Stories 18+ Son's sex life collides with mom's afterwork C2

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Stories 18+ Son's sex life collides with mom's afterwork C2
"Sure thing, Christie. I'll get right on it."

The aroused manager sat back down in her office and waited for relief.

Just as the high school baseball star found the perfect costume to go with his mother's while showing off his skinnier but muscular body, he got a text from Olivia. Adam began to notice that for a while his fantasies revolved around his fellow high school senior, but recently she had faded into the background as his attention was solely on his mother. The text told him that he was required to turn the orange dildo on and leave it on until 5. He checked the time on his smart phone and saw that his mother's presentation was over and he wouldn't be breaking his part of the deal.

He tapped the button and immediately realized his costume had yet another connection to his mom. Adam held the transparent plastic packaging to a prisoner costume. It was an orange two-piece scrub set with the top half having stenciled font of an inmate number. He made sure to get a size below his normal clothes in order to make it tight against his body. Not that he was jacked, but he knew it would look sexy if he cut off the sleeves and cut a deep V-neck into the top to show off his developing muscle. Maybe she'll be interested in being satisfied by an another orange toy tonight, Adam cracked the bad joke to himself.

Little to her son's knowledge, Christie had closed the blinds to her office and was pleased that her vibrator had been activated. She sat in her seat with her eyes closed. Her business dress was pulled up to her waist so that when her fluids soaked through her panties they would go onto the leather chair instead of staining the back of her dress. The blonde mother gyrated her hips in her seat to slightly change the angles of the phallic shaped rubber to increase her stimulus.

While her pleasure progressed so did the scenario stuck in her head. She was on her knees sucking her son's erection as he stared at her exposed breasts. Then he grabbed her head and pulled it in tightly as he shot his load into her mouth. After he finished, he reached out and started massaging her titties before getting onto the ground with her and pushing her onto her back. She watched as her son slid her hot pants down her thighs and placed his head in between her legs as she could still taste his cum in her mouth. Right as Christie imagined his tongue flick her pussy lips she came in her office chair.

Simply not being able to take it anymore, the woman who was bound to the dare card removed the dildo from her vagina while she wiped off her chair with tissue. The orange toy had served its purpose. The bewildered mom couldn't think straight and couldn't understand what was going on in her own mind so she just gave up on trying to rationalize what just happened.

That day after school and costume shopping was no different for Adam. He stayed in his room all day to avoid an awkward conversation with his mom. He heard from his room his dad congratulating his mom on a great sales pitch. This gave the hopeful son some more promise that things would go like he had been idealizing. The only time Adam opened his door was to secretly watch Christie tiptoe out of the house carrying her bag; this time he knew what was in it.

It wasn't too long after his hot mother left her sleeping husband at home for Frank's sex party that it was time for Adam to meet Olivia in her car. This time his kinky classmate was wearing a slutty nurse costume. It was definitely both revealing and cliché.

"You are such an idiot!" Cried Olivia with laughter as Adam stepped into the car. He was taken back and didn't understand.

"What do you mean?" He asked in a naïve tone.

"You realize that you just walked through other people's yards in the dark in a prison uniform, right?"

Adam started cracking up as well of what other people would have thought if they saw him. He also was angry with himself because he realized that if he were seen he could've had the cops called on him and jeopardized getting to the party on time or even at all while he tried to explain why he was running through people's property.

Olivia and Adam drove off to the party.

The teenager in the prison costume was jittery as he walked towards the large wooden front door. Olivia knocked in the correct way while Adam took a mental note of it for next time. The door swung open and the party was well underway. The man taking down their names was a different man than last time. This man was just an employee at Frank's firm and not the game host who turned out to be Frank's personal accountant.

The first thing Adam did was he found Frank, who was dressed in an expensive-looking pirate costume, and thanked him for letting him come again. After the customary greetings Adam went off to explore the house to find the cop of his dreams.

Exploring throughout the large home, Adam spotted many slutty cats, slutty superheroes, naughty nuns, bad angels, and hot nurses, but he could not find the blonde cop. It soon became apparent in a disappointed Adam's mind that his mom likely got cold feet about her side of the deal and left the party early or maybe didn't even show up at all.

The reality though was that Christie was in the process of executing her plan to fulfill her side of the agreement. The seductive cop had convinced Frank's accountant to leave his post at the door for a little bit and follow her into the currently abandoned pool house. Not that any man would have needed much convincing with the way the blonde knockout was dressed.

"So what exactly do you want from me?" The curious man asked in a nasally voice and Christie removed her aviator sunglasses.

Trying to use the same cute, seductive voice and batting eyes that used to get her husband to do chores around the house, Christie asked, "If you could make sure that water tube is in the front row that would make me sooo happy."

The average-heighted but scrawny accountant in a rather appropriate Star Trek costume considered the request. "I mean yeah, if it means that much to you then sure."

The attractive cop was giddy and the scrawny Captain Kirk was rewarded by seeing her tits wiggle in her blue top that barely held them within.

"So is that all?" He was eager to help her more and keep her attention.

"Well, actually, there is one more thing..." The stunning vision held up her index finger.

"What's that?"

"When you are picking the water polo balls could you make sure that 'Adam S.' gets picked first?"

The accountant was almost offended that the woman before him was asking him to cheat for her and risk losing Frank's trust.

"No! I can't do that. If you want to blow that guy that badly just do it during free play. I don't think I could even do that!"

Concerned by his initial answer, Christie tried to calm his disposition. "Believe me, this just needs to happen. All you would have to do is after the balls have the named taped on them, put Adam S.'s on top in the corner of the bin closest to you and act like you randomly picked it first. Frank would never know." She was almost pouting as she asked. She leaned forward slightly to reveal even more of her large cleavage in hopes that it would make it harder for the man to deny her request.

"Okay, I'll do it."

Christie flashed her teeth and thanked the guy for what he was doing. But the accountant was a smart man and he dampened the celebration.

"However, I'll need something in return," he stated with hesitant tone. It was obvious he was not a confident man, just a logical one.

For a moment it seemed Christie had what she needed very easily. It then became clear that she was going to have to do what she thought she'd have to do anyway. The sexy blonde didn't feel like playing games so she cut right to the chase. She saw the man in the replica tunic make love to her chest with his eyes so she reached out and grabbed the man's nervous hands in hers and then slid them under her light blue shirt, which was also acting as her bra.

An expression of astonishment struck the scrawny man's face as he realized the female was just as aware of his attentions as he was and was a willing participant in them. Her breasts felt amazing in his hands.

"How about I let you fuck these?" The gifted woman sighed.

He stammered, "" All he could do is stare at Christie's perfect breasts and decided it was time to try something he never had before. The nasally voice then blurted out, "I can put it in between your tits?" It was a rhetorical question because Christie could only give one answer in order to get what she wanted out of him.

The policewoman nudged the blackmailing man over to a white plastic chair and he sat down.

"Take off your pants," emotionlessly commanded Christie.

With her order swiftly obeyed, the busty office manager tilted her head down and spit multiple times on her breasts in lieu of lubricant. While keeping her knotted shirt on she crawled in between the man's trembling legs, lifted up her rack, and lowered it around his smaller penis. The pink head of the man in Star Trek garb wasn't high enough to make it all the way through Christie's cleavage but he enjoyed thrusting into it.

It didn't take long for his eyes to squint. He jerked his head back and his dirty-blonde wig fell off, revealing his bald spot. The man looked down at the woman and saw over her head and could see her round ass pressed against her heels.

While trying to delay his orgasm the man desperately asked, "Can I finish in your ass?"

"No!" Christie exclaimed with a disgusted look. "This was the deal we made."

Not to be denied, the smart man replied through his groaning, "I'll deflate Adam's ball a little so it probably wouldn't bounce off your tube if he hits it!"

As Christie knelt there pressing her melons together with her hands she analyzed the offer. All she needed to do to meet her promise with her son was to get his ball picked first and for her tube to be closest. She already had that covered. Any extra help would just be voluntarily increasing the odds of having to blow her son.

She tilted her gaze back up at the 50-something-year-old man's red squinting face. There was no time left to think, only time to act on instinct. "Yes! You can finish in my ass!"

The sizable breasts left the slender rod in a hurry. It had to happen quickly before the man's load could ejaculate. Within seconds Christie spun on her knees so she faced the other way and her forearms hit the ground so her ass would be higher in the air.

Immediately as her arms touched down she felt her black faux leather shorts that cupped her ass, being pulled down below her butt cheeks. Fortunately, due to the smaller size of the accountant's cock, no lubricant was required for Christie's cherryhole to be penetrated.

It turns out Christie had barely answered in time because after just two thrusts inside of her ass she felt a rush of hot liquid and load nasally groans behind her. She stayed still as the man way below her league deposited the last drops of his seed into her. Then she stood up, reminded the collapsed man of his duties, put her sunglasses back on, and left to rejoin the party.

While standing in the main living room, Olivia noticed that her partner had his head hung low.

"What's the matter, Adam? You seem bummed out."

The depressed teen opened his mouth to answer, but then stopped because his answer was no longer relevant. Adam's eyes lit up as he stepped away from the conversation. Coming from a back hallway into the living room was none other than his mom. Adam swallowed to alleviate his dry throat. Christie looked even hotter than he imagined, and even more stunning that the model that advertised the costume.

Just about all of the men and all of the women in the room locked onto the blonde, who had an aura of mystery about her due to her glasses covering her eyes. As she strutted in her sleek shorts that cupped the shape her butt cheeks with no room to spare, she immediately came to a halt.

Adam couldn't see her eyes but he could tell from his reflection in her gold-tinted sunglasses that she was looking at him. The first thing Christie did after deciding they had been making eye contact for too long, was check out her son's choice in costume. He couldn't have possibly known what she was wearing because she didn't tell anyone. But looking at his prisoner costume, the mother began to consider that maybe it was a sign that tonight they were supposed to fit together.

The relatives didn't know what to do next, but Christie decided it would be more awkward if she completely denied her son's existence at the party. She walked up to him awkwardly.

"Hey, Adam. So how are you?" If only he knew what I just did for him. 

The aroused son did everything in his power to keep his focus on his mom's face, which was about three inches above his eye line because of her tall heels. He tried to resist ogling at her amazing body, which was so exposed in her outfit. He failed miserably once he began speaking.

"I...uh...I'm uh... well... I uh... I guess." His eyes left his mother's eyes and darted at her cleavage, midriff, and legs, between every word.

Christie saw his staring and pretended not to notice. She didn't want to seem vain, but she knew she couldn't expect him not to lose his mind over how she was dressed. The caring mother let her son enjoy her choice of attire, and she was actually flattered that an 18-year-old Adam found her to be so attractive at 41.

Before Christie could respond to her son's stammering, Sheila approached them, while wearing a green fairy costume that her massive black jugs were spewing out of.

"Oh my God," she started, "you two look like you planned this together!"

Adam then noticed Olivia smiling at him in the background because her idea had worked.

Sheila continued as she hugged her friend to greet her, "I think this is a sign that you two should be having fun together during free play." She winked at Adam in obvious view of Christie as a way to suggest that she was trying to set them up.

The young man was pumped at the encouragement, while the older woman gave a biting grin in response to the uncomfortable irony. Christie's embarrassment went unnoticed to her office friend, who was having fun playing cupid.

"This is too funny. You two must have gotten inside each others minds during the week while you were having fun the electronic dildo."

The mom and son laughed a little at the comment, Adam more than his mother.

"You two have to take a picture together to remember this. Don't worry I'll block out your eyes."

Photos were generally forbidden at Frank's sex parties but if the people in the photo were okay with it, then it was no problem. It wasn't like Christie had never broken a rule; after all, she had just let a guy unload in her ass prior to free play.

After Sheila had promised to make both people in the photo unidentifiable, the discomforted mother had no reasonable explanation to deny the photo, other than the truth, which she certainly didn't want to tell.

The curvy black woman stepped back with her phone, aiming at the mature seductive cop and the young athletic prisoner, who were currently two feet away from each other.

"Come on! Look like you're together!" the matchmaker suggested excitedly.

Adam and his mother sidestepped closer to each other. They both lightly put their arm around the other person's back.

Sheila held up her phone and aimed it, but then let it down again before taking the photo.

"C'mon guys! This isn't church; it's a sex party. Let's see something a little risqué."

The relenting Christie realized there was no way out of Sheila's well-intended nagging. The scantly dressed policewoman scuffled towards her son, with her right leg pressed against his left. She then turned inwards and bent her left outer leg at the knee while raising it across his torso. To finish the pose, she wrapped her arms around his far shoulder. She could feel the half-chub her son had, likely from checking her out earlier, pressing against her thigh.

Adam was in awe over the position his mom just took. He looked down at her long smooth thigh across his body and he felt her chest pressing against his left shoulder. He initially worried that Christie would leave the position after she felt his erection pushing against her bare thigh, but she held her pose. That gave Adam confidence.

"You too, inmate!" Sheila suggested, referencing his costume.

With his lower body blocked from moving by his mom's legs, Adam had to quickly think of something sexual and intimate to do with his hands. His left arm was still wrapped around her back, so he did the only thing he could with it.

Christie was still as she felt her son's hand run down her naked back. She knew exactly where the hand was going and she didn't know what to think about it. He's confident; I'll give him that. 

With his left hand firmly planted on the rear of his mother's pants, Adam squeezed a little to make it sexual, but not too much to where he would risk his mom bolting from the scene.

The only decision left was what he should do with his outer right hand. He had two options left: The first option was to place it under his mom's inviting thigh to act as if he was holding it up. That would be the most aesthetically pleasing option for the photo. But Adam had more desire for the sexually intimate aspect of the photo. The devious young man took advantage of the opportunity to move his hand towards Christie's immaculate left breast, which was pressing against his chest.

Through her sunglasses, Christie observed in amazement as her son's hand reached for her firm left boob, which was barely covered by cotton fabric. Her eyebrows rose on her forehead, as the young but confident hand cradled and lightly squeezed the area around her areola. Adam's four fingers were against her clothing, but his thumb rested on her soft flesh.

"There ya go! That's better, you two," Sheila applauded without any awareness of the context. She held her phone up again. "Christie just plant your lips on your young lover's cheek and we'll have a great photo."

Blowing a heavy breath in acceptance of yet another requirement, the mother, who was being felt up by her son, leaned in to plant her moisturized lips on his cheek. As she turned towards the side of his face, she felt movement on her thigh.

Adam's half-chub grew into an erection that was constrained by her leg. Christie could sense the embarrassment Adam was feeling and decided to act as if nothing was wrong, recognizing she was just as responsible for it as he was.

Christie held her lips against her son's cheek. Despite that act happening many times throughout their lives, it felt much different that time.

A thrilled Sheila took the photo. The lips on Adam's cheek broke away, but the thigh pressing against his erection lingered for a few extra moments.

"Oh this is just about the sexiest photo I've ever seen," the photographer remarked to the pair.

It was then when Christie suddenly pulled away in haste. She briskly took a couple steps, but wanted to leave things in slightly less awkward shape. "I'm uh... I'm gonna go get a drink." She fled to the kitchen.

Trying to figure out if something was wrong and if he was responsible, Adam walked away from Sheila.

It was then when Frank's booming voice interrupted the party. "It's 9:30. You know what that means... Time for free play!"

The party's guests erupted, but Adam wasn't in the mood to cheer, as his mother had disappeared.

Seeing his disappointment and frustration, Sheila offered a consolation prize. It was her attempt to put the couple together that resulted in heartbreak for Adam. Plus, she couldn't deny that she had a great time with him at the last party.

"Hey, Honey. How would you like a visit from the sex fairy? I let sexy young men like you finish anywhere they want," she winked, as she held up a sparkling wand she had in her belt.

Tempted, but still feeling down on his luck, Adam politely declined the generous offer. He was more than happy to play with other women any day of the week, but at the moment he was hung up on one.

The upset teenager wandered around the party in envy of the other 40 or so guests that were engaging in their desires. He searched the party to find the other third of the guests, who weren't engaging in sex at the moment, so he could have some company. As he toured the large abode he noticed that Frank was making use of his free play to be intimate with Olivia again. Adam moved on to other parts of the house.

That was when he spotted his mom again. She was in the lounge room, along with a lot of other people. Adam didn't spot her by her face. He picked her out by her blonde hair, her exposed back, and her firm ass stretching out her black hot pants as they rested on her heels, with silver handcuffs dangling to the ground.

Her head was bobbing back and forth inside the spread thighs of the same young guy she blew the previous week, AJ. That was when Adam remembered Christie had bet him head for the week if he could make his ball in her tube during Tube Pong.

AJ didn't seem too impressed like he was last time, based on his mild expression. However, the idea of his mom blowing another guy gave Adam the same combination of jealously and eroticism as it did last time. The intrigued son tried to get as close as he could to the performance without it appearing creepy and intentional.

He positioned around a corner of an empty room that connected to the living room. He peered into the room anxiously. He had a view over the armrest of the brown leather sofa AJ was sitting on, while also allowing him to see nearly the entire side profile of his captivating MILF.

From a stone's throw away, it was clear that Christie was not giving the same effort she did when she fucked Frank or blew AJ last week. It didn't matter though, as Adam was still stirred by the sight of his mom's lips wrapped around a man's cock.

Adam's hand quickly reached for his expanding shaft, which was demanding attention. Recognizing the faux pas it would be to stroke himself alone while watching another pair, Adam made sure to keep his entire body hidden behind the wall.

Figuring the worst thing that could happen was looking like a peeping tom, Adam watched his mother's blonde head move in and out of the AJ's thighs at a moderate clip. Adam slid his right hand under the elastic of his light orange pants and his checkered boxers.

After five minutes of watching and masturbation doing nothing to quell his erection, Adam needed to get closer. As he tried to think of a way to get closer, he saw the ebony fairy that he rejected earlier walk into the living room with one of Frank's employees, who was dressed as an Egyptian pharaoh.

Apparently the "sex fairy" liked older men as well, because the man holding her hand was maybe in his early 60s. The pharaoh had a tent in his white gown, as he went to lie down on a sofa on the other side of the room, expecting Sheila to climb on top.

Before the fairy with 44F breasts climbed on top of the Pharaoh for a ride that was likely to break his back, her eyes caught a familiar gaze from around the corner.

Sheila asked her eager coworker to hold on for a moment, then she made her way across the lounge to the far exit. Adam wanted to avoid the embarrassment of standing alone behind a wall masturbating, so he quickly pulled his hand from his pants and took his phone out to act as if he was texting in private.

His cover-up failed since Sheila wasn't stupid. Also, as the friendly fairy gestured with a coy expression, Adam's beating cockhead was poking through his elastic waistband.

Looking around the room from Adam's perspective, she identified his purpose for spying into the room and what he was masturbating to.

"You just can't let her go, can you?" She admired his determination.

"I guess not."

An offended expression came over his mom's friend's face. "Well it's nice to see you like your hand more than you like me."

Hurrying to remedy his offence, Adam justified, "No, no, no. Believe me, I would much rather have fun with you than my hand, it's just..." He stared off into Christie's direction.

To his surprise, Sheila laughed, "I'm just playin' with you. I know exactly what you're doing. Don't worry, I don't take it personally. Christie is a beautiful woman. And I can tell you like seeing her be seductive, even if it's not with you."

Adam nodded in agreement.

"I guess you'd like to be a lot closer, but you don't want to be standing in a room at a sex party having sex with yourself?"

The turned-on boy chuckled, "Yep. You go it. I can still see pretty well from here though."

Still keen on making up for her part in Christie leading him on and then leaving abruptly, Sheila put her finger to her lip. "Well I can see that... but how would you like to jerk it from a close-up view?"

Seeing that Sheila obviously had something in mind other than him just walking up there alone and stroking his dick, Adam bit, "Well clearly that would be better than me stalking behind a wall."

Sheila was radiant because she was confident she was getting what she wanted. "In a party like this, it would be odd if you sat down on that couch next to them and jerked off."

There was a categorical nod from Adam.

"But," the crafty fairy continued, "it wouldn't be weird if you sat down on that couch and jerked off onto a black fairy's tits and face, would it?"

The toned highschooler looked at Sheila like she was a gift from God. "Seriously?! You would do that for me? Even after I turned you down earlier? But what about your friend over there?"

Finally feeling atonement for her guilt, a grateful Sheila took Adam by the hand. "Honey, I had fun between your thighs last time and I'm sure it'll be no different this time. I know you were just upset about Christie, so I'll give you a second bite of the apple. And don't worry about King Tut over there, he can wait." She led her young entertainment over to the sofa where Adam's dream woman was blowing her subordinate.

The leather was taut but forgiving as Adam sat down one cushion away from AJ. The envious son stared at his sexualized mom running her lips over another cock.

Sheila helped Adam pull down his orange scrub pants, releasing his reddened erection. Tempted to put it in her mouth, or better yet, get up onto the cushion and sit on it, the "sex fairy" settled for cradling her young toy's balls in her right hand while massaging and pinching her left nipple with her left hand. Adam pumped at the rate he wanted to.

Just a few feet from his eyes, knelt his mom. Her face was gorgeous, but her chest commanded just as much interest from Adam. AJ didn't even notice Adam was watching his dick being sucked- he was too busy staring at the same chest to help him get off. It was even more evident up-close that Christie wasn't putting as much effort into it as she was last Friday.

The horny son masturbated anyway, whilst turning his attention to Sheila every few moments in order to make her efforts felt appreciated. But Sheila expected not to be the center of his focus.

Adam watched as AJ placed his hand on the back of the blonde head below him and started to help it move faster. Christie looked up at AJ's face to gauge his reaction to a performance because she, herself, knew that she too distracted to put 100% into it.

It was then that she felt the presence of someone next to her. She looked to the left and saw her friend playing with her own nipple. Christie then followed Sheila's outreached arm to see what she was doing and whom she was with. At the end of the dark arm, was her hand holding a contrastingly white package. As Christie continued to bob in and out of AJ's lap with the aid of his hand, she then saw the penis attached to the ballsack. Wow, that's a nice one. Good for Sheila. 

The curious friend's eyes followed the orange shirt of the cock's owner. Before her gaze got to his face, she had an eerie suspicion of whom it was. Christie, once again, found herself making eye contact with her son while she blew another man. Her eyes doubled in size, as she watched her son stroked his shaft to her performance. With nowhere to run and no way reasonable out of her current situation, Christie continued to blow AJ while frequently darting her eyes back over to Adam, who gawked at her face and chest.

The first thing a stunned Christie noticed was Adam's increased stroke rate after they made eye contact. Without recognizing it at first, the blonde's libido kicked in and she began to suck AJ faster in response. As she sucked faster, Adam stroked faster to keep the same rate.

After a couple minutes, both Adam and Christie were paying more attention to each other than they were to the people in front of them. Christie's labia began to tingle as she switched in between watching her son grip his erection and looking him in the eyes. Christie then remembered that her glasses were reflective and that Adam could easily see what she was easily looking at, but she was passed the point of caring.

Her arousal wasn't coming from the dick in her mouth; it was coming from the acknowledgment of her son's pure lust, both for her as a person and for her looks.

Another beneficiary of the increased eroticism was AJ. Christie's faster and more sexual sucking resulted in AJ getting more sensual head than he even got last time. Little did he know, it wasn't to please him.

Adam was jerking at full speed as he watched AJ's second hand grab the back of Christie's head behind her police cap.

For the first time in minutes, Adam turned his focus to Sheila. She was still cradling and massaging his testicles, but she was no longer looking at him. Standing above her was the old man dressed as a pharaoh. He seemed perturbed that he was ditched for a younger man while there was an unsatisfied tent in his pants. Sheila glanced back at Adam as if it was his responsibility to come up with a solution to the problem.

"Sit next to me and the sex fairy will gladly jerk you off, too," Adam offered on Sheila's behalf.

Sheila smirked at Adam and gestured for the pharaoh to sit down and show his staff. Adam returned to observing his mom, as Sheila examined the old man's shaft.

When Adam darted his pupils back over to Sheila again, she was kneeling in between him and the pharaoh. She jerked both Adam's and the old man's gray-haired packages simultaneously. The horny older man repaid the favor by playing with Sheila's well-displayed jugs.

The soft caressing of Adam's swollen balls ceased for a brief moment, as the busty ebony masseuse switched hands. She crossed over her arms since she needed her dominant right hand to properly take care of the pharaoh, who was bending at the waist and making out with Sheila as she stroked him. Adam was glad that Sheila was getting attention and that the old man didn't get a bum deal.

Adam's full concentration was back on the sexy cop. She was really going to town on AJ's dick, and Adam's fist began to oscillate so quickly it was a blur. A puddle of hot dew formed at the base of the cheating mom's hot pants, as she felt no need for a thong.

AJ started grunting with pleasure and his face was burning red. Christie and Adam were back to making eye contact and there was no letting up. Suddenly, the cock in the aroused mom's mouth twitched, and her face was held tightly into AJ's crotch. She knew what was coming next. AJ shot gob after gob of his appreciation into his manager's mouth before releasing her from his grip.

Unable to control her arousal, the misbehaving policewoman did what she knew had turned her son on last time. She let the white cum spill out of her mouth and down her chin, as she held eye contact with Adam. Drops of AJ's jizz splashed down onto her projected rack.

Adam had never seen anything so sexy. He tapped Sheila's head with his bare hand to get her attention. The ebony sex fairy broke her kiss with the old pharaoh and quickly realized what was about to happen. She removed her dominant right hand from the wrinkled cock, and placed it back on Adam's to give him the last few pumps he needed. Sheila aimed the tip of the thumping cockhead and closed her eyes.

The climaxing son looked back at his mom and then at Sheila, as he ejaculated a large amount of sperm all over her face and large breasts. Upon seeing that, the old man, who had started jerking himself off for the time being, leaned forward and pressed the head of his penis against Sheila's thick lips. In ecstasy, the fairy opened her eyelids, which were nearly stuck in Adam's sludge, and took the ejaculating old cock into her mouth.

Within 30 seconds, all three men were collapsed against the back of the brown leather sofa, panting from their sexual exhaustion. Christie ran into a nearby bathroom to straighten up and avoid any more interactions with her son. Sheila lied down on the floor in a heap, and then scooped Adam's cum off her face and licked it off with her finger.

A quarter hour later, with his mind back from its fantastical haze, Adam slowly got up from the sofa, leaving AJ and the pharaoh passed out behind him. He chuckled as he actually realized the older man was full asleep. Adam decided to go to the kitchen and get some orange juice to refuel.


There was no sight of the sexy mom anywhere, though Adam understood she was probably laying low. He just hoped the experience they just shared undid any awkwardness that may have been caused during their earlier interaction.

As the recovering athlete got to the kitchen, he noticed there was a bit of a commotion. There was a swarm of five men around an island countertop. After getting some juice, Adam walked over to see why the men where howling. Through the bodies and limbs, Adam could see that the men were running a train on a female, which seemed to be rare despite it being a sex party.

Of course, thought Adam without any surprise. The men were running a train on the slutty nurse, Olivia. Apparently, a lot of them didn't have the opportunity to be reacquainted with their old friend at the last meeting, so they were making up for it. One of the men who did see her the last meeting, but who was involved anyway was, of course, Frank.

As he left the fuckfest behind him, Adam began to notice the distance growing between he and Olivia. They still had kinky sex regularly, but the passion had died down a little. She was getting back involved with the other men and Adam had a new woman to lust after.


Adam waited in the living room for the group of men to finish so that the ten-minute break could take place, and then Tube Pong could begin. He was praying that his mom actually went through with her part of the deal. And even if she did, he still had to make the shot, which was no gimme.

Moans came from the kitchen as three of the men in the orgy were finishing on or in the girl that students at Adam's school were beginning to suspect was his girlfriend. Olivia squealed around a cumming Latino cock in her throat as Frank inserted himself into her worn pussy to leave his load. Within five minutes the remaining two men took turns creaming in her ass.

A winded Frank yelled out, "Ten-minute break everyone! Meet by the pool when it's over."

The anxious son had the jitters. There were still so many things that had to go right for his dream to come true. His mom had to have found a way to rig the game in his favor (She had to have tried to do it to begin with). He knew he'd have to make his shot. And then his mom would have to actually go through with it.

The break was ending, and people from all over the house were heading towards the poolroom in the back of the semi-mansion.

Once inside the room with the rest of the guests, the men and the women split up into different groups on the same end of the lap pool. Adam could not see his mother in the hoard of women in skimpy costumes. She was likely towards the back.

The host of the game, the accountant in the Star Trek costume, repeated the same instructions from last week and once again announced the men won the sales contest for the week. The men cheered and stepped towards the direction of the ball bin. The result was no surprise to Christie, Adam, or Frank.

Frank's accountant then walked over to an opaque cover that stretched over the pool and peeled it back away from the water. The order of the tubes was revealed. And just as the hopeful son desired, and what an extorted Christie had earned, Christie's plastic inflated tube was in the front row, dead center.

Not knowing if it was just a strange coincidence or his mom actually followed through, Adam knew that the tube placement meant nothing if his ball wasn't selected first. It then became really important, as he heard men behind him whispering that they wanted to "drain my nuts into that cop's mouth."

The corrupt game host reached into the bin without looking, which didn't matter because he knew where he left Adam S.'s ball. But then disaster struck. When he reached his hand in, he knocked away the ball he was sexually paid to pick.

The problem then was that if he looked in the bin, he would be caught cheating since the entire crowd had eyes on him. He also couldn't risk looking suspicious by spending a long time feeling for the slightly deflated water polo ball.

With much shame for not delivering on his promise, he just grabbed a random ball off the top. "Thomas W."

Adam's heart sank. He felt like his entire world was collapsing around him and he lost all hope.

Christie then burst through the group of thirty women with an appalled expression. She stared daggers at the man in charge of the ball selection. He gave a look back of sincere regret, without making it look like he was in communication with a participant.

The furious mom wished she could punish the scrawny man but there was nothing she could do. She couldn't undo her sexual acts with him, though she at least didn't have him inside of her anymore (when she went into the bathroom following her oral with AJ, she cleaned the puddle of vaginal fluid out of her black hot pants along with the accountant's melted cum that slid out of her asshole).

Desperation then filled Christie's heart, as she saw her son standing there with his head hanging down and with a look of abandonment. She knew he was thinking that she purposely decided not to fulfill her part of the deal so she wouldn't have to blow him. All Christie could do was hope that Adam's could be picked and take his shot before other men chose her.

Then, the realization that she would, in actual reality, have to suck her son's penis overwhelmed Christie. Before it was just theoretical, and admittedly, it led to strong arousal, but reality was truly setting in.

Both the rules of the game, and of the party, explicitly said that she would have to perform the oral to completion. The only way she could get out of it was if she explained her relationship with Adam, which would be worse for her life than actually blowing him.

The first man up, Thomas, grabbed his polo ball and peered right at the sexy policewoman, who was in front of the group of women. "You're Christie, right?"

Wishing that she could give another answer due to her knowing exactly why he was asking, Christie sighed back, "Yes."

Thomas winked at her in a showboating way as he tossed his yellow ball at her tube. Adam held his breath as the ball hit his mom's tube but then bounced off of it and landed in a tube in the back row.

"Amy C." The announcer called out. Thomas tried his best to hide his disappointment in respect for the woman who he ended up selecting. They performed the traditional greeting of kissing the prizewinner while touching their privates in some fashion.

Adam, and the accountant, both dodged a bullet on the first ball. Pleading that the next ball would be Adam's, the Kirk-costumed host reached into the bin. Unfortunately, he couldn't feel the deflated ball fast enough and had to choose another again. "David K."

Once again, the man up looked at Christie and aimed for her tube. And once again, it bounced off of hers and went in another. It was clear that almost every man wanted Christie that night with the way she wore her costume. If Adam wasn't chosen soon then all of his, and his mom's work, would have been a waste.

Running out of balls sitting on the top player of the bin, Frank's accountant was optimistic about choosing the ball with Adam's name on it soon.

A downcast expression fell upon Christie's face when the next name was called. "AJ E."

It was the same guy she blew the last two days because he was able to toss a bullseye into her tube from thirty feet away. He cockily glanced over at Christie. "After how much I could tell you liked it today, I'll let you have the opportunity again." Some of the men and women laughed and clapped.

Yeah that was because I liked youuuuu, thought the MILF sarcastically.

It was then that Christie opened her eyes to see that the accountant was winking at her and motioning to the ball bin, implying he was able to search for and find Adam's ball secretly.

Regardless of how misinformed AJ was as to why she gave him such incredible head, and regardless that Adam would finally be picked next and she'd likely have to blow him, Christie felt compelled to do something.

A worried Adam watched in disbelief as his mom hurried over to the opposite end of the pool. She looked at AJ and began to plead, "Please make this for me AJ. I know you can do it." She bent over slightly, as she begged with her hands folded, almost in prayer.

The depression inside of the betrayed son was met with frustration and anger. Not only did she not help rig the game for me, but now she's helping this guy win?! 

"Well I've never seen begging before," a man in back pointed out humorously. Adam felt even worse.

Adam's spirit was only slightly lifted when he saw that his mother's begging position resulted in her bending over enough to the point where her knotted top barely held in her tits. Nearly all of her firm chest was visible.

AJ was ecstatic about the hottest woman at the party begging to suck his dick, but he soon noticed a dilemma. She was standing right in his sightline. He couldn't ask her to move because that would have been rude and would have killed the mood in the room.

As the arrogant, fresh-out-of-college salesman struggled to line up his shot, Adam began to have an idea as to what his mom was actually doing. He put his hand to his face to partially cover his eyes, as he watched a distracted AJ throw his ball. It hit the inner rim of Christie's tube and bounced back towards him into the water. Not only did he hit the tube he wanted to, but also he had to move to the end of the line.

Relief came over Adam and Christie. The happy mom headed back over to the rest of the women, with a skip in her step. As she was about to reach them, she noticed her son's astonished gaze following her. To his excitement, a pumped-up Christie gave her son a subtle wink and thumbs up.

"Adam S." The game host boomed thankfully.

The awestruck son retrieved his ball from the man in the tunic, who whispered, "My mistake," as he took the yellow orb out of his hands. It all finally made sense, and Adam was on top of the world. He couldn't believe the lengths his mom went to in order to ensure he had the opportunity to win a blowjob from her.

As the jittery highschooler stood at the edge of the pool, he tried the same breathing techniques to relax himself as he did whenever he was pitching in baseball after giving up a big homerun. His hands became steady and he lined up his toss with the yellow ball, which he realized was deflated. He figured it could only help him, and he decided to throw a shovel pass at his mom's tube.

At that moment, rather than fighting them, Christie let her natural feelings take over. She wished under her breath for Adam to make it.

The shot went up and seemed to hang in the air forever. Finally, it hit the inner edge of Christie's water tube in the same spot AJ's did. However, unlike AJ's, Adam's ball died as it hit the buoyant plastic and fell into the center of the tube.

Overcome with joy, the son in orange scrubs stood there speechless. Somebody who wasn't speechless was AJ, who cried out, "That's bullshit!" from the back of the line.

As the rest of the people clapped and cheered, including the men despite their envy, Adam turned towards Christie. The mom, who strained to prevent herself from jumping with joy when her son sunk the shot, took off her sunglasses and put them on the top of her police cap. The mother and son stared longingly into each other's eyes, Adam with uncertainty with how the following few moments would unfold, and Christie with a coy smile.

The prizewinner was paralyzed with anxiety as his dream woman approached him, with her long tone thighs, slender body, lively breasts, and sexy mature face. Adam's cock stiffened as he prepared for some form of physical contact, whether it would be the traditional Tube Pong greeting or just a hug.

Christie wasted no time. She walked right up to Adam and pressed her chest into his, as he instinctively wrapped his arms around her lower back simultaneously. The seductive mother, in the same motion, slid her soft but sturdy left hand under the elastic of her son's boxers to grab the trunk of his swelling erection. She then closed her eyes and leaned in for a passionate kiss.

Adam was in heaven. He felt his mom's chest expanding against his, with her nipples hardening as she held his erection and gently massaged the sensitive underside flesh with her thumb. Christie even went as far as slipping a little bit of her moist pink tongue into her son's dry mouth.

The kiss, that lasted much longer than most, received thunderous applause and cheers as the couple ended the embrace. Adam and Christie then stood there in erotic bliss, with their foreheads pressed against each other's.

Christie then moved her head back and leaned into her son's ear to whisper seductively, "Well I think I owe you your prize now." As her mouth pulled away from Adam's ear, she noticed the accountant watching, while nodding his head in agreement with what was happening. Christie winked to him as a thank you for the things she did for him not going to complete waste.

The blonde mom, in the drop-dead sexy outfit, looked back at her son to see his reaction. She saw a dreamy trance of pure desire, as she stared into his wide eyes. His lips moved again in a way that suggested he wanted another kiss. The loving mother happily obliged and she planted her lips back on Adam's for a brief kiss. To her surprise, a lustful Adam took the opportunity to slide a bit of his tongue between his mother's unopened lips.

Thankful that her son shared her passion, but still somewhat conscious of not wanting to hold up the game for others, Christie rewarded the bold teenager by quickly darting her tongue out and massaged his sensually before pulling away. She then leaned in to provocatively whisper again, "If you follow me into the other room right now, the next time I do that it'll be on your dick."

A dazed Adam took the hand offered to him and he trailed his mom's gyrating booty out of the poolroom.


Things were going even better than in the dozens of dreams Adam had about that moment over the last couple days. He followed his mom's guiding hand into the main living room, where the two men, who barely missed Christie's tube, were being sucked off by other women.

Christie walked her son right up to a white cushioned chair near the coffee table, in the middle of the room. She stopped short and turned towards him. No longer acting based on careful thought, just on pure sexual adrenaline, the racy cop placed her hand on the center of the inmate's chest and lightly pushed him into the comfy chair.

Finally coming to terms with the fact that he was going to get a blowjob from his mom, Adam smiled widely. Christie could notice her son's growing comfort, and it made her feel even more confident in what she was doing. She was still standing, as she and her son looked into each other's eyes once again.

Then, the tempted son broke eye contact so he could gape at his mother's revealing costume. His intense gaze moved down from her excited eyes, to her full rosy lips, to her supple neck, to her voluptuous melons that were barely covered, to her slender midriff, to her black hot pants that shaped her waist and the outline of her mound, and then finally to her inviting thighs, which were made even more prominent by her tall black heels.

Christie knew that she was being glared at with carnal desire, and that lewd ideas were entering his young mind. But she wouldn't have had it any other way, as she even began to help him get turned on by her figure.

Adam nearly lost his load before his pants were even off, as his irresistible mother, who was standing a foot away from the white chair, deliberately rotated her body so that her special young man could get a close-up view of her ass contained in the composite leather. She didn't stop there, as she turned her head to look at his face out of the corner of her eye while she slowly bent over.

The source of arousal was also a source of agony, since Adam had to do everything in his power to avoid standing up, pulling down her shorts, and taking her from behind.

Seeing her beloved son squirming in his chair was a sign to Christie that her erotic torture had gone on long enough. She quickly returned to her upright position and faced Adam again. She leaned forward and used her hands to part her son's thighs. When she did that, she felt the strength in his legs. It was her turn to scan her eyes over his body, as she was impressed by his newly adult figure.

Her favorite muscle though was his love muscle, which was pitching an orange tent in Adam's lap. The sensuous MILF unconsciously licked her lower lip. Tracing his mom's sightline, Adam looked towards his lower abdomen and saw the full boner, that until that moment, he didn't even recognize he had. Feeling embarrassed, he did the thing he naturally did when he had an erection in public, and he moved his hand to tuck it under the elastic of his boxers.

Alert enough to understand what her attractive son was about to do, Christie swiftly leaned down again and blocked the arm that was coming for his shaft. She held Adam's forearm, as she bent over him and explained to him, "Sweetie, please don't hide that from me. I like looking at it. And you should be very proud to have a cock like that. My pussy's already soaking from the idea of sucking all of your cum out of it." She wasn't lying.

Adam thrust his hips up faintly in response to the intimate statement. It didn't go unnoticed to his mom, who grabbed the elastic of the orange scrubs and boxers at the sides of his hips. They made eye contact again and nodded to confirm the implied action.

In one tug, the married mother yanked her son's pants and boxers down to his ankles. Adam parted his knees again despite his ankles being constrained by his pants.

Christie's lips were ajar, as she couldn't believe how perfect her son's package was. Above the two sizable testicles that were snug in the stimulated package, sat a clean-shaven shaft that was of above-average length and girth. A beating vein ran up a squiggled line from the balls to a bulbous pink knob. She had seen it when he was being satisfied by Sheila both times, but never in too much detail since her head was being pulled in another direction.

The 41-year-old woman lowered her head even more to get a better look at the handsome phallus. With her body hovering over Adam somewhat, she flicked her brown eyes back up at his face. His eyes were locked onto something else. Christie then realized that her back was parallel to the ground and that her breasts were spilling out of her top, as her areolas clung onto the blue fabric for dear life.

After taking a few moments to study the hunger in Adam's eyes, the blonde siren whispered, "Hey, you can touch them if you'd like."

Adam seemed thrilled with her offer, but did nothing as if it was a trap. So the loving mother helped her son by taking his hands in hers and placing them under the light blue fabric on her chest.

"Uhh...Ohh," moaned the high school student, as if he were handling the Holy Grail. He squeezed them gently to see Christie's reaction. She did nothing but display a radiant smile. Encouraged, Adam squeezed harder and rubbed his thumbs over the stiff nipples. Still Christie did nothing. The adventurous man then started playing with them and pinching them at full speed. They felt even better than he fantasized, so soft yet firm.

Christie breathed heavily with a sense of pleasure, and assured her son, "There ya go, Sweetie." As she said that, she lowered herself onto her knees.

Christie's butt rested on her Achilles as she knelt in between her son's legs. Her eyes were magnetized to the erection that was lying against her son's orange sleeveless shirt.

Adam continued to massage his mother's breasts when she looked up at him. Their eyes held onto each other, as the experience blonde inched closer to the grateful 18-year-old's pulsating fuckpiece. She stopped just shy and reached out with her hand, and once again, firmly grasped the warm meat. She pumped twice sensually as she brought it over to her eager mouth. Adam could hardly believe it was actually happening.

Just before Christie enveloped her son's penis in her mouth, she said to him with sincerity, "I want you, Adam," and then she took the length of his cock in her mouth. The bewildered son immediately placed his right hand on the back of his mother's head. She didn't need the guidance; he just wanted to make it more intimate. His left hand stayed below his blower's chin so it could feel her immaculate rack.

The oral started slowly, but then picked up with time. Every few seconds, Christie tried to comprehend that she was licking her own son's veiny shaft. Maybe it was because she felt such a strong connection to the person whose cock it was, but the frequent sex-party-goer was sure that it was the most enjoyable dick she had ever experienced sucking. The salacious cop made sure to keep looking up whenever possible at Adam, whose mind she was keeping prisoner with her seduction.

The sexual delight was nothing like Adam had ever experienced. As good as Olivia was, nothing with her ever felt quite like it was with Christie. Christie continued to pick up speed as she really got into it. She had been married for twenty years and she was undoubtedly giving the best head she had ever given. If Adam didn't cum earlier on Sheila, he probably wouldn't have lasted more than a couple minutes with Christie.

After hearing a loud noise, for the first time in almost ten minutes, Adam spun his head around the room. Due to being lost in his own world, he didn't even realize about a third of the party guests were in the same room collecting their oral prize. At that moment, he saw Sheila come out of the back with the same Asian man that was eating his mom out last week before Frank stepped in.

When Sheila saw Adam, she practically ran up to see the pair that she tried to put together in the beginning of the night. The full-figured fairy was excited by the intensity she detected in the way that her friend was devouring the young cock.

Deciding that it would be a great time to finish her work from earlier, Sheila recruited all the peer pressure she could gather. As she saw the next oral winner and blower enter the room, she waived them over to her. They strolled over to her in curiosity. When the pair saw what she was staring at, they could tell it was passionate and sexy head, but they didn't know why Sheila called them over to show them.

The man in the pair she called over, who was dressed like a character from Top Gun, just nodded in agreement, "Yeah, that's definitely really hot."

"I know!" continued the thrilled friend. "Don't you think they should fuck?"

Adam darted his eyes up when he heard Sheila say that. His mom wasn't paying attention though. She was too engrained in her X-rated work in between his legs.

The sex fairy from HR winked at Adam, and then said, "Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck! Fuck!" Sheila started the rhythmic chant lowly at first, and gradually increased the sound level as she pounded her fists in the air.

The other pair quickly understood the reason they were called over, and they were more than happy to help. "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" They echoed in unison. Soon the pharaoh joined in as well. All four people surrounding Adam and his mother in the white chair were chanting, as they looked around the room at all of the inquisitive men who were sitting down getting blown. Not wanting to miss out on the chant, the nearly twenty men in the room began to yell, "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!"

Even a lot of women broke away from their respective laps to stand up and see what all the commotion was about. They saw either the oral in the chair or just Sheila chanting, but either way they were happy to help out their coworker. Nearly the entire room was shouting for Christie and Adam to take things to the next level.

The chant was so loud that even the mother, highly engrossed in her son's pleasure, stopped sucking. For the first time since she began, the improper policewoman released her son's well-hung shaft from her soft lips. She stared up at Adam's face as if to ask, "Is that for us?"

In response, a confident Adam took his hands out of his mom's chest and off the back of her head, and placed them caressingly on her lower cheeks. With his left hand he brushed some of his mom's blonde hair behind her ear. He guided her head up slightly, as he bent at the waist to meet his face with hers. Adam passionately kissed his mother and she kissed him back.

While still locking lips, Adam guided Christie's body so she rose to her feet, while leaning in so her face could stay connected to his. The euphoric feeling led the entranced mom to the point where she was straddling her sitting son's knees. Adam then lowered her leather booty shorts onto his lower thighs.

Cheers and applause came from the crowd as they witnessed the highly erotic display. However, Christie wasn't paying any attention to them. She continued to passionately press her lips against Adam's. For the second time that night, the hopeful son slid his tongue between his mom's lips. That time, she was able to be much more receptive. With her light blue top and badge smushed against her son's solid pectorals and her hands resting on the tops of his shoulders near his neck, Christie circulated her tongue around Adam's.

Then, as the ecstatic young man ran his trembling hands down his mom's back and planted them securely on her round ass cheeks, the thankful mommy demonstrated her appreciation by injecting her entire tongue into Adam's mouth. The thrilled son opened his eyes in mystification, as he then returned the favor.

The mom and son made out sensually on the chair. Not forgetting about the organ that she had an obligation to satisfy, the stiff chested mom lowered her right hand from her son's shoulder, and gripped his thumping erection. She jacked it infrequently- just enough to keep its rigidness as they made out zealously.

After about a minute of the extraordinary embrace, the kiss ended. Christie didn't want to lose the crowd, which became a chorus of people repeating the command, "Fuck." So, immediately succeeding the best kiss of her life, the aroused older woman murmured into her son's ear, flirtatiously, "We better give the people what they want."

Adam was lost for words. All he expected from the night was semi-reluctant head from his mom. He never would have thought that she'd be persuading him to have sex with her.


Christie bore a perky grin, as her ego was fed by what her seduction was able to do to her young son physically despite the age gap. She was turned on by how attractive he found her to be.

The starry-eyed son felt the weight of his mother leave his knees, as she rose to a standing position. She offered her hand and Adam took it as he got off of the chair and pulled his pants up. Christie smiled at Adam one last time before leading him into the kitchen, which was in full view due to the open floor plan. The audience members cheered on the couple, as Christie and Adam appeared to be finally giving in to their demand.

The trembling son had no idea what his mom had planned. At that moment, he would have blindly followed her anywhere. Christie was feeling sublime as she considered what to do with her son. She then got a wickedly erotic idea on how to give him the kinky sex he was used to, while still maintaining their romantic passion.

Leading her son into the kitchen, Christie grabbed the same model of chair in which she had mediocre sex with Frank during the previous week. She then moved it into the center of the tiled kitchen.

Though, she was expecting much more satisfying sex from her current partner. Obeying the wishes of his mom, Adam let her push him down into the comfortable wooden chair, which had a padded seat.

Adam waited in anticipation for his beautiful mother to pull down his pants again and sit on his lap. But that wasn't what she did next. Adam was worriedly confused as the cop walked away from the chair. He heard her hard heels on the tile behind him. Then he heard the sound of clanking metal.

All of a sudden, he felt his stout arms being pulled back behind the chair and a metal ring was clamped around his left wrist. Then there was the sound of metal scraping wood before his right wrist was clamped in another metal ring. Adam didn't know what to think, as Christie had just handcuffed his hands behind the chair. The costume prop functioned correctly and Adam's arms were stuck.

When his mom came back into view a few moments later, her gold-lensed aviators were covering her eyes again, though Adam could still see everything she was looking at in their reflection. Another thing he noted was that her long blonde hair was in a ponytail sticking out from the bottom of her police cap. He had never seen his mom in a ponytail before, but it made her look even hotter, which until then, Adam didn't think was possible.

His mom then delivered a playful smile, as she raised her right heel and planted in on the front part of the chair between Adam's knees. The stunned son followed the striking leg all the way up to the top, where at its end was tight black fabric stretched over what was obviously a juicy pussy.

People from the other room, who had finished already, walked to the edge of the kitchen and blatantly observed the erotic show as if it was theater. A lot of men shot their loads when watching Christie make out with her young friend.

The mother and son were oblivious to the onlookers, as they were in their own world. With her leg on the chair tantalizingly, the blonde cop explained the handcuffs to the prisoner, "I can't have you running away when I'm giving you your punishment for being such a bad boy with that vibrator, can I?"

The prisoner expressed his exhilaration. Not being able to avoid her urges any longer, the seductive mom grabbed a hold of the V-neck in Adam's shirt. She tore the fabric down to the bottom of the orange scrub shirt and let it fall back on her son's arms, behind him.

Trying to rediscover the joy she felt from sexually taunting Adam earlier, the captivating mother bent at the waist and began to sensually kiss her son's body, starting at the neck and going down to the V created by his lower abdomen. Adam was already panting. He wanted to be able to touch and feel his mouthwatering captor but he couldn't.

He flexed his cock in his pants because that was all he could do. Christie saw that, so she reached down and grabbed the top of his waistband. Adam felt relief as he was finally going to indulge in his fantasy. But then, a toying Christie let go of the waistband and stood back up. Her son was so confused. Christie was having too much fun seeing how aroused she could make Adam.

Then the cheating mom did something more provocative. She grabbed her breasts in her hands and moved them up to her face. She bent her neck and carefully licked them while she looked at her son. Adam was nearly rocking the chair. His torturer wasn't done there though. She then turned around like she did earlier, and bent over enticingly at the hips. She added a small circular movement to her curvaceous ass.

She looked back and realized that her poor son was nearly in pain and that she had better give him some form of reprieve soon. So the mother, who was bent at the hips, backed up towards the chair. She lowered herself onto her Adam's upper thighs.

"Ugh!" moaned Adam at the feel of his mom's rear placing its full weight on his erection.

Christie straddled the sides of the heavy wooden chair and gave Adam a lap dance. Her son's piece felt just as powerful underneath of her as it did in her mouth. She savored the sensation of the young shaft flexing against her butt, asking for entry inside of her.

All Adam could think about was breaking his chains and reaching around his mom to grab her chest, thighs, mound, anything. With a desire to make things more cozy herself, the dancer left her straddling position and stood up. Adam's first thought was that he was being tormented again, but he was glad to see Christie was just briefly getting off to take off his shoes and then his pants.

The fortunate son peered at his mom's reflective sunglasses, to see her attention was squarely on his hard-on while she slowly pulled down his orange pants and checkered boxers once again. The impressive erection snapped back against the highschooler's six-pack once it left its elastic cage. With the exception of his short socks, Adam was naked below the waist, much to Christie's delight.

Christie then, straightaway, returned to the lap dance. It was an even better experience for both parties, as a bolt of lightning shot through Christie's body at the touch of her bare thighs to her son's. The warm feeling of her thighs against his felt almost as good as the sensation under her ass. She could feel, in detail, the six-inches of lust trapped between her skimpy shorts and Adam's ripped abdomen. As she grinded into his lap, she felt the throbbing head and the blood pumping through the elongated shaft.

"Oh God!" Adam moaned.

The mom leaned back into her son's exposed upper body and placed her blonde head on his shoulder while she perfected her rhythm. It was a comfortable position for Christie, as she enjoyed her lower and mid back pressing flush against Adam's tone body. To top it off, she reached behind her to grab her man's neck and pulled it down so that his chin was resting on her shoulder.

The horny MILF felt the young man's chin adjust to an even lower spot on her shoulder. There was no doubt in her mind that Adam was glaring into her welcoming cleavage that began just inches from his eyes. She wouldn't have had it any other way.

The mature vixen heard her son begin to breath laboriously, and she swiftly got off of his lap. She didn't want to cum yet.

Adam released a sound that resembled a complaining whine as the weight of his mom left his lap. The bonder alleviated Adam's fears with a coy smirk, "But wait, Sweetie... I thought you wanted to pump your sperm in my pussy, not on the outside?"

The 18 year old closed his eyes and released another sound, but that time it was one of arousal.

The naked son watched incredulously as the woman in the slutty cop uniform hooked her fingers under the top band of her sleek shorts and wiggled out of them. She turned so Adam could get a side profile of the event and be able to see the curves of her behind.

Finally, she let her shorts fall to her ankles and stepped out of them. The growing audience was pleased with the act.

Before stepping forward towards the chair again, Christie removed her glasses from her face and put them on her cap. The mother and son looked at each other, both were letting it sink in what they were about to do and seeing if the other gave a look of hesitation. Neither did.

Adam examined the glistening shaved vagina that inched closer towards him with each of Christie's steps. He then watched it stop just shy from his face. He inhaled the sweet aroma and leaned his head forward as far as he could and flicked his tongue out. The tip of his tongue grazed his mom's outer labia. She jolted back, but it was due to the unexpected sensation, not because she didn't like it.

She looked down as her son recoiled his tongue and tasted her juices. Her cunt was thoroughly soaked. As much as she would have liked to press her honey pot into her son's face and let him eat out all of her juices, she had an even more satisfying plan.

Naked below her chest, with the exception of her heels, Christie lowered herself onto Adam's lap, which sported a tall rigid rod.

Her mind was swimming and she could do nothing but think of the sensual moment she was sharing with Adam. Christie then took her son's lovestick in her hand to hold it steady, as she carefully squatted down. She placed her left hand on Adam's shoulder for added control. And right before her opened, steaming mound could immerse her son, she leaned in and they kissed again like lovers. As the two opened their eyes to each other, Christie whispered to her handsome son, "I love you, Adam, and I think it's time for you to fuck me." She sat down on his cock.

"Uhhhh! Ah! Ah! Ah!" moaned Christie as the long shaft slid deeper and deeper inside of her. It was an incredible feeling. Adam was barely hanging onto his load as he felt the warm pink hole surround his sensitive flesh.

Eventually, the erection was completely buried and Christie came to a rest on her son's lap. They both sighed and Christie rested her forehead against Adam's while she tried to relish the emotion of the moment before the actual fucking would begin. That was when she realized that due to her sitting on his lap at a close distance, their heights worked out to the point where her chest hung right against his face.

She looked down to see his head lost in her cleavage. She arched back and the blonde cop felt the meat inside of her flex in yearning. They kissed again, and then Adam's attention turned back to the feeling of his cock inside his mom's most intimate spot.

Christie delicately fondling her own breasts and then leaned forward into Adam, pushing her rack right into his face again. She soon felt the warm saliva from her son's mouth coating the tops of her breasts. Christie remarked into her son's ear with a giggle, "We fit perfectly... lucky you."

With an eagerness for more pleasure, the hot mother began to raise herself on her legs and let herself fall back down onto the throbbing cock over and over again. Adam helped by bucking his waist up and down in rhythm.

The bouncing woman let out quiet, high-pitched moans regularly as the thick head infiltrated a deep place in her vaginal canal. Her fluids glazed the surface area of her son's penis and ran down onto his taught nutsack. With her forearms against Adam's chest and her hands on his shoulders near his neck, Christie held her eyes closed, in a state of euphoria.

Below her head, Adam was panting his hot breath and swiping his fast tongue all over her chest. As he felt the steady motion of his mom's ass clapping against his thighs, he tried to figure out how to get his mouth on her pointy nipples, but to no avail. He would've done anything to be able to move his hands.

After they had been riding and bucking for nearly fifteen minutes, Adam saw movement out of the corner of his eye. He pulled his head back from his mom's cleavage and, for the first time, looked around the kitchen.

"Whoa," the son was taken aback.

Christie opened her eyes and looked down at his, only to see they were staring off into the distance. At the edge of the kitchen, about twenty-five people were standing there hypnotized by the way their coworker was springing up and down on the naked teen while she herself was naked from the waist down.

Neither Christie nor Adam knew what to do, so they just kept fucking while studying the faces that were watching them. Some of the men and women were touching themselves as if it were a live porno. Some were even going down on others to satisfy the urges they felt after seeing the couple in the kitchen.

Adam then spotted Olivia. She was standing near the side of the entrance to the massive kitchen. Olivia was with Frank and they were actually masturbating each other as they watched. It wasn't long until Christie noticed her son's friend and her boss ogling them.

Skeptical of what was happening, Christie and Adam saw a horny Frank mumble something to Olivia. Adam was startled, as his classmate stepped into the kitchen and towards the couple on the wooden chair.

The slutty nurse stood there with a bit of an embarrassed smile. "Would you mind," she addressed the pair, whose attention she had in full, "if took a ride- for just a few seconds?"

Disbelief was the reaction for both of the people on the chair. Adam couldn't figure out why she was doing it. Christie had no clue of her attentions either.

"Why?" Christie asked through her panting and whimpering as she bounced.

The normally reckless Olivia was quite shy at the moment. She turned back to a masturbating Frank, who gave her an affirming look as if to continue with his instructions.

"If you let me ride your partner for just under a minute then you two can go upstairs afterward and use a private bedroom to finish."

Adam analyzed his mom's reaction to the proposition. She seemed puzzled. On one hand she was having the most intimate moment of her life and she didn't want to share her son. On the other hand, with all of the people watching it wasn't that intimate anymore, and she knew it would be amazing if she could take Adam upstairs where nobody else was allowed, then they could be alone.

Christie wasn't sure why Frank sent Olivia to do it, but she figured that since all she had to do step to the side while the girl in the white nurse costume sat on her son's lap for a few moments, the reward of the private room outweighed the cost.

The sensation was marvelous as Christie and Adam watched their privates gracefully separating. Adam was still reeling from the idea of his mom having to leave, even for a short moment.

After breaking all physical contact with Adam, the blonde in the blue top warned the nurse, "You have 30 seconds before I'm getting back on." Olivia wasted no time, as she straddled her friend and sat down with Adam's cock disappearing under her white miniskirt. Bereft of a thong, his dick plopped right into the familiar-feeling pussy. Olivia started to grind on her casual sex partner.

Meanwhile, Frank, who orchestrated the plan, knowing his strict time limit, wasted no time either. Panting and quivering, he ran into the kitchen. He headed in the direction of his bombshell 41-year-old employee. The puzzle was solved in Christie's mind. Frank had been checking out her tits all night, and when he couldn't resist anymore he sent Olivia over to distract Adam.

Adam ignored Olivia, who was really just a pawn, and peered off to the side as the host of the party pleaded with his employee, "Christie, please let me finish on your tits."

The son was a little perturbed at the trick, but the only reason he was having sex with his mom that night was because of Frank, so he couldn't be too mad. Christie rolled her eyes, as she was even less enthused about the idea. If it weren't her boss and the host of the party then she would've refused.

With a 'whatcha-gonna-do?' gesture directed at her handcuffed son, followed by a mouthed, "I'm sorry," the nearly nude married mother dropped to her knees and held out her breasts in her hands.

The boss in the pirate costume jerked off rapidly over the mature chest in order to get off in the thirty-second window.

"Fifteen seconds left," sighed Christie, who wanted to remind her boss she wasn't going to wait all day for him.

Frank wasn't quite as far along as he thought. "Can I have some help?" He blurted out.

If he didn't sign her paycheck, the woman on her knees would have gotten up and smacked him across the face. Instead, she reached out with one hand while holding her chest with the other. She grabbed Frank's average dick and pumped her hand so speedily that it was beginning to burn his shaft. Christie aimed the tip at her chest.

"Five seconds..."

Frank's face went blank and his one eye that wasn't under an eye patch, cringed shut. The hand that aimed the tip made sure it all landed in one spot on her upper right boob so that nothing would get on her costume.

As soon as the last drop left Frank's shrinking package, Christie let go, stood up, and headed over to the chair without even recognizing Frank's existence.

A little upset that her son saw the events that just unfolded, a frustrated Christie nearly yanked Olivia off of Adam's lap, as she said, "Time's up!"

The 19-year-old backed away from the chair. But before she could get too far, the older woman tapped on her shoulder while pointing to the white jizz on her breast. "Clean up your boyfriend's mess."

Frank felt a bit dejected as he saw Christie make Olivia eat his cum off of her instead of her doing it herself. Adam was a bit turned on, but all he wanted was his mom again.

Finally, the seductive mother and her horny son had the kitchen to themselves again. Adam was frightened that Frank's actions had turned his mom off, as she put her black hot pants back on and then turned to the chair and slid his boxers and orange scrubs back up to his knees. Not knowing what was going on, Adam just followed his mom's lead and raised his hips so his pants could be slid up to his waist.

His fears were premature though, as Christie walked up and sat down on his lap once more with her chest near his. She reached around him with her arm to click the lever that unclasped the prop handcuffs. "How would you like to come upstairs with me, follow me into a bedroom, lock the door behind you, and take me on a king-sized bed however you want until you finish deep deep inside of me?"

The highschooler was speechless. But his erection twitching against his mother's pussy through her hot pants sufficed as an answer.

The show was over as Adam and Christie practically raced up the stairs. Frank was a single man, but he had seven bedrooms so they just walked into the first guest room they saw. After locking the door behind them, they both felt safe.

Awkwardness ensued as Christie sat down on the king bed in her full outfit. She then removed her light blue cap with the black brim and the aviators resting on top. "Do you mind?"

"No, whatever is comfortable with you is fine." Adam was indifferent to her having the cap on.

The small talk filled the void that was creating the sexual tension. When they were downstairs they had the safety of excusing their behavior on peer pressure. But in the private room, where nobody else was even on the same floor, there were no excuses for their voluntary actions.

"And do you mind?" Christie motioned at the cuffs and, once again, Adam expressed the insignificance.

Hoping that the sexual excitement would not be lost solely due to change of scenery, the provocative mom decided to spice things up. "I have a feeling we've had enough of the cuffs anyway tonight. Don't you?" She smiled from her cheeks.

The son was content with the conversation because he finally saw a path forward. "Yeah, ha-ha. It was killing me not being able to do some of the things I wanted to do."

Christie took the bait. She rose off of the bed and walked in a sultry way towards the door where Adam was still standing. She was a true seductress, as each step placed one heel in front of the other to show off her lower body, while her eyes were full of lust.

Adam was frozen in place as his sexily dressed MILF placed her hand on his chest before leaning in to kiss him. It was the same type of open-mouthed embrace that they performed on the white chair when the crowd was encouraging them to screw.

"And what were some of those things?" sighed the experienced female.

"" Adam stammered. Christie was ecstatic that even though her son had already been inside of her, he was still a captive of her lure.

Giving Adam a much-needed way out, she suggested, "Don't tell me, Sweetie. I want you to show me."

She then moved a foot back and stood still, waiting for her turned-on son to make his move. He began to raise his hands towards the center of Christie's chest, but stopped and lowered his hands.

The giggling mother could see his intentions and why he was unsure. Giving Adam even more help in making his move, the enchanting figure untied the knot in the front of her top. She held the loose triangular ends to the light blue fabric together.

"I could tell you wanted to get your mouth on these earlier," Christie simpered, as in one motion, she exposed her entire chest and let the short sleeves slide down her arms and off of her hands.

Adam adjusted the tent in his pants as his Adams apple sunk in his throat. "Yeah," he mouthed, as he cautiously placed both his hands on the creamy orbs.

"Do whatever you want with them. They're yours." The proud mother was happy she could do something to make her son feel so special.

He moved his parted lips towards her right nipple while his left thumb and index finger pinched and twisted the left one. As he got close, he gazed up one last time to make sure it was all right. "Go ahead, Sweetie. I want to feel your mouth on me." That was all the encouragement Adam needed.

Christie moaned and pulled the brown-haired teen's head into her breast. After minutes of sensual and playful sucking and fondling, Adam had his fill for the moment, as he still had eyes for bigger things.

As her son's mouth released its grip on her left nipple, Christie chuckled at how much harder he made them. The mature woman then scanned her son's figure.

"Well there are three things I don't like and one thing I do like." She tapped her finger on her chin.

"What's that?" Adam played along, as he was sure it would lead towards more arousal.

"I don't like that you're wearing your orange shirt still, even though you're now wearing it like a ripped sleeveless vest so that I can see your abs and you look so goddam sexy in it." The young athlete blushed from the knowledge that his weeks in the gym had paid off. He let the vest fall off his shoulders and onto the ground.

"I also don't like that you're wearing anything below your waist." Adam once again remedied her concern. He grabbed his waistbands and stepped out of his pants and boxers while kicking off his socks. When he stood back up, his penis was standing tall as well.

"Now that! I like that!" Christie made sure Adam was staring at her face when she glared at his crotch and slowly licked the circumference of her pink lips.

Thrilled with how the first part of the game was going, Adam then looked at himself and realized he was completely naked and there was nothing else he could take off. "Wait... But what's the other thing you don't like?" He pondered while his loving mother held his package in her gaze.

"I don't like that that's not inside my pussy lips."

"Maybe we can change that," the son sounded, in a clear attempt to finally be confident.

Christie shimmied her way out of her tight black shorts so that she too was entirely naked, except for her sexy heels. "Oh, I think we can fix that problem pretty quickly, too."

For the first time, Adam saw his mom without clothing, and his heart was racing. Christie pirouetted in place while wiggling her hips to give Adam the full view.

She then brushed a strand of her blonde hair back behind her ear that clung to her face, which was just beginning to show signs of perspiration. That was when she remembered that her hair was still in a ponytail from earlier so that it wouldn't get in Adam's face when she rode him.

"One more question before you take me," the naked mom stipulated, "ponytail or let it down?"

"Whatever you want is fine." He tried not to sound entitled.

"No, tell me!" Pleaded the mom, as if she couldn't make up her own mind about it.

Adam then put serious consideration into the seemingly negligible question. "Well," he thought out loud, "that depends."

"Depends on what?" Christie was then curious as to why he was so concerned about the status of her hair.

"On how we do it. Like if it's missionary, you riding me, or me taking you from behind like with you on the bed and me on the ground."

The level of detail in the last option was not lost on Christie. She began to think that her bending over provocatively earlier in the day, and giving Adam a lap dance, ended up having a strong impact on how he wanted to take her. "Something tells me you want the ponytail..."

Christie, starting to tremble herself, took her son's hand and led him over to the nearest side of the firm mattress. She positioned herself between Adam and the edge of the bed. One last time, before they'd begin the process of him filling her with his sperm, Christie and Adam embraced and pressed their lips together.

Then, rubbing her hands together with excitement, the stunning mother turned her slender back to her son. In doing so, she rubbed her booty against his pulsating boner. Adam melted at the feel of his mom's ass grinding on his soft skin.

The older woman then scooted forward towards the bed and climbed onto the mattress. Christie was on her knees, as her heels hung over the edge. Her legs parted a little beyond shoulder width. Looking down in front of him, Adam saw the moist folds of her vagina.

The beauty on the bed then placed her ponytail over her left shoulder and rotated her head back and to the right so she could look at her spellbound son. She knew exactly what he wanted.

Christie tantalizingly bent at the waist and knees at the same time. Her elbows and arms landed on the mattress for support, as her butt hovered a foot above her ankles.

Grateful for the ideal elevation of the steaming pussy, Adam approached with the base of his shaft at the same level as his target. Unsurprising to Christie, Adam first grabbed her ass and felt its weight in his hands. Then he positioned the tip of his penis just centimeters from the open mound.

They both wailed as the cock slid in, in its totality. Christie could feel the pulsating of the vein against her clit. Adam enjoyed the warmth that he had the privilege of enjoying earlier. He began to thrust in and out.

It wasn't long before the couple was up to full speed. The young baseball player used his strong core to leverage deep insertions, as the willing Christie lurched back and forth on her knees and elbows to help increase the depth of penetration.

Adam kept his hands on his mother's upper inner thighs initially, but once they found a steady pace, his hands were free to explore.

He reached over Christie's back to grab her hanging jugs, but he was too far away. Frustrated, the audacious son tried to climb into the bed with his mom. Christie felt what he was attempting to do and she complied. She shuffled her arms and legs forward enough to where there was room for Adam to be behind her on the mattress, kneeling.

Her compliance was quickly rewarded, as Adam's chest pressed against her back and his hands fondled her tingling tits. The pair sounded their satisfaction and pleasure with a series of groans.

It wasn't long before Christie's suspicion of why her son wanted her to have a ponytail came to fruition. Her head jolted back when Adam's right hand took control of her blonde locks. She felt the tugging and then she heard and experienced the slapping of her buttocks against his upper thighs and nuts from the increased leverage he had.

The sensation of fucking her son was too much. "Oh, fuck Adam! I'm about to cum! Mommy's gonna cum for you!"

Shocked that he likely wouldn't finish first, the son wanted to ensure he could feel her orgasm around his dick. He bent over her back again, stuck his thumb into her asshole, and grunted in her ear, "I love you so fucking much, Mom. You're so fucking hot! I want you to squirt out all you juice for me so I can fill your cunt with my semen!"

The dirty talking did its job. Christie nearly cried out as she heard his words, and her insides began to convulse around the swollen rod. "Ahhhh!" Her arms went weak and her face dove into the mattress. Clear fluids spurted out of her vagina and down Adam's thighs.

She laid there with her mind blank, as Adam was on the verge of finishing. His hands were firmly on his collapsed mom's ass, which was the only thing of hers not resting on the bed.

The feeling of his mom orgasming around his dick made him lose control. He inserted himself in and out at an insane speed as he built up to the climax. Then he lost control of his hips and he was paralyzed with his abdomen pressing against his mother's rump. His cockhead, which was six inches deep in Christie's cunt, ejaculated tremendous loads of hot cream.

A muddled moan came from the blonde mom's mouth, which was pressed into the luxury mattress. She felt spurt after spurt of her son's seed travel through her vaginal canal.

The couple hit the bed together in exhaustion. Adam's flaccid piece slipped out and he cuddled his mom in the bed.

Adam and Christie rested horizontally on the large bed with his arm over the top of her chest and his malleable penis touching her behind lightly. Not a word was spoken as the minutes passed. After the panting settled down into normal breathing patterns, the two finally felt back to normal physically.

Holy shit! I just fucked Mom. And she loved it! The thought brought the young adult's mind back to life. Christie, out of nowhere, felt a cylinder inflating against her glutes. It wasn't surprising that Adam would get hard again since he was lying against her and they just had insanely good sex.

Once the growing appendage became as stiff as wood, the attractive woman felt it tap against her body as if it was trying to get her attention. She let it know it had her full attention by briefly wiggling her butt against it with light force. Her son pushed his groin back into her in response. Christie put pressure on Adam's crotch again, as his arm slid down her chest and over her areolas. They began dry humping.

In the anticipation and uncertainty of the moment, the female, who was the main attraction at the sex party, remembered that she hadn't completed an important requirement. She grinded on her son and then she suggestively informed, "You know... I still didn't give you the prize you earned. As naughty as I have been tonight, I wouldn't want to break the rules." She had already broken them earlier with Frank's accountant, but that wasn't to Adam's knowledge.

"What rule is that?" inquired the frisky son.

"The rules of Tube Pong say that I have to perform oral on you until you cum in my mouth. You've only shot your load in my pussy. So unless you let me swallow your hot cum right now, I'm going to be in a lot of trouble."

Adam's response was no different than what Christie expected and she blew him on the bed. After her son finished in her mouth following a short interval, the experienced mom opened her mouth to show him all of the white cream he injected into her. She then gulped and showed off the inside of her cheeks again as proof that she tasted it all, not that Adam doubted for a second that she wouldn't digest it.

Christie then got up off the bed and assembled her costume once more. Adam knew it was time to leave their isolated paradise and return to the party.


They walked down the stairs to that see people that were making their way into the living room. It was time for Lucky Hard Cards, and the seated circle was forming.

The nearest open spots to sit were next to Frank, and Christie begrudgingly sat down next to him. Adam placed himself down next to his mom on the other side. The game went on in the same manner as last time. The slutty cop was charged with giving her used underwear to a 37-year-old member of her sales team at the end of each day and he had to jerk off in them at home.

The high school student, who didn't even work at the office, then heard his number called by the man in the Kirk costume. His responsibility for the week was to add a "special creamer" to the receptionist's coffee every day before she drank it. As Adam backed out of the circle, he turned to Frank, who was also seated back from the circle since his number had been called.

"How am I supposed to do that? I don't work in your office." Frank was puzzled by his new acquaintance's question.

"I actually meant to ask you about that, Frank," the woman in between them, Christie, interrupted. "With all of these new corporate clients I've been getting, I need a managerial assistant. Of course, he would be an unpaid intern who helped me after school." Christie gestured at the prisoner.

Adam didn't know what the hell just happened. All he wanted to do was find out how he could cum in someone's coffee and suddenly he was being signed up for an afterschool job doing paperwork in an insurance office.

The boss glanced at the young man, who he was developing a soft spot for, and agreed with one of his managers. "Christie, I think you could use some help around the office, too. And he would no longer be an outsider here anyway, which makes me more comfortable. As long as I don't have to pay him then I see no issue," he said with a heavy laugh.

"Why did you do that? I don't want to work for free after school! What do you even need me to do?!" The on-edge son asked incredulously like his mom had just barged into his room without knocking.

The exposed seductress settled Adam's worries quickly. She placed her hand subtly on his upper inner thigh and whispered in his ear, with her tongue licking the lobe, "Come with me upstairs to that bedroom again during free play, and I'll show you what you're going to do for me at work every... single... day."

The orange tent was re-pitched. Christie happily saw her son's reaction to her job offer. With her lips back on Adam's ear, she added more fuel to the fire in his loins. "Aww, Baby. Do you need mommy to take care of that erecion for you?"

Through his numb mind, the blessed son realized a potential problem. "Wait, wouldn't people know about our...uh...relationship?"

"At work I don't talk about my family and nobody even knows I have a son. And I have a feeling that I have a friend in HR who would gladly help us doctor your working papers." Both of them peered across the circle at Sheila.

Adam's excitement returned, as his mom continued, "However, I do think its time I act like everyone else, and have a picture of my son on my desk. And I know exactly which one to frame..." They both looked again at Sheila before turning back to each other and kissing erotically.
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