Stories 18+ Mom catches me and brother anal orgasm

Stories 18+ Mom catches me and brother anal orgasm
One hot June, the year I turned 21 and right before the start of my senior year of college, I was hanging out at home with my little brother Jacob, who had just graduated from high school. Our parents were at work so we had our comfortable, recently upgraded, childhood home in the far northeast part of the city to ourselves. The neighborhood was safe and quiet, and the homes were some of the nicest in the city. Being at home always made me feel safe, like nothing could ever hurt me.

I'd moved in with my cousin for a little while during college and had loved the independence, but for my senior year I'd decided to move back home to save a little bit of money. My brother had just turned 18 and was taking full advantage of living at home with no bills to pay. He was a smart kid; he definitely took after his older sister.

Jacob was outside lounging by the pool, headphones on and tapping his feet to the beat of the music blasting in his ears, his head bobbing to the rhythm. I was in the kitchen mopping the floor and it was hot in the house so I had taken my shirt off and was wearing only my tiny pink basketball shorts and a tight white sports bra. Sweat dripped down my forehead from the heat of the summer and I wiped it away, remembering the days when I would take my clothes off when it was hot and clean the house totally naked, and then jump straight in the shower when I was finished to wash the sweat off.

I looked out the window to see what Jacob was doing, and he was still laying in the lounge chair he'd crashed in about half an hour ago, swinging his feet to the music in his headphones. I decided he probably wasn't going to come inside any time soon, so I pulled my sports bra over my head and set my heavy DD breasts free, my nipples hardening immediately at the sensation of the air-conditioned breeze blowing over my sweat-dampened skin.

I shimmied my shorts over my hips and let them fall to the floor, stepping out of them and leaning over to pick them up. I turned and tossed them, along with the sports bra, into the laundry room, missing the hamper by a few feet. I walked into the laundry room to pick them up and throw them in the hamper.

When I walked back into the kitchen I was surprised to see my brother standing at the kitchen island, facing me. I jumped about 2 feet in the air, my breasts bouncing as Jacob stared wide-eyed at my bare nipples.

"Jake! What are you doing?!" I shrieked as I crossed my arms over my chest to cover my breasts.

"What am I doing?" he retorted defensively. "What the hell are you doing walking around the kitchen with your tits hanging out? Jesus Lila, you could poke an eye out with those things!"

"Hey, watch your mouth, young man," our mother cut in as she walked into the room through the laundry room, which connected the garage to the kitchen. "And that's a good question, Lila Reed Davenport. What are you doing walking around naked?"

"Mom!" I exclaimed, my cheeks turning pink from the embarrassment of having been caught not only by Jacob, but by my mom as well. "What are you even doing home?"

"Jacob, go get the groceries out of my car please," Mom commanded, turning to my brother who had a smug look on his face. Once the door to the garage shut behind him she turned back to me. "Lila, what were you doing?"

"It was hot, Mom," I tried to explain. "When I lived with Samuel he was hardly ever home, so I got in the habit of walking around..." I hesitated. I didn't want to tell her I walked around totally naked. "Well, walking around topless when it was hot." I finally finished.

"I understand, Lila." Mom replied gently. "I remember walking around naked a lot when I lived by myself for the first time."

"Really?" I was relieved to hear that she'd done the same thing when she was my age.

"Oh yes. Even more so after your father and I got married," Mom smiled as she began remembering the good old days.

"Mom, I don't need to hear that," I cut her off before she went into detail.

"Sorry sweetie," she responded, sighing as she seemed to let the memory go back into the ether. "But Lila, you really shouldn't do that with your brother around here. He's at that age and it's really just cruel. You are a beautiful young lady he's not allowed to touch, so don't flaunt your beauty in his face like that, ok?"

"Mom, I didn't mean to..." I stopped as the garage door opened and my brother struggled through the door carrying several grocery bags up and down both of his arms.

"Oh, you're tits are still out," he said dryly as he pushed past me in the doorway to the kitchen from the laundry room.

"Jacob! Language!" Mom reprimanded. "Lila, go put some clothes on!"

I turned and ran out of the room and up the stairs to my bedroom. It was too hot to put clothes on as Mom had asked, so I just stayed in my room trying to cool down for a while. I laid on the bed and put some headphones on, but I was restless and only made it through a few songs.

I decided to take a swim, so I went to my dresser and pulled my bikini out of my underwear drawer. As I was pulling the bottoms on, I heard my brother close his door across the hall. I pulled the bikini top over my head and tied the strings behind my back before going out into the hall to get a towel from the linen closet, which just happened to be right next to Jacob's room.

His door was slightly ajar; the latch must not have caught when he shut the door behind him. I could see him lying on his bed, his phone in his hand and his headphones back over his ears. He had a strange look on his face, and as I closed the linen closet and walked past his room, I got a better view of his bed and saw why.

His dick was out and seemed to be rock hard. He was stroking it vigorously in his hand, and I could hear his soft grunting noises. I smiled and laughed softly to myself. Mom was right... poor guy. I had no idea I could have that effect on my own little brother, but then again he was an 18 year old boy and I suppose they are all the same at their core. Not to mention, I did have some killer tits.

Part of me felt bad for turning my little brother on so much that he couldn't wait to take care of himself. The other part of me was loving it and just couldn't resist being a little cunt, so I pushed his door open just a little farther and then opened the linen closet just enough to block the view into Jacob's room and hurried down the stairs and into the kitchen where Mom was still putting the groceries away.

"Mom, I think Jacob was calling for you. He's in his room."

She sighed as she turned from the groceries and headed out of the kitchen and up the stairs. I quietly snuck over to the bottom of the stairs to listen.

"Yeah, honey?" I heard Mom say as she pushed Jacob's door open.

"MOM!!" he screamed in return. "What the hell are you doing?!"

"Oh god! Sorry honey!" Mom said as she quickly backed out of the room and turned back into the hallway. "Lila said you were calling me."

"Of course she did! That bitch!" Jacob yelled angrily.

I turned and ran towards the back door, barely able to stifle my giggles until I was out of earshot. I pulled the sliding glass door open and threw it shut behind me as I ran to the pool. The next thing I knew, Mom was behind me yelling my name, the sound becoming muffled as I jumped into the pool.

I swam under the surface of the pool for as long as I could before I needed to resurface and take a breath. I came up along one of the walls, my hair in my face and my eyes closed. I pushed my hair back and wiped the water from my eyes, opening them to see Mom standing right in front of me.

"Young lady," she said sternly, her arms crossed over her chest.

"What?" I replied innocently, giving her my best confused look.

"You set us up on purpose."

"Mom, I swear, I thought I heard him calling your name." I dipped my face partially under the water to hide the smile I felt tugging at the corners of my mouth.

"Lila, don't lie to me."

She stared me in the eyes for a moment before I broke and sighed, and she knew she had won. "Ok, Mom. Sorry."

"That was not a nice thing to do to your brother, or to me, for that matter. Treat others as you would like to be treated, right?"

"Right. Sorry."

"Your brother had a natural reaction to seeing a beautiful young woman in the nude, and he took care of it the way that most young men do. I would have preferred that he had waited until he could have a little more privacy or at least made sure his door was shut, but what he was doing is natural. I'm sure you've done it before too. We had this talk when you were in middle school. You're an adult now, you've been out in the world on your own, so don't start acting like a teenager again just because you're living at home."

"Ok, Mom. I'm sorry." I said, feeling thoroughly rebuked.

"Ok," Mom said as she turned to walk back into the house, satisfied that her message had gotten through.

I swam a few laps until I had worn myself out, then got out of the pool and laid down on one of the lounge chairs, deciding to work on my nonexistent tan.

I didn't see my brother for the rest of the day, as he went out to dinner with some friends and then to a party afterwards. He didn't really talk to me for a few days, but eventually he got over it and after a few weeks I had completely forgotten the whole ordeal.


A few weeks later Mom and Dad were on their biannual African safari and Jacob and I had the house to ourselves. There were only a few weeks left of summer and we were both enjoying our last weeks of freedom before the fall semester began, so we decided to throw a joint pool party and invite all of our friends. Our house had become infamous for our parties throughout both Jacob's and my high school careers.

"We definitely need to get a keg," Jacob informed me as he sat at the kitchen island one morning making a list of supplies we needed to get.

"Ok, I'll handle all of the booze and food," I replied, standing at the stove frying some eggs for our breakfast while bacon sizzled away inside the oven. "I'll go to Costco and get some of those huge bottles of vodka, tequila, and rum, too. I can get some food to cook out on the grill and appetizers while I'm there."

"Great! I'll be in charge of music and entertainment," Jacob said excitedly as he scribbled notes on his pad of paper.

He opened the laptop sitting on the counter next to him and navigated the browser to Facebook, creating an event and inviting all of his friends. I brought two plates with eggs and bacon over to the island and sat at the stool next to him. When Jacob had finished inviting his friends, he slid the laptop over to me and dug into the plateful of food in front of him.

"Oh my god, sis," he moaned appreciatively with his mouth full of fried egg. "This is better than Mom's."

"Don't you ever let her hear you say that," I laughed as I signed into my profile. "She'll have both of our heads on a platter."

We laughed and chatted as we planned our party and decided who else to invite. We had been getting along so well the last few weeks that I was really glad I had decided to move back home at the beginning of the summer instead of waiting until school started. My brother and I really had a chance to bond, and were closer than we had ever been.

Later that day I was in my room talking to my best friend Summer on the phone.

"I'm so excited for your party!" she exclaimed as I told her about the plans Jacob and I were making. "It's been so long since I've had one of the famous Davenport parties to go to, and now that we're 21 it will be raging!"

I agreed that I was excited to be able to legally obtain alcohol for a party for once; that was one of the stresses of throwing a party that I could finally forget about.

"Oh, and I'm so glad you invited all of Jake's friends too," Summer continued.

She'd always had a crush on my younger brother and was fascinated by him and his friends. She was one of those girls who turned out to have a lifelong obsession with younger men, even before cougars were a mainstream thing. I had to admit that she was right about Jake's friends, though. They were all pretty hot. There was something about a virile young man that just made a girl wet between the legs; I couldn't explain it.

"Yeah, this is definitely going to be one interesting party," I agreed. "I almost feel like this might be one of my last chances to throw one of these parties with my brother. It feels like the beginning of the end of an era. After this year, once I graduate and find a job, I'll be moving out for sure."

The thought made me emotional and nostalgic. I also hadn't been seeing anyone for a few months and had been feeling particularly hot and bothered lately. Just the idea that I could hook up with one of my little brother's sexy young friends at what could possibly be one of the last epic parties my brother and I threw together was enough to make my pussy clench and the butterflies in my stomach start fluttering around in full force; an extremely confusing mix of sensations that I wasn't entirely sure how to handle.

"I think I know a way to make it even more interesting," Summer replied, breaking me out of my nervous reverie, and I could hear the mischief in her voice.

"What are you thinking?"

"Just leave it to me," she answered vaguely. "I've got to go, the creative juices are flowing.

"Ok," I barely got out before she abruptly hung up; Summer was not one to be stopped when she had set a plan in motion.

After the call ended I clicked over to the Facebook app and opened our party's event page so I could see how many people had RSVP'd. So far over 100 people said they were planning on coming.

Damn, this party really is going to be epic.

The party was in a week; I decided I had better get cleaning now so the house would be spotless in time. Setting my phone down on the dresser and plugging it into the charger, I headed down to the kitchen to gather the cleaning supplies and decided to start with the front bathroom.


The day of the party had arrived and I was proud of the job I'd done cleaning the house and making every surface sparkle and shine. Summer was over and we were arranging the food I'd bought on decorative serving platters and arranging the bar area.

It was hot, and Summer and I were dressed for the weather. We both wore short, Daisy Duke style denim shorts, and Summer wore a cherry red halter top while I was wearing a white cotton tube top, deciding to go braless in the summer heat, the tube top tight around my DD-cup breasts.

My cousin Samuel arrived with the keg and asked for my help setting it up in an ice bucket on the patio. When I came back inside, Summer wasn't in the kitchen and I could hear footsteps upstairs. I started up the stairs and just as I turned on the midway landing, I saw Summer coming out of my parents' bedroom.

"What were you doing in there?" I asked her suspiciously.

"I was just using some of your mom's perfume," she replied, and as she walked past me on her way back down the stairs I smelled my mom's signature scent on her and turned to follow her back into the kitchen.

My brother arrived with his friend Michael who, it turned out, was a DJ, and he and Jacob headed outside to set up his equipment. Michael was a tall drink of water and skinny, with a full brown beard, wearing a long tank top and basketball shorts. Summer watched longingly as he and Jacob walked through the kitchen and out into the backyard.

"Target acquired," Summer said, licking her lips as her mind started working to formulate a plot.

I laughed at her and went back to slicing the melons I'd bought and placing them on a tray next to prosciutto arranged in classic ruffles. Summer walked over to the bar area we'd set up and sliced several limes into wedges and set them in a bowl next to the tequila. Then she poured out two shots of tequila and cleared her throat to get my attention, waving me over when I looked up at her. I walked over to join her at the counter, licked my hand, and poured salt on it.

"I was serious, you know," Summer said as she salted her own hand while I picked a lime out of the bowl. "That guy is going to end up in my bed by the end of the night."

"I wish I had your confidence," I replied. "I've been going through a bit of a dry spell this summer."

"Don't worry," Summer replied, "I'll fix that tonight."

I raised an eyebrow at her but didn't ask any questions. With Summer, it was always better that way. She raised her shot glass and I lifted mine to meet hers. "To a fun night," I said as our glasses clinked, and we licked the salt from our hands and tipped our heads back, pouring the tequila into our mouths before sucking the juice from the limes.

Jacob and Michael walked back into the kitchen from the backyard as we set our shot glasses on the counter.

"You guys are starting without us?" Jacob asked, a sad look on his face that reminded me of when we were kids and my friends and I would run off to play and leave him behind because he was just a baby.

"Sorry, Jakey," I replied. "Do you want to join us for another?" I suddenly decided I wanted to get drunk tonight and really let loose.

"Sure!" Jacob said, and Summer poured out four more shots as we all poured salt on our hands and picked out our limes.

As we took the shots, the doorbell rang and the party officially began. People steadily began showing up and Michael went outside to start up the music. Summer followed him while my brother and I showed people into the house and gave them the tour of where the food, drinks, and keg were.


A few hours later I'd had a few more shots and was drinking a beer, laughing drunkenly with Daniel, one of my brother's friends, when Summer came over to me and pulled me aside.

"I have something to show you," she said as she took my hand and pulled me over to the staircase.

I followed her up the stairs and to my closed bedroom door. We stopped and Summer pulled one of my dad's silk ties out from behind her back.

"What's that for?"

"It's a surprise," she said as she turned me around and put the tie around my eyes as a blindfold.

"Ok..." I said nervously.

"Trust me, Lila," Summer said reassuringly, her lips softly brushing my ear and sending a shiver down my spine.

She led me into my bedroom and I heard her shut the door behind us. She guided me over to the bed and gently pushed me down on it.

"Lie down," Summer commanded, and I stretched out on my back, wondering exactly what the hell she had planned.

"You want to get laid, right?"

"Yeah," I answered, instantly becoming wet between my legs and instinctively crossing them, enjoying the sensation on my clit.

"Well I came up with a plan. I told you I was going to make this party interesting. I was talking with Daniel, who also happens to know Michael. He agreed to help me bone down with him, as long as I helped him hook up too."

"Go on," I said, getting the feeling I knew where this was going.

"When I asked him who he would want to hook up with, if he had his choice of anyone at the party, he said you."


"Well, he said 'Jake's hot sister,' but yes," Summer replied, laughing.

"Wow, alright," I replied, a little stunned at what was happening but too drunk and horny to let that stop me. "No wonder he was being so friendly just now. I thought he was just really nice. He's pretty damn cute, too. So how is this going to work? Why am I blindfolded?"

"The blindfold adds to the fun. Actually, I'm helping a few people hook up tonight," Summer continued, and the plan started to sound like one of her classic schemes.

"How so?"

"Well, you're not the only girl here tonight blindfolded in a bedroom. And your admirer is not the only guy blindfolded, waiting to be led to a bedroom with a hot chick in it, waiting to be fucked. In fact, he has no idea if he's even going to end up in your room, just like I have no idea if Michael is going to end up in my room. It's completely random."

"Wow, Summer, you've totally turned this into a sex party. You're like a mistress or a Madame or, you know, some kinky shit like that."

Summer laughed before continuing. "Actually, quite a few people downstairs are waiting for their turn. This whole thing turned into a pretty big deal, to be honest."

"You never cease to amaze me. How long have you been planning this?"

"Well, I've been talking to Daniel about the idea since you told me about the party, but I didn't know Michael was going to be the one I aimed for until I saw him earlier today. Then I asked Daniel to see what he could do, so he talked to Michael, and Michael was totally down for the whole thing."

"Really? For having sex with a stranger?"

"Really? Are you judging?"


"Anyway, I know there's no guarantee that I'll end up with him, but that's ok. Even if he doesn't end up in my room, I'm going to bed with him tonight." Her determination was fierce.

"How will you know if you end up with him?"

"You can take the blindfold off once he's inside you, and the rules are explained to everyone before they start so don't worry, your guy will know the rules too."

"Wow, you really put a lot of work into organizing this."

"You're welcome. But you'll really thank me after you've had multiple orgasms riding the cock of some guy whose name you don't even know. Trust me."

She was right. Just thinking about having some unknown guy inside my most intimate place turned me on beyond belief. I was surprised at myself.

"It's been long enough now that your guy should be ready and waiting in the other room for me to let him know that it's on," Summer said as I squirmed on the bed below her.

"Ok," I agreed lustily.

"Ok," Summer echoed, and I felt her soft lips press against mine briefly as she kissed me before she grabbed the bottom of my tube top and pulled it up and over my head, my heavy breasts bouncing as they were freed from the tight fabric.

Her hands dipped to my shorts as she leaned forward and breathed softly into my ear, giving me chills again as she unbuttoned the denim. She shimmied my shorts down my legs and dropped them on the floor, then did the same with my panties before rubbing her hands softly up and down my thighs, my legs instinctively opening slightly.

Summer leaned forward and softly kissed my lips again before whispering, "Have fun," and then disappearing silently, the door clicking softly shut behind her.

"She's ready," I heard her say to someone in the hallway. "Is he?"

"Yeah," I heard a deep male voice reply. "He has no idea who's in there. Neither do I."

"And neither of us knows who you're bringing to her. This is working out perfectly."

Suddenly my pussy was throbbing at the thought of getting pounded by a complete stranger who also had no clue who I was. I had no idea I would be so turned on by something this... well, slutty. I could hardly contain my arousal; my pussy was beginning to swell and throb, leaking juices between my legs.

The bedroom door opened and closed, and I heard the light switch being flipped and the room got even darker behind the blindfold.

"Watch your step," I heard the same male voice say to another person whom he was guiding towards the bed.

I heard clothes dropping to the floor and the sound of a zipper being opened followed by more clothes dropping to the floor. I felt the bed dip down as the other person sat on the edge of it, then turned in my direction.

"You two have fun," the deep voice said, and I heard him walk back across the room and leave, locking the door behind him as he went.

The unknown guy next to me reached his hand out and gently touched my face, searching blindly in the dark room. Before I knew what was happening, his mouth was on mine and his hands were on my breasts, pinching and twisting my nipples and causing me to gasp as his tongue invaded my mouth, tasting of vanilla vodka and Coke.

I responded quickly because of the alcohol flowing through my system warming the blood in my veins; I grabbed the back of his head and pressed his face to mine, kissing him harder and massaging his tongue with mine. He moaned and his voice sounded familiar. I wondered if it was Daniel. The way we were positioned, his pelvis was pressed against my stomach and I could feel his erection through his pants. I reached my hand down and stroked the hard bulge softly, feeling it throb and grow bigger against my hand.

Suddenly he pushed me back and my head sank into the pillow as he began kissing behind my ear and rhythmically pressing his hard dick into me. I moaned as the blood rushed to my naked pussy and I thought I was probably going to leave pussy juice smeared all over his pants.

Something else was rushing towards my pussy too, as suddenly I felt two fingers stroking my clit hesitantly, and my hips involuntarily pushed forward into his hand and a moan escaped my throat.

"Oh, god," I whispered as the stranger stroked my clit, dipping his fingers occasionally into my moist pussy and rubbing the juices on my clit, making the motion of his hand slick and smooth.

I reached down and slid my hand into the waistband of his shorts, wrapping my hand around his cock. It was huge and rock hard. I pulled it out of the shorts and he helped me pull his shorts down, briefly pulling his hand from between my legs to free his lower body from his clothing. As soon as they had fallen to the floor his fingers went back to massaging my clit as I stroked his cock more comfortably. As I felt him grow harder in my hand, his hips began to rhythmically move backwards and forwards, mimicking the movement he would shortly be using to fuck my insistent pussy.

The stranger positioned himself more squarely between my legs and brought his face back to mine, kissing me deeply as the tip of his cock just barely played at the entrance to my opening. As he continued to kiss me, I moaned and put my hand on the small of his back, pressing him into me, urging him to enter me.

As I raised my hips towards him, he finally obliged, letting himself down gently towards me and the tip of his rock hard cock sliding easily into me. Once the tip was in I felt a little bit of resistance, but he pushed forward steadily and after a moment the resistance broke and I felt his huge dick slide all the way into me.

"Aaah, yeah, fuck me," I moaned as the stranger filled and stretched my hole, giving me a moment to adjust to his girth.

"Lila?" he whispered suddenly, and this time I knew I recognized the voice.

I reached over to my nightstand and turned on my reading lamp, then reached up to pull the blindfold from my face. As my eyes adjusted to the light, I realized I was staring into my brother's blue eyes, inches from my own, matching blue eyes, his warm, boozy vanilla breath blowing softly in my face as he dropped his blindfold to the ground.

"Jake," I said, as I registered that it was my brother's rock hard cock filling up my needy pussy.

Holy fucking shit. HOLY FUCKING SHIT. I'm fucking my little brother. This is insane. I was paralyzed.

My mind flashed to the day a few weeks ago when my brother saw me naked and I caught him jacking off. Was he imagining something like this as he stroked his erection? Was he wishing he could find out what the depths of his sister's pussy felt like enveloping his cock?

For an instant I thought about putting a stop to things immediately. This was completely wrong and immoral. This was my little brother. I didn't even know if he'd ever had sex before, and I couldn't be the one to take his virginity. Surely this was a mistake and he was not supposed to be sent to my room. Summer said this was random, but certainly she would have taken precautions to make sure I would not end up with my own brother.

He sure is hot though. Damn. And this cock... He worked out and had the muscles to prove it. He was darker complected than me but had the same ash brown hair. He was athletic and fit and never lacked the attention of ladies.

We looked into each other's eyes for a few more moments, neither of us saying a word, each of our breathing shallow and ragged, and I felt his cock twitch inside my tightening pussy. In an instant his mouth was on mine again, his tongue sliding against mine as his hips moved and he began fucking me, pumping himself in and out of me.

He pounded my pussy so hard I felt the head of his dick slam against my cervix. I whimpered into his mouth and he pulled back to look at my face.

"Oh god, Jakey," I moaned as he railed into me, my arms wrapped tightly around his impressive biceps, which bulged as he held himself up over my body. "Ahh... yeah... fuck your sister's pussy little brother..."

"Lila," he whispered again as he put his forehead against mine and kept up his rhythm, sliding in and out of me as I wrapped my arms around my brother's neck. "You're so hot, big sister; your pussy is so wet and warm. I've been imagining doing this to you since that day I saw your tits, and this is better than I ever imagined."

Suddenly the friction on my clit from Jake's changed position began to build up into an orgasm. I couldn't believe I was about to come all over my little brother's huge cock. This is so fucking wrong, but so fucking hot. The more I thought about how wrong this was, the more turned on I got and the closer I came to my climax.

"Oh god, little brother," I yelled out. "You're going to make me come..."

This spurred him on further and he brought one hand to my breasts, pinching my nipple roughly as he cupped my ass with his other hand and pressed me harder against him. The friction was all I needed and I exploded, my pussy throbbing and pulsating against his swollen cock and everything inside me tightening.

"Fuck... Jake..." I screamed as my orgasm crashed down around me and I came for my little brother.

Like a good boy, he kept pumping me until I stopped trembling and my pussy stopped milking his cock, then he turned me over onto my stomach and pulled my ass towards him so it went up in the air. I was still recovering from my orgasm so I was letting him do whatever he wanted; my chest and face were pressed to the mattress as he steadied my ass and slid his cock into my pussy from behind.

"Oh my god... little brother..." I moaned as his cock slid forward and straight into my sensitive g-spot.

He slid in and out of me a few times as he adjusted himself, then suddenly he grabbed my hips and slammed his cock into me, throwing me forward on the bed.

"Aaaahh!" I cried out as his cock slammed into me again and again and again.

He held onto my hips and pounded into me faster than he could have with me facing the other way. Not only was I already sensitive from my first orgasm, but he was fucking me at just the right angle to hit my g-spot over and over.

"Oh, Jake..."

"You like that, sis?" Jacob asked as he suddenly slapped my ass sharply with his hand. "You like your little brother's cock filling up your pussy?"

"Oh yeah... yeah, fuck me, little brother," I moaned, trying not to let my voice be muffled by my face being shoved into the mattress in front of me. The pillows had fallen off the bed and I reached forward to press my hands against the wall and brace myself against Jacob's powerful fucking. "Your cock is so huge, I can barely take it all, little brother."

"You're going to take it all, you slut," Jacob said as he slapped my ass again. "Your little pussy is mine."

"Oh god..." I cried as he pumped against my g-spot over and over.

I felt another orgasm building up and this one was going to be messy. My brother seemed to be able to feel it too, because he reached around me and began stroking my clit as he pumped into my pussy from behind.

"Jake... fuck... oh my god, I'm going to come again... I'm coming... Fuck!!" I screamed as I came with a squirt, fluid gushing from my pussy and dripping down both my and Jacob's legs, soaking my bed and the hand he was still holding between my legs.

He kept pumping me as my orgasm caused my pussy to spasm around his cock and my juices to squirt out around his shaft.

"Oh god, Lila," he moaned as his pace quickened and I felt his cock swell even farther inside me. "I'm going to come too, big sister... I'm coming! Ooohh..."

He held onto my hips as he slammed his enormous dick into me and unleashed his load of hot come into my womb. I could feel the hot liquid shooting into me in spurts for what seemed like minutes, filling my pussy to the brim with my own brother's hot seed. 

"Look at this mess," Jacob said once he finally finished emptying his balls into me and pushed me forward so that his dick slid out of me. "You better clean this mess up, sister."

I turned toward him and leaned forward, pulling his softening dick into my mouth and sucking our combined juices off of him. I felt him harden again in my mouth as I swirled my tongue around his shaft, making sure I had lapped up every last drop of my squirt from his cock.

As I felt his cock stiffen again I sucked a little harder and bobbed my head up and down, my lips wrapped tightly around him, stroking his swollen shaft and causing his dick to flinch against my tongue. He pressed his hands to the back of my head and guided my movements, my head moving faster with my mouth around his cock.

"Ooh my god, sis, "Jacob moaned as I worked him with my mouth. "I had no idea you could suck a cock like this."

This was a compliment I received a lot. Some things never change.

I raised my hands and cupped his balls in one while I wrapped the other around the base of his cock, pumping it up and down as I sucked my brother's sweet, smooth cock. He tasted like candy.

I pulled out all the stops and did everything I could to give my little brother the best blow job I had ever given in my life. I extended my tongue and licked his shaft as my head bobbed with my lips wrapped around his swollen cock. I swirled my tongue around the head of his cock again and again, eliciting moans from my little brother's throat as he wrapped his fist in my hair.

I sucked his cock roughly into my mouth and bobbed up and down a few times, preparing myself. I took a deep breath through my nose and opened up my throat, sliding my mouth all the way down on my little brother's cock until I felt him pressing against the back of my throat. I kept pressing until the resistance gave and he slid farther down my throat than I'd ever had any cock before.

That's going to be sore in the morning...

I held the position as long as I could before my gag reflex kicked in, and then quickly backed away. I breathed deeply for a second, massaging his shaft with my tongue, before taking a deep breath and taking his cock all the way back into my throat again, this time even deeper.

"I can't believe it... I'm going to come again," Jacob moaned as he gripped the back of my head, pulling my hair and pressing my face down so far onto his dick that his pubic hair tickled my nose.

He held my head down on his cock and I struggled to breath as suddenly I felt him throb against my tongue and the hot salty liquid ooze down the back of my throat. He continued to hold my face down on his dick until the throbbing stopped, then finally let go.

I pulled my head up so I could breathe but didn't take my mouth off his cock. Instead, I continued to suck to make sure that I'd gotten every last drop of his orgasm, and he moaned at the sensation on his sensitive cock.

"Wow, sis..." he breathed as I finally released his cock from my mouth. "That was amazing."

I smiled at him as I laid down next to him on my bed, not saying anything. My thoughts were racing. That was amazing... but I just fucked my brother. My little brother just came in my pussy and then down my throat. It's so wrong. Mom and Dad would be horrified if they knew what we had just done.

Finally I had to know, so I took a deep breath and let it slowly out, gathering my courage. "Have you ever done that before?"

"Have I ever had sex with my sister? No, I have never done that before," he teased me.

"No, Jake," I responded, feigning annoyance and playfully slapping his bare thigh. "I meant... have you ever had sex before, at all?"

He paused for a long time and I looked over at him. He was looking at me and met my gaze as I turned my head. "No. Never," he finally admitted.

Fuck. I looked up at the ceiling and laid my head back down on the pillow, closing my eyes as I tried to process this information. Fuck, fuck, fuck. I had just taken my brother's virginity.

"Are you ok?" Jacob asked, turning towards me and propping himself up on his elbow to face me.

I opened my eyes and looked at him. He had a look of deep concern on his face, so I reached up and softly stroked his cheek. "We can never do that again," I answered finally, looking into his eyes.

His face went from disappointed to understanding in a matter of seconds, and he nodded his head. I stroked his cheek again and pulled his face to mine, kissing him softly one last time.

"I love you, though." I said after I kissed him, pressing my forehead to his for a moment.

"I love you too, sis," he answered, and after a second he moved to get out of the bed and get dressed.

I stood up and put my clothes on too, following my brother out the door and sacrificing my bedroom to the next couple waiting to experience the excitement of a random encounter with a stranger. I went downstairs and into the kitchen, getting another beer and then sitting down at the kitchen table, staring off into space and thinking about what I had just done with my little brother.

Never again, I vowed as I sipped my beer and sat, hating myself for the rest of the evening.


The next day, we both slept pretty late and I imagined that Jacob was probably just as hung over as I was. I finally emerged from my bedroom wearing an oversized tshirt and white cotton panties around 11:30 in the morning and headed barefoot downstairs to make breakfast for myself and my brother.

The clinking of glass mixing bowls and the banging of pans in the kitchen drew Jacob from his room, and he stumbled down into the kitchen wearing only his boxers, taking a seat at the kitchen island and pouring himself a glass of orange juice.

"Morning," he said softly as he sipped his orange juice, wincing as he spoke and putting his hand to his head.

"Morning," I replied, not able to look directly at him for fear that all of my blood would rush to my face and I would turn as red as the strawberry jam sitting on the granite kitchen countertop. "How'd you sleep?"

"Actually pretty damn good," he responded. "You?"

"Great. I'm not nearly as hung over as I deserve today."

"Me either," he agreed.

Jacob got up to grab the finished plate of hot pancakes and as I reached to put the bacon and eggs on the counter, our arms touched and a shock rippled through my body, straight to my pussy. My breathing was shallow, and as I carried the frying pan to the sink I had to pause for a moment and take a deep breath, urging my heart rate to return to normal.

"You ok, sis?"

"Yeah, I'm fine, just dehydrated," I replied, running the faucet to fill the pan up with water and to have an excuse to stop talking because I knew he couldn't hear me over the water.

My back was turned to the kitchen as I rinsed the pan and filled it with water and soap, preparing it to soak while we ate. As I stood leaning against the counter, the faucet running hot, steaming water, my brother's strong arms reached around me and pulled me backwards into his erection. My pussy was instantly wet.

"Jake," I protested, pulling at his arms around my waist. "Never again, remember?"

"I never really agreed to that," he responded, whispering into my ear before licking my earlobe and pressing his hard dick against my ass, only the thin material of my shirt and our underwear acting as a barrier between us.

Oh, god... My pussy was throbbing, my pussy lips swelling and becoming slick with my natural lubrication.

I turned around and pressed my back to the counter, pressing my hands against his strong chest and trying to push him away from me. He was much stronger than I was with his arms wrapped around my waist, and in this position he was able to press his hard dick right against my sensitive clit.

"Jake, please," I whispered desperately. "We can't."

He stared into my eyes without saying a word before leaning in and kissing me, his tongue urgently searching my mouth as he pressed his erection against me, a wet spot growing between my legs where my obvious arousal was being soaked up by my panties. The more he rubbed against me, the bigger the spot became and the more my stimulated clit swelled as the soft cotton material stroked against it.

He slid a hand inside my panties and cupped my ass cheek, stroking it softly before squeezing it hard. I didn't even realize his other hand was tugging at my panties, pulling them down and letting them drop to the floor before giving my other cheek the same stroke and squeeze treatment. As he kissed me, he pulled my ass cheeks apart and pressed my naked pussy to his erection, still sheathed inside his boxers.

"I belong inside you, Lila."

His hands left my behind as suddenly the layer of material between us disappeared and his hard cock sprang up and pressed against my stomach for a moment. He reached back around and grabbed my ass cheeks again, lifting me up and sliding me down onto his cock. He lifted me onto the countertop and set me down, and for the second time my little brother fucked my pussy with wild abandon until we both came, hard, our juices mixing and squirting around his cock and all over the granite countertop beneath me.


After that, I stopped pretending that I was never going to fuck my brother again. I loved fucking my brother. If I could have fucked him every day, I would have. In fact, until Mom and Dad came home from their safari, I did fuck my brother every day. Once they came home, either I'd sneak into his room or he'd sneak into mine 3 or 4 nights every week. It was wonderful. Nobody made me come the way my little brother did.

This went on for months until one Sunday that fall, when our parents decided to go for a drive up to the mountains to see the foliage changing colors. Jacob and I always took advantage any time we had the house to ourselves, and this particular time we'd decided to fuck on the brown leather couch in our front living room that was rarely ever used.

I was on top of him, riding his cock, leaning back and pressing my hands into his knees to hold myself up as my clit rubbed against him, in the throes of ecstasy and about to come.

"Fuck, Jake," I cried out as my body went right to the edge, as far as it could go without going over.

"Hey! Watch your mouth, young -" Mom stopped abruptly as she walked into the front living room and saw me naked, writhing on top of my brother.

"Mom?!" Jacob jerked beneath me and my orgasm chose that moment to hit.

"Oh god," I moaned uncontrollably, mortified that my mother was watching me not only ride my brother's cock, but come all over it like a dirty little whore.

Mom stood in the doorway and watched as my body continued to convulse on top of my brother, her hand to her chest, frozen to the spot. Finally I slumped over on top of Jacob and he pushed me to the side so that I fell onto the couch, quickly standing up, his erection standing out in front of him.

"What the... what the... FUCK?! What the fuck? What are you two doing? How long has this been going on?" Mom shrieked.

"Mom, shh," I said, getting up from the couch and walking towards her slowly, ignoring her question but keeping my voice low and calm. "Where is Dad?"

"At the grocery store! He dropped me off! What the fuck is going on here?!" Mom screamed, unable to keep her voice down.

"Mom," I soothed, putting my hands on her shoulders. "Shh. It's ok. Listen to me. You can't tell Dad."

"What?" she replied, quieter this time. "How could this possibly be ok? How could you possibly think I wouldn't tell your father?" She raised her arms to make me drop my hands and backed away from me.

"Because, Mom," Jacob replied from behind me, walking towards us with his still-erect penis extending towards us. "This is right."

"You're out of your mind! My son is insane!" Mom began shrieking again, looking around as if she were looking for someone to sympathize with her but finding no one but her two incestuous children.

"He's right, Mom," I said in my calm voice, approaching her again. "This is right. Let us show you."

I put my hands on her hips and pulled her in towards me and when she opened her mouth to protest I covered her lips with mine, my tongue sliding into her mouth and stroking her tongue as she struggled to pull away from me. She tasted like cinnamon gum. She managed to turn her head away from me and break my kiss, wriggling away from my grip on her hips.

"What the hell has gotten into you, Lila?"

Jacob walked around us and stood behind our mom, his strong arms wrapping around her as she backed away from me. As he held her in place I began unbuttoning her jeans and sliding the tight, dark denim over her hips. I let them fall to the floor as I admired Mom's tight quads.

Mom went to the gym on a regular basis and it definitely paid off. No wonder she and Dad liked to spend so much time alone together. She was in her early 50s but she was trim and didn't look any older than 40. Because of this, she could be purposefully vague about her age and only her husband and kids really knew how old she was.

"Lila, stop!" Mom demanded as I kneeled to the floor in front of her and began sliding her black lacy panties down her thighs.

Mom squirmed and strained against Jacob, but he only held her tighter. I let her panties fall to the floor and saw her surprisingly hairless pussy. She had either had her hair lasered off or she waxed regularly. Either way, her smooth lips made her large clitoris apparent, and I reached up to lick my thumb and then softly stroked it. She squirmed as I touched her.

"Lila Reed Davenport! Stop that right now!"

Hearing her use my full name, which used to frighten me so badly, while she was completely vulnerable to me, made my pussy twitch. I ignored her demand and leaned forward, stroking her clit with my tongue a few times before I tasted the change. I'd made Mom wet.

"Stop that!" she cried as she realized how turned on she was having her clit licked by her own daughter.

"Are you sure you want me to stop?" I asked as I leaned back and looked up at my mom's half naked body.

"Yes!" Mom cried. "Please stop!"

"I don't think that's really what you want."

I leaned forward and licked my mom's pussy again, this time stroking the entire length with my tongue and tasting her wetness. There was no mistaking her arousal.

"Stop, Lila! Please!"

I stroked her again with my tongue, lapping at the sweet taste of my mother's juices. I licked her slowly, making sure to stroke every surface and crevice.

"Stop," she nearly whispered this time, much less convincing.

She remained quiet for a moment as I started licking her more quickly. I sucked lightly on her clit and she moaned.

"Oooh... no, don't stop."

She collapsed against Jacob and her legs opened up, allowing me to push them farther open and bury my face in her pussy.

"Oh my god," Mom moaned, a look of pain mixed with pleasure on her face.

I reached up and slid two fingers into mom's pussy, turning my palm up and curling my fingers inwards to stroke her g-spot. It took a few strokes before I found the spongy spot but once I did she let me know.

"Fuck!" Mom cried out and I kept stroking the spot with my fingers as I licked her mature clit. "Lila... Lila... Oh god!"

As Mom came her fluids gushed all over my hand which was half buried in her pussy. I sucked her clit lightly before I pulled my hand from between her legs and looked up at her face. Her eyes were shut and her mouth was slightly open, and her breathing was shallow

As Mom caught her breath, Jacob pushed her back towards me and I took her hands, pulling her upper body towards me while Jacob steadied her hips. Mom looked up into my eyes as she seemed to realize what was happening, and wrapped her arms around my naked waist as she leaned forward to give Jacob easier access. Jacob knelt on his knees behind mom and slid his cock into her pussy from behind.

"Oh my god, Mom, your pussy feels so good," Jacob moaned as he slid into her.

"Fuck me, son," Mom moaned into my stomach in response while she tightly clinged to me as her son put his cock inside of her.

Jacob started pumping in and out of Mom steadily and she wrapped her arms tightly around my waist. Her head was resting right above my pussy and I couldn't help but be turned on watching my brother fuck our mom from behind, just like he'd been doing to me the past few months, while she was wrapped around my waist inches from my hole.

"Aaah!" Mom screamed as Jacob pounded into her sensitive pussy relentlessly, his mind focused on filling his mother's womb with his seed.

As Jacob fucked her, mom loosened one of the arms she had wrapped around me and lowered her hand. Suddenly I felt 2 fingers slide into my pussy and curl expertly inwards, finding my g-spot instantly and milking it with the sole purpose of making me come.

"Fuck, Mom," I cried involuntarily. "How the fuck do you know how to do that?"

All she could do was moan in response as Jacob heightened his assault on her pussy and as he did she curled her fingers hard against my g-spot.

"I'm going to come, Mom," I cried as she continued pressing the little sponge and before I knew it I was convulsing, grunting and moaning, my mom's hand between my legs getting soaked. "Fuck!"

Seeing his sister writhing in ecstasy with their mom between her legs and his cock buried deep inside his mom's pussy was too much, and Jacob felt his cock throb as his orgasm exploded.

"Mom, I'm coming!" Jacob yelled as his hot seed spurted deep inside his mother.

As he came he continued to pound into Mom, and he must have been hitting the right spot because she suddenly cried out and convulsed on top of me.

"Oh my god, Jakey," Mom cried as she milked her son's load with her pussy. "You just made your mom come like she hasn't in years."

"I told you," I responded. "This is right. Nobody can make me come like Jakey either."

After Jacob finished emptying his load into Mom, the three of us sat on the couch and caught our breath, digesting what we had just done together as a family.

"Are you going to tell Dad?" I asked Mom as she stood up to put her panties and her jeans back on.

"No, sweetheart," Mom answered. "I'm not going to tell Dad. But I don't ever want to catch you two doing this again, understood?"

"Yes, Mom," Jacob and I both responded.

"Good. As far as I'm concerned, this ends today."

"Ok," I said as she turned and walked from the living room.

As I turned back towards Jacob, I grabbed his face and kissed him quickly.

"This is so not over," I said as I got up and left him sitting alone on the couch that none of us would ever look at the same again.