Stories 18+ A mother finally catches her son orgasm

Stories 18+ A mother finally catches her son orgasm
Miranda stood in front of her mirror as the steam of her shower rolled across the ceiling. Admiring her tight, lean, forty four year old body as the condensation beaded down her mirror. Knowing the hours she put into her home gym and the money she spent on it was paying off. Running her brush through her dark brown hair, her brown eyes lavishing on her DD breast that still had some perkiness to them. She had raised her son by herself, when her then boyfriend had fled once she had told him she was pregnant. Jerry was her life, while she did try to date as he grew into a man. Yet they could never measure up to her standards. 

Miranda began to wonder how her son would like her neatly trimmed landing strip of hair. Running her fingers through it pondering if Jerry liked bald pussy or one's covered in hair. Her red painted fingernail disappeared into her moistening lips as she thought about her son. Ever since she had accidentally walked into his bathroom while he was showering. She couldn't help, or stop herself from masturbating to the image of her hard, wet naked son. The way the water cascaded down his hard muscle's, the way the soap bubbles gathered around his groin. Wishing that her son would burst into her bathroom, grabbing her by the hips, lifting her onto her sink basin. Forcing her leg's open shoving that hard cock she lusted after into her wet cunt. 

Bracing herself on the lip of the sink as her cream coated her fingers. Licking them clean wondering why her son had become so cold towards her. It wasn't until he had started his pre-med college that his demeanor had changed. Then there was the lack of girlfriends she failed to see about her home. She knew he wasn't gay given the numerous phonographic magazines she had found stashed in his room throughout the years. She respected his privacy yet when all the pages had become stuck together that was the only time she would throw them away. No gay man would produce so much cum stuck between 2D breast. What happened to her fun, beautiful smiling, handsome son? Determined to find out the answer as her son's voice rang throughout her home. 

Her heart raced Miranda wasn't expecting her son to be home so soon from his night classes. Hastily dawning on her black stain bathrobe hurrying out of her room to greet her son. Ignoring the scowl on his face as her arms wrapped around his neck. Biting back her lustful purr feeling his hard body beneath her. Yet that wouldn't stop her from pressing her large, soft breast into his chest. Hoping, just hoping it would get a rise out of something she longed to feel. Hiding her face behind the curtain of her silken hair, her mouth watering as she felt every muscle underneath her touch. Trying to stop her libido from rising yet that was easier said than done. 

"Jeffrey why are you home so early? I wasn't expecting you home until ten o'clock?" Miranda asked as she pushed off of her son. Hoping he didn't see her flushed cheeks, or notice her arousal that was leaking out of her twat. 

"The Professor called in sick and no one could be found to replace him," Jeff said brushing pass his mother. He hated when she called him that, it sounded like he was a little kid all over again. "Would you rather that I was out partying to the wee hours of the morning?!" he asked sarcastically looking back at her as he stood in front of his room.

"Don't you dare take that tone with me young man!" Miranda growled placing her hands on her alluring hips. "If you don't like that I take a damn interest in your life you can move out! Go be on your own, pay your own damn way through school!" she yelled waving him off as she marched back to her room. Slamming her door behind her, falling on her bed crying into her comforter hoping Jeff couldn't hear her sobs. Wondering why he was so callous to his loving, caring, sweet mother that only tried to be close to him. Sighing wondering if this was because he didn't have a male figure in his life when he was younger. Could she be the one that caused this to come out in him? No. She wouldn't, couldn't believe she had harmed her child in anyway. Yes the early years of his life was hard on both of them. Yet Miranda knew she did everything to ensure Jeffrey had every he needed, even if she had to go without the companionship she so desperately craved. Determination to get the root cause of her son's attitude burned within her brown eyes. Throwing on a loose top forgoing a bra seeing how it was just the two of them. Her tight yoga pants contoured to her slim, tone legs, highlighting her firm ass she spent so much work maintaining. 

Her anger permeated the kitchen as she set their hot, home cooked dinner steamed on their small dining table. Pouring herself a glass of red wine, the bottle landed in a loud thud on the scuffed, dented, chipped table. Her eyes running every blemish in the wooden surface remembering how each one got there. 

"Jeff get your ass down here now!" Miranda yelled up the stairs. "If you don't I'm throwing out your dinner in the trash!"

"Fine I'm coming!" Jeff shouted irritably. His heart raced as he viewed his mother, the way her clothes hugged her body ignited his virginal wet dreams. 

"Well come on I don't have all bloody night to wait on you," Miranda huffed as she spun around. Wondering what she had just seen her son's eyes. Swearing to herself she was seeing things as Jeff repositioned himself. "Now sit!" she said pointing towards the chair opposite of her. Sipping on her wine as she watched her son dive into his meal. "Jeff what's going on with you lately? Your weren't this irritable cur when you were in highschool, sweetheart I just want to know what happened?" Miranda asked leaning forward placing her glass in front of her plate. Noticing the slight blushing of his cheeks as he glanced up then quickly looked away. "Is it because of some girl you're chasing and hasn't agreed to a date? Or is it because you haven't been fucked lately?" Miranda asked her tongue flicking against her teeth. She nearly laughed herself silly at the shade of red her son's face currently was. "You have been laid before haven't you?" she asked thinking his face couldn't get any redder then it already was. It appeared she was wrong as her son's face burned in a deep crimson. 

"No," Jeff said with a low weak shaky voice. 

"Oh!" Miranda gasped her mind racing a hundred miles an hour. "Is there some reason why Jeffrey?" Wondering if she could become the woman that brought him into manhood. 

"Girls don't like shy, timid, guys with poor social skills," Jeff sighed pushing around his green beans on his plate. Wondering how his mother got him to speak about his lack of a sex life. 

"Then maybe you should stop chasing girls and find you a woman," Miranda said drawing out the word. Reaching across the table her hand resting on his forearm. Know how her shirt was allowing her son an unobstructed view of her glorious orbs. Wanting him to gaze at her heavenly mounds as they strained the fabric of her loose shirt. "They can teach you things that girls are too afraid to tread into," Miranda said lustfully. Her sultrily brown eyes longing for him to pick up the hint. Watching as his brow prickled in a light sheen of nervous sweet. Sinking back into her seat wondering if she would see that hard rod. Straining his pants as he pushed his chair back, his meal half eaten as he excused himself. Smiling wickedly into her wine glass as she saw the hard outline of his manhood, as he rushed passed her to hide away in his room. 

Thunder roared across the heaven's as Miranda sat in her kitchen contemplating on her son. Lightening flashed across the sky highlighting the dark, empty rooms of her house. Pondering if her son had ever seen a real naked woman before? Not those in his pre-med class. No. Those were too clinical and she knew her son. Once his mind was set on a course a naked body wouldn't affect him. No. A real naked woman there just for the pleasure of pleasing the man of her dream's. Her eyes glanced over as the lightning struck the transformer down the street. The deafening boom greeted their neighborhood as the lights were extinguished from existence. Listening as her son's curses filled her home over the pouring rain that pounded on the roof.

Using the light of her smart phone to as she fished out the silver candelabra she had bought on the off chance of entertaining guest. However, that never came to pass, now it seemed it would be used for her seduction. With the silver plated candelabra and the crimson candles in hand, the white light of her phone leading the way to her room. The soft yellow-orange light played across her tanned skin, as she stared at herself in the mirror above her dresser. Her heart thundered in her ears as the translucent nightie clung to her body. Lightly smacking her cheeks to drive away her doubts. 

"Its now or never Miranda! Get in there and show your son what a woman looks like," she said to her mirror self. With a stout nod, grabbing the candelabra from her dresser, silently walking down the hall to her son's room. Miranda's nerves were on edge as the storm showed no signs of relenting its hold upon their neighborhood. The sound if the cascading rain filtered through Jeff's opened windows. Allowing the cool air of the storm to chill his room to a nice tolerable level. Gone was the stagnant humidity that threatened to choke everyone in its stifling embrace. "Jeff honey can I sleep in here with you?" Miranda asked knocking on his door, as the wind teased at her nightie. "Its that its so hot in my room, and yours is so nice and cool," she said smiling inwardly at Jeff's awestruck look. Miranda knew how the light showed off her body, the way the shadows played across her breast. Her light pink areolas standing out against her skin. How the nightie just hovered over the end of her landing strip. 

"S...sure," Jeff stammered pointing to the empty side of his full size bed. Hastily laying down his open text book across his lap to hide his erection. 

"Thank you sweety," Miranda said smiling lovingly at her son as she entered his room. Walking confidently towards his bed as the breeze closed his door behind her. Turning around Jeff's eyes were glued to the shape of her ass as the lightening flashed across the night sky. Setting the candelabra down out of the path of the wind so their light wouldn't flicker out; along with tipping over should the storm grow any stronger during the night. If this night played out like she hoped it would, she wanted every ounce of light, so she could see the man she would be making love too. Yawning loudly as her arms rose giving her son a peek at her mound. Wondering if he knew how much it wanted to please him in every way a woman could. "So what are you studying?" Miranda asked as she crawled across his bed. Displaying her beautiful body to her inexperienced son. Smirking as she heard a loud thump against the book in his lap. "Biology, I see," Miranda said in a wanton purr. 

"Shall your mother help you baby?" Miranda's voice dripped with sin as her hand ran up his leg. Only to be stopped by the one thing that shielded her from what she sought. "I don't think you'll be needing this," she said tossing his book to the floor. "Not when your sweet mother can show you everything you need to know," Miranda said, her eyes flaring in hunger as his cock stood erect beneath his covers. "Don't you want that baby," she purred as her fingertips skimmed along his covered shaft. 

"What the hell!" Jeff yelled jumping out his bed. His hands shielding his erection from his mother. "Get out!" Miranda was so in shock she offered no resistance as she walked back to her room. Hot tears ran down her face as his door slammed, sliding down her own door wondering what she had just done. 

Miranda searched her home for her son yet he was gone by the first rays of the dawn. Wondering if she had just destroyed their relationship for giving into her carnal lust. Curling herself into a ball as she stared at her alarm clock. Watching the numbers flash wondering when the power had been restored. Hugging her pillow close to her chest wondering if her son could ever forgive her for being so foolish. Rolling over as her dark, unbridled, lustfully mind whispered into her ear. Taunting her that she had come this far why not take it further. Teasing her about how his cock stood so proudly for her underneath his covers. However, much he wanted to deny it they both knew he found her attractive enough to get arise out of him. Maybe Jeff was just frightened that she was the one that made the move? What if he didn't know how to play along with the foreplay? A sinister smile spread across her face as her wicked mind had won out. Tossing her pillow against her headboard, rolling off her bed marching towards her armoire. Flinging open its doors eyeing the silk belts she kept from the robes that had worn out over the years. Looking back at her bed devilish light flared across her brown eyes. 

Calling in sick to work she needed the time to prepare her home for what's to come. Bursting into her son's room looking around for his text books. She knew he had a book on pharmaceuticals somewhere within the mess that cluttered his desk. Grinning madly as the red bound cover peered up at her. Her fingers worked quickly over the pages searching for the thing that would aid in her quest. Until those black bold letters burned into her retina's. Pulling out her phone launching her google search engine. Wondering if she could buy what she needed over the counter. Her eyes lit up in glee as the net came to her rescue. Tossing the local drug store bag onto her bed once she had returned from her fortuitous outing. 

"Soon baby soon," Miranda whispered ominously. Taking her time in the shower ensuring that her body was pristine. She wanted her flawless naked body on his mind for all time. After tonight she would forever be the only woman her son needed in his life. Dress in the most unfavorable clothing she had no wish to tip off her son. She knew if she dressed this way it would put Jeff of balance. Giving her enough time to distract him from her real goal. 

The front door inched open, Jeff peered around the lip of the door wondering are his mother was. The hints of his favorite meal drifted on the cool circulated air. Jeff's empty stomach rumbled at the delicious steak tips he smelled coming from the kitchen. He knew that also meant egg noodles how he loved those things. 

"Baby is that you?!" Miranda asked looking into the living room. "Jeffrey please come in," she said pleading with him. "Listen about last night I'm sorry I took it too far. I promise it won't happen again," she lied. "See I made your favorite to make up for my behavior, so please won't you come sit down sweetheart!"

"Long as you keep your hands where I can see them," Jeff said wearyingly. Smiling at him as she held up her hands watching as Jeff entered their home. 

"Excellent hurdle one cleared," Miranda said maniacally to herself. "Come, come before it gets cold and the noddles get to soggy," she said keeping her distance. Leaning against the counter as Jeff sank into his seat. Eyeing the cold glass that held the key to unlocking their soon to be magical night. She only used enough to knock him out for an hour or so yet the waiting was killing her. Biting her lip as Jeff drained half the glass before returning to his meal. Wondering how long it would take to see the effects of the drug. Obvious not long as Jeff's head dropped once, twice, yawning loudly as his fork clinked onto his plate. "Jeffrey are you ok I never seen you so tired before?"

"I think so," Jeff said his speech becoming slurred. He tried to stand yet his legs refused to support him. 

"Here let me help you. I don't want you to break your neck if you fall down the stairs," Miranda said helping Jeff to stand. Her heart hammered against her ribs as they slowly made their way across the house. Smiling sinisterly as they passed his room without a word from her son. 

Jeff jolted awake yet he felt something wrong, looking around seeing his hands and feet bonded tied to the post of his mother's bed. His pleas were muffled by something soft between his teeth. Candle light flickered around the room, a room that wasn't his yet he knew it all too well. Panic rose within his mind as he struggled with his bonds. 

"Baby," his mother's hot sultrily voice echoed from within her bathroom. Miranda had waited for this moment for the past hour. "You brought this upon yourself you naughty boy," she purred as her hand ran up the doorframe. Jeff's eyes widen as the candle light showed off her naked body. "See if you just gave your horny mother that young, hard, thick cock last night. You wouldn't be tied to the bed at the moment. You could be at this very moment ramming that steel rod deep within my juicy cunt!" Miranda said watching the rise of her long sought after prize. "Now I had to go to great lengths to set this all up," she said listening to the hum of the silk belts as she paced along the foot of her bed. "I am sorry about drugging you baby, but you left me with no other choice. So now I'm going to show you what a woman," Miranda said drawing out the word. "Can do so you will never have to worry about girls ever again!"

"Do you know what's going to happen now baby?" Miranda asked as she crawled towards him between his outstretched legs. Her predatory smile spread across her lips as she saw those innocent eyes of his. "Mama's going to fuck you, and fuck you, and fuck you," she said a deep rumbling purr emanated deep within her chest. "I will only stop until you give in to me, moaning out how good my pussy feels around your fat cock," Miranda said her fingertips skimming along Jeff's throbbing erection. "Now baby I want you to watch how a real woman sucks a cock," she said seductively before his hard rod disappeared into her mouth. "Yes!" her mind screamed out as his seven inch cock sat comfortably in her mouth. Miranda couldn't help herself it seemed her carnal desires had fully taken hold of her mind. It wasn't until her son's cum filled her mouth that she came out of her haze. Drinking it all down savoring every drop as it coated her tongue and her throat. 

"Did you like your first blowjob baby?" Miranda asked Jeff's eyes said no yet his body spoke volumes. "Then we'll just move on to the main course then," she said smiling enjoying the shocked look on her son's face. As she ran her lips over his cock, feeling it growing once again beneath. "It seems Jeffrey that something contradicts your denial," Miranda said playing with her breast. Tossing her head back laughing madly as her son's manhood roared to life with a vengeance. "See your mind may say no, but this cock baby," she said leaning forward her dark brown hair shielding Jeff's and her face in its silken curtain. "Knows what it wants, now I'm going to show it what it feels like to be deep inside me," Miranda said placing a kiss on his nose. As her hand reached down between them positioning his cock at her long awaited paradise. Smiling triumphantly as she watched his eyes rolled back as she lowered herself onto his member. 

"Now you're a man, my man!" Miranda moaned as her pace quickened. Breathing heavily loving how her son's cock felt gliding through her folds. "So ready to give in baby?" she asked squeezing his cock with her tight folds. Her eyes flared as her son shook his head, pressing herself up against his chest. She wanted him to see how well she looked riding his cock. 

Three hours had past and her son still hadn't broke. Miranda had to admit she was impressed with his resolved. Downing a bottle of water to rehydrated herself the marathon she had just rode. Looking down as his youthful cum ran down her overflowing cunt. Enjoying the sight that coated her thighs. Taking a five minutes to recharge her batteries before tackling her son's mountain. 

"So baby you came so much inside of your dirty mother's cunt. Didn't that feel good unleashing all that pent up semen into a real woman?" Miranda asked as she cupped his balls. "Now shall we go another three hours or will you give in to your mother, and take her as yours for now and forever?" she asked kissing along his chest. His muffled words caught her by surprise pulling down his gag hoping it was what she had longed hope to hear. "What was that baby? Are you ready to give your mother what she wants?" Miranda asked lustfully. 

"Fuck yes! It felt so damn good mom now can I get out of this?" Jeff asked tugging at his bonds. 

"Is this true?" Miranda asked her grip on his was like a vise on his jaw. "Are you saying you'll be mine, to fuck me here in this bed that my man will share with me. To love me like I love you baby?" she asked hoping his words would ring true. 

"Yes always mom, now that I know what's it is like. You couldn't keep me away from you," Jeff said with all sincerity. And, so Miranda and her son spent the night in each other's arms. When they had awoken in the late afternoon hours, they wasted no time staining her sheets once again. After Jeff had graduated from pre-med college Miranda followed her son to his medical school. Where they raised their baby daughter in happy bliss.