Stories 18+ Poker Night orgasm with Our Moms

Stories 18+ Poker Night orgasm with Our Moms
"You sure you don't need a ride dude?"

Dan didn't hear a word that his friend Steve had just said. They were the last two left at their weekly poker game and things had gone a bit better than usual. He was on cloud nine.


Dan snapped his head towards his friend. "Did you say something?"

Steve laughed as he watched his buddy come out of his haze. "So how much did you win?"

Dan smiled as he pulled a fat roll of twenty dollar bills out of his pocket and threw it down on the table. "I started with $60".

Steve picked up the money and began peeling off bills as he counted. "4, 5, 6...dude...$720!"

A smiled lit up across Dan's face as he leaned back in his chair. "Just a typical poker night" he joked.

The lifelong friends began playing poker with some of their football teammates when they started the ninth grade together. The first few events were just for fun but slowly started to involve gambling for small amounts of money. As the years went by, the money went up. Now that all the eighteen year old high school seniors had jobs, the money sometimes got a little out of control.

"So what's the plan for all this cash?" Steve asked as he tossed the roll of bills to his friend. "I think some cheerleaders might be eating well for a while" he laughed.

Dan smiled as he tucked the money back into his pocket. His car was currently in the shop getting new brakes, so he knew that some of this money was going towards that. Part of him thought that maybe he should give some to Steve's mom as well. For four straight years, the divorced mother of one had never had a problem with their weekly Wednesday night get togethers taking place in her basement. She made food for the boys, served them drinks, and even cleaned up the mess they made after everyone was gone. She definitely deserved something for putting up with all of their shit.

"I know what I would do with all that cash" Steve grinned, looking at his friend. "I'd break off a few hundo for your mom and tell her to get those big fuckin' tits out."

Dan shook his head with a chuckle.

"I'd tell her to wrap those things around my big, fat dick and..." Steve continued as he began thrusting his hips in the middle of the empty basement.

"Perfect idea bro" Dan smiled as he watched his friend turn his head towards him. "Maybe I'll go upstairs, find your mom, throw her a few bills, and give that perfect ass the pounding it really needs. We all know how long shes been single for..."

Steve stopped thrusting as he watched Dan get out of his chair.

"Grab the back of her head like this" Dan told him as he reached his left hand out in the air, "and give that fat ass a few whacks before I unload on it" he continued as he pretended to slap his friend's mom's butt. "Send her on that next date walking with a bit of a limp" he laughed.

"And then I'd get a bottle of oil and pour it all over those huge tits" Steve grinned as he started to thrust his hips once again.


Dan and Steve both stopped and turned to the stairs to see Steve's mom standing there with an ear to ear smile.

"Your mom's here Dan" she smiled at the boys. "You know, I think you guys need to start inviting some girls over here" the mom laughed as she began to climb back up the steps.

Dan put his fist in his mouth and dramatically bit it as he watched his friend's mom walk up the stairs. "How much do you really think it would take...$60?"

Steve punched his friend on the arm as the two headed upstairs together.

"He's coming up" Amy said to her friend Beth.

The two women had met in college and stayed extremely close ever since. They were college roommates for four years, both had been the maid of honor at each others weddings, and they were each others best friends. Both women were 42 years old but neither showed that much age. Beth was a short, blonde mom with green eyes, and a large bust. Amy was also blonde, but with sparkling and almost memorizing blue eyes. She didn't have Beth's bust, but she made up for it with a big, firm, perky butt that the guys she dated couldn't get enough of. A few years ago the two decided to become gym partners to help keep each other motivated to lose weight after their divorces. It was the best decision either woman ever made. The fact that both moms could pass for 30 only proved that.

"Still going good with Rick?" Amy asked. She knew that Beth had been seeing a single dad that she had met while grocery shopping, but hadn't heard any update about their relationship.

"That's over" Beth told her with a frustrated look.

"Bad?" Amy asked.

Beth nodded her head.

"Ah baby you'll find someone" Amy told her as she put her hand on her friend's shoulder.

"What about you?" Beth asked.

"Steve's eighteen now right?" Amy laughed much to the chagrin of her friend. "Maybe I'll give him a try."

"The worrying part is I think you're only kind of joking" Beth smiled as the two moms watched their sons emerge from the basement.

"Make sure moneybags here takes you shopping or something" Steve loudly said to Beth as Dan walked over to the coat rack to get his jacket.

Beth gave her son Dan a stern look. "You know I don't like you boys playing for money."

"It worked out today..." Dan smiled as he zipped up his jacket.

"You could say that again!" Steve announced to the room. "Seven hundred and twenty big ones."

"What!" Beth yelled.

"Relax mom..." Dan said to his mother, trying to calm her down.

"You boys should not be playing for that kind of money!" Beth shook her head as she glared at the two friends.

"Easy Beth..." Amy said quietly.

"No!" Beth continued as she angrily waived her hand in the air. That's way too much money for eighteen year olds to be gambling!"

"We used to play for some pretty big stakes when we were their age...remember?" Amy asked her friend.

"What?" Steve asked, looking at his mom with a confused look. "You two played poker?"

Beth looked down at the ground and shuffled her feet, trying to conceal her embarrassment.

"Come on girl" Amy said as a smile grew across her face. "You remember those days."

"No I don't" Beth muttered.

"You little liar!" Amy laughed.

"What the fuck are you two talking about?" Steve asked, still confused by what was going on.

"Language!" Amy yelled at her son as she shot him a glare. "We played our fair share of poker back in college."

"Really?" Dan asked his mom. Poker didn't seem like something she would be into. Hell, he never even knew that she had gambled before.

"Well kind of..." Amy continued with a grin. "It was more like strip poker."

"What!" both teens exclaimed.

Beth shyly grinned. Amy proudly smiled.

"With who?" Dan asked.

"Mostly the frats, sometimes with the football team, and occasionally if we were feeling crazy...the basketball team" Amy boastfully told them.

"Jesus Christ..." Beth groaned. She couldn't believe that her friend was telling their sons about their wild college days.

"Well what do you know..." Steve said as he pulled a deck of cards out of his back pocket and held them up for Beth to see.

She looked at the teen in disbelief. "There's no way!"

"Come on Beth" Amy said to her friend as she grab her by the arm and pulled her to the kitchen table. "Let's go back to our college days for a night!"

"Are you crazy?!" Beth loudly shouted at Amy. "These are our sons!"

"I know!" Amy smiled as she took a seat at the table. "This way no one will ever know!"

The boys quickly took their seats at the table, each sitting across from their own mother as Amy reached out and grabbed the pack of cards from her son.

"Texas hold 'em. No betting before the flop. The hand has to be fully completed for there to be a winner. Losing hand has to remove a piece of clothing" Amy announced as she shuffled the deck. The boys were impressed by the speed and relative ease in which she was doing so. "Winning hand can pick the piece of clothing if they want. Socks and shoes off so that everyone is on a level playing field."

"Someone has done this before" Dan laughed, noting the professional cadence of his friend's mom.

Beth was immediately taken back to their days of playing with the jocks at school. Their strip poker games usually ended in a long night of fun for everyone involved...especially the two girls.

"Oh you have no idea..." Beth said under her breath as she turned her head to see the devilish grin that was on her friend's face.

Amy dealt everyone at the table two cards face down before laying the flop (three community cards that face up) down on the middle of the table. Showing on the table was a 10, a jack, and a king .

Beth couldn't believe it. She was planning on folding every hand to avoid being caught up in this non-sense, but for some reason she decided to take a quick peek at her pocket cards and realized that she was holding an ace/king combo. See already had a pair of kings and the table was setting up for an ace-high straight.

Steve started the betting. "I'm in."

"Fold" Dan said.

"I'm out" Amy followed.

"Call" Beth announced.

"Look who didn't want to play!" Amy teased as she dealt the turn (the fourth community card).

A 3 flopped down on the table. No help to Amy but she was staying in. "I call."

"Call" Steve quickly responded.

"Here comes the river" (the fifth community card) Amy announced as she placed the final card down on the table. It was a 6 of clubs.

Amy paused and thought for a moment. She could still fold and get out of the hand, but she thinking that Steve was too excited and overplaying his cards. She didn't get her ace-high straight, but a pair of kings wasn't bad.

"Call..." Amy calmly announced to the table.

Steve quickly called as he threw his cards down on the table. He had a pair of Aces.

Beth meekly set her cards down on the table knowing that she was beat.

"Winner!" Steve yelled as he raised his hands in the air.

"Come on mom..." Dan said, looking across the table at Beth. "You never play an Anna Kournikova."

"A what?" Beth asked her son.

"An ace/king mom..." the boy went on, surprised to hear that she didn't know the old poker adage. "It looks pretty but it rarely wins."

"I told you that your mom played cards" Amy smiled at Dan, "not that she was any good at them." She turned her attention to her son. "Alright Steve...you can pick what piece of clothing you wan..."

"Shirt!" Steve cut his mom off as he stared at Beth. "Definitely the shirt."

Beth huffed as she lifted her t-shirt above her head and tossed it at her son's friend. "Happy?" she asked. She was wearing a white, lacy bra that pushed up her impressive cleavage. 

"Absolutely" Steve whistled as he continued to take in the beautiful sight that was sitting on the other side of the table. He took an exaggerated, deep smell of his friend's mom's shirt with a joyous look on his face. Beth rolled her eyes at him.

Dan quietly took all of this in. He would be lying if never admitted to fantasizing about his mom. What eighteen year old with a smoking hot mom wouldn't occasionally think about her? But seeing his mother in this state was stirring a lot of feelings in him that he hadn't felt before.

Amy beat Dan on the next hand much to her enjoyment. "Take it off!" she hollered as her son's friend raised his t-shirt over his head. "Look at all these muscles girl!" she laughed as she leaned over the table and felt her son's friend's bulging biceps. "Remind you of college?" Beth heard her friend ask as Amy sat back down in her chair.

"It does now..." Beth responded, looking at her jock son sitting across the table without his shirt.

Dan beat Amy in hand number three resulting in Amy losing her shirt.

Steve beat Beth in hand number four resulting in Beth losing her jeans.

A quick update on the state of our characters...

Beth - No shirt and no pants.

Amy - No shirt.

Dan - No shirt.

Steve - Fully clothed.

The fifth hand was unique for all the players at the table. The tension was building as nobody had folded after the flop. This was the first hand to have more than two participants playing this far into it.

As the fourth card was placed on the table, Dan looked around the room to see if he could find a tell. Everyone was straight-faced. "I call" he said.

"Me too" Amy followed.

"Call" Beth announced.

Steve smiled at his Mom as he set his cards down on the table. "You have nothing" he laughed.

"Is that so?"Amy responded. "Mr. Poker expert all of a sudden? Who was it again that won $720 tonight? Was it you or him?" Amy asked her son as she pointed at Dan.

"Who's the one with all his clothes on?" Steve grinned at his mom. "You're too honest for a game like poker" he smiled. "I call."

Steve caught an air of excitement coming from his mom as he watched her place the river card on the table. It was an Ace of hearts.

Dan was up. "I call."

"Same" Amy said.

"Call" Beth followed.

Steve laughed as he looked around the room in disbelief. "Nobody saw her nearly jump out of her seat when she put that Ace down?" he asked the table. He looked at Dan and Amy with a grin as he slid his cards to the middle of the table. "I'm out. You guys are in trouble."

Beth turned over her cards with a smile to reveal an Ace/8 combo. Her pair of Aces beat both Beth's pair of Jacks and Dan's pair of 7s.

"Ah shit!" Beth moaned, realizing what was coming next.

"Pants mister" Amy smiled at Dan. "And it's been a while since I've seen those" she grinned, pointing at Beth's chest.

Beth shook her head as she slowly undid her bra, letting it slide down into her lap.

"Dear God!" Steve yelled as he grabbed his chest and fell to the floor.

"Fuckin' dick" Dan muttered under his breath at his friend as he stood up to unzip his jeans.

Steve climbed back into his seat with a big grin as he admired his friend's mom's big, round breasts from across the table.

"Enjoying yourself?" Beth asked him.

"I could die a happy man Mrs. A" Steve laughed. He saw his mom gather the cards from the table to reshuffle the deck.

The sixth hand began as Amy placed the community cards on the table before dealing each player their respective cards. There was an ace and two 4s showing.

"It's getting interesting now" Amy smiled as she looked at the pile of clothes on the floor that was continuing to grow. "I'm up first this hand..." she announced as she took a quick peek at her pocket cards. "Count me out on this one."

Beth looked at her pocket cards. Ace/4. She already had a full house and finally had a hand that would shut Steve up. Worst of all, the kid's eyes had yet to leave her boobs since she removed her bra.

"I call" Beth calmly announced.

"I'm in" Steve followed, still staring at Beth.

Dan slid his cards in to fold, leaving just Beth and Steve for this hand.

Amy placed the fourth card on the table, a king of diamonds.

"I almost feel bad Mrs. A" Steve said to Beth as he took another peek at his pocket cards. "Me sitting here fully clothed and you about to be completely naked."

"That confident?" Beth asked with a grin.

"I can't lose" the teen arrogantly told her. "You know Mrs. A, being the nice guy that I am, I'm giving a novice like you a chance to get out of this hand before you have to slide that pretty little thong off."

Beth almost always wore panties. Her recent laziness when it came to doing the laundry was really biting her in the ass today.

"Apparently you boys like to play for big money" Beth said as she placed her cards down on the table and looked into Steve's eyes. "It's a shame we can't raise the stakes a little higher than a single piece of clothing."

"Fortunately for you Mrs. A, the rules of strip poker are flexible ones" Steve replied, curious to see where his friend's mom was going with this. "What do you have in mind?"

"I'm thinking if I win this hand" Beth continued, "you lose all your clothes."

"Four pieces of clothing versus one?" Steve asked with a smile on his face. "I'm no math wiz but those numbers don't quite add up to me."

"What would make it even for you?" Beth asked.

Steve pondered the question for a moment before a grin appeared on his face.

"A blowjob."

"Steven!" Amy yelled at her son. "That is completely inappropriate!"

Dan continued to quietly observe the situation. Surprisingly, he found himself rooting for his friend in this scenario. 

Beth didn't flinch as she continued to stare at Steve with a deadpan look on her face.

"Ok hot stuff" Beth nodded. "But I need a little more from you."

"Like what?" the teen asked.

"You shovel our driveway for the entire winter" Beth replied.

Steve took a deep breath as he thought about her proposal. He turned to his friend who raised his eyebrows at him.

"That's a long ass driveway dude" Dan said.

It was only November so that meant at least five months of shoveling. But on the other hand, how often does an opportunity like this come along? He had to accept it.

Steve reached his hand out with a grin. Beth met it with hers as the two agreed on the deal with a handshake.

"Thank goodness for all those muscles because you're going to be needing them pretty soon" Beth smiled as she turned over her cards.

Steve's face quickly turned sour as he realized she had a full house.

"Ah fuck..." he groaned as he angrily threw down his pair of kings. Steve's three kings couldn't top Beth's full house.

Beth turned to Amy and smiled. "I waited for my spot all night" she laughed, causing Amy to giggle.

"Wait...she hustled me?" Steve asked his mom.

"That's what she does" Amy smiled at her son.

Steve stood up from his chair and began to rapidly pace alongside the table. "I need a king...how about a king...show me a king..."

The only way Steve could beat Amy's full house would be with four of a kind. He need the fifth card to be a king or else he was looking at five long months of shoveling.

"Someone's hoping for a miracle!" Beth shouted as she leaned back to take in the enjoyable sight that was in front of her. From about the fifth grade on, Steve always had something smart to say to Beth. From about the seventh grade on, those remarks were usually sexually laced. Watching him in a position of panic, knowing that he was about to lose, gave Beth a surprising amount of pleasure.

As Amy reached for the fifth and final card, Beth's smile widened. She could now see beads of sweat running down Steve's face. Having him clearing her driveway all winter would be nice, but shutting up that mouth of his would be even better.

Amy placed the card down on the table. It was a king of hearts.

"Fuck yeah!" Steve shouted as he jumped in the air. "That's a motherfuckin' king baby!"

Beth's stomach sank. "Oh you have to be kidding me..." she groaned as she stared down at the cards on the table. 

"That's what I'm fucking talking about!" Steve continued celebrating as he delivered a dramatic fist pump to no one in particular. "Who the fuck needs a gold bracelet when you can get your dick sucked?!"

Amy shook her head and quietly laughed as she watched her son celebrate. She turned to look at her friend who wasn't doing quite as well. "You gonna be ok?" she asked.

"I can't believe he pulled a king out of his ass..." Beth said, still staring down at the table. She was in a state of disbelief.

"Fuck yeah!" Steve yelled as he karate chopped the air with his hand before delivering a kick to the middle of the room.

Beth ran her hand through her hair as she looked at her friend's son. He was tall, lean, muscular, and good looking. It could be worse she thought to herself.

"I could cash in next month" Steve announced to the room as he made his way back to the table. "Or I could cash in next week" he continued as he walked behind Beth and leaned into her ear to whisper. "Or I could cash in right...fucking...now..."

Beth took a deep breath, got out of her chair, and followed her friend's son to the living room.

Steve plopped down on the couch with a big smile as he watched Beth enter the room, her big boobs bouncing with each and every step she took.

"Fuck!" he yelled as he jumped up. "I'll be right back!"

"Um...ok" Beth said as she watched the teen sprint up the stairs towards his room. She removed the hair tie from her wrist and wrapped her long blonde hair in a bun. She turned to the stairs to see Steve loudly running back down with something in his hand.

"I want that hair down" he told her as he tossed a bottle of baby oil on the couch.

"When did we agree to oil?" Beth asked as she undid her hair bun, letting her long, blonde locks fall down past her shoulders.

"When didn't we?" Steve asked as he excitedly sat back down on the couch.

Beth continued to stand in the middle of the room, waiting for something to happen. Steve however seemed content at just soaking in Beth's amazing body for as long as he could. He finally looked into the mom's eyes, stuck out his index finger, and gave her a come hither motion.

Beth began approaching the couch as Steve quickly sat up straight, waiting for Beth to be just a few feet from him. When the mom stopped, Steve put both his hands in front of her breasts and paused. He looked up into Beth's green eyes and smiled before slowly moving his hands forward and taking ahold of her big, soft boobs.

"Jesus...fucking...Christ..." he said to himself as he continued to fondle and squeeze the milf's impressive chest. "These fucking things..." he smiled as he gave them a shake, watching her breasts bounce and flop around in his hands.

Steve leaned his face forward and took her left nipple into his mouth.

"Wait...wait...wait..." Beth stuttered. Before she could put up more of a protest, the teen moved his mouth to her right breast, causing a jolt to shoot throughout her body.

Beth watched her friend's son raise her breast up and smile at her as he continued to lick and suck on her nipple.

Steve pulled his head back and grinned at the mom. "Lick it..."

Beth lowered her head and began running her tongue around and on her hard nipple, quickly realizing that Steve's tongue had joined her. The two mouths continued to play with her breast as Beth suddenly felt a tongue slide into her mouth. Steve was kissing her and Beth didn't hesitate...she kissed him back. The two continued to make-out for a few moments before Steve broke off the kiss and leaned back into the couch.

"Ok..." he grinned as Beth watched him take off his shirt and toss it onto the floor. "Now time to pay up on this bet."

Beth felt giddy. The truth was that she hadn't seen Steve without his shirt on in a few years. After all, the two boys spent most of their time at Amy's house or out chasing girls. He looked like a completely different guy since that time she saw him at his pool party a few years ago. He was a kid then. He was a man now.

Beth made her way to the couch, sat down next to Steve, and kissed him. She didn't just kiss him, she attacked him. Her hands quickly began to explore his body. His big arms, his chiseled chest, and his ripped abs. Beth definitely had a weakness back in college. That weakness was called any guy with abs. The older men that she had been dating all of her adult life had beer bellies from years of drinking and fast food. It had been over 20 years since she had been with someone who had a body like this.

Steve grabbed her by the back of the neck and firmly yanked her in front of his face. "God you are so fucking sexy" he whispered to her as he gave his friend's mom a soft peck on the lips.

Beth blushed. It had been a long time since she had someone talk to her like this. Someone to tell her how sexy she was. Guys her age took her for granted. As Beth watched the teen stare into her vibrant green eyes and admire her pouty lips, she knew that she was finally going to get the appreciation she was looking for.

"You know what would make you look even sexier?" Steve asked as he relaxed his grip on the back of her neck.

"What's that?" Beth playfully responded with a schoolgirl like innocence.

"My big fucking dick in that pretty little mouth" he grinned as he slid his jeans and boxers down, allowing his cock to spring free.

"Woah!" Beth shouted as her eyes widened. "Um...what?" she laughed as she continued to stare at his rather large manhood.

All the foreplay the two had taken part in had Steve rock hard. His thick, veiny cock was at full attention. Beth could see precum glistening from the top of the fat head as she licked her lips. See hadn't seen a cock this big since her more promiscuous days.

"Um...that's huge..." Beth told the teen as she pointed at his cock.

"What were you expecting?" Steve smiled as he watched the mom slid off the couch and onto her knees in front of him. She was reverting back to her natural instincts.

"Not that..." Beth answered. She could now see his big, low hanging balls dangling below his cock as she crawled towards him. Beth leaned forward and planted a gentle kiss on his balls, before sliding her tongue along the length of his seemingly never ending shaft.

"That a girl" Steve moaned as he moved some of the mom's blonde hair from her eyes. She opened as wide as she could and took the first few inches of his fat cock in her mouth, causing the teen to groan in pleasure.

His moans and feedback only caused Beth to suck faster and deeper. She felt her gag relax hit about halfway down his girthy meat, causing spit to drool from her mouth and onto his leg.

"It's too thick!" Beth giggled as she leaned back, wiping the drool from the sides of her mouth with her arm.

"That's what we have this for" Steve smiled as he leaned over and grabbed the bottle of baby oil. "Lean back."

Beth grinned as she watched the teen slowly pour the oil across her chest, covering both of her large boobs. He leaned forward and began to rub the oil in, squeezing and playing with the mom's soft breasts.

"These tits should never not be oiled up" Steve groaned as he leaned back into his seat on the couch. "And they should never not have my cock between them" he told her as he watched Beth stick her chest out and wrap his cock around her.

Beth smiled as she watched Steve's fat cock disappear between her large, soft breasts, only for the first few inches to come rocketing out every time he pumped upwards. The teen threw his head back as he sat still, allowing Beth to do the work.

"I could get used to this" Steve moaned out in pleasure.

Beth playfully rolled her eyes as she squeezed her oily breasts tighter around his cock and continued to slide up and down his pole.

Beth stopped and turned her head towards the kitchen. "Did you hear that?" she asked Steve.

With Beth no longer doing the work, Steve decided to take over and began to pump away between her breasts.

"Stop!" Beth firmly told him as she leaned back and tried to focus in on whatever sound she was hearing. "What's that noise?"

"Who cares?" Steve told her as he leaned forward and slapped his hard dick on her left breast. "Get those tits back over here."

"Shhh!" Beth waived at him as she squinted her eyes, trying to decipher the sound coming from the other room. "Wait here" she told him as she stood up and slowly crept towards the sound.

Beth peered into the kitchen and couldn't believe what she was seeing. 

"Amy!" she shouted as she looked at her best friend of over twenty years, on her knees in front of Beth's son, slobbering on his hard cock.

"What?" Amy smiled as she wrapped her hand around Dan's long cock and began to slowly stroke it. "Why should you be the only one that gets to have fun tonight?"

"Fun?!" Beth shouted, pretending to be insulted by the notion that this was fun for her. "I lost a bet Amy!"

"Oh come on..." Amy grinned as she moved her free hand to Dan's body and ran it down his defined chest and abs. "You're honestly telling me that I should pass up on getting a piece of this?" Amy asked her friend, while firmly shaking Dan's cock in front of her.

Dan's cock wasn't as thick as Steve's, but he definitely had the edge in the length department. Beth shook her head at her friend as she watched her begin to slowly stroke him again.

"God you're such a slut" Beth chuckled, leaning against the kitchen wall. "Some things never change..."

Amy bobbed her mouth a few times on Dan's long dick before looking towards Beth and pointing. "So what does that make you?" Amy asked her, referring to the oil that was dripping off of Beth's body. "Just a blowjob huh?"

"Your son is quite the pervert" Beth laughed.

"Is there anymore room on the couch next to that pervert?" Amy smiled as she stood up. "This floor is killing my knees."

"I think we can find you guys a spot" Beth laughed as she turned and made her way back to the living room.

"About fucking time!" Steve yelled as he watched Beth make her way back into the room. 

Beth smiled as she sat down on the couch next to him. "You ready to see something crazy?" she asked.

"Crazy?" Steve grinned, thinking that Beth had something kinky planned for the rest of their blowjob.

Beth continued to smile as she starred at Steve, waiting for his face to change.

"What the fuck!" Steve shouted as he looked towards the hallway to see both his mother and his friend walking into the room. His mom was down to just her panties and her small, perky breasts were exposed. His friend was walking behind her, completely naked with a big hard-on. He watched as Dan gave her a hard slap on the ass that caused Amy to jump with a giggle.

"Um...how the fuck did this happen?" Steve asked his friend as Dan sat down on the couch next to him. He watched his mom walk in front of his friend, drop to her knees on one of the couch cushions Beth had laid in front of the boys, and immediately bury his friend's cock down her throat.

"Jesus..." Steve remarked as he looked at Dan's face.

"I think your mom has a type bro" Dan laughed as Amy ran her hand along his body while continuing to suck his dick. "She told me that she loved the jocks back when she was in college, so I figured I would be a nice guy and help her out" he smiled as he placed both of his hands on Amy's head and roughly pushed down, causing her to take the entire length of his long cock into her throat.

Steve leaned back with his eyebrows raised in shock. "Holy shit" he said as his friend continued to hold his buddy's mom's head down. Dan shut his eyes and smiled with pleasure as he gave Amy's throat a few hard thrusts before releasing his grip.

Amy quickly freed her mouth from his cock, gasping for air in her oxygen deprived lungs. A smile formed on her face as she turned to look at her son.

Steve could only stare in amazement. Spit was covering his mom's face and her dark eyeliner was beginning to run down from her thick eyelashes.

"That's the queen" Beth giggled. She was having flashbacks to the rooms that the two girls would party with the football team in. A lot had changed in their twenty years since college. This however, had not.

Steve turned to look at Beth as he continued to hear the sound of gagging and choking taking place next to him. He didn't have to look to see that his friend was face-fucking his mom. "The queen?" he asked as he looked back to watch his mom and friend.

"Your mom had a few nicknames back in school" Beth smiled as she continued to admire her friend's amazing ability to make any size cock disappear. She had always been jealous of not only Amy's incredible talent to swallow a cock no matter how long or how thick, but her unmatched love of giving head. "The blowjob queen was the one that stuck the best."

Beth moved her hand to Steve's cheek and slowly spun his face away from his mom and back to her. She leaned into his ear and whispered to him. "You want to make your friend jealous?"

"Yeah..." Steve responded. He could feel her large, slippery breasts pressing against his chest.

"Why don't you grab some more of that oil..." Beth continued to whisper as she reached down and began stroking his cock, "and show Dan what he can't do with your mom."

Beth leaned back and saw the look on Steve's face turn to a smile. He picked up the bottle of baby oil and began pouring it on Beth. Steve stood up in front of his friend's mom, towering over her as he continued to drench her body in oil. Beth made sure that Amy and Dan were looking before beginning to erotically rub it in to her chest. "Now where were we sweetie?" she asked.

Oil was splashing off of Beth as Steve began to roughly thrust between her boobs. Seeing this, Dan grabbed the back of Amy's head and buried the entire length of his cock down her throat. "Fuck yeah" he moaned as he slowly pulled it out, only to beginning pumping her mouth once again. "Take my cock slut."

Beth was determined not to be outdone by her friend. "How many of those big, fat nuts do you think you can fit in my slutty little mouth?" she asked as she positioned herself on all fours in front of Steve. 

Steve grinned as he lifted his cock up and pushed his nut into his friend's mom's mouth. "Open wide Mrs. A" he smiled as he pushed his other ball in. He pressed his thick cock down across the length of Beth's face as she continued to suck on both his nuts at the same time.

Beth popped his balls out of her mouth and gave his fat meat a lick.

"Who's my little whore?" Steve asked as he grinned down at Beth.

"I am" she smiled before making her way from Steve's balls all the way to the head of his cock in one long lick.

"There's my dirty girl" Amy smiled as she crawled over to Beth. "I was starting to think it wasn't in you anymore."

"It's still there" Beth grinned as she felt Amy's hand give her big, wet boob a squeeze.

The two high school friends stood and watched as Amy whispered something into Beth's ear.

"No!" Beth laughed with a big smile.

Amy continued to whisper to her.

"Oh my God you're so bad! Beth laughed as she gave her friend a playful push on the shoulder. "Are you sure?" she asked.

"Amy looked up at the two teens and then back to Beth. "Absolutely..." she grinned as she leaned towards her and gave her a kiss on the lips.

"Fuck..." Dan moaned as he watched his mother make-out with his best friend's mom. "Dude...this is fucking awesome."

"No shit..." Steve answered with his mouth still wide open. "What do you think my mom said to yours?"

"God only knows" Dan responded, slowly stroking his cock to the sight of the two milf's continuing to kiss.

The two moms broke of their kiss. They both giggled and switched positions on the floor, slowly crawling in front of their respective son.

"No fucking way!" Steve gasped as both of the moms pushed their sons back on the couch and lunged at them.

Dan threw his head back as Beth quickly wrapped her breasts around his long cock. He suddenly shot forward, rapidly in search of the bottle of oil. When he found it, he emptied the remaining oil onto his mother as she continued to grind his cock between her chest. He quickly took over and began pumping, causing the head of his cock to poke out from between her boobs every time he thrusted upwards with his sizable length. Beth was more than happy to meet the tip of his cockhead with her tongue.

Amy wasn't as quick to get to work on the son. She took a minute to admire the fat, thick cock that was standing at full attention in front of her.

"I don't know where you got that thing from but it certainly wasn't your father" she shook her head in amazement as she started to seriously wonder if she could take something so fat.

"You scared?" Beth laughed, seeing the look of concern on her friend's face.

"You see this fuckin' thing?" Amy laughed as she reached out and attempted to wrap her hand around her son's dick. Her fingers and thumb didn't come close to touching.

"Twenty year old Amy would have had that monster cumming by now" Beth giggled as her own son continued to fuck her tits.

A determined look grew on Amy's face as she turned back and looked at her son. "You sure you want mommy to suck this cock?" she asked.

Before Steve could respond, he saw his mom give him a look. "Too late" Amy grinned as she plunged down on his dick.

Beth watched her friend take half of her own son's cock before seemingly hitting a wall. Amy reached for Steve's hand and placed it on the back of her head. Steve took the hint and pushed down, causing Amy's throat to open and slowly accept all of him.

"Jesus Christ!" Steve groaned. His mom had taken his entire cock. That was something no girl had ever come close to doing before. Steve lifted his balls up to the base of his cock while his mom was still swallowing him, to see just what exactly she was game for. Her tongue came out and slid along his nuts before he released his grip on the back of her head.

Steve's perversion and girthy cock had met Amy's ridiculously high sex drive and love of sucking dick. Beth knew that the two were a match made in heaven.

As Beth watched Steve become acquainted with his mom's throat, she felt her son stop pumping. She turned her head to see Dan's face just a few inches from her own.

"You are so gorgeous mom" he told her as he moved closer and reached out his tongue. Beth immediately accepted him into her mouth and wasn't planning on letting go anytime soon. She began stroking his cock faster as their tongues continued to explore each others mouths. Her ex-husband was never the lovey-dovey type. Long make-out sessions and passionate sex weren't exactly his forte and that was something Beth had sorely lacked in her life. She was pretty sure that her son was about to change that.

"I want to paint this pretty fuckin' face" Dan smiled, looking down at his mom's bright green eyes.

So maybe he wasn't always a romantic...but hey, facials in exchange for long nights of making out and cuddling? That was a trade Beth was more than happy to make.

"I bet this cock has a big, fat fuckin' load for me doesn't it?" Beth grinned up at her son, eager to egg him on.

Amy took the cock out of mouth and laughed. "Hey look, Beth finally got a bet right!"

The boys laughed as Dan motioned Amy to move next to his mom. "Get your sexy ass over here."

"I like how this one thinks" Amy smiled to her friend as she crawled next to Beth on the floor and positioned her head next to hers.

Beth reached for Amy's face, making sure to not break eye contact with her son. She stuck her tongue out and pulled her friend to her mouth, allowing Amy to engulf it while Beth continued to stare into her son's eyes.

"That is so fucking hot" Dan moaned as he slowly stroked his cock, looking down at the two mom's kissing each other in front of him. "You fuckin' ready?"

"Give it to us baby" Beth told her son as both of the milfs made eye contact with him. The bright and vivid blue and green eyes of the two moms had him on the verge of exploding.

"Fuck..." Dan moaned as he felt the first spurt of cum rocket out of his cock and slam into his mom's cute little nose. Cum exploded in all directions, causing a mess on both of Beth's cheeks.

Amy giggled as she wagged her tongue at him. Dan pointed his cock at her and responded with a powerful rope that painted a line from the top of Amy's forehead, down her pretty face, and eventually puddled up on her tongue. Before she could collect herself, she got hit with another shot that slammed into her left eye, causing the mom to jump back.

Amy laughed as she grabbed her friend's arm and buried her now cum covered face into her shoulder. "The aim on this one isn't so good!" she giggled as Dan moved his cock back to his mom.

Beth opened her mouth wide to give her son as big of a target as possible. He emptied the rest of his load into her mouth before placing his cock on her tongue, allowing her to engulf his dick and clean him off.

Steve moved in front of Amy and buried his fat cock into her mouth. "Stay still mom" he told her as he began to quickly fill her mouth with his incestuous seed. His leg twitched as he finished unloading every drop into her accepting mouth. He had never had an orgasm as strong as the one he just had in his own mother's mouth.

The teens starred down at their moms kneeling on the floor in front of them. Beth had a mouthful of her son's seed and cum was dripping off of her face and onto her large breasts. Amy was a complete mess. She had a thick line of cum running the length of her face, an eye that was glued shut, and a mouthful of both her son and his friend.

Amy turned to Beth, leaned her head back, and gurgled the cum that was in her mouth like it was mouthwash. Beth quickly moved her hand over her mouth to prevent herself from laughing too hard and spilling what she had collected.

"Open up slut" Amy managed to get out with a slight giggle, making sure not to lose any cum in the process. Beth leaned her head back and opened her mouth as she watched Amy position herself above her.

"Holy fuck dude" Steve groaned as he watched a river of cum pour out of his mother's mouth and into his friend's mom's.

Small amounts of cum began finding their way out of Beth's overflowing mouth as she tried her best to keep it all in. She put both of her hands on Amy's head and tilted it back, leaned over her, and let a seemingly never ending flow of cum transfer into her friend's mouth.

Amy looked up at the two boys and opened her mouth, showing them just how much cum was inside. She took a deep gulp, opened her mouth again, and stuck her tongue out to show them that it was all gone.

"Oh my God you are such a pig" Beth laughed as she gave her friend a light push on the arm.

"Fuckin' right I am" Amy grinned as she moved towards her son. "Let mommy clean this beautiful cock off" she told him as she wrapped her lips around the head of his dick. Beth followed her friend's lead as both of the mother's made sure to suck every drop out of their son's big cocks.

Amy slid her mouth off of Steve's dick and yanked Beth's head to hers, passionately kissing her longtime friend in front of their boys. She scoped a string of cum from Beth's cheek and put it into her mouth.

Beth looked up at Steve with a grin. "She's going to wear you out" she told him before giving the tip of her own son's cock a kiss.

"So how about we start a new tradition?" Amy asked the room as she leaned back and admired the two studs standing in front of her. "After poker night with your friends on Wednesdays, you two have a special poker night with your Moms right after?"

"I'm in" Steve smiled.

"Me too" Dan nodded.

"I call" Beth grinned.