Stories 18+ My wife swap orgasm with our friends

Stories 18+ My wife swap orgasm with our friends
"Seriously, Jake. She just kind of likes to flirt. Besides, you should take it as a compliment."

My wife, Janet, was referring to our neighbor that lived two houses down from us, Loni Bell. She and her husband, Gene, had moved into our upper-class neighborhood 5 years ago and we hit it off from the beginning.

"Flirting can be harmless," I said in partial agreement, "but it seems like she's been pouring it on a little heavier lately. I'm sure you've had to notice."

"Jake, she's harmless. She's become my best friend in the past few years and I don't think she has it in her to betray me."

Loni is an attractive blonde. She has naturally wavy hair that reaches past her shoulders, and a beautiful face highlighted with a broad smile and light green eyes. Like Janet, she is only slightly overweight. Her breasts are a B cup, but I've always looked at them with lust, and a desire to see them.

Janet is shorter (5 ft. 2 in.) with larger breasts. I've always loved her breasts because even at 47 years old, her larger C cups are still reasonably perky and her nipples will get rock hard and protrude half an inch with only the slightest provocation. 

Janet has very dark brown hair that barely covers the back of her neck. When I first met her in our freshman year in college, it was her nice tits and curvy hips that caught my attention. Yes, she's attractive, that's for sure, but it wasn't her face that I stared at the most.

Janet had her teaching degree by the time she was 24 and was teaching high school math and algebra immediately. She's still employed by the same high school. She had our only child, a son, when she was 26. He's currently in college in Missouri, living with my sister that lives in Springfield. He seems to enjoy that part of the country and we don't envision him moving back to Southern California after he graduates.

I have been a mortgage broker for the past 20 years, with my own business in the past 12 years. It's been a very profitable living and I've managed to hire a couple of very reliable broker to work under me and I am now able to enjoy weekends off and early Monday golf dates.

Gene Bell has been a successful CPA for over 25 years. I first met him when he and Loni moved down the street. Loni and Janet have known each other for over 15 years. Loni was a history teacher at the same high school as Janet. Although they have known each other that long, it wasn't until she and Gene moved into the neighborhood that the two of them became the best of friends.

Six years ago, Loni left her teaching career behind and began working at home as a day trader. She believes that she has truly found her calling.

Loni is a natural at it. She's very intelligent and a friend of hers encouraged her to try it. She aced it. She learned market tendencies and had more than doubled her annual income as a teacher. Not only that, she absolutely loved doing it. She had helped us with a few investments that had served her well. She had been a good friend in that regard as well.

One other thing about Loni that I admired was that she was one of the most positive and upbeat people that I've ever met. She was seldom in a sullen mood. She also had a great sense of humor and could tell an off-color joke as well as any guy. Since I had a similar sense of humor and a legitimate interest in her career, we often would end up in private conversations when the four of us were together.

In fact, she spent quite a bit of time explaining to me the various nuances of her job. I learned that the more volatile that the stock market was, it became an opportunity for her to make quick investments while prices were low. She would often sell that same stock high the very same day. She spent as much time reading online periodicals and studying market tendencies than she did in actual trading. Yes, some days weren't as prosperous as others. In fact, some days she lost money. Yet the overall reward far exceeded the minimal losses...and a far better living that teaching school would ever be.

Still, the thought of Loni coming over again made me uncomfortable. In the past few weeks, she had been wearing low-cut or very loose-fitting tops, with the subsequent easy peeks down her blouse. The first couple of times, I thought were just incidental, but it became obvious, at least to me, that these glances were being given to me with the express purpose of letting me get a look.

I knew for a fact, last week, when she caught me staring down her blouse. There was no way that I could pretend that I wasn't really looking. Rather than be upset at me, or openly reprimanding me, she smiled. Not only that, I was given a few more looks that evening.

The four of us got together as often as we could on Saturday evenings for dinner and either a movie or a board game. Some nights we entertained and chose the menu and entertainment, and other times they would. On this night, it was our turn.

Janet kept it simple and ordered Chinese food to be delivered. After dinner, we would play Canasta, a card game. The game was always competitive, but also gave us a chance to catch up on all the last events in our family's lives. Our son was out of state, in college, and their son, his wife, and 2-year-old daughter had moved to Oregon last year when his job offered him a promotion that paid nearly double what he was making in Orange County. 

Gene and Loni Bell are four years older than Janet and me. We're 47 and they are both 51. Gene, like myself, is slight of build. We're about the same height (5 ft. 9 in.), and I may outweigh him by 10 pounds. Whereas Loni is the effervescent one with the wild sense of humor, Gene is naturally more reserved, although that shouldn't be confused with being shy. He's made a living with his low-key personality and natural charm. He's the kind of guy that people seem to automatically trust. I felt the same way when I first met him. He's not fake or pretentious. 

Janet, although certainly not shy, is probably the cleverest of the group. She seems to find a way to get what she wants...not by whining, pouting, or other annoying means...but by simply stating her desires and why she wants it. She can debate with the best, yet do so in a respectful manner. Of course, with me, she can use her sexy body to help her get what she wants.

"I know she flirts a little, Jake. Just roll with it. Gene doesn't seem bothered by it, why should you?"

"You haven't noticed how often she intentionally gives me a look down her blouse? That doesn't bother you?"

"Oh, come on, Jake. It's just boobs...and hers aren't real big anyhow. Plus, I've seen what she does. It's just a little bit of cleavage. I'm sure I must have accidentally given a little bit of a glance to Gene before. Not on purpose, like Loni, but I'm sure I've been careless and he got a free show of a little cleavage and a bra."

"Yes, and that's the difference," I argued back at her. "Accidentally. You don't seem to mind that Loni does it on purpose."

"No, I don't, Jake. If you like what you see and she's willing to show it...and Gene doesn't care...then just roll with it. I'm sure Gene knows what she does. Maybe I should do the same to Gene...on purpose."

"Uh...I don't think so. I don't want another guy getting an eyeful of your big tits."

"Cleavage, Jake. Cleavage. Not the entire set of tits. You've barely seen a little bit of Loni' cleavage. Hell, it might be fun to see how Loni reacts when Gene is able to look down my plunging neckline and get a free peek. That might put an end to it. Who knows?"

The idea that my wife would be willing to put on even a little bit of a show for another guy bothered me. Yet, maybe that's what it would take to stop Loni. I liked Loni a lot as a friend. Yes, I've thought about what her tits looked like without her bra covering them. Hell, I've wondered what her entire naked body looked like. Still, I wasn't the kind of guy that would mess around on my wife. It would help if Loni made it less tempting.

Janet was in our bedroom changing clothes when our Chinese food arrived at the same time as Gene and Loni. I promptly paid and tipped the driver, but I couldn't help but notice what Loni was wearing this night.

It was a loose-fitting knitted blouse with a plunging neckline. Even before Janet had emerged from our bedroom, Janet had managed to drop her pen on the floor. When she bent to pick it up, I saw more of her than I'd ever seen before.

She was wearing a lacy, red bra that barely covered her areolas and nipples. In fact, the next time she gave me a look, I knew I could see the light brown color of her right areola and what appeared to be a puffy nipple. She pretended to be oblivious to my glance (more of a stare), but there was no way she didn't know what she was doing. Each visit, she had become more daring and more obvious. On this night, she had stepped into a new level of teasing. 

I was torn between enjoying what I saw and worrying about what would probably happen next. Would she just pull off her bra and give me the whole show? That's practically all that was left to do. How soon would that happen? Or would it happen at all?

My thoughts were quickly diverted to the sight of Janet walking into the dining room. Although our dress code was usually casual, Janet kept it even more casual than usual on this night. She wore a white stretch cotton tank top that plunged low down her neckline...and wasn't wearing a bra. At 47 years old, she could still rock a tight fitting and stretchy fabric tank top without a bra. Her large C cups were outlined well and a small amount of cleavage could be seen even without her bending over.

She often wore that top, and a yellow one just like it, around the house when it was just the two of us. She knew how sexy I thought it was. However, Gene was getting a good look at what had only been something for me to enjoy for so many years.

I was so distracted by what Janet was wearing to even see the reaction on Gene's face. If Janet was doing this to get even with Loni' antics, she deserved a standing ovation for her performance. 

Loni seemed to enjoy it, though. She even remarked at how hot Janet looked. "Don't you think so, Gene?"

Gene was speechless. All he could do was nod his head in the affirmative and meekly say, "of course!"

The women continued to act is if everything was normal. Gene sat down at the table with me and began discussing a couple of work-related topics while the ladies got paper plates, eating utensils, and serving utensils.

Despite enjoying the sights in front of me on this night, I was kind of seething at how risqué the ladies had become in their attire. I didn't like the idea that my wife was dressing in such a way to impress one of my best friends. I'm sure he had fantasized about Janet, much like I had fantasized about Loni. That was as far as I ever wanted to go. I valued our friendship and my marriage too much to start getting TOO friendly and TOO familiar with the bodies of our friend's spouse.

"Well Jake," Loni asked as we began to enjoy our orange chicken and chow mein, "how do you like this top I wore tonight? I bought it at Kohl's last weekend. Gene loves it."

"Oh yeah, "Gene agreed heartily, "I love her low plunging necklines."

"Yeah, but what about you, Jake?" Loni said, repeating her inquiry.

"Looks nice on you," I managed to say. I didn't want to brag too much about it. I was hoping for the conversation to go elsewhere. Janet wasn't about to let that happen.

"How about you, Gene?" Janet asked. "I bet you haven't seen me wear something like this before."

"Can't say that I have, but damn, it looks very hot on you, Janet."

That brought about a huge smile to Janet's face. "Thank you, dear friend. You know how to make a gal feel good."

I wasn't sure if I was supposed to be angry at Gene for telling my wife that she was hot. I agreed with him, but it didn't seem appropriate for him to say it. It seemed like I was the only one in the room that had a problem with the direction of the conversation. It only got worse when Janet spoke up next.

"Jake, there's a reason why we're hosting tonight and a reason Loni and I are dressed the way we are."

Silence. She waited for me to ask what, or why. I didn't say a thing. I just looked at her intently.

"So" ... she began as she searched for the right words..." A few weeks ago, Loni and I were having a conversation about some experiences that she and Gene had in the past few months. Maybe Loni can explain it better."

Loni looked at Janet as if she weren't ready to talk yet. Whatever was going to be said, Janet hadn't finished her part.

"It's like this, Jake. A few months ago, Gene and I placed an ad on a swinger's website. We've been married 28 years and have been 100 percent faithful to each other, but wanted to spice things up a little."

"Well we met a couple at Denny's one night. There was a physical attraction, that's for sure, but we barely got a few sentences of conversation started and all they wanted to talk about was sex. Sexual positions, experience, foreplay, you know, that kind of stuff." 

Gene interrupted. "What we wanted was friends first, not just some fuck buddies. They wanted to leave within the first hour and get a hotel room for the night. We politely declined and never heard from them again."

"Yeah," Loni agreed, but they were great compared to the next couple. Again, there was a physical attraction going on, and they seemed more like average folks that wanted to be friends first. Everything was great until the husband mentioned one thing that was a deal breaker for them...they wanted their partners completely shaved below. It didn't matter how good the friendship was, they didn't want sex with "hairy" people." 

"Also, they wanted everything in the same room, same bed...even some light girl action. They liked watching each other getting screwed by someone else. We had decided early on that we preferred separate rooms and I have no interest at all with sexual contact with another woman. Their lack of flexibility ruined it. Yes, we've never heard from them again either.

"Well, I'll tell you both right now...and I know this is a little personal, but neither of us shaves. Gene prefers the natural look both up top and below. I could have had a boob job, and he would have supported me, but I knew he liked my boobs just the way they are. It wasn't that important to me to put out that kind of money when Gene has always given my tits plenty of attention."

That did answer one question for me, maybe two. I often wondered if Loni shaved below, but figured I'd never know for sure. Janet had always kept a nice trim on her dark bush, but had let it fill out in the past few weeks. Was she getting it ready in case she had a chance with Gene? I knew what was coming next.

"Jake, babe," Janet said, putting her hand on my arm, "I think you now know why they told you this, huh?"

Although I knew what was coming, I didn't like it. I love my wife and wasn't ready to let any other guy have her, either. It didn't matter that I could have like that.

"I know what you all are getting at, and I don't like it," I said firmly. "I don't cheat on my wife, period. I may not be a saint, but I've been a faithful husband and I expect my wife to do the same. We made that vow 23 years ago."

"I'm not telling you to cheat on me," Janet explained. "Cheating would be you sneaking around behind my back with someone without my permission. That's cheating. This would all be consensual."

"How can it be consensual if I don't agree to it?" I asked honestly.

Loni spoke up. "If you don't agree to it, it's not going to happen. It's that simple. I don't cheat on my husband and I won't help another guy cheat on his wife. Gene would never help Janet cheat on you. That's why we're having this discussion now."

Her answer satisfied me only slightly. I knew that if I didn't go along with it, that they would resent the fact that I was the one to ruin the fun, and I told them about that concern. That alone would hurt our friendship and probably my marriage. Janet was clearly on board. Gene and Loni had made it clear from the beginning what they were looking for in an exchange.

Janet seemed disappointed. "Well, no one is going to force you into it. We honestly thought that with Loni's flirting and the great friendship we've developed over the past five years, that you might be more enthused.

I looked at Gene. "So, it's worth doing this just so you can see my wife naked?"

Gene looked stunned that I would make such a statement. Maybe annoyed would be a better choice of words to describe his reaction.

"Shit, Jake...if I only wanted to see her naked, we could just sit here and play strip poker. At least three of us would end up bare-assed naked."

"Great idea!" Loni said gleefully. "We can play a simple game of strip poker. By the end of the game if Jake still doesn't want to swap partners, then we can at least say he was open-minded enough to at least strip down."

"What makes you think I'd strip down? Winners don't strip down, only losers."

Loni laughed. "Fine, get out the cards and we'll go at it."

Gene and Janet seemed enthused about playing. I already regretted opening my big mouth, but I was a decent poker player, although it was online Texas Hold 'Em, and with a little luck I could have Loni naked. I suggested that the winner gets to have the other person's spouse take off an item of clothing. This way, when I won, I'd be getting Loni naked first. Hopefully Janet and I would win enough and at least keep some of our clothes on. 

Janet upped the anticipation by suggesting that the winning person's partner remove the clothes for the losing partner. Loni beamed at that idea and Gene looked at Janet and promised that he'd take off all her clothes soon.

I didn't care if Janet saw Gene naked. I had seen him in the golf clubhouse showers many times and knew that he wasn't much different than me when naked. I was slightly thicker, but the length was almost identical. Janet did like hairy chests and Gene clearly had me beat on that part. However, I'd rather get naked first and have Janet keep all her clothes on rather than have Gene see her. 

No matter how good a player might be, luck is always needed. That was proven on the first hand. With Gene across from me, Janet to my left and Loni to my right, I dealt the first hand. The game was 5 card draw. Each player gets 5 cards and can discard as many cards that they wish and get that many dealt to replace them...or keep all 5 cards if they like what they have.

We decided to have 3 items to lose. Gene and I had our shirts, short pants, and underwear. Janet only had a blouse, short pants, and her underwear. Loni agreed to count both her bra and panties as one item since she was the only one wearing 4 items.

My first deal didn't even have a pair. I kept my ace of hearts in case another ace was dealt. That didn't happen. My ace high didn't win anything, but Loni's two aces and two jacks did win. 

Loni jumped up with glee and walked over to me and promptly removed my shirt. She ran her hands over my chest before sitting back down.

"So, running hands across the chest is okay with everyone?" I asked.

"Well, guys chests aren't quite the same as women's, Jake," Janet said as a matter of fact. I knew that, but already there was a form of physical contact right after the very first item of clothing had been removed. It was going to be more intimate very quickly. I didn't say another word, but when I had the opportunity to remove Loni's top, I was going to run my hands across her bra-covered tits.

Janet dealt the next hand and didn't discard anything. We all knew that she had something nice, probably a straight, flush, or full house.

I had two kings but it didn't matter. Janet had a 7-11 straight and quickly rose to her feet to remove Gene's shirt. She had seen his hairy chest before, but this time she enjoyed running her hands through the thick dark mane of hair that covered most of his torso.

I didn't say a word. Gene dealt next and had 3 Jacks. Again, the cards weren't going my way and I couldn't even come up with a pair. My plan to get Loni naked was backfiring on me.

Janet chose to have her short pants removed first since she wasn't wearing a bra. Gene's back was to me, but I could have sworn I saw his right hand reach up front for a quick feel. I wasn't sure, so I said nothing. When that time came for me, I would also make sure he couldn't see what I was doing. Since he was willing to swap wives with me, he probably wouldn't care if I felt up her whole body, if he got to do the same with Janet.

Loni dealt the 4th hand and won again. Again, she eagerly walked over to me, had me stand up, and removed my short pants. It was no mistake that her fingernails slowly went down the length of my cock as my short pants fell to the ground. I was only wearing a pair of thin cotton boxers with a slit in the front. Just the touch of her light stroke caused my cock to stir. I knew that I had to keep it under control or it would poke its way out of the fabric easily.

Loni was one win away from having me completely naked. Loni was fully clothed, Gene had lost only his shirt, and Janet was still wearing her tank top and white underwear.

5th deal. I finally had two pairs, tens and eights, dealt to me. Although I didn't get a full house with my next card, it was good enough for a win...and one item removed from Loni's body. She chose the blouse. I stood before her and slowly removed her blouse while allowing my hands to brush up against her red bra-covered breasts. No one complained. No one said a word. Loni just smiled at me. I was getting harder.

6th deal. Janet had 3 aces dealt to herself and won easily She bounce up from her chair and slowly removed Gene's pants. She made no effort to hide the fact that her hand brushed up his white cotton underwear and against his cock, which was beginning to harden at the sight of Janet bending over and giving him the best look at her breasts that he'd ever seen.

This wasn't the way it was supposed to work. Janet still had on two items. That was good. I still had to win two hands before Loni won one to get her naked first.

7th deal. Gene dealt. Gene only had a pair of Kings, but it was the best hand. Again, I couldn't even get a pair. Loni had a pair of 2's and Janet had only a Queen high. I could see the eager anticipation in Gene's eyes as he approached Janet. For the first time, Janet seemed slightly uneasy. I knew she had been excited because her nipples were practically poking through the thin fabric of her tank top. I know Gene had to notice...it was hard not to.

Gene quickly lifted her tank top, finally getting to see her large globes for the first time. He instinctively cupped her tits briefly before letting go.

At that point, something happened to me. I had been eagerly anticipating seeing Loni naked, but watching my wife smile at Gene as he checked out her tits caused a different reaction. Rather than being angry or uneasy, I enjoyed the look on my wife's face. I was proud of her. I was proud that one of my best friends enjoyed what he saw. Seeing him cup her tits in his hands had turned me on.

Suddenly, I no longer cared who won or lost. Well, I cared because I'm a competitive person, but I was getting even harder watching the brief interaction between those two. Plus, I wanted to win because Loni was still sitting there with a bra, short pants, and panties.

8th deal. Loni dealt and Janet won again. Gene would be the first to get completely nude. Janet squealed like a little school girl as she quickly moved to Gene and made him stand up.

Gene was rock hard, just like myself. She carefully removed his underwear and moved her hand up and down his shaft a couple of times before going back to her seat. Although Gene was undressed, he still needed to play so that if he won, he could remove Janet's white panties.

9th deal. Luck struck for me. 2 jacks dealt and another jack after my discards. The best hand other than mine was Loni's two aces. 

She pointed to her short pants and after removing them, I felt the front of her matching red panties. I could feel her fur through the thin fabric. I was fighting to keep my cock inside of my boxers. I quickly sat back down so that I could position it in a more comfortable way.

10th deal. I only ended up with a pair of 4's, but nobody else even had pair. I was beginning to wonder if either of the girls even tried to win. I knew Gene wanted to because it would get Janet completely naked, but Loni just smiled at me as I walked towards her.

I first removed her bra. Wow! Although smaller than Janet, she had the sexiest puffy areolas and thick nipples. I no longer cared what anyone thought. I held them in my hands for at least 10 seconds before moving down to her panties. Nobody complained, and based on the reaction of her nipples and the wetness of her panties, she was enjoying it.

I removed her panties by putting my hands down inside of the front and back of them. That allowed me to get a good feel of her golden blonde curls between her legs and the incredibly moist hole beneath it. My cock had briefly poked out of my boxers but Loni didn't notice because her hear was lifted skyward while I had my hands inside of her wet hole. After several seconds, I turned around, moved back to my seat and again I had to reposition my hard cock.

11th deal. I knew it was too good to be true. Loni won again and wasted no time removing my boxers and rubbing my cock and balls. Like the others, she kept the intimate contact brief and then returned to her seat.

Janet had won. She was still wearing her panties. 

"How about one more game to see if Gene can win?"

"What if he doesn't, I asked."

"Well, you and I could be a team. If either of us wins, we get to stand face to face with each other and kiss."

I looked at Janet. "Fine with me. I'll tell you what. Gene, remove my panties right now. We'll play as teams. The first win gets a kiss for a full minute. The second win gets oral sex for one minute, 30 seconds on each person. The third win gets to take one of the bedrooms and do whatever they want."

By this time, I no longer cared if Gene screwed my wife. I knew that I might regret it later, but we had come this far. All four of us were naked and ready for more.

Bonus Round. Deal 1. Loni dealt. She had been the luckiest recipient of the first deal this night, and this was no exception. She had two aces dealt to her and she picked up two jacks on the redraw. 

We embraced. "Wait!" Gene exclaimed, "who's keeping time?"

We looked around. Janet had an idea. "On my cell phone. The clock app. I can use it as a stop watch. In 60 seconds, I'll yell that time's up."

Good. Loni and I held each other tight while kissing feverishly. Within a few seconds, our tongues were darting in and out of each other's mouth. She reached down and grabbed by cock while kissing. Nobody complained, so I grabbed her furry pussy and massaged it gently as we kissed with reckless abandon.

"Time!" Janet yelled. That had to be the fastest minute of my life. We had just started. One minute wasn't nearly enough. I was ready to ditch the game and take her to one of the bedrooms right away, but everyone else seemed determined to play.

Bonus Round Deal 2. My deal. This was one of the worst games. Only two of us even had a pair and somehow, I won with a pair of eights. I was hoping that Loni did better because I knew there was no way to win with two eights...but I did.

Loni positioned herself on the couch as I knelt and went down on her pussy. She was already wet and I must have found a good spot quickly because she was bucking her hips and moaning almost immediately.

"Time! Turn around. 30 more seconds."

It was a good thing it was only 30 seconds because the feeling of her soft lips on my cock had it almost ready to explode.


Bonus Round. Deal 3. Again, Janet squealed like a little school girl when Gene showed a winning hand with three kings. I took her phone and began timing them as they began to kiss.

Janet wasted no time stroking Gene's cock while running her tongue deep inside of his throat. Gene kept running he hand through her dark mane of hair below, twice inserting his middle finger inside of her pussy.


I was getting too hot. I wanted this next hand so badly. Time to get to the bedroom. Besides, that's where we were all going to be anyhow...very soon. However, playing these games was great foreplay. I knew that once I got Loni into the bedroom, it wasn't going to last much longer. We both wanted to screw.

Thankfully, Loni was lucky again.

Bonus Round. Deal 4. Loni with 4-8 straight. Nothing more was said. I took her to our guest room without saying a word to Gene or Janet. It's not like I didn't know what they were going to do.

As expected, there was more kissing and I spent time kissing her tits and getting her thick nipples hard. I went back down on her pussy, but she had other plans.

Finally, she insisted that I shove my cock inside of her. I was trying to avoid that right away so to prolong our pleasure, but she was determined to do it right at that time.

"Come inside of my pussy, Jake. I want to feel you in me. I want your spunk. I've lusted after you ever since we moved down the street. I never thought I had a chance, though. Don't waste any more time."

I knew that I had released more than I had in a very long time. The reality of having Loni as a lover was even better than the fantasy. I was holding my dear friend in my arms. Her tits were pressed up against my chest. Her lips found mine again. 

"I wonder how the others are doing?" asked Loni.

"Why ask that?" I wondered. "Are you worried about something?"

"Not really. It's just that before tonight, this was just a fantasy. Earlier, I thought for sure that's what it always would be...just a fantasy. You seemed so strongly against it."

"Did you expect me to change my mind after playing strip poker?"

"Jake, I was hoping you would. Again, I thought you'd be content to just get me naked."

"That's what I thought also," I said, agreeing with her. "I really wanted to see you naked...but what surprised me is how turned on I got when you lightly stroked my cock through my underwear and how much harder I got when Gene briefly played with Janet's tits. I was no longer jealous. I can't explain it, but I'm okay with whatever they're doing in the other room. I know I'll have my Janet back at the end of the night."

"Let's hope," said Loni, sounding not as confident as I was.

"I'm sorry, Jake. I wanted this so badly. I enjoyed this so much. Thinking about those two only bothered me after we were through. I'm better than that. I know Gene better. I probably wanted this more than anyone else."

"This is different for all of us, Loni. I knew I could enjoy you in bed. I knew Janet and Gene can enjoy themselves. It's the aftermath that concerned me in the beginning. Let's wander across the hall and take a shower in the guest bathroom. We can sit in the living room and watch TV until they come back out."

"I like that idea, babe...I mean Jake."

"Hey, we've been good friends for 5 years. Tonight, we've seen each other naked, kissed, gone down on each other, and had sex together. I think calling me babe is okay."

"Okay babe. I hope the others feel that way."

While in bed together, Loni admitted to me her nervousness about her overt flirting...especially giving me peeks down her blouse. She knew Janet was considerable larger and that I wouldn't care to look much. After the first time she gave me a long look, she got bolder. She knew it was turning me on.

She also admitted that in her early years that she was self-conscious about her boobs. Not just the relatively small size, but she always thought they were ugly. Many of her friends had real perky tits with smaller and firmer nipples. It took being married to Gene to convince her they were more than adequate.

Her tits are slightly unusual, but I found that very sexy. I enjoy putting nearly an entire tit in my mouth and manipulating my tongue on her areola and nipple. It took very little effort to get those nipples to thicken and protrude nicely.

15 minutes later, our spouses came out, also still naked. Janet quickly walked toward me and I stood up to enjoy a tight embrace.

"I love you, Jake. Thank you for letting me have this evening."

"I love you too. I should be thanking you as well. I should be thanking all three of you for this."

I could see the relief in Loni's face as Gene held her close to him and reaffirmed his love for her. 

We had a hot tub in our back yard, but had never invited them over to join us because we always soaked in the nude. We were past that barrier now. The four of us soaked for about a half hour in our tub in our private back yard. We swapped partners again for several minutes as we enjoyed kissing and feeling up our new lovers.

By midnight, our guests had walked home. 

"So, in your mind, is tonight a one-time thing or should we do it again?" Janet was asking me the same question that I had been thinking about since I got out of the shower with Loni.

"How do we make it a one-time thing? The genie is out of the bottle, Janet. It sounds like you had a great time tonight and I sure did...at least later. Unless they feel otherwise, this will happen again."

"I agree with you, Jake. I do have one concern."

"What's that?"

"Do we want to get together with them just to screw? Do I have to make sure you and Loni are around before I can screw Gene again? Does it have to be a team activity? Our schedules kind of stagger."

I knew what she was thinking. "That's something to discuss with them. What if they only want to do it as a group?"

"Oh, I already know what Gene wants," said Janet confidently. "I'm just not sure yet if Loni feels that way. What do you think, though?"

What could I say. It seemed to me that Gene and Janet had already decided what they wanted. They were hoping that Loni and I would go along with it.

This was even different than earlier. While Loni and I were having our fun, my wife was just down the hall. Would I want Gene coming over while I was gone to have sex with Janet? Or Janet going to Gene's house for carnal pleasure, whether Loni was there or not?"

"That would have to be up for discussion between the four of us. Complete honesty. I'm still trying to accept the fact that I screwed Loni while you screwed Gene...and I can't believe I'm not jealous. What's happened to me?"

"Jake...baby...it's because you love me and trust me. No matter how often Gene and I would get together for sex, you are the man that I'm in love with. Gene can't change that. I also believe that there's nothing Loni can do to pull you away from me."

"What Gene and I discussed was that if we could open things up some, and not be confined to just having sex when the four of us are together, then we can still enjoy the games and movies on the nights we do get together...without the expectation that sex must come next."

Janet had thought about this a lot. I wasn't so sure, although her argument made some sense. It always did. It's what she did so well. If Janet wants it...well...she'd get it. It's not like I wasn't getting anything in the deal.

The thought hadn't been lost on me that just a few hours earlier, I had been so dead set against anything like this. What had happened to me? I had a couple of sexual partners prior to Janet, but I was determined to be faithful to her. She also had a couple of guys during her senior year in high school, once she had turned 18 and had more freedom to go out of the house, but she took pride in her monogamous relationship. Those days were gone.

She admitted to me that Loni's increased flirting and peeks down her blouse was an attempt to gauge my interest. Loni did that with Janet's full support and consent. The more I looked, the happier the girls were. Janet also admitted that she was worried that my initial reaction to the swap possibility would harm our relationship. She was ready to pull out of it until Gene made the remark about strip poker. 

"Baby, I knew the minute you agreed to strip poker, that your defenses would break down. I know how much you like Loni...as a friend, that is...and well...I just felt that once we broke that nudity barrier that things would change. I'm glad Gene was the first one naked, but it didn't really matter. It was just breaking that barrier."

"What I knew was that no matter who won, everyone would have their clothes off eventually. It was fun, however, to see the slow progression of clothes coming off. I also knew that when we removed each other's clothes rather than having us remove our own clothes, that it would be more erotic."

"One other thing, Jake. You have proven to me that you can be trusted. I knew that before tonight. Knew that when I first met you. When you knew that Loni was flirting and giving you generous peeks, you could have made a move on her. I knew that hazard. You've been good friends for too long. It would have been easy for you to be weak. You're a man of honor and I love you more now than I ever have before."

We were both tired. We watched some late-night TV to help us unwind and we finally got to sleep before 2 am. Janet was up before 8 and called Gene and Loni and invited them for coffee, fruit, and waffles for breakfast. She wanted to see how they behaved the day after the events of the previous night.

Janet took a shower and began breakfast preparation. It wouldn't take long to make coffee, cut up some cantaloupe and watermelon, and fix some waffles. I knew a good shower would help wake me up and feel fresher. The water hit my still tired body and I stood motionless as I enjoyed the pulsating streams of warm water hitting my naked skin.

Our shower door is frosted and all I could see was a shadow in our bathroom. Must be Janet. She was probably just brushing her hair. That was common.

Then, the shower door opened, and Loni stood there, completely naked.

"Mind if I join you?"

"Uh...is Gene okay with this?"

"Of course, Goofy (a pet name she had given me years ago). I bet he and Janet are making out in the kitchen or the bedroom. I'm sure he must have his hands on her big tits already. I guarantee he'll have her bare-assed before too long."

Again, I was impressed with her nude form. Those breasts of hers, especially the puffy areolas and nipples, were the first thing in my hands. Immediately, the kissing commenced and took on the same furious pace that we had experienced less than 12 hours ago. My cock also stood up like it did less than 12 hours ago.

We quickly dried off and went to our master bedroom. Loni loves kissing...and she's damn good at it. I love eating pussy...and Loni absolutely loves the way I go down on her. She's also great at giving blow jobs...she can take my entire thick 6.5 inches in her mouth. Janet can't do that, although she still does a good job trying.

It's amazing how sexually compatible we are. It also appeared to me from my conversations with Janet earlier in the morning, that she and Gene were also very compatible in the bedroom. No matter what my misgivings were about this relationship, it would be very difficult to not have Loni in bed again. We had opened the bottle and the genie was out for good. I no longer just desired Loni...I needed her.

After we finished our love making and took another quick shower to clean off the residue of our love-making (she wanted my load on her tits), we went back to the kitchen where our breakfast was ready and Gene and Janet were standing by the dining room table making out with a topless Janet.

"Uh, you guys start eating. We've already eaten. We have something we need to do," said Janet with a huge smile. "Gene wants something else to eat as well. Janet pie."

Of course, we knew what that meant. I was happy for them. Loni and I enjoyed breakfast together. I shared with her the discussion that Janet and I had about how our relationships will be going forth. Janet was all in favor of keeping things open and being able to enjoy our lovers whenever the opportunity or desire came upon us.

I decided that I would go along with the crowd if it didn't affect my relationship with Janet. That was and still is my primary concern.

That was three months ago. It started out innocently enough. The first couple of weeks resulted in a couple of individual meetings for us. There were clearly no jealousies and all four of us declared our marriages to be sound.

However, my biggest concern prior to the swap became a reality. Janet and Gene began increasing their amount of time together. I said nothing. I countered by inviting Loni to spend more time with me. Not just sex time, but companionship time. The kind of time that had also been Janet's. Janet didn't seem to mind. She was giving that same kind of time to Gene.

It baffled me that Janet and I still got along very well when we were alone. Although the sex wasn't as often as before, we still enjoyed our romantic times together. Her body still turned me on, and our time in bed was still more than satisfactory. She is a beautiful woman with an incredible body, and a very sweet disposition.

However, there was no way that this arrangement could be right. Not the swapping, but the fact that we both were content to allow our partner to spend so much social and sexual time with someone else.

Shouldn't we be jealous of each other? I was bothered by it in the beginning, but replacing my missing time with Janet with more time with Loni seemed to be a good fix.

I really did, and still do, enjoy my time with Loni. Yes, the sex is great, but our compatibility went far beyond whatever happened in bed.

How come I'm not angrier? Or anyone else angrier? Gene and Loni are now very content with the way our relationships have evolved.

Guilt? Feeling guilty for not feeling guilty? Maybe there's something truly wrong with all of us. It's one thing to enjoy some carnal time with another partner with everyone's consent, but this had gone much further than I, or any of us, could have expected. The others have admitted that as well. The original intent was to occasionally get together and swap for a few hours. It went much further, yet no one has complained.

Still, I was concerned about keeping our private liaisons just that...private. We weren't close friends with anyone else on our block, but the constant traffic between the four of us between houses was bound to cause people to wonder what's going on. Seeing another man's wife walking in on another woman's husband frequently was sure to arouse suspicion eventually.

That also caused a level of frustration for all of us. We had to keep everything very private. I couldn't go out and enjoy a nice dinner and movie with Loni without running into people that know us, especially me, and wondering why I'm being so cozy with some other woman. Gene and Loni felt that same frustration. It had to remain our little secret. Maybe after we are all retired, we can all just come out and tell everyone what's really going on. For now, at least professionally, that would be suicidal.

A dinner at our house did give us some time to discuss what we'd all noticed. Fortunately, we all still enjoyed our dinners and evenings together, including movies and games. Gene and I still enjoyed playing golf together on most Monday mornings. There wasn't any noticeable tension between us.

It was heartening to see Loni and Gene so happy together. They made it clear to both of us that they were happy with each other and happy with their relationships with us. Loni had told me, in our previous conversations, that she and Gene were still very active in bed and he still encouraged her to enjoy her time with me.

I've decided to let it go. Unless someone begins complaining about any aspect of it, I'm not going to bring it up anymore. 

Since there's an access alley behind our streets for our trash pick-up, we decided to use the back entrances from now on. This should help keep any busybodies from beginning any gossip. 

I still have my concerns, but they are kept to myself. For example, what if something went wrong between Gene and Janet? What if they quit talking to each other and stopped their sexual relationship? Would Gene insist that Loni and I quit as well. Or if Janet insisted the same thing? Would that be fair? Would we stop, or would we sneak around and still be friends and lovers?

This would have been simpler if we'd just swapped partners. Enjoy the sex. Nothing more, nothing less. Of course, it would have been much simpler if our relationship had stayed the same as before. I could enjoy Loni in my fantasies and Janet in my bed.

Last Monday, during our usual Monday golf outing, Gene and I finally talked specifically, one on one, about our unique lifestyle. He admitted that it did bother him in the beginning that his wife enjoyed me so much. The turning point, at least for him, was realizing that the four of us were still great friends and that the ladies still enjoyed their time together without the husbands.

Do I recommend this for everyone? Hell, no! There may be others for whom it has worked, no doubt that if it does for us that it could for others. Still, there are huge risks.

Gene and I realize that we just happened to run into the most ideal situation. There had been a friendship that had grown tremendously during the past five years, and when we crossed that line physically, there was no turning back. 

We now have a vacation planned for the Bahamas during Christmas break. To no surprise, I'll be spending at least half of my time with Loni, including staying in her cabin while Gene and Janet share one. We are anxious to have this kind of time and can enjoy each other in public. Oh, and there's a nude beach that the ladies are dying to visit during our trip.