fingers in both their cunts. If I had died at that moment, I'd have died an incredibly happy, contented man. 

"We need to get to the bedroom," I stated after a few more minutes, "One of you needs my dick in your cunt immediately." 

I undressed as we walked towards our bedroom, taking a few minutes to kiss my sister first and tease her again, before kissing my niece, teasing her as well, before I lay back on the bed. They looked at me, I guess wondering what I wanted. "One on my cock, one on my face." 

"I need his cock, mum." 

"Then enjoy it. My brother can make me cum with his tongue." 

Aly was the first to move, straddling me like usual and it wasn't long until I felt her tight cunt wrap around my cock, slowly starting to bounce up and down into a steady rhythm. Once her daughter was settled and happy, my sister straddled my face, her dripping cunt just above my eyeline. I was desperate to taste her and lifted my head. She teased me, moving it away. I could feel the warmth and smell how hot she was. 

"Beg for it." 


"Please what?" 

"Please can I taste your cunt?" 

"And who am I?" 

"Please can I taste your cunt, my gorgeous sister of mine?" 

"Of course, brother." 

We'd learned we both loved teasing each other like that, knowing we were brother and sister and ignoring all the taboo around it. Who gives a shit? We're consenting adults, we won't have children and what we do doesn't affect anyone else. My niece was in the same boat. She could always so no whenever she was uncomfortable but she had made it clear, ever since the day she was by law an adult, that she wanted to fuck me. So, the law can be damned as far as I concerned. But we still had to be careful. 

"How does my cunt taste, brother?" 

"You know I'd do this all day, every day if possible. It's exquisite." 

"And what about your niece's cunt? Do you like that too?" 

"She's knows I do." 

"And I love daddy's cock deep inside me," Aly muttered through her moans. 

"You love fucking my daughter, don't you, brother?" 

"I love pumping my niece full of cum. Just like I do to my sister." 

She moved her cunt from my face for a moment, lowering her face to kiss me. "I love you," she said quietly. 

I raised a hand to her cheek. "I love you too." 

Then she turned and watched her daughter bounce up and down on my cock. "And my daughter sure loves your cock." 

"I do, mummy. I love daddy's cock. I love it when he cums inside me." 

My sister giggled. "She really gets into it, doesn't she?" 

"I don't mind. It's her... No, it's our thing. Isn't that right, sweetie?" 

"Yes, daddy." Then she stopped and looked at me, then my sister, then me. "Daddy, I want you in my arse." 

"Are you sure?" She nodded. "Positive?" 

"I want you to fuck my arse, daddy." 

She needed a bit of preparation. She moved off my cock and positioned her pussy above my face. I moved back slightly so her butthole was in my eyeline. I heard my sister open the drawer so knew she was getting one or two things as I started to tongue my niece's butthole. I knew straight away that she'd planned for this as there was no doubting she was... well, to put it simply, very clean. Not that she ever wasn't, but I could taste and smell the extra preparation. 

After some tongue time, the next part was introducing a finger. My sister handed me some lube and I was rather generous, knowing this was going to hurt Aly no matter what. But she surprised me by accepting one finger and I spent a some time letting her adjust to that. I then introduced a second finger, using my thumb to playing with her clit, and I heard her breathing change. 

"I don't want to ask but please stop. I don't want to cum before you're in my arse." 

I removed my thumb and continued to gently fuck her arse with two fingers, continuing to add lube before adding a third finger. Now she started to moan, asking me to stop every so often as she continued to adjust. I looked at my sister. "Think she's ready?" 

"If she isn't, I sure will be in a few minutes." 

"Okay, Aly. Since this is your first time, do you want the top or bottom?" 

"Bottom, daddy. I want you on top of me." 

"Okay, sweetie." 

She lay back on the bed and I placed a couple of pillows, raising her arse. I then placed one of her legs over my shoulder so her cunt and butthole were now completely exposed. I reintroduced my fingers for a few more seconds, watching her facial expressions. I was pleased to see she was mostly enjoying it. Removing my fingers, I placed the head of my cock at her entrance, hearing her take a deep breath. 

"Ready?" She opened her eyes and nodded. I pushed forward, the head of my cock slowly stretching her sphincter until it popped inside. Aly continued to breathe deeply, her mother instructing her, as I stopped and let her body adjust to the fact my cock was now in her arse. Once she was settled, she nodded again and I slowly thrust forward, never more than an inch at a time. But, soon enough, I was fully in. Aly opened her eyes and smiled. 

"Daddy is deep in my arse," she stated with a giggle. 

"He sure is," my sister stated quietly. 

I looked to my left to see she was already masturbating. "Hot, mum?" Aly asked. 

"God yes. I have no problem admitting my brother fucking my daughter in the arse is hot as fuck." 

I was gently fucking her arse at first, letting her continue to get used to my cock, making sure I stopped to ensure it never got too dry. But Aly loved it, which heartened me, and soon she was begging for me to fuck her harder. I must have looked unsure, as she practically begged me to do it. Not wanting to disappoint my niece, I fucked her arse hard. Maybe she enjoyed some of the pain but she started to play with her clit and it wasn't long before she was starting to moan. 

"Keep going! Keep going!" she pleaded. 

"Jesus Christ," I exclaimed. 

"Keep fucking my daughter, Davey. Keep going!" 

I was wondering if my sister was going to get physically involved and wasn't surprised as she moved closer. She moved her hand down Aly's body, who appeared surprised by the presence of an unknown hand, before Natalie kissed her forehead. "Let me play with you," she said quietly. 

She hesitated for maybe a second. "Okay, mum. My pussy needs your touch." 

Thirty seconds of watching that and I came. And I came hard, shouting, cursing and yelling as I pumped what felt like gallons of cum into my niece's arse. Natalie continued to play with her daughter and she came about a minute after that, not surprised to hear Aly exclaim "Oh God, mummy. Keep going. Oh, that feels so good." Just hearing that meant my dick didn't exactly soften too quickly. Jesus wept, we are a curious bunch. 

I carefully withdrew my cock from Aly's ass, handing her a towel to clean herself with, before she giggled, excusing herself as she walked into our ensuite bathroom. It wasn't long until I heard an exclamation of "God, daddy, how much cum did you blast into my arse?" 

"Hey, what can I say, it was exciting." Then I looked at my sister. "Particularly when you started playing with her." 

My sister almost looked embarrassed. "I got caught up in the moment." 

I kissed her on the lips. "You have nothing to be embarrassed about. We're not exactly 'normal' here, are we? We've agreed certain boundaries and no means stop immediately. Other than that, we're open-minded here." 

"And I didn't mind, mum. I liked it," Aly stated as she exited the bathroom, coming to a halt at the bed. "In fact, can I touch you in return? You haven't cum yet." 

Natalie looked at me. "It's your choice." 

Natalie looked at Aly. "Okay. You can touch me." 

I sat back and it wasn't long until I had another erection as I watched Aly touch her mother. And I wasn't surprised when she lowered her tongue. Natalie looked like she wanted to stop her but once her tongue touched her, she simply lay back and enjoyed it. I would have masturbated but, considering the load I'd just dropped, it would have been rather pointless. So I simply watched Aly eat out her mum. I don't know where she learned her skills but it wasn't long until Natalie had a shuddering orgasm. 

"Okay, now that was fucking hot!" I exclaimed. 

Aly looked at me, the pussy juice of her mum running down her chin. Natalie was in post-orgasmic bliss. "Felt good too." 

"I'm glad you like it, mum." 

That set the standard for the rest of the night. My sister got fucked in the ass too. My sister ate out her daughter to a trio of orgasms. I had my dick sucked time and again, both women taking a good load in the mouth, once I'd recovered, of course. And, one time, mother and daughter lay on top of each other as I fucked them both, leaving the pair of them with a lovely creampie, something I'd wanted to do for quite a while. And, at the end of it all, we feel asleep together, my arms wrapped around the two women I loved more than anything. 


I looked at the ring on the third finger of her left hand and smiled. I then looked at mine before looking back at hers. If you're wondering, we weren't married. At least, not exactly. In our hearts and minds, we were both brother and sider, husband and wife. What had given us the opportunity? 

I'd taken a job in Europe. Once I told my sister, she leapt at the opportunity to join me, quitting her job the same day. The awkward part was telling Aly. We didn't want to tell her by phone, waiting until she had time to come home, sitting her down and explaining what was going to happen. She was upset about losing us both but was happy that we would now have an opportunity to live together without suspicion. 

We spent plenty of time travelling, when work allowed, and soon started crossing off countries where we had fucked. We confidently walked through the cities of Europe hand in hand, assuming most people thought we were just a happily married couple. I'd 'proposed' to her the day before we flew out. There was no need for a 'yes', we simply exchanged rings and added the new titles. 

We purchased a new house in the city, enjoying the hustle and bustle of life. My sister didn't need to work considering I was making plenty of cash but she wanted to keep herself busy. I certainly wasn't going to tell her what to do. Whatever made her happy. I worked long hours and was delighted whenever I walked in through the door, absolutely knackered, to see a glass of wine and a meal ready. We always ate together, sometimes by candlelight, always ensuring we kept the romance and spark glowing between us. I did my best to never neglect my sister, having learned my lesson, but she was understanding. Sometimes too understanding, but she just said that was how much she loved me. 

It was a weekend, a Saturday, and we'd just finished the first round of lovemaking for the day. I was almost ready for round two, hearing my sister giggle as I tickled her, when the doorbell rang. 

"Expecting anyone or anything?" I asked. 


"I'll go see who it is," I stated, pulling on a pair of slack. 

I opened the door and felt a smile spread across my face as Aly screamed my name before jumping into my arms. I turned around, Aly still in my arms, as her mother appeared, pulling on a shirt. Aly lowered herself to the ground and looked between us. "Well, I can see you two have already fucked this morning!" 

My sister and I burst into laughter. "And hello to you too, daughter of mine," she added, stepping forward to hug her, "This is a nice surprise. What are you doing here?" 

"It is a surprise. I have something to tell you." 

"I'll grab your things," I stated, noticing Aly had brought two massive suitcases. Why does she have all this? After putting her stuff in the spare room, I wandered into the living room, taking a moment to enjoy the cityscape through the large window, before joining my sister and niece on the couch. 

"Okay, what's the big surprise?" I finally asked. Aly suddenly looked unsure. "What is it? You're not pregnant, are you?" 

Now she laughed. "No! I haven't even had sex since... the last time we were together." 

"Oh. Okay, so... What is it?" 

She looked between Natalie and myself. "I've got a new job. Here. In this city." 

"You do? How? Why?" her mother asked. 

"I missed you. And wanted to be with you." 

I read that in two ways. I know my sister did too. I looked at my sister and wasn't surprised to see she just shrugged. So I looked back at Aly. "Are you sure, Aly? This is a big lifestyle choice. I'm not going to speak with your mother, but I've missed you too, and not just the way you may think, but I miss just having your presence." 

"And I just miss my daughter," my sister added. 

Aly, I think, sighed with relief. "So you're not mad that I've just turned up on your doorstep?" 

"No. Well, it means we can't fuck around the house but... well, you're used to that anyway." 

"I guess you want me to share my brother and husband, daughter of mine?" 

"Do you mind?" 

A broad smile appeared. "Of course not. I can't think of a better way to spend the however many of our years together." 

"So how should we celebrate?" I asked. 

Aly ran a hand down her shirt before she obviously rubbed her pussy. "Well, I'll be honest, daddy. I haven't been fucked since the last time we saw each other. My pussy is yours and yours alone, forever and ever." 

"You've never been with anyone else?" 

"I only want you cock, daddy. No other man could possibly compare or do what you can do to me. Unless mum wants to join in too. I love the taste of her pussy." 

I looked at my sister. "I'm game if you are?" 

"I want you to fuck your sister and niece silly, brother." She turned to Aly. "Then I'm going to eat out my daughter and make her cum hard." She turned back to me. "But you're fucking her silly first. My daughter needs to be fucked hard." 

"Oh, of that you can be assured," I stated as we got our fee and, hand in hand, wandered into the bedroom.